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February 15, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Aloha: Chelsea to campaign in Hawaii

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. BULLETIN DE SANTE DU 14/02/08


    Benjamin Schots

  3. Βρές τον Μάκη : Top10 Makis Facts

    Μην ψάχνετε στο Google. Ρωτήστε τον Μάκη!
    Είδες τον Μάκη; Σε είδε πρώτ […]

    360 views in 360 days

  4. What should Dems do about Michigan & Florida delegates?

    2004 Democratic National Convention (PHOTO IMAGES: AP) FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    The Democratic Party is […]

    Cafferty File

  5. Top Ten Sports Films From The Last Decade

    [image]Here is the list of top ten sports films made in the last decade. Don’t come whining to me because there’s […]

    Shot to Nothing…

  6. Where have all the sunspots gone?

    I’m writing this after doing an exhaustive search to see what sort of solar activity has occurred […]

    Watts Up With That?


    “The boy’s gonna do it. My Klan group has donated up to $250,000 to the Obama fund. Anything is […]

    Illseed Blog

  8. Be Mine

    People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the […]


  9. Behold! Classy Women doing Stuff!

    Do you know who this is?
    If you do, you’re probably a huge sports fan.  For those who aren’t in […]

    The Grand National Championships

  10. My Apologies

    I’m sorry. In a live radio interview this week, I used a word I shouldn’t have. The fact that I was […]

    The Page

  11. February 13, 2008

    On Popeyes’ Free Dipping Sauce Policy:
    Popeyes makes delicious chicken strips. Tender white meat in a flaky […]

    Nick Confalone

  12. Feliz día de San Valentín… Linux

    Curioseando por la red he dado con una entrada bastante geek, freaky o como queráis llamarla que es bastante apropiada […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  13. The Limits of Internet Privacy

    There are legal limits to your online anonymity. For example, let’s say you and five other guys were successful […]

    Innocent Bystanders

  14. Ex-Republican Senator Endorses Barack Obama

    Former GOP Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chaffee endorsed Barack Obama today, because he believes Obama to be “the […]

    FOX Embeds

  15. “Ex” Valentine’s

    A man went to the mall this last week to buy Valentines’ cards for
    his daughter and mother. The 50 feet of […]

    Funny Jokes

  16. I

    wuld u liek to pet it?
    picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder. lol caption: Lindsay Chavez

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  17. مسجات و رسائل و صور و وسائط و توبكات عيد الحب و العشاق

    مسجات عيد الحب .. عيد العشاق 2008


  18. Perceptions of Perl – views from the edge

    To help research for a talk I’m giving soon I asked the OPEN mailing list:
    Please spare a few moments to jot down […]

    Not this…

  19. Did You Give A Gift or Receive?

    Did you give or receive a Valentine’s Day Gift? What was it? Post your answer right here!!


  20. Anderson’s View: Behind the Scenes

    We’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments e-mailed to us about the live show blogging, so I thought I’d […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  21. Rain unleashes his grand plans for 2008

    Today was the big day when Rain unleashed his plans to take over the world after teasing us about his […]

    POPSEOUL! what’s poppin in Korean entertainment and style

  22. Ask Jean Grae: A Love Thirst Column

    Ever thought your girl was weird because she doesn’t believe in giving brain surgery? Well drop that […]


  23. Q&A: Ian Kennedy

    Ian is over right now and I convinced him to take 5 questions from you guys. So ask away.

    The Phil Hughes Weblog

  24. 244 – 5 Million Hits – The Atlas of Strange Maps – Your Help Requested

    5,000,000 Hits
    Thirty hits – that’s how many this blog accumulated for the whole of September 2006, the first […]

    Strange Maps


    (Ben Heine © Cartoons)


  26. News Roundup – Vela Has Physical Test, Shea Interview

    [image] Picture From Our Good Friends At Carlos Vela News Not really much news about, and with the Reserves match […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  27. The Road to February 10th

    Pelvidar was inspired by the events of the past few weeks to create a video showing the evolution of Anonymous’ […]


  28. The Metal Gear Saga Explained: MGS4 and More

    by 28
    Only for For Metal Gear Fanatics!!!
    Everybody – almost everybody – has been waiting, eagerly for the chance to […]

  29. Valentine’s Day Repost: On Dumb Luck


    I originally posted this back in May. And since I still essentially find Valentine’s Day to be just […]

    Shapely Prose

  30. Sunn Factory DH


  31. Que sont-ils devenus? Susan May Pratt

    Vous souvenez-vous de Susan May Pratt, car nous oui c’est sûr et certain? Elle a marqué notre […]

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  32. Casino (Farid) – entlarvt

    Die erste Entlarvung aus der gestrigen (6.) Show ist: Farid – Casino
    Casino (Farid) – entlarvt

    Urigellertricks – Next Uri Geller Tricks entlarvt

  33. February 13, 2008: Awww that %$3@&^ &%$@* garage door!!! $(@^))@$@!!! Part II


    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  34. warm your heart of darkness


    The big day has come, guys. The day where couples world wide unite for a long and savory meal filled with […]

    slow like honey

  35. Microsoft researchers make me cry

    It’s not often that I see software that really changes my world. It’s even rarer that I see software that I […]

    Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

  36. BBB8: Rafinha fica excitado após abraçar Juliana na piscina

    Depois que todos os BBBs pularam na piscina durante a festa, na madrugada desta quinta-feira, Rafinha abraçou Juliana […]

    Gazeta de Cascatinha

  37. ♥ Love is in the Air ♥

    [image] &

    Flickr Blog

  38. not even apple supports the mac

    a quick search of my proveably stalwart 10.3.9 on leads neither to a chronological, nor versionological […]

    ramblings (rumblings)

  39. Copy That

    I missed it…………..I am so annoyed……………while it was happening I was asleep, dreaming of Miami Airport […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  40. What Could Sidwell Bring Us?

    My newspaper of choice (not), the Daily Mirror suggests that we will sign Steve Sidwell from Chelsea at the end of the […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  41. Numbers game

    Brannan Southerland and Brandon Wood are out for spring practice.  And it looks like Tripp Taylor is out, […]

    Get The Picture

  42. Player Profile: Thomas Cruise

     [image] Despite having the same name as a famous actor, Thomas is out to become a household name in his own […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Reserves and Youth blog

  43. Swift-Boating the Sharks

    There’s a sad irony in the news today, following this week’s death of Roy Scheider, the shark-hunting cop from the […]


  44. Carlos Undertakes A Threshold Confirmation Test

    Picture from NavarraSport
    Carlos had today with his teammates of CA Osasuna Pamplona a special physical unit or […]

    Carlos Vela News

  45. Hett mode från Brasilien


    Jag är ett modeorakel och vet – verkligen känner

    Lågprisflygbolag – och om livet bortom horisonten

  46. One Tree Hill Season 5 Episode 7 VO

    L’épisode 7 de la saison 5 de One tree Hill en VO

    Friends 4ever

  47. Cloverfield

    Byrdie Bell and Tinsley Mortimer [image]
    Eleanor Ylvisaker and Taylor Momsen [image]
    Maggie Betts and Ferebee […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  48. From Freedom to Fascism?

    Think about the above picture for a moment. How many of us actually understand what Fascism is? If we had it, […]

    The Good Argument

  49. A managed OS

    We have ever heard about singularity the Microsoft project to make an OS in managed language. Most is done in managed […]

    Duff show

  50. MiEscritorio II

    Hace unos días que cambie mi escritorio y quería compartirlo con vosotros.
    Aunque dudo que este guste más que el que […]

    Mi ordenador es libre…

  51. how about a video blog???


    Big Al’s Blog

  52. Luciendo Escritorio (7)

    Asi luce el PC del trabajo, donde corre Ubuntu Gutsy de momento…
    Aqui os detallo un poco los elementos […]

    Think Ubuntu

  53. Get the Tech Preview version!

    Warning: not for the faint-at-heart!
    You like the whiff of danger and enjoy taking a risk? We’re looking for […]

  54. Apple TV vs. Blu-ray: How do they stack up?

    [image]Now that Apple TV offers movie rentals in high definition, the question naturally arises: how does Apple’s […]

    FORTUNE: Apple 2.0

  55. Bill Clinton on campus, 2:30pm tomorrow, UW-Madison Stock Pavilion

    This blog was just given the location and time. The CB appears to be the first media outlet with this information […]

  56. There’s a man in his underwear sitting next to me

    [image]We see a lot of nutty stuff in the Greenroom but this one ranks up near the top. The Naked Cowboy just sauntered […]

    Alisyn in the Greenroom

  57. Video: Obama Supporter, Derrick, Responds to the Video and Explains Emotional View

    Derrick explains a bit about his background and his emotional reasons for supporting Barack Obama.

    Think On These Things

  58. Kandidat 4 : Alexander Hartmann [Folge6]

    Perfektes Dinner: Alexander Hartmann bittet zu Tisch – und stellt dabei die Geschmacksnerven seiner Gäste […]

    Die Tricks – The next Uri Geller

  59. Airplane Fail

    Thanks to Derek for:

    The FAIL Blog

  60. Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 Patch heads to Certification

    Great News! The new feature patch I talked about last week (with new Kill Cams, Host Migration, and other new features) […]


  61. R35 GT-R on the dyno

    The first results of a recorded Dyno run are here. The dyno that this car has run on is Dastek 4wd Dyno.
    My car is […]

    Kultivate’s Weblog

  62. IceBuntu alpha 2 screenshot

    There’s been an update to the fledgling IceBuntu derivative of Ubuntu, with a new theme and a few other minor […]

    Motho ke motho ka botho

  63. Perché non leggerò più tali famosissimi blog

    Senza fare nomi. Senza nemmeno mettere link. Devo essere sincero, avrei preferito fare nomi e link, ma questo avrebbe […]

    Il blog di Andrea Lazzarotto

  64. All Things Go Valentines Day Mixtape III


    All Things Go

  65. Party Sneak Peek & 3,500,000 Views Party

    Billybob posted on the Club Penguin blog that their will be a party on Friday.  Heres a sneak peek of the upcomming […]

    Club Penguin Cheats l Glitches l Secrets

  66. Accessing Contacts

    We are happy to announce a tiny App in our repostitory demonstrating how we access the Contacts list on the Touch and […] Weblog

  67. Fact-Checking The Fact-Checkers Who Fact-Checked Ron Paul

    This is rich.’s Joe Miller wrote an incendiary piece on Ron Paul that was picked up by Newsweek, […]

    Libertarian Think Tank

  68. Single again

    Thanks for all of the comments you guys left yesterday about my situation. I try to be as discreet as I can with the […]

    Shanon’s Blog

  69. SSD : du bon, et du moins bon !

    Avec l’arrivée de ces Disques durs (SSD pour Solid State Drive) d’un nouveau genre, c’est […]


  70. New terrorist spokeswoman and advocate: Cindy Sheehan

    We on the right had always accused Cindy Sheehan of siding with the enemy as she paraded around our own country, making […]

    Wolking’s World

  71. Freeman 2 Barazite 3 it’s where Theo should be

    Arsenal’s academy side tore Southampton a nice pretty new arsehole on Saturday and thumped them 5-2 with top […]

    Le Grove

  72. 2009 will be a tough year on UGA on instate recruiting

          UGA has VERY LIMITED numbers at this point. After making a call today it seems UGA has 16 scholly’s […]

    Romedawg’s Weblog

  73. If dis iz kissings

    …I dun want
    ^_^ happy valentines day, everybuddy! whether you has kissings or not.
    caption by: […]

    Loldogs ‘n’ Cute Puppy Pictures – I Has A Hotdog!

  74. پیدا شدن دایناسورهایی عجیب در صحرای آفریقا

    [ 13 فوریه 2008 ] به گزارش نشنال جئوگرافی  سنگواره دو دایناسور در […]

    پسر آریایی

  75. Citron Confit – Preserved Meyer Lemons


    I recently bought a crate

    Hot.Sour.Salty.Sweet. And Umami

  76. Android: Rilasciato il nuovo SDK

    Poche ore fa è stato rilasciato il nuovo SDK di Android.
    Come ipotizzato sono state effettuate alcune […]


  77. Patch theory, part II: some basics

    (Previous posts here, and here.)
    So, let’s talk about patch theory! I should start by saying that I have […]

    blog :: Brent -> [String]

  78. Palabras guays presentan: URST

    A veces creo que todo lo que se tiene que saber sobre hacer guiones se aprende el primer año de universidad. Es más, […]

    El blog de Randy: ¡Con más tensión sexual que nunca!

  79. 17th century Japanese village found in Cambodia

    IT’S A SHAME this report is so short, because it would be fascinating to hear more details.
    Here’s how the […]


  80. Freebie: Café Praliné

    Hallo ihr Lieben,
    es wird mal wieder Zeit für ein neues Freebie. Inspiriert durch meinen derzeitigen Cappuccino-Durst […]

    Pixelfairy’s Scrapblog

  81. F**king Hell More Injuries!

    I’m sorry but this just isn’t happening, is it? This can’t be for real. I can only laugh now. […]

    The Cannon

  82. Óliver y Pamela en la gala de los premios TP

    La televisión puede darnos muchas cosas, salvo tiempo para pensar. Hoy nos ha dado la imagen que queríamos pero no […]

    Oliver & Pamela

  83. delicious word of the day — “eclectic”

    I have had a good day. I woke up to find I hadn’t lost a pound after day one of my Maroon 5 Makeover, but I […]

    Kellie’s Blog

  84. Good on ya, mate

    The newly elected Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, apologises to the “Stolen Generation” of […]

    What’s new

  85. Hang On A Minute……..

    “How have we got ourselves into a situation where lager is being sold cheaper than […]


  86. Valentine’s Day Math

    [image]Looking for a last minute homemade gift for a loved one on Valentine’s Day? Make a set of interlocking […]


  87. Kathryn Faughey murder 2/13/08 New York, NY *Psychologist killed with meat cleaver in her office; manhunt on for […]

    Kathryn with her husband, Walter
    Man Hacks Psychologist to Death With Meat Cleaver

    Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

  88. Who’s more conservative: Obama or Huckabee?

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the Democrats are far more “conservative” in the fiscal sense than […]

    The Political Inquirer

  89. Twin…

    I am not sure why it still surprises me when they look alike, but…

    Tokio Hotel America

  90. Where is the money?

    Two days ago I heard on Boomberg radio a very interesting observation. The total amount of lines of credit that US […]

    The Theroxylandr in Flame

  91. Be Mine

    Michael Stipe’s love songs tend to be either self-absorbed or self-effacing, but “Be Mine” manages to […]

    Pop Songs 08

  92. How Not to End Up as an Anachronism

    Written by Greg Olsen, Founder and CTO of Coghead
    Imagine that your friend tells you that he has an idea for a new […]


  93. Dizer a verdade

    Sócrates hoje no Parlamento: «Nunca assinei nenhum projecto que não fosse da minha responsabilidade. A notícia do […]


  94. On Monoids

    So HStringTemplate was built around a simple notion: Everything takes an environment, which is a data structure holding […]

    fmap fix return

  95. For some of us, February 14th is not about candy

    Okay, unless it’s Two Hearts Confections – where every purchase advances the cause of adult stem cell research […]

    Adult Stem Cell Awareness

  96. Dagens liberaler

    Lite märkligt kan jag tycka det är att artiklar som den här, av Andreas Malm, bidragit till att göra DN:s […]

    Som jag bäddar

  97. Trashy V-Day

    No, V-Day doesn’t stand for the day in junior high school that Patrick Beilein contracted his first […]

    West BY GOD Virginia

  98. Why we love Maknae

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
    since ALL OF YOU just have amazingly funny stories/experiences when i last asked […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  99. اولین 100 سایت ثبت شده

    به نظر شما اولین سایتهایی که تو اینترنت ثبت شدن چه سایتهایی بودن […]

    R2G Soft

  100. The Assistant Coaches Choose the Best?

    The All-Star game starters are chosen by the fans.  The All-Star reserves are chosen by the coaches.  And the […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

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