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October 2, 2007: Top Posts

  1. It’s All About the Money: Ron Paul Surprises, Thompson Disappoints

    According to this article at Wired, Senator Fred Thompson’s campaign has said that it has raised some $8 […]

    The Van Der Galiën Gazette

  2. Boilerplate code says a lot about a language…

     I ran across this recently:
    “In fact the problem of ‘boilerplate design pattern code’ says nothing […]

    Learning Lisp

  3. The Norv Turner Experience Week 4: I Hate to Tell You “I Told You So,” but…

    The original concept behind this website was that is was meant to serve as a warning — a lone voice in […]

    The Coach is KILLING Me!

  4. Giuliani to make ‘English only’ cheesesteak stop

    [image] Giuliani plans a stop at the famous Geno’s steaks later Monday. WASHINGTON (CNN) – It’s […]

    CNN Political Ticker


    photo: ICHCF
    capped and submitted by: EvilMonkey


  6. A Special Requst to Parents of Murdered or Missing Children

    There any many comments posted about our trip to Aruba…there are kind words about Beth but also hostile ones.  I […]


  7. Fotoreport: KRF – Maturantski izlet

    Destinacija: otok Krf, Grčija Termin: 13. junij – 19. junij 2oo7 Z agencijo: Mondial Travel, d.o.o.
    1. dan ladja, […]

    Vrt Alexa Beširja

  8. Groundhog Day

    [image] [image]
    Pick a date, any date since January 2007.The best time for John Howard to have called an election was […]

    Possums Pollytics

  9. Why Reformed Baptists Make Lousy Muslims

    London Baptist Confession of Faith 8:1 (Modern English Version):
    To give effect to His eternal purpose God chose and […]

    Reformed Baptist Fellowship

  10. Joost Launches: Video Interview With Mike Volpi

    Joost, the impeccably pedigreed, funded, and hyped Internet TV platform is releasing its software to the general public […]


  11. The Nets Surrender

    As the Mets have learned over the past few weeks, baseball is unpredictable.  Until the games are played you are never […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  12. Who pops it best? Yun Eun Hye or Lee Yeon Hee

    Flat chested Coffee Princess Yun Eun Hye looks very voluptuous and stylish in her low cut white blazer, while […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  13. Braterskie spotkanie

    [image] Sekretarz generalny Komunistycznej Partii Polski (KPP), Towarzysz Aleksander Kwaśniewski spotkał się z […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  14. Fragrant

    Fabiola Beracasa and Georgina Chapman
    Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss and Jason Beckman
    Kelly Killoren […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  15. Rock of Love – Spoilers!

    The Rock of Love finale was earlier this evening. Poison front man Bret Michaels made the decision between […]

    Hard Rock Hideout

  16. Adobe joins rest of industry in going for Microsoft’s throat

    Adobe tonight is announcing that they’ve bought Virtual Ubiquity, makers of the very cool BuzzWord (which is now […]


  17. Tira LinuxHispano: Servicio técnico

    Sin duda la solución más usada y buena para ciertos problemas de ciertos sistemas…

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  18. Mundial de Rugby

    Este fin de semana los Argentinos volvimos a dar la nota en lo que somos expertos, hacernos odiar.
    ¿Qué […]

    De Beduinos… y pingüinos

  19. Review: “A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex”

    By Rev. John
    [image]You may not know this, but before I became the politically astute “citizen broadcaster” […]

    PC LIVE!

  20. もしも神様がいるなら|GOD, if you are there

    けれどもそれ […]


  21. The Days Ahead

    Good morning from Katakolon, Greece and an early start for me here at 7:07 am. I woke up at 5:45 am and could not get […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  22. Edel-ian Intentions

    It seems that the acquirement of a controlling interest in Arsenal Football Club is a lucrative business. Not only do […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  23. HowTo: Descargar todo Mame

    Si, soy un aficionado de mame [image] Para los que no sepais que es:
    El Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator («emulador […]


  24. Ránking Blogs Fútbol Septiembre 2007

    [por Rubén Uría] [Envía la


  25. Apology

    I really must apologise to those of you who have become regular reasons over the summer. Work commitments have […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  26. Deskbar-applet 2.20 – ma perchè?

    Tra sabato e domenica nel ramo unstable di Debian è entrata la nuova versione di Deskbar-applet, un gioiello […]

    O.S. Revolution

  27. A Day at Bushwood

    I spent three years of my youth as a caddy at a country club in suburban Chicago, and this was in the days before the […]

    Dump and Chase

  28. The Blogosphere Zoopedia

    6 months in the desi blogosphere, and I have had the pleasure of observing at close range, the various species that […]

    Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa

  29. Dominionist Hoedown in Salt Lake City and YOU ain’t Invited

    [NOTE: Because it just might make you read it, longtime newsman Doug Krile lists this in today’s Krile Files as […]

    his vorpal sword

  30. GameDay Signs “O” The Times

    Signs. Signs. Everywhere signs. And One Click Sports News was there at 5:30am Saturday morning for GameDay with our […]


  31. Wena Naty !

    Toda la cobertura!!!!!!!!!!!:::::::
    La polemica niñita de 14 añitos que ya chupa el pico a “amigos” o por […]

    El Rincon del Albo

  32. Confira quem ganhou uma semana no SPA 7 Voltas!

    [image]O INBLOG parabeniza as vencedoras da promoção Símbolo 20 anos e

    In Blog – Insight Publicidade


    —————————————————& […]

    Gustafsson i Säffle

  34. Technique: Digital Curled Edges How-to (AND Freebie!)

    Ever since I did this post about curled edges in paper scrapbooking there have been many many scrappers who have come […]

    Scrapbook Ideas

  35. Schowaj babci dowód

    Tekst łańcuszka znajdziecie w blogu Jacka Ka., który otrzymał mail z hasłem “Schowaj babci dowód” i […]

    Marta Wawrzyn

  36. Ookey …

    En lärarassistent får 29000 kronor i lön, högre än andra lärares, se SvD. Vad händer? Alla andra blir arga och […]

    Θα πάω στην Αθήνα

  37. Ron Paul outraises both Obama and Edwards

    The initial goal was to raise $500,000 for the Ron Paul campaign in the last seven days of the third quarter. Much to […]


  38. Média de Público do Brasileirão até a 28ª rodada

    Em mais uma rodada de bons públicos, o Brasil tem um novo líder na média de público do campeonato brasileiro: o […]


  39. TV USA Gazette #63 – Kiefer Sutherland – Il ritorno di Supercar – Giorno per giorno – Ritorni sui canali cavo: South […]

    [image]Questo spazio è un aggiornamento delle principali notizie dell’ultima settimana relative alla […] Blog

  40. Spot Nokia contro i dispositivi chiusi

    Ho trovato questa simpatica pubblicità su Engadget,  mostra chiaramente la critica Nokia al nuovo Iphone by […]


  41. アップルの新製品 iBrick


    [Incorrect SIM]

    アップルの iPhone […]


  42. Let’s Play Pick The Screenshot Of The New Paradox Game!

    [image] [image]

    Broken Toys

  43. How not to hijack an event

    It is ironic that about a week after I wrote about “Mr. Respectability”, he rears his ugly head in […]

    elizabeth wong

  44. Robots

    I think this should be Spinn3r’s logo:
    FYI. I found this on with no permalink or attribution.

    Kevin Burton’s NEW FeedBlog

  45. Joost Launches; CEO Volpi Caught On Video

    [qi:_newteevee] After being in beta for a long time, Peer-to-Peer TV sharing service, Joost is all set to go live. With […]


  46. New Orleans Dining: Domilise’s

    Click Here for Hi-Res Slide Show!
    5240 Annunciation St.
    New Orleans, LA

    Off The Broiler

  47. No rally for media stocks

    Three quarters down. One to go. For many investors, despite a tumultuous summer, it’s still been, to quote […]

    Media Biz

  48. Petition for setting up a Royal Commission

    I have written a letter to Malaysiakini , published in Malaysiakini on the 20th September , one day after the expose of […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum

  49. El ‘momento Alonso’

    Ahora que el Mundial está casi decidido y el mejor rookie de la historia 95% de posibilidades que se lo lleva… […]

    Briatore, quiero ser como Briatore

  50. KDevelop4 Subversion Support

    The last week I fully dived into reworking the Svn support. I know this sounds like waste of time, as Dukju already had […]



    [image] When we think of monsters we automatically think of Dragons, of maybe King Kong, or perhaps the Loch Ness […]


  52. HUGE weekend in France!

    Pool Play is over, 12 teams are headed home, 8 remain.And it was a massive weekend too. Teams thought to be in with a […]

    With Malice…

  53. Adu Modif Trans7, Layak Tonton!!!

    [image]Jika anda penggemar modifikasi motor, sulit dipercaya jika melewatkan tayangan Adu Modif di layar kaca. Sejak […]


  54. Salile de sport si DNA-ul

    Astazi, in Gandul, a aparut un articol intitulat “Salile de sport ctitorite de Nastase au ajuns dosar […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  55. Tippytoes Claims Anyone Exposing Kimkins is a Terrorist

    Tippytoes (Jeannie Baitinger) posted in Kimkins moments ago:
    Re:Heads Up
    I just have to say it is very bad out there. […]

    Kimkins Exposed

  56. Ovetenskapens Värld

    För en tid sedan bestämde jag mig för att göra ett litet test, ett lika ovetenskapligt och tveksamt test som vilket […]


  57. Recluyen a la ‘Reina del Pacífico’

    La presunta narcotraficante, Sandra Ávila Beltrán, conocida como ‘La Reina del Pacífico’, fue […]


  58. Pick # 13

    84 losses assures the Cardinals will be picking #13 in the 2008 Rule IV draft. I guess that is the bright side you can […]

    Future Redbirds

  59. Ανάληψη ευθυνών

    Το Σάββατο, στις 11 το πρωί, ο Βασίλης έβαλε την κάρτα του στο ATM της […]


  60. One loooong colonoscope!

    Saw this in a patient’s chart while looking for an old ECHO report.
    Just how long is that colonoscope, […]

    WhiteCoat Rants

  61. Erster!

    So, das Lorwyn-Prerelease-Wochenende ist da, und zweifelsohne werden jetzt überall im Netz […]


  62. A Pocket Full Of Lies

    [image] Blah blah blah, Baini Marama at New York (with his new taxpayer funded suit and tie)
    Much has been said about […]


  63. Made in Taiwan: ¡140 canastas por minuto!

    Desde pequeños hemos visto que nuestro coches de juguete y múltiples utensilios venían con el famoso texto […]

    Supermanager – Fan Site

  64. offener Brief an das Ehepaar Brüllen

    Liebe Frau Brüllen, lieber Hübscher,
    heute Morgen unter der Dusche habe ich an Sie gedacht. Fragen Sie mich nicht […]

    Frau Antonmann

  65. Off the Court Extras

    Donovan Foster, a 5’10” point guard out of Chicago Curie, has verbally committed to Detroit of the Horizon […]

  66. Hit & Run: Celebration Times Three

    Today ain’t any normal Monday, and this ain’t gonna be your normal Hit & Run- because we have some serious […]


  67. Natasia en Matt Hoorn bedreigen journalist met de dood

    [image]Leo van Rooijen van ZijOnline heeft vorige week een artikel geplaatst over diva Natasia waaruit blijkt dat haar

    Stichting “De Vrienden van Matt Hoorn”

  68. Everybody Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief

    The impending expiry of the WGA contract at the end of October is threatening production of the Justice League of […]

    Any Eventuality

  69. A estos estudiantes los ahorcaron, no les pusieron ninguna medalla, ¡¡una soga y asesinados por decir lo mismo!!

    “Serios” y “grandes estudiantes” de una supuesta universidad situada por Massachusetts, […]


  70. Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Giveaway

    In response to our missing rom situation, we here at have decided to giveaway our copys of […]

    #shana-chan’s official blog!

  71. Enquete da semana: como você chegou aqui?

    Nos próximos instantes o contador vai registrar a viagem de número 900.000 desde que o blog veio para […]

    Viaje na Viagem

  72. In Which Hotel Chevalier Claims Its Latest Victim After Destroying Natalie Portman and Jason Schwartzman In The Process

    Notes on a Sunday
    by Daniel Murray
    I am still happy that the next time I enter the cinema, I’ll have […]

    This Recording

  73. Brother-in-law makes good

    Thursday night, 9.30pm, BBC2, although you can watch it online tomorrow!
    The few sketches I’ve seen […]

    Why, That’s Delightful!

  74. Record Industry vs Apple vs Amazon vs Consumers

    Once upon a time in a land before time, the music industry was living on Cloud 9. Kids and teens saw the record labels […]


  75. Sverige ett lågskatteland!

    Läser i SvD om hur en diskare i USA sparar i elva långa år och får ihop 59 000 dollar eller 400 000 kronor. Glad […]

    Tankar i natten

  76. As predicted…

    …all over the place, it’s from Marini to Marini:
    Il Santo Padre ha nominato Maestro delle Celebrazioni […]

    Charlotte was Both

  77. Photos from Rochester Sign Language March

    It was a beautiful day for local deaf community members to participate in the International Day of Deaf People and Sign […]

    DeafROC Blog

  78. The Fellowship of Friends Discussion, part 2(2)

    This is the twentieth-second rebirth of the Fellowship of Friends Discussion. Enjoy your stay here and try to be at […]

    the Fellowship of Friends Discussion

  79. Last Chance for Joey Graham?

    For two years, Raptors fans have seen the “good” Joey Graham and “bad” Joey Graham, and […]

  80. Racism in Sports Media: The Proof Is In the Details

    The proof is in the details.The proof of racism in sports media is not in something like the fact of Michael […]

    The Starting Five

  81. Digital Dimanche #5

    The Rapture – Olio
    from the album “Mirror”
    Bella – Go
    from the album “No One Will […]

    crushd tin box

  82. Choklad – för hälsan!

    Fler bevis på att mår bättre om man trycker i sig choklad! Härligt! Det har jag vetat hela tiden [image] . Finns […]

    Mais oui..

  83. Raspunsul pastorului Ionel Tutac!

    Tocmai am ajuns la computer. A inceput scoala. De asta am fost absent.
    Cind am deschis dashboardul, la ora 16.35, am […]

    La patratosu

  84. A pair

    Photos from

    Flickr Blog

  85. Debata

    Oczekiwanie na debatę pomiędzy Aleksandrem Kwaśniewskim a Jarosławem Kaczyńskim jest zręcznie podsycane […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  86. Reality Blights

    Honestly, what has Penn State accomplished over the past ten seasons?
    2007: Blew out some jokers to start the season. […]

    Run Up The Score!

  87. Radiohead In Rainbows

    Over 10 dagen ligt de nieuwe plaat van Radiohead in de winkels!!! Je kan op de site het album al pre-orderen. […]

    My Jukebox

  88. Notifying Tippy

    Hey Tippy!  I copied and pasted this post! 
    (thanks Ducky!
    Re:Heads Up
    I just […]


  89. Lies That Reach for the Stars

    Just when I was getting green with envy at Penélope Cruz’ perfect, telescopic eyelashes, the […]

    Mi blog es tu blog

  90. Krav på samtycke förefaller allt självklarare

    Jag har liksom bloggen Lagen säger varit lite fundersam kring det här med samtyckeskrav. Spontant förefaller det ju […]

    Joakim Hörsing


     di Raffaele Pirozzi
    Una legge finanziaria di 11 Miliardi di Euro, leggera rispetto a quelle a cui eravamo […]

  92. Mondays, they come and go.

    Again a monday. They come quickly and o quickly and so time passes quickly. Ooops, what a philosophical […]

    with a russian/dutch heart

  93. “Alex is the man”

    Att vara kritisk och fördömande ligger ofta närmare till hands än motsatsen. Men ibland känns det trevligt att få […]

    necesse est

  94. Dr. Feelgood – Down at the BBC, In Concert 1977-1978 (Remastered)

    Mp3 @192
    You guys seems hungry for some Dr. Feelgood tunes…so here’s another one to make you FEE


  95. Utrikesbloggen

    Jag ser att Bengt Albons – under många år skribent i utrikesfrågor på DN – i dag dragit igång Utrikesbloggen i akt […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  96. A Bridge Over Troubled Water

     I hope that the author of this comment on Whichendbites will forgive me for posting this here.
    “Police officer […]


  97. Agogo and Commons – you little beauties!

    [image]These are worth rewatching – great work from Junior in both creating and finishing his goal, and great technique […]

    Through the seasons before us..

  98. چگونه بفهمیم ایمیل رسیده از کدام کشور است؟

    شاید شما هم کنجکاو باشید که بدانید ایمیل رسیده از کدام کشور و با […]


  99. Prepare To See Alicia Keys EVERYWHERE — Alicia Covers Complex

    She opens up about dating?
    I will leave that one alone.
    I will say that Alicia has been looking GOOD  GOOT […]

    A Hot Mess!

  100. Sarcasm

    This is priceless.

    Green Baggins

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