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October 16, 2007: Top Posts

  1. 7 reasons why Ubuntu is so successful

    Most people like it, many others don’t, the fact is that Ubuntu is the king of Linux distributions right now – […]


  2. Catania: Viale Africa Howto

    Credo di aver ormai elaborato una tecnica “passabile” per affrontare viale Africa, a […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  3. Mac mini はどうなる?


    マックミニの生産が終了し、&#2019 […]


  4. Thanks to

    Not the greatest set of pictures in the world, but they’re clear enough to see where the hands of both […]

    The Tide Druid

  5. Việt Dart “học” gì bên Mỹ?

    trích từ blog Quách Đại Ca
    (mời các bạn xem hình)

    Con chó DOG

  6. McCain clashes with questioner over immigration

    [image] A voter challenged McCain over immigration Sunday.
    HOPKINTON, New Hampshire (AP) – Sen. John McCain

    CNN Political Ticker

  7. Pop Quiz: Who’s the bum giving out free hugs?

    Can you recognize the bum giving out free hugs? Hint: His sister also works in the entertainment […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  8. An Exorcist Tells His Story by Gabriele Amorth

    [image]You could say that people belong in one of two categories: they either believe in God, or they don’t. But […]

    Darryl’s Library

  9. Playboy Looking For Coeds For ‘Girls Of The Big Ten’ Issue

    NBC6 reported that Playboy is on the prowl for a ho or two some sexually liberal college girls to pose in their […]

    Jen’s Free Throws

  10. Devinez qui

    …se gratte le cul?

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  11. Zero to Riding the Rails in Four Months

    [image]Whew! four months of nose-to-the-keyboard development work, and we launched our new product! Because it was the […]

    Hack’d – Great Stuff for Web Hackers

  12. Vader later regretted not getting the wolfman mask


    See Mike Draw

  13. Come passare da Ubuntu a Ubuntu ogni 6 mesi!

    È la solita storia, ogni 6 mesi si ripete la routine, si parte dal rilascio, poi si annunciano le alfa e le beta ed […]

    O.S. Revolution

  14. Read like a book

    Last night on one of the threads running here, I was chatting away and said:
    “Reading between the lines of his […]

    Possums Pollytics

  15. La mesa Ubuntu

    Ya falta menos para Gutsy y la Ubuntumanía, sólo tres días. Mientras tanto una imagen bastante curiosa. ¿La mejor […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  16. Tonight’s Show: Monday

    The prime time ….
    If you followed yesterday’s blog…you know that I am in Boston this morning. […]



    photo: ICHCF
    capped and submitted by: Alice Shortcake

    lolcats ‘n’ funny pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  18. Radio-Canada victime de plagiat

    Des dentistes de Arequipa au Pérou ont copié sans scrupule le célèbre logo de Radio-Canada.

    canada de fantaisie

  19. A Fun Outing with Robyn’s Posse and the Pork Stupor Dinner

    On Saturday, Robyn invited me and a bunch of her friends to her extremely belated birthday dinner (since her birthday […]

    The Wandering Eater

  20. Lehmann, Eduardo and Fixture Madness

    International Fortnight has finally hit home, the quietness between matches would be deafening were it not for Jens […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  21. Concierto Heroes del Silencio Estadio Romareda Captura del Video Satelite de los Cines de Yelmo

    A q titulo mas largo para decir solo eso… q tenemos ya en la red ed2k (solo para eMule y eDonkey), la captura de […]

    Los Héroes De Leyenda

  22. La Super Escalera Flexible

    Si estas a punto de comprarte una escalera, ya que no tienes ninguna en casa; aquí veras la mejor opción en cuanto a […]

    ¡¡Chinga…* te Importa!!

  23. (NSFW?) – That’s my boy!

    I can’t wait to have kids….
    BTW: the reason th

    Rip’s Domain

  24. Blackwater goes on the offensive – this time after actually being attacked…

    There’s good news and bad news about Blackwater. Which would you like first? […]

    Scholars and Rogues

  25. La Tierra Media con Google Maps

    Para que ya no te pierdas si no tienes GPS al viajar por la Tierra Media, desde nos llega este detallado […]

    Tengo que aguantar esto?

  26. Free Arts

    Karen Duffy Tcherevkoff, Ferebee Bishop Taube, and Olivia Chantecaille
    Annie Churchill

    Park Avenue Peerage

  27. ‘Nhật ký Vàng Anh’ chia tay khán giả

    22h hôm nay, những cô bé – cậu bé vui tươi trong phim “Nhật ký Vàng Anh” sẽ tập hợp bên nhau […]


  28. Hey You Ridor!!!!


    Gary Brooks Show

  29. Introducing the new Dojo Image Widgets

    In previous posts (here for the Dojo 0.4.3 version, here and here), I wrote how I wrote an


  30. Copains D’avant gratuit ?

    Alors voila, je reçois un mail de Copains D’avant me signifiant qu’une personne correspond a mon parcours […]

    Loëki ‘s Weblog

  31. Tampa 9/11 Truth Sweeps Olympics!

    In a feat not even matched by Mark Spitz, winner of 7 Olympic Gold medals, Mia Hamel of Tampa 9/11 Truth […]

    The White Rose

  32. Média de Público do Brasileirão 2007 até a 31ª rodada

    A 31ª rodada do Campeonato Brasileiro teve média de 18.039 pagantes por jogo, número considerado bom para padrões […]


  33. KDE 4 Beta packages now available for Fedora 7

    While Fedora 8 will not ship with KDE 4 as the default KDE version there will be all necessary packages […]


  34. Vàng Anh

    Từ chiều qua, đoạn clip nhạy cảm của diễn viên này và bạn trai cũ được tung lên mạng và […]

    AM-PM- Join in the Flat world!!

  35. Ieri e oggi in TV – 15/10/2007

    [image]In questo spazio esamino gli ascolti dei programmi di ieri domenica 14 ottobre 2007, e a seguire presento […] Blog

  36. Till försvar för “problembjörnarna”

    På begäran av mina »djurrättsaktivister» till vänner kommer här ett försvarstal för de kämpande […]


  37. TSC Top 25: BCS Standings Released

    Polls are useless. Absolutely f*cking useless.
    The Bowl Championship Series poll came out this week, whoop-ti-do! And […]

    The Sports Corner

  38. iCan’t

    How could I read this week’s material and not think of the iPhone? Apple has always been a company of disruptive […]

    Nine Lives

  39. Announcing RAP 1.0 – the other press release

    We are announcing the 1.0 release of Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) on Monday. I find the press releases I’ve been […]

    Ian Skerrett

  40. A “Fun Ship” Reborn

    Hello everyone and welcome to a special blog. Let me start by saying hello to some of you who may be reading this for […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  41. [+] Professor de língua portuguesa malvado!

    Na república,  Coreana diz o que aprendeu com o Professor! Professor malvado?

    ENVIE SEU VÍDEO para […]


  42. Looking Back at the 1995 Draft or An Antidote for the Potential Drug

    The 2007 exhibition season has now started and fans are finally getting their first glimpse at the players taken in […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  43. Top 5 Highlights from the Virtual Worlds Expo

    [image]I still haven’t gotten around to unpacking from last week’s Virtual Worlds Expo in San Jose, Calif., […]


  44. Videoteca: Goles Dinamarca-España

    Goles del Dinamarca 1-España 3, correspondiente a la fase de liguilla de clasificación para la Eurocopa de […]


  45. Shaykh Bin Bayyah on the Issue of Shaking Hands- Imam Suhaib Webb

    Read the post here.
    May Allah preserve Shaykh Abdullah bin Bayyah.


  46. the return of baby hatches

    it’s an unfortunate fact of life that all over the world newborn babies are abandoned on a daily basis, in bins, […]


  47. Fairfield Frame Job

    FITSNews – October 15, 2007 – When we were […]

    FITSNews For Now

  48. Till Luxembourg om Burma

    Sitter på Ciampino-flygplatsen utanför Rom och väntar på avfärden till Luxembourg och mötet med EU:s […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  49. Police raid houses across Aotearoa under anti-terrorism legislation, at least a dozen arrests

    Early this morning there were simultaneous raids across the North Island, in Auckland, Whakatane, Wellington, Ruatoki, […]


  50. Barbados Poll Results: Bajans Don’t Trust Thompson Any More Than They Trust Arthur – Which Is Not At All!

    Bajans Offered A Choice Between The Current Boss Hog And A Piggy In Waiting The Barbados Government of Prime […]

    Barbados Free Press

  51. El mejor del mundo

    Riquelme, Messi y los otros por Quintín Alguien me acusó hace poco de haber hecho una “defensa talibán” de […]

    La lectora provisoria

  52. Bug Mozilla #381206, oggetto: “amare linux”

    La prossima release di Firefox (codename “Gran Paradiso”), ossia la 3, avrà un tema specifico per le […]

    iLLusion bloG

  53. Med ett visst mått av nöje..

    .. och stort intresse läser jag hur svenska hackare hämnats på de Turkiska som hackade svenska hemsidor. Det är […]


  54. Bainimarama’s Real Test

    Today’s Fiji Times Editorial had this to say about Bainimarama’s upcoming visit to Tonga. Read on for the […]


  55. Direkttelefon

    Inskickat av Lollo:
    Jag arbetar som växeltelefonist i en kommun och fick följande samtal:
    – Välkommen till […]


  56. Tillåt mig småle, bara lite

    Ebba Von Sydow portad från Stureplansgruppens nattklubbar.
    Jag läser tankspritt artikeln i SvD. Egentligen bryr jag […]


  57. Boj to jest nasz ostatni

    Jesteśmy w namiocie Księcia Alexandre de Acido, władcy wschodnich rubieży Rzeczypospolitej Wolskiej. Giermkowie […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  58. My thoughts, exactly.

    Do you seriously want to continue remaining stupid for a government who wants to keep you stupid so they can exploit […]

    It’s a new dawn, it’s a new life, it’s a new day.

  59. Còn tương lai nào cho Thùy Linh ? Tuy miệng nói cứng, hãng phim vẫn cắt bỏ chương trình Nhật Ký […]

    [một vài suy nghĩ về phản ứng của dư luận trong vụ Thùy Linh: báo chí bưng bít]
    [thêm một […]

    Bear Lair – Mảnh đất của giải trí Châu Á

  60. David Thompson Gives Prime Minister Owen Arthur 30 Days To Start An Investigation Into Hardwood Housing Factory […]


  61. M610i – exclusive new info and pictures!

    [image]There have been a lot of rumors about the Sony Ericsson smartphone by the codename “Lizy”. Now, I […]

    The Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog

  62. O chestiune de regulament

    In ultimile zile, s-a vorbit, destul de mult, despre o eventuala motiune de cenzura care ar urma sa fie depusa in […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  63. Senator Kennedy Helps to Teach Why Health Care Costs Are So High

    America seems to moving inexorably towards more government involvement in our heath care system. Last week, Senator Ted […]

    Giving Up Control

  64. Is a Truce Possible on the Abortion Issue?

    Even though we are all Catholics on this blog, and accept the Church’s position on abortion, it is still the […]

    Vox Nova

  65. [Tá na net: Shadow Of The Day]

    O videoclipe do novo single do Linkin Park vazou! Na verdade o site da rádio The Buzz colocou o vídeo na rede.
    Para […]

    LinkinPark:br Blog

  66. Crazy, man, crazy.

    The first BCS rankings of 2007, that is.
    It’s interesting to note that, with one exception, the undefeated teams […]

    Get The Picture

  67. Carátula DVD para Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10

    Me he puesto a trabajar con una carátula de DVD que me he encontrado en los foros de Ubuntu. Tenia en mente traducir y […]


  68. The Lou Holtz Pep Talk Drinking Game

    If you’re like me, you turn into ESPN’s Thursday night football broadcast not for the football, but for the […]

    Digital Headbutt

  69. Kaczka w zalotach

    Najgorętszy moment piątkowej debaty: Jarosław Kaczyński pokazuje Donaldowi Tuskowi łapką, co mu będzie co dzień […]

    Hardcore dla myślących

  70. How many people use RSS anyway?

    One of the slams I saw yesterday after we started posting Google Reader’s feed numbers is that “nobody […]


  71. Coloradoan Protestors against AGB

    Written by Bug
    Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) is an organization, has worked for more than 100 year to provide the deaf […]

  72. FOOTBALL: SEC stands by replay official

    Coordinator of officials Rogers Redding says he’s reviewed the catch/take-away by Shay Hodge and agrees with the […]

    Parrish Alford on Ole Miss Sports

  73. Said the MSP

    [image] ”Cheating French/british in Buzancy. Give us that town NOW! WE ESERVE THE SPAWNABLE AT LEAST! They […]

    kfsone’s pittance

  74. Neutered

    Hiding this behind the special Arlo Page “More” button, just in case… […]

    Comics I Don’t Understand

  75. All Quiet Alert

    “All Quiet Alert” – That sounds like an oxymoron, and maybe it is, but the sun is extremely quiet right […]

    Watts Up With That?

  76. Bob Denard har avlidit

    [image]Den ökände legosoldatsledaren Bob Denard har avlidit 78 år gammal. Vid sidan av irländaren Mad Mike Hoare […]

    Militära Reflektioner

  77. 40GB -w – Spider-man found at Sony store is reporting that the Sony store computer database now lists the 40GB PS3 (Otherwise known as model […]

    PSTRUTH: Your #1 source for playstation news and facts

  78. BlackArrow Brings Web Mojo to Cable Ops

    Web alternatives, video-on-demand, and DVRs are increasingly moving in on the bottom lines of cable companies — […]



    This Japanese flavoured Hot Chip remix of ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’ by Ladytron has been […]

    Get Weird Turn Pro

  80. Map of The Internet

    The other day I stumbled upon Chris Harrison’s internet map, the only problem I found with his map is that I […]


  81. 60 Minutes: Dubai (Julie)

    While flipping through channels, I came across an intriguing segment of 60 Minutes on CBS about Dubai. In very recent […]

    Friends Seminary – The Making of the Middle East

  82. You think?

    Breaking news, you guys:
    For parents concerned about their overweight teens, new research suggests the best tactic […]

    Shapely Prose

  83. How It Was Supposed To Be

    Penn State 38, Wisconsin 7.
    For one afternoon, at least, we saw the full potential of the Nittany Lions. The defense […]

    Run Up The Score!

  84. Evangelization and mission

    Some pertinent posts today:
    Carl Olson has an interview with Fr. Robert Barron of the Archdiocese of Chicago here: […]

    Charlotte was Both

  85. Blog Action Day: Η μακάβρια ελληνική εικόνα

    [image][image]ολλά δάση μας άφησαν την τελευταία τους πνοή, η καμένη γη μ […]

    Ροΐδη Εμμονες

  86. گیرنامه 1 – سبروس مقدم، متخصص بازی با اعصاب و روان

     مقدمه گیرنامه
    به جرات میگویم آقای سیروس مقدم یکی از روانی ترین کا […]

    من مثل هیچکس

  87. I read A Mother’s Gift by Lynne and Britney Spears

    [image]In The Art of War, Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu writes, “know your enemy.” It is with this simple […]


  88. Now here’s some tasteful anti-abortion propaganda.

    [image]First off, sorry about the lack of updates. Life’s been slapping me around a good bit.
    Anyway, I ran into […]

    Hanlon’s Razor

  89. E Gutsy sia! (Release Candidate)

    Ci avevo sperato, mi ero tanto impegnato ma alla fine ogni sforzo è risultato vano: non sono riuscito a resistere […]

    Blog di Alessio Treglia

  90. A good government tolerates dissent

    Malaysiakini reported yesterday that our de facto Law minister has labelled all those lawyers who participated in the […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum

  91. Seven things entrepreneurs should know about PR

    The following is a guest blog posting by Laurie Thornton,the principal and co-founder of Radiate PR, a boutique public […]

    Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog

  92. Greenpeace Targets Apple’s iPhone

    [image]That green glow around Apple (AAPL) didn’t last long. Only three days after the company gave over the […]

    FORTUNE: Apple 2.0

  93. Ratatatatatouille

    Nachdem meine Kleinen heute im Kino Ratatouille gesehen haben, falten die zuhause nun Servietten, sprechen übers […]


  94. Open Source and Linux events in 2008

    This is meant to be a reference post. You can always find this post in the left sidebar under the title […]

    Open Cheese

  95. The Right Brain Vs The Left Brain Test

    Δείτε προσεκτικά την παρακάτω εικόνα..
    Η κοπέλα σας φαίνεται […]

    Giama’s Weblog

  96. Os filmes mais esperados do ano…

    Segundo pesquisa realizada junto a espectadores norte-americanos, sobre os lançamentos mais esperados nos […]

    Hotvnews 2.0

  97. Notícias – As “rapidinhas” de segunda-feira

    James acha que essa será sua […]


  98. Make Kabobs, Not War — Or How I Started With National Meatloaf Day and Ventured Into Political Activism

    The folks over at SeriousEats have an meme going this month with meatloaf. I’ve been sort of wrestling with what […]

    Off The Broiler


    [image] Telepathy – more often known, today, as ESP – is thought of as the most common of all paranormal phenomena. […]


  100. Behind the SWP expulsions

    For this reason I consider that a prince ought to reckon conspiracies of little account when his people hold […]

    Splintered Sunrise

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