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August 18, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Mitt Romney wins Illinois straw poll

    [image] Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney (CNN)–Mitt Romney added another straw poll victory to his […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Escape Attempt

    If anyone knows the source of this pic, please let me know..
    *update* source found (thank you, anonymous) : […]


  3. And Broadband Goes Slo-Mo

    [qi:051] U.S. broadband subscriber growth, which had been rising at a blistering pace for nearly 12 quarters, started […]


  4. Economic Expert: We Are Already In An Engineered Recession

    Economic Expert: We Are Already In An Engineered Recession
    50% chance there is going to be a 1929 style economic […]

  5. Top Ten Things Not To Write In A Love Letter

    Last night, for the first time in years, I read through some old love letters, which spanned ten years – from junior […]

    Meditations on Meaning

  6. 164 – A Cat’s Map of the Bed

    For at least 10.000 years, the animal known to taxonomists as Felis silvestris catus has been among the dearest […]

    strange maps

  7. The Worst of the Best

    We often debate who is the best?  Occasionally we talk about the worst.  But what about the worst of the best?
    Back […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  8. EXCLUSIVE: McCabe Plans to Sue Hammers Fans!

    I can exclusively reveal that the Sheffield United chairman Kevin McCabe has written to West Ham asking for details of […]

    West Ham Till I Die


    photo by: ?
    capped and submitted by: Allison


  10. Korea’s best celebs impress Japan

    Korea’s top celebs all hopped on the plane and headed for the Tokyo dome to meet with their Japanese fans […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  11. Fabregas And Early Weekend Team News

    Cesc has, it seems, adopted a similar philosophy that Robert Pires held dear to his heart, namely that providing goals […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  12. D3 Announcement Imminent?

    Many Nikon professionals from around the world have confirmed receiving invitations from Nikon this month to a […]

    Nikon Camera Blog

  13. Why the Fed’s rate cut did not come as a surprise

    Since hitting a peak on July 16, the meltdown in global stock markets has taken place with lightning speed. Given the […]

    Investment Postcards from Cape Town

  14. The Raiders Have a Secret Weapon

    It can be hard running an NFL training camp when you have the worst team in the league and your star rookie […]


  15. Skype outage fallout…..

    Everyone by now knows that Skype is/was out for a significant number of users today.
    Perfect timing to look at the one […]

    business, strategy, governance

  16. Sigourney Weaver ain’t got Nothing on Bear

    For all those Barners that keep reminding us that Coach Bryant is dead……..
    Submitted to YouTube […]

    Third Saturday in Blogtober

  17. Mpompοshop: Kατασκευάζοντας Δημοκρατία #2

    Now you see me, now you don’t… [image] (δείτε τα εξώφυλλα: “Τα Νέα“, […]

    To MATI

  18. Making WordPress themes I : static basics

    We’ve spent some time on WordPress internals already.  We looked at how things work in general, and how we can […]

    WordPress Bits

  19. Vid stadd kassa

    [image]Den propert klädde mannen från skottland var en finsmakare och ville bara ha utav det allra bästa på […]


  20. Hurricane Dean – Barbados Warning… No Direct Hit, But Don’t Stop Praying Just Yet

    From the United States National Hurricane Center (Link Here)
    Issued at 5am this morning. Next update 11am…
    (Note: […]

    Barbados Free Press

  21. My first two weeks with the Zonbu

    [image]It has been over two weeks now since I started playing with the Zonbu.
    My first foray was under VMWare and then […]

    Real life with the Zonbu Mini-PC

  22. Sparta Prague 0-2 Arsenal – 15/08/07 – (Champions League Qualifier)

    Perfect. The performance might not have been amazing but in games like these, goals and results matter. Goals from […]

  23. Can Mac Web Workers iWork with Pages ’08?

    [image]While we’re sitting here moaning about the fact that Microsoft won’t be releasing the next version […]

    Web Worker Daily

  24. Fat Food…I mean, Fast Food

    I try not to eat fast food, but I’ll always cave for a White Castle hamburger when I’m in NYC. […]

    Will Work For Food

  25. Like Snowflakes….

    [image] [image]

    Flickr Blog

  26. La perversión hecha árbol…

    … O una mirada libidinosa de la naturaleza, pero realmente es una imagen curiosa de la unión de dos […]

    Jo que cosas

  27. Jonathan Lee Riches© v. LeBron James et al

    Mr. Jonathan Lee Riches©, on 16AUG07, filed a civil rights claim against:

    LeBron James
    Michael Vick (again, he named […]


  28. Police Claim They Know Who Killed Madeleine McCann

    Daily Express | Aug 16,2007
    By David Pilditch and Martin Evans

    Aftermath News

  29. Pity the Source Code Escrow Provider

    Like most lawyers, I receive calls on a fairly regular basis from third party service providers looking to sell me one […]


  30. Skype still down (Infoworld was mistaken)

    Well I got up this morning and despite my hopes that Skype would be up, especially since it was partly up last night, […]

    All Things Web 2.0 (and a little more)

  31. ¿Compiz Fusion en Gutsy por defecto?

    Parece que se puede dar un nuevo paso atrás como sucediera con Feisty Fawn, o medio paso. Si recordáis, se dijo que […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  32. Done…for now.

    I hope you enjoyed the past few days of radio with the great guests you’ve come to expect. Keep checking in here […]

    Dan Patrick Online Blog

  33. Never say “sorry”

    That’s why I say: never apologise to the government. Especially, when you have not done anything wrong. And even […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  34. (Gil Kalai) The entropy/influence conjecture

    [This post is authored by Gil Kalai, who has kindly “guest blogged” this week’s “open problem of the week”. – […]

    What’s new

  35. Vick Fallout: End of the Posse?

    They were his boys – his posse. Now they’ve turned on him. They’re signing like the Harlem Boys […]

    Ballers, Gamers and Scoundrels

  36. Daily Prospect Report 8/16/07

    Can’t get enough Amaury Cazana Marti? Kary Booher has a piece on him.
    If you don’t know already, I’m […]

    Future Redbirds

  37. Goodbye Microsoft !


    O.S. Revolution

  38. Behind the Scenes covering the miners’ breaking news

    I had planned to post a very different blog this morning….one about our planned special on Princess Diana. I will […]


  39. Skype is experiencing a major outage

    Skype is experiencing a major outage. My fellow TMC co-workers noticed it late Wednesday when they couldn’t IM […]

    All About Mobile….

  40. Problemi skype

    VoIP. Da ieri è impossibile usare Skype. Ora c’è una comunicazione che dice che il malfunzionamento è stato […]

    Notizie sicure dal Vava

  41. “Swing Low Sweet Chariot…” England at the Rugby World Cup

    [image]In our endeavor to provide a wide & varied coverage of the Rugby World Cup, we have the effervescent Kip writing […]

    With Malice…

  42. Att säga det alla vet

    Överläkaren tillika kommun- och landstingspolitikern Marie-Louise Ekholm i Nässjö sticker ut hakan med att säga […]


  43. Service Providers 2.0: It’s All About Scale

    SaaS and Web 2.0 companies demonstrate every day that there’s real money to be made providing a myriad of services […]

    The Future of Software

  44. Taos man convicted of repeated wildlife-law violations

    According to the Cibola County Beacon, Herman Olguin, 54, of Taos, was convicted by a jury in Colfax County Magistrate […]

    The Taos News Online

  45. Skype Network Problems

    Since this morning, I’m experiencing some severe Skype network problems. The client disconnects regularly, needs […]

    Dirk’s Metric/k

  46. Malu Fernandez: The hate continues…

    [image] [image]

    A Z R A E L

  47. Men, Boys, Sons — Something I Wrote to Someone I Love

    This is an edited version of an excerpt of something I wrote to someone close to me about some of the events of the […]

    Women’s Space/The Margins

  48. Veckans bästa mordmotiv

    Mumma för deckarförfattare: Den stora kolumnistfejden! Nu skall inte bara författarna angripa varandra för att få […]

    På första tillslaget

  49. Halo 3 Instruction Manual Scans

    We get a ton of mail here at 7th Columnist – some of it good, some of it bad… and some that’ll I’ll […]

    7th Columnist

  50. Homer Simpson attaque la Fox

    Le doubleur brésilien prêtant sa voix au personnage d’Homer Simpson, attaque la Fox en justice.
    Waldyr […]

    Movies, Internet & Politics

  51. Testowanie ReactOS

    Dziś rano robiąc porządek na forum natknąłem się na wątek traktujący o systemie ReactOS. Pierwsze co […]


  52. Zarozumialstwo

    Platforma Obywatelska znów zaczyna popełniać ten sam błąd, który robi stale. Zamiast skupić się na […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  53. On Ronny Thompson: Mike DeCourcy and Jason Whitlock Pile On Michael Wilbon, ex-Ball State Coach

    [image]Well, I might as well kick off my not-so hiatus here. I received an email from a friend with the […]

    The Starting Five

  54. Algoritmos de reconocimiento de caras más eficaces que humanos

    Mirando el último número de IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, me encuentro con un […]

    La información es poder

  55. Huracan Dean entra a aguas del Mar Caribe.

    Posición Actual: 8:00 AM – 17 de Agosto

    LATITUD: 14.4 Norte
    LONGITUD: 61.7 Oeste
    Intensidad de la Tormenta: Vientos […]

    Blog de Huracanes v2.0

  56. iPod はどうした?


    iMac […]


  57. The Glam-orous life

    Samir Arora, the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Glam Media, which runs the rapidly growing network of sites […]

    Media Biz

  58. Norge och Sverige till Darfur

    Så fick vi då i dag möjlighet att gå ut med det mer officiella beskedet om att Norge och Sverige kommer att ställa […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  59. 照片分享任意門: 交友、直銷、Web 2.0

    Posted By Mr. Thursday
    有句話是「一張圖勝過千言萬語」(One picture is worth a thousand words.)。照片的 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  60. Tragedia : Terremoto en Perú

    A las 6.40 de la tarde de ayer, miércoles 15 de agosto, se produjo, quizás, uno de los mayores movimientos telúricos […]


  61. So You Think You Can Dance Favorite Dances

    Fox Broadcasting Official SYTYCD Website

    Music selections from Previous Weeks.

    joey moggie

  62. Como Se Reparan Las Ollas y Calderos – Fotos

    Materiales a necesitar :
    Olla y/o Caldero Bien Prieto.

    Nisti2.0 -> Una Esquina de mi Vida

  63. Gutsy and openSUSE 10.3 Beta1: Part2

    So the response to my first post was pretty overwhelming. It got picked up by, (I […]

    Pensées de LaserJock

  64. Kate Hudson en couverture du Harper’s Bazaar


    Les Amateurs de Stars

  65. Opera 9: First impressions of a Firefox user

    I decided to try out Opera after reading a Firefox-bashing site (link at the bottom). I’ll admit to being sucked […]


  66. A beacon amidst a sea of gloom

    M. Veera Pandiyan, a deputy editor with The Star, did a very good write up recently on ‘the people’s […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum

  67. Scripting News for 8/17/07

    Google running circles around the journos [image]

    Scripting News Annex

  68. So You Think You Can Dance: Finale!

    [image]OK, so the really important summer television is over. The finale of So You Think You Can Dance? is finished and […]

    Theory my culture

  69. Foot Cake

    [image] During Tết (Luner New Year) this year, I was sick as a dog and desperately craving bánh chưng—a […]


  70. Friday Football Foodie – Buffalo Chicken Dip, Stoli Blueberri Fizz, and Sweet Potato Chips

    Well team, I must say, I was very impressed with the response to Week One of the Friday Football Foodie Training Camp. […]


  71. The 2007 draft, in one word

    Decent. And here’s why I think it’s a decent draft. In the first 10 rounds, the Phillies made more low […]

    Phuture Phillies

  72. You couldn’t score in a brothel….

    Tuesday 14 August  – Watford Reserves 3 – 0 Gills CC1
    Okay, so the League Cup is hardly our top priority this season, […]

    Brian Moore’s Head

  73. The Rest of Sam Jordison’s Bizarre Sadism

    This is the second installment of my comment requested by a certain Haruki on the article of Sam Jordison, a […]

    Eliseo Soriano

  74. How much will Michael Dell give back?

    Dell (DELL) announced Thursday that it had completed a long-running investigation into its accounting practices. The […]

    Go West

  75. Någon skämta mig aprillo?

    Jag läser till min förvåning att Volvohandlarna och Volvo ska köra en miljökampanj under det kommande […]


  76. Nya färger

    Det här är säkert ingen nyhet längre, men det ni ser på bilden här ovanför är Coop Näras nya färg. Vi […]


  77. Vick ‘executed’ dogs, co-defendants say

    Michael Vick is going down hard. He received some really bad advice. He should have handled this differently and copped […]

    A Barbaric Yawp

  78. Leaked “Dark Knight” Photos!

    Tons of new (and leaked) photos from the new Batman Begins sequel entitled, “The Dark Knight”, have popped […]

    A Day In The Life…

  79. Worst performance and certainly the worst crowd of the whole tour by far

    posted by Trent Reznor at 12:45 am

    Nine Inch Nails – Tour Blog 2007 Archive

  80. Laugh/Ign’ance of the Day: Church pastor hits woman

    This church in St. Paul, Minnesota is bringing on the drama! The parishioners don’t like the current […]

    A Hot Mess!

  81. La fine di Ubuntu?

    No, non nel senso drammatico… Ora vi spiego: Jonathan Schwartz, il CEO di Sun Microsystems (e, secondo me, uno […]

  82. Leder KK till fler oskyddade samlag?

    Man kan lätt avfärda moderattantens moralmotion och inte fundera något mer på den. 
    Att könssjukdomarna ökar […]


  83. Caida de Skype

    Parece ser que la red mundial de VoIP, Skype, lleva caida 24 horas a nivel mundial. Se hablan de problemas tecnicos a […]

    Boring In The Chair

  84. Video del terremoto en Perú (2)

    [YouTube] este es un video más breve y emotivo , captado por un celular , permite apreciar mejor el movimiento , […]

    Signos Virtuales

  85. Want to meet Dunk in person? Locations inside

    Dunk has kindly posted his travel itinerary for us (whether it is true or not I doubt) but if anyone wishes to […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  86. Updated Salary Update Lists

    In the wake of the Gardere, King & Spalding, and JDub announcements, and in order to appease a

    Sophistic Miltonian Serbonian Blog ©

  87. was is da nur los mitm Skype?

    mein Skype geht nichtmehr [image] Nachdem ich mir jetzt 2 x ne neue Version runtergeladen hab hab ichs grad ma […]

    würzburg 90210

  88. Emil is very serious – Updated

    From Kotaku:
    There’s serious adult content, and there’s silly adult content. Th

    Fallout 3: A Post Nuclear Blog

  89. Katedra (2002)

    Piękna animacja Tomka Bagińskiego – stworzył Katedrę samodzielnie na podstawie opowiadania Jacka Dukaja. Główna […]

    ANIMACJA – Paweł Kostowski

  90. Слави и дон Бойко: знаменосци на “чалга-културата” у нас

    Вчера беше “хиперконцертът” на Слави в Пловдив. Понеже живе […]

    HUMANUS: всекидневникът на Ангел Грънчаров

  91. The Move – Looking On (Remastered + 10 Bonus Tracks)

    The Move’s classic third album is often misunderstood, considered an awkward heavy metal bridge between […]


  92. Make a Brush in PSP

    Another easy tutorial from me, but, if you don’t know how to do it, it might not seem so easy for you. […]

    Scrap Your Art Out!

  93. (M)oralpanik i Nässjö

    “Sluta kompisknulla, manar kommun- och landstingspolitiker Marie-Louise Ekholm (m) i Nässjö som är […]

    Alla dessa åsikter

  94. 30 minute meal…

    I missed JFI Chilly and was not regular in my posts recently. So I hurriedly made this 30 minute meal to get into […]

    Amma’s special…

  95. كامل ترين جعبه ابزار براي Gmail

    [image] اكنون Gmail تبديل به يكي از محبوب ترين صندوق پست هاي اينترنت شده […]

    سفسطه هاي زندگي

  96. In Which Since We Like To Get Personal OK We Get Personal We Admit It Sorry About Last Night

    OK so sometimes, it happens. We can’t write or express ourself in the way that we want to. We’re […]

    Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Sitting Here Listening to This Recording

  97. Dean, Advertencia para la zona sur del país, audio en el Gobierno de la Mañana.

    Para escuchar has clic aquí  Audio Tu ventana en RD

  98. Sore ears and neck

    Earlier this week I was on a 90 minute phone call to Brisbane. Man! Holding the phone handset to your ear for that long […]

    At Random

  99. Return Of The Big Man

    [image]Once upon a time, the NBA center ruled over the sport like the Tyrannosaurus Rex ruled over the Cretaceous […] The Voice Of Celtics Fans

  100. Jessicas HOH Blog

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! I won HOH!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!So where do I begin??? Oh yes! Hi […]

    Big Brother USA

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