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February 11, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Clinton raises $10 million since Super Tuesday

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Pop Quiz: What movie is Jeon Do-yeon, Jung Woo-sung and Uhm Tae-woong watching?

    Power players Jung Woo-sung, Jeon Do-yeon and and cutie Uhm Tae-woong were spotted at the movie theaters on […]

    POPSEOUL! what’s poppin in Korean entertainment and style

  3. Opposing Sharia Arbitration Courts in UK

    I promised earlier that I’d discuss why I oppose Sharia arbitration courts in the UK. Here are some reasons in no […]

    Ali Eteraz

  4. Flamini’s Return Essential, but Gunners’ Injuries should only be analysed after Blackburn

    As the race for the English title heats up, Arsenal are labeled ‘in crisis’ in the lead-up to the home game […]


  5. MSNBC … fair and balanced?

    ***Update:  7pm 2/9/08  MSNBC is airing a one hour documentary on Hillary Clinton.  This is one hour of free […]

    Ashpolitics’ Weblog

  6. Bald Middle Aged White Men for Obama

    [image] I have been hearing on the TV news a lot of talk about the black vote for Obama and the women’s vote for […]


  7. Afin de vous faire patienter …

    Pas grandes nouvelles mais Ben reste dans un etat stable qui rassure l’ensemble du corps médical.
    C’est […]

    Benjamin Schots

  8. Nordtveit, Hoyte For Blackburn + Luke Freeman Video

    [image] Reserves Skipper Havard Nordtveit
    The first team are in action tomorrow night in the Monday night football […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  9. Obama Claims Victory in Today’s Races, Says “America Needs Us to Win.”

    After holding two campaign events in Maine, Senator Barack Obama and his traveling entourage of press, staff, and […]

    FOX Embeds

  10. What Would You Name My New Pup?

    OK….I have read many of your comments….some of you hate the name Audrey for my new puppy ….so what […]


  11. Arsene Praises Bentley, Gallas Praises Everyone On A Quiet Sunday

    With the media attention diverted by the cartoon caricature that Richard Scudamore is rapidly becoming, Arsene has […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  12. Najib Tun Razak: The Next Prime Minister?

    Dear Friends, Associates and Fellow Bloggers,
    All focus so far has been on Abdullah Badawi and his empty promises, […]

    Din Merican: the Reluctant Blogger

  13. Frank Rich: The Clintons Are “Bigoted” Liars

    NY Times influential opinionmeister celebrates NBC’s anti-Clinton reporting while accusing the Clintons […]

    The Page

  14. Amy Winehouse chez le dentiste


    Les Amateurs de Stars

  15. الهیه تهران 60 سال پیش

    پسر آریایی

  16. February 9, 2008: Cookie Monster reviews There Will Be Blood, Baron Destructo reviews The Illusionist, while I consider […]

    Tonight, I’d like to welcome back this blog’s resident reporters on the Arts, Cookie Monster and Baron Destructo, […]

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  17. 242 – Nearer the North: Australia in the King Projection

    For cartophiles, the main problem with this map is not that interviewer Larry King’s head covers most of […]

    Strange Maps

  18. Pequeñas manipulaciones que dan que pensar

    Hace tiempo publique un post sobre la importancia de los pequeños pseudoengaños y pseudomanipulaciones en la prensa. […]


  19. What Went Wrong?

    I’m flying back from Washington today so I didn’t catch the Birmingham game. From what I have picked up we […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  20. Siguen los ataques DDoS

    Continúan los ataques DDoS de la misma gente, parece que mosqueados por los datos publicados, lo que me confirma aún […]


  21. thank god for bowl-cut

    I saw this and it crack me up so hard.
    make me feel thankful for Bong’s bowl-cut.
    oh lord.

    BIG BANG Fansite

  22. BVG Streik 11.02.2008

    nach meinen neusten Informationen  kommt es wohl am Montag noch nicht zum Mega-Streik, evtl. sollen zeitlich […]

    I wish you what…

  23. Kroni PM `Flip-Flop’ gadai 27 ekar tanah UM

    Kroni PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Dato’ Annuar Zaini, telah ‘mengadai’ sebidang 27 […]

    The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….

  24. Military-grade gel-based liquid bandages: new frontline wound treatment

    The GelSpray Liquid Bandage is a major advance in the management and care of combat casualty and civilian wounds. Much […]


  25. The longest day….a blog rated r for bad language

    I had no intention of writing a blog today but after the experiences of this Friday I had to put them down on paper or […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  26. Real Madrid-Valladolid On Line TV Directo

    El […]

    Real Madrid

  27. Design your own desktop with Xfce 4.4

    Xfce is just as customizable as KDE or GNOME, so I set myself a goal: make Xubuntu look like Windows Vista. Why?

    Xubuntu Blog

  28. Loan watch: Vela plays as Osasuna win

    Seven young Arsenal players are on loan at other clubs in order to gain experience. They are Mark Randall and Kieran […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Reserves and Youth blog

  29. Nailgun (Farid) – entlarvt (NEU! – 2. Theorie!)

    Hier ist ein neues Entlarvungs-Video, das eine andere Theorie von Farid’s “Nailgun”-Trick […]

    Urigellertricks – Next Uri Geller Tricks entlarvt

  30. XPERIA™

    Exclusive info! One independent source tell me, that phone XPERIA™ X1 – it’s real! Will be X1 announced […]

    Sony Ericsson Blog




  32. One Tree Hill Season 5 Episode 6 VOSTFR

    Vous l’attendiez non ?Ou je me trompe ? ALLEZ !
    L’épisode 6 de la saison 5 de One Tree Hill en
    VOSTFR […]

    Friends 4ever

  33. Renoise, finalmente anche per Linux

    Il 17 gennaio è stata rilasciata la prima beta di Renoise 1.9.1, ma la novità più interessante è […]


  34. The best ideas aren’t just from Apple anymore.

    Much to my surprise, I don’t think I would have given Dell much credit in being able to create an effective […]

    Chris Guitarte – Annenberg Program on Online Communities

  35. Give Hoyte a chance against Bentleyburn Rovers

    Ok It’s Sunday and most blogs say there is nothing to talk about, well maybe not on their blogs but here is where […]

    Le Grove

  36. Time to Make the Donuts…

    At least according to Peabody and Helen it is! While I don’t have time to participate in many blogging events, I […]


  37. WordPress 2.3.3 in detail

    WordPress 2.3.3 has been released and includes a number of changes including one security fix, here is a list of most […]

    westi on wordpress

  38. Romney’s farewell

    Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s departure from the race leaves conservative voters to Mike Huckabee- […]

    Cameron’s Corner

  39. Noam Chomsky on the Steyn and Levant Cases

    Troll around the left-end of the Canadian blogosphere and browse the posts on Steyn, Levant and their investigation and […]

  40. Maid Cafe? In My Malaysia?

    More likely than you think! Kinda… Who would have guessed, that in this impoverished 3rd world country […]

    Atarashii Prelude

  41. Stereo Sushi #1

    [image] The Blow – The Sky Opened Wide Like The Tide
    from the album “Poor Aim: Love Songs” Junior Boys – […]

    crushd tin box

  42. Random Question of the Day


    Are any Shapelings from Missouri? Please leave a comment and/or e-mail me if you are.

    Shapely Prose

  43. เรื่องย่อละครตามบทโทรทัศน์-อิมซังอ๊ก(24)

    เรื่องย่อละครตามบทโทรทัศน์  อิมซังอ๊ก ตอน […]

    Read Lakorn – บล็อกเรื่องย่อละครตามบทโทรทัศน์

  44. El más viejo sistema de monorriel aéreo del mundo


    Código PGT

  45. TV USA Gazette Speciale – Raggiunto un accordo di massima, termina lo sciopero degli sceneggiatori

    [image]Appuntamento speciale, relativo allo sciopero degli sceneggiatori statunitensi, che da novembre 2007 protestano […] Blog

  46. Sunday Bookchat

    The farcical War on Terror has opened the door to all manner of abuses and distortions, from the appalling attacks on […]

    The Opinion Mill

  47. Apple al desnudo

    Cuando el arte del diseño de Mac se une con el arte corporal nos encontramos con fotos tan artísticas como […]

    No tengo iPhone…

  48. Smoulds feeling the pressure over the ‘protest’ that never was?

    [image]You can tell a lot from a reaction, as football is by it’s very nature a cycle.  When you follow a team […]

    Through the seasons before us..

  49. Live Video Online Highlights – Australia vs India, 4th Game, Melbourne , 10th Feb 2008

    Australia vs India, 4th Game, Melbourne , 10th Feb 2008
    Spotcast & WMP Live Links

    Cricket Sub Domain

  50. Scoop!! Questa la vera IDentità di river!!

    Prima qui era presente un articolo dettagliato (con tanto di raffronti e link che manco una puntata di CSI si […]


  51. La saga dei portatili con Linux continua positivamente

    Come vi avevo già comunicato qui e qui, oramai poco a poco la possibilità di acquistare un computer senza software […]

    Il blog di Andrea Lazzarotto

  52. Hawty McBloggy’s “Caption This” Contest Winner

    I knew the image I selected for the “Caption This” Contest had a lot of potential, but I don’t think […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  53. Gracias, Ñ

    Pistas en las nubes por Flavia de la Fuente En el lugar menos esperado encontré un nuevo amigo. Estaba leyendo Ñ […]

    La lectora provisoria

  54. New Art For The People

    Many years ago, I had a postcard under the clear plastic which covered my desk in the Troop office. The picture was a […]


  55. Underrepresentation

    With apologies to Glenn Reynolds: They told me that if George W. Bush were re-elected, certain racial, ethnic, […]

    The View from Alexandria

  56. Say it with…valentine mooncakes


    “Won’t you be my valentine?” A question which will be on many people’s tongues this […]

    R khooks

  57. fear, hunger and pain.

    I’m so sick of feeling like crap, of feeling like I can’t do this no matter how hard I try and of feeling […]

    Fat Girl on a Bike

  58. money bomb is today!

    Message from Ron Paul –
    February 8, 2008
    Whoa! What a year this has been. And what achievements we have had. If […]

    Free At Last 2008

  59. It looks a sunny Sunday

    Goodmorning everybody!
    I woke up this morning and felt right away happy when I looked out of the window. The sun is […]

    with a russian/dutch heart

  60. Donald marzy i Kabaret Pod Wyrwigroszem, czyli pastisz Jozina z bazin

    Jeszcze nie wybrzmiały ostatnie takty oryginału, a już nasi artyści pokazali, że Polak potrafi! [image] Tekst […]

    mój blog

  61. Don’t Jump – Montreal


    Tokio Hotel America

  62. Predictions: Naruto Manga 389

    Well, in my opinion …
    Could I be correct? […]

    Hikari no Shiawase

  63. Optimizing your database with Paul Tuckfield

    Paul Tuckfield spoke at the mySQL conference in April about optimizing Youtube.
    Toward the end of the talk, Paul shifts […]

    Down Not Across

  64. Cosquín Rock 2008 en vivo por

    [image]Demoró un poquito pero al fin ya está en el aire la transmisión en vivo del Cosquín Rock 2008 en […]

    Las Aventuras de Chatrán

  65. Fizemos Asneira, Vocês Que Se Desenrasquem

    Ontem já não andei por aqui a tempo para conhecer a tardia decisão do ME (reuniões ao sábado? isto é que é […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  66. Philip’s Complaint, or Liberal political thinking in a nutshell

    I’ve never been able to read Philip Roth’s novels because I cannot stand his navel gazing (or should I say […]

    Bookworm Room

  67. Win a Doggy Spa Package from Harry Barker!


    Mama Loves Giveaways

  68. O que os centralistas não concebem

    António Barreto, no Público de hoje (disponível apenas para assinantes):
    (…) Há vinte anos, ou mais, que se […]


  69. Auch…

    …ist seit kurzem tot. Aktuell wird auf jede Anfrage mit einem Redirect auf ein UseNeXT-Affiliate […]

    Kugelfisch Blog

  70. Would you like some Xenical with that?

    Most of you would have heard about the apparently (not-so) amazing diet-drug known as Xenical (or Orlistat,which is […]

    Fat Lot Of Good

  71. SVT-serie avslöjad som genusljug

    Idag har Svenska Dagbladet en fyra sidor lång artikel som avslöjar att SVT:s nya dramaserie “Om ett […]

    Pär Ströms blogg

  72. Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Beethoven with Learning Disability

    By Bug
    If anyone says that you are not smart as other because you have learning disability, don’t worry. […]

    Fookem and Bug

  73. Why CARICOM Means More Murders In Barbados

    CARICOM Isn’t Just About Economies – It Is About Homogenization Of Cultures And yes, I used the American […]

    Barbados Free Press

  74. PLAY?

    jason_skooter awesome caption!
    picture used from: loldog builder

    Loldogs ‘n’ Cute Puppy Pictures – I Has A Hotdog!

  75. -Prosti(a)tutia pe HI5- (mai mult prostia)

    [image] [image]
    “nu am timp sa citesc…:))” -Andreea-
    “sa stiti ca nu imi […]

    Viata Romaneasca

  76. Ράδιο «Μαύρη Σημαία»

    [image]Εθνικιστική ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή στο διαδίκτυο!
    Σήμερα στις 10 […]


  77. Quick Programming Note – Pro Bowl Live Blog

    [image] Holly and I are going to attempt to live-blog the Pro Bowl from a local watering hole this afternoon. You have […]


  78. The Illest J-Dilla Video Ever

    Rest In Peace, J-Dilla (February 7, 1974–February 10, 2006).
    This is one of the illest videos from one James Yancey – […]

    Illseed Blog

  79. Free food at McDonalds?!

    First I’d like to say I’m a healthy, active person. I work out regularly and eat well.
    That affords me the […]

    coupon explorer

  80. Post la Televiziunea publica

    Sunt aproape 1200 de zile de cand nu am mai fost invitat la TVR1. De fapt, de la al doilea tur de scrutin al […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  81. Lemon Slice

    When I started this blog, I discovered the wonderful world of Flickr. It’s basically an online photo […]

    butter sugar flour

  82. Ipswich Town 1 Watford 2 (09/02/2008)

    Five thunks from Portman Road
    1- Was there ever a more evil, bloody-minded and unplayable midfield than Eustace and […]

    BHaPPY (not BSaD)

  83. CLICO Insurance Executive Appointed Chairman Of Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)


  84. Nuevos Temblores en Mexicali ( réplicas ) 9 Febrero 2008

    —– AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —-
    —– AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —-
    ENJAMBRE […]


  85. In Which Marty Spins A Tale of Ice Nine In Testicles

    Our journey into the Scorsese experience continues with Will Hubbard on Mean Streets tomorrow.
    Molly Lambert […]

    This Recording

  86. Mail clients

    I’m starting to get really cheesed off with mail clients.
    I’ve been using KMail for some time, and I love […]

    The KDE Underworld

  87. Im so disappointed

    Im sure this topic as been rehashed over and over, but I have to say something.
     Man, I used to love Queen Latifah.  […]

    Starlit Fae

  88. Vorschlag für neues Projekt! Bitte bewerten!

    ihr habt eure lieblingsserie verpasst und habt keine möglichkeit sie euch über dem computer downzuloaden?
    wir haben […]

    Die Tricks – The next Uri Geller

  89. De ciberdelincuentes y el mundo es pequeño

    Tenía que escribir algo sobre Facebook en castellano y la presentación que hacen en Madrid (quizás vaya Benjamí, […]

    Ricardo Galli, de software libre

  90. Financing property deals getting harder

    Anyone looking for finance for a property purchase at the moment may well be having trouble finding money from […] Weblog

  91. Prospect Stew

    Rounding up Redbird notes from around the net.
    I’m finally feeling better. At around 90%. Busy as hell with […]

    Future Redbirds

  92. Globalne ocieplenie

    Jestem zwolennikiem globalnego ocieplenia. Kocham słońce i upały. Białe g* doprowadza mnie do szaleństwa. […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata v.2.0

  93. Tragedy In The South

    On February 5 and 6 tornadoes ripped through the south killing more than 50 people. One of them visited rural Lawrence […]

    A Little News

  94. Why I think John McCain just may win this fall’s election.

    A friend made the case for Hillary Rodham Clinton on foreign policy. Here, I’ll say why I think it won’t go […]

    The Tiger in Somerville

  95. Footage of Scientology Protest Rally in Sydney Australia

    [YouTube]Remember, The TANK Vodcast will feature more information – tune in later this month!

    PodBlack Blog

  96. Jean Sarkozy plus beau “voleur de poule” de l’année…

    La déclaration de Jean Sarkozy est vraiment incroyable.
    Marie-Cécile Ménard et Arnaud Teullé, ainsi que le fils […]

    Marketing Geek par Bruno Walther

  97. India is MY country, NOT YOURS

                  When I first started getting memory loss and mixing up things I feared if I had vascular […]

    The Daily Columns By Aniche

  98. Greve: Fim à vista?

    Hoje é o dia da verdade. […]

    Hotvnews 2.0

  99. Road Runner, Charter and Cox TOS Also Include Anti-P2P Provisions

    Comcast, which underwent heavy criticism last year for blocking file-sharing services like BitTorrent, has reportedly […]


  100. Dogs smother Tigers

    Winning on the road isn’t that difficult after all. In four games, Mississippi State has produced three wins. Not […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Gregg Ellis

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