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June 23, 2007: Top Posts

  1. mocking surface

    “Your next computer will be a big ass table.”

    Second Verse

  2. We’ve all been there…

    Luc’s very first lemon! Baby eating lemon!

    Mike n’ Ryan’s Place

  3. How a Vim user converts to Emacs

    For many years I thought that the heretics of the Emacs clan [1] were clearly insane – the followers of Vim were […]

    Brad’s Random Thoughts

  4. 100-year Old Catholic Sanctuary Ordered to be Destroied in China, Jun 21 2007-
    A decree defines the sanctuary and the pilgrimages which stretch back over a hundred years […]

    Status of Chinese People

  5. The Great Blogger Mock Draft 2007

    Basketball fans are being inundated with Mock Drafts this week but I’m posting yet another Mock Draft for you to […]

  6. Porn Name All-Stars: The College World Series

    Porn Name All-Stars is a concept born of college football season. In perusing an entire conference full of 85-player […]

    The Extrapolater

  7. alli: Miracle diet pill with teeny-tiny side effect

    I found this news on and felt compelled to throw my 2c in. There’s a “new” over-the-counter […]

    Angry 365 Days a Year

  8. I no can has cheezburgr.

    …I is vegeturiunz.
    capped and submitted by: Becka


  9. The very long night of Rudy Giuliani

    [image] So let’s say you’re Rudy Giuliani–darling of the media for turning New York City into Disney […]

    Scholars and Rogues

  10. Il piano d’azione per Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon

    È stato ufficialmente annunciato il piano d’azione che porterà alla versione 7.10 di Ubuntu, la distribuzione […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  11. Obafemi Martins: Henry replacement? Age? Top Speed?

    Howdy, I do hope you are well.
    Where shall I start? Umm, well Vieira has been poking his nose in where it is not […]

    Arsenal News Blog

  12. KDE 4 news: Plasma icons, Solid information and taskbar mockups

    KDE 4 gains more and more speed these days, and it is hard to keep on track with all news and changes: […]


  13. And the New Name is…….

    An official announcement!….
    Our previous attempts to select a project name have not gone well. We tried a
    poll […] Blog

  14. N-am avut rabdare sa astept

    N-am avut rabdare sa astept pana maine. Am citit comentariile. Unele mi s-au parut nedrepte. Le multumesc insa celor […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  15. [+] Ah… o início das férias!

    Férias, o início do bem bom, de esquecer as aulas chatas, os professores pentelhos, a cerveja quente do […]

    TVMundU! …o mundo universitário fora da sala de aula!

  16. Not before 9, gentlemen

    Elevator banter has gotten me into trouble before. It’s not an easily navigable situation, what with the whole […]

    Average Jane

  17. Hot Blogger Bracket – We’re Crowning His Ass

    Congratulations Holy Dog Water, you are the
    Ladies Hot Blogger King.
    All it took was


  18. Esami di maturità 2007: le soluzioni (non) sono sul web…

    [image]Se siete arrivati per la prima volta qui tramite questo articolo, probabilmente siete dei maturandi in cerca di […]


  19. Ongeletterde Boer overleden

    Ongeletterde Boer is niet meer. Nooit meer de bekende feauteauf*cks. Nooit meer erotische dubbelbel


  20. Singapore is not a real country!

    (Poster source:
    4th floor boys must be shitting in their pants […]

    BJ Thoughts…

  21. Can Yoo Seung Jun come back to Korea?

    Once a pop sensation, Yoo Seung Jun made the biggest mistake of his life in 2002.  To avoid his military […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  22. Who should buy Yahoo? Handicapping 5 likely suitors

    At least Yahoo can’t complain this week about Google grabbing all the headlines.
    While Google has been dishing […]


  23. Att rensa bloggen

    Tydligen har våra rensningar av obehagliga kommentarer på denna blogg missat några inlägg från framförallt en […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  24. Understanding Wendy Valdez

    Note: Though not regularly, I do get to watch Pinoy Big Brother. I try to watch whatever my siblings watch in order to […]

    Small World * Big Possibilities

  25. 10 Free Minimalist Word Processors for Greater Productivity

    There are times when all we need to do is write. Really crank out the text. (For me, that’s most of the day.) We […]

    Web Worker Daily

  26. CIA släpper rapporter

    Dagens Nyheter avslöjar idag på sin nätupplaga att CIA släpper 693 sidor detaljerade dokument ifrån 1970-talet som […]

    Emanuel Comments

  27. Seriously, postcards.

    Slap on a country’s name upon a signature view of skyscrapers, trees, birds, people and whatnot, and ta-da! A […]


  28. PDRM lancar protes kepada Pak Lah!!!

    Kita sering mendengar tentang pelbagai kes-kes jenayah yang berlaku dengan berleluasa di negara kita dewasa ini. Kalau […]

    Suara Orang-orang Kecil

  29. ClickClickClick的中忍考試 : 民族主義與網路安全?

    Posted by Mr. Friday
    如果你在這之前不知道ClickClickClick.com是什麼玩意兒的話, 看到 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  30. All things Filboid

    How many times have I seen the Bugs Bunny cartoon in which Bugs squares off against a baseball team called the Gashouse […]


  31. 4 Yüz – Kız Kıza


    Video Klipler

  32. So Henry’s Off Then Or Is He?

    According to all reports, Henry has been sold to Barcelona. And that at the moment is all that it is; reports. It is an […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  33. N-am avut rabdare sa astept

    N-am avut rabdare sa astept pana maine. M-am pus in pat, dar ma bantuia imaginea Matusei Tamara. Ma tot striga: […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  34. Wrzód na dupie

    Będąc młodą lekarką, wszedł raz do mej przychodni, pacjęt o wzroku mętnem i twarzy zbolałej.
    – […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  35. Not yet on TechCrunch: killer video search engine (ClipBlast)

    I’ve been looking for a great video search engine that includes all the videos that I’ve done. I’ve […]


  36. Are RESTful Web Services Like Functional Programming?

    This comment by bew caught my attention on a recent post of mine.
    It’s a bit funny that someone interested in Haskell […]

    Sententia cdsmithus

  37. Razak’s wife acted like a thug

    Razak’s wife punched me: Shaariibuu
    Malaysiakini, June 22
    A different kind of drama unfolded in the Altantuya murder […]


  38. Installare Compiz Fusion tramite script

    [image]Finalmente le due comunità di Compiz e Beryl si sono fuse e dopo diverso tempo e vari sondaggi, hanno deciso […]

    Ubuntu Box

  39. Robandose La Luz – Foto

    Este charlatan se roba la luz y lo hace todas las noches a las 6 o a las 7pm, asi si es buenooo (conectar, los aires, […]

    Nisti2.0 -> Una Esquina de mi Vida

  40. One day, your computer will be a big ass table. Take that, Apple.

    An excellent parody of Microsoft’s Surface that pretty much says what everyone is thinking once they get past the […]


  41. En Pointe


    Park Avenue Peerage

  42. BOCA CAMPEÓN: Otra vez en la cima

    Boca le ganó a Grêmio en la vuelta de la final de la Copa Libertadores de América por 2-0 para cerrar un global de […]

    Todo Boca


    Weren’t 5th and 6th grade great? I remember strollin’ in to class, hopped up on Coke and jolly […]


  44. On intellectual inbreeding and Southern Baptist education…

    Southern Baptists are perhaps inordinately fearful and thoroughly ignorant of Liberation theologies. Whether the Black […]

    Baptist Blogger

  45. Don’t Throw Out “Maybe” Yet!

    Don’t Throw Out Maybe Yet!
    Jeffrey Zeldman’s post “Maybe” is one option too many caught my eye […]

    BeerRiot Blog

  46. A clarion call from an Envoy

    A foreign diplomat, the envoy from The European Commission, made a suggestion that the NEP should be reviewed if […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum


    As promised, here’s the second of this week’s script (w)raps, my rambling disgressions on Transformers […]

    simon furman

  48. Thomas Recall!

    Got any of these?  Then you’ve got lead paint. 
    We have one — just one — that my toddler […]

    Toddler Planet

  49. Ik ben terug, maar hou het nog stil…

    maar ik ben terug. Sam is mij achterna gereden toen ik had laten weten dat ik aan wal lag in Bordeaux. De […]

  50. Recept klub, avagy hogyan ne konyhaművészkedjünk

    Újra itt vagyok, egyhónapos kihagyás után, és mit találtam? Hát az zseniális… Csak az a kérdés, hogy ez […]

    Hogy minek a fenének regisztráltattam ide is???

  51. This dictatorship/911 media event/war brought to you by…

    Jim Wilkinson
    From an inter

    Mercury Rising 鳯女

  52. Dean Karnazes to attempt 24hr Treadmill Record

    Below is the initial press release about Dean Karnaze’s attempt at the 24hr treadmill record. It appears as […]

    Planet Ultramarathon

  53. 131 – US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs

    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a convenient way of measuring and comparing the size of national economies. […]

    strange maps

  54. Signs of South Williamsburg

    What is Williamsburg, Brooklyn like? To a great extent, the answer you receive depends upon the age and class of the […]

    Blather From Brooklyn

  55. Video XXX de Noelia

    yipiiii yupiii ya me lo baje :¨P aprobechennnn juigannn
    pa gente con cedula, pa donde vas menol! si eres menor bajelo […]


  56. Lo que algunos pensamos de Google

    Pincha para verla bien hermosa…. 


  57. HOWTO: Design a CSS Navigation Bar

    Hey guys, today I’ll be showing you how to make a horizontal navigation bar completely out of CSS.
    Skill Level: […]

    Rants And Ramblings

  58. Martin Rivas (Martiño Rivas)

    Aquí os traigo información de uno de los chicos mas buscado en Internet en esta última semana. Se trata de Martin […]


  59. ..och naturen har sin gång.

    Folk förfasar sig när de ser på naturprogram. De ser hur en gepard jagar ifatt en zebra och sätter tänderna i den […]

    Electric sheep


    What SCHotline survey respondents are saying about what they know, have heard and think about the Indictment of Thomas […]


  61. Isteri Razak Baginda tendang bapa Altantuya?

    [image]Menurut berita yang dilapor oleh KLPOS, isteri Razak Baginda telah mengganggu bapa kepada Altantuya, En. […]

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  62. Catherine Zeta-Jones en couverture du InStyle


    Les Amateurs de Stars

  63. Blingee now on Bebo!

    We’ve just added an easy way for you to put Blingees on your Bebo profile. You can now upload your pictures directly […]

    Blingee Team Hangout

  64. CBR 125 DOHC Akhirnya Hadir!!!

    Benar, anda tidak salah lihat! Tapi ini bukan CBR 600RR yang tahun ini dinobatkan majalah Superbike sebagai […]


  65. Līgo 2007 / Līgo pantiņi

    [image]Ja nu gadījumā kādam akū`t vajag kautko no Latviešu/Līgo folkloras 🙂 
    Sarijušies riepu dūmus,
    SFX Blog

  66. Those Zany Charts …

    Editor’s Note: The Bean managed to post this by writing it and having someone else send it to us for posting to […]

  67. Martiño Rivas: Biografía, trayectoria profesional y fotos.

    En vista de que la serie El Internado emitida los jueven en Antena 3 ha tenido bastante éxito, publicaré algunas […]

  68. Vlog: Denial, Vlog Transcribing & Fake Suntan

    View today’s vlog by Coco Roschaert:

    Ranting about Usher Syndromies in […]

    Tactile The World

  69. Obama Girl

    The Obama Girl rules:

    Kevin Burton’s NEW FeedBlog

  70. VirtualBox

    Não iria escrever um post apenas para isso, mas fiz questão por se tratar de uma ótima ferramenta! Como descrito em […]

    Where I finally can be calm…

  71. Bobby Petrino Leaving For Atlanta Probably Isn’t Helping Matters Much Either

    It’s never too early to talk college football. Never. Even if the calendar say it’s barely summer, fall cannot get […]

    Kermit The Blog


    Vayeshnoi, one of Mahen Chodo’s pet sucker has finally made his grand appearance since taking his illegal oath in […]

    Why Fiji is Crying

  73. Northstar steps it up!

    Northstar mountain bike park opens next week Friday June 29, 2007 and the park is looking great!
    I talked with Sara […]

    dhRENO * downhill, freeride, trail bikes & more

  74. Gal Gadot + Maxim

    [image]Quiet unfortunately Israel commonly evokes war and violence; this time we report about a war unlike no […]

    Some Random Topics

  75. Kalau Berani, Isytihar Awal Tarikh Pilihanraya

    Nash Rahman dan Muda Mohd Noor dari Malaysiakini melengkapkan analisis mereka ke atas potensi Umno di dalam pilihanraya […]

    Dengan Izin…

  76. JOYCE

    Ik bid voor de goeie afloop maar ik vrees het ergste… Het moordspel wordt morgen rechtstreeks uitgezonden en ik […]

    Emma’s blog

  77. Looking Back at the Bad Boys

    The tendency is to believe it is the offensive superstars that lead a championship team. Showtime was led by Magic and […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  78. Natural Born Programmers

    Smart people are not meant to be programmers.

    The human brain is smart and efficient. It can analyse […]


  79. Maturità 2007: seconda prova

    Diversa per ogni indirizzo, ecco cosa stanno facendo quegli “eroi” [image]
    Liceo Classico
    2ª […]

    ₪₪ √i®gΘ ₪₪

  80. Afiches de Boca Campeón de América



  81. “The Bigs” demo coming next week

    I just attended a Conference Call with 2K sports about their new arcade baseball title ‘The Bigs” […]

    The Xbox Domain

  82. KDevelop4 on Windows Screenshots (finally)

    So Ralf Habacker reverted a few ioslave changes in kdelibs and now ioslaves are working again on win32. This means I […]


  83. E-type är fattig

    Chefsåklagare Jörgen Lindberg i Malmö har inlett en förundersökning rörande utrikesminister Carl Bildts blogg, […]


  84. EU envoy wrongfully calls for end of NEP

    The special envoy for the EU to Malaysia, HE Thierry Rommel made a nasty sweeping statement against the National […]

    The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….

  85. Ana Paula Oliveira para hombres


    Es una polémica arbitro en Brasil, por sus decisiones confusas y contradictorias. Es bella, pero, […]


  86. Nvidia il caldo da in testa – driver Version: 100.14.11

    [image]Non è l’ennesimo rilascio di nvidia dei suoi fatidici driver closed ma il rilascio vero e proprio della […]

    O.S. Revolution

  87. Atlantis Shuttle Crew Reminded of Star Wars

    In space it seems that even real astronauts can get slightly nostalgic for A New Hope.

    Sturckow and his six […]

    The Official Star Wars Blog

  88. Telefilm News Speciale – Arrivano Boston Legal e Surface, torna One Tree Hill

    [image]Un nuovo appuntamento speciale flash, che si aggiunge allo speciale dello scorso venerdì, dedicato al […] Blog

  89. Half a Million and Counting

    Woot woot! I marked my 100,000th hit (well, I was lazy so it got pushed to 150,000) with some House Rulez. Speaking of […]


  90. Please Continue to Pray

    As Dale mentioned this morning, our worst fears are being confirmed about Jamie’s mom. Unfortunately, it’s […]

    Uncovering Orthodoxy

  91. The iPhone: 1999-2007 & The Final Answers

    The iPhone: From rumor conception to the actual keynote announcement to the lead up process & to the actual […]


  92. El PP pacta con Iiniciativa Habitable en Talayuela

    Iniciativa Habitable tiene pretensiones como estas:
    .Reforma de las leyes procesales que impida la habitual […]

    moralito a lo pensativo

  93. Diferite vesti

    Maine se termina sesiunea in Unibuc. Din nefericire, Gramo-boy tre’ sa mearga la examene si in toamna [image] […]

    Gramo’s World

  94. Orange-Chilli-Ricotta Frozen Yogurt

    I am certainly not as talented as Gattina, who created a perfect Orange & Chilli Ricotta Cheesecake [image]

    Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen

  95. The Fellowship of Friends Discussion, part (1)3

    This discussion is about a group called the Fellowship of Friends. Click on the Comments button to join in.
    From […]

    the Fellowship of Friends Discussion

  96. Simply the best!

    My best recipe happens to be my simplest. To celebrate the first day of summer these are a must. These soft […]

    Skip To My Lou

  97. The Importance of Evangelism in Church Growth

    This week Pastor Ed Young, Jr. of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas joins the conversation as we consider the […]

    Rick Warren’s Podcast for Pastors and Church Leaders.

  98. Elecciones Junio 2007. Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Padrón Online

    [image]Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires – Consulta de Padrón (on-line) de Electores y Lugares de Votación – […]

    Soy donde no pienso

  99. Charada da 6a.: frutos do mar

    Este lugar fica numa capital de Estado situada à beira-mar.
    Vai-se até lá (fica longe do Centro) em busca […]

    Viaje na Viagem

  100. Swings and roundabouts. The decline of Hip Hop

    Reading this over at Coolfer got me thinking about Hip Hop sales in the UK. Same story? Research by the BPI BPI […]


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