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December 9, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Pop Quiz: Who has the python arms?


    Pop Quiz: Who has the python arms?
    1) Kwon Sang-woo
    2) Sohn Ho-young

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  2. Poll: Huckabee opens up commanding lead in Iowa

    [image] Huckabee has a commanding lead in Iowa, according to a new poll. WASHINGTON (CNN) — A new poll of Iowa […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  3. When Nazri says, ‘don’t worry’, start worrying!

    Malaysiakini reports him as saying that ‘there is no law against the fast-track appointment of Zaki. We […]

    The People’s Parliament

  4. Reazioni al bug della system tray ARGB

    Il bug relativo al crash delle applicazioni GTK+ facenti uso della system tray ARGB di Plasma (cfr “La system […]

    pollycoke 🙂


    While the music industry is doing everything they possibly can to go out of business, can we all make sure to rid […]

    Nine Inch Nails – Blog Archive

  6. PS3 failed in 2007: A look of what went wrong with Sony.

    Let’s face the reality. Even if a lot of people doesn’t want to admit it. they have been disappointed more […]

    TOP Secret – Blog

  7. マックワールドに12インチウル […]


    CNBC […]



    You know the drill….post your comments about ON THE RECORD right here….post before / after the […]


  9. Tresor Mputu Joins Arsenal (Picture Proof)

    Ahh ok i lied !!, But today as im sure you have read, Arsene Wenger has as good as said were loaning Tresor […]

    [»The Arsenal Reserves + Youth Blog«]

  10. Right-wing Rock

    If the Halloween collections didn’t scare the shit out of you, this will. Taylor Parkes, one of Britain’s […]

    Touched Mix

  11. Pengumuman Seleksi Administrasi CPNS Badan Pertanahan Nasional (BPN) th. 2007 (update)—[Pengumuman cpns bpn]

    (Pengumuman CPNS BPN 2007)
    Dear Rekans semua
    Karena banyaknya pelamar yang berusaha mencari info lolos seleksi […]


  12. the hand

    Daily Bonuf Lol* Make ur own lolz and share them.
    talk to it
    picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder, lol […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  13. 3rd Test – India vs Pakistan Highlights – Short Highlights

    Pakistan in India Test Series – 3rd Test India v Pakistan 2007/08 season
    Played at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, […]


  14. Pengumuman Penerimaan CPNS BPN RI Tahun 2007

    Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 2 Jakarta Tlp. (021) 7393939 (Kotak Pos No. 1403 […]

    Merenung bukan berarti melamun

  15. I want to believe (in Zeltia)

    [image]¿Recuerdan este conocido poster que el agente especial Mulder dejaba entrever a su espalda en cada episodio de […]

    b i o i n v e r s o r

  16. Gratulera?

    Jag ser att det finns någon europeisk ledare som ringt till president Putin och gratulerat honom till det goda […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  17. O Audiogame Foi: Primeira Loja Gamers

    [image] Lembram-se do anúncio de que a rede de lojas de games mexicana Gamers viria para o Brasil? Hoje foi a […]


  18. Report from Cinematic Titanic

    There may not be robots, but there were silhouettes riffing in front of a big screen — the main difference, […]

    The Official Star Wars Blog

  19. Meltdown? It is not Arsenal or Arsene’s problem

    I wonder how much the PFA paid for their report, the Press Release of which is filling all of the back pages. Whatever […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  20. Análisis del Contrato de Licencia para el Usuario Final de Window$ XP

    Este post es una excepción en el blog, ya que no solemos dedicarle ninguna entrada exclusivamente a los […]

    Think Ubuntu

  21. Pengumuman Administrasi CPNS BPN 2007 (Update)

    Walau dicoba dari subuh ternyata masih susah juga untuk dapat info pengumuman, dan sampe detik ini saya hanya dapat […]

    Another side about me

  22. 7 of the coolest fire stations on earth

    i didn’t realise there were so many architecturally incredible fire stations until a few days ago when i […]


  23. Tux Droid: El pingüino multiuso

    Me he encontrado con un aparatito muy curioso, muy geek y muy linuxero que es cuanto menos curioso. No perdáis detalle […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  24. Wenger puts forward Unbeatable Argument against Quotas

    A day to go before the Middlesbrough-Riverside match, and Wenger’s gone on another one-man-against-the-world […]


  25. ASL Vlog animation

    It was created by JFLMad. He was doing it for fun. What do you think of it?

    Fookem and Bug

  26. Several Reasons Why I’m Going to DeafRead Conference 2008…


    Gary Brooks Show

  27. Answering a question

    Good question coming from the comments. I thought I’d address it here.

    Future Redbirds

  28. My West Ham: David Cracknell

    David Cracknell is Political Editor of the Sunday Times. He is shortly leaving the paper to take charge of the […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  29. Tidigare uppdatering

    [14:12] Tåget ringlar sig långsamt förbi vattentornet med högljuda talkörer
    [14:08] Demonstrationen har nu gått […]

    Tillfällig uppdatering –

  30. the wonder of mascarpone and honey

    Do you know what this is? Go ahead… guess. I’ll wait.
    Yes. It’s a brownie. But it’s not […]

    real life foodie adventures

  31. High Velocity Bowling (PS3) Review

    Bowling hits the Playstation 3 care of a nice $9.99 download from the Playstation Online Store (PSN).   […]

    Gaming Console Network

  32. Review of Seek Geo vlogs!!!

    I review Geo’s vlogs…  he earned an 110% A++…  i enjoy everyone’s else vlogs and […]

    Rita’s expressive vlog

  33. R.I.P. Adele Turcotte

    The Eyeopener is sad to report the death of a Ryerson community member.
    Our deepest sympathies go out to Adele […]


  34. The Return of Bynum Gets Even

    The last few days I have spent either grading or doing something to avoid grading (I hate grading).  While I have been […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  35. Extremvänsterns sanna natur avslöjad-igen

    Inte helt oväntat utbröt det oroligheter i Salem idag i samband med de demonstrationståg som två rivaliserande […]

  36. Ieri e oggi in TV – 08/12/2007

    [image]In questo spazio esamino brevemente alcuni dati di ascolto dei programmi di prima serata di ieri venerdì 7 […] Blog

  37. I Salem visar vänstern sitt rätta ansikte

    Det är lite trist att “unga” vänsteraktivister gång på gång bekräftar att det är dom som […]

    Personalist – Javisst!

  38. He had a better year than W.

    Slow news day from a college football standpoint, unless you’re wrapped up in the Heisman vote, so I might as […]

    Get The Picture

  39. Mad Ali, Pro Subs, Crazy Mputu vid and loads of news…!

    Good morning grovers!
    I didn’t drink last night in the hope of being fresh for today. A nice early night I […]

    Le Grove

  40. Contra Nilda Garré

    La campaña de Enrique Piñeyro por Quintín Acabo de firmar mi apoyo a la campaña que propone Enrique Piñeyro para […]

    La lectora provisoria

  41. McCain in ’08.

    Ok this is political opinion. If you aren’t interested or don’t care what I think, don’t read any […]

    38 Pitches

  42. Mike Huckabee: The Facts Behind the Fraud

    “I think if they knew [his record] it would totally de-energize them,” he said. ” . . . His policies […]

    The Political Inquirer

  43. Weekend Fluff: Man Cold

    I could not love this more. A) I have a mad crush on Nick Frost, and B) the premise, um, rings a bell.

    Shapely Prose

  44. Kurz erklärt: Die Buchstaben in US-Telefonnummern

    Präsident George W. Bush hat sich mal wieder versprochen, und diesmal können auch wir ihm nicht helfen. Bei der […]

    USA Erklärt

  45. Off To See The Queen

    It’s 10:30am on Saturday morning and I sit here at the trusted computer. Heidi is finishing the packing as we are […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  46. snowin and blowin

    omgoodness! we got more snow last night [image] I love a fresh coat of powder on the ground the threes. if only people […]

    life & designs of a digital scrapbook artist

  47. Personal Fest, con incidentes

    Vengo de salir corriendo del Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires, donde acaba de terminar accidentadamente la primera jornada […]


  48. Private Investigators Indicted for Pretext Fraud–Lawyers Probed in Pretext Theft

    Ten private investigators were indicted on December 5, 2007,in Seattle, WA, by the U.S. Attorney’s office.  The […]

    Private Investigators Association of Virginia

  49. Lucky Star? …in MY Clannad?

    …And sorry if I’m spamming everyone’s feeds today. x.x I don’t plan on […]

    Borderline Hikikomori

  50. Medgärningsmannaskap och sandlådefasoner

    Såg på nyheterna igår och i soppan runt dödsmisshandeln på Kungsholms hamnplan måste jag säga att jag hellre ser […]

    Kung Kekes Reflektioner


    Whoever thought this was funny let alone appropriate needs help. Seriously.
    A pair of students at Penn State dressed as […]

    Texas Hold ‘Em Blogger

  52. Historien händer just NU

    “Vänta, säger datorn, jag har inte tid just nu, Hemskt förargligt, tycker Olle, när han ska visa hur fort det […]

    Herr Klokboks Kollektion

  53. What If Huckabee Wins Iowa and McCain Wins New Hampshire? (Or: “!”)

    The 5-way GOP contest is more wide open than any nomination fight in recent memory — even including David […]

    The Page

  54. Huckabee/Hunter and Thompson/Hunter Comparison Sheets

    Sheet comparing Duncan Hunter and Mike Huckabee:
    Sheet comparing Duncan Hunter and Fred […]

    The Duncan Hunter Grass-Revolt: Unofficial Grassroot HQ

  55. Fantom na mównicy

    Jak siadam do wysłuchania, w założeniu, ważnego wystąpienia polityka – to z nawyku biorę pod rękę […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  56. 2007 Bloggers Choice Awards

    [image]It’s here! The results. I decided to list the winner (or winners in case of a few ties) and then the 4 […]

    SL Fashion Notes

  57. Sam Mitchell can’t ride the Bosh/Bargnani excuse much longer

    Toronto Raptors 84, Boston Celtics 112
    Hmmm…you didn’t need to watch past the first quarter because […]


  58. Ayan Hirsi Ali in the NY Times: Where are the Moderate Muslims?

    Dear Ayan Hirsi Ali,
    As a “moderate” Muslim I will tell you where I am. I am studying for my final exams, […]


  59. Sifting through the thin MacBook rumors

    [image]The Apple (AAPL) rumor sites have been buzzing for months about the new thin MacBook they expect Steve Jobs to […]

    FORTUNE: Apple 2.0

  60. ESPN Has No Class

    [image]I hate ESPN. There was a day when I loved the network (1990 – 1996 to be exact), but now I find most of their […] The Voice Of Celtics Fans

  61. Mac Developer Playground: Open Source Mac Apps from Google

    Mac users trolling for interesting, free open source software may want to peek into Google’s new Mac Developer […]

    Web Worker Daily

  62. D.A.N.C.E. Remix Pt. 2387423

    I seriously was just talking shit about “D.A.N.C.E.” remixes to Kyle the other day, but damn this […]

    Beats™ Presents: hot biscuits

  63. Al-Qaeda urged to attack Knights of Malta in Cairo

    “You cannot exaggerate it. The Order of Malta is a hidden government or the most mysterious government in the […]

    Aftermath News

  64. Las Vegas – Hatton Mayweather fight weekend 8th December

    [image]On Saturday 8th December Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton will be fighting “Pretty Boy” FLoyd […]

    Vegasuncovered’s Weblog

  65. MM Skins Does It Again – Pale Lime

    Fabulously Free in SL: The Original FabFree SL Blog

  66. Translation: 9 mysterious questions answered “THIS IS NEWS” ::: myojo 05.04

    Didn’t originally plan on translating this but…
    Kusano turns the members into emoticons, the follow up […]

    Life’s Good Translations

  67. Hoàng Sa và Trường Sa, còn là đất Việt trong bao lâu ?

    Đọc thấy tiêu đề lập tức nghĩ ra trong đầu về đủ thứ phản động sắp được nghe ? […]

    Bear Lair – Mảnh đất của giải trí Châu Á

  68. Little RotateMe v2.0 Beta 4 Preview

    I want to share some screenshots of rotateMe’s 4th beta version with you which are showing the new […]

    Symbian Web Blog

  69. 2007 Flashback: Huskies 24 Boise State 10


  70. Oops! Nearly forgot.

    Thoughts, tips and links, gratefully received.

    Why, That’s Delightful!

  71. VERONIQUE de KOCK en haar naakt foto’s


    De Vliegende Reporter

  72. moneymoneymoneymoneymoney

    I am working on an NSF proposal that will be my first grant proposal sent out from Northwestern with me as a listed […]


  73. Shape Shifter

    It’s Friday.  Thanks to a long work week, my creative juices are drained.  Not to mention I’m […]

    Straight from the Farm

  74. Dragon Ball Z: Goku já tem Namorada


    Hotvnews 2.0

  75. Mattel Disney Pixar Cars Checklist: How to Display Your CARS

    If you’re collecting the Mattel Disney Pixar CARS and frankly, who isn’t … you might find you are […]


  76. Orgie i ekstaza w kulcie Attysa

    W komentarzu do poprzedniego postu zostałem poproszony o wyjaśnienie na czym polegał orgiastyczny i ekstatyczny […]


  77. When I’m a little old lady

    The other evening I went to Eldest’s college choir concert, accompanied by my 17 year old daughter and my two 9 […]

  78. 16 Days – Day 14: Showtime at KoupelaTenkodoko – or, Husbands

    At the village photo exhibition, women photographers (right) confront the notable men of KoupelaTenkodoko […]

    Voices from the Field – IRC Blog

  79. Idaho anti-wolf coalition suggests there are really over 9000 wolves in Idaho and over 900 packs!

    This is the kind of thinking we have to deal with. Idaho Anti-wolf Coalition.

    Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News

  80. Class 5A: Highlands 28, Bowling Green 7

    UPDATED: Read the game story by Nick Stanton of the Herald-Leader. Updates from Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium in […]


  81. Fotowall-0.2 wallpaper-generator

    Simpaticissimo programma in QT4 (Wallpaper generator) che ci consente di manipolare le nostre immagini […]

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  82. E-Mail To A Wingnut Pal

    My friend is a GREAT guy; he walks the talk to the extent any of us flawed humans can.  He’s never tried to […]

    Beware The Man

  83. The *TRUTH* shall set you free

    What will you get when you mix a gorgeous coat and nothing on the top?

    Shopping Cart Disco

  84. Shemale Vanity Dominates Guy

    from posted with vodpod

    Tranny Love

  85. Pinks & Blues Stocking Stuffers Giveaway Day #5!

    Today is the fifth day of our Pinks & Blues Stocking Stuffers Giveaway Days!
    Today’s Stocking Stuffer […]

    Pinks & Blues Girls Blog

  86. Daawo sawirada goobihii ay ciidamada gumeysiga ka baxeen saaka ee wadada 30ka (Masaajido, shirkado ganacsi iyo guryo […]

    Sawirada Daawo

    SomaliSwiss Community . Somalida Switzerland

  87. EchoStar Now DISH Network — Spins Off SlingBox, Set-Top Biz

    [image]EchoStar, the satellite broadcasting company, is finally changing its name to DISH Network, according to a […]


  88. Whiskerino 07


    Flickr Blog

  89. Readings: Malaysia’s Prague Spring?

    Malaysia’s Prague Spring?
    Asian Analysis, ASEAN Focus Group 
    In the past month, two massive rallies calling for […]

    elizabeth wong

  90. Three under the tree, Vol. 15

    Once again, a little misdirection with our three tunes. You figured it out back in Vol. 6. It’s still not all that […]

    AM, Then FM

  91. O mundo não está tão doido assim

    O São Paulo disse que não tem interesse no corintiano Betão. Em situações normais, isso não deveria ser notícia. […]

    Além do Jogo

  92. HINDRAF: Royal Rubbish from the Sultan of Selangor?

    THE SULTAN OF SELANGOR, TERROR LINKS AND ISA? Is RPK’s “prophecy” coming true?
    The Star’s […]

    Jed Yoong

  93. Full YouTube On Your S60 v3 Device!

    Yes, you read it correctly! You can now have access to any and I mean any video on youtube or any other flash […]

    The Symbian Blog

  94. Manic Street Preachers critica Radiohead

    Depois de Lily Allen e Oasis, Manic Street Preachers entrou para a lista dos que não concordam com a atitude do […]

    Move That Jukebox!

  95. The Core: Part 1. The Economy of Lies

    by Scott Creighton 
    The current administration that occupies the Executive branch of our government lies to us on a […]

    American Everyman

  96. Crítica: LA BRÚJULA DORADA, de Chris Weitz

    [image]LA BRÚJULA DORADA (THE GOLDEN COMPASS, EEUU-UK 2007, Aventuras, 120 Minutos)
    Dirección: Chris Weitz.
    Guión: […]


  97. Former Nation News Journalist Angry At Barbados Free Press

    Pretty Girl Rips Out Cliverton’s Heart, Stomps It Into The Dirt
    “crass […]

    Barbados Free Press

  98. A project for the Decents

    Predictably, I guess, Pamela Bone’s question to Germaine Greer on behalf of ALL DECENT LEFTIES EVERYWHERE […]

    Larvatus Prodeo in exile

  99. The One

    Tinsley Mortimer
    Byrdie Bell
    Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

    Park Avenue Peerage

  100. Having fun in London

    If you see a Scoble or two at the Tower of London this afternoon, don’t be shocked. Heh.
    We had a great photowalk […]

    Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

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