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July 12, 2007: Top Posts

  1. No price drop for Xbox 360

    While Peter Moore showed off the upcoming Halo 3-themed Xbox console and accessories as well as all the awesome looking […]

    The Rabies Blog

  2. Why hasn’t the Bakari Sagna signing been announced?

    Well last time I wrote something on the site I finished saying another signing would be nice, and we got one. […]

  3. ‘Hott 4 Hill’ counters ‘Obama Girl’

    [image] Watch CNN’s Jeanne Moos report on the latest online political video making waves. WASHINGTON (CNN) […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  4. Geico’s New Spokeswoman?

    I’m sorry, I just saw these pictures of Hillary Swank in  Italy, and I couldn’t help myself.

  5. Movies in a box, any box

    The battle for your living room is heating up. There are now numerous ways for lazy consumers to avoid having to go to […]

    Media Biz

  6. Sagna, Eboue, Gallas, Ljungberg and Martins – discuss

    Morning, I have just woken up as today I am doing a late shift at – 16.00 until 00.00
    Many thoughts have […]

    Arsenal News Blog

  7. Differenti accoglienze per la GPLv3

    A qualche giorno dal rilascio della terza versione della licenza “più nostra” (cfr […]

    pollycoke 🙂


    [image]REMEMBER Zulkifli Noordin (photo Malaysiakini)? He was the lawyer who discharged himself from defending 1st […]

    SUSAN LOONE’s blog

  9. College Fight Reveals Life Long Questions About Shotguns and Dairy Queens

    Missouri basketball player Kalen Grimes was arrested this weekend for “striking a man in the […]

  10. Is The Glass Half Empty Or Half Full?

    It seems that everyone wants experience these days, the Arsenal squad is apparently full of kids that will not […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  11. Facebook vs MySpace: The Tale of the Tape

    There has been a lot of talk about Facebook unseating MySpace as the top social network. While that may (or may not) […]


  12. 6 (Mostly) Free Online Contact Apps to Consider

    If there’s any area of personal organization that web apps haven’t gotten right yet, it’s the contact […]

    Web Worker Daily

  13. Preview do projeto Crystal para KDE4

    O artista brasileiro Everaldo é um exemplo de superação. Seu famoso projeto de ícones Crystal é usado oficialmente […]


  14. Zillow goes crowdsourcing

    Perfectly timed to tomorrow’s crowdsourcing panel at Fortune’s iMeme conference in San Francisco, Web 2.0 […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  15. Caption this: Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang-mi

    Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang-mi were caught on camera with the same odd expressions and hand gesture during the […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  16. Playboy – Ana Paula de Oliveira

    É… eu disse que nao ia mais fazer esses tipos de post, mas a situacao atual do blog me obriga! Pra ver […]

    Cultura de Garagem

  17. Chronic Subscription Fatigue Syndrome

    Did you ever sit down and add up how much you shell out in subscription fees and monthly service bills to maintain your […]

    Grouchy Geek

  18. Oh, Gillmor! (Fake Steve will hate this) — EXPLICIT

    Bad Sinatra starts out with a walk into Marc Benioff’s office (CEO of and goes downhill from […]


  19. Recruiting a Co-Founder For Your Startup

    I’ve done sales work at Verizon, Sprint, Sears, Radioshack, Target, and my own service-driven startups. […]

    Jared Tame @ Phunctional

  20. Interview with Washington Wizard center, Etan Thomas

    [image]There are very few professional athletes today that use their personal resources to become agents of change. […]

    The Starting Five

  21. Fotos en PlayBoy de Ana Paula de Oliveira (infiltradas)

    Las fotos del desnudo de Ana Paula de Oliveira, que aparecen en la edición de PlayBoy julio, se infiltraron en […]

    Ariel Cristian: BENCHMARK

  22. Gaszenie ognia benzyną

    Jak odwrócić uwagę od afery? Od niejasności w sprawie ustaleń z ostatniego szczytu w sprawie Traktatu? Od […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  23. uso termini informatici e tgcom, grazie! ma non ci siamo ancora!

    Sul tgcom si parla ancora di hacker, ma si finisce per affermare e negare tutto in questo articolo a corredo dello […]

    Kijio blog

  24. Share your pricing strategies

    In “What is elite service worth?,” FSB’s Anne Fisher offers advice to a reader who wants to know the […]

    Ask FSB

  25. How To Rid Debt By Becoming a Cash Money Superstar

    Recently I wrote The Ten Commandments of Working From Home where I proved my street credit based on 2 criteria:

    I used […]

    TrackSuit CEO

  26. It’s All Talk Until the Season Starts

    I did a bunch of research for this post. I’m talking pages of spreadsheets analyzing conference schedules dating […]

    Pyle of List

  27. Phil Migliarese on cover of MMA WorldWide! Read His Article called “Growing up Gracie” on July 14th, 2007 (Issue #4)

    This issue will be out on July 14th, 2007. I will be getting 100 copies for Balance Studios. If you would like […]

  28. 145 – The Madonna Map Syndrome

    The cyclist pauses amid fields of produce that stretch toward the horizon, punctuated only by farms and roads. […]

    strange maps


    Fiji businesswoman who turned her Lami office into a democracy shrine following the coup of 5/12 was again stopped this […]

    Why Fiji is Crying

  30. Krach moralny państwa Jarosława Kaczyńskiego

    Na naszych oczach dokonuje się całkowita degrengolada podstaw moralnych projektu pod nazwą IV RP Jarosława […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  31. Great, Our Director of Homeland Security Has Ties To 9/11 Financiers

    Maybe that’s why he has a “gut feeling” that an attack is coming.
    Larisa explains more about the […]

    Ali Eteraz

  32. Norm convergence of multiple ergodic averages for commuting transformations

    I’ve just uploaded to the ArXiV my paper “Norm convergence of multiple ergodic averages for commuting […]

    What’s new

  33. Simplicity At It’s Best

    Some things in life are better simple. Take cake for example. I know a typical person would love cake slathered in […]

    The Wandering Eater

  34. You and me on the front row for Kathy

    [image] [image]

    Off-Stage with Ken Stein

  35. FileBrowser Data Engine per Plasma

    Questo file browser consente consente di cercare files e directory, visualizzandone il mimetype. La lista è inoltre […]

    iLLusion bloG

  36. Sound Bytes and Hillary…Politics For The Stupid

    Hillary Jilton Moonbat Clintonista’s Bafoonery

    Here is another piece which we shall tear apart. It really is too […]

    Hot Rodham Blog

  37. Creative interpretations of Summorum Pontificium

    The Diocese of Pittsburgh’s Vicar for Canonical Services and the Director of its Department for Worship write to […]


  38. NYC Dining: Katz’s Delicatessen (UPDATED)

    Click Here for Hi-Res Slide Show!

    Off The Broiler

  39. [+] Parabéns ao Freitas! (+18)

    Você conhece o Freitas? Já deu os parabéns pra ele? A galera da USP de Cinema e Vídeo apresenta “A […]

    TVMundU! …o mundo universitário fora da sala de aula!

  40. Global 500: Full list

    What do you think of the companies on the Global 500 list this year? Have you worked for any of these companies, or […]

    FORTUNE Talkback

  41. Poll Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Metrics

    Over in The Oz, Newspoll CEO Martin O’Shannessy writes:
    I was stimulated to consider whether Dennis Shanahan was […]

    Possums Pollytics

  42. A nation of cin cai culture

    Once upon a time in a country, not our country , there is a person called Mr “Cin cai”.
    “Cin […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum

  43. Daily Prospect Report 7/10/07

    Kevin Goldstein has his risers and fallers for each NL team. (subscription normally required, but free preview […]

    Future Redbirds

  44. Dumnezeu dat in judecata…

    Timisoara, 10 iul  – Dosarul in care Dumnezeu a fost dat in judecata de un detinut din penitenciarul timisorean a fost […]

    PRAXIS – blog Aurel Mateescu

  45. The Imprudent Freedom to Question Free Will

    Good day Bro. Eli
    I came across this article in one of the websites frequently visited by a lot of people and […]

    Eliseo Soriano

  46. GPRS no Linux com SE GC89

    Depois de mais de um século sem escrever (e ainda estar com o bluetooth com problemas), volto a escrever para contar […]

    Ubuntu na terra do pão di queijo

  47. Sen. DeMint on Sen. Vitter

    Guest Post by Silence Dogood 
    Surely most political junkies are aware by now, if not minutes after it made the […]

    Not Very Bright

  48. In Which We Attend The Wedding And Report Back Who Was There What Went Down How We Should View Ourselves In Its […]

    Getting there. 
    On Saturday evening I woke up and a University of Chicago man was in my home. A […]

    Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Sitting Here Listening to This Recording

  49. Why git rules!

    During past days, under suggestion of Paolo Capriotti, we’ve been using git for the development of our project […]

    my KDExperiments

  50. LED-indie ZEPPELIN!

    At Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival on June 16, in The Other Tent, a Tennessee crowd was favored with an extraordinary […]

    Berkeley Place

  51. Ieri e oggi in TV – 11/07/2007

    [image]Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri martedì 10 luglio 2007, e […] Blog

  52. Mai este interesanta China pentru noi?

    De 17 ani privim, aproape exclusiv, spre occident. Inainte de ‘89, China parea un fel de parasuta de siguranta […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  53. Ten answers to the un-answerable question: “what is Web 2.0?”

    It’s when you make all the content.  And they keep all the revenue.  (Thanks!) 
    It’s when you need to […]

    Jonathan Deamer

  54. More stereotypes than meet the eye

    ABW’s Guest Blogger Nora here, with a brief rant.
    Belated happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans (and more […]

    The Angry Black Woman

  55. Tangan Mengambang di Bundaran Hotel Indonesia

    Apa jadinya jika 500 replika tangan di biarkan mengambang di Bundaran Hotel Indonesia? Sebuah medali Perunggu

    Inisiatif Komunikasi

  56. Two Billion

    Spam is growing.
    From 0 to 1,000,000: 70 days
    From 1,000,000 to 100,000,000: 190 days
    100,000,000 to 1,000,000,000: 257 […]

    Akismet Blog

  57. Painted Jiang Pao


    Anima Tactics – Unofficial blog

  58. High Fiber Breakfast

    [image]  I am sure you have heard by now that the latest health craze is adding more fiber to your diet. Fiber helps […]

    The Diaper Diaries

  59. Why is it so quiet?

    One of the blogs readers and Koptalk member, chrispy, was wondering yesterday why it’s so quiet on Koptalk. […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  60. Shia LaBeouf en couverture du Vanity Fair


    Les Amateurs de Stars

  61. Cómo va KDE 4

    Fuente /dev/jarzebski; gracias a Santi.

    120% Linux

  62. Schwuler Moslem eröffnet Kneipe

    Eine bessere Story hätte ich nicht erfinden können. Kurz habe ich mich bei der folgenden Meldung gefragt, ob ich die […]

    Gay West

  63. SSI for deaf people?

    Me and several of my friends in a chat room were discussing about SSI, and how deaf people gets them. First, for you […]


  64. Why We Kick All The Other Blogs’ Asses

    FITSNews – July 11, 2007 – So some hotshot national […]

    FITSNews For Now

  65. Word Association

    You know, I’ve been thinking: This lack of Went is making me depressed. Perhaps I need to see a shrink…Nah […]

    Wet For Went

  66. Europas frusna konflikter

    Runt om i och kring Europa lever vi med ett antal s k frusna konflikter och deras olika konsekvenser. De förser inte […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  67. How to Describe Performance Comparision

    I’m writing today about a pet peeve of mine: amateur benchmarking that reports its results badly. Let’s say […]

    Sententia cdsmithus

  68. Video, Rey de los perros exigiendo protección a los animales.

    Este señor  es todo lo contrario del come perros ese que anda por ahí haciendo daño y aunque hay personas que […] Tu ventana en RD

  69. iPhone: How to Edit (And Not Just Backspace)

    In the last days of typing and re-typing my SMTP address, I discovered the iPhone text typing magnifying glass.
    If you […]


  70. Il fait beau dans le métro, on est chaud dans le métro

    Intercom: *Prochaine station, Jean-Drapeau*
    Gars saoul : L’as-tu entendue celle-là ?
    Fille encore plus […]

    Entendu à Montréal…

  71. iPhone’s Lack of SDK Explained?

    Ars Technica has published a very thorough review of the iPhone. Well worth reading for a balanced perspective on what […]


  72. E: Strumento per estrarre ogni tipo di archivio

    [image]E è un piccolo strumento in grado di estrarre ogni tipo di file in linux, così da non dover ricordare ogni […]

    Ubuntu Box

  73. Dakwaan kes Rasuah Ketua Polis Negara dilapor kepada BPR, kata Dato Jo

    [image]Timbalan Menteri Keselamatan Dalam Negeri Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum memberitahu Dewan Rakyat hari ini kes rasuah […]

    Ahli Parlimen PAS

  74. Mördarsniglar orsak till psykisk ohälsa

    Liksom depression och andra psykiska effekter märktes i stormen Gudruns spår ser vi nu psykisk ohälsa i[image] […]

    Lindeman 2.0

  75. Problems & Stress in Life is your wishes.

    A group of students, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. […]

    Chai Garam – Refresh Yourself!

  76. Carroll T. (“Ted”) Hartwell 1933-2007

    Sadly, another of my mentors has died. Ted Hartwell was the founding curator of the photography department at the […]

    Marketing Photos with Mary Virginia Swanson

  77. 阿嬤的畢業Suprise(補阿嬤紀念光碟)

    Summer Baby

  78. Playboy – Ana Paula Oliveira, a bandeirinha

    DOWNLOAD – Rapidhsare

    [ anarquia digital ]

  79. Automatix ¿útil o inútil?

    Creo que cualquier persona que use Ubuntu siempre ha visto, leído o utilizado la famosa herramienta Automatix, […]

    The life of Nadock

  80. Cloverfield 01-18-08 – More possible sites (likely).

    These sites seem to have more potential in turning out to be legit.  (Notice the link to […]

    Hellions Magazine

  81. Mouse Rp. 25 ribu

    Saya masih tekagum-kagum dengan mouse saya ini. Harganya Rp. 25.000,-. Itu yang membuat saya kagum. Bagaimana mereka […]

    Budi Rahardjo

  82. Posible pequeño parón

    A partir de mañana puede que os quedéis sin Entre tuxes y pepinos.

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  83. I wish…(freebie)

    I could tell you how wonderful Harry Potter was last night…but Graham wussed out on me.  Had to go and be all […]

  84. En dåres envishet

    En liten dam (cirka sextio) som alltid brukade komma in för att köpa en folköl och ett paket cigaretter på […]


  85. Bundeswehr-Heimatschutz: “Amtshilfe” am 7. Juli?

    Möglicherweise hat di

    Anti-Nazi-Koordination Frankfurt a.M.

  86. Du lit au tribunal !

    Encore un procès sur Secondlife !
    Décidément, il ne se passe pas un mois sans que l’actualité judiciaire ne nous […]

    SecondLife Observer France-

  87. O Ani… jeszcze parę słów

    Nie chciałem już nic pisać, w sumie nie wiem czy powinienem, ale wracając dzisiaj z pracy przypomniałem sobie […]

    Karola dziwne przypadki

  88. Children in Church

    We used a clip from The Last Samauri in church this past week, and I got a few e-mails stating that it wasn’t […]

    You Can Know God

  89. iPhone’s battery situation a raw deal for business users.

    The iPhone’s battery is not user-replaceable. In fact, it’s soldered to the device’s mainboard. To […]


  90. Odds and Ends

    A few notes for today.
    * I’ve updated the prospect tracker to include all the links for guys in the GCL. Just a […]

    Phuture Phillies

  91. 500.000!

    Só o Ernesto estava prestando atenção: hoje, 6 meses e 6 dias depois do primeiro post, esta versão […]

    Viaje na Viagem

  92. Verifying Your Hyperspace Status at CE

    We’ve received a lot of queries from members asking how they’ll be able to confirm their Fan Club […]

    The Official Star Wars Blog

  93. Works for Me Wednesday – Scripture Memory

    A few years ago, my Bible study leader recommended keeping a 3X5 spiral notebook as a tool for scripture […]

    Blog In My Eye

  94. What?!?

    Please, tell me this is a spoof. I am lost for words. Oh, no, hang on, some are managing to form in my […]

    Nation of Shopkeepers

  95. Redefining computing, Part 1

    Is everything a form of computation? That’s what some scientists are saying. I found the CACM article […]


  96. Question About The Tax Implications Of Painting Houses In Barbados – Who Knows The Answer?

    BFP reader “N” asks…
    Hi Guys
    Just checking something here….is it true that there was some tax […]

    Barbados Free Press

  97. Comandi base SSH

    [image] In questo breve articolo, vengono trattati i principali comandi ssh.
    I comandi principali sono :
    – ssh (che […]

    Note su LINUX

  98. Hit and Run July 11, 2007 – Ennui, poker, crew, and 58 more days to go

    Historically, if you were to look at my life, July has never been good to me.  July is generally when I have moved, […]


  99. το «Π» καταγγέλλει τη «ΝΔ» για σκάνδαλα

    (σιγά μην αναρτήσω και ανάλυση)



    όποιος κα […]

    Ροΐδη Εμμονες

  100. Let’s Do The Panel Right Here

    I’ve just spent about an hour I should probably have spent doing other things reading Matt Denault’s […]

    Torque Control