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July 6, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Jenny P – A Choice For Obvious Reasons, Husband was a Shocker Though

    Look, picking girls with huge tits has its merits. It’s an easy play and that’s what made Jenny a simple […]

    Hottest Girls Of Myspace

  2. They’ll Need Another Camp To Learn Some Defense.

    [image]Either yours truly is particularly naive or something, because an NYT article on Steve Nash running a basketball […]

    Signal to Noise

  3. Googley-eyed on Wall Street

    Another day, another new all-time high for shares of Google (GOOG). The world’s top search engine shot up more […]

    Media Biz

  4. Shhh

    Well after a signing there isn’t really any news around, hence the lack of activity on the site recently. I have […]

  5. A summary of Thursday’s Arsenal news – genius title

    Ergh I am tired. Loving working though so I cannot complain. To be honest after spending eight and a half hours a day […]

    Arsenal News Blog

  6. Tied to the 90s: (All-American Edition) 50 States, 50 Songs

    Welcome back to “Tied to the 90



    kitty: Wiggles
    photo by: Kyle Cassidy
    capped and submitted by: Louisa


  8. Guess who the 200lb hottie is?

    You can’t judge a book by its cover. Underneath the layers of artificial fat lies a hottie. Any guesses? T […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  9. DJ Tiesto you should be ashamed

    Update: Apparantley thigns started going wrong once the venue was changed from the BIC to Marina Club, and when […]


  10. At Least Some Poker Players Are Athletes

    Erick Lindgren is one of the world’s most well known poker players, but after what he did last week he […]


  11. ‘My brother: Cheapskate? Or just frugal?’

    Question: My brother’s a terrible cheapskate. Two examples:  He gave my son a two-dollar comic book for Christmas, […]

    Do the Right Thing

  12. No comment: Accidental condom inhalation

    After a successful radiology exam (the only one left is pulmonology), I’ve been just surfing on PubMed and this […]


  13. Giuliani: “9/11, 9/11, 9/11”!! But Does Anyone Know What He Actually Did?

    Susan Milligan writes in the Globe today about Mr. G and his trump card – September 11, 2001. You remember, right? That […]

    Grumpy Lion

  14. Indeed, well done Tian Chua

    Your super-imposed photo of Najib, Razak and Altantuya has even made it to Parliament. Hahahahahahhahahahaha ! Tian […]

    Susan Loone

  15. Baris Akarsu Vefat Etti Hastanedeki Son Goruntuleri Resimleri Youtube Video İzle

    Barış Akarsu Hastanede Son Görüntüleri Video izle

    Bilinmeyen Gerçekler Hiç Bir Şey Gizli Kalmayacak

  16. Some thoughts on C

    I’ve recently started learning C after spending a good few months with Python. C is certainly a whole new ball […]

    Xtreme Computers

  17. KDE 4 alpha2 (3.91) rilasciato, disponibile su LiveCD

    Come segnalato da molti di voi durante la mia breve assenza, è stata rilasciata la versione 3.91 di KDE, ossia la […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  18. 不負責猜測: 丁丁大站的陰謀是?

    Posted by Mr. Friday
    從昨天下午開始, 全台灣網路族幾乎遍地哀嚎…發生什麼事了? […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  19. Forums upgrading!

    So you’ve noticed how crappy our forums have become. Well you can thank yourselves for that. With the […]


  20. Polizeipräsident Achim Thiel: Was Gewalt ist, bestimme ich!

    Wir haben es alle mehrfach gehört und gelesen: Polizeipräsident Dr. Achim Thiel warnt vor Gewalt. Was ist Gewalt? Von […]

    Anti-Nazi-Koordination Frankfurt a.M.

  21. Twitter vs. Pownce

    So, back to Nik’s point that Twitter is better because of the API.
    Absolutely correct. But when we were standing […]


  22. Sony PlayStation to sell user data to advertisers

    There’s already plenty of product placement in video games, but Sony (SNE) appears to have plans to take the […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  23. Media Release: Ian McDiarmid at Celebration Europe

    This just in from the wire too late for pre-holiday publication on the regular, but we know you’d […]

    The Official Star Wars Blog


    Son röportaj
    Islak Islak Video Klibi
    [YouTube] // En Geniş İçerikli Türkçe Video Klip ve Şarkı Sözü Sitesi

  25. Open Thread: How would you improve the iPhone

    One of our readers who is a happy iPhone customer emailed us and asked us this question:
    iPhone 2.0 – what will Apple […]


  26. 10 minutes to run every Windows app on your Ubuntu desktop

    This simple guide will bring up the Windows start menu inside GNOME and allow you to run, use and install any […]


  27. Ils sont à Paris

    Anna Wintour, queen of fashion in Paris (even displacing Carine Roitfeld in front row proximity), […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  28. The S*n on Koptalk. Again.

    A picture says a thousand words right?
    Screenshot by Neuklon

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  29. Vor genau 365 Tagen …

    … verließ ich mit Tränen in den Augen das Dortmunder Westfalenstadion: Ein wunderschöner Sommer war ganz […]

    Justitia Colonia

  30. Dezbaterea Bloggeri vs. Jurnalişti – checked.

    Am fost şi eu la dezbaterea de astăzi din Club A organizată de Asociaţia Consumatorilor de Media – “Bloggeri […]


  31. Well done, Tian Chua.

    If this photo below is the best that can be achieved by the opposition, then PKR is dead and buried. Before the next […]



    Hot news for u Ali,
    “Roko Ului (mara boy) approached SDL officials lately to express his interest to stand in the […]

    Why Fiji is Crying


    Kısa sürede bir çok insanın sevgilisi olmayı başaran BARIŞ AKARSU’yu kaybettik [image] genç insanların […]

    Tuğçe Aytürk

  34. Hitting below the belt

    A politician holding an important position (publicity chief) in one of the opposition parties published a photo […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum

  35. Five Ways to Get IM Under Control

    Part of being a web worker is getting some actual work done once in a while. Whether it’s writing a proposal, […]

    Web Worker Daily

  36. Is Dan Patrick Leaving ESPN?

    Update: The Chicago Tribune has joined in the speculation that Dan will be leaving ESPN. They‘re predicting […]

    drinking with Keith Olbermann

  37. Nicole Pregnant *yawn*

    [image]OK so she may or may not be having Joel Madden’s sproglet, and yes yes I know there is all of the wedding […]

    Addicted to Fashion

  38. Happy Independence Day!

    Mr. Skelton speaks for himself. No commentary needed.
     Source Lone Star Times


  39. The Plastic Fantastic

    This is one of those subliminal message games. They are also sometimes called optical illusions. Police officers below […]


  40. Apa Dirisau Dengan Gambar Palsu?

    Blog Tian Chua boleh diklasifikasikan sebagai ‘blog panas’ 2-3 hari kebelakangan ini.
    Masakan tidak, […]

    Dengan Izin…

  41. Daily Prospect Report 7/4/07

    I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. No rest for the wicked prospects down on the farm. Let’s catch up on […]

    Future Redbirds

  42. Backscratching in Our Time, Tina Brown and Holly Peterson

    Tina Brown on Holly Peterson: “Holly Peterson writes about the rich with acute understanding and a drop-dead eye […]

    One-Minute Book Reviews

  43. Devinez qui

    À qui appartient ces horribles chaussures digne de Chez Paré?

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  44. FlexBook, it’s really awesome!!!

    [image]From Quietly Scheming, for all, a really awesome FlexBook. They show 6 examples of Flex Book, that are really […]

    Flash Enabled – Get Ready With Flash…

  45. Barış Akarsu yaşam savaşına yenik düştü

    DHA – MUĞLA – Geçtiğimiz cuma günü Muğla’nın Bodrum ilçesinde geçirdiği trafik kazasında ağır […]


  46. Ieri e oggi in TV – 05/07/2007

    [image]Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri mercoledì 4 luglio 2007, e […] Blog

  47. Apply Code Behind to Components

    This is I think the best way to write your applications. Code Behind cleanly and fully separates the […]

    Rico on Flex

  48. Timevault, la time machine per Ubuntu

    Oggi ho scoperto che esiste Timevault, una “time machine” per Ubuntu.
    E’ un concetto semplice, ma […]

  49. Optimus Prime Refused Service At McDonalds

    Feeling hungry and mischievous, Richard Blakeley and I headed down to McDonald’s for some good old American food. […]

    Sarah Meyers

  50. Francswiss on TV Patrol

    TV Patrol news on Franc Swiss; July 3, 2007.
     SEC issued warning memo. On ABS-CBN News


    Pinoy Ambisyoso Blog

  51. Europas nya syd

    I morgon bär det så iväg till årets upplaga av Croatia Summit nere i Dubrovnik. Med ca 400 deltagare i år är det […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  52. Lockwood makes it two signings!

    [image]Matt Lockwood, long sought-after by Smoulders, arrived today from Leyton Orient on a two year contract.  The […]

    Through the seasons before us..

  53. Kontroversi Erra Fazira

    Artis ditangkap kekasih sendiri
    TERKEDU Kak Uda apabila mendapat satu panggilan telefon daripada seseorang mengenai […]

    Tentang Cinta (LOVE)

  54. TomTom: il navigatore con la telecamera

    di:Roberto Colombo
    Solitamente è dalla FCC o dall’ente che si occupa dei brevetti americani che vengono […]

    Note su LINUX

  55. Ramai statuie daca te uiti aici

    Tocmai l-am descoperit pe Ron Mueck (10x pentru pont, Stefan!), tipul care realizeaza sculpturi care arata […]

    Gramo’s World

  56. So You Think the Amero and NAU are “Conspiracy Theories…”

    The Plan to Replace the Dollar With the ‘Amero’ Analysts: Dollar collapse
    would result in […]

    Houston 9|11 Truth

  57. 3D Pathfinding in AS3

    The actionscript architect Paul Spitzer has posted two killer demos of pathfinding using A* in AS3/Flash 9 using the […]

    [ draw.logic ]

  58. You do not need religion to be moral

    Can I be a good person without religion? Many religious people do not seem to think so. I once connected my morality […]


  59. Analyzing the Celtics’ Payroll & Roster

    Who can’t be pumped for this season? After coming off the worst year in franchise history, we should be […]

    Boston Celtics: The Big Green Machine

  60. FITSNews Exclusive – Governor’s Top Legislative Staffers Resign

    FITSNews – July 4, 2007 – S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford is […]

    FITSNews For Now

  61. Let’s Come Together

    Este vídeo faz parte de uma iniciativa da Comissão Europeia para promover os benefícios da Europa, […]

    Laranja Mecânica – Espaço Internet

  62. SWREG customers beware

    [image]If you are a customer of the ecommerce provider SWREG you should beware that they may be upselling highly […]

    Successful Software

  63. Sneak Peak – HTC Omni

    Photo from Engadget
    Supposedly the successor to the HTC Universal aka the Dopod 900, the specification of the […]

    Hong Kong Phooey

  64. L’iniquità non sta nello scalone, ma nei padri (che hanno avuto tutto) che negano il futuro ai figli (che rischiano di […]

    [image]Il governo barcolla sulle pensnioni. Ma sembra proprio non voler mollare.
    Non dico debba andare a casa. Ci […]

    il Pensatore

  65. Niepełnosprawni w polityce na przykładzie Anny Fotygi

    Kilkanaście miesięcy temu pojawiły się na bilbordach plakaty reklamy społecznej, z hasłem […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  66. La sediul UMP

    In cursul diminetii, am facut o vizita la sediul UMP, partidul de “guvernamant” din Franta, partidul condus […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  67. Major Operation against Lal Masjid (Red Mosque)

    Here are various news regarding the event of lal masjid which happened today. I will upload the pictures to keep you […]

    Pakistan Uncut

  68. Aquí hay tomate poca vergüenza

    El otro día mientras comía tenía puesta la tele y estaban emitiendo este programa “super-kk”. […]

    Cucha que te Digo, el blog de la Sor Citroen

  69. Working On My “Night” Moves, Round 6

    Posted by TVita
    [image]After two days of 4th of July celebrations, I might be nursing an unfortunate badminton injury […]

    Channel Guide Magazine

  70. TDO Interview: Blogdorf Goodman

    Recently, we got the chance to interview fellow blogger, Annie from Blogdorf Goodman – one of the most popular […]

    The Daily Obsession

  71. Top 3 hitting prospects, in your opinion

    Similar to the pitching prospect post from a few days ago. This time, exclude Adrian Cardenas from your list. Give your […]

    Phuture Phillies

  72. Fancy Feast tutorial

    [image]Here is the pattern for Fancy Feast 
    size g, f, an

    gnat on the windshield

  73. Programmare con stile (5)

    Siamo giunti all’ultima puntata di Programmare con stile. Come ultima questione analizzeremo […]

    Simone Vellei (Henomis) Blog

  74. Mumio or mumia?

    [image] [image]
    No i dziwić się, że mamy taką politykę zagraniczną, a nie inną? Minister Fotyga po prostu […]

    Blog Voltera

  75. ங்கொய்யால…


    கூட்டம் போடு
    இலக்கியங்களி […]


  76. The Faulty Covenant of the Seventh Day Adventist Church

    This is a reply to the comment posted by a certain Mr. Adventist777 regarding my article entitled, “The […]

    Eliseo Soriano

  77. When Harry Met Heidi

    A big Venetian Hello to you or as they say in Italian……Bon Journo froma sunnya Venicea (say this in an […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  78. Private equity daily double

    If you thought that the punk performance of Blackstone Group (BX) stock since its IPO was a sign that the private […]

    Abnormal Returns

  79. Independence Day Announcement

    With this post, I am announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.
    Aletha of Freesoil Party and […]

    Women’s Space/The Margins

  80. Nick Lachey et Vanessa Minillo : Priceless!

    Regarder le visage de Mr. Lachey alors qu’il … ouin, qu’il ouvre la voie à la vie … Photo de […]

    La Rumeur Court!

  81. Tell Apple What Else You Want From Your iPhone …

    Whether you want to politely request something, or to use your outside voice, Apple would like your feedback […]


  82. Screenshot di KDE 4 Alpha 2

    Siore e Siori, ecco a voi gli screenshot tanto promessi, tratti dal live cd di KDE 4 basato su OpenSuse e rilasciato […]


  83. Utvisning?

    Igår fick Christian Traoré två varningar i en och samma halvlek. Utan att bli utvisad. Det är inte så vanligt. I […]

    Bondegatan – Hammarby

  84. “Gazeta Wyborcza” coraz słabsza. Tak czy nie?

    Dyskutowałem mailowo o mediach z bliską mi osobą, czytającą od zawsze niemal wszystko co wpada w ręce. Czytelnik […]

    Dziura w Całym

  85. In Which We Answer The West Coast Seventeen With The Eighteen Best Songs of A Half Year What’s Up Eighteen You Heard Me

    There is no doubt Danish has good taste, perhaps the best taste. Once I gave him a tee-shirt Doug wore and […]

    Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Sitting Here Listening to This Recording

  86. And so it begins….

    We started work in earnest on Monday (2nd July) Paul came over to my house and we sat down and started planning out […]

    Paul & Dave’s Novel Concepts

  87. Carlos Tevez finally signs for Manchester United!

    After a long time waiting, West Ham’s saviour has finally been signed by United pending there are no […]

    All the latest Manchester United News

  88. Kanzen Taurus, Inovasi Handal Anak Bangsa

    By Girifumi
    PT. Inti Kanzen Motor (IKM) selaku Agen Tunggal Pemegang Merek (ATPM) sepeda motor senantiasa […]


  89. “Deathly Pain to Frau Krause”

    I don’t know who Frau Krause, Herr Keul, or Frau Schultz are, but they must be pretty horrible people to […]

    Bang! Bang!

  90. John Legend gets “excited” dancing with fan in concert

    John Legend invited a fan onstage to grind on him during a recent concert in Amsterdam, and got […]

    A Hot Mess!

  91. A software IPO that’s no Google

    A smallish software company called NetSuite filed papers Monday with the SEC to go public. If it weren’t for the […]

    Go West

  92. Manifestación en honor a David Lane en Barcelona.

    [image]Este domingo día 8 de Julio a las 12:00, se ha convocado una manifestación en honor a nuestro ya, fallecido […]


  93. Puzzle 3: Weigh ’em Up!!

    [image] [image]


  94. Saint Che And The Religion Of The Left, Part One

    Environmentalism, free trade and globalization don’t bring people or nations together. There is only one cause that […]

    Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

  95. New Iron Man Pictures

    Here are some new shots from the upcoming Iron Man movie, starring Robert Downey J


  96. Avispado ataca de nuevo

    Se suele decir que todas las cosas tienen un precio, ya sea de caracter sentimental o de una forma un poco más […]

    La pluma afilada

  97. When robots go wild

    [image]Well, not really wild but a little cranky. Wired has a fascinating piece about Robotarium X, a robot zoo in […]


  98. Ngitung gaji konsultan

    [image]Khusus dewasa !
    Ngomongin gaji atau isi dompet orang lain itu PORNO !
    Sepertinya akan lebih enak gaji ini […]

    Dongeng Geologi

  99. Tevez to Man Utd

    While reports in England say Carlitos Tevez is as good as a Manchester United player with the deal set to be finalised […]

    Latin Football World

  100. Hartley Henry Asks Noel Lynch Where He Got His Million Dollars…

    Under the archaic laws of Barbados that are designed to protect thieves from public calls for accountability, […]

    Barbados Free Press