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November 21, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Pop Quiz: Who has wind blown hair?

    Which star with wind-blown hair is covering her face?

    Who has wind-blown hair?
    1) Kim Hye-soo
    2) Suh […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  2. Cento modi per usare pollycoke 🙂

    Vorrei cominciare una serie di post per elencare tutti i fantastici vantaggi che riceverà la vostra vita sociale e […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  3. Wrestler Ric Flair supporting Mike Huckabee

    [image] Huckabee has picked up another endorsement from a celebrity strong man.
    COLUMBIA, South Carolina (CNN) – […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  4. If you have any poo – fling it now

    I was wondering when it would come to this.
    Forget the usual suspects talking about the closeness of the election […]

    Possums Pollytics

  5. Monday November 19 Show: POST YOUR SHOW COMMENTS RIGHT HERE!

    You know the drill….post your comments about tonight’s show right here:


  6. Compiz Fusion Community News for November 20th: Features, Features, Features

    Welcome to another edition of Compiz Fusion Community News. In this edition, I will be covering numerous bug […]

    SmSpillaz – Random Compiz Fusion Stuff

  7. i try to put on a happy face

    Daily Bonuf Lol*
    i fail
    picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder, lol caption: ioel

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  8. Alan Alda

    I’ve never seen our legal analyst Arthur Aidala so excited. It’s 8:15am and Arthur is supposed to be headed […]

    Alisyn in the Greenroom

  9. Black Friday Video Game Deals

    The holiday shopping season officially starts on Friday, November 23rd. You can often find some amazing deals if you […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  10. Perihal Pak Mentua dan Menantu


    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  11. How not to measure temperature, part 34

    I recently made a trip into Oregon to survey several USHCN stations there, including Klamath Falls, Crater Lake, Bly, […]

    Watts Up With That?

  12. Open source software in math

    This opinion piece (PDF) in Notices of the American Mathematical Society, argues that since mathematicians increasingly […]

    I think these things

  13. KDE 4: Plasma drag&drop, Digikam multiple storages

    KDE 4 will be released in the next months, and most of the developers focus on polishing. At the same time, the […]


  14. The solution to hockey’s image problem…

    ..because clearly, it would be me who could solve hockey’s image problem. I was talking with some of my […]

    Low Percentage Shot

  15. 207 – Antarctica, But Sliced Differently

    Seven countries currently ‘officially’ claim territory in Antarctica. A map of th

    strange maps

  16. Pengumuman Seleksi Administrasi CPNS Deptan 2007

    Website Deptan down dan ada gangguan server.
    Bilamana ingin melihat pengumuman seleksi Administrasi CPNS Deptan […]


  17. När spelarna tystnar

    [image]En fördel med min ganska höga ålder är ju att man, om man har minnet i något så när skick, kan iaktta […]

    Meningen med livet

  18. Eto’o in swap sensation for Robin the boy wonder

    Ok that’s what arsenalshorts are ‘tongue in cheek’ saying, first of all why would we want a Barca […]

    Le Grove

  19. Tira LinuxHispano: Google

    Vuelve la vecina… […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  20. La porcata del giorno

    BONDI: Oltre 7 milioni di firme, un risultato straordinario
    Un “risultato straordinario”. Lo ha […]

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  21. My Real Breakdown of MMQB: Week XI

    Here are my thoughts on selections from my column, Monday Morning Quarterback, on for Week 11 of the NFL […]


  22. little piece of heaven


    Flickr Blog

  23. the hanging coffins of sagada

    if you ever visit the cliffs of sagada in the philippines you’ll be confronted by dozens of […]


  24. Oxygen, batteria con stile… o quasi

    Sono state avanzate alcune proposte riguardo l’icona dello stato della batteria in stile Oxygen. Le idee non […]

    iLLusion bloG

  25. The Evidence For Homeopathy

    Who’d be a homeopath at the moment?  It must be tough given the comprehensive demolition of homeopathy’s […]

    A canna’ change the laws of physics

  26. The end of the tech stock party

    Despite the uncertainty, this much is clear: We won’t soon see a run in tech stocks like the one that just […]

    FORTUNE: Big Tech

  27. On Sale

    Anna Wintour and Bee Shaffer
    Arden Wohl
    Fabiola Beracasa

    Park Avenue Peerage

  28. No Interpreter, Wrong Medicine!


  29. First Batch Of US TEKKEN 6 Vids!

    [Google Video]
    Just like we promised!  Here is some more video footage of Tekken 6 from last week’s IAAPA […]

    High-Score Magazine Online

  30. Joe Nuxhall, Mike Lowell, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and our next President?

    I’d like to first pass along our sincerest sympathy and condolences to the surviving members of the Nuxhall  […]

    38 Pitches

  31. Appel à tous!

    J’ai vraiment besoin de votre aide. Vous savez quand vous cherchez un nom et que vous ne le trouvez pas? […]

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  32. Deutschsprachige GIMF kündigt neues Drohvideo an


    Nachdem vor Kurzem die deutschsprachigen GIMF Seiten ausgeschalten wurden, gibt es wieder neue – aber auch […]

    Online Jihad: monitoring jihadi online communities

  33. Den absoluta sanningen om likörgodis

    I ett utfall av vad som närmast skulle kunna kalla citizen journalism (huh?) skrev jag till Karamellkungen för att […]


  34. Introducing The Multi-Talented Paul Rodgers

    Some of you may know. others not that i have released a new blog called [» RnB Zone «] well i never thought there […]

    The Arsenal Fans Network Youth Blog

  35. Si Microsoft diseara Gmail

    Bandeja de Entrada


    Pulso Digital

  36. I ♥ Rennie Curran.

    From Ching’s blog:
    … Here’s some of what Rennie had to say about the Yellow Jackets:
    “I grew up […]

    Get The Picture

  37. Make your startup sustainable at (almost) no cost

    When your company‘s a start-up, you care a lot about economy and simplicity. And when rapid growth kicks in, for many […]


  38. Le retour de Lou

    Dans la continuité des U-blogueurs, qui ont trouvé refuge sur KarmaOS, Lou est revenue. C’est ce qu’elle […]

    Le blog d’Olivier Trédan

  39. Lidando com (a interface do) GIMP

    O GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) é um poderoso editor de imagens bitmap com suporte a camadas e perfis […]

    freak’s blog

  40. Justin Has The Hoyte Attitude And Other Tittle Tattle

    The competition for places at Arsenal is a fertile breeding ground for the media’s imaginations yet on the whole, the […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  41. so…freaking…tired…

    I’m so tired. But Disney World was amazing, as usual, and I’m so happy to be home with  Emma Kelly. She […]

    Kellie’s Blog

  42. Beware the Pixeled Vendor

    …it attacks silently, with little warning, and if you do not heed, it shall distribute poorly crafted clothing.
    I […]

    Shopping Cart Disco

  43. Bersih picks up Rashid’s gauntlet

    “If they will show me evidence that the commission has rigged elections, then I will – in fact, all members of the […]

    elizabeth wong

  44. Sampras refuses to shake hands with Federer. He also called Mirka, fat. Are we having fun yet?


    Tennis Planet

  45. Nine Ways to Get Much More Out of MS Windows

    If you’re a long-time user of Microsoft Windows, you’re familiar with the various headadches it can give […]

    Web Worker Daily

  46. Una televisión sin niños

    El nuevo vídeo promocional del PSOE asegura que España es el segundo mejor país del mundo para vivir si eres un […]

    El descodificador

  47. ¿Qué mejoras le pedirías a Ubuntu?

    Bueno, estoy muy contento con Ubuntu, pero si es verdad que en ciertos aspectos es notable que podría mejorarse.En […]

    Think Ubuntu

  48. Surviving Thanksgiving


    For a few weeks now, my belly dance teacher has been announcing that the studio would be closed the […]

    Shapely Prose

  49. Paris Hilton ci riprova

    Dopo il carcere per la guida in stato di ubriachezza, la perdita dell’eredità millionaria dovuta alle notti […]

    Carta Straccia

  50. Telefilm News Speciale – Arrivano i nuovi episodi di Smallville e 24, le repliche di House e dei Simpson si spostano, […]

    [image]Appuntamento speciale dedicato ad alcune novità telefilmiche che riporto qui in anteprima esclusiva e […] Blog

  51. Un semáforo en… ¿la playa?

    Les comparto esta foto que tome hace algunos meses, en vacaciones de semana santa para ser exactos.
    Se me hizo […]


  52. Lingam ringtones

    Don’t know which one is mad – Lingam or his brother (Read: Malaysiakini). But surely Lingam will be mad when he […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  53. VIDEO: Pippi vs. Pipi

    Wenn kleine Wünsche schnell erfüllt werden:

    Der Bildschirmarbeiter


    —————————————————& […]

    Gustafsson i Säffle

  55. Do We the Deaf Film Makers Have the Same Privilege?


    Gary Brooks Show

  56. Will the Boston Celtics be the Most Improved Team in NBA History?

    In 1996-97 the San Antonio Spurs won 20 games. The next season, with the additions of Tim Duncan and a healthy David […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  57. 30 Rock Live in New York: I Was There!

    Following the lead of Saturday Night Live’s live performance at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York last […]

    Media Maven Musings

  58. Che scopata

    Sono AnnaMaria di Milano volevo raccontarvi quello ke mi è successo ieri mattina.Sono andata in palestra alle 8.00 e […]

    Racconti erotici amatoriali . Erostorie

  59. 挑戰人們的閱讀習慣:Amazon 推出電子書閱讀器 Kindle

    “MMDays 的新家在,請大家告訴大家!舊址 (就是這裡) 將在 12/22 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  60. Phoenix Suns Dancer Rejected On The Bachelor

    The cute Suns Dancer Jenni’s “spotlight” video. She’s still single, guys…
    The […]

    Jen’s Free Throws

  61. Diverse en tisdag

    Denna tisdag blir en tisdag i Stockholm. Och rätt mycket på Helgeandsholmen.
    Diskussion med riksdagens utrikesutskott […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  62. Liquid Paranoia

    WPC Ellie Bloggs is coming to Ruralshire!
    We have been thinking about meeting at Christmas for ages. It’s […]


  63. The Star Whitewashes Police Violence at the Bersih Rally as ‘Tact and Finesse’

    In an insipid comment piece on the recent Bersih rally, columnist V.K.Chin at proves that The Star is truly […]


  64. 日本のニュースが・・・


    [売れる […]


  65. Forgive me, but I have to write this, whether you agree or don’t

    “Changes in history usually occur after some kind of catastrophic event,” Saban said during the opening […]

    Third Saturday in Blogtober

  66. He Just Had a Bad Habit

    What’s sexier than a flying nun? How ’bout a guy wearing nothing but the hat?
    It seems this guy in […]

    Whore Church

  67. Logan’s Call to the Radio Station

    A friend made me aware of this sweet call a young boy made to a radio station. Logan is a 13 year-old boy who lives on […]

    The God and Culture Blog

  68. Heroes 2×09

    Heroes 2×09: “Cautionary Tales”
    Episode et Sous-titres disponibles !


    ~ Look at the world ~

  69. Nos metemos “Entre Tuxes y Pepinos”

    Continuamos con nuestras entrevista del blogroll, esta vez he querido ir un poco más allá y me he metido a […]


  70. All-Time Rose Bowl Appearances: Big 10/Pac-10

     Rose Bowl Appearances: Big Ten and Pac-10 schools


  71. Predictions and reflections

    There’s an interesting post over at one of the Age’s election blogs by Jason Koutsoukis, where he looks at […]

    Larvatus Prodeo in exile

  72. A little of this, and some of that

    Here’s some in-between practice notes . . .
    • Less than three thousand tickets remain. The ticket office will […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Gregg Ellis

  73. Why I’m buying another Mac…

    I have too much invested now in my Macintosh-based video tools. Final Cut Pro, for instance, is more than $1,000 a pop […]

    Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

  74. Old Pinocchio

    Every once in a while I put a comic here that I just know is going to be blindingly obvious to everybody but […]

    Comics I Don’t Understand

  75. Nowa gwiazda polskiej polityki

    Krytycy Donalda Tuska i jego nowego rządu zarzucają mu, że brak w jego otoczeniu prawdziwych osobowości, […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  76. Amazon’s Kindle: the iPod of spin

    [image]Jeff Bezos didn’t actually call Amazon’s (AMZN) new Kindle e-book reader the iPod of anything. The […]

    FORTUNE: Apple 2.0

  77. جادوي ميكآپ ( چهره خانمها قبل و بعد از آرايش)


    Win Goal

  78. Facebooksjukan drabbade hemlig agent.

    Hemlige agenten Alex Allan är inte särskilt hemlig. Trots att han jobbar för den brittiska underrättelsetjänsten […]

    Berndts Blogg

  79. Madeleine McCann Still Alive?

    A private detective who was hired by Gerry and Kate McCann says that he’s 100% sure that their daughter, […]

    The Van Der Galiën Gazette

  80. How to treat a national hero

    Nu blir jag förbannad! Ok man kan ju debattera fram och tillbaka huruvida Fuglesang efter en rymdfärd kan kallas […]

    Kung Kekes Reflektioner

  81. In depth: The ASP.NET MVC Pipeline

    If what we’ve heard is true, then the new ASP.NET MVC framework will be the most customisable and extensible web […]


  82. Yet another shameless logo contest

    I just saw on USA-L News that an organization called the “Society for Disability Studies” is having a logo […]

    Tom’s Deaf Advocacy

  83. Andy Kaufman’s ‘Old McDonald’

    One of my most favouritest things ever. The sound is somewhat distorted but it’s such a brilliantly […]

    Why, That’s Delightful!

  84. More Details About Google’s Gigabit Switches

    [qi:027] Andrew Schmitt did some great reporting and broke the story about Google building its own 10-GigBE switches, […]


  85. Leyendo los diarios 7

    El porvenir de la cultura por Tomás Abraham El semanario Perfil trajo este domingo dos novedades relacionadas entre […]

    La lectora provisoria

  86. What Google has planned for Jaiku?

    Google’s acquisition of Jaiku back in October seems a long time ago now – such is the pace of the technology […]

    Jonathan Mulholland


    Menurut VK lingam, adiknya, V. Thirunama Karasu seorang yang ‘GILA’.   Maka 2 lapuran polis awal yang […]

  88. random ideas

    coding is too addictive sometimes.
    I have an HSK exam on sunday, but I haven’t started studying for it. […]


  89. An absurdly early look at the 2008 rotations

    Keep voting for #12.  
    With yesterday’s signing of Dewon Brazelton to a minor league contract, it got me thinking a […]

    Future Redbirds

  90. Good Calories, Bad Calories

    Here’s a good way to enter the holiday feasting season, with a copy of Gary Taubes’ Good Calories, Bad […]

    The Skinny Daily Post

  91. biggie case UPDATE

    In a recent article, posted by Mike Winslow over at, there has been new evidence submitted in the […]

    Understand Fresh

  92. In which I talk about resubmissions on social news sites.

    Scenario Setup: You’re a Redditor or a Digger. You’ve just found this nifty comic that you would like to […]

    Printer On Fire

  93. Ask Dr. Deaf Tar “Do-Do with Deaf children?”


    Tar’s ASL VLog

  94. The Bowling Blog; night out with the FOX Ladies

    [image]Did you know that Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly is a Rock Star bowler? Seriously, she is!
    (On the left are our […]

    Laura’s Lowdown

  95. Académicos y wikipedia

    El jueves de la semana pasada estuve otra vez en el IMAD 2.0, escuché sólo el final de Jesus Salinas –parece […]

    Ricardo Galli, de software libre

  96. Reading Addicts Anonymous

    Heute muß ich ein Geständnis machen: Ich bin lektüresüchtig. Ganz ähnlich wie Alkohol oder Kokain können Bücher […]

    By the Way, Ingo said …

  97. The Internet Scam Called Chinavasion

    I ordered a $100 MP3 player, sent them a money order, And I was told  “There will be extra […]

    We Were Scammed’s Weblog

  98. Zenwalk Live 4.8

    I’m a sucker for a Linux or BSD distro with a live CD. Even if you can’t do an install directly from the […]

    The CTRL freak

  99. Premier “vrai” test d’une GeForce 8800M GTX

    NotebookJournal nous propose le premier test d’une carte graphique NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX intégrée dans un […]


  100. GIMP# 0.13 released

    I just released GIMP# 0.13. Highlights for this release:

    Improved support for Photoshop action files
    Many bugfixes and […]

    Maurits thinks aloud

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