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July 10, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Who’s Hack? The Brackets!

    Before the 4th of July we at the dually named Cake Rocks the Party and The Grand National Championships teased […]

    The Grand National Championships

  2. Defendant to plead guilty today in Milberg case

    (This item is by Roger Parloff and Fortune Editor at Large Peter Elkind.)
    Defendant David J. Bershad, 67, a named […]

    FORTUNE: Legal Pad

  3. Google has an appetite for spam

    In case you were still wondering if Google (GOOG) considered its top rival to be Microsoft (MSFT) and not Yahoo! […]

    Media Biz

  4. Don’t try to use your iPhone inside an Apple store

    I am inside the Apple Burlingame store with Maryam and Patrick (we were here to try out and buy some new […]


  5. I shall call him

    Mini me
    hahaha omg… so cute!
    submitted by: pikaboo


  6. I think Gallas should leave Arsenal

    Ever since he’s got here he just won’t shut the fuck up and is always moaning and putting down the […]

  7. Sod off Gallas + round-up

    The current news is hardly captivating – is it? Most of us are hoping that another Eduardo is on the horizon – by this […]

    Arsenal News Blog

  8. More staged terrorism planned to prevent Ron Paul from winning

    By Paul Joseph Watson
    In an alarming display of fearmongering, former Republican Senator Rick Santorum has suggested […]


  9. 7 year old girl implements Pet Store in Java


    The Tech Gene, Craig Baker

  10. TV And A Real Pain In The Arsenal

    This is a public service announcement. Sky and Setanta have announced their fixtures so the only ones (so far) that we […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  11. Audio Commentaries or Bust

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, my name is CinemaslaveJoe. And I’m an audio commentary-aholic. As a […]


  12. To wy stworzyliście tego potwora

    Tadeusz Rydzyk działa w przestrzeni publicznej od 15 lat. Nie piszę, że w Kościele Katolickim, bo ten […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  13. Traduzione italiana di Compiz Fusion

    Mi stavo aggiornando un po’ sulle ultime novità e mentre compilavo Compiz ho notato che la traduzione italiana […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  14. NCAA Tournament Success in the 65 (64) Team Era by Conference

    Hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday… although we gotta say this midweek holiday thing kinda sucks. Give […]

    Rush the Court

  15. Neo1973 in vendita!

    L’ora dei telefonini liberi è arrivata. Puntuale rispetto alle date annunciate è stato messo in vendita […]

    Note su LINUX

  16. Excavator Uncovered?

    Those digging through the Halo 3 beta code uncovered many unannounced features and components to Halo 3. Some that have […]

    7th Columnist

  17. Here comes the Super Girls!

    Was it really necessary to group a dozen girls together to form the female version of Super Junior? I […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  18. Want Skitch? I have invites.

    I have been a beta participant for Skitch, which is perhaps one of the best pieces of Mac OSX software I have installed […]


  19. The Squidoo Spam Problem

    Last year when one man brand, Seth Godin, launched Squidoo, it was greeted with enthusiasm. Squidoo offered a way for […]


  20. Najib breaks elegant silence over photo with Altantuya

    (Hey! Tian Chua’s story has even made it to the International Herald Tribune, and BBC). Dahsyat-nya!
    But wait a […]

    Susan Loone

  21. A Coney Island of the Mind: The Mermaid Parade

    The Coney Island 25th Annual Mermaid Parade
    Coney Island: Nathan Famous Fran rters


    Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities

  22. XwinWrap: Sfondi animati per Ubuntu

    [image]Grazie a Xgl, Compiz e Beryl è possibile fare molte cose interessanti con il proprio desktop (ma anche con […]

    Ubuntu Box

  23. Asymmetric risk and the dangers of too high a valuation

    I recently met a company that I really liked; an innovative online financial services product. It hit a lot of my […]

    Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog

  24. 3 ways to deal with social network overload

    If you’re anything like me, you’re deeply interested in social computing and join pretty much every social […]

    Web Worker Daily

  25. iPhone: Flash R.I.P

    While it’s easy to think of Flash as being a mainstay of the consumer internet era, the reality is that it was […]


  26. “Tanya Husam Musa”


    Husam Musa
    Originally uploaded by Amin Iskandar

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  27. Rey de los Perros

    Rey de los Perros
    Cargado originalmente por José Amado Peguero

    Juan Luis Álvarez es un dominicano de 41 […]

    En segundos te enteras de un mundo

  28. Papervision3D Public Beta

    Papervision3D moves from private testing to a full public beta.
    Everybody is welcome to download and start […]


  29. Hagel has no plans for run for president as an independent

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Don’t count on the possibility that Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., might run for president […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  30. Baby In Africa Born With 4 Legs

    [image]A Baby girl born with four legs in South Africa will have two of her l

    Growing your baby

  31. This IS Too “Funny”

    The above was received in an email from Norm.
    The entry can be found at Free Republic

    Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back

  32. elive 1 (gem): bella con gratuito download (e server veloci).

    Elive 1 è una bellissima distribuzione linux, con il semplice, bello e quanto efficace, sistema di gestione finestre: […]

    Kijio blog

  33. Svensksund

    När vi i förberedelserna inför märkesåret 2009 – 200 år efter den rikssprängningen som skapade det moderna […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  34. About Wife Of Raikkonen….

    [image]Jenni Maria Dahlman-Räikkönen (b. 27 October 1981 in

    information on worldwide, company information and background issues

  35. 新聞的反思

    Posted by Mr. Monday
    前幾天Mr. Friday寫了一篇文章: 今天這個新聞不好 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  36. O durniach

    Dureń ma każdego przeciwnika za lewaka a w najgorszym razie żydo-komunistę. Wierzy w mityczny układ, […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  37. Le mariage d’Eva Longoria et Tony Parker

    Comme prévu, Tony Parker et Eva Longoria se sont mariés à l’église Saint Germain l’Auxerrois et ont […]

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  38. Dude, Where’s My Prize?

    Poor David L. Regular readers might recall his quip a few weeks ago about his competition prize ‘dropping into […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  39. Diagnosing Pascal’s Wager

    [image]Hewhay (yes, that’s Yahweh spelled backwards) is a jealous god. He absolutely hates the idea of the […]


  40. Pervy Parties

    While wandering in and out of the bars, cafes, shops and art galleries of Tokyo, I often pick up flyers for upcoming […]

    Gaijin Tonic

  41. Here I Am.

    Not sure how many of you have seen the film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.
    One of my favourite singers, […]

    BOEING777’s Blog

  42. Daily Prospect Report 7/8/07

    Horrible news on Tyler Greene, he reinjured his knee on in his first at bat back from the DL. Per Kary Booher-
    Tyler […]

    Future Redbirds


    So much for that”no military or naval officer will benefit from my 5/12 coup” promise by Frank. […]

    Why Fiji is Crying

  44. SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #6 (with Screenshot and Screencast)

    Last week was my first week without exam since the beginning of the development of Ribbons. As a consequence, […]

    Laurent Debacker

  45. New York City REVOLutionized!

    Saturday was an awesome day! 7/7/7… the day New York City received a dose of the Ron Paul REVOLution! Enjoy the […]

    Ron Paul 2008 NYC

  46. Novità e plugin in compiz

    Navigando su Ubuntu video ho scovato questo video interessante su compiz. A quanto pare si stà creando un plugin per […]

    Welcome in my linux blog

  47. “Δεν λέω τίποτε άλλο, από Δευτέρα θα έχουμε εξελίξεις. Και θα […]


    The MacManus Diaries


    Rat Patrol is the name given to the version of ‘Combat Rock’ that was produced by Mick Jones. […]

    Berkeley Place

  49. It’s Official: Dan Patrick is Leaving ESPN

    Dan Patrick will be leaving ESPN.
    He is ending his 18-year career at “The Worldwide Leader of Sports” on […]

    drinking with Keith Olbermann

  50. Avance fotográfico del acto en Clavijo.

    [image]Os dejamos un avance fotográfico del acto celebrado el 7 de Julio en pueblo Clavijo. En breve, y a esperas de […]


  51. Las fotos de Ana Paula

    A Manolo, el cantinero de Bar Deportes, se le ha despertado el interés por el fútbol de las Américas. La […]


  52. Tiempo de asesinos

    Sobre un artículo nauseabundo por Quintín La última vez que la lectura de un texto me dejó sumido en el estupor […]

    La lectora provisoria

  53. The Sin of Jose Luis Miranda’s Illusion

    Dear Bro. Eli,
    Isn’t concept of sin a misnomer perception in realistic management of social, political […]

    Eliseo Soriano

  54. Keeping Ubuntu Tidy Like Your Whities

    Installing and removing programs can clutter up your system. Sometimes certain dependency packages aren’t […]


  55. Ok, jag skall skärpa mig

    Om jag skall rabbla upp saker som jag älskar att göra så hamnar “att duscha” väldigt högt upp på min […]

    Mais oui..

  56. [Fotos] Ana Paula de Oliveira, a Bandeirinha, na Playboy

    Marmanjos do Brasil inteiro estão afoitos pelas fotos da Bandeirinha Gatíssima na

    X Bacon!


    Η συγκέντρωση στη Βουλή, δεν έγινε ούτε για τις φωτιές, ούτε [...]


  58. Langston’s Blues

    So far The Langston has received


  59. We Are Not 90’s Snobs

    We wanna enlighten… and let you live.
    After finally getting the chance to sit down and thoroughly […]

    weapons of mass distraction

  60. We Don’t Need Oil – We Need Citizens

    Truth to power. A call to action.
    [UPDATE: Welcome FDL, Digby and Brilliant at Breakfast visitors.  Please […]

    Universal Health

  61. Al Gore und das Internet

    Am Wochenende hat der Ex-Vize-Präsident Al Gore weltweit zu den Teilnehmern des Live Earth-Konzerts gesprochen und ein […]

    USA Erklärt

  62. TV USA Gazette #50 – La sigla di Weeds – Casting News – The Nine – Kevin Pollak in Shark – Giorno per giorno – Ritorni […]

    [image]Un altro appuntamento con un aggiornamento delle notizie dell’ultima settimana relative alla […] Blog

  63. iPhone customer service

    AT&T and Apple customer service are like night and day – no surprise really, but it’s annoying.
    Today I decided […]

    tnkgrl Mobile

  64. Πόσοι ήμασταν χθες στο Σύνταγμα;

    Κατά τις 8 και κάτι, 5000 σίγουρα. Στην αρχή, 7 με 7 και μισή, γύρω στις […]


  65. 135 – Update On the GDP Map of the USA

    I’m not in the habit of extensively revisiting strange maps already posted here, as there are so many more out […]

    strange maps

  66. Google and the Best uses of Flash

    [image][image]From Google Webmaster Central, a post with the Best uses of Flash. The 3 main suggestions

    Flash Enabled – Get Ready With Flash…

  67. PA 007 – License to Thrill

    Good Evening everyone from the med as we sail away from a beautiful day in Messina where the sun has shined down on the […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  68. Bits & Bobs

    I’ve got two horticultural mysteries that need solving. I’m flummoxed. So I turn them over to you […]

    A Chicken In Every Granny Cart

  69. What about that Hawk-Eye call at Wimbledon finals against Federer?

    Wasn’t that a weird moment?
    Well, in Federer’s defense, it is not all its cracked out to be. But still, […]

    Tennis Planet

  70. Smith Done After Contract?

    Matt Maiocco is reporting that linebacker Derek Smith is going to call it quits after his contract runs out. Smith is […]

  71. Cool Hot Lunch

    It’s hot as blazes outside right now, but lunch here today was cool in every sense of the word. I sat in the […]

    Dump and Chase

  72. Ethan Haas Was Right, part II has added a new picture to its front page, which is now Flash-based:
    UPDATE I: IGN is standing by a […]


  73. Επενδυτές με όραμα

    Γιατί το τσιμέντο κάνει καλό στην οικονομία

    Δεν θέλουμε […]

    σαλάτα εποχής

  74. Más plugins para Compiz Fusion

    Si eres de los que se animó a probar Compiz Fusion, lo usas o lo mantienes instalado, os traigo algunos plugins más […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  75. First numbers

    Testing out the idea of a new blog for Real Estate numbers.
    Im still sorting out my sources, if you would like to […]

    Van RE Numbers

  76. Ron Paul Texas – supporters + local GOP leadership = ???


  77. mio marito

    Ieri è stata una nuova giornata infernale con mio marito…Come ho già detto, per fortuna vedo poco i miei […]


  78. NJ Dining: Due Terre Enoteca

    Due Terre Enoteca
    107 Morristown Road (Route 202) Bernardsville, NJ
    (908) 221-0040
    Web Site: […]

    Off The Broiler

  79. The Spirit, the Modern World, Pentecostalism and Orthodoxy

    Part of the larger Christian context in which Orthodoxy lives today includes not only Catholics (of various […]

    Glory to God for All Things

  80. Upphovsmän skall få jaga fildelare

    Stefan Johansson, rättssakkunig på justitiedepartementet, arbetar med ett förslag som innebär att det skall bli […]


  81. Bang-Bang Play

    bang-bang play (noun): in baseball, 1. An attempted tag or force play at a base when the ball and runner arrive […]


  82. UFC 73: Silva vs. Marquardt video

    Good quick fight. Watch it before UFC makes them take it down. Editor’s note: video was removed by […]



    [image] One supposition of paranormality often ignored is its relationship to the environment. The paranormal is […]


  84. 10.000 € Steuermittel für jeden Nazi-Demonstranten

    Das war ein teurer Tag, dieser 7. Juli 2007: Die Toleranzpolitik von Land und Stadt gegenüber der von […]

    Frankfurt “No Go Area” fuer Nazis

  85. Undergången förutspås vara nära

    Sommarens nyheter och framför allt den senaste veckan har bjudit på naturkatastrofer, krig, våld, sviktande moral […]

    Lindeman 2.0

  86. Futures Game thoughts

    I’m sad to say, I missed most of the game yesterday, but I did happen to catch Carrasco’s inning. His […]

    Phuture Phillies

  87. Opposing a GI & Veteran-Focused Anti-War Movement: Seven Reasons

    Opposing a GI & Veteran-Focused Anti-War Movement: Seven Reasons
    By Tamara K. Nopper
    July 9, 2007
    As an activist […]

    Kenyon Farrow

  88. Ron Paul: the people-powered candidate?

    When Kos , Jerome Armstrong and other Dem blogger heavyweights discuss the need for a political infrastructure […]

    Scholars and Rogues

  89. El vídeo de Ana Paula Olivera ya está en youtube


    Ratones Coloraos

  90. Periuta mea de dinti

    [requested by animalcity (vezi povestea aici)]

    Gramo's World

  91. The Red Mosque Stand-off, Reactionary Support, and the Need for a Khalifah

    Over the last several days there have been numerous media reports about the standoff in Pakistan between a group of [...]

    Umar Lee

  92. The Gearheads #3

    Thanks to Eva for all of her work and leadership, congratulations to San Seigo for yet another title, and [...]

    Komandeering Developers Everywhere

  93. Do we really need Live TV on the Net?

    In this age of hyper personalization, where DVRs are at our command, ready to playback the latest escapades of Vinnie [...]


  94. All Right, Fine, I'll Talk about Dan Savage

    Several years ago, my mom was out to lunch with some friends, and she started telling a story about a new hairdresser [...]

    Shapely Prose

  95. Java IDEs for x86_64

    As I’ve mentioned before, I run Ubuntu on an AMD64 processor. I was recently surprised to see that running the [...]

    Chris Collins on Software

  96. Sicko? no thanks

    Joe and Christer, while I appreciate the concern for America’s future, I for one won’t be contributing any [...]

    Pensées de LaserJock

  97. MP3 OF THE WEEK: Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue mp3

    “Her folks they said our lives together, sure was gonna be rough, they never did like Mama’s [...]

    Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

  98. Metro Branding

    Metro’s opening press release arrived today and I found this bit buried in it:
    “Metro is short for [...] | Vancouver Restaurant Scene Magazine

  99. 2007 OKS Tercih ve Yerleştirme e-Kılavuzu - OKS 2007 Sınav Soruları ve Cevap Anahtarları - OKS 2007 Puan Hesaplama [...]

    824 bin 551 ilköğretim 8′inci sınıf öğrencisi, bugün Ortaöğretim Kurumları Sınavı’na (OKS) [...]


  100. Statement Regarding the Resignation of Senator Moore

    (COLUMBIA, S.C., July 7, 2007)   Senator Glenn McConnell released the following statement on the resignation of [...]

    SCHotline Press Releases