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December 23, 2007: Top Posts

  1. The Milgram Experiment Today?

    [image]Students commonly assume that, even if Milgram’s famous experiment sheds important light on the power of […]

    The Situationist

  2. Sgt. Drew Peterson….. Did NBC Blow An Opportunity?

    DID NBC BLOW AN OPPORTUNITY? and, if so, accident or did NBC have a deal with Drew Peterson? [image]I tivo’d […]


  3. Richardson: Clinton has ‘flip-flopped’ on Iraq

    [image]Richardson: Clinton is trying to “duck and weave.”
    AMES, Iowa (CNN) ­– Bill Richardson is

    CNN Political Ticker

  4. Texas Ed chairman responds: Don’t limit science classes to evolution

    I hope he doesn’t mean it. Maybe he had a staffer draft it for him, and he is really not familiar with the issue […]

    Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub

  5. Club Penguin Christmas Party – Scarf

    Some penguins are walking around wearing red and green scarves. They were able to get them in a box in the Ski Village […]

    Club Penguin Cheats by Beztar

  6. Licence and resgistraion?!

    Daily Bonuf Lol* Psst. Think ur funny? Make ur own lol*whatever and see.
    dispactch, we got runners!!

    dose ppls […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  7. Compiz Fusion and a WiiMote!

    Here is a video of our beloved Compiz Fusion being controlled by a WiiMote.
    Sorry about the lack of updates on the blog […]

    SmSpillaz – Random Compiz Fusion Stuff

  8. Rivals or Friends? Wondergirls and Girls Generation

    Girls Generation’s YuRi complimented Wondergirls’ professional stage manners and realistic expressions. […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  9. Publicado Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Alpha 2

    Ayer se publicó la segunda alpha de Ubuntu Hardy. No hay excesivos cambios aunque son de cierta importancia e […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  10. Buzz : Laure Manaudou nue : des photos affolantes !

    Alors que le buzz sur Laure Manaudou nue semble être à son apogée, voila que d’autres sites semblent […]

    Agharass, les délires de mes écrits.

  11. Valèrie Bègue, Miss France 2008, les photos scandales dans Entrevue!

    Souvenez vous, il y a très peu de temps sur la une, l’émission spectacle de Miss France avait élu, Valèrie […]


  12. آیا حاضرید با کسی که رابطه جنسی با کسی دیگر داشته ازدواج کنید؟ به […]

    صرفا” مي خواهيم نظر شما را در اين رابطه بدانيم.
    به درستي فكر […]

    psychology in the world

  13. Escandalo en Argentina por fotos eroticas en Internet

    Una docente despechada generó un verdadero escándalo sexual en un colegio de la localidad correntina de Saladas al […]

    Video hunter

  14. Maestras Argentinas. En Sudamerica hay una asombrosa cantidad de videos con docentes fifando. En España solo los hay […]

    Si se emboló viendo los videos foráneos a sudacalandia, consuélese como buen […]

    El Bucanero de Escobar

  15. С Наступающим Всех!!! Открытка и НОВАЯ история о художнике Шерсть

    Художник Шерсть и то, что прячется под подушкой. Готовясь ко […]


  16. Manchester United sign Mateus Alberto Contreiras Goncalves

    Manchester United have signed 24-year-old Angolan forward Mateus Alberto Contreiras Goncalves (or Manucho) following a […]


  17. Continuation passing as a reflection

    We can write any expression like [LaTeX] as a full binary tree where the nodes denote evaluation of the left child at […]


  18. Haze delayed?

    Free Radical(GoldenEye/Timesplitters)’s highly anticipated next gen FPS, Haze, appears to have been […]

    Excel Gaming Network

  19. December 21, 2007: Parking Limbo, Doggy Heaven, and Chocolate Hell


    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  20. Dum, dummare, dansk

    [image]Detta fåniga lilleputtland några mil bort. Detta löjliga folk med sin patetiska dubbelmoral (koketterar med […]

    Meningen med livet

  21. From Democracy Now Interview with Conyers: He Doesn’t Care About Wexler’s Petition.

    by Scott Creighton 
    I hate to be the wet blanket, again, but an […]

    American Everyman

  22. Blair becomes RC

    No more rumors. Or shall we say, rumours?
    From Ruth Gledhill:
    As we reported exclusively that he would, Tony Blair has […]

    Charlotte was Both

  23. Mycket liten jätteasteroid
    Det är inte direkt någon jätteasteroid som Aftonbladets […]

    Yngves’s Weblog

  24. Portland Trailblazers Reporter Is Good

    The Portland Trailblazers in-house reporter is really talented.  Blond, cute, excited, smiley, and probably […]

    Jen’s Free Throws

  25. Tottenham Preview

    The work Christmas Party may have ended in the wee small hours of Friday morning but at least it gave me twenty-four […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  26. Anuncio censurado: Peta Zetas

    Los Pop Rocks, son como los Peta Zetas españoles. Son los conocidos polvos pica pica, que comprábamos cuando éramos […]

    Supermanager – Fan Site

  27. Here it is. OLPC!!

    Now I know this computer is supposed to be for children, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful […]

    The Weekly Squeak

  28. Do not utter the lie, saying this is lawful and this unlawful

    Johari Baharum as reported in Malaysiakini :
    ‘The word ‘Allah’ can only be used in the context of […]

    The People’s Parliament

  29. Fare-Finder Shootout: Mobissimo Wins

    [image] There’s more than one way to find a good airfare online, as the Kayak-SideStep merger shows. But […]


  30. Edwards-Obama Duel Over Spending by 527 Groups

    Edwards tells outside groups not to run TV ads supporting him.
    Obama camp deeply, uhm, skeptical: “John Edwards […]

    The Page

  31. Kaka and Cesc in the same team?

    That’s what Wenger said, Kaka is not the complete forward and doesn’t come deep and build the game up and […]

    Le Grove

  32. Snapphanarna har vaknat.

    Det populistiska dansk folkeparti förnekar sig inte. Nu kommer ett korkat utspel om att de gamla danska domänerna […]

    Berndts Blogg



    December 24, 2007
    Welcome to […]

    Freddie Bell’s Morning Show Update

  34. North London Derby will not be a War of Attrition

    A Wengertastic blog today – lots of words from the manager heading into our favourite fixture of the year. […]


  35. ♥Pimenta hot♥ O Melhor do conteúdo adulto

    Experimente ♥Pimenta hot♥ For +18
    acesse o site:
    atenção . o Blog a seguir […]


  36. Quick hits

    Jonathan has announced on a mailing list that the next Kubuntu will ship with KDE 4.0. This really caught me by […]

    Komandeering Developers Everywhere

  37. Four Top Pit Stops for Free Software Apps

    If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking for good, free software applications. The web is teeming with […]

    Web Worker Daily

  38. Nietypowe życzenia Świąteczne i Noworoczne

    Już za kilka dni będą Święta, a po nich kolejny rok. Dlatego też wszystkim odwiedzającym mojego bloga życzę […]


  39. Cuando no se tienen referencias …

    Cuando no se tienen referencias pues pasa que lo de abajo es arriba, arriba puede ser abajo, derecha se convierte en […]

    Yours to discover.

  40. A story from Mem (my mom)

    Mendelt and the angel      Psalm 91:11
    I’ve only told this story to my family and a few close friends, […]


  41. Obciach roku (I) – Kościół

    [image] ogłosił listę obciachów roku. Według jego klasyfikacji wygrało ,,szambo w […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  42. PanJen Hollys Winter Nights

    Fabulously Free in SL: The Original FabFree SL Blog

  43. Ashley Tisdale à une soirée bénéfice


    Les Amateurs de Stars

  44. Đêm Noel, mất “cái ngàn vàng”

     [image]Áo tắm và … mỹ nữ dân tộc

    VNIT™ – Chuyên Trang Công Nghệ Và Giải Trí Tổng Hợp VN

  45. Lotería de Navidad, consulta tu número

    Hoy como todos los años en esta misma fecha, se ha celebrado el ya famoso Sorteo de la Lotería de Navidad. Los niños […]

    Cajón desastres

  46. Arsenal vs. Tottenham Highlights (North London Derby)

    Arsenal 2, Tottenham 1
    Big it up for The ‘Munia. Keane, eat that shit and Berbatov, you can just go back to […]


  47. Utiliza Compiz Fusion con Wiimote, el mando de la Wii

    Enlazo este vídeo del blog SmSpillaz en el que se puede ver cómo utilizar el mando de la Wii con los efectos de […]

    Compiz Fusion Revolution

  48. und noch mehr Weihnachtsgrüße sind hier eingetroffen

    und ich kann gar nicht genug DANKE sagen, denn mit soviel lieben Worten und Grüße habe ich nicht gerechnet…. […]

    Bastelkueken’s Weblog

  49. Tatu Singer Pregnant & Posing… Oh My Eyes, My Eyes

    See the full NSFW horror of Yulia and Lena, from Tatu, working it like the rent is due for Russian Maxim Magazine. […]

    TheLostGirl’s Blog

  50. How programming is different from everything else

    A story about a rather computer-challenged person was posted on the TheDailyWTF forums and that story found itself of […]

    Occasionally sane

  51. If Aamir Khan Did Not Make Taare Zameen Par: A Movie Un-Review

    [image]If you want to know how good Taare, just go to your nearest theater and watch the people coming out after the […]

    Bollywood Byte

  52. 226 – Geo-Poetry, or: Finding Wordsworth

    [image]Five years have past; five summers, with the lengthOf five long winters! And again I hearThese waters, rolling […]

    strange maps

  53. Flickr Samplr


    Flickr Blog

  54. djur är ni

    svd skriver idag om att en programledare dömts för att ha visat brösten för en man i Humlegården i samband med en […]

  55. Bendtner Header Leads Arsenal to Victory

    By: Dazza Dawg Arsenal have beaten local rivals Tottenham 2-1 in an eventful game at Emirates Stadium. Arsenal […]

    The Gooner Forum “Blog”

  56. Now Meet Mike Locksley’s Wife

    I think we can all agree that this would be a major upgrade over Rita Rodriguez.  Rig

    West BY GOD Virginia

  57. Santa Claus speaks with Deaf Child through VRS!

    By Bug
    Watch this video and see a Deaf girl asking Santa Claus to call her. Did Mr Claus call her through VRS? Yes!
    So […]

    Fookem and Bug

  58. Russia’s Putin Has “40 Billion In Secret Offshore Accounts”… How Much Has Prime Minister Owen Arthur In His Offshore […]

    Leaders’ Secret Offshore Bank Accounts Differ In Scale, But Not Design & Intent One of the first […]

    Barbados Free Press

  59. Crianças, Pegaria pra cuidar ?



  60. Actionables

    If we’ve missed any useful links or contact-info, please leave them in the comments section, SVP. Word from a […]

    Free Mark Steyn!

  61. I am Legend DVD Screener Leak

    Oh by Gosh by Golly, what a christmas present!!
    If you’re into the torrent scene, an “I Am Legend” […]

    The Eye of the Rabbit

  62. IT Crowds from Alternate Universes

    This week’s IT Crowd comes from Universe K13.
    (Thanks, Adam!)

    Why, That’s Delightful!

  63. My Crunchies Votes

    So there’s this Crunchies contest held by TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Read/Write Web, and GigaOm. The finalists were […]

    Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

  64. Smoke?

    A better pic from bambooshoots.
    Thanks to the7REAL@soompi for the info!
    Q: Do Big Bang smoke?
    A: We know […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  65. Bakri Musa: Higher Education

    It is a sure sign that local leaders are way over their heads (or refuse to makethe tough decisions) when they start […]

    Din Merican: the Reluctant Blogger

  66. Ieri e oggi in TV – 22/12/2007

    [image]In questo spazio esamino brevemente alcuni dati di ascolto dei programmi di prima serata di ieri venerdì 21 […] Blog

  67. Shot with his own gun.

    Smart Football has as good a look at the evolution of the shotgun QB as I’ve seen in a while. Take a couple of […]

    Get The Picture

  68. R.I.P Ali G en Borat

    Sacha Cohen heeft zijn twee beroemdste personages begraven. De komiek zal nooit meer in de huida van Ali G of Borat […]

    POPular News

  69. Mitt Romney Was There

    Still no confirmation on whether or not Mitt Romney actually saw his father marching with Martin Luther King, Jr. But […]

    Blogs 4 Conservatives

  70. Spears Pregnancy May Result in Television Special Rather than Criminal Charges

    Hollywood appears ready to step into the controversy over the pregnancy of Jamie Lynn Spear in a truly signature way: […]


  71. Christmas Scarf

    I emailed club penguin and they said this:
    Thank you for writing in your concern. The Christmas scarf was temporarily […]

    Club Penguin Space

  72. Por la autonomía del Bafici

    Nos ha llegado este comunicado del PCI, la agrupación de los directores del cine independiente, donde se reclama lo […]

    La lectora provisoria

  73. Seger mot dödsstraffet

    Ett beslut jag alldeles självklart borde ha kommenterat redan tidigare är beslutet i FN:s generalförsamling i […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  74. Pre-holiday Fluff Cavalcade Six: Clanging Chimes of Doom


    Misty over at Shakesville posted this brilliant video history of “Do They Know It’s […]

    Shapely Prose

  75. Grace Not as Amazing as Once Thought or “I once was Lost, then I was Found, But Now I’m Lost Forever”

    Posted By Andrew Webb
    In a recent reply to me entitled “The Demands of the System” Doug Wilson once again shows the […]

    Green Bagginses

  76. Nouvelle égérie Dessange

    Le coiffeur Jacques Dessange vient de se choisir une nouvelle égérie… Il s’agit de Karen, grande gagnante […]

    Défilés, tendances, inspirations


    From the brilliant minds behind the Crash Banditcoot and Jak and Daxter series, comes the newest and Intense […]


  78. Como desbloquear recados no orkut

    Como ver recados bloqueados com cadeado


  79. the braless wonder

    I Seinfeldavsnittet “the Bottle deposits” dyker en gammal väninna till Elaine upp och orsakar kaos.Hon […]

    Hur mycket jag än tar finns det lite kvar!

  80. Redbird Recollections: Cliff Politte

    The Cardinals took one more step closer to a championship by signing Cliff Politte t

    Future Redbirds

  81. Firing Blanks in the “War On Christmas”

    The dean of Jerry Falwell’s Law School has a nice little charity deal going for him and his wife: Running […]

    his vorpal sword

  82. Being only deaf kid in a hearing family…

     I describe whats it like to be the only deaf kid in family when it comes to holidays.  it usually gets pretty lonely […]

    Rita’s expressive vlog

  83. Weihnachtsgrüße

    Wir wünschen unseren Freunden und Feinden Frohe und Gesegnete Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues […]

    Gay West

  84. grade inflation comes home to roost

    We’ve had so much discussion about grade inflation in higher education lately, I think it is becoming part of me […]


  85. فیلترشکن جدید جدید 1 و 2 دیماه 1386

    اینم اون چیزی که شما دنبالش می گشتین.
    بابا نوبر زمستونه این پروکسی […]


  86. le BVP se complait dans l’homophobie.

    Dans sa dernière campagne télévisée de prévention grand public, l’Institut National de Prévention et […]

    soft drink

  87. Laure Manaudou nue a profusion !

    Laure Manaudou ne dois plus dormir depuis quelques jours, plusieurs photos et une vidéo plutôt intime, voire […]

    Paroles Chroniques

  88. Shake Your Branches!

    Okay, I get that they’re singing traditional Christmas songson their way to pick out an artificial […]

    Comics I Don’t Understand

  89. Bad Things

    Ripley has gone from bad to worse – we took her in to the vet yesterday morning after three days of her throwing up. […]


  90. Heroes Del Silencio Tour 2007 2DVD FULL PAL DD 5.1 (Torrent)

    Atencion lo han cargado a rapidshare, vean los comentarios de este mismo post, digo para los q no les vaya el torrent […]

    Los Héroes De Leyenda

  91. Conservative Mag Depicts Giuliani in Fascist Uniform

    This is the cover from this month’s American Conservative magazine. I don’t share most of the […]

    Ali Eteraz

  92. Johari: Only Muslims can use ‘Allah’

    I have several questions in my mind. These questions has actually pop up in my mind many many years ago. I just […]


  93. Revoluţia mea…

    Revoluţia mea a început în 16 decembrie cînd am primit alarma de luptă. După cum v-am mai spus, eram în armată.

    La patratosu


    It had to happen, especially now that T.O. has weighed in and told noted MENSA member Jessica Simpson to stay away from […]

    Texas Hold ‘Em Blogger

  95. Jamie at Home Christmas Special

    For those that missed the Jamie at Home Christmas special, its currently on 4OD, definitely worth watching again for […]

    Lacer’s Life

  96. ami de la nuit

    seit drei tagen kommen verhältnismässig viele besucher genau über diese google anfrage auf den blog. wer ist das […]


  97. An Afternoon With James Caldemeyer – Part 1

    Lake Fork Trophy Bass Fishing with Pro Guide James Caldemeyer 
    2008 Ranger Z520 w/ Yamaha 250 HPDI […]

    The Fishin’ Blog

  98. Footage of Joe Budden on Green Lantern’s Invasion

    Shouts to YL for doing this. I was rummaging around the internets for a clean cut of this shit to post up, but […]

    weapons of mass distraction

  99. Kulinarischer Adventskalender Türchen Nr. 22: Gingersnaps

    [image]Ich freue mich sehr, dass Zorra wie auch schon in den vergangenen Jahren wieder den

    Willkommen in meiner Chaosküche

  100. Billybob’s Club Penguin Christmas party 2007 feedback

    Billy-bob gave his feedback to how he likes the Christmas Party for 2007. Everyone is satisfied as usual, including a […]

    Club Penguin Cheats | Glitches | Secrets ©

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