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August 16, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Congrats, you are on the frontpage of Digg (and reddit).

    Do visit my original site at It’s now back up
    Actual email recd from my web host […] – mirror on

  2. The Imus discount?

    [image]It looks like shock jock Don Imus might be back on the airwaves soon. On Tuesday, Imus and his former employer […]

    Media Biz

  3. Nedra Pickler: Lefty blogger anathema, turned hero

    When I initially saw whose byline the “fact-checking” of Barack Obama’s statements was under, a tiny […]

    Cadillac Tight

  4. The Natural and The Axe Murderer

    MMA legend Wanderlei Silva hit the gym in Vegas today. He’s in town for the next two weeks from the […]

    Xtreme Couture MMA

  5. Casey Martin doesn’t know whether or not to book a tee time

    [image]Around here, we don’t really understand the disdain for Tiger Woods (posing here with his actual car for […]

    The FynalCut

  6. Bourgeoisie Cat

    …is taxin ur peasants
    photo by: ?
    capped and submitted by: Allison


  7. Poll: Majority calls Bush, Congress a ‘failure’

    [image] The American people give failing marks to both Bush and Congress. WASHINGTON (CNN) – The American people […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  8. And Then He Woke Up…

    Apparently Anton Ferdinand is expecting an England call-up, according to The Sun this morning. Was he not aware that […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  9. Halo 3 nerdism at its highest

    If you think your into Halo, then you might want to think again. The above image takes the Halo 3 fanboy […]

    The Xbox Domain

  10. Hillary Clinton vs George Bush

    With her new campaign ad that is critical of President Bush, Senator Hillary Clinton got just what she wanted: a fight […]


  11. Parallels Desktop vs. VMware Fusion

    I recently spent some time to check out virtualization capabilities on the Intel Mac. There are in general two […]

    Eckhard Lehmann

  12. Star tips on sel-caing: How to take vacation pics

    If you plan to vacation anytime in the near future, make sure to take these vacation s

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  13. Scrap no orkut com imagens (Html)

    [image] Após ter publicado a matéria sobre Scrap no Orkut em Html, venho falar agora como usar esse Html para […]

    Folha Digital

  14. Ron Paul wins Iowa exit poll

    Vote In Sunshine conducted an exit poll at the Iowa straw poll, here is what they found:
    Ron Paul 332
    Tom Tancredo […]


  15. New Skype 2.7 for Mac (Beta) Released

    [image]If Mac owners were feeling left behind by all the upgrades Skype has been releasing for Windows-based computers, […]


  16. Tonight is very important

    As arseblogger pointed out this is the most important game of the season so far so we really have to focus on this […]

  17. Is Leadership a Programming Skill?

    The other day I posted an article on leadership to  Within minutes it had been voted down.  […]

    Jeff’s Post

  18. Welcome to the new website….

    As you may have heard on the radio today, this is where you can find me for the next few weeks after the radio show […]

    Dan Patrick Online Blog

  19. GNOME compie 10 anni!

    Tanti auguri a teee…
    Foto courtesy of Marco Barisione @ Planet GNOME Tanti auguri a teee…
    Tanti […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  20. iPhone Unlocked

    iPhone Unlock Contest finally reached its goal,guys iPhone finally unlocked.dream comes true,thats right you can […]


  21. John Lennon が iTunes Store に登場


    Paul McCartney に続いて John Lennon が iTunes […]


  22. BREAKING NEWS: Michael Vick involved in Iran / Al Qaeda Conspiracy, alleges lawsuit


    A lawsuit was filed in US District Court in Richmond, Virginia on 23 July, 2007, alleging that

    Ration Reality

  23. Cancer and the HACE 1 gene, a heads up

    I have no idea what this means to the future of cancer, but HACE 1 sounds interesting.

    This is all the Globe and […]

    Carson’s Post

  24. Adding options to WordPress plugins

    Most WordPress plugins out there are simple things, fixing or changing one thing at a time.  But there are also […]

    WordPress Bits

  25. John from Cincinnati’s Prophecy is Kept Alive Online

    John from Cincinnati, HBO’s quirky show about a stranger who arrives in a California beach town and leaves a […]


  26. Sparta Preview And Leadership Issues

    Champions League football tonight; at least Setanta had the decency to leave ours at a 7.45 kick-off. A tricky little […]

    A Cultured Left Foot


    By Victor Lal
    …. This is a lay analysis. A tax expert with the correct rates and formulae may be able to do a […]

    Why Fiji is Crying


    As a coach, you’re around the young kids often. And I’m sure you have heard them refer to their parents as […]


  29. Phillies sign Julian Sampson

    I love being wrong about things like this, but the Phillies handed over the money and got the deal done. Per Baseball […]

    Phuture Phillies

  30. Spécial Stars sans Maquillage

    Katie Holmes
    Kate Hudson

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  31. Fotoblog: inaugurando o Fasano Rio

    Viaje na Viagem

  32. Would Nation News Editor Roy Morris Have Been Charged With Rape If Blogs Hadn’t Broken The Story?

    Did Blogs Prevent A Cover-Up… Or Is That Idea Absurd?
    My friends, on Tuesday, August 14, 2007, veteran […]

    Barbados Free Press

  33. 8/14/07 Daily Prospect Report

    Jumping straight in tonight after writing a deadline day eve rant. Springfield and Batavia were off tonight, and Palm […]

    Future Redbirds

  34. Kortkort

    En dam kom in och sa “det här låg här utanför, någon måste ha tappat det“, och jag ville hojta […]


  35. Saving Time for Productivity with Google Reader

    As we’ve noted before, if you read a lot of feeds, or go for speed or feed organization, Google Reader is the […]

    Web Worker Daily

  36. Les 50 meilleures scènes érotiques de l’histoire du cinéma

    Diffusant du matin au soir des films de tous horizons, l’Independent Film Channel a dressé une liste des 50 […]

    Movies, Internet & Politics

  37. We’re This Many!!

    Friends, we can hardly believe it ourselves:
    Ladies… celebrates its six month anniversary […]


  38. 黑米之門

    Posted by Mr. Friday 前幾天在公司附近用餐. 身為台灣人, […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  39. Коя цигания е по-грозна: нашата или на… циганите?!

    Във връзка със случилото се в Красна поляна в блогосферата се поя […]

    HUMANUS: всекидневникът на Ангел Грънчаров

  40. Indien 60 år

    I dag är det 60 år sedan det brittiska imperiets flagga halades, och den nya indiska nationens hissadeas, framför […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  41. Yahoo! Refreshes, Redesigns Local

    [image]Other than the yellow pages sites, Yahoo! is really one of the incumbents in local search. It pioneered […]


  42. Lobster Roll and Ipswich Clam Frydays at Picnic Caterers

    Picnic Catering
    180 Kinderkamack Rd, Emerson, NJ
    (201) 262-5505
    I know I must sound like a broken record, but I […]

    Off The Broiler

  43. Hardware versus Linux (ou: Como saber se o seu hardware é compatível com o pingüim)

    Li uma matéria interessante no e resolvi comentá-la aqui pra tirar um pouco a poeira do blog [image] Quem […]

    [thiago@localhost ~]#

  44. Fenerbahce ve Besiktas Maclari icin [Canli Anlatim ve Canli Dinle]

    Maci radyo’dan dinlemek icin TIKLAYIN

    Hit Spor

  45. Working the job fair

    After a week on the road doing my civic duty — that is, recruiting at the National Association of Black Journalists […]

    The Gig

  46. Petek Dinçöz – Sen Kralsan Ben Neyim (2007)


    Muzik Video Klip

  47. The Literary Quality and Wisdom of God’s Word in the Bible that ‘Sam’ Beast will Never Appreciate

    Hi Bro. Eli,

    I would like to inform you and ask your comment on this writer’s views that the Bible is a […]

    Eliseo Soriano

  48. Cast Your Votes For The “Palmetto Power 50”

    FITSNews – August 15, 2007 – We figured since GQ […]

    FITSNews For Now

  49. Data Feed

    S&P futures vs fair value: -6.7. Nasdaq futures vs fair value: -10.3.
    Total CPI rose just 0.1% (consensus 0.1%) in […]

    Trading for the Masses

  50. Hepsi Grubu Üyelerinin Msn Adresini Merak Ediyorsanız..

    Evet arkadaşlar, Hepsi Grubu üyelerinin msn adreslerini merak ediyorsanız yazının devamını okuyunuz..

    Hepsi Grubu Fan Sitesi

  51. Le phénomène Kleber se poursuit

    [image]Le mardi 14 août 2007 – Le phénomène Ramos Kleber s’est poursuivi dans les rues de Lachine. Le Br

    Les Mardis cyclistes Saputo de Lachine

  52. Wednesday: August 15, 2007

    Click on these icons to see the video.
    On Monday we went to Newark, New Jersey to do a […]


  53. Czterej pancerni i pies

    Jechali przez mgliste, zaspane warszawskie ulice. Mokre jeszcze od nocnego deszczu. Czasem za okien wyjrzała […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  54. 디워를 두번 죽이는 사람들

    디워를 두번 죽이는 사람들

    대개 디워를 옹호하시는 분들 중에는, 디워에 충분히 이해할 […]

    decadence in the rye

  55. My first two weeks with the Zonbu

    [image]It has been over two weeks now since I started playing with the Zonbu.
    My first foray was under VMWare and then […]

    Real life with the Zonbu Mini-PC

  56. Coffee Prince Episode 14

    This episode started with Ha Rim trying to impress a customer while Eun Chan and Min Yub looks on in the coffee shop. […]

    asian drama addict

  57. Could we be having any more fun?

    People. These children are amazing. Here are a few snapshots from an exceptionally lovely day.
    Our five year […]

  58. آسانترين روش ساخت پروكسي

    [image] اگر بخواهید یک وبگرد حرفه‌ای باشید حتماً باید اینترنتی بدون […]

    :: Punisher ::

  59. Lesser Known Applications for Linux — Health and Food

    This will be an ongoing series of articles highlighting lesser known applications for Linux. These articles will be a […]

    Richard F Crawley III

  60. Tap The Fricking Keg Already

    Heineken USA is just beginning a push of its Heineken DraughtKeg with the help of Berlin Cameron. […]

    Agency Spy

  61. Is stress edible?

    Could eating off-season tomatoes contribute to heart attacks? Joon Yun thinks it’s possible. Yun is an MD at […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  62. Gold – more than a safe-haven play

    What’s up with gold? The dollar gold price would appear to be in pause mode of late, but somewhat deeper analysis […]

    Investment Postcards from Cape Town

  63. quick

    i am not feeling well…so this is going to be short and sweet.
    REMINDER…Lunch Crunch is tomorrow at 1pm EST! […]

    life & designs of a digital scrapbook artist

  64. Jimmie Åkesson, the kid from omen?

    Jag har lite ont om tid idag, så det blir inget särskilt ambitiöst bloggande. Av en händelse så såg jag dock […]

    Petter Partikulärt

  65. CA vs. Spector – Some Things Take Thinking

     Okay, right here and right now, I want some props, people. I want you all to say “Yup, Kim called it”. […]

    The Darwin Exception

  66. Oh, Baby

    All around the blogosphere (and the real world too) people are getting pregnant, and bringing home babies. It is […]

    Type (little) a

  67. Federer, if this does not motivate you, it’s over.

    There were three points in the match against Djokovic, that should wake up, stimulate and humiliate, even a […]

    Tennis Planet

  68. A foreign view on our 50 yrs celebration

    Our country is reaching 50 years old. A big celebration has been planned. Main stream media has been publishing rosy […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum

  69. Remotely Natural Hair: Definitely a “Don’t!”

    I have just learned, from Jezebel via Zuzu, that Afros and dreadlocks are “inappropriate” in the workplace, […]

    Shapely Prose

  70. Ganar 53 millones de euros en euromillones y proclamarlo en la prensa

    ¿Qué harías si te tocara la lotería? ¿Comprarte una mansión en la playa, un viaje alrededor del mundo, coches […]

    Un mundo perplejo

  71. Ovie Update

    My friend Dmitry Chesnokov translated this interview with Washington left wing Alexander Ovechkin from the Wednesday […]

    Dump and Chase

  72. Another Day On Earth

    Some days in this job are made for this Blog.
    It’s as if the general public say “Inspector Gadget is […]


  73. دوست من هستی، دوستت دارم

    – یو    آ ر    مای    ف ِ ر ِ ند.    آی    لایک    یوُ.
    – اِ […]

    پرواز را به خاطر بسپار

  74. Craziness in Cambridge

    A few years ago as a I pedaled to work on my daily sojourn to work I would make a mental note of some of the more […]

    Panorama of the Mountains

  75. The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper Part II

    Journalist On Sex Charge
    Published on: 8/15/07.


    Barbados Underground

  76. KDE4 rev 680445 – Dolphin File Manager Preview


    Linux and Open Source Blog

  77. Albertsons expected to open Friday


    The Taos News Online

  78. HBO did you dump out?

    Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ…
    I will start by saying that John From Cincinnati is (was) arguably one […]


  79. Nuovo CSS Style per Firefox

    Pretty widgets for Firefox Mac OS X
    by Philippe […]

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  80. the BIG news around here

    well, let’s see….
    i’ve been back at work for a couple of months now, it’s been really hot, […]

    Followed Lingling as She Gave Lymphoma a Beatdown


    Cofield’s weekly TV/Radio notebook
    Sports-talk listeners and programmers will have a few more listening […]

    Mr. Sunshine

  82. 3D Sine Wave Study

    Here’s another excellent example of what can be done with Papervision3D. Described by author Lee Felarca […]


  83. China’s Ferocious iPhone Clones

    YouTube videos:
    The iPhone Clone Review
    The iPhone Clone Review Pt 2
    The iPhone Clone Review Pt 3
    The […]

    Mike Cane’s Blog

  84. A first look at Groovy

    Recently I started playing with Groovy, a dynamic language that — according to the first chapter of […]

    Muharem Hrnjadovic

  85. Back in a boat!

    At Easter, I had a close encounter with a rock on the Findhorn Gorge. Most of you know the story- I had suspected […]

    Liverpool (ex)Uni Canoe and Kayak “Young’uns”

  86. Chak De India Is A Hit: Boxofficeindia

    After the the below expectation results of Ta Ra Rum Pum and the debacle of Jhoom Barabar Joom, Yashraj Films are back […]

    Filmi Khabar

  87. Todo por los chicos…

    “Enfermitos hay en todos lados” decía mi pediatra cada vez que atendía a un niño. Pero enfermitos del […]

  88. It’s Party Time!

    The Party is not over yet! The previous two posts and the comments there have piqued my curiosity. And it’s […]

    A Mad Tea Party

  89. The Dormition of the Mother of God

    In giving birth you preserved your virginity,
    In falling asleep you did not forsake the world, O Theotokos.
    You […]

    Glory to God for All Things

  90. From Auburn’s beatdown of 2006 National Champs

    First up is Brad Lester, then Courtney Taylor.

  91. monipuolistaa tulomallejaan vihjasi toimitukselle, että Kuvakkeessa on otettu käyttöön uusia ominaisuuksia joilla monipuolistetaan […]

  92. Sechs Tote nach Schießerei am Duisburger Hauptbahnhof

    Rätselhafte Bluttat mit sechs Toten in Duisburg: In der Nähe des Hauptbahnhofs hat die Polizei in der Nacht […]

  93. facebook and listen to your wife

    Social networking seems to be all the rage [click image below].  Email and blogging have provided plenty of connection […]

    beauty and depravity

  94. More to the Story at WHAS

    If there weren’t already enough sitcoms about TV newsrooms, the saga over at WHAS-TV might make for an […]

    The ‘Ville Voice

  95. der gesunde menschenverstand

    gestern habe ich meinen achten beitrag rund um herrn niggemeier’s blog geschrieben und gelobe, ich werde es […]


  96. Please Forgive Me, I Know Not What I Say

    [image]  iMinister for Foreign Affairs, Rt Epeli Nailatikau
    FijiLive reports that Epeli Nailatikau has assured that […]


  97. Announcing The First WordPressMU Consultants from Incorporated Subversion

    [image]James Farmer of Incorporated Subversion and Edublogs and Andrew Billits recently

    Lorelle on WordPress

  98. Growth of religion among scientists

    Religion among the overeducated grows and grows. We’ve already talked about the Church of Global Warming; it is […]

    Likelihood of Success

  99. More SRW OG in WF 2007

    More SRW OG in WF 2007


  100. Week 5.5 Update (in the form of a list)

    Since update 5.0

    We have purchased the unlimited connections license for the games server (the software the game uses […]

    Paul & Dave’s Novel Concepts

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