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September 21, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Pop Quiz: Who is having fun at the arcade?

    Which star is trying out the motorcross in a striped halter dress and high sexy platform heels?

    Who is the […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  2. The politics of the Jena 6 case

    [image] Watch Bill Schneider’s report about the 2008 presidential candidates and the Jena 6 controversy.

    CNN Political Ticker

  3. You know what Jose Canseco Was Doing Last Weekend?

    I do. The city. Los Angeles. The Place. Commerce Casino.
    It was the California State Poker Championship. A No-Limit […]

    The Grand National Championships

  4. Devinez qui

    C’est tellllllllement facile!!

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  5. Alicia Silverstone Gets Naked For Peta

    PETA picks Alicia Silverstone to be the next celeb to go naked for the advocacy group. Who cares? […]

    Agency Spy

  6. Gelbe Blöcke und andere Papierfragen

    In US-Serien sieht man immer wieder Leute, besonders Anwälte, auf gelben Blöcken herumschreiben. Auch in der […]

    USA Erklärt

  7. Google at $600 a share? Yes: here’s why

    Don’t look now. But Google (GOOG) has enjoyed a pretty nice bounce following its summer doldrums. Shares of the […]

    Media Biz

  8. Beautiful Girls

    Maggie Betts and Barbara Bush
    Tinsley Mortimer and Coralie Charriol Paul
    Lisa Airan and Fabiola […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  9. If Mourinho Needs Advice…

    A friend of mine (a Spurs supporter) has just phoned me from inside Stamford Bridge. He’s there for a non […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  10. Tsumihoroboshi-hen doomed Higurashi Kai 12 ! School Days boat VS Higurashi Cook

    Okay… alright, *trying to keep my cool*
    Apparently, Toukai TV decides to cancel the episode 12 of Higurashi no […]

    When Anime Past Meets Present

  11. The Smear O’ Meter

    There’s just nothing quite like a good smear. The latest addition to the Shock-O-Rama circus is the […]

    Possums Pollytics

  12. Newton Fractals

    As soon as I’m done teaching today, I’m heading on the road to scenic Tyler, TX for the Conference on […]

    The Unapologetic Mathematician

  13. Arsenal 3 Sevilla 0 – Champions League Review

    The ideal start in terms of the result. It was not a vintage Arsenal performance; too many passes went astray and […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  14. Yuvraj 6 Sixes video


    i3j3Cricket :: A blog for fans of Indian cricket…

  15. It had a flavor

    …and it was bad
    photo by: ?
    capped and submitted by: cattoes7


  16. Nuovo sfondo per Gutsy [color cacca inside]

    Aggiornando la mia Gutsy oggi ho notato il cambiamento automatico del wallpaper (che prima era quello di default) con […]

    iLLusion bloG

  17. Noch’n Rant

    Stimmt ja: Ich bin natürlich nicht “cool”.
    Ich werde immer mal wieder daran erinnert, wie unsere […]


  18. Wrong Game vLog

    Take a look at it!

    An Intelligent Vlogger

  19. The last lecture

    Read and contemplate (and watch the video). Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon University computer-science professor, […]

    Charlotte was Both

  20. Pidgin 2.2.0 per Ubuntu Feisty [pollyrepo]

    Ieri il qui presente sottoscritto notava che in Ubuntu Gutsy trovavasi il Pidgin, per l’occasione preparato alla […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  21. Zillow Gets Mo Money

    [qi:053] Earlier this week we were joking about Fundinistas or companies that the ones who raise venture capital […]


  22. Jena Update

    Posted by Executive Director Alan Bean:
    I have been in Jena for three days now and this is the first time I have had […]

    Friends of Justice

  23. New Jay-Z Album, “American Gangster” Due Nov. 6th!?

    The Camel Is Back!
    The peeps over at XXL are reporting in their infinite wisdom that Jay-Z, yes, that Jay-Z, is […]

    A Hot Mess!

  24. Chuck Norris gets Halo 3 early!

    In this world, odd things happen everyday. Today was no different…
    Chuck Norris lives the same life as […]

    The Xbox Domain

  25. Media treads softly on judicial scandal

    With the exception of independent, net-based news sites such as Malaysiakini, Merdeka Review, KLPos and Harakahdaily, […]

    elizabeth wong

  26. Publicado GNOME 2.20: Las novedades

    GNOME 2.20 ya ha sido publicado. Es la versión de este escritorio que usará el cada vez más cercano Ubuntu Gutsy. Se […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  27. Coo-coo for Baku: Crown their asses

    [image]So how about dem USA Greco-Roman wrestlers? Rich Bender, the executive director of USA Wrestling, called today […]

    Chicks Dig Fights

  28. Biker Dude’s Ding-a-ling Rung By Lightning

    I know this is the wrong type of biker, but I couldn’t help thinking of this:
    …heard this on the […]

    What The Crap? –

  29. the growth of dubai

    ‘monster x’ (thanks – unlucky with the name) sent me these brilliant aerial shots illustrating the rapid […]


  30. Zillow raises another $30 million from Legg Mason

    Web real estate startup Zillow has raised another $30 million in funding today, a C-round from Legg Mason Capital […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  31. A judicial fall from grace

    Malaysiakini reports, in the matter of the VK Lingam / CJ scandal, that ‘when contacted this afternoon, […]

    The People’s Parliament

  32. Lotus Symphony: First Impression

    As you all know, IBM just released Lotus Symphony, a free Office Application for Windows and Linux (with Mac to […]

    CyberTech Rambler

  33. Scoorey’s FIFA 08 experience

    G’day everyone,
    Today I went to EA headquarters in Sydney to have a play at the final version of Fifa 08 on xbox […]

  34. SingingLass Sings the Legal Blues to Kimmer

    Boy, oh boy, today is simply a feast for the eyes from theTRUTH!
    SingingLass wrote: (in a PM to Kimmer/Heidi Diaz)
    Hi, […]

    Kimkins Exposed

  35. Support the Jena 6: Wear black 9/20

    It’s that simple. Show your support of the Jena 6 tomorrow by wearing all black.
    Technorati Tags: Jena 6

    Vivian J. Paige

  36. CA vs. Spector – Moore Arguing & “Free OJ”

    So OJ was arraigned this morning on his 10 felony and one gross misdemeanor charges – in front of Judge Joe Bonaventure […]

    The Darwin Exception

  37. MACH BOOT – un live CD che effettua il boot in 10 secondi

    Il Linux più veloce che c’è

    Apparsa su distrowatch questa notizia:
    First look: MACH BOOT – a live CD […]

    Antonio Doldo Linux Blog

  38. Dzielnicowy

    Kopałem właśnie ziemniaki gdy zza płotu rozległo się wołanie.
    – Panie! podejdź pan do płota!
    – O pan […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  39. Not Exactly A Chartered Jet….

    We heard all afternoon that OJ Simpson would be on a chartered jet from Vegas to […]


  40. Important Notice: Major Site Changes

    Well, we’ve rolled out the first stage of the new ThotMarket economy. I’m too tired to write a comprehensive […]


  41. TechCrunch 40 winner: Mint

    Here’s the video of Aaron Patzer, CEO of Mint. They won the $50,000 at TechCrunch 40 yesterday. He gives us a […]


  42. Keeping up appearances – philosophical observations from a mountain top

    A few days ago, me and a journalist friend drove up to Bcharre in an effort to check rumours about the Lebanese Forces […]

    In the Middle of the East

  43. Situatia din Orientul Mijlociu

    Ieri, la ora la care plecam din Ierusalim, sosea – la acelasi hotel in care am locuit, David Citadel Hotel, Condoleezza […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  44. EJB 3.1: Immediate feedback on EJB Singletons and concurrency needed

    Well, its that time again. Time to work on the next version of Java EE and that means EJB 3.1. Since the EJB 3.1 list […]

    Angry Bill

  45. Alla ska vi skaka gallret som heter JOBB JOBB JOBB!

    Nu går sedvanligt manér finansminister från Rosenbad till Riskdagen med den nådiga DVD mellan fingerspetsarna. I […]

    Joakim Hörsing

  46. Starting Work on a New Project – Plug-in Watcher

    In our Open Source Development course we have been instructed to decide on a single project that I will create at least […]

    R3ap3r’s Weblog

  47. Top Companies for Leaders 2007

    What do you think of the top companies for leaders? What’s the worst mistake leaders make? What do you think it […]

    FORTUNE Features

  48. Black Window Bug Fixed?

    User spiorf has just reported to me that the NVIDIA Black Window Bug – where new windows would open as black as Video […]

    Compiz Fusion News

  49. Ieri e oggi in TV – 20/09/2007

    [image]In questo spazio esamino gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri mercoledì 19 […] Blog

  50. I’m a Halo Girl, in a Halo World (song)

    Today’s Halo 3 final week countdown activity : Rewrite a song with Halo lyrics.
    I searched high and low for what […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  51. [+] O que é Direito?

    Se você tiver uma explicação melhor que esse senhor, é só nos enviar! ENVIE SEU VÍDEO para […]

    TVMundU! …o mundo universitário fora da sala de aula!

  52. Как се сваля жена в интернет пространството

    Наръчник как да свалим една жена, или поне да направим добро впеча […]

    Mihaelina’s World

  53. Crackhead Jesus Gets Hollywood Attention

    LOS ANGELES– The South Florida story of
    “Crackhead Jesus” is causing a buzz in Hollywood, which may […]

    Release Me

  54. アップルと組む代償


    ロンドンのアップルイベント&#1243 […]


  55. Character test incoming.

    Ouch. I certainly envisioned the start on Sunday ending in a much different manner than it did, but it didn’t. […]

    38 Pitches

  56. Grillo, ancora…

    Ma ma… uno inizia a diventare un po’ critico verso Beppe Grillo, a vedere che sempre più spesso piscia un […]

    TheLeetto? Who cares!

  57. New Orleans Style Barbecued Prawns

    Prawns were, to me, quite a luxurious item that I thought I couldn’t afford to eat regularly. Sainsbury’s […]

    Tamarind and Thyme

  58. Atomic Kitten naakt

    [image]Wij hebben ze de foto’s van Kerry Katona..

    Mostert….wat een kudtblog

  59. Who’s in charge – Six Nations Confederacy or Julian Fantino?

    UPDATED 0232 EST Sept 20/07
    [image] is reporting that Clyde Powless, the man who ordered the […]

  60. Protect the separation of powers – A call for full investigation

    A notable French thinker of the 18th century, Baron de Montesquieu (his name was Charles de Secondat ), proposed a […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum

  61. McNabb and More: There’s Something Happening Here

    [image]Something deep is happening.
    Through the HBO Real Sports, James Brown interview with Philadelphia Eagles […]

    The Starting Five

  62. vPlug1.8.7.1

    vPlug1.8.7.1 – Fixed PIP problem with some of the DVB-applications.
    – Fixed ECM parsing of […]

    vPlug news

  63. Rank the middle infielders

    After yesterday’s fun discussion, I thought I’d strike up another friendly converstation over our middle […]

    Future Redbirds

  64. Странно до абсурдност решение на блогосферата на в-к ДНЕВНИК

    Току-що забелязах, че блогът ми е изваден от списъка на […]

    HUMANUS: дневникът на философа Ангел Грънчаров

  65. It’s Wednesday!

    And you know what that means!  Freebie day!  I’ll get to that down below!
    I have a decision to make and […]

    Designs By Heather Manning

  66. Urgent message from Abu Sinan

    Abu Sinan – a friend of mine and resident of N Virginia – called and asked me to post this very important message. His […]

    Tariq Nelson

  67. Words from TEH FUTURE

    As seen here (which I came across while confirming image file moves), now you can tell exactly how bad a prognosticator […]

    Broken Toys

  68. Raturala Eyed For PS Job

    FijiTimesOnline just published this.
    More NEPOTISM? 
    Update: 12.55pm
    FORMER radio personality and military officer […]


  69. 5 Lessons from CEO Diane Greene’s long, slow slog with VMWare

    We’re written already about virtualization software company “VMWare”: and […]


  70. Hat Guessing Puzzles, The Revenge

        I guess since my previous hat color guessing problem was so popular, I might as well talk about the other one I […]

    The Everything Seminar

  71. Hello, YZF-R125!!!

    [image]Anda ingin tampil dengan gaya R1/R6 dengan budjet terbatas, silahkan tebus motor ini. YZF-R125 memang bukan […]


  72. Partia kobiet – czy już wiesz na którą zagłosujesz?

    1 szczegół – a fee… golizna… pornografia i zgorszenie 😉 (zdjęcie u gór […]

    Blog, Honor, Ojczyzna

  73. Nvidia 100.14.19 Kubuntu (and friends)

    Ieri tutto si era concluso con questo articolo bellico-strategico nel quale avrei giurato di non parlare […]

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  74. Gnome Live 2.20 per chi non vuole aspettare!

    Per chi non vuole aspettare i pacchetti ufficiali della propria distro per Gnome 2.20, puo’ provare in […]

    O.S. Revolution

  75. Skype外掛: Unyte桌面與應用程式分享

    Posted By Mr. […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  76. Objectivist Carnival!

    For my non-Objectivist readers (and everyone else), I am hosting the Objectivist Carnival on my blog this week! […]


  77. Deceptive AdSense Ads Worse Than Click Fraud

    Much has been written about the dangers posed by click fraud on the Google advertising products, and how Google has […]

    MicroISV on a Shoestring

  78. Unconditional Election

    by Mike Ratliff
    The Doctrine of Unconditional Election is not for sissies. What I mean by that is if we adhere to this […]

    Possessing the Treasure

  79. Minnu Model Skins – Ripped off?

    UPDATED: More pics, more info! 
    It’s sad to say that with great success comes many copycats – some that will […]

    Shopping Cart Disco

  80. Kickad

    Jag blev av med jobbet pga. bloggen. Läs om det på Arbetaren.
    Om du vill behålla ett jobb ska du inte bara göra det […]


  81. Ubuntusemplice in estinzione su Wikipedia italiana

    Ciao a tutti,
    lo staff di wikipedia italia mi ha gentilmente avvisato che la pagina relativa a UbuntuSemplice è in […]

  82. Muhammed är ingen folkgrupp

    JK Göran Lambertz meddelar idag att han inte kommer väcka tryckfrihetsåtal mot Lars Vilks eller Nerikes Allehanda […]

    Alla dessa åsikter

  83. Det handlar om att starta gruvdrift

    Det är rätt intressant att läsa vissa inlägg på chat-sidor. Särskilt de som är kritiska. Den hårdaste kritiken g […]

  84. Barbados Underground Publishes 2nd Print Edition – But The Article Misses The Point (IOHO)

    “…Thompson And The DLP Appear Hapless And Helpless…” Barbados Underground has […]

    Barbados Free Press

  85. Szanowny Panie Prezydencie!

    Szanowny Panie Prezydencie
    Chciałbym coś Panu wyznać wreszcie
    Coś, co mnie dręczy jak włos w zupie
    Że mam […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  86. Scripting News for 9/20/07

    How to sponsor an open source project? [image]
    [image]I’m looking for ideas, established practices, do’s […]

    Scripting News Annex

  87. Walking in Memphis Back to the Playoffs

    On Sunday I was given an assignment by Shades of Blue:
    The conclusion I came to is that international players are more […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  88. Does Fred Thompson dislike South Carolina (football)?

    September 17, 2007
    Does Fred Thompson dislike South Carolina (football)?



  89. Bringing the Heat – Detroit Tigers: Bonus Granderson Interview and Player Yearbook Photos Included!

    It is almost not fair. We have been doing this MLB “Bringing the Heat” series all summer long; team […]


  90. Notícias – Mais de quarta-feira

    [image] [image]
    Dirigente do Jazz desmente insatisfação de Kirilenko. Celtics próximo de ter Batista


  91. Med Codex Cigas till Prag

    Sen kväll efter Operan och riksdagsöppnande. Förberedelser för morgondagen.
    En annorlunda onsdag. […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  92. Με ξηρό κόλπο κι’ έξω απ’ το κόλπο

    Α, καλύτερα να ακούς παρά να μιλάς. Τέλος.
    Άκουσα π.χ χθες τον κ. Χατ […]


  93. Rosa o cardo, bye bye Mourinho

    [por Rubén Uría]
    Mal humorado, sarcástico, genial y provocador, José Mourinho asoma en el planeta fútbol […]


  94. Oldham declares himself the winner

    Duncan yet again reacts to my recent posts on the blog with an outburst on his website. […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  95. Dining ins and outs

    Here’s what’s happening around town this week: Wine tasting on Vine
    Wines on Vine, 400 Old Vine Street, is […]

    Flavors of Kentucky

  96. Halo 3: Factoid Burst

    It’s nearly here and there’s much to be done in preparation for the big day. But before we begin, […]

    7th Columnist

  97. Laura, Mike Huckabee is Dobson’s Logical Choice

    [image]On her show today, conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham mentioned an Associated Press article that […]

    Bob McCarty Writes

  98. Arsenal 3-0 Sevilla – 19/09/07 – (Champions League)

    Brilliant. Just brilliant. The score line might be a bit flattering but we were worthy winners. We got off to a […]

  99. Hit Ratios (3)

     A little while ago I wrote some notes on why monitoring the buffer cache hit ratio (BCHR) was a pointless exercise. […]

    Oracle Scratchpad

  100. Zeltia ya puede vender Yondelis

    Ya es noticia: Zeltia recibe la aprobación de las autoridades europeas para iniciar la venta de Yondelis para Sarcoma […]

    b i o i n v e r s o r

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