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June 26, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Which one is


    Mikes Blog

  2. Video: Benny Feilhaber’s Goal, Gold Cup Final

    Team USA’s Benny Feilhaber scored an absolutely ridiculous goal off a deflected corner kick in the 73rd minute. […]

    Digital Headbutt

  3. 10 Free Minimalist Word Processors for Greater Productivity

    There are times when all we need to do is write. Really crank out the text. (For me, that’s most of the day.) We […]

    Web Worker Daily

  4. Donut worry

    we iz profeshionls
    i hired these cats to install my hdtv… 8 hrs later, it still in da box.
    submitted by: […]


  5. A Match Made In Geek Heaven

    Over at my place of work, I often receive email asking what people can do to help support the Iconfactory. I […]


  6. Microsoft che distribuisce Ubuntu? Ma …è solo una “svista” 😉

    Ultimamente se ne sentono e leggono proprio delle belle a proposito di alleanze con il nostro dichiarato nemico […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  7. Plaxo 3.0, the new “Switzerland” of social networks, but…

    UPDATE: Not yet on TechCrunch (as of 10:13 p.m.)! Damn, it’s not often that I scoop Mike Arrington by more than […]


  8. iPhone

    The Apple Store NYC…6/25 at 2:48 PM
    The first two folks waiting outside for the iPhone…keep in mind […]

  9. ZDNet Really, Really, Really Hates Apple & the iPhone

    I understand that journalists want to be cynical and to claim “objectivity.” But when 11 bloggers […]


  10. Henry, Arsene And Anelka

    Reading the Sunday’s was an interesting exercise in how far a point can be stretched. Rather like The Master in […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  11. When’s the best time to go under the knife?

    For regular folks, the perfect time to get your double eye-lid or higher nose or sharper chin is in between […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  12. ClickClickClick的中忍考試 : 民族主義與網路安全?

    Posted by Mr. Friday
    如果你在這之前不知道ClickClickClick.com是什麼玩意兒的話, 看到 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  13. It’s All Gone a Bit Quiet…

    Things seem to have gone rather quiet on the transfer front since the Bent snub. He’s signing for Tottenham […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  14. The iPhone and AT&T: it’s a devil’s bargain

    For everyone who is slavering with anticipation at the debut of the shiny new Apple iPhone, keep this in mind: […]

    Scholars and Rogues

  15. Fotos de la arbitra (Ana Paula de Oliveira) más polémica

    La mujer más polémica del deporte Sudamericano, sin duda. Primero, es una mujer arbitro de primera división. […]

    Ariel Cristian: BENCHMARK

  16. Wake Up America, The Government is LYING TO US DAILY

    Google Spider Goats [A short film for all Americans to see]

    Houston 9|11 Truth

  17. Defending Jerry Krause

    Michael Jordan appeared in the NBA Finals six times in the 1990s. All six times Jordan won the title. At least that’s […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  18. THE WHITE STRIPES-“Icky Thump”+Their First Show Ever!

    The White Stripes ain’t indie no more, having released Icky Thump on Third Man (a division of Warner […]

    Berkeley Place

  19. KDE 4 news: Plasma icons, Solid information and taskbar mockups

    KDE 4 gains more and more speed these days, and it is hard to keep on track with all news and changes: […]


  20. Four Ways to Improve Productivity on Your Mac

    A Macintosh is a powerful machine. It can do countless things. Anything from allowing you to type a simple report for […]

    Caitlyn Imburgo

  21. Apologize for the delay

    To those that frequently check in I apologize for falling behind. Life threw a pretty good curve this past week and […]

    38 Pitches

  22. And the New Name is…….

    An official announcement!….
    Our previous attempts to select a project name have not gone well. We tried a
    poll […] Blog

  23. Plaxo reboots, gets in sync

    A few years ago, Philippe Kahn, who headed up Borland and started a couple of other companies including LightSurf and […]


  24. 10 Things To Do After You Install Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is a great distro, but it still needs some slight tweaking to get it just right. I’m going to show […]


  25. The LisaBar – or – Why Apple got it right.

    In my new job I’m constantly forced to use Microsoft products. And while I have to admit that those products […]


  26. Altantuya, Razak Baginda dan Orang Kampung

    Sekarang kemana-mana pun orang akan berbincang tentang kes Altantuya yang sedang berjalan sekarang. Tak kira di kedai […]

    Suara Orang-orang Kecil

  27. Atlantis Shuttle Crew Reminded of Star Wars

    In space it seems that even real astronauts can get slightly nostalgic for A New Hope.

    Sturckow and his six […]

    The Official Star Wars Blog

  28. Sommarvecka?

    En ny vecka tar sin början. Och den första veckan med det som kallas semesterregering. De flesta har flytt, men […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  29. I fear I am slowly becoming Stephen A. Smith.

    Why. Because of Curly Fries. Seriously, Curly Fries are my cheesy doodle snack food of choice. And if I may say, they […]

    The Grand National Championships

  30. Intre “dumneavostra jurnalistii” si “ba baiatule”

    E luni. 25 iunie. Mare sarbatoare la maritul palat al ‘razboinicului luminii’, ca doar e ziua de nastere a […]

    Dumitru Stîrcu

  31. Ga es deaud!

    Hoerrrr! Ga es deaud! Partijdino! Censuurtijger!
    Trollen in de reaguurderpanelen. Het nieuwste hottopic voor de […]


  32. L’arte di copiare (4)

    Era da un po’ che non scrivevo a proposito delle 100 idiozie che Microsoft ci vuole far passare per novità. […]

    Il blog di Andrea Lazzarotto

  33. Iran Degrading Its Youth Over Clothing Because Oil Has Run Out

    UPDATE 2:  The source of the pictures is connected to a terrorist organization (as listed by the State […]

    Ali Eteraz

  34. The Great Blogger Mock Draft 2007

    Basketball fans are being inundated with Mock Drafts this week but I’m posting yet another Mock Draft for you to […]

  35. Micro$oft ha sempre più paura

    Dopo le ingiurie e le non motivate accuse sui brevetti e le proprietà intellettuali di zio Bill (M$ ha paura) […]


  36. 2007 NBA Mock Mock Draft

    With the NBA draft just around the corner it’s time to project who will have shiny new hats bestowed upon […]


  37. [愛台灣] 點點點大戰: 另類的國民外交

    (警告: 這篇文章有點言語雜亂-_- 寫到最後連我自己都不知道我在寫什麼了orz)
    最近 PTT […]


  38. BJ Penn defeats Jens Pulver then crashes his own website!

    Wow, the Ultimate Fighter season 5 finale live on Spike TV was some great entertainment! There were ups, […]

    Brain Clutter

  39. Le Jeu de la torridité masculine

    Voici un petit jeu pour égayer votre semaine. C’est un jeu typiquement superficiel mais qui devrait vous faire […]

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  40. Air City: Episode 11

    Oh wait, is this mic on? *Tap tap*
    Ahem. I decided to try, purely as a writing exercise, posting up […]


  41. Granice dobrego smaku

    Oto okładka najnowszego wprost. Jak wam się podoba? Zapraszam do dyskusji. Ja napisałem do nich […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  42. Macocha Europy, czyli za co tak bardzo, bardzo kocham “Wprost” 2

    Oto okładka “Wprost”, który ukaże się rano. Nie potrafię się zdecydować, czy bardziej […]

    Marta Wawrzyn

  43. Eggs in a Basket

    Eggs in a basket (a.k.a. toad in a hole, Rocky Mountain eggs, Moon over Miami, Bulls-Eye) is one of the easiest […]

    Will Work For Food

  44. Ana Paula Oliveira para hombres


    Es una polémica arbitro en Brasil, por sus decisiones confusas y contradictorias. Es bella, pero, […]


  45. Glass Houses – do not over react!

    After the spate of protests from Malaysian leaders against the recent remarks of the EC envoy Thierry Rommel, which was […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum

  46. alli: Miracle diet pill with teeny-tiny side effect

    I found this news on and felt compelled to throw my 2c in. There’s a “new” over-the-counter […]

    Angry 365 Days a Year

  47. OT: Profilattici sbagliati

    C’è qualcosa di sbagliato in questi profilattici… lo avete capito, vero?

  48. Wooden Robots!

    Via Wired Blog Network) Someone in Japan has the excellent idea of making wooden robots, the result is just […]

    Da Vinci Automata

  49. Tea Time at Takashimaya’s Tea Box and Minamoto’s Seasonal Wagashis

    I want to apologize for not writing in a looong time. I’ve been stressed with work at the office I’m […]

    The Wandering Eater

  50. Echo Chamber – The Young Guns

    FITSNews – June 24, 2007 – With a […]

    FITSNews For Now

  51. CFFC 5 Kimbo destroys Mercer

    [image]Oh.My.God. The bell sounds Kimbo is shot out of a cannon! He bum rushes Mercer and hits him with about 3-4 shots […]



    Extended version
    Click en la foto pa bajar el video.  [ya lo tumban el video]

    D.R. – N.Y.

  53. Folk… Folk… Folk…

    Jika anda adalah seorang penyanyi Folk yang ingin membuat persembahan bersama dengan penyanyi-penyanyi Folk yang lain, […]

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  54. Metrobloggen – Vi gör som vi vill, när vi vill.

    Minns ni när Metros Mattias Nyman ringde och berättade att vi (jag och Amir Daneshpip) inte kunde ha en blogg vars […]

    Makan Amini bloggar

  55. Rules For Blogging…

    1. Try to post daily, but not too many times a day. The greater number of posts you put up in a day, the shorter each […]

    Baptist Blogger

  56. TV USA Gazette #48 – Rinnovato American Dad – Casting News – 24, il settimo giorno – Giorno per giorno – Ritorni e […]

    [image]Un altro appuntamento con un aggiornamento delle notizie dell’ultima settimana relative alla […] Blog

  57. Caching and patience

    I am subscribed to the memcached list. Memcached use (and interest in caching in general) has exploded it seems in the […]

    Ramblings of a web guy

  58. Nikki Giavasis- A Model Girlfiend

    Here’s the website of former Bobby Cutts (and Shawn Kemp) girlfriend Nikki […]

    Pop Culture

  59. prostia se plăteşte

    Fraierii care se opresc în Mamaia în loc să meargă mai departe la bulgari vor fi taxaţi cu 3 lei la fiecare […]

    Ştefan’s rant

  60. 侍仔與空姐

    [image]幾名空姐空少,在澳洲機場被人發現「撻野」,他們分別在頭等及商務機艙,偷了幾 […]


  61. workin’ “9 to 5…” (A Free Pattern)

    I’ve designed some socks! And, in a bold move… I’m offering them for free!
    These socks remind […]

    All Buttoned Up

  62. Nu vreau sa va plictisesc cu problemele mele din justitie, totusi…

    Totusi, vreau sa va spun ca am avut astazi termen la instanta in dosarul cu Boerica. Melinescu nu avea aparator si a […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  63. Crónica de la celebración del solsticio de AN en Málaga.

    [image]Una vez más la Delegación malagueña de Alianza Nacional celebró una moraga (Fiesta en la playa) en la Costa […]


  64. 121 – Where On Earth Was Middle-earth?

    The millionth hit on this blog is as good an occasion as any to finally broach the inevitable subject for a […]

    strange maps

  65. Goleador brasileiro Afonso Alves é pretendido na Luz

    [image]Afonso Alves, avançado brasileiro do Heerenveen, foi sondado pelo Benfica. O jogador, de 26 anos, efectuou uma […]

    BLOG do goleador Afonso

  66. Dite No a OOXML!

    Segnalo una petizione per chiedere all’organo di cetificazione ISO di non approvare il formato OpenXML di […]

    Debianotix – Blog for human beings

  67. O dupie, komórkach, blogu, pracy i ciotach.

    Zaczynam ten wpis bez zatytułowania go, miałem kilka pomysłów lecz jak usiadłem do pisania to wszystko uleciało z […]

    Zjebane opinie Fekala

  68. Christopher Vaughn is Innocent?

    Why does this remind me of Scott Peterson?

    Because just like in that case when I heard the initial report

    Crime Wave: crime in the news plus my views

  69. Updated: List of Best Animation Packages for AS3

    AS3 community and code has been moving very quickly since the beginning of the year.  Animation kits are no […]

    [ draw.logic ]

  70. HIV. Un limite a los monopolios ?

    Un límite para los monopolios

    El […]

    Soy donde no pienso

  71. 2007 NHL Entry Draft Winners and Losers

    I was a little suspect of the decision to move the first round of the NHL Entry Draft to Friday Night, and into prime […]

    The Character Assassin

  72. mocking surface

    “Your next computer will be a big ass table.”

    Second Verse

  73. Gramo s-a imbatat si a borat

    Nu in ultimii ani, e drept. Prin liceu, facultate,… Nu e misto sa te imbeti si sa borasti, dar multi dintre noi […]

    Gramo’s World

  74. Postal de Buenos Aires (13)

    por Flavia y Quintín Queridos amigos: Ya votamos en blanco, cenamos con el amigo francés así que mañana nos […]

    La lectora provisoria

  75. Yaşar Alptekin Bataklıktan gül bahçesine geldim

    Namazla yeniden doğdum” diyen eski manken ve sinema sanatçısı Yaşar Alptekin, konuşması sırasında […]

    Yık Şu Köle Düzenini Ayaklar Altına Al Bu Köle Düzenini

  76. MoCCA 2007, Or How Many Indie Cartoonists Can We Name-Drop in a Single Post?

    [Thanks to Shayna M. for the jovial Jeffrey Brown photo above. She’s also hooked us up with a full slideshow […]

    The Daily Cross Hatch

  77. Best. Invention. EVER.

    This guy should be considered a national hero for inventing this…
    [YouTube] > Click Here to check out more […]

  78. Ultrafilters, nonstandard analysis, and epsilon management

    This post is in some ways an antithesis of my previous postings on hard and soft analysis. In those posts, the emphasis […]

    What’s new

  79. BN Leaves Kelantan State Assembly (Now they are leaderless)



  80. Sopranos Finale: Shot-by-Shot Analysis of Final Scene

    I’m in too deep to get out now.
    We need to look at the scene itself with an eye on hitmen, symbols, and […]

    A Lesson A Day

  81. Dirty Dell or Deliverer Dell?

    There have been many whispers and flat out rants in the blogosphere about Dell’s lack of advertising, support and […]

    Sudo Bash: The World of Nosredna Ekim

  82. [+] Ah… o início das férias!

    Férias, o início do bem bom, de esquecer as aulas chatas, os professores pentelhos, a cerveja quente do […]

    TVMundU! …o mundo universitário fora da sala de aula!

  83. Bengü & Serdar Ortaç – Korkma Kalbim 2007

    Adım adım yaklaştım zafere
    Bulunmayan bir aşk arıyorum
    Senin olmasını becerir gibiyim
    Ama en […]


  84. A Conversion Experience

    Shawn Roberson has given me permission to post his experience with the Federal Vision. It is a wonderful testimony […]

    Green Baggins

  85. YMKI, Helm V-Ixion Gw Mana?

    …Helm itu saya juga belum dapet. Jangankan bro yang ada di Makasar, saya tanya sama orang Yamaha DDS Cempaka Putih […]


  86. First vlog

    I was in grandparent’s house. Next week, I will be back my home and real bed.

    Twin Deaf Girl

  87. Today in Not Gay Gay Gay

    Wentworth Miller called me y’all! Yup, He said he’s sick of this shit.
    WFW: So Went, I understand PH is at […]

    Wet For Went


                             HAMA TUMA

     Vladimir Poutine is not a humorous man. You look at him […]

    Debteraw Blog

  89. Die NPD und die Homophilen von PI

    Seine Freunde kann man sich nicht immer aussuchen. Das erlebt zur Zeit das von uns bereits erwähnte, mittlerweile […]

    Gay West


    [image] We all know about it, whether it exists or not. We know of ghosts and reincarnated entities, and we all have […]


  91. Pee Standing Up II: The P-Mate Product Review

    [image]In a previous post, I pointed to the P-Mate product, designed to allow women to urinate while standing. I […]

    Women’s Health News

  92. If you can’t take the HEAT!

    You know what they say, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the laptop for the worlds children […]

    The Weekly Squeak

  93. Chumby launch plans and product features

    Many of you are waiting to hear more from us about our launch plans. This is still not completely final, and this is […]

    chumby corporate blog

  94. QUIEN letra de Ricardo Arjona

    Quién – Ricardo Arjona […]

    BLOGARJONA Noticias [Ricardo Arjona]

  95. Surface su Linux con Moonlight – video

    Questo video è creato direttamente da Miguel de Icaza non sto a spiegarvi chi sia ( cercate con Google se […]

    O.S. Revolution

  96. Yep, my very own belly dancer.

    John Heald’s Blog

  97. Keys Nagravision (Digital +)

    Nagravision 2 Digital + KEY: E8 9A BB 6E A9 F8 D5 E7
    C0 E8 99 65 FC 82 E4 F1

    Ornitorrinco Productions

  98. Update: Jessie Marie Davis body found; Bobby Cutts arrested and charged with her murder and the murder of her unborn […]


    Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

  99. Apple MacBook Pro 17″ HD crowned ‘MBP Ultimate’ by Computerworld.

    Computerworld’s Ken Mingis reviews the new 17″ MacBook Pro with the high-resolution display and calls it […]


  100. Lucköppning

    Inskickat av Daniel:
    Jag jobbar i en Konsumbutik, och häromdagen kom en kille i 30-årsåldern in och handlade […]


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