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August 17, 2007: Top Posts

  1. The software awards scam

    [image]I put out a new product a couple of weeks ago. This new product has so far won 16 different awards and […]

    Successful Software

  2. Global warming: “Denialists” should be criminalized?

    Ouch. Seriously, Ouch:
    Anthropogenic global warming is a scientific hypothesis, not an article of religious or […]

    Cadillac Tight

  3. Biden’s son to be deployed to Iraq

    [image] Biden said his son will be deployed to Iraq.
    (CNN) – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tol

    CNN Political Ticker

  4. The YouTube of video games

    Kongregate, a Web site that bills itself as the YouTube of games since it allows users to create and upload video […]

    Media Biz

  5. Chad Chimes in on Chocolate Rain

    As Tay Zonday’s conquering of the Internet continues unhindered with his musical opus, “Chocolate […]

    The Official Star Wars Blog

  6. I smell another OSX Leopard delay.

    See here. Apple is uncharacteristically asking its developer community for feedback on the quality of the latest […]


  7. Make The Cover Of SI One Week, Bail Out The Next.

    Any SI subscriber west of the Rocky Mountains likely has received a copy of this week’s issue with […]

    Signal to Noise

  8. Heersit

    photo: ?
    capped and submitted by: Carl


  9. DJ Visits Illinois, SIU Offers a Pair

    -DJ Richardson visited the University of Illinois yesterday.  MSH has reason to believe that DePaul is in very good sta […]

  10. Does Skype Outage Expose P2P’s Limitations?

    [qi:90] Update: Peer-to-peer by its very nature is supposed to work without a problem, with packets finding their way […]


  11. Skype Network Problems

    Since this morning, I’m experiencing some severe Skype network problems. The client disconnects regularly, needs […]

    Dirk’s Metric/k

  12. Snow jobless?

    White House spokesjobber Tony Snow said on a radio show that he is not going to stick around for the end of […]

    Scholars and Rogues

  13. D means dumb for D-war

    The only reason why I paid to see ex-comedian, Shim Hyung Rae’s hit movie, D-war (short for Dragon wars) […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  14. Zou het… nee toch… PROPAGANDA zijn !?

    Internet is soms een heerlijk medium. Een waar tegenhanger van de, zo rood als geronnen bloed, linkse pers. Niet in […]


  15. Skype is down. What else is there?

    I finally had the neccessity today to set up a little bit of VoIP action, so decided to try out a few stations running […]

    Engineering a New World

  16. KDE4 rev 680445 – Dolphin File Manager Preview


    Linux and Open Source Blog

  17. Prague-matic Approach Wins Through

    Sparta Prague 0 Arsenal 2 Fabregas 72, Hleb 90 Something that was missing might be making a return […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  18. Lucy and Euan


    Park Avenue Peerage

  19. Hurricane Dean – Barbados Warning… No Direct Hit, But Don’t Stop Praying Just Yet

    From the United States National Hurricane Center (Link Here)
    Issued at 5am this morning. Next update 11am…
    (Note: […]

    Barbados Free Press

  20. So You Think You Can Dance MUSIC 8/15/07 WEEK 9

    Fox Broadcasting Official SYTYCD Website

    Music selections from Previous Weeks.

    joey moggie

  21. June 2007 nursing exam results by end of August

    MANILA, Philippines — A flurry of text messages has been circulating that the results of the June 2007 nursing […]

    Buddy Blogs

  22. ‘Correcting Markets’

    Home prices are falling and stocks are officially in a “correction,” off more than 10% from highs reached […]

    Money Features

  23. Una embarazada que venia de santo domingo quería pasar por Barajas con cocaína en el interior de su vagina

    La Policía encuentra 900 gramos de droga en su maleta y su cuerpo.

    La Policía Nacional ha detenido en el aeropuerto […]

    Dj Ariel…Flow Latino…

  24. Is Skype Down?

    [image]No, not really. You just cannot login to Skype at the moment. See an announcement here. They say nothing about […]

    Gramo’s World

  25. Dos buenas razones para usar Ubuntu

    Si sois evangelizadores de Linux, habréis comprobado que en muchas ocasiones no sirve de nada decirle a alguien que es […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  26. Taking it to the Next Level – PodTech Has a New CEO

    Today the company, which I founded two years ago, is announcing a new CEO – James McCormick.  James has been the […]

    John Furrier

  27. Skype Problems! Many users unable to log in or make calls

    We had a big thunderstorm/tornado warning last night and lost power several times so I disconnected my computer.  When […]

    All Things Web 2.0 (and a little more)

  28. Sheffield United Just Won’t Let it Drop

    News of the morning it that Sheffield United are to sue West Ham for the cost of their relegation from the Premiership. […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  29. Ron Paul Wins Gaston County Straw Poll

    Gastonia, NC — No, Gastonia is not a country in Eastern Europe. It’s actually a North Carolina town just […]

    Barry Day’s Reality Check

  30. Jackie Manuel Is A Celtic

    The Boston Celtics have given a one year contract to former Tar Heel Jackie Manuel. He was one of my favorite UNC […]

    Tar Heel Mania

  31. Mehr Brüste ???

    Ein besonders hilfreicher Kommentar unter meiner letzten Bildergeschichte (worin ich fragte, wie man mehr Leute auf die […]


  32. Fredriks förakt – den röda tråden


    I DN oroar sig i dag kolumnisten Mats Wiklund över alliansens sviktande popularitet. Han förklarar orsaken […]

    Ett hjärta RÖTT

  33. Skype, Technorati and me

    Skype is down, Technorati is not working fine and I don’t feel well too!
    Damn it! I cannot blog now in my first […]

    Luca’s Blog

  34. Picking Apart The Pickup Artist

    A couple weeks back, I wrote a post about VH1’s new series The Pick-Up Artist. At the time, the show had yet to […]


  35. A jostling, juggling Tan

    [image]Joceline Tan, a columnist of the Malaysian Star newspaper, has received another round of brickbats; this time […]

    Broadside Malaysia

  36. F*cking finally

    …10 år för sent. Landshövding Per Unckel har nu sagt ja till ytterligare en motorväg förbi Stockholm. En […]

    Karoleen’s dreams

  37. SuperLiga 2007 Live Blog: LA Galaxy vs. DC United

    Tonight the LA Galaxy host DC United in the second semifinal of SuperLiga 2007, for the right to face CF Pachuca in the […]

    Digital Headbutt

  38. Daily Prospect Report 8/15/07

    Kevin Goldstein, whom I think does a great job covering prospects over at Baseball Prospectus, has an article up about […]

    Future Redbirds

  39. A última viagem da Aline

    Minha querida cunhada Aline, uma das criaturas mais bonitas, dedicadas e generosas que tive a sorte de conhecer, acaba […]

    Viaje na Viagem

  40. 100th LO Celebration & Freebie

    Today kicks off my 100th Layout Celebration.  That’s right, I made 100 layouts and I’ve got three […]

    The Scrappy Times

  41. WordPress India Logo, celebrating 60 years of Independence

    On the occassion of India’s 60th anniversary of Independence; I, on behalf of all Indian WordPressers would like […]

    Allan Fernandes – Snapped existence since the winter of 1987

  42. Hillary Clinton vs George Bush

    With her new campaign ad that is critical of President Bush, Senator Hillary Clinton got just what she wanted: a fight […]


  43. Syling named interim chief

    Just days after Police Chief Eddie Lucero announced his retirement, the Taos Town Council has named Capt. Daron Syling […]

    The Taos News Online

  44. Samtidigt på länsstyrelsen

    DN fortsätter på förtätningståget. Idag – på DN Debatt – presenterar generaldirektörerna för Vägverket, […]


  45. Pollard, House, and Who Else? A Look at the Remaining Free Agents

    The Boston Celtics traded away much of their roster from 2006-07 to acquire both Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett.  […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  46. Les plus belles fesses du show-business

    Chaque année, la revue américaine In Touch dresse un classement des plus beaux derrières de Hollywood.
    Voici le […]

    Movies, Internet & Politics

  47. Open Thread: Is Skype Outage Affecting Your Work?

    Skype, one of the primary means of communication for web workers has been on the fritz for past few hours, possibly […]

    Web Worker Daily

  48. Tilting at Windmills Baby Blanket Pattern

    Tilting at Windmills Baby Blanket
    Originally uploaded by fireflowerknits

    This is a rough pattern for a fun […]

    FireFlower Knits

  49. Barry Bonds: Sued by Jonathan Lee Riches© from the Michael Vick Case

    Mr. Riches© has now sued Barry Bonds, Allen H. “Bud” Selig, and Hank Aaron’s Bat. Yes, this is the […]


  50. De Regreso a Clases

    Por más que pase el tiempo, es muy difícil uno olvidarse uno de ésta temporada, la de final de agosto que marca el […]

  51. An update on the Times’ Food for Thought article

    I’ve previously criticised a Times article, which quoted Holford as an authority on nutrition mental health, and […]

    Holford Watch: Patrick Holford, nutritionism and bad science

  52. Rove Quits! A Touching Goodbye!


    Honjii’s Harangues


    WFC was told that puppet Pressie traditional spokeman and ex-1 day PM,Momoidonu, is rumoured to be one of those […]

    Why Fiji is Crying

  54. Till Åbo

    Så bär det då alldeles strax av till Åbo för möte med de nordiska och baltiska utrikesministrarna. NB8 kallas […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  55. Arsenal vs. Sparta Prague Highlights – Hleb is a scoring machine

    Missed the game, Sopcast never got going. I hate Canadian TV for not showing this. Moving to England.

    Sky Sports […]


  56. A slightly stunned “yay”

    Now, I don’t go to Mass at our Cathedral very often – mostly on holy days – in fact, I usually end up there on […]

    Charlotte was Both

  57. Die Magic-Länder-Tabelle, Stand 13.08.2007

    Zeit für ein Update!
    Was das Ganze darstellt, findet Ihr hier erklart.
    Viel hat sich, wie meistens, nicht getan. […]


  58. Two Bullets in the Hand, One Big Crock of Bull

    As Ace said, “The monsters we call “our troops” are now throwing intact, unused ammunition at poor […]

    What the Crap?

  59. Catastrophe! Skype Down All Day

    Skype has been down all day and continues to be down (it keeps trying to connect but to no avail).
    I had to talk to […]

    Diary of a Screenhead

  60. 3 The NBA’s problems vs. The NFL’s problems…

    The NFL has survived years of off-field incidents. It’s hasn’t hurt the product, the ratings. Will this […]

    Dan Patrick Online Blog

  61. Hepsi Grubu Üyelerinin Msn Adresini Merak Ediyorsanız..

    Evet arkadaşlar, Hepsi Grubu üyelerinin msn adreslerini merak ediyorsanız yazının devamını okuyunuz..

    Hepsi Grubu Fan Sitesi

  62. Why is FlyLady’s biz so successful?

    In “FlyLady nags her way to millions,” we look at how clutter-busting guru Marla Cilley built her business […]

    FSB Features

  63. Trimet: Public Transportation Leads To Private Desperation

    *Headline brought to you by the Mayor of Belmont (M.O.B.) – happy birthday!*
    Trimet – I find your service to be […]


  64. Ruth Hunt Candies shares recipes

    Ruth Hunt Candies is celebrating the fourth anniversary of its Lexington location.
    The Mt. Sterling candy company was […]

    Flavors of Kentucky

  65. Graduation Party Continue…. The Wonder Years

    (Sorry Kevin Arnold We all Fucked Winnie ……)
    I wrote this versus back in High School, trying to impress a […]

    Something Like A Rapper –The Offical Jimmy Valentime Blog

  66. Nokia richiama 46 milioni di batterie BL-5C: sono a rischio surriscaldamento

    Stamattina mentre navigavo sul sito di ho letto la notizia in oggetto e mi sono fiondato sulla pagina […]

    La fabbrica di byte

  67. Desktop mese di Agosto (a casa)

    – In evidenza questo mese –
    Un piccolo video per mostrare in tutto il suo splendore Kirocker, una delle mie […]

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  68. Biography of C.J. Mahaney

    Watch a wonderful, gospel-centered video presentation of the life of C.J. Mahaney.  This video was produced to […]

    Provocations & Pantings

  69. Eminem vs Genesis – Without Me vs Land Of Confusion

    I’m not a massive fan of Genesis, and as you progress through their back catalogue I like them even less, […]

    Making Morrissey sound like The Birdie Song

  70. Data Feed

    The July housing data will not provide comfort to Wall Street. July housing starts fell 6.1% to a 1.381 million annual […]

    Trading for the Masses

  71. Manchester United draw Portsmouth… ugh!

    Again. Jesus Christ. Another 20 or so shots on goal, another opposing player sent off and yet- another f’ing […]

    Andrew Rideout blogged your mom

  72. NJ Dining: Vitamia and Sons

    Click for Hi-Res Slideshow!
    Vitamia & Sons
    206 Harrison Ave, Lodi NJ 07644
    Web Site: http://www.pas

    Off The Broiler

  73. CA vs. Spector – Would You Like Another Piece of Pie?

     As is normal in this case, the day starts out with hearings and motions before the judge. Today we have Mr. Dixon for […]

    The Darwin Exception

  74. Andrew Carpenter Closing in on Clearwater Record

    Andrew Carpenter kept his solid pitching going for the Threshers on Wednesday night by picking up a complete […]

    Phuture Phillies

  75. Just an update

    Just wanted to bring the community up-to-date with some of the things that are going on with the blog and […]

    Compiz Fusion News

  76. 911

    In case you’ve ever wondered, if any of your children (for example, two fresh-from-Ethiopia grade-schoolers) ever […]

  77. djokovic in his undies at the atp fashion show

    Don’t ever say I never did anything good for my readers…
    As Novak Djokovic recounted earlier this […]

    corned beef hash marks

  78. Begging It

    It seems that PayPal turned the language into… Dutch – which is a bit difficult for Americans to […]

    The Van Der Galiën Gazette

  79. *S&P kills GS. AAPL and NYX estimates revised at first call

    Second downgrade in two weeks !!!!
    S&P down graded GS from a Strong Buy to BUY earlier last week.
    Today S&P downgraded […]

    Your Adarsh

  80. Facebook Diaries Launches

    (Originally published Wednesday night.) We’re told that Facebook will be launching its joint project with […]


  81. Droppin’ the Gloves with Ted Leonsis

    Ted Leonsis, the vice-chairman America Online, allowed ESPN to publish his list of 101 Things Ted Leonsis Wants to Do […]

    Melt Your Face-Off

  82. Sverigedemokraterna under attack

    Ingen har väl undgått övergreppet mot den aktiva sverigedemokraten Mikaela Kinnunen?
    Igår attackerades sambon till […]


  83. Picture Puzzle

    Anyone care to venture a guess as to (1) what Jona Senilagakali is trying to say; and (2) why Baini Marama’s tie […]


  84. Striptease Cristina Aguilera…al rojo vivo…


    NMR DEI CAS – Un Mundo de Nuevas Sensaciones… en Deportes, Viajes, Cine, Música, Entretenimiento Global…

  85. Miniority Firms Are Getting Shafted

    Remember when Jose Pinero, Microsoft’s director of diversity and multicultural marketing, went on the […]

    Agency Spy

  86. Seriously, the Patriots garbage can is ugly. Trust me.

    M and I practically live together. In fact, he refers to his apartment as “that expensive closet out in Queens” and […]

    Such Great Heights

  87. Ktokolwiek widział, ktokolwiek wie…

    Historia z basha, ponoć prawdziwa:
    Kiedy Jacek z Plackiem alias Lech z Jarkiem kradli księżyc, na ich drodze […]

    Hardcore dla myślących

  88. The Literary Quality and Wisdom of God’s Word in the Bible that ‘Sam’ Beast will Never Appreciate

    Hi Bro. Eli,

    I would like to inform you and ask your comment on this writer’s views that the Bible is a […]

    Eliseo Soriano

  89. How Useful is Tufte for Making Maps?

    Edward Tufte’s The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (1998, 2nd edition 2001) is a classic book, […]

    Making Maps: DIY Cartography

  90. The Kind of Thing That Makes Me Want to Give up and Hide Under the Bed

    “Scarlett Johansson is FAT.”
    “She has a huge butt, a gut, a stupid tattoo, and she still […]

    Shapely Prose

  91. Maailma tajumisest ja eestivenelasist

    Indrek Schwede kirjutab tänases EPL-s vastulause Marju Lauristini hiljutisele, kuid juba paljutsiteeritud, artiklile, […]

    Punase Hanrahani Teine Tulemine

  92. تئوری بیگ بنگ درمورد پیدایش کائنات

    بیگ بنگ چیره ترین تئوری علمی ای است که در مورد منشاً کائنات

    گذری در زمان

  93. You lookin at me?

    This post is about my gym and how much I friggen LOVE it there. Why? Because there, I don’t give a CRAP about […]

    Average Jane

  94. An overdue update

    A long overdue update about my big project rubinius.

    The team is still moving along nicely, still aiming […]

    evan.musing << current

  95. Thoughts on three of them

    I don’t miss how you text messaged instead of calling. Or how you were too busy to fit me into your schedule and […]

    Charming, but single

  96. The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper Part II

    Journalist On Sex Charge
    Published on: 8/15/07.


    Barbados Underground

  97. internetin canlı sinema kanalı

    24 saat online vizyondaki filmleri izlemek artık çok kolay bunun için adresine uğrayın

    video izle

  98. I Finally Found It!

    I figured out that one area of comics where the visuals are pretty much equal for men as women.  See, i was thinking […]

    In One Ear…

  99. A DC10 Circoloco morning…

    A crazy morning on a crazy club…


  100. La frontera


    monos de HeRReRa

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