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October 3, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Top Democrat slams Limbaugh over ‘phony soldiers’

    [image] Reid had some harsh words for Rush Limbaugh Monday. WASHINGTON (CNN) — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. アップルの新製品 iBrick


    [Incorrect SIM]

    アップルの iPhone […]


  3. Pop Quiz: Whose back is that?

    Which actress is confident enough to pull a yupki pose during her drama’s press conference?

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  4. Yahoo gets serious about search

    Yahoo! (YHOO) unveiled significant upgrades to its search engine Tuesday, the company’s latest salvo in its […]

    Media Biz

  5. It’s All About the Money: Ron Paul Surprises, Thompson Disappoints

    According to this article at Wired, Senator Fred Thompson’s campaign has said that it has raised some $8 […]

    The Van Der Galiën Gazette

  6. Jay-Z – American Gangster Track List

    The American Gangster track list according to the iTunes Music Store:
    1. Amen
    2. Blue Magic
    3. Untitled
    4. […]

    weapons of mass distraction

  7. On you, it looks good.

    Evidently the good folks at the University of Minnesota weren’t willing to concede the ugliest college football […]

    Get The Picture

  8. Higher-dimensional enumeration

    The other day in the #haskell IRC channel, some of us were playing around with generalizing Haskell list enumeration […]

    blog :: Brent -> [String]

  9. Le salarié au sifflet

    Poursuivons notre petite exploration des joyeusetés du salariat contemporain, avec, aujourd’hui, cette merveille […]

    Equilibre précaire

  10. Proposal: Multipart Web Requests

    Here’s a little idea that might improve the web for everyone. I don’t know how to draft or submit a Request […]

    Andy Skelton

  11. Download Prison break Season 3 ep 3

    [image]Download wederom Prison Break op Cv. RNDT. Vandaag kun je aflevering 3 van het 3e seizoen downloaden! Veel Kijk […]

    CV. RNDT

  12. To Those Who Are Critical of Beth Holloway…

    To those of you who are critical of Beth, what do you expect her to do? Just drop it? Is that what you would do?


  13. 5 Alternatives To Apple TV

    [image]As an Apple TV owner, I typically find little reason to use different solutions to take media from my computer […]


  14. Devinez qui

    Qui est le papa de ce futur pichou?

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  15. I sawz a carrot

    THIS big, no lie
    photo: things that make you go
    capped and submitted by: Facade


  16. Off the Court Extras

    Donovan Foster, a 5’10” point guard out of Chicago Curie, has verbally committed to Detroit of the Horizon […]

  17. O enigma Gonzalo Sorondo

                 Os fãs de futebol europeu certamente ficaram impressionados com a escalação do Defensor […]


  18. Why Reformed Baptists Make Lousy Muslims

    London Baptist Confession of Faith 8:1 (Modern English Version):
    To give effect to His eternal purpose God chose and […]

    Reformed Baptist Fellowship

  19. Sacco pieno. Sacco vuoto

    Giusto se qualcuno si stesse chiedendo perché non mi faccio vivo…
    Semplicemente: in questi giorni non ho […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  20. Boilerplate code says a lot about a language…

     I ran across this recently:
    “In fact the problem of ‘boilerplate design pattern code’ says nothing […]

    Learning Lisp

  21. AT&T: Say bad things about us and we’ll cancel your Internets

    Slashdot broke the news on Saturday that AT&T’s updated terms of service for its high-speed Internet packages […]

    Scholars and Rogues

  22. 5 Alternatives To Apple TV

    There are alternatives to the Apple TV out there, some of them for less than $299. Here are five.


  23. Baseball Needs Instant Replay: Confirmed

    I just finished watching the last game of the MLB regular season. It was also the best game of the year. I’m not […]

    The Somewhat Manly Nerd

  24. The Washington Wizards: The Anti-Nets

    Yesterday’s column – titled The Nets Surrender – was intended to make two points. 
    First, player performance in […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  25. Call to Action: Another Racialized Arrest at School

    This comes from Eugene feat Shusli at Pudgy Indian via the comments on my Mychal Bell post. I wanted to make sure […]

    Oh No a WoC PhD

  26. Rock of Love – Spoilers!

    The Rock of Love finale was earlier this evening. Poison front man Bret Michaels made the decision between […]

    Hard Rock Hideout

  27. Schowaj babci dowód

    – Kasztanki tikitaki i malaga – podśpiewuje mimowolnie Szef i tanecznym krokiem wchodzi do salonu, w podziemnej […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  28. Una avispa haciendo su casa

    Navegando por aquí y por allá me encontré estas fotos:


    Vida online

  29. Prohibido…

    Y dormir, ¿se puede dormir en la rama del árbol?

    Cajón desastres

  30. Autzen Not Among Elite Stadiums

    Autzen is loud, and respected by many around the country. Just check out what those around the country say. Even Cal […]


  31. Fragrant

    Fabiola Beracasa and Georgina Chapman
    Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss and Jason Beckman
    Kelly Killoren […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  32. hey man, i’m just doing my job

    Yeah, yeah, I know. This hiatus thing is only 24 hours old and here I am again. But when something just shows up in […]

    compared to what

  33. Microsoft Vista Overtakes Apple OSX in Only Eight Months

    Microsoft Vista was released publicly and globally on January 30, 2007 and it’s taken only eight months for this […]

    Parallel Divergence

  34. ECL – Steaua Preview

    The first trip to Romania for Arsenal in thirty eight years sees the squad pitch up in Bucharest. It is a match that is […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  35. Graphical Git Script

    Well, as some of you may know, I have started work on a GUI Git script written in my oh-so-holy language python (ducks […]

    Compiz Fusion News

  36. Hårsfjärden kvarts sekel senare

    Ett kvarts sekel är förvisso en lång tid, men ännu lever diskussionen om det intrång av främmande […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  37. Halo 3 Armor Unlock Guide

    For those few(?) people that have bought Halo 3 will have noticed that you can change the look of your spartan (or […]

    RedEye Monkey

  38. Everyone’s A Comedian

    Good Afternoon everyone. How was your weekend? Things here have been as hectic as usual as we cruise towards Livorno. […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  39. چراغی که به مسجد رواست به خانه حرام است!

    ما چه نسبتی با لبنان داریم؟ اگر انسانیت حکم می کند , […]


  40. Halo 3 Terminal Locations

    Got the skills skulls? Then it’s time for terminals.
    There are seven ‘Terminals’ scattered throughout the levels […]

    7th Columnist

  41. risolvere problemi di riconoscimento hardware sui portatili (e non solo)

    [image] E’ un periodo che ho un sacco di problemi con il mio portatile un po vecchiotto(moolto piu’ vecchio […]

  42. Suas garrafas pets produzindo energia solar…

    Sr José Alano, aposentado, morador da cidade de Tubarão em Santa Catarina, desenvolveu um sistema de aquecimento de […]

  43. Light-emitting Wallpaper

    Imagine if your wallpaper can light up! And when it’s not lit, it’s totally indistinguishable and […]

    Gems Sty

  44. Centro smartphone: Palm goes small (Photos 1-5)


    In its mission to remain relevant in the age of Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone and Research in Motion’s […]

    Big Tech

  45. So what did you see?

    Good to be back on air. You can listen online right here.
    So today’s assignment, you saw the end of the […]

    Dan Patrick Online Blog

  46. Tendremos CDs gratuitos de Ubuntu Gutsy

    Para todos aquellos que quieran los CDs originales de Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon, deciros que los podréis tener. Hasta […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  47. Philippines comment on Desperate Housewives

    Was that a derogatory comment about the Philippines on Desperate Housewives?
    The scene where Susan’s […]

    Coffee With Amee

  48. Let’s Play Pick The Screenshot Of The New Paradox Game!

    [image] [image]

    Broken Toys

  49. Opening Night Roster

    Brent Johnson
    Olie Kolzig
    John Erskine
    Mike Green
    Milan Jurcina
    Shaone Morrisonn
    Brian […]

    Dump and Chase

  50. Theoretical Computer Scientist Writes Commercial

    MIT computer scientist Scott Aaronson, whose blog “Shtetl-Optimized” I highly recommend, just found out […]

    Juggling, Photography, Software, and Atheism

  51. Chinese Movie Stars-梅婷


    Family Resource for You

  52. Media House Takes Another Feeble Left Jab At The 3S Affair~Come On Vivian-Anne, There Is The Right HAND!!!

    Source: Nation Newspaper
    It looks like Mascoll is the appointed fall guy on the

  53. A Great Burger and Chocolate Cake at The Spotted Pig

    For a long while now, I’ve always wanted to go to The Spotted Pig but I never have because I keep forgetting to […]

    The Wandering Eater

  54. Prison Break S03 E03

    Just 4 fun

  55. De energúmenos

    Ya no solemos contestar a los ataques rabiosos y conspiranoicos de algunos blogocósicos contra el Menéame, pero en […]


  56. “Eh-Eh-Eh” Says He’ll Never Work With Chris Brown Again

    “The sun’ blocking the directions to Church’s!”
    The-Dream, Nivea’s husband, […]

    A Hot Mess!

  57. interesting elevators

    i’m no statistician but according to my rough calculations there are over 70 elevators in the world.
    here are […]


  58. Fantezii erotice cu bloggeri (propunere de discutie)

    Ok, stim care sunt riscurile pe care le presupune un post de felul asta. Oameni care ar putea sa behaie “aha, […]

    Gramo’s World

  59. En hård vecka

    Tyst på bloggen men det har jobbats hårt. Jag har varit i Bindal hela förra veckan med blåstället på. Tack vare […]

  60. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 13 : Minagoroshi-hen 8, Shuumatsu

    [Disclaimer]: NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any […]

    When Anime Past Meets Present

  61. Flash 10: Hydra and AIF (Adobe Image Foundation) and Hardware Rendering

    Adobe has announced the release of the inital developer views of AIF and Hydra in “Astro” the next version […]

    [ draw.logic ]

  62. The Blessing of Daughters

    Psalm 144:12b: That our daughters may be as pillars,
    Sculptured in palace style
    I am a blessed man. God has […]

    Family Reformation

  63. Record-setting press conference

    You couldn’t afford to blink at the press conference on Tuesday afternoon. If you did, you’d have missed […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Gregg Ellis

  64. Upgrade Your Surfing Sessions with Two Free Apps

    Sure web workers labor online all day, but they also surf. If you’re on the web for most of each day, a couple of […]

    Web Worker Daily

  65. Ieri e oggi in TV – 02/10/2007

    [image]In questo spazio esamino gli ascolti dei programmi di ieri lunedì 1° ottobre 2007, e a seguire presento […] Blog

  66. Rival pounces on Skype’s woes

    The publicity-savvy folks at Internet telephony upstart Jajah are wasting no time making hay of eBay’s (EBAY) […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  67. The Next Guy

    [A little update, before I wade through the coaching comments below.  I have two tickets available for Iowa this […]

    Run Up The Score!

  68. Lies That Reach for the Stars

    Just when I was getting green with envy at Penélope Cruz’ perfect, telescopic eyelashes, the […]

    Mi blog es tu blog

  69. Anime Encourages Murder; Updates: More Murders

    [image]What Is Anime?
    Many of you are probably aware of Japanese anime (Japanese animation or Japanimation) because of […]

    Blogs 4 Brownback

  70. Easy way to use those FULL sheet’s of Alpha’s and elements

    Don’t laugh here now but I have to tell you that I only learnt this last month!!! LOL- and it’s sooo […]

    Scrap Your Art Out!

  71. ‘Goodwill’, Israeli style

    Israel’s release of 86 Palestinian prisoners, completed today, has been almost universally reported as a […]

    The Heathlander

  72. 3 Custom Halo Xbox 360 Faceplates for Sale on eBay

    Someone that goes by Worldwidewebbs (who enjoys making custom Xbox 360 faceplates as a hobby) currently has three […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  73. Who Is Behind These Controversial Barbados Companies?

    3S (Barbados) SRL
    Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited
    Hardwood Housing Factory Inc
    Hotels and Resorts Ltd
    Adrian […]

    Barbados Free Press

  74. Una cuasi-confirmación que casi abre una puerta (o no)

    Todt ha dicho sobre Ross Brawn: “It was a question raised to him at the (McLaren spy inquiry) FIA hearing and the […]

    Briatore, quiero ser como Briatore

  75. éénvandaag heeft update op pedopostcode

    [image] De pedofielen komen in opstand
    Niet iedereen is even enthousiast over de online Pedo Postcode Check waar […]

    Stop Child Abuse / Stop Kindersex

  76. Visiting the Nature Headquarters, part 1: the internal Nurture blog

    [image][image]Even those scientists, who don’t have any journalism, or out of

    Pimm – Partial immortalization

  77. Naisten MJ:n tulevaisuus.

    Naisten maajoukkuetoiminta on haukannut suuren palasen savea. Keväällä ensimmäisen virallisen hakuajan päätyttyä […]




    APPA-SOURCE : The African News Source

  79. Petition to the Yang DiPertuan Agung : Update

    As at 9.30 pm tonight, 885 anak Bangsa Malaysia have signed the petition, ic number and all.
    Yesterday evening, […]

    The People’s Parliament


     di Raffaele Pirozzi
    Una legge finanziaria di 11 Miliardi di Euro, leggera rispetto a quelle a cui eravamo […]

  81. Le Café des Arts builde à l’oeil du 1er au 31 Octobre

    Lorsque David Ducasse m’a contactée pour découvrir ses créations, j’ai sauté sur […]

    SecondLife Observer France-

  82. No She Didn’t!(Updated)

    Is Godwin’s Law automatically invoked in the presence of an Iron Kross?
    Hello, intrepid reader. Today we […]

    Donkey Punch

  83. Quesiti: precisazioni sulla trasmissione telematica degli elenchi clienti e fornitori

    a cura di Giorgio Di Dio – isola di Procida
    Rispondo cumulativamente ad alcuni interessanti quesiti posti sul sito. […]

    Ascom Confcommercio Isola di Procida

  84. The Number One Video In Iran

    The video that’s sweeping the nation of Iran…and we have it, just for you (not there’s anything wrong […]

    Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

  85. Las mejores dietas para adelgazar de forma saludable

    La revista oficial de la Asociación Americana de Dietética acaba de publicar un estudio en el que se analiza la […]


  86. Technique: Digital Curled Edges How-to (AND Freebie!)

    Ever since I did this post about curled edges in paper scrapbooking there have been many many scrappers who have come […]

    Scrapbook Ideas

  87. Job fair brings together more than 70 businesses

    The annual job fair sponsored by the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions will be held Wednesday (Oct. 3) at […]

    The Taos News Online

  88. FITSNews Exclusive – Mitt Romney Faking Sick?


    FITSNews For Now

  89. Qué culpa tiene el tomate

    Desabastecimiento en San Clemente por Flavia y Quintín Hoy quisimos comprar tomates para el almuerzo. Una idea […]

    La lectora provisoria

  90. How to use storytelling to motivate your startup staff

    I read an interesting piece yesterday morning in The Los Angeles Times on the topic of how business leaders can use […]


  91. Photos of Idaho’s Phantom Hill Wolf Pack

    The Phantom Hill wolf pack is considered by some as Ketchum, Idaho’s own. First discovered this year, the pack […]

    Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News

  92. Spotes Notes, 10.02.07: Isiah Guilty; C-Webb Stays Home; Whisenhunt’s Quandary; Vick’s Dogs – the First Lie Comes to […]

    [image]Breaking News: Isiah Thomas guilty
    New York Knicks head coach Isiah Thomas was found guilty of sexual harassment […]

    The Starting Five

  93. Adu Modif Trans7, Layak Tonton!!!

    [image]Jika anda penggemar modifikasi motor, sulit dipercaya jika melewatkan tayangan Adu Modif di layar kaca. Sejak […]


  94. Parallel Parking

    Today I’m going to talk about parallel parking. We’ve all had to do it at some point (at least, those who […]

    Rigorous Trivialities

  95. Imágenes del paro nacional

    Santo Domingo. Estas fotos fueron tomadas en la mañana del día de hoy, se pueden ver la presencia de […]

  96. I Was an Attractive Woman for an Hour

    I was standing around with Zeets at one of my favorite clubs when I was approached by a girl who immediately […]

    Roissy in DC

  97. Nmapsi4 QT4 – GUI

    Ultimamente i titoli sono orrendi lo so, ma facilitano la ricerca (scusa banale).
    Il programma testato e […]

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  98. Enquete da semana: como você chegou aqui?

    Nos próximos instantes o contador vai registrar a viagem de número 900.000 desde que o blog veio para […]

    Viaje na Viagem

  99. Pictures Say A Thousand Words

    This picture of iPM, Baini Marama, was taken shortly after the coup:-
    Notice the STRONG, […]


  100. Memphis Redbirds 2007: Hitters

    I was going to post this earlier today but there was a pretty lively discussion this morning and today was very busy […]

    Future Redbirds

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