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November 1, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Kucinich: I saw a UFO

    [image] Watch Kucinich explain his UFO experience.

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Cosas de guiris

    [image]Una chorradita hasta que empiecen a aparecer los primeros comentarios sobre la sentencia del […]


  3. Free Agency? Weird.

    Hard to believe that after 21 years in professional baseball, the first day of free agency would come when I was 40 […]

    38 Pitches

  4. Getting into shape in the pool

    One thing I’ve learnt over the years, and through the desperate attempts to pick up women in my youth, is that […]

    Around Town

  5. OpenSocial, Google’s Open Answer to Facebook

    [image]Google’s (GOOG) much awaited answer to Facebook ecosystem is finally coming to light. The existence of […]


  6. floating lamp by Angela Jansen



  7. Norrlänningar

    Vi vill inte ha er. Vi vill inte se er. Och vi vill absolut inte höra er. Ni är misslyckade, fula och snyltar på det […]

    Alla dessa medelmåttor

  8. iPhone はひとり2台まで


    Leopard のニュースの陰で、iPhone […]


  9. Skicka Calle på semester…

    Vad är det för fel på Sverige…. den där killen ska till Grekland. Vi behandlar honom som han är ett helgon […]

    Calles semester

  10. Last Stop, New York

    Last night’s win in Toronto was a tonic for a Caps team that had lost six of seven and three straight on the […]

    Dump and Chase

  11. Its been four long years….

    It has been exactly four years (or 1,461 days) since the fourth Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad […]

    The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….

  12. TV Rai e Mediaset – Anteprime Natale 2007, gennaio 2008

    [image]Sono stati appena presentati i palinsesti pubblicitari dal 23 dicembre 2007 al 2 febbraio 2008 delle […] Blog

  13. Iniciando Windows por defecto en Grub y cambiar el tiempo de espera

    Aunque no me cansaré en recomendar el uso de los sistemas GNU/Linux, hay usuarios que por determinadas circunstancias […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  14. ?

    we decree thee “question cat”
    picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder, lol caption: butchie

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  15. ODF molla ODF

    Aggiornamento: mi si fa notare che la OpenDocument Foundation non è la ODF Alliance (grazie Lyuk Skywolker!), questo […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  16. Just how smart is Mark Richt?

    Upon initial reflection, I thought The Celebration was a brilliant move on Mark Richt’s part because it got […]

    Get The Picture

  17. Endangered Species – The Chemistry Set

    What do Islamofacism, methamphetamine production, tort lawyers, and homemade fireworks have in common? The answer is […]

    The 12 Angry Men Blog

  18. Dennis Kucinich says we must question Bush’s mental health

    Quite possibly one of the best declarations by Kucinich at this point in his political career. To question the mental […]

    The Political Inquirer

  19. KDE4.0 desktop working with Xinerama

    Recently me and a few other people raised the issues with running a KDE4 desktop in a Xinerama setup. Aaron explained […]


  20. Samhain

    Allison Sarofim
    Fabiola Beracasa
    Alexis Bryan

    Park Avenue Peerage

  21. Rise of Soviet?

    Såg en jäkla intressant dokumentär på SVT1 i måndags (fransk orginaltitel: Le Système Poutine) men missade […]

    Kung Kekes Reflektioner

  22. Why is Rain going to LA alone?

    Mr. Rain decided to board the plane all by himself this Friday. According to J.Tune, Rain’s new entertainment […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  23. Halloween 2007

    Ostatnia noc październikowa. Pałac Namiestnikowski, zimny, ponury i ciemny. Głowa państwa, zdradzona przez […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata v.2.0

  24. Justice behind bars, a Malaysian tragedy

    In a country where the judiciary is in shambles, and lawyers get arrested, justice is no longer justice but a […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  25. Emma Kelly’s birthday party!

    A lot of you are asking me for more pictures of the party. Well! I did a very smart thing. I hired Brandi from […]

    Kellie’s Blog

  26. Why Google Didn’t Shed Tears for Facebook

    Techcrunch has further word on Google’s OpenSocial effort to allow for portable social data across multiple […]


  27. The rhinos are all right


    It’s the night before Hallowe’en, so our weekly open mic included a zombie named Bob, a […]

    Shapely Prose

  28. Lindsay Lohan à un spectacle de tango à Pasadena


    Les Amateurs de Stars

  29. Conan Propositions Barkley To Use “Jub Jub”

    Charles Barkley appeared on Conan O’Brien Monday night and is following in Joe Buck’s shoes to use […]

    Jen’s Free Throws

  30. Post Your Tuesday (Oct. 30) Show Comments Right Here!!

    You know the drill….post your comments about tonight’s show right here! I will read the comments during the […]


  31. Hypocrites Unite And Blades Preview

    Arsene must feel that he is one of those ducks at a funfair with everyone taking potshots at him. No sooner is he […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  32. Coming to America

    Good Morning
    This will be the world’s shortest blog……….ever. It is 4:30 am and I am about to […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  33. Personal 4.0 wishlist item

    Everyone of course has a personal checklist of items they’d like to see change before 4.0. I’m not talking […]

    Komandeering Developers Everywhere

  34. KDE 4 beta 4

    E’ uscita finalmente l’ultima beta (la quarta per l’appunto) di KDE4.
    In concomitanza il team […]

    Toasted Tech Blog

  35. اگر به همسر یا نامزد خود شک دارید !!

    من واقعا شرمنده تمام دوستان عزیزی هستم که اینجا رو می خونن و با […]

    نوشته‌های یک مرد خوب

  36. Ucapan Y.A.B Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (Menteri Besar Kelantan) ketika majlis pelancaran ECER oleh Perdana […]

    [Google Video]

    jiwo kelate

  37. When Reporters pretend to still have any ethics or journalistic standards left


    Hoo-boy. Ron Rosenbaum claims that the LAT is sitting on a potentially blockbuster sex story concerning […]


  38. Forecasting the NBA Champion and MVP

    Forecasts for the regular season in the Eastern Conference and Western Conference have been posted.  Now it’s […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  39. Best “Christian” Albums of all Time

    Yes, it is ridiculous that there is such a thing as “Christian music.” I am totally of the mind that the […]

    The Search

  40. NYT: Evangelical Crackup, Terry Fox in a Best Western

    Doktor Dobson
    Did you see this in The New York Times?
    Even in Kansas, the right-wing so-called Christians are […]

    a gay spirit diary by josh thomas

  41. Lrm-video e linux-restricted

    Torna di moda un vecchio “bug” (tra virgolette perche’ non si tratta propriamente di un bug) […]

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  42. Distorsiones

    No sé dibujar, me gustaría para lo siguiente.
    Viñeta 1: Dos personas, un chaval de gafas con una Debian, la segunda […]

    Ricardo Galli, de software libre

  43. Who owns the poppy?

    For shame. The Legion is trying to market the poppy. The vets have been listening to too many lawyers. The Royal […]

    Ww – Wolfville watch – Ww

  44. qt and gpl3

    I’m confused here. I feel like there’s something I’m not getting.
    see, we have this problem: qt is […]


  45. erik’s Top 25 (15-11)

    AZ and I will discuss our differences and how we arrived to our list probably early next week. As you can see, there […]

    Future Redbirds

  46. Data Feed

    8:36 RICK Rick’s Cabaret issues guidance (16.67 )
    Co sees FY08 (Sep) revs of $52 mln (single analyst est is for […]

    Trading for the Masses

  47. India, barreling ahead

    The predominant impression I’ve had so far at this year’s Fortune Global Forum in Delhi is of India’s […]

    Fortune Global Forum blog

  48. Chocoladeletters

    [image]Eind september of begin oktober verschenen ze al voorzichtig in schappen. Een beetje verborgen nog, niet […]

    Wilma’s Webblok

  49. Fabiola Campomanes y La Chiva en H para Hombres Noviembre 2007

    Fabiola Campomanes y La Chiva y no es por darselas a desear jejejeje pero vienen unas fotos BUENISIMAS que a más de […]

    Todoenspak Weblog

  50. Interracial Loving

    My first dating experience years ago with a black girl was a positive one.  She was really cute with a penchant for […]

    Roissy in DC

  51. Sverige – myndigheternas förlovade land,
    Än en gång […]

    Lilla Torg(c)

  52. Die Selbstentmündigung der N.H.

    Teil 1:#
    Teil 2: […]

    Freunde der offenen Gesellschaft

  53. Happy Halloween!!

    Doesn’t the holiday make you wish rookie hazing lasted all year long?
    [image] Shane Youman, welcome to the […]


  54. Ubiquitous Social Networks for Business

    Google’s OpenSocial API’s could make a lot of sense for Business.  I started thinking along these […]

    SmoothSpan Blog

  55. охота на Мики-Маусов

    Дизайнер Roger Arquer создал серию гринписовских мышеловок. Все […]

    ² Malevi4a

  56. Keyword Optimize Your Resume

    Applying for a job without knowing somebody at the company first often feels like a quixotic mission. You throw your […]

    Web Worker Daily

  57. Erik Wolpaw: Still Alive

    An interview with the person responsible for Portal’s insanely good writing. (Also that Old Man Murray […]

    Broken Toys

  58. Kväll vid Karl Johan

    Bara notera att jag inte bara anlänt till Oslo utan även haft traditionell middag på anrika Grand Hotel med den […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  59. The Lowdown On Trunk-or-Treat

    [image]One of the moms in Keri’s first grade class recently asked me what we were going to do to celebrate […]

    An Ordinary Mom

  60. Will Google “Friendster” Facebook?

    Anyone remember Friendster? It was an early entrant into the social networking scene. If they had done their work right […]


  61. A foot-tapping bad time

    Yesterday on my way to work, I was late and got on a later train than usual. I was standing next to someone about my […]


  62. Bring back the glory

    My adrenalin surged yesterday after reading, first in Malaysiakini , then the news release by AP, about the speech […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum

  63. Workhorses

    My grandmother, Leone, was not a slim woman. She was sturdily built. Fairly tall for her time, and round all over. […]

    The Skinny Daily Post

  64. Wired EIC Chris Anderson: Sorry PR people: you’re blocked

    And we thought CNET’s CEO dropped a bomb. That statement is nothing compared to the firestorm Wired […]


  65. Quer uma fotografia bonita do seu carro? Veja os semáforos com câmeras em SP

    da Folha Online O número de semáforos da cidade de São Paulo equipados com câmeras que flagram os carros […]

    In Blog – Insight Publicidade – Agência de propaganda, marketing e planejamento estratégico

  66. What EA’s CEO learned from playing Madden NFL for 11 straight years

    By Yi-Wyn Yen All those years playing the video game Madden NFL has paid off for Electronic Arts CEO John […]

    FORTUNE: Tech Daily

  67. Agent za kratkami

    Pojawiła się dziś informacja, że redaktor naczelny tygodnika „Gazeta Polska”, Tomasz Sakiewicz oraz […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  68. Slash and Squirrels

    I’m rethinking my promise to bring you some squirrel recipes this morning. It now strikes me as a little … […]

    Alisyn in the Greenroom

  69. Guess which sportsman owned this BMW M5

    Auto Trader has a gorgeous BMW M5 previously owned by a legendary sportsman for sale on the site.
    The 2000 BMW has a […]

    Auto Trader Blog

  70. Cesc’s secret revealed: Aspiring footballers read

    There’s no doubt that Cesc Fabregas is an incredible talent, so you must wonder what his secret it. Well, […]

  71. And Google Strikes Back With OpenSocial

    It was only last week Google lost it’s bid to Microsoft to invest in FaceBook and now the company is announcing […]

    Republic Of Internets

  72. Overtime Considered Harmful

    (or I’m Too Lazy to Think of a Better Title)
    In the past month I’ve worked over 100 hours of […]

    Internet Duct Tape

  73. Google inches closer to $700 club

    [image]Didn’t shares of Google (GOOG) just crack the $600 level for the first time? The answer is yes. The […]

    Media Biz

  74. Imagens do Windows Seven, será?

    [image]Pessoal pela primeira vez eu acho que essas imagens provavelmente realmente sejam do sucessor do Windows Vista, […]

    H2O DeskMod 2007

  75. Ghetto Handbook for Houston Police Officers, Cop Fired

    HOUSTON – The city’s school system has fired a police officer for creating and distributing a “Ghetto Handbook.” […]

    Hello, Negro

  76. Kool-Aid mit Apfel-Geschmack

    So join me as I prepare to drink deeply of the Steve Jobs Kool-Aid and plunge myself into the Leopard, to prove this […]

    USA Erklärt

  77. Trick or Treat


    Flickr Blog

  78. A Sneaky Way to Watch Hulu Now

    The good folks over at BuzzFeed have pointed out a backdoor way to watch the new Hulu video service — even if you […]


  79. What is the WOPR and what can you do to stop it?

    Greed, political influence, shortsightedness and fear mongering are on the agenda for the Bureau of Land Management in […]

    Upstream in Oregon

  80. Rumores – O’Neal e Lakers, novamente…

                                 [image] [image][image]
    Segundo jornalista, Lakers e Pacers novamente […]


  81. Layers of an Anak Bangsa Malaysia

    By K.J. John (from Malaysiakini)
    Not all Malaysians agree that we are Malaysian first. Some prefer to end their reading […]


  82. Problems of the Kinijit Audit

    By Belete Demissie (Monday October 29, 2007)
    I am a CPA and MBA with over thirty years of business experience and I […]

    Debteraw Blog

  83. 從「駭客與畫家」到軟體在台灣

    Posted by Mr. Holiday
    一直想聊聊這本書,若尚未看過,可先讀 iThome […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  84. Another patient dies while waiting for ED care

    An article in the LA Times this morning titled “Untreated ER patient dies at Olive View” described another […]

    WhiteCoat Rants

  85. Copa 2014: eu vou 🙂

    Esse não é meu texto definitivo sobre a confirmação do Brasil como sede da Copa de 2014; o que escrevi vai […]

    Viaje na Viagem

  86. Is the notion, that Federer is a great human being, overrated?

    If you are not a lunatic crackhead, like McEnroe, would your behavior be any different, if you were in […]

    Tennis Planet

  87. Leopard Reaches 9% of Mac Users in 4 Days

    [image]How did Leopard sell?
    Very well indeed. In a press release issued this morning, Apple (AAPL) announced that it […]

    FORTUNE: Apple 2.0

  88. Perilla Pesto

    I have a ton of Korean perilla in my vegetable garden. A downright surplus.
    Korean perilla is one of the plants […]

    Muffin Top

  89. Ghostly Hearing Dog

    Written by Bug
    In 2002 I lost my beloved hearing dog Fancy after a drunken driver crashed into my vehicle. I was […]

  90. Romney Has the Trifecta, Thompson…Done!

    Yesterday ARG released Presidential polls from Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. For the first time, Mitt Romney […]

    Dry Fly Politics

  91. Crystal Palace 0 Watford 2 (29/10/2007)

    Five Thunks from Palace
     1- Our awesome forward line once again dissipated to very little on introduction of […]

    BHaPPY (not BSaD)

  92. Imagenes de Manoguayabo y la ciudad Tormenta Noel

    Imagenes tomadas hace justo unos minutos desde manoguayabo donde el río se ha desbordado llevándose casas, personas y […]

  93. Video Porno DPRD Lampung: Suami “si Pelaku Wanita” Laporkan Kasus Selingkuh ke Polisi Kamis, 25/10/2007 11:31 WIB 
    WAY KANAN – Beredarnya video porno yang diduga diperankan Edi Waluyo, anggota […]

    Dunia Lain Pria Dewasa


    Well, way back before the season started, we at 3SIB sat down with the coaches, and the results were a roaring success […]

    Third Saturday in Blogtober

  95. Rockin’ Sock Club Spoiler

    Don’t read any further if you don’t want to see this months Rockin’ Sock Club socks.
    Hey, it’s […]

    Passing Down Crazy


    I could’ve said something mildly amusing/annoying/delete as applicable/ about this picture but I think it […]

    Get Weird Turn Pro

  97. TWO GIVEAWAYS?! And it’s not even Christmas yet 😉

    Hey everyone! Ok first up you can

    Confessions of a Fashionista


    —————————————————& […]

    Gustafsson i Säffle

  99. O que as mulheres não contam aos homens?


    Leitoras e leitores, devido a quantidade de solicitações resolvi tentar responder a pergunta: O que as […]

    Pergunte ao Urso – Tudo aquilo que você não sabia para quem perguntar

  100. Before you take the kids to see Golden Compass…

    … you might want to do a little investigating. Here’s a good place to start.

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