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July 5, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Tommy Chong drinks the FOX News bongwater

    Tommy has been busier than a high-school dope peddler of late, making the rounds of the cable news talk shows. […]

    Scholars and Rogues

  2. De juerga en Madrid

    Sugih (co-fundador, presidente y CTO), Daniel (responsable para España) y yo estaremos en Madrid, mañana jueves, día […]

  3. Don’t Ask Me to Read Your Holy Book

    An A-Religious Commentary:

    Should I have an open mind for circular reasoning?


  4. Oh, les américains!

    4 Luglio, the Internet
    Non so bene perché, ma dopo un rapido sguardo all’orologio in alto a destra nel mio […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  5. 5 Reasons why I think I will not use Spring.

    There are several reasons why I prefer not to use SPRING.
    1. Spring configuration is bloated.
    My team develop […]

    The Pathfinder

  6. Money Talks

    If Eduardo da Silva wanted any indication of his place in the media pecking order, he has it in spades with this […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  7. UR NOZE

    I HAZ IT
    wow rly fuxin my perceptionz.
    submitted by: todd


  8. A Case for Erlang

    Brief prelude on how I got to this topic for flavor and context: earlier this week I was having discussion from an old […]

    Metalinguistic Abstraction

  9. 10 Startup Tips (Reasons I Left a Startup)

    I spent the summer of 2007 working on a startup that was based out of Sequoia Capital, in the same office that YouTube […]

    Jared Tame @ Phunctional

  10. Kwik-E-Mart, Las Vegas

    I checked out the converted 7-Eleven this morning in Henderson and it’s pretty cute.  Everybody was having fun, […]

    Innocent Bystanders

  11. Why Emails Should be Short Instead of Nice

    We’re suffering from outdated rules and expectations about email that don’t work in our email-saturated […]

    Web Worker Daily

  12. Del nacionalsocialismo al progresismo: El Canto del Loco

    HKL “Vorwärts über Leichen”
    Grupo nazi alemán.
    El Canto del Loco “Volverá”
    Grupo […]

    Izquierda Hispánica

  13. Thoughts on the Jason Richardson Trade

    Currently I am attending the Western Economic Association meetings, so my ability to post is somewhat limited.  I did […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  14. Python Magazine Lives

    I have a confession to make: For the past 6 weeks, I’ve been leading a secret double life. By day, I’m a […]

    Musings of an anonymous geek

  15. The Cuba Michael Moore Won’t Show You

    This is Cuban healthcare, the one for the average Cuban – that is, for the majority of the population of the island. […]

    Free Thoughts

  16. Barış Akarsu’da son durum

    Barış Akarsu tedaviye olumlu yanıt vermedi. Doktorundan açıklama geldi.
    Muğla’nın Bodrum ilçesinde 2 gün […]

    Mehmet Fatih Akbulut

  17. You give us a bad name!



  18. Well done, Tian Chua.

    If this photo below is the best that can be achieved by the opposition, then PKR is dead and buried. Before the next […]


  19. Maybe you should have closed your window, then.

    She claimed it was a Kiwi feather. I bit back something brilliant about are you sure it wasn’t your […]

    Reynard Noir: The Seedy Underworld of Slylock Fox

  20. Did Se7en stalk Han Ji Min?

    Han Ji Min confessed (?) that a fellow celeb stalked her for the past six months. The mysterious star would […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  21. Yaşam mücadelesini sürdürüyor / Barış Akarsu’nun son görüntüleri

    [image]Bodrum’da geçirdiği trafik kazasının ardından komaya giren Barış Akarsu’nun yaşamını […]

    [ Tamba Tumba ]

  22. #19 in Pavel Dolgov’s XBox 360 Faceplate Series, Halo 3 Themed

    I am beyond excited that #19 in Pavel Dolgov’s XBox 360 Faceplate Series is a personal gamer friend of mine. […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play!

  23. Second Life Avatar Sued for Copyright Infringement

    [image]Right in time for the July 4th holiday week (after all, what’s more American than demanding your day in […]


  24. 501st Donning Suits and TIE for GALA Parade

    Members of the 501st Legion recently descended on the GALA parade in Crystal Lake, Illinois on Sunday donning […]

    The Official Star Wars Blog

  25. The real computer revolution

    A few years ago Alan Kay was on a tour of sorts giving a speech entitled, “The Computer Revolution Hasn’t […]


  26. iPhone’s missing killer app: social networking

    The reviews are in, hundreds of thousands of proud iPhone owners are playing with their brand new toys over the July […]

    Peter S Magnusson

  27. What happened to Show Us the Code?

    Well it’s been a long time since i updated. Over due actually. And it’s been a dramatic ride. I never held […]


  28. Labour MP Scents Votes…

    In an act of shameless populism, Labour MP for Ilford Mike Gapes has put down this Early Day Motion in the House of […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  29. Was für ein Fehlschlag!

    Mann! Ich tiger den ganzen Tag durch die Stadt, von Annette Bergmann zu Annette Bergmann, träum davon, endlich die […]

    Robin sucht

  30. CISS ! DERHAKA KAU SI BURMAA – Hishamuddin Rais

    Saya cukup marah apabila mendengar desas desus melalui sistem pesanan
    ringkas bahawa bakal perdana menteri saya […]

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  31. Sunday Morning Family Tradition – German Oven Pancakes

    This article appears in my [image] food column published 7/4/07. Happy July 4th!

    I am Chinese, born in Hong […]

    Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen

  32. 今天這個新聞不好看

    Posted by Mr. Friday
    你常看新聞台嗎? 你愛看新聞台嗎? 如果是的話, […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  33. Deconstructing Cosmopolitan (I)

    En mi casa nunca tuvimos la costumbre de leer revistas “femeninas”, y encontrar una de ellas en mi salón era poco […]

    Going My Own Way

  34. The Great Off The Broiler Hot Dog Tasting of 2007


    Spread the word: digg this story

    In our previous hot dog tasting, in the summer of

    Off The Broiler

  35. Repaso de Zapatero a Rajoy

    Hoy durante el debate del estado de la nación, el presidente José Luís Rodríguez Zapatero ha enumerado todos los […]

    Madrid Progresista

  36. fastladder: نسل جديد گوگل ريدر

    قبلا هم گفته‌ام: امروز رقبای جذاب گوگل ديگر ياهو و مايكروسافت […]


  37. Nazis im Internet: “Hausen ist scheiße – deshalb neues Motto für den 7.7.07: ‘Die Zeil – ist geil!’ ”

    [image]Schon seit Tagen warnt die Anti-Nazi-Koordination davor, daß es eine Strategie der Nazis gibt, sich am 7. Juli […]

    Anti-Nazi-Koordination Frankfurt a.M.

  38. 40,000 Hits

    At 40000 hits over […]


  39. Soldier Does Mean Harry Caray Impression In Iraq

    Well, this is one way to blow off steam, I guess.[YouTube]
    Dave In Texas says these guys are part of the 3rd […]

    Nice Deb

  40. Scrum Master Jar Jar

    Scrum replaces the Pointy Haired Boss with Scrum Master Jar Jar
    Despite all the mystique, the […]

    The Practice and Art of Software Composition

  41. Kevin Rose’s New Company Name: For Auction to the Highest Bidder

    Imagine bidding on or … well, here’s your chance: the bidding starts at a […]

    Tech Industry News


     Full-chow Teleni’s first outburst as illegal Police Commissioner ,that they will catch the big sharks out there […]

    Why Fiji is Crying

  43. The Stench Of Democrat Hypocrisy

    There are some odors that just can’t be washed away.
    WASHINGTON — Six years ago, the launch of Hillary […]

    Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

  44. El vídeo porno de Noelia con su novio y no conmigo

    Noelia, la cantante puertorriqueña ofreció hoy disculpas a sus seguidores por un video en el que apare

    Ratones Coloraos

  45. Calendario Copa América Venezuela 2007



  46. la distribuzione linux elive 1 (gem) è uscita, ma si paga.

    E’ un bel po di tempo, dal 25 Maggio, che è uscito la distribuzione linux elive 1 (nome in codice gem). Lo […]

    Kijio blog

  47. சிவாஜியைக் கவிழ்த்த அறிவு ஜீவி சுஜாதா !

    ரஜினி ரசிகர்களுக்குத் தேவையற்ற விஷயம் […]


  48. Miguel Bosè e Shakira – Se tu non torni… (Si tu no vuelves)

    Testo traduzione e video. ascolta questa splendida canzone di Miguel Bosè……… non pensate a […]

    Fai tutto…poi si pensa – le nostre storie

  49. Annons med för många fel för att lista dem alla

    Jag fick ett mail från Teresa och jag låter henne berätta om bilden:
    Hej Konsum!
    Det här (se bifogad bild) är […]


  50. Event this weekend for me


    Twin Deaf Girl

  51. Wine ya tiene su código modificado de Parallels

    Finalmente el pequeño enfrentamiento entre ambas y la supuesta violación de la LGPL parece haber llegado a su fin y, […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  52. Noelia y el efecto Paris Hilton

    En Internet hace furor la siguiente búsqueda (o similar): “Video de Noelia teniendo sexo”. Es que […]

    MzBlog:Periodismo e Internet

  53. Dialing for D is Difficult

    Like a lot of you, I was hoping the Caps would be able to upgrade their team this summer. Like a lot of you, I enjoy […]

    Dump and Chase


    In honor of the Fourth of July, here’s a host of covers by a great patriot who knows that just because you […]

    Berkeley Place

  55. Voiati sa vedeti asta, nu?

    Tipul (sau tipa) care a pus clipul pe u2be i-a pus ca titlu “faza pe care o astept de 10 ani”:
    Gramo’s World

  56. Niente piu’ guide ATI o NVIDIA

    Dopo questa recente discussione..ho deciso che il tempo dedicato al blog,da parte mia, e’ davvero […]

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  57. Correction: Target due in at Melwood (possibly)

    This is my first article so go easy on me.
    Whilst other news organisations were today claiming that Torres would be […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  58. Bright Light, Big City: Amanda Hearst

    Amanda Hearst and Luigi Tadini
    Amanda Hearst grew up as the best friend of Nicky Hilton. There was a time in […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  59. iTunes: Universal Music Will Trade $750 Million for $250 Million Just to Spite You!

    The Universal boycott or game of chicken or gamesmanship is certainly an odd way to do business with iTunes.
    A writer […]



    Lo pueden consultar en linea directamente dando click en el siguiente link de la Consejería Jurídica y de Servicios […]


  61. Applied patterns – parallelism

    Doctor Dobbs J0urnal provides an excellent resource for those wishing to research and apply software patterns. In […]

    Software Archetypes

  62. Copa América Venezuela 2007. Fixture

    El programa completo de la Copa América Venezuela 2007


    Soy donde no pienso

  63. Camouflage: un Gravissimo Errore Progettuale

    Nel corso di un’esercitazione per un corso che ho seguito, mi sono trovato faccia a faccia con un file manipolato […]

    Blog ad Improbabilità Infinita

  64. A conversation with Sun’s DTrace team

    For developers. Mostly.
    Sun Microsystems’ DTrace lets developers look at Web systems holistically. Across […]


  65. Major Operation against Lal Masjid (Red Mosque)

    Here are various news regarding the event of lal masjid which happened today. I will upload the pictures to keep you […]

    Pakistan Uncut

  66. Happy Birthday America!

    To Avoid Being a Dumbass
    Don’t Use Your Cell Phone in the Library
    Don’t Use Library PCs to Surf […]

    @ the Library

  67. Wentworth Miller Loves Us

    Oh yes, yes he does.
    A little while ago, I got ROCK! LOVE! …! Yup, he said LOVE and now he’s said it to you […]

    Wet For Went

  68. Top 10 des tounes les plus fatiguantes

    Voici les 10 chansons les plus fatiguantes de tous les temps selon le magazine Rolling Stone:
    1. My Humps, The Black […]

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  69. Ieri e oggi in TV – 04/07/2007

    [image]Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri martedì 3 luglio 2007, e […] Blog

  70. Europe Finds YouTube’s G-Spot

    Really bored at work? Titillated by advertising masquerading as softcore porn? Really bored at work? Then check out the […]


  71. Undetectable hypervisor rootkit challenge

    I’m starting to get some queries about the challenge Tom, Peter, and I issued to Joanna. In summary, we’ll […]

    rdist: setuid just for you

  72. Accedere alle partizioni di Linux in Windows

    Ebbene sì, per fortuna esiste tale possibilità e non c’è da stupirsi: mentre si è faticato moltissimo […]


  73. Normas Para Conducir en Santo Domingo

    Esta es una breve guía para que los turistas y dominicanos que no han visitado el país en los últimos 5 años, sepan […]

  74. Diabełki Prałata

    – Panienki! Proszę na scenę, Jego Ekscelencja już czeka
    Na scenę, wynajętego specjalnie Teatru […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  75. Los primeros resultados de la Copa América 2007

    Faltaban 15 minutos para finalizar el primer juego de la Copa América 2007. Perú ganaba 2 a cero a Uruguay en un […]

    Luis Francisco Indriago

  76. Ny utrikespolitik?

    Lite sent läste jag igenom utskriften av ett radioprogram som ställde frågan hur mycket som hade förändrats i […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  77. Windows in Ubuntu, in dieci minuti

    Ottimo tutorial, semplice ed efficace.

  78. AppCleaner – Programme restlos löschen (Pt. 2)

    Das vollständige Löschen von Programmen scheint ein interessantes Thema zu sein. Zumindest gehört mein Beitrag zum […]

    OS X Freeware – Kostenlose Mac-Software

  79. les résultats BAC seront disponibles le 05 juillet 2007 à partir de 01h00 du matin

    résultats du  BAC 2007
    En envoyant au 6262 par SMS votre numéro d’inscription, vous recevrez en retour un SMS […]


  80. Pycha Henryka Jankowskiego

    Prałat Jankowski to postać znana – i podziwiana. Znana z czasów „Solidarności”, kiedy się dobrze […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  81. Enter Nordtveit

    [image] “It’s alive! Alive!” The club is kicking somewhat now, with transfers coming in every second […]


  82. Red Handed: Nissan + TBWA

    “Stealing things is a glorious occupation, particularly in the art world.” – Malcolm […]

    Agency Spy

  83. Paris in Hawaii bikini crotch shot

    Click Here for a pic of Paris on a Hawaiian beach, spreading her legs assuming the Missionary position while she checks […]

    Celebrity Scoops and Gossip

  84. Definitive le scadenze fiscali del 2007

    a cura di Giorgio Di Dio – Isola di Procida
    In seguito alla finanziaria 2007, che ha modificato profondamente i termini […]

    Ascom ConfCommercio Isola di Procida

  85. How to Set Those iPhone Wallpapers

    Since John Gruber, Greg Storey, Josh Williams and others, seem to be off in their own little iPhone worlds, […]


  86. Cuentas premium de Rapidshare gratis

    El sitio de freerapidaccount supuestamente este sitio regalan cuentas de Rapidshare, solo hay que inscribirse […]

    Fire RevoLutioN

  87. Ubuntu Dell $50 Cheaper Than Vista Dell

    “Dell recently announced that their Ubuntu systems will be $50 cheaper than similar systems running Vista (Home […]

    Note su LINUX

  88. MySpace being, well, silly

    Hey, everyone. We’ve started to see a few cases where people try to post MyxerTags on their MySpace profile, or […]

    MyxerTones Blog

  89. Boom chicka Wah Wah ?

    Was zum Teufel ist “Boom chicka Wah Wah“? Hier die Erklärung aus dem Urban Dictionary:
    A sexual practice, […]

    * zufallsfaktor

  90. SWREG customers beware

    [image]If you are a customer of the ecommerce provider SWREG you should beware that they may be upselling highly […]

    Successful Software

  91. Pulsar 200 ataukah 220 DTSF-i?

    [image]By Novasonic – Juli 4, 2007
    Kemaren saya sempet tanya2 ama kepala mekanik BMSA, soal rencana produksi motor […]


  92. Kurtlu Elmalar

    İşte sıcağı sıcağına asıllarıyla ve benzerleriyle kristal elma alan bazı işler. Belki de “çoğul […]

    Genç Reklamcı

  93. Full Slackware 12.0 Review

    So as you all should know by now, the king of Linuxes, Slackware, just released version 12.0. After over 14 years […]

    Daily Asshattery in the College of IST

  94. 2007 Kamu Personel Seçme Sınavı Soruları Ve Cevap Anahtarları 2007 KPSS SORULARI ve CEVAPLARI



  95. Headest haldjatest

    – Kes sa oled?
    – Hea haldjas.
    – Aga miks sul kirves käes on?
    – Näed nüüd, kui vähe sa headest haldjatest tead. […]

    Meie Maailm

  96. 7/3/07 Daily Prospect Report

    Per Matthew Leach:
    The Cardinals named Tyler Herron their Minor League Pitcher of the Month for June, and Allen Craig w

    Future Redbirds

  97. Hump Day Hottie: USA! USA! USA!

    It is your duty, as a patriotic American, to celebrate the glorious Fourth by checking out hottie American athletes in […]


  98. Nero Ultra/Premium

    Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced provides you with everything you need to complete your digital media tasks on […]

  99. There is only one reason why I would break this embargo.

    It is called FOR THE GREATER GOOD.
    And it’s a good thing the people who are opposed to this move are either […]


  100. The True Sabbath for a True Christian is… [drumrolls]

    This is the second installment of my reply to Mr. Scott Fogg, a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), who posted a well […]

    Eliseo Soriano