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August 22, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Obama: A ‘stretch’ to see me as president

    [image] Obama, at a recent campaign trip to New Hampshire.
    WASHINGTON (AP) – Barack Obama knows it’s a

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Searching for the next South Park

    [image]Animation is a big business. Just ask major media companies Disney (DIS) and News Corp. (NWS), which both have […]

    Media Biz

  3. Clip Of The Day: Lance Niekro Is Not Quite “There” Yet

    Most of you may remember Lance Niekro from his failed attempts to seize the elusive first base job from the […]

    Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog

  4. Spin prediction

    Gallup finds Congress at it’s lowest approval rating since, well, Gallup started polling Congress:
    A new Gallup […]

    Cadillac Tight

  5. OH! U R SO DED!

    ..STFU U NOOB!!1!
    aggro gamer kitty is AGGRO.
    photo by: slava
    capped and submitted by: Todd


  6. Apple & The DRM Free Market Madness

    When it comes to DRM free music — that is, music not encumbered by copyright restrictions — the pitchers […]


  7. What’s on Han Gyul’s mind?

    Gong Yoo is the only guy on the planet who still looks so fine with such a dumb expression. What made him wear […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  8. Final Blackburn Thoughts, Bergkamp And A Little More

    The observations about Blackburn’s style of play may not be far off the mark; it’s physical, it’s not […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  9. Control a Remote Computer–For Free

    You’re all set up in your hotel room to review the presentation you’ll be giving tomorrow, but when you go looking […]

    Web Worker Daily

  10. Tantos helicópteros, pero donde están cuando se necesitan.

    Helicoptero de Amable

    Desde hace unos días Tu ventana en RD

  11. More WordPress theming at

    I came across an excellent resource about WordPress theming – .  There are theme reviews, forum and few […]

    WordPress Bits

  12. Dedicato a chi vuole abbandonare TopHost

    Ubuntista offre un codice promozionale da utilizzare per DreamHost. Cito dal suo blog:
    Mi trovo molto bene, in […]

    Alessandro Prioni

  13. vs. (Adobe announces new Flash player)

    We’re about to watch a HD-DVD movie so I thought I’d bang out a little post about Kyte vs. PodTech, since […]


  14. No more news on Namewee

    Malaysiakini reports the directive by the Internal Security Ministry to the mainstream media to stop publishing reports […]

    elizabeth wong

  15. Is Damon The Answer?

    Soon to be 34-year-old Damon Stoudamire wants out of Memphis. The veteran point guard wants to play for a winner, and […] The Voice Of Celtics Fans

  16. Devinez qui


    Les Amateurs de Stars

  17. 52 Diggers Who Should be Banned

    No, not all Diggers without avatars should be banned. No, not all Diggers who Dugg this story without avatars should be […]

    Tech Industry News

  18. In Rememberance of the Sangweech

    In just a matter of days Rachel and I will be heading to points South — Atlanta and then New Orleans for a much […]

    Off The Broiler

  19. A Hot Mess! Picture Post

    Kanye West looking like a stand-in for Frylock on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. STOP!
    It’s that time again, […]

    A Hot Mess!

  20. Screenlets 0.10: Finalmente funzionano a dovere!

    [image]Sono finalmente state aggiornate le screenlets che passano dalla versione 0.9 alla 0.10, la precedente versione, […]

    Ubuntu Box

  21. Gencon 2007

    I went to Gencon again this year, and as I usually do, I had a blast. While I didn’t have any scheduled events, […]

    Xenite’s Miniatures

  22. Magic Carpet

    Here is a great example of mixing physics with Papervision3D. Manuel Bua, a very talented software developer […]



    First, yes…the title to this blog today is a tease and you have to read the end of the blog to get […]


  24. گوگل و نتایج عجیب

    گاهی اوقات جستجو در گوگل هم میتونه سرگرم کننده باشه!اگر باور نمیکن […]

    IT Analyzer

  25. The Simpsons and the SEC coaches…….

    Awhile back, the esteemed Georgia blog Hey Jenny Slater had a great post on which Simpsons characters would likely […]

    Third Saturday in Blogtober

  26. Oboy, hemligt snusk

    Jag brukar tänka att det finns vissa saker som omedelbart blir en persons mästerverk, och då brukar det ofta handla […]


  27. Elvis und Lisa Marie Presley: In The Ghetto


    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

  28. Neo1973 – Nuova Interfaccia

    Sean Moss-Pultz di OpenMoko annuncia la nuova interfaccia:
    We went back to the drawing board with OpenedHand […]

    Note su LINUX

  29. The Nanny Diaries

    Annelise Peterson
    Rachel Roy

    Park Avenue Peerage

  30. Daily Prospect Report 8/20/07

    He’s alive! He’s alive! If you’ve been paying attention to the box scores lately you already know […]

    Future Redbirds

  31. Imagens animadas para o Orkut

    Já que me pediram vou escrever sobre as novas possibilidade de mensagens (scrap) no orkut.
    Agora é possível enviar […]

    Poai Bacana!

  32. Adobe Adding H.264 Support to Flash

    In a move that reflects a growing desire for higher-quality Web video, the newest version of Adobe’s (ADBE) […]


  33. Kde4 ( rev 680445) – Anteprima Dolphin File Manager


    O.S. Revolution

  34. Fan Frozen in Carbonite

    What’s cooler than daydreaming you’re Han Solo? How about pretending you’re Han frozen in […]

    The Official Star Wars Blog

  35. 168 – “Does My Brazil Look Big in This?”

    This little piece of fashion cartography was made by Dutch artist Coriette Schoenaerts, based in Amsterdam […]

    strange maps

  36. Ivan Brunetti on Nancy…and Life

    When we read—as no doubt many of you did—in Boing Boing a couple of weeks ago, that Ivan Brunetti, one of […]

    The Daily Cross Hatch

  37. NO Privacy Under Malaysian Islamic Law?

    NO Privacy Under Malaysian Islamic Law? I found the link below from Malaysiakini describing the current life condition […]

    Shariah @ National Law

  38. Video del Huracan Dean llevandose victima al mar


    Politolia Argentina

  39. Tisdag med möte och tankar

    I dag blir det faktiskt UD:s chefsmöte så gott som hela dagen.
    Fredrik Reinfeldt inleder, och sedan kommer statsråd o […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  40. Vick falls on the mercy of the courts!

    Well, well, well… Michael Vick has put his NFL career in jeopardy by taking a plea bargain, and placing himself […]

    With Malice…

  41. Wierność zasadom

    Będąc młodą lekarką, wszedł raz do mego gabinętu, pacjęt opalony, wypoczęty ale o oczach […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata


    [image] 16-year-old Adnan Patrawala, who had been missing for 2 days, has been found lifeless near Panvel, just […]

    The Red Pencil

  43. digg vs reddit vs slashdot vs stumbleupon – who’s the daddy?

    [image]Social news and bookmarking sites, such as,, and, use voting by […]

    Successful Software

  44. Scripting News for 8/21/07

    Critique of Gnomedex 2007 [image]
    [image]If you go to the Gnomedex website

    Scripting News Annex

  45. IronLisp going live today

    After a month of development, IronLisp will be made public later today. I am pretty happy with the progress I have […]


  46. Rouwadvertentie’s Jos Brink via de Telegraaf


    Uitvaartinformatie-Bolink (

  47. Hurricane Dean: All’s Well in Playa After the Storm

    We woke up this morning to a much quieter day. Most of the rain and wind bands extending out from Hurricane Dean seem […]

    Luna Blue’s PlayaZone

  48. Echo Chamber – The Palmetto Power 100

    FITSNews – August 19, 2007 – Power.
    The […]

    FITSNews For Now

  49. Hurricane Dean Radar

    This image [via] of Dean approaching Jamaica is unreal.  Even scarier is to think that it is supposed […]

    Servo3000: Live on the Web

  50. Code Highlighting….. Some Hue after the Fuss 🙂

    SOC end’d last night, and a last minute savior from my ever helping mentor Andreas, I get some Highlighting […]

    Lysergic Acid Di-methyl-Amide

  51. Legislative Scorecard: Taxpayers 1, Spendthrifts 0

    I am pleased to report a significant victory for DeKalb County taxpayers that occurred late in the 2007 legislative […]

    Representative Mike Jacobs

  52. new facade for Louis Vuitton


  53. Pittman bets on the power of joiners

    [image]On Monday Bob Pittman’s New York-based venture firm, Pilot Group, snapped up the North American Membership […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  54. Coffee Prince Ep 16 Quick Note

    Major KISSING!!!
    They did it….ha ha ha….it happened!!!!
    It was such a […]

    asian drama addict

  55. 35,381 Ron Paul MeetUp Members 8/20/07

    Ron Paul 2008 30,701 Members in 754 Meetup Groups, 4,680 waiting for a Meetup Group
    35,381 Total […]

    Ron Paul MeetUp Videos

  56. An Epoch of Fraud and Deceit

    Whenever I hear somebody speaking in the name of God (regardless of whichever god he speaks for), I surely will […]

    Eliseo Soriano

  57. All out of…

    I always forget what I need to get at the grocery store. I keep Post-Its on hand or I’ll scribble notes […]

    Will Work For Food

  58. (Updated) Εκλογές μεταξύ σοβαρού και αστείου…



  59. قیلطرشکنی برای تمام فصول

    همانطور که میدانید ابتدای همه آدرسهای اینترنتی یک پروتوکل وجود […]

    پس فردا

  60. Telefilm News Speciale – Italia 1 cambia qualcosa

    [image]Piccolo appuntamento speciale dedicato al panorama dei telefilm sui canali televisivi non a pagamento, con un […] Blog

  61. Vem ska betala elräkningen för Gazaborna?

    EU vägrar att fortsätta betala elräkningen för Gazaborna. Anledningen är att man misstänker att Hamas kommer att […]

    Hellströms okultiverade tanketrädgård

  62. All In This Together: Goths, High School Musical 2, and Growing Up Gay

    applescruff’s blog at Progressive U comments on being a Disneyland Cast Member during Bat’s Day at the Fun […]

    Broke Hoedown

  63. Video muestra cómo el huracán Dean se traga a un joven

    El huracán Dean ha azotado con fuerza el caribe y amenaza a hora a Estados Unidos, donde podría llegar como un […]

    MzBlog:Periodismo e Internet

  64. 100隻蝦與乾淨的兒童飲水

    Posted by Mr. Friday
    最近從信箱裡看到一篇轉寄的email, […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  65. Do you enjoy a nice conversation?

    Me: I saw Mrs. Miller today after Mass.
    Katie: What did you talk about?
    Me: Our ungrateful daughters.
    (Pause. Double […]

    Charlotte was Both

  66. Secret to Clearing the Clutter and Hacking Away the Unessentials!

    Do you look around your home and get a tense feeling in your shoulder blades? Do you notice that your breathing is […]

    Happy to Be a Rock n’ Roller

  67. Pub sur Facebook: Le Pen est ton ami

    Beaucoup ont noté l’inquiétante médiocrité des annonces publicitaires qui circulent sur Facebook. Cette fois […]


  68. Barnes Deal Done?

    i gather via KUMB that Derby local radio is saying that we have agreed a £7 million fee with Derby County for Giles […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  69. Tira LinuxHispano: Mensajería

    Enfados a distancia…

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  70. گروگان‌گیری را دیدید؟ حالا بگذارید ما هر چقدر خواستیم اعدام کنیم

    به دنبال خبر گروگانگیری صبح امروز در دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ایران که […]

    نگاهی دیگر، نگاه ما

  71. Hurricane Dean Damage Assessment Underway – Not As Bad As It Could Have Been

    On the 19th in our post Hurricane Dean – How Close will it get to Jamaica and Cayman? Maybe not as close as […]

    Notes From The Margin

  72. Gettin’ Sports Bloggy: Can’t We Even “Kind of” Get Along? No

    Okay, it’s 8.21.07, I’ve been at this for 10 months solid now and for the first time, I’m going to […]

    The Starting Five

  73. What a Party!

    Out they poured…tiny ones, giant ones, white ones, brown ones, thin ones, thick ones, flattened ones, puffed […]

    A Mad Tea Party

  74. Compiz-fusion core 0.5.3 attenzione

    Il 18 Agosto e’ stato aggiornato alla versione 0.5.3 il pacchetto compiz-core, mentre tutti i plugins sono […]

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  75. Ubuntu’s Audience Defined

    I read the impressive growth and traffic details for at Matt’s Blog. WordPress has always been very […]

    Ubuntu Blog

  76. Dzięki politykom żyjemy w kraju wyznaniowym

    Znów mamy dyskusję o tym, czy Polska jest krajem świeckim, czy może już jednak wyznaniowym.
    Miałem sobie […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  77. Gamespot Review Of BioShock Ignites On-Site Flame War

    [image]Nothing triggers a fanboy frenzy like when a magnificent game with a running streak of near-perfect […]

    Xbox 360 Truth

  78. WTF? A New Poll to Vote for Winner of Iowa Debate (poll; updated results; correction)

    Thanks everyone who has voted in this second poll. (Thanks to Daniel, see comment below) Looks like this poll is really […]

    Dandelion Salad

  79. Notícias – As “rapidinhas” de terça-feira

    Durant e Collison são cortados do USA Team, Artest […]


  80. Da Windows a Linux: tutti i perché

    Sono in molti ad essere insicuri, il passaggio da Windows a Linux non è di certo una cosa da fare senza […]


  81. The ‘Digg effect’ on the Collective.

    It was bound to happen, even though we were invite only and there was no way to get into the collective without an […]

    Paul & Dave’s Novel Concepts

  82. Den döende rasen.

    Nu ska vi se här. Jag kände lite för att skriva. Men jag är inte säker på vad jag ska skriva. Jag tror jag tar […]

    Viktor Edholm

  83. Biaya hidup di Jakarta

    Ada banyak email masuk menanyakan mengenai biaya hidup di Jakarta. Terus terang buat saya ini pertanyaan yang sangat […]

    Anjar Priandoyo is Lifeauditor

  84. Before We Get Drunk on Ethanol, Let’s Make Sure We Get It Right

    [image]Not all biofuels are created equal: in fact, depending on how they are produced, biofuels like ethanol and […]

    It’s Getting Hot In Here

  85. Compiz-Fusion: bianco che più bianco non si può!

    Soap-opera updates:
    da: Compiz Fusion News

    Tecnologia e non solo

  86. Chile Line experiencing some delays

    The town of Taos is warning residents to expect some delays on the Chile Line because of road construction throughout […]

    The Taos News Online

  87. Dal mondo – Uragano Dean minaccia le coste del Messico

    [image]PLAYA DEL CARMEN, Messico – L’uragano Dean si è rafforzato fino a diventare una tempesta di categoria 5, […]

  88. Ordenadores alternativos

    Generalmente, cuando se habla de un PC, se piensa en un equipo de sobremesa o portátil, generalmente con Windows […]

    El Blog de Manu

  89. Un narrador, un pensador

    Sobre Godard y Truffaut por Tomás Abraham Termino mi jornada cinematográfica doméstica reconfortado y […]

    La lectora provisoria

  90. Student Finds 5,000-Year-Old Chewing Gum

    I love little archaeology news bits like the following, because such findings are like a time machine to me. They give […]

  91. Beatles Sheet Music

    With a little effort and searching you should be able to find Beatles sheet music for all of the songs ever recorded by […]

    Beatles Sheet Music

  92. Hibiscus Soldiers


  93. Huracán Dean, en su pico de intensidad, toca tierra en México con vientos de 265 km/h.

    4:00 AM – 21 de Agosto
    Posición Actual: LATITUD: 18.5 Norte
    LONGITUD: 86.8 Oeste
    [image] Intensidad de la Tormenta: […]

    Blog de Huracanes v2.0

  94. Goofus and Gallant of the Day

    (Larger version here.)
    Gallant writes about a new study suggesting there may be a viral cause of fat in some […]

    Shapely Prose

  95. Rejecting the Obvious Truth of the Gospel

    Have I not written to you excellent things Of counsels and knowledge,That I may make you know the certainty of the […]


  96. Fabio Castro promoted…

    I hope Fabio has paid up his insurance premiums, as he’s the next guy to walk through the revolving door in the […]

    Phuture Phillies

  97. The Fellowship of Friends Discussion, part 1(9)

    Part 19, the Fellowship of Friends Discussion.
    For previous parts click on home and browse away.

    the Fellowship of Friends Discussion

  98. Nur ein toter Schwuler ist ein guter Schwuler

    Nach diesem Motto verfährt zur Zeit ein katholisches Ehpaar aus Carmel, Indiana. Sie hassen ihren Sohn Patrick, der […]

    Gay West

  99. Pornografía, Prostitución y Masturbación – (La Pipitilla)


    NMR DEI CAS – Un Mundo de Nuevas Sensaciones… en Deportes, Viajes, Cine, Música, Entretenimiento Global…

  100. Concluzie

    Am ajuns la o concluzie. Daca esti gay sau lesbiana, din etnia roma, te deplasezi pe bicicleta sau pe sk8, gatesti […]

    Gramo’s World

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