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August 19, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Sometimes… Linux confuses me



  2. Injury problems and we’ve only played two games

    Fair enough they’re not anything serious but we’re picking up early knocks all over the place. […]

  3. Attitude And Gilberto

    In the absence of Gilberto, this was always going to be the toughest test that the team would face during the first […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  4. OH NOES!

    Jack: Never let go.
    Rose: I’ll never let go, Jack.
    Rose lets go.
    Rose thinks: “Oh […]


  5. Leaked “Dark Knight” Photos!

    Tons of new (and leaked) photos from the new Batman Begins sequel entitled, “The Dark Knight”, have popped […]

    A Day In The Life…

  6. “Oops! What I meant was…”

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Say what? The 2008 presidential campaign theme could be “Oops! What I meant was […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  7. Why is Yun Eun Hye dressed like this?

    Coffee Prince is coming to an end and we managed to get our hands on pictures of next episodes. If you watch […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  8. 奇幻視覺

    Posted by Mr. Monday
    Mr. […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  9. Blingee now on Facebook!

    Facebook users can now join the Blingee fever. Send your Blingees to your Facebook profile, and get your friends to […]

    Blingee Team Hangout

  10. Fanboys, Killzone 2 and the Fabric of the Universe

    Recently, I made the tragic mistake of trying to determine what makes gamers fanboys, in the vain hope of explaining […]

  11. Dean es un huracán mayor: Alcanza la categoría 3 en aguas del Mar Caribe.

    1:45 PM – 17 de Agosto
    Posición Actual: LATITUD: 14.8 Norte
    LONGITUD: 63.6 Oeste
    Intensidad de la Tormenta: […]

    Blog de Huracanes v2.0

  12. SSH Menu – Save and Open SSH Connections from the Panel

    I was looking for a replacement for SecureCRT in Ubuntu. Something that would let me save all my SSH connections and […]

    Ubuntu Blog

  13. Aza, friend or foe?

    I know it’s hard to believe. I mean, even to me, it seems like another lifetime. But Azalina Othman Said […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  14. June 2007 nursing exam results by end of August

    MANILA, Philippines — A flurry of text messages has been circulating that the results of the June 2007 nursing […]

    Buddy Blogs

  15. The Jonas Phillips case: an open letter to the mayor of Asheville, NC

    The Honorable Terry M. Bellamy
    Mayor, Asheville NC
    P.O. Box 7148
    Asheville NC, 28802
    Dear Mr. Mayor:
    As you no doubt […]

    Scholars and Rogues

  16. Rating: “Somos tú y yo” promedia 44.5% de encendido

    Fuente: AGB.
    Total individuos.
    25 de julio – 13 de agosto
    Hora: 6 a 7 p.m.
    “Somos tú y yo” (Venevisión) – […]

    Las aguas mansas

  17. Ron Paul Detractors Need a Wake Up Call

    By Szandor Blestman
    August 17, 2007
    I’ve noticed a number of people on the Internet complaining […]


  18. Attention Roger Goodell: the time to act is now

    [image]I am aghast at the time it is taking NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to do something decisive on the Michael Vick […]

    With Malice…

  19. Birmingham Preview

    One could forgive Eggert Magnusson if he walked into the Birmingham City boardroom and did an impression of the Harry […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  20. 5 حقه كثيف برای افزایش بازدیدكنندگان وبلاگتان

    اين بار نيز يكي ديگر از مقالات شاهكار اين آقا را خدمت شما تقديم […]


  21. Daily Prospect Report 8/17/07

    Hat tip to commenter David for supporting my lazy habit and digging up Mike Venafro. I wonder if he isn’t […]

    Future Redbirds

  22. Wubi another goodbye microsoft


    O.S. Revolution

  23. Zapatillas con dedos

    [image]Si ya me impresionaron los calcetines con dedos, ahora he visto las zapatillas con dedos, las zapatillas que se […]

    El rincón de la tontuna

  24. Lesser Known Applications for Linux — Learning and Hobby Tools

    This will be an ongoing series of articles highlighting lesser known applications for Linux. These articles will be a […]

    Richard F Crawley III

  25. Video del terremoto en Perú (2)

    Este es un video emotivo y enigmático , permite apreciar mejor el movimiento y la reacción de la gente, […]

    Signos Virtuales

  26. Sequoia Invests $15 million in Jive Software

    Jive Software, a Portland, Ore.-based collaboration software startup, has raised $15 million in funding from Sequoia […]


  27. بگونیا چمنی و قرمزکوکایی

    هفته قبل خانمهای خانواده مراسم ختم انعام داشتند. و البته بدو ب […]


  28. HTML no orkut, seus scraps mais poderosos! 🙂

    Sim sim! O Orkut está evoluindo, lentamente, mas está!
    Agora alguns usuários podem mandar diversos tipos de scraps: o […]

    ..:: Loucura ::..

  29. Ryssland under och över vågorna

    [image]I veckans nummer av The Economist stod en halvsides-artikel om ryska flottan. Artikeln hade rubriken “Ships […]

    Militära Reflektioner

  30. NJ Dining: Lodi Pizza

    Click for Hi-Res Slide Show!
    Lodi Pi

    Off The Broiler

  31. Maybe I’m a geek

    For the past couple of weeks, I have been setting up my new laptop. It’s a challenge, since a number of items – the […]

    Off the Wall



    Neozeratul en la Red

  33. Unsubstantiated Rumor: Castro Dead

    A Reliable source has informed someone named Mindbender26, at Free Republic that Castro is room temperature.
    This could […]

    Nice Deb

  34. Barbados Election Violence? Shot Fired At Home of Journalist – DLP Candidate. Human Faeces Smeared On Her Business, […]

    DLP Candidate & Journalist Target Of Apparent Election Violence The Royal Barbados Police Force are […]

    Barbados Free Press

  35. Steven Seagal exige des excuses du FBI: l’organisation aurait saboté à jamais sa carrière.

    Steven Seagal exige des excuses du FBI: l’organisation aurait saboté à jamais sa carrière en le mêlant de […]

    Movies, Internet & Politics

  36. FEMA Recruiting Pastors To Prepare For Martial Law

    Elimination of the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act
    What, you didn’t know?  …Yea, we didn’t […]

    Houston 9|11 Truth

  37. Get out of jail free card well and truly cashed in..

    [image]Swansea City – 0
    Nottingham Forest – 0
    Finally the travelling Forest fans got to see free-flowing, attacking and […]

    Through the seasons before us..

  38. Luxury Residential Tower


  39. WETA Halo Movies, New Pics

    So the latest Bungie update went live yesterday, and whilst we don’t normally discuss the updates here all that […]

    7th Columnist

  40. De ryska maktambitionerna klarnar

    Carl B Hamilton skriver idag på SvD Brännpunkt om den ryska marinens förehavanden i Östersjön. Tydligen har den […]

    Alla dessa åsikter

  41. That Is Some French Macaron…

    For the past week I went to Madeline Patisserie in Chelsea since I remember reading recently from the NY Times that […]

    The Wandering Eater

  42. Dean, Imágenes, siguiendo los pasos

    [image][image] Tu ventana en RD

  43. Valon nopeus rikottu!

    Kaksi Saksalaista fyysikkoa väittävät, että he ovat rikkoneet valon nopeuden – saavutus, joka horjuttaa […]

    Paranormaali Blogi

  44. Photo Friday: The School Space

    La Scuola d’Argento

  45. Why are they still missing after Hurricane Katrina?

    I’ve said it before…Katrina didn’t discriminate.  The following report indicates that the poor and […]

    Louisiana Questions

  46. Iraklı kadınlara Amerikan askerlerinin cinsel tacizi +18

    Iraklı kadınlara Amerikan askerlerinin cinsel tacizi +18
    Yayınlanma 01 Aug 2007 Gündem , Resim , Savaş , Vahşi , […]

    video izle

  47. A (Reader-)Lock-Free Sorted Array

    Mono is a .NET jit-in-time compiler (JIT), which means that it translates .NET code (CIL code, to be precise) into […]

    Juggling, Photography, Software, and Atheism

  48. Dumbed-down history

    [image]As someone with an undergraduate degree in History and a life-long love of the discipline, I wasn’t […]


  49. La tienda Canonical

    Pues parece que Canonical ha abierto una tienda online para comprar ciertos productos de merchandising relacionados, […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  50. ¿Creías que no te borraría?

    Me han informado de este servicio, para los que utilizan el hotmail como messenger.

    ¿Qué es […]

    El Blog del Metrero

  51. Top 10 why blogger is better than vlogger

    10- no blur text
    9- forward the story to others
    8- type any kind of computer anywhere like library
    7- print the story […]

    Fookem and Bug

  52. PokePlus – Versão Temporária!

    Olá pessoal!
    Aqui quem escreve é o Pikachu, WebMaster e Administrador da Pokemon Plus.
    Como puderam perceber, na […]

    Pokémon Plus

  53. It’s Saturday Somewhere

    It’s 2 a.m. here, so I guess I can go ahead and give you the third and final template from my 100th Layout […]

    The Scrappy Times

  54. The 2007 draft, in one word

    Decent. And here’s why I think it’s a decent draft. In the first 10 rounds, the Phillies made more low […]

    Phuture Phillies

  55. Artigo – Acontece na Liga

     [image] [image] [image]
    Ricardo “Tio Zeca” Stabolito comenta as principais notícias da semana no […]


  56. Increíble – Porno en Red Social para jóvenes

    Faceparty es una red social de estas que está tan de moda últimamente, como MySpace, yahoo, facebook, soysexoono, […]

    :: JeteBlog ::

  57. Video: Birdman – “Pop Bottles” Feat. Lil’ Wayne & Jadakiss

    Birdman – “Pop Bottles” Feat. Lil’ Wayne & Jadakiss
    I actually don’t hate this, […]

    A Hot Mess!

  58. Men, Boys, Sons — Something I Wrote to Someone I Love

    This is an edited version of an excerpt of something I wrote to someone close to me about some of the events of the […]

    Women’s Space/The Margins

  59. The Rest of Sam Jordison’s Bizarre Sadism

    This is the second installment of my comment requested by a certain Haruki on the article of Sam Jordison, a […]

    Eliseo Soriano

  60. Raúl y el ADN del viejo Madrid

    [por Rubén Uría]
    Ferrari, cuatro latas o seiscientos cinco. La vida de Raúl siempre ha estado sazonada de […]


  61. Fed takes the 911 call.

    [image]The tensions building up…traders/investors losing patience….heat building up throughout the trading […]

    Your Adarsh

  62. Débora, uma mulher corajosa – 4

    DÉBORA, UMA MULHER CORAJOSA – Jz 4.4,6-9; 5.1,7
    Pr. Adilson Guilhermel Lição 7 – 19/08/2007
    Texto Bíblico: Js […]

    Ensino Dominical


    Matthew Keiser from Arnold & Porter spoke for the first time on national radio about his client’s case […]

    Mr. Sunshine

  64. Aline e o Freire’s

    Minha querida cunhada Aline era a checadora de tarifas do Freire’s. Entre 2001 e 2004 (quando fiz a […]

    Viaje na Viagem

  65. Coffee Prince EP 15 Preview

    This preview totally rocked my world.
    Two marriage proposals…
    A Bed Scene…
    Did or did […]

    asian drama addict

  66. Приказки по телефона

    Дръннн. Дръннн. Дръннн.
    – Ало?
    – Оооо, здрасти! Как си, как си?- […]

    Pеалността е въпрос на гледна точка…

  67. Week 6 Update – The BETA is dead…. Long live the BETA!

    Today we entered our 2nd phase, the invite beta. The 2 major changes over the private beta we left behind are:

    All […]

    Paul & Dave’s Novel Concepts

  68. Nvidia Dock

    Nvidia Dock è una piccola applicazione che permette una semplice gestione della nostra scheda video Nvidia, appare nel […]

    TuxLinux… La combriccola del pinguino

  69. Is “Hannah Montana” using “High School Musical 2” to get BIG ratings? — Also Raven is getting close to Hannah

    Hannah Montana has currently been getting lower ratings than usual. On the latest episode of Hannah Montana it […]

    Teen Scoop Celebrity Blog Site

  70. I’ve had it.

    I think I’ve done quite well to go six months without a hissy fit. Duck. I’m going to snip it so you can […]

    Pole to Polar: The secret life of a manic depressive

  71. Ana Paula Valadão tem uma imagem de madeira

    Eu admiro a Ana Paula Valadão, expoente da música gospel nacional. Ana Paula é pastora – evangélicos podem […]

    O Possível e o Extraordinário

  72. Magnanimity and burying of the hatchet

    Malaysiakini reported on 16th August 2007 that the cabinet decided that it was in no position to forgive namewee […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum

  73. 300 pagine di bolletta. Con l’iPhone

    Alcuni possessori dell’iPhone si sono visti recapitare a casa delle bollette telefoniche formate da decine e […]

    Mac Blog

  74. State launches annual pot hunt


    The Taos News Online

  75. Terremoto en Perú video en vivo de youtube


    Politolia Argentina

  76. So You Think You Can Dance MUSIC 8/15/07 WEEK 9

    Fox Broadcasting Official SYTYCD Website

    Music selections from Previous Weeks.

    joey moggie

  77. The most encouraging Colbert Report interview I’ve ever seen

    The blog-o-spehere is very upset with some of the things the guy in the video above has to say, and I agree […]

    How good is this?

  78. Are We Ever Gonna Get Anywhere?

    Disclaimer: This is going to be one of my ranting blog posts. It has some profanity in it. You’ve been […]

    The Deaf Edge

  79. And so it begins…

    Looks like a Prison Break promo aired. Of course, playing it during reality TV guarantees I will never see it […]

    Wet For Went

  80. Thank You! Thank You!

    [image]One’s not enough, and two’s ohh, ahh plenty!
    Like Noah’s Ark, fellow Reactiona

    Gavin Newsom

  81. Lucy and Euan


    Park Avenue Peerage

  82. Loneliness is bad for your health

    Two University of Chicago psychologists, Louise Hawkley and John Cacioppo, have been trying to disentangle social […]


  83. Skype идет на поправку!

    “Мы рады объявить, что ситуация продолжает улучшаться. ” – […]

    Блог Филатова Максима

  84. Wanderlei hat unterschrieben:

    Dana White hatte gestern grossen Besuch in seinem Büro:

    MMA-News in deutscher Sprache

  85. Key in the Charm Forest

    We started this only after we found the key but here are screenshots of finding a key, opening the door, getting the […]

  86. Kristus och Cristina Husmark Pehrsson

    Efter tre dagar var socialförsäkringsminister Cristina Husmark Pehrsson botad från sin utbrändhet, säger hon i DN. […]

    The Badlands Hyena Vomit Titbits

  87. Highlighting the Carnival Pride and Cruise Director Jeff Bronson

    Good Morning from Civvi again and this time it’s that early morning blog………….it’s […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  88. Let’s Go See…

    Rasheed Khaleel: I don’t know which is scarier: talking genitalia or the

    Comics I Don’t Understand

  89. As respostas do Flash Pops Programa de TV. Para aqueles que sabem mas não lembram…

    [image]Veja também:
    Flash Pops – Músicas de Filmes 1 | Respostas

    “Nós pensávamos que tínhamos as respostas mas eram as nossas perguntas que estavam erradas”

  90. Roche’s mantra: ‘Hewitt beat Federer’.

    Tony Roche is sitting cross legged, in his senior citizen psychopathic centre, repeating the above mantra endlessly.
    He […]

    Tennis Planet

  91. IV RP – koniec ze skowytem

    Właściwie powinienem napisać, w związku ze zbliżającymi się wyborami pełne podsumowanie ostatnich […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  92. TelePagelle #44 – Settimana 11 – 17 agosto 2007

    [image]Lo spazio settimanale TelePagelle permette a tutti i visitatori di questo blog di esprimere il loro […] Blog

  93. Vanessa Minnillo nue non censurée!

    Voici ma petite trouvaille ce matin et je vous l’envoie en rapidité. Voici les photos de Vanessa Minnillo de […]

    Sports, chars et femmes

  94. Masas y estrellas

    Sobre Godard, Troya, Los diez mandamientos y Ridley Scott por Tomás Abraham Fui al video y me vine con unas […]

    La lectora provisoria

  95. 3 The NBA’s problems vs. The NFL’s problems…

    The NFL has survived years of off-field incidents. It’s hasn’t hurt the product, the ratings. Will this […]

    Dan Patrick Online Blog

  96. ALP scores rate rise first blood.

     The latest Morgan face-to-face poll is in, the first measuring the affect of the interest rate rise on voting […]

    Possums Pollytics

  97. Butiran di Vagina adalah Titipan Setan? Heeeboh

    [jarar siahaan; batak news; kelewat beragama ya begini]
    Perempuan harus disunat agar jauh dari nafsu dan dosa. Segumpal […]

    Blog Berita Dot Com

  98. Google comparé à Oussama Ben Laden

    Impensable? C’est pourtant très sérieux et ce n’est pas n’importe où: dans les colonnes du Los […]


  99. Vector, seu Windows com a cara do Longhorn!

    [image]Pessoal para quem gosta do estilo Longhorn (muito mais bonito do que vista), um tema lindissímo que eu tinha […]

    H2O Deskmod

  100. Akku-Rückruf Nokia BL-5C

    Nokia ruft teilweise Akkus des Typs BL-5C aufgrund von Erwärmungs-Problemen zurück.
    Das E61/E61i ist jedoch nicht […]

    E61 Effect

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