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November 24, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Nautilus Gio è in ottima forma!

    Quasi non credevo più che avremmo realmente visto i benefici dell’eliminazione di GNOME-VFS, e […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  2. Dear Yellow Fellas


    The People’s Parliament

  3. Polling angst and therapy thread – Open Edition

    OK folks – you lot seem to have more angst than a bunch of emo kids at country pub.
    So jump on the polling couch, let […]

    Possums Pollytics

  4. Plastic addict Han Aeri speaks up

    Former Babyvox Rev member Han Aeri is recovering fast from her plastic surgery gone bad. The plastic addict is […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  5. Lyxfällans Gangstermetoder?

    Igår skrev jag lite lättsamt om Medias vinklingar och tog som ett exempel TV3’s program Lyxfällan där en Link […]

    Joakim Hörsing

  6. Ubuntu Customization Guide v2

    Ubuntu Customization Guide v2
    [image]Changes are part of Nature so as with Technology.. Though this cannot be True for […]

    Tux Enclave.

  7. Biden: Anybody need some coffee?

    [image] Sen. Biden spent Thanksgiving in Iowa.
    (CNN) — While many of the 2008 Presidential candidates briefly […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  8. Madameweb: La pornoprof fa notizia!

    Oggi tutti parlano di Madameweb, la porno professoressa di Pordenone, se ne era già parlato un anno fa e io nemmeno […]

    Lobotomia & WordPress

  9. Man Admits He and Stacy Got Caught at A Denny’s By Sgt. Peterson!!!

    The plot thickens!!!
    According to the Chicago Sun Times, a man named Scott Rossetto was exchanging emails with Stacy […]



    oh noes! dis is no turkey leg!
    picture:, […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  11. VIDEO: Neues aus der Anstalt vs. Extra3

    Welten liegen zwischen rheinischem und norddeutschem Humorverständnis:
    PS (Werbung): Die ursprüngliche […]

    Der Bildschirmarbeiter

  12. Madameweb , la pornoprof di cui tutti parlano

    Madameweb , la pornoprof di cui tutti parlano


    Recensioni Blog

  13. Gerakan Dakyah Kristian Radikal Di Iraq

    Oleh Insan Berguna
    Klip video rancangan dokumentari “Panaroma” dari Jerman. Klip video ini perlu disebar […]


  14. تقدیم به بالاترینی ها ، با بهترین آرزوها

    یه جورایی بدون شرح


    وب خوان

  15. Robin Thicke et Rihanna dans le magazine GQ


    Les Amateurs de Stars

  16. Thankful for?

    Ok so the Thanks Mike thread is working. I talked to him briefly and told him about it, he stopped in and read it. […]

    38 Pitches

  17. vPlug2.0.0

    – Fixed TPS AU.
    Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

    vPlug news

  18. 9/11 Firefighters and Families Say Giuliani is No Hero

    It’s good to see that this story is finally getting more mainstream media attention.
    Appearing on MSNBC’s […]

    Daily Liberty Research

  19. the Sony orchestra | music like no other



  20. Facebook Member Stats – An Update

    A number of people have pointed out to me that it is actually possible to not select your gender on Facebook (something […]

    Travels With My Overnight Bag

  21. Western Party and War!

    If you read my last post, to continue on from that, I relogged in, and it was updated! LOL! They added Western music to […]

    Club Penguin Cheats l Glitches l Secrets

  22. Presiding Bishop: “I ordered U-turn on deal”: CEN 11.23.07 p 6.

    [image]In testimony before a Virginia court last week, US Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori stated she had […]


  23. Five Computer Clouds Are All We Need

    Written by Baris Karadogan, a partner at Comventures
    “I think there is a world market for maybe five […]


  24. اداره امور جهان در سال 2075 (قسمت آخر)

    فصل یازدهم این کتاب درباره چگونگی اداره جهان در سال 2075 و نحوه […]

    Datum of Freedom

  25. How strong is N82’s battery?

    I’ve receive plenty of emails of my readers, who asked me how strong N82’s 1050 mAh battery is. […]


  26. Palma me palma

    Sobre los nuevos peronistas por Quintín Cada vez que Tomás nos manda una nota de Dante Palma, me enfurezco de […]

    La lectora provisoria

  27. Anna Ciriani vs MadameWeb

    ULTIMISSIME Anna ha accettato di rispondere brevemente ad alcune domande parte di un articolo per il mio giornale in UK […]

    Marco Secchi media venti

  28. scratch massive – time (2007)

    01 – fake lesbian [listen]
    02 – shining in my vein

    Debaser ~ music blog

  29. Ieri e oggi in TV – 23/11/2007

    [image]In questo spazio esamino brevemente alcuni dati di ascolto dei programmi di prima serata di ieri giovedì 22 […] Blog

  30. Nasza klasa

    Patrzę na zdjęcie, zrobione u progu lata 1982 roku. Odświętnie ubrani, szczerzymy się na schodach naszej […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata v.2.0

  31. A Master Chief Costume for Your Dog

    Some pet owners have been attempting to put their Legendary Edition Master Chief helmets on their small animals. Rather […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  32. Anwar Ibrahim & Lim Kit Siang on the Hindraf rally

    I support HINDRAF’s right to peaceful demonstration and therefore reiterate my appeal to the Royal Malaysian Police […]

    Rajiboi87’s Weblog

  33. Nä nu djävlar!

    Usch, en 13-årig flicka blev våldtagen igår. Det verkar ju i alla fall som de har fått ett bra signalemente på […]

    Kung Kekes Reflektioner

  34. The Hobbesian life of a Running Back

    Now, I know what you’re thinking. This was an idea of how scientific progress went boink when it invented Jim […]

    The Grand National Championships

  35. Minibuntu – the base for your distro, now add your ingredients

    A few days ago a guy on UCK forum told me that he would need a clean Ubuntu livecd without all the bells and whistles, […]

    Fabrizio Balliano

  36. Instalar Enlightenment y xfce en Gutsy

    ¿Estás Cansado de Gnome y KDE? Aqui os dejo un tutorial rápido para instalarnos dos nuevos gestores de ventanas: […]

    Think Ubuntu

  37. Är vi bara korkade?

    Amerikas sjukvård befinner sig i djup kris. Kostnaderna skenar och är nu uppe i närmare 17 procent av BNP, eller […]

    Ett hjärta RÖTT

  38. Grattis Celine

    …till insikten!
    Celine Dion har helt plötsligt förstått att hennes “musik” inte är uppskattad, […]

    Alla dessa medelmåttor

  39. Hindraf Protest – Realistic Way Out?

    You have probably heard about it by now…
    Hindraf, an Indian NGO is proposing to do a protest rally to hand […]

    BJ Thoughts…

  40. Clinton Team Trying to Keep Lid on Iowa Expectations

    Claim the goal is to get “a strong showing,” but not necessarily victory, as they add offices and staff. […]

    The Page


    via: / 
    Malaysiakini: Meanwhile, Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan said the police had received […]

  42. Ühtse Venemaa Kemerovo grupeeringu stiilinäide

    dokumendi imetlemiseks kliki pildil.
    Täiendan: tuleb ära märkida, et väitel on tegu võltsinguga.

  43. Resep Punya Blog Yang Ramai Pengunjung

    Baru saja saya dapat email menanyakan bagaimana membuat blog agar ramai pengunjung. Pertanyaan ini bukan yang pertama […]

    Padepokan Budi Rahardjo

  44. Moderiktig mjölk

    Inskickat av Olle:
    Jag jobbade i mejeridelen när en medelålders man kom fram till mig och undrade:
    “Hörru, var […]


  45. Against predictions

    From today’s Crikey email:
    I’m something of a sceptic when it comes to predictions. As I’ve argued at length, […]

    Larvatus Prodeo in exile

  46. 8 ok amiért az RMDSZ-re érdemes szavaznod

    Az RMDSZ csak erdélyi magyarok érdekeit képviseli
    Az RMDSZ az egyetlen erdélyi magyar párt. A Szövetség nem […]

    Kolozsvári és miegymás

  47. Manon Thomas, de volgende uitgelekte naakt foto’s

    [image] Wederom naaktfoto’s uit gelekt, Manon Thomas, 44-jarige voormalige tv-presentatrice die ooit Miss Holland […]


  48. Le mutande di Heidi

    Circola in Turchia una publicazione che islamizza la novella di Heidi attraverso immagini che ad esempio […]

    I media-mondo

  49. Pengakuan Nasrani Bekas Netter Maniak Agama

    [image][sahat nainggolan; desy hutabarat; blog berita; sebarkan toleransi antar-umat melalui internet]
    Jangan syirik […]

    Blog Berita Dot Com

  50. You had no idea, did you?

    Well, neither did I, actually.
    If only!
    (Click on photo if you can’t read the names)

    Charlotte was Both

  51. Anatomía Humana Descriptiva Topográfica y Funcional ROUVIERE 11° Edición Tomo 4 SNC

    Anatomía Humana Descriptiva Topográfica y Funcional 11° Edición.
    Sólo tenemos el Tomo 4, de Sistema […]

    La Biblioteca Médica

  52. SCGOP Leader Dr. Buddy Witherspoon to Announce Candidacy for U.S. Senate Bid


    SCHotline Exclusive:

    SCHotline Press Releases

  53. KC Bound?

    Logan’s revenge has recently revealed that FC Dallas is looking to move Carlos Ruiz. He goes on to say […]

    Oz City

  54. O zi a Romaniei la Forumul din aprilie, anul viitor

    Am uitat sa va spun, i-am convins pe organizatori si, la Forumul dedicat Europei centrale si de est, din aprilie 2008, […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  55. Three under the tree, Vol. 1

    Might as well start this at the beginning.
    It was 1969, when I turned 12, that I really started listening to music. […]

    AM, Then FM

  56. Of Warsaw and Roslindale: A Thanksgiving Day Tale



    Dispatches from Seth Gitell

  57. Come in and comment it up at Comment Corner!

    Any thoughts on this week’s nonsense?

    Why, That’s Delightful!

  58. Could Ron Paul win Iowa?

    Although we see the possibility of Ron Paul winning New Hampshire, there has not been as much talk of Ron Paul in Iowa […]

    The Political Inquirer

  59. ممنوعیت استفاده از کلمه مثلث در نام شرکت‌ها

    یکی از آشنایان را دیدم که به دقت تبلیغات داخل روزنامه‌ها را می‌خو […]

    Anahita Daneshvar

  60. And we interrupt your regular programming…

    to give you a surprise intermission! [image] I’ve been so amused with my friend Veevs’ love for colors […]

    LivE simply

  61. Extended Flux

    Thanks to my boy Gro, I was able to get my hands on an actual studio recording of “Flux”; both […]

    Beats™ Presents: hot biscuits

  62. Expose – za długie, za trudne…

    No to już wiemy, co Donald Tusk chce robić przez najbliższe 4 lata – a nawet trochę dłużej. Bo takim […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  63. Patrones Navideños

    Aquí les dejo algunos patrones que pueden utilizar para aplicaciones en tela, fieltro, en cartulina para tarjetas, […]

    Todo artesanías

  64. Walk and talk all you like but make sure you vote

    I’m not sure if it is a good idea to vote, knowing that the EC can never be neutral or independent. Read what Kim […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  65. I’m Thankful For You!

    [image] Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! And to all my non-Amercian friends Happy Thursday! I’m […]

    Designs By Heather Manning

  66. P3 (A Peacemaker Speaks, Part Three)

    Posted by Dr. Jeff Hutchinson
    [It has been an exciting few days for me here at Green Bagginses.  As I am going to be […]

    Green Bagginses

  67. Catwoman sharpens her claws

    Carolijn Brouwer found time from her busy Tornado training schedule in Sydney to write to SailJuice with her views on […]

    SailJuice Blog

  68. Polscy genetycy chcą odtworzyć tura

    Zwierzę, które w średniowieczu było symbolem polskich lasów, być może do nich wróci. Polscy naukowcy z Akademii […]


  69. Food Crisis Number 3


    No lie, I fucked up the PEPPERIDGE FARM STUFFING. That is how bad a cook I am.
    Similar to the lesson about […]

    Shapely Prose

  70. Episode #4: Thanksgiving Special



  71. Retro Pacina


  72. Giving Thanks

    Scroll back a few posts, and you may notice a conspicuous lack of holiday cheer. While every other blogger on the face […]


  73. Dezvoltarea durabila a agriculturii in Romania

    Ma aflu in capitala Baniei – Craiova. Particip la ceremonia de marcare a 60 de ani de invatamant […]


  74. کاغذ بازی

    بیکاری زیادی هم گاهی مایه ی دردسره!مثل این آقایون روسی که برای دست […]


  75. Prospect Profile: Cody Haerther

    Cody Haerther had a roller coaster of a week, so he is next to get his close up in this edition of prospect […]

    Future Redbirds

  76. On-Trial African Striker Impresses Wenger

    Arsène Wenger has been impressed with Tresor Mputu during his trial at Arsenal.
    The 20-year-old striker has a growing […]

    The Gooner Forum “Blog”

  77. Εντεκάδα

    – Οι γυναίκες γουστάρουν το σεξ όσο και οι άντρες και ακόμα […]


  78. Totally *Unofficial* Android GTalk Client (Send/Receive XMPP Messages)

    Here is the screen shot [image]


    Enter the recipient’s name in the edit box on top and press […]

    Show me the code!

  79. Georgia’s road to the MNC

    Please keep in mind that my tongue is so firmly planted in my cheek as I type this that I look like I’m suffering […]

    Get The Picture

  80. Mais um desafio DO estrela

    [image] Não é só no Brasil que viciados por velocidade correm atrás de qualquer evento que promete emoção e briga […]

    Grand Prix Insider

  81. Minha listas de blogs, não deixe de visitá-los!

    [image]Hoje por motivos que não vem ao caso, resolvi fazer uma lista com os blogs que eu gosto e realmente tem […]

    H2O DeskMod 2008

  82. Ett rum för ett litet monster!

    Tjoho! Här ser ni den fina fototapeten. Det blev jättebra med den tycker jag, mycket finare än jag trott. […]

    Mamma går till jobbet

  83. La España imposible de Rajoy

    El partido de Rajoy votó en contra de la Ley de […]

    Madrid Progresista

  84. 1000 kata kunci panas

    Foto bugil artis indonesia
    Agnes monica bugil
    cerita seks
    cerita dewasa
    cerita sex
    situs […]

    Koleksi Melayu Lucah Terbaik 2008


    NO LEONE A COLAZIONE, questo è lo slogan che ho sentito stamattina sulla mia radio preferita, radio 105.
    Se ho […]

    Pask’s Blog

  86. Episode 8

    Episode 8 is now available! Thank you for waiting so long, and I hope you will enjoy it. Just a reminder: The releases […]

    Four-Leaf Clover

  87. Shady Secrets of Going Viral on YouTube

    Remember when we wrote jokingly about how to “Master Viral Video Advertising in 3 Easy Steps,” concluding […]


  88. Cloverfield: Filme de Monstro Gigante ganha Trailer, Pôster oficial e uma referência do seriado Heroes (Atualizado!)

    O aguardado filme de J.J. Abrams se prepara para o lançamento, mostra seu monstro de relance e cria uma […]

    A N T I G R A V I D A D E : Cultura Pop e Bom Humor

  89. De nouvelles photos des Alienwares Area-51 m17x et m15x

    Apres Notebookreview (cf. cette news), place à Engadget de nous offrir un petit reportage photo sur les nouveaux […]


  90. incredible building architecture

    “the design for the office building is the result of a limited competion by the investor cogiton in 2006. the […]


  91. Un comentariu funny

    Cezar a povestit cum a fost la dezbaterea cu Florin Iaru de la Gaudeamus. Pe scurt, se pare ca nimic n-a fost asa cum […]

    Gramo’s World

  92. Nacktwahlkampf bei der SPD

    Geschmackloser geht es ja wohl nicht mehr. Wer soll denn bitte sehr so etwas wählen ??? Der Wahlkampf der […]


  93. Thank you from me and Tango Diva

    I have so many people to be thankful for I can not do them all justice by trying to list them all here.
    Our families […]

    Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

  94. “You won the Ebay thing, then?”

    There is a short silence before I round on Mrs. Short Tony crossly.
    “You’re always doing this,” I complain.
    The […]

    Private Secret Diary

  95. Inflation , Fees increase and PRs

    My daughter, who is studying medicine and just finished her 5th yr exam,   came back from NZ for summer holiday. She […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum


    —————————————————& […]

    Gustafsson i Säffle

  97. a win for the fatties in the aeroplane seat debate

    A 170kg/340lb man has won a court battle against Air France after it made him buy a second seat on a flight from New […]

    Fat Lot Of Good

  98. FOK! zaterdag down voor onderhoud

    Zij die in het Feedback-forum al een tijdje de berichtgeving rondom de performance en bereikbaarheid van FOK! volgen […]

    FOK! updates

  99. Not 100% in shape

    No, I am not feeling 100% in shape today. It started yesterday towards the evening already. All the time […]

    with a russian/dutch heart

  100. Maior piscina do mundo

    made in CHILE


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