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October 31, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Cheney hunting trip under fire for Confederate flag

    [image] Vice President Dick Cheney latest hunting trip sparked a new controversy.
    UNION VALE, New York (AP) — […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Primi accenni di “GNOME Online Desktop”

    Con la prevista inclusione di Telepathy in GNOME 2.22, questa nuova voce del menu si inquadra nel contesto del famoso […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  3. Kim A-joong is a sad doll at Via della Spiga


    Does anyone even hold a bag like that? The purpose may be to show off the bag, but that pose is pathetic. If […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  4. Devinez qui


    Les Amateurs de Stars

  5. Playstation 3 Master Chief Custom Figure for Sale on eBay

    Rest assured that the custom Master Chief figure up for grabs right now on eBay is not your typical Spartan figure. Oh […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  6. FOX News caught censoring Ron Paul in Republican debate

    Someone has managed to post a video clip of cameramen or directors of the news program or both at FOX talking before a […]

    The Political Inquirer

  7. Top 4 reasons piracy hasn’t hit the PS3

    In Asia’s gaming culture, piracy has been common place for every major game console since the NES. In the mid […]


  8. LarsLuzak is Sami Kelopuro from Finland!

    It’s out in the open now! Finally we have the real name behind screennames LarsLuzak /LrsLzk. So his name is Sami […]


  9. i sware i is innosint

    i is innosint
    picture: cute overload, lol caption: Michelle

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  10. More selective editing from the Progressives

    One of the things I landed on, hard, in my post about the great Rush Limbaugh smear was the fact that Media Matters, in […]

    Bookworm Room

  11. Tira LinuxHispano: Apostasia

    ¿Recordáis lo que había que hacer para darse de baja de la conexión ADSL? ¿Y para darse de baja en la iglesia? […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  12. Ránking Blogs Fútbol Octubre 2007

    [por Rubén Uría] [Envía la


  13. Blatter Hates Us, Everyone Else Loves Us

    Yes, you lot. Sepp Blatter hates you.
    One day you’ll say we don’t want a national team, then okay […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  14. Cosa ci attende (e cosa vorrei) dalla Hardy Heron

    Come penso molti sapranno, la prossima versione di Ubuntu sarà la Hardy Heron 8.04, una Long Term Support, ossia avrà […]

    iLLusion bloG

  15. Newspoll MkII

    An interesting little question popped up in Newspoll, and to fully chew it over properly, it needs to be put in the […]

    Possums Pollytics

  16. Conan Propositions Barkley To Use “Jub Jub”

    Charles Barkley appeared on Conan O’Brien Monday night and is following in Joe Buck’s shoes to use […]

    Jen’s Free Throws

  17. The Cost of Olympic Boats: Not a Simple Formula

    This is Part 3 of a series of articles looking at the Events and Equipment that will be contesting the Olympic Sailing […]

    SailJuice Blog

  18. Boom in biodefense labs puts country at higher risk for dangerous disease outbreaks

    Biodefense facilities’ dangers cited; backers call breaches isolated
    4 million Square feet of new biodefense […]

    Aftermath News

  19. $100 Billion – BBB

    If it will never happen again then October 26 and 29 of 2007 will be recorded in history books like the Biggest Bloody […]

    The Theroxylandr in Flame

  20. Remember Lisa Stebic? Where Is She????

    (note: Lisa is on the left)
    Family of Missing Illinois Woman Lisa Stebic Say Her Husband Cut Communication to […]


  21. This cartoon just started rutting – in broad daylight – in your front garden.


    the rut.

  22. Douglas’s Dinner

    Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Marcia Mishaan, and Alexandra Lind Rose
    Annie Churchill

    Park Avenue Peerage

  23. erik’s top 25 part 2: 16-20

    Onward ho! with the Top 25, this time I’ll go first for the AM post and AZ will have his later in the afternoon. […]

    Future Redbirds

  24. Meebo Grows Up, Goes Beyond IM Roots, Launches Platform

    [qi:006] Meebo, the Mountain View, Calif.-based start-up that popularized web-based instant messaging, is celebrating […]


  25. Despre moratoriu si referendum

    Dupa reuniunea de la Brasov, mi-am impus un autocontrol in legatura cu eventuale declaratii polemice. Asa am crezut ca […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  26. Forecasting the Western Conference for 2007-08

    Yesterday I offered a forecast for the Eastern Conference that had many, many words and very few specifics.  Primarily […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  27. Sticker delle distro GNU/Linux!

    Avete presente la classica etichetta con su scritto: “Windows Vista Capable” o “Designed for Windows […]


  28. Roeder Comes Up Smelling of Canaries

    I can scarecly believe that Norwich City have been stupid enough to appoint Glen Roeder as their new manager. In all […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  29. Ett brev till dig

    Det är jag. Du känner förmodligen inte igen mig, trots att vi har träffats en, två, ibland tre gånger om […]


  30. My ToDo List on Plasma…

    I see on the last commit digest that we speak about the lock/logout applet. First time that we speak about my work ;). […]


  31. Off the Court Extras

    6′10″ Trey McCorkle of Bismarck-Henning recently took a visit to IPFW.  During the visit, head coach Dane […]

  32. PackageKit: new backends and discussed at Ubuntu conference

    PackageKit gains more and more attention these days: with Pisi and Smart two new backends have been added and […]


  33. Fluxbuntu 7.10 RC on 450Mhz K6-2, 256Mb

    I’m prejudiced. I admit it in the first sentence. Ubuntu was the origin of my Linux history, and I’m still […]

    Motho ke motho ka botho

  34. vPlug1.9.5

    – Added S#eca2 nano 5108 support. (TVN, ESP2 INT’L, AXN Crime on HB-13E)
    (Thnx to all friends who helped […]

    vPlug news

  35. Voting in upcoming election

    Question: With elections coming up next Tuesday (Nov. 6) how do I find the precinct where I vote and how do I find if […]

    Ask Us

  36. ای باران – علیرضا قربانی

    امشب قسمت 28 مدار صفر درجه رو دیدم
    واقعا موسیقی آخرش دل آدم رو آتش م […]

    راهنمای تحصیل در فرانسه

  37. Från Iran till Oslo

    I dag får jag besök av USA:s ambassadör vid bl a IAEA i Wien Gregory Schulte.
    Det är jag som bjudit hit honom […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  38. Create an Online Version of a Local Area Network–the Free and Easy Way

    Do you regularly collaborate online with other web workers? If so, you and your fellow collaborators should look into […]

    Web Worker Daily

  39. Congratulations World Series Champs Boston Red Sox

    We’re sure to get the full “I Was There For My Team Winning the World Series” story from […]


  40. 從「駭客與畫家」到軟體在台灣

    Posted by Mr. Holiday
    一直想聊聊這本書,若尚未看過,可先讀 iThome […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  41. Ieri e oggi in TV – 30/10/2007

    [image]In questo spazio esamino gli ascolti dei programmi di ieri lunedì 29 ottobre 2007, e a seguire presento […] Blog

  42. Fall Y’all Bloggy Giveaway!

    Rocks In My Dryer is hosting a Fall Y’all Bloggy Giveaway carnival on her Bloggy Giveaways […]

    Pinks & Blues Girls Blog

  43. Indian finance minister: Globalization, yes, but…

    Palaniappan Chidambaram, India’s minister of finance, kicked off the full session of the Fortune Global Forum […]

    Fortune Global Forum blog

  44. Robert Stadler installation in a Parisian church



  45. LEAKED FEMA MEMO #2; David Paulison Promises ‘New FEMA’

    On the heels of another mia culpa statement from FEMA, PRNewser received another anonymous leak with the full […]


  46. Typiskt svenskt

    Min far är lite utav en typisk svensk medborgare. Hur är svensken?
    Tillägg: Min farsa är otrolig i många […]


  47. Aumentare le dimensioni di un disco di VirtualBox

    Problemi, problemi e sempre problemi.
    Ora non potete più vivere senza il vostro amato VirtualBox con i sistemi […]

    Daniele’s blog

  48. The Witch hated Deaf people at Gallaudet University

    Written by Bug                            
     In 1893 there was an old witch lived in the […]

  49. Ubuntu is NOT causing aggressive power management

    Ubuntu is NOT causing aggressive power management settings! The following things might instead cause aggressive power […]

    Ubuntu Demon’s blog

  50. Blake Lewis’ New Single – “Break Another” [download]

    American Idol 6 runner up, Blake Lewis’ new single is finally out! It’s called “Break Another”! […]

    – My Domain Of Craziness –

  51. Patron układu

    Janusz Kaczmarek, w długim wywiadzie dla Piotra Pytlakowskiegoz „Polityki” i Sylwestra Latkowskiego, […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  52. 10 super dicas para o MSN Messenger!

    Apesar de nem ser tão bom quanto o Windows Live messenger(mas tem alguns pontos positivos enicima do WLM), o […]


  53. maemo roadmapping process

    Maemo roadmapping, revisited. Now it’s better connected to our internal reality. The development platform […]


  54. Källström till Milan?

    En miljard kronor (1000.000.000!) har Milan avsatt till spelarköp under det kommande året och Kim Källström tycks […]

  55. Things to See, People to Do (pt 3)

    So, I left Adam’s place with that damn ache still in my crotch. I was starting to get a little annoyed. Every […]

    Under the Crimson Moon

  56. 11,658 MP3 Files For Download

    My lawyer has advised me to inform you, the internet denizen that I have not downloaded nor am in possession of any of […]

    I’m just a regular guy

  57. Diario de la Viennale 7

    29 de octubre por Flavia y Quintín
    Hoy es lunes a la noche. Ganó CFK. Seguimos sin ver el sol. Y parece que seguirá […]

    La lectora provisoria

  58. iPhone はひとり2台まで


    Leopard のニュースの陰で、iPhone […]


  59. Regime Change, Peacefully; we must continue to support the Iranian people

    (Ethics and Public Policy Center) An effort is underway in Washington to cut the funding for the pro-democracy movement […]

    Christian Action Network

  60. Barbados Cost Of Living Just Keeps On Climbing – Hidden Factors Are Killers…

    Just when Owing is paying lip service speaking about lowering the cost of living, then you get emails like this […]

    Barbados Free Press

  61. Data Feed

    08:04 VTAL Vital Images reports EPS in-line, misses on revs; guides FY07 EPS below consensus, revs below consensus […]

    Trading for the Masses

  62. We Are

    We Are UCLA.
    We Are Tennessee.
    We Are Texas A&M.
    We Are Georgia Tech.
    We Are Arkansas.
    We Are Clemson.
    That’s […]

    Run Up The Score!

  63. Why Apple Doesn’t Want You to Unlock Your iPhone

    [image]So why does Apple care if those iPhones are unlocked or not? Well, The New York Times brings up another good […]

    The hottest news on the internet

  64. 193 – The Border Between the ‘Two Englands’

     In Great Britain as in the US, two cultural sub-nations identif

    strange maps

  65. Wahnmache: Was wissen die Computer des Staats über mich? v0.2

    Spread the Schaubild!
    (größer) Lizenz: Creative Commons Namensnennung-Keine kommerzielle Nutzung 2.0. […]

    Wetterfroschs Einmachglas

  66. Playing around with IntelliJ IDEA 7

    There is something charming in those small things IDE developers make for us.


    Technoblog by Boris Kirzner

  67. Drunk on the Web 2.0 Koolaid?

    Get drunk.
    Get sober.


  68. open brief aan Ruud Hendrickx i.v.m. zijn commentaar op actie “Ge zijt nen engel”

    Geachte heer Hendrickx,
    Ik wens te reageren op uw opmerking in Het Nieuwsblad van vandaag, 30 oktober, waarin u klaagt […]


  69. How does racism harm white people?

    I asked this question once in a seminar full of white people. Got no answers. Have you got one?

    Resist racism

  70. Fall Y’all Bloggy Giveaway!

    The Diaper Diaries

  71. Que idade você calça?

    Gostaria de agradecer pelo carinho de vocês ontem, quando completei mais uma primavera (chuvosa). Até […]

    Viaje na Viagem

  72. Cesc’s secret revealed: Aspiring footballers read

    There’s no doubt that Cesc Fabregas is an incredible talent, so you must wonder what his secret it. Well, […]

  73. Comment bruncher à 9 autour d’une table pour 4

    # C’est seulement au dernier moment, qu’on s’est aperçu que dimanche 21 (octobre) , nous serions 10 […]

    Better than chocolate

  74. NBC-U Jeff Zucker, His iTunes Numbers Don’t Add Up

    NBC-U Jeff Zucker is now mad people consider him and his Hulu venture idiotic so he is trying to talk as if he actually […]


  75. Comic Book References I Don’t Understand

    Yes, I understand that Dan Didio is not beloved among many DC Comics fans;
    but what specifically is this panel […]

    Comics I Don’t Understand


    Του Γιάννη Ιωαννίδη, καθηγητή Ιατρικής Σχολής Πανεπιστημίου Ιωαν […]

    Greek University Reform Forum

  77. Curtis Borchardt: Maximizando el momento de la compra

    [image] Granada. Cuando pensamos en esta maravillosa ciudad se nos viene a la cabeza la Alhambra, y ahora, Curtis […]

    Supermanager – Fan Site

  78. WIC DS soon available!

    I hear news from marketing team that Dedicated Server will soon be made available online as free download! That […]

    The Gorbenko Report

  79. All along.

    Confession: I never thought I’d be married before thirty.
    In fact, my idol when I was younger was my […]

    Such Great Heights

  80. Hulu Walkthrough: Screenshots and Notes

    You may have read our take on the Hulu launch, and you can see parts of the service for yourself at partner sites like […]


  81. Me In Honey

    Let’s just let Michael Stipe explain his motivation for this one himself, okay? This is taken from Marcus […]

    Pop Songs 07

  82. Sandy Waltrick ALSAngels

    ATENCIÓN: Los enlaces de esta página ofrecen contenido para adultos. Si eres menor, NO debes pinchar el […]


  83. Our family in a UK women’s magazine!

    A while ago, a journalist from the UK contacted us. She wanted to do a story about our family for a British […]

    Pace Smith’s Blog

  84. DWTS Week 6: Mel B

    The Surprises
    I can’t believe I’m saying this: I have just seen the best ever Rumba on Dancing with the […]


  85. An Examination of the Word-Faith Movement Part 1

    by Mike Ratliff
    Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, […]

    Possessing the Treasure

  86. Oh, Douglas…

    Thanks to Jamie and Alistair, both of whom wrote to point out the similarity between alleged Royal Blackmailer […]

    Why, That’s Delightful!

  87. Belichick makes me miss Vick

    [image]Yesterday, while watching Tom Brady headbutt one of his underpaid, All-American linemen, I had a thought.
    There […]

    The FynalCut

  88. Divide and…nope, ain’t gonna happen

    I had to get that last post out of my system. A little shouting does one good every once in a while. And today’s […]

    AUFA Strike 2007

  89. My Fridge, a Mid name Meme and Noodles

    Asha has tagged me to show my fridge.
    Top Rack:Curd, Butter, Savoury Preserves and Pickles, Middle Rack: Milk, […]

    The ‘yum’ blog

  90. Pérdidas repentinas

    Carmen perdió sus ajuares por la tormenta Noel.[YouTube]

  91. I watched Maternal Instincts on the Lifetime Movie Network

    [image]There’s something truly magical about waking up early on Saturday morning, pulling on some sweatpants, […]


  92. Good morning, honey. Did you sleep well?

    Here’s a choose your own adventure for a lovely Tuesday morning.
    The situation: you wake up, shower, help your […]


  93. Notícias – As “rapidinhas” de terça-feira

    Bryant continua no centro das c


  94. Poblem Karbu? Kilik Aja Lagi

    [image]By Adi_NSRClub
    Tugas utama karburator adalah mencampur Bahan Bakar (BB) + Udara (O2). Kira-kira dengan […]


  95. …:::mccroix’s option file 1.1:::…

    Here is my second uploaded Option File for the PS3
    New features highlighted green

    Updated Premierleague Kits […]

    Next Gen PES

  96. Top Ten (Commandments)

    It’s 7:15am (Tue) and I’m getting ready to head outside our studio in midtown Manhattan to do the riskiest […]

    Alisyn in the Greenroom

  97. Dejamos la soberbia de lado

    De todos los reportajes dados en la última semana por la entonces candidata oficial y ahora presidente electa doña […]

    No me parece

  98. Ucapan Y.A.B Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (Menteri Besar Kelantan) ketika majlis pelancaran ECER oleh Perdana […]

    [Google Video]

    jiwo kelate

  99. a life-changing question: will you marry me?

    On Friday I became engaged to Scott Bentley. Woo hoo! It’s 4 days later and I still feel like I’m on cloud […]

    Fantast: (n) A visionary; a dreamer

  100. Хигиена на общуването

    Фекалната проза
    Съчинение по преживяно
    (може би не е добре да […]

    Pеалността е въпрос на гледна точка…

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