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July 27, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Protester removed from Fred Thompson event

    [image] A protester questioned Thompson’s conservatism Wednesday.
    HOUSTON, Texas (CNN)

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Imagine this: Straight talk on the housing market

    Reading word of the debacle at class-act mortgage lender Countrywide (CFC), I couldn’t help thinking about a […]

    Go West

  3. Aris and Maria Magtibay

    Ages: Aris 38, Maria 36
    Occupations: Pricing manager and bank manager
    Salary: $115,000 combined
    401(k): $180,000
    IRA: […]

    Millionaires in the Making

  4. No breather for Baidu

    Yahoo (YHOO) and Google (GOOG) may have flustered Wall Street with their second-quarter results. But China’s top […]

    Media Biz

  5. what i do now?

    photo: ICHCF
    capped and submitted by: InfamousQBert


  6. Sartorial meltdown

    Another reason for contempt of Congress: They’re slobs, coming onto the house floor in beach wear and athletic […]

    Likelihood of Success

  7. Ravi Zacharias on a Mormon in the White House

    [image]Internationally renowned Christian apologist and theologian Ravi Zacharias raised a bit of controversy in […]

    The God and Culture Blog

  8. AMD/ATI, Linux e l’effetto DELL

    Quando siamo venuti a conoscenza dell’accordo tra DELL e Canonical per la distribuzione di PC con GNU/Linux […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  9. Free “Powered by Ubuntu” stickers from System 76

    [product site] 
    System 76 computers has been doing this for some time now, I got my stickers sent last […]

    G Anson


    “In the past, slow growth meant a 5% to 10% sequential increase in subscribers. This quarter, due to increased […]

    Ditherati: See the Digerati Dither, Daily

  11. What is Susan Collins getting for $25,962?

    Well, for starters, $25,962 has gotten Susan Collins an Internet Director & web designer, by the name of Lance Dutson. […]

    White Noise Insanity

  12. Stats Plugin 1.1

    We updated the Stats plugin just a little bit today. Now, instead of redirecting you to […]

    Andy Skelton

  13. Clip Of The Day: Barry Zito Sings

    Insert your “Barry Zito is like Richie Valens because they both crashed-and-burned once they got paid” joke […]

    Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog

  14. iPhone Spotted In Arcade Crane

    Hope the glass in that crane is super reinforced!
    [via JOEyGADGET]     [Discuss on the Forum]
    “A friend […]

    Arcade Heroes

  15. Compiz Fusion Community News Edition 9, for July 23, 2007 : Breaking News : Forums posts go down by half due to a lack […]

    Backround : Its time for another edition of Compiz Fusion Community news after two weeks while I was away. This week, […] Blog

  16. Keyshia Cole & Young Jeezy On The Rocks?

    Young Jeezy & Keyshia Cole
    It has been widely rumored that Keyshia Cole was dating Young Jeezy. However, a […]

    A Hot Mess!

  17. Brandi Belle’s Boyfriend

    [image]Traffic to porn star Brandi Belle’s website had been headed steadily downward, ever since she got a […]

    The Cold Inclusive

  18. Friendly Fire

    So he first pre-season defeat, eh? 0 – 1 to Salzburg. Hmmmm. Third game, first goal conceded to a team that are six […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  19. Más sobre Fabio Asensio

    Hola, soy la mama de Fabio. Las cadenas de televisión nacionales, saben sobradamente lo que pasa, pero es que es una […]

    A la sombra del tomate

  20. The 3 Laws of Online Personal Branding

    We’ve written about creating your personal brand and an online persona before, but given the importance of that […]

    Web Worker Daily

  21. O Girl, O Beautiful, O Photoshopped Covers?

    Reflecting again on the whole Jezebel/Faith Hill/Redbook thing yesterday got me thinking about…
    Oprah on […]

    Life Gives You Lemons

  22. Dale Jr. has a new teammate… for a minute

    In a not-so-surprising move, Ginn Racing has agreed to drop 2 of its drivers and move further into its merger with Dale […]

  23. RappiRangai Vol 1~

    This story takes place during the civil war in Japan. There is this mysterious boy with a […]


  24. Ubuntu e HP

    Ubuntu live è servito a chiarire numerose questioni che ci hanno fatto rimanere dubbiosi assai in svariati […]

    Welcome in my linux blog

  25. Houston911truth Confronts Fred Thompson and Greg Abbott, Attorney General of Texas

    This morning at 9:45 AM Fred Thompson arrived at the Hobby Airport. The event was open to the public and all local news […]

    Houston 9|11 Truth

  26. Can privacy be a premium service?

    Time and privacy are two aspects of our modern lives that are in short supply. The constant distractions of modern […]


  27. Yo Ho Yo Ho This Freebie Is For You

    Wow, have I got a big freebie list for you today!  The past few days have been kind of slow. This more than makes up […]

    The Scrappy Times

  28. btuga encerrado

    Quem visitar hoje a página oficial do Btuga irá encontrar a mensagem “Site Encerrado por Medida […]

    n o c t u r n a

  29. Johnny Depp et Vanessa Paradis en vacances

    Voici quelques images du yummylicious Johnny Depp et Vanessa Paradis en vacances sur leur yacht à l’Île Elba, […]

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  30. La carta di credito amica di GNU/Linux

    [image]Ed eccola qui a lato in tutto il suo splendore, la The Linux Fund Visa. A parte la magnificenza di avere Tux […]

    Ispirazioni informatiche

  31. The Secret in Fighting Depression

    Good day Bro. Eli. I have a problem stopping my habit of smoking. For the past three years I already stop my […]

    Eliseo Soriano

  32. Beauty in Concrete


    Flickr Blog

  33. Báez explica como funciona la cura contra el Sida

    EL medico  afirma Dios le ayudó a encontrar la cura contra el Sida. Según el psicólogo de más de cincuenta años […] Tu ventana en RD

  34. Ron Paul Supporters Freak me OUT!

    As you may know, I sent out a plea for help creating flyers yesterday. We need 20,000 to hand out before the straw poll […]

    The Iowa Straw Poll Blog

  35. Altantuya: another lousy witness

    Never lose focus. Never let your thoughts be derailed. Never let them threaten you. Let bloggers come and go. I am back […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  36. 一些關於 Web 2.0 的思考

    Posted By Mr. Saturday
    這篇有關 Web 2.0 文章掙扎了很久,終於發了出來,主要是最近對於台灣 Web […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  37. Kwon Sang-woo makes a wish come true

    Actor Kwon Sang-woo spends some quality time with kids from Make a Wish Foundation. Together, they went to […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  38. AAPL en fuego.

    Another Apple earnings call, another blowout quarter. The consistency of stellar results is staggering. It’s to […]


  39. iPhone Mini Apps Major Update: 4 Weeks, 400 Mini Apps

    When we last looked in a few weeks ago, it was about at about 200 mini apps after two weeks but it’s not slowing […]


  40. Patent office deals a blow to Monsanto

    Ag-tech giant Monsanto (MON) had four of its key patents slapped down today by the US Patent and Trademark Office […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  41. N95: Nightmode vs. flash

    You are at a party, bar or a other place with bad light-conditions and want to take some pictures with your N95 or […]


  42. Daily Prospect Report 7/25/07

    The man. The mystery. The Legend. ARRRRRRRRNOLDI CRUUUUUUUZ. Quick quote from the article:
    [Quad Cities manager Keith] […]

    Future Redbirds


    WFC is reliably told that an anonymous group is already assessing and noting down names of unregistered health […]

    Why Fiji is Crying

  44. IKEAnsanity – The Story by Brian Brewcaster

    New arrival to PDX, Brian Brewcaster, sent this story over about the IKEA-nsanity™ that has gripped Portland.
    Let me […]


  45. If upright walking is so energetically favorable, why do apes still “knuckle-walk”?

    I wanted to really quickly give kudos to Afarensis, who dutifully ripped apart a dumb question that a creationist asked […]

  46. Supercupa

    Am fost aseara pe “National”, la meciul pentru supercupa dintre Dinamo si Rapid. Din pacate, Dinamo nu a […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  47. Crop this!

    I have been working on adding crop support to Gwenview these days. It’s still quite rough, but I am pleased with […]

    Aurélien’s room

  48. MySpace Looking for TV Pilots

    MySpace announced tonight (via email) it is teaming with the FOX network and the Producers Guild of America to seek out […]


  49. Council adopts cell phone restrictions

    After hearing assurances from the Taos County Commission that the county would adopt a similar ordinance, the Taos Town […]

    The Taos News Online

  50. Concours ou pas, il faut partir à point


    Update :
    Pour les âmes choquées, je précise que j’ai réalisé ce montage sous Photoshop, et que

    A Man in Rive Gauche

  51. Watching GigaOm

    I love Om Malik and am watching his new tech news show tonight. Looks great, can’t wait to see more. I’ve […]



    Högt på listan av saker jag gärna undviker, är, ärligt talat, att hamna på ett svenskt fängelse.
    Ofta talas det […]

    Gustafsson i Säffle

  53. Photos of the Tutti Print Bag Lining and Adios Qee from Pulse

    Pulse has some photos of a tokidoki Tutti bag’s pretty purple lining up on their forum, plus some really nice […]

    Tokidoki Blog

  54. Paul Levine to Leave Yahoo! (Local)

    I met briefly with Yahoo! today. Paul Levine, stalwart GM of local is leaving after almost five years at the […]


  55. Data Feed

    After Hours Summary: BIDU up 19.1% on earnings/guidance; SRZ up 6.9% (announces exploration of strategic […]

    Trading for the Masses

  56. Robert Smith in his own words, July 5, 2007

    Here is a transcript of the bul

    Hong Kong Ham

  57. Ubuntu Tribe, o filme

    Acabei de ler essa notícia no BestLinux e já fui atrás de mais detalhes para postar aqui.


    Ubuntu Tribe é […]


  58. Scripting News for 7/26/2007

    Dumb iPhone question [image]
    I have 250 or so photos on my iPhone.
    I want to copy them onto my MacBook hard disk.

    Scripting News Annex

  59. Virtual Worlds as Eco Incubators

    What does a virtual world have to do with making a real world businesses more eco-friendly? Potentially a lot. Here’s […]


  60. Warning: If You Read This, You Might Get Fat

    So yesterday, I posted my immediate response to the “Fat Is Contagious!!!!” story on a fatty e-mail list. […]

    Shapely Prose

  61. Beyoncé cade dalle scale

    Ma potrebbe essere anche un passo della coreografia: se così fosse spero che vi si cimenti al più presto anche Pamela […]

    chissenefrega… who cares?

  62. The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper

    The hot story in Bridgetown in recent days has been the fall from grace of a veteran journalist who over

    Barbados Underground

  63. Severn Trent latest bowser news

    Severn Trent acknowledge that they are having trouble keeping up with the demand on water bowsers but now have 900 […]

    Cheltenham Borough Council flood updates

  64. Funky16Corners Radio v.28 – Rubber Souled Pt1

    Funky16Corners Radio v.28 – Rubber Souled Pt1
    Billy Preston – Eight Days a Week (Exodus)
    Music […]


  65. Najib Anak Razak : Mengadaikan Nyawa Perajurit Dan Menjejaskan Kedaulatan Negara?

    Reproduced from The Straits Times, 25 July 2007 :-
    “In an interview with The Straits Times yesterday, Deputy […]

    Puck’s Initiative

  66. Uncle Sam’s hiring spree

    The federal government is hoping to hire almost 200,000 people between now and 2009, writes Anne Fisher in her July 26 […]

    Ask Annie

  67. Satirisk valgplakat nr. 2

    Indsendt af en anonym læser.


  68. Happy Birthday to the politics of envy

    Break out the champagne, put on your party hat, and blow one of those annoying squeaky things, because Inheritance Tax […]

    Nation of Shopkeepers

  69. حداقل، دوستان حزب‌اللهی‌تان را نگه دارید!

    وقتی زمزمه‌های جداسازی دختران و پسران توی دانشگاه رو شنیدم، اول ا […]

    Break on Through

  70. Spotes Notes, 7.26.07: Terrence Moore is Hateful; Curtis Martin Retires; Schilling Blows Hard – and Wrong – Again; […]

    [image]NEW!! Moore Michael Vick hate I am convinced that Terrence Moore of the Atlanta Constitution-Journal hates […]

    The Starting Five

  71. Where’s the Prototype Framework community?

    Over the past year, I’ve been using the Prototype javascript framework. I like it because of it’s […]

    joe gornick

  72. Free Pattern: GI Joe Pants

    After listening to my boys fight all weekend over who’s GI Joe got to wear the only pair of pants they […]

    Keeping Me In Stitches


    I had some difficulty with this kit, kind of a designers block, but I finally completed it tonight!
    I hope you all […]

    Scrapper Design

  74. Olbermann: Bush’s executive order on July 17, 2007 (video)

    Dandelion Salad
    July 25, 2007
    Bush Executive Order: Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement by Prof. Michel […]

    Dandelion Salad

  75. Teenage girl kills herself over fake spoilers of Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows

    Apparently a girl in the PHILIPPINES has just killed herself over fake spoilers of harry potter and the deathly […]

    Hi, This is Martin -OMG!!

  76. Dlaczego nie powstanie komisja

    Osią sporu pomiędzy Jarosławem Kaczyńskim a Andrzejem Lepperem jest sprawa powołania komisji śledczej dla […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  77. Sale Away

    Good Morning.
    Just thought I would write a few words before I go off to the bridge for our crew-only lifeboat drill […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  78. Mike Piazza Has A Sensitive Head

    After 15 seasons, the rigors of playing Major League Baseball may finally be causing Mike Piazza to […]


  79. A Strange Gourd…

    I have another volunteer in my little patch of green – this time it is a strange little gourd. One time I had […]

    A Mad Tea Party

  80. Sommarstiltje

    Rätt lugnt nu. Slutet av juli är väl Sverige som allra minst aktivt. Och efter måndagens möte i Bryssel går […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  81. När något är väldigt fel

    En man smittad av viruset HIV har medvetet haft oskyddat samlag med en hel del kvinnor.
    Hans prestationer resulterade i […] Bloggen

  82. Extremely Funny Joke!

    Justin over at ROTR got a hold of a pretty funny joke, I think you may want to check it out. Just one warning: the joke […]

    The ACT Blog

  83. Darnell Bing released/CB to watch for in 2008

    For those of you who follow our draft coverage, I think you know why I posted this. Remember when some Patriots fans […]

  84. Disable Snap Previews

    By popular demand, I have disabled snap previews on my site (not over the whole world, like breaking the […]


  85. CA vs. Spector – “Is This the Country I Live In?”

    He has a history of waving guns at women and there is a woman now found dead in his house and I am going to convict him […]

    The Darwin Exception

  86. Knitty’s Fetching Finished

    Knitty’s Fetching Finished
    Originally uploaded by lhawi

    Well, here’s the FO! And a nice shot of […]

    Knitting, Photography and Randomness

  87. Truth in Science and Politics

    The Union of Concerned Scientists Science Idol contest winner has been announced! I kinda like the fact that […]


  88. as the new head of the family

    The family around grew again and launched as a central place for developers, […]


  89. PSE – ASL – Coda Talk

    Interesting points were brought up in the last vlog, comparing whether Kodas are more keen to learning ASL or […]

    Mother Father Deaf

  90. Izlt s Koroške mimo Prežihove domačije v stavbo FERI-ja

    Danes zjutraj je bilo, kot vsako jutro, v okolici FERI-ja mirno. Nepozornemu sprehajalcu se morda ne bi na tem pogledu […]

    V koš

  91. Worst news for Linux this year: CK quits

    CLARIFICATION: Whatever you may think after following a link from, I am not going to fork the Linux […]

    … in a tie

  92. Adolescente se mata depois de saber o final de Harry Potter

    Você acha que a notícia é fake? Então clique aqui antes de continuar a leitura!

    Made Warez in Brasil

  93. Löjligt

    Det är intressant att läsa. Eller nej, jag menar, det är inte intressant. Alls. Men det är häpnadsväckande att de […]


  94. I ran into that video-posting librarian again

    You guys must remember Jessamyn, the librarian who posted a video about installing Ubuntu at, where else, the […]

    Ubuntu Blog

  95. ¡Sabemos donde estas!

    Son muchos los que vendrán buscando, Woody Allen + Barcelona + sitios + lugares + rodaje + película + Scarlett […]

    Where is Johansson?

  96. Vetenskapsredaktionen på DN – bara praktikanter?

    Det senaste dygnet har Dagens Nyheter andlöst berättat om två nya vetenskapliga studier. I den ena artikeln, […]

  97. Alexander Graham Bell

    I found it in Chicago Sun-Times newspaper in the comic section yesterday (7/25). The Flying McCoys. I wonder if […]

    Fookem and Bug

  98. Ainge Done For Now

    For those Celtics fan that are hoping and waiting for the “other shoe” to drop, your wait might be long.  How […]

    Celtics Thug Rumors

  99. Why They Serve!

    I found this video while catching up on reading at Lubbock Marine Parents blog site. 
    I love the passion in […]

    2nd Verse – Same as the 1st

  100. i like dirty women

    but not when it comes to petscans.
    when it comes to petscans, i prefer clean women.
    good thing that according to the […]

    Followed Lingling as She Gave Lymphoma a Beatdown

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