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June 20, 2007: Top Posts

  1. The Great Apple Stock Debate

    Pop quiz: Rank these four companies, listed alphabetically, in order of their stock performance over the past five […]


  2. More about Nepomuk-KDE: Soprano and KDE integration

    Recently Sebastian Trüg held a presentation about Nepokumk-KDE and kindly provided me the slides. In this […]


  3. Bakary again + media nonsense

    Rather than writing the blog daily I seem to be writing the blog every two days at the moment. During the season I was […]

    Arsenal News Blog

  4. Esami di stato 2007: le due prove scritte

    Basta con tutte queste voci, queste prime prove fasulle e questi nomi che circolano.Le tracce verrano pubblicate qui!
    Navigando nel Web


    photo: Google maps!
    capped and submitted by: Lucky’s neighbor



    Rieccoci al valzer della maturità: come il ballo delle debuttanti, ormai è solo un simbolo, il segno di un […]


  7. Franchises That Are the Web Worker’s Best Friend

    [image]When you want to get out of the house and work in a new environment, many head for the local Starbucks. […]

    Web Worker Daily

  8. So Long Sammy Perlozzo

    After spending nearly a month on the hot seat, Sam Perlozzo’s burning posterior may finally get some […]


  9. Senza Con [Kolivas]

    Titolo volutamente criptico e inesorabilmente stupido, ma tant’è… :/ Come segnalato nella MessageBox […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  10. Guess who lost 6kg?

    Can you recognize this one sharp looking guy? He recently lost 6kg since his last drama to prepare for his […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  11. Trött på idioter

    Läser i DN och SvD om ett par som cyklade Vättern runt med sin kraftigt nedkylda treåriga dotter. Det är bara […]

  12. Maturità 2007 – Tracce della prima prova!

    Il clown colpisce ancora!
    Le tracce della prima prova!
    Go Lombardi! GO!

    Topolino non ha paura!

  13. Google lanzará más aplicaciones para el pingüino

    [image]Noticia original (desde googlesystem):
    “Google already has two applications that work in Linux: Picasa and […]

    120% Linux

  14. The web is your friend Or How we set up a non-profit by the seat of our pants

    NOTE: Looking for developers to volunteer time on a Ning project for us, anyone out there good with php and have some […]

    Friends & RPCVs of Guyana

  15. Customer Service Hell!! T-Mobile…Hot Spot? NOT!!!

     [image]  “Stick Together” – The Irony is coming – read on!!
    I can’t believe it!!!  Over the past […]

    Community Group Therapy

  16. Fotos IMPRESIONANTES de un Accidente

      Accidente a 160 Km/h
    Acabo de recibir una historia que me ha impactado muchísimo (por las imágenes) y quería […]

    El blog de Herzeleyd

  17. “Smith Sisters Murdered Anonymously”

    girl meets a boy on her yahoo messenger:crazy1 86: hey baby!!!
    h0tNsPiCy91: who is this???
    crazy1 86: ur secret […]

    The Wonderful World of Yuna Halo

  18. Hot Blogger Bracket – Round 4 – All Regions

    Vote Here
    Voting Ends Wednesday Night at 11 PM PST. 


  19. The Making of “Sgt. Lucas”

    Star Wars artist Randy Martinez created a mashup homage to Star Wars and one of the most iconic bands in music […]

    The Official Star Wars Blog

  20. Why Sue Decker isn’t CEO of Yahoo…

    So, just before interviewing Sun Microsystems’ DTrace team today (that’s a photo of them) I got a […]


  21. NBA Mock Draft – June 15, 2007

    Draft Day is 13 days away and there has been a plethora of movement, momentum, and shuffling since our last Mock […]

  22. Svenska bloggvärlden

    Så har då också den svenska bloggvärlden analyserats – för det intresse som det kan ha.
    Och det visar sig att […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  23. Is TIOBE Fatally Flawed?

    update: As Bogdy mentions in the comments, my reasoning here was based on false assumptions. It still seems clear that […]

    Sententia cdsmithus

  24. Random Things–The Things My Readers Bring Me

    1.  Kleinheider upsets my breakfast by emailing me this link to Cynthia’s post about this crazy ad that is […]

    Tiny Cat Pants

  25. If Ruby is so great

    Why do I always see Ruby programmers using hash parameters as a substitute for keyword/optional arguments? Why […]

    Metacircular thoughts

  26. Drama today… A comparative look at 70s TV & the NBA.

    Definitely inspired by both Pyle of List’s excellent Kill Buss creation, and the very funny ‘The Spurs […]

    With Malice…

  27. Let The Musical Chairs Begin

    It didn’t take long did it; the Spanish season is over and within twenty four hours, Señor Sources, the infamous […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  28. 126 – Hannover On Her Mind – and On Her Back

    “I wanted something unique, something nobody else had. But every idea I had – it had already been done,” […]

    strange maps

  29. Blingee now on Bebo!

    We’ve just added an easy way for you to put Blingees on your Bebo profile. You can now upload your pictures directly […]

    Blingee Team Hangout

  30. The Interrogation.

    [image]Tiger Woods became a father yesterday to Sam Alexis Woods, the first child in his marriage to Elin Nordegren (of […]

    Signal to Noise

  31. Inform 7: Natural-Language Programming Lives

    When most programmers think of natural-language programming, they usually think of Applescript – an ambitious yet […]

    Important Shock

  32. airports, runways and air traffic control

    i used to think that all airports were pretty much the same: main grey terminal, long runway, immense car park, […]


  33. ZDNet Really, Really, Really Hates Apple & the iPhone

    I understand that journalists want to be cynical and to claim “objectivity.” But when 11 bloggers […]


  34. 4 Yüz – Kız Kıza


    Video Klipler

  35. The Manny

    Jennifer Creel, Karen, Duffy, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, Tinsley Mortimer, Carole Radziwill, and Johannes Huebl […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  36. Yes, Razvan, there is a real world!

    Salut Gramo-kid, bun venit in lumea din afara burticii! Banuiai probabil ca exista, dar nu erai sigur. Acum poti sa o […]

    Gramo’s World

  37. Guest Blogger BStu: “Differently Straight”

    [I asked BStu to write something about being a Fat Admirer for me, and he came back with this bit of fabulousness. The […]

    Shapely Prose

  38. Interview: David Edery (Part 1)

    [image]Recently, I had the opportunity to contact David Edery (Worldwide Games Portfolio Planner for Xbox Live […]

    Lunar’s Duality

  39. Dominicana apuñalea el novio al corazon, despues aborta por el stress

    [image]LA SPEZIA,una dominicana embarazada de algunas semanas ,apuñaleo al corazon a su novio el cual encontro’ […]

    Dj Ariel…Flow Latino…

  40. Plankenkoorts

    Het is bijna zover. Nog even en ik zit voor de camera en dus ook voor heel Vlaanderen. Begin toch stilaan wat […]

    Emma’s blog

  41. Bad Couple: Episode 6

    Wait, did I say Gi Chan was unbelievably sweet in Episode 5? And that women ought to beware? Yeah, well the Gi […]


  42. Card Sorting Your Way to an Improved User Experience

    The Internet really brings some great benefits in further making information that normally wouldn’t be easy to find […]

    Innovative Thought

  43. Scripting News for 6/18/2007

    Today’s links [image] Yahoo’s Semel steps down, Yang takes over.
    Jerry Yang blogs about the […]

    Scripting News Annex

  44. A Taste of Nick Saban

    Here are some videos about Coach Saban while at LSU. It is amazing how much sucking up ESPN College Gameday truly did […]

    The Tide Druid

  45. Huge Tekken 6 News Update!

    This week is going to be filled with tons of Tekken 6 news! This is just the first of it! More characters […]

    SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource!

  46. Ron Paul excluded in Iowa!

    I encourage everyone to contact these people (Info at bottom):The Political Inquirer

  47. (Repost From 4/16/06) SuperHead Video Is Here!!!!!!!

    [image] I am working my magic to bring you the video of Karrine Stephans A.K.A SuperHead in her most talked about […]

  48. Paul Potts In The Spotlight Again

    Paul Potts has made it in the Final of Britain’s Got Talent Tv Show!


    Hot Celebrity News

  49. Yurtseven Kardeşler – Sen Hiç Aşık Oldun Mu 2007

    Ayriligin adini Kalbimi yazdim
    Neden iciyorsun diye sorma
    Sen hic Asik olmad […]

    [c [u [r [c [u [n [a

  50. Forums Spike Up Hits On Johor Crimes

    My continuous coverage of Johor’s horrendously scary crimes has gotten me a lot of hits. It seems that having my […]


  51. Mip mapping in Papervision3D

    I’m very impressed with the mip mapping feature of the new Flash Player beta release.
    In terms of image […]


  52. Tanja Gräff ist vermisst…

    —————————————————& […]

    Der NeubibergBlog

  53. Ubunterisk, Asterisk e Ubuntu insieme

    Ormai i progetti basati su Ubuntu non si contano più. E anche nel settore della telefonia VoIP ci sono ottimi […]

    Note su LINUX

  54. Thomas Recall!

    Got any of these?  Then you’ve got lead paint. 
    We have one — just one — that my toddler […]

    Toddler Planet

  55. The Lebesgue differentiation theorem and the Szemeredi regularity lemma

    This post is a sequel of sorts to my earlier post on hard and soft analysis, and the finite convergence principle. […]

    What’s new

  56. Yankee Seasons are much like the girls you have dated

    So as a Yankee fan I probably spend more time with the Yankees than any other person in my life. Therefore each season […]

    Yankee Girl Versus Guy

  57. Barn, barn, barn

    Är man vid sina sinnes fulla bruk om man tar sin fyraåriga barn med sig och cyklar Vättern Runt? Jag tycker att det […]


  58. Ingen mer islamkritik från mig!

    Äntligen är jag klar med artikeln som jag av och till har hållit på med under senaste två dagarna. Tyvärr får […]

    Nordic Dervish

  59. Media di Malaysia degil dan berniat jahat!!!

    Penulis bersama bapa Altantuya, En. Shariibuu Setev. Gambar diambil oleh Shafiq.
    Dalam sidang media yang […]

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  60. Koptalk users from UK down to 9.8% – ALEXA Stats

    by Rupert Insider
    This is a short but revealing note from ALEXA stats today. For several months, the main source of […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  61. Islamitisch terreur in Dafur schuld van opwarmen van de aarde (en Israël).

    Haha u simpele van geest ! U dacht dat het uitmoorden van zwarte mensen in Dafur het werk was van Arabische […]


  62. Top 50 analyst bloggers

    [image]This league table is a global ranking of the top 50 English-language analyst blogs.
    This method of communication […]

    Technobabble 2.0

  63. Enough Already!

    Just stop! The latest batch of rumors of a bump in a D0 analysis has gotten way out of hand. My original plan was not […]

    Life as a Physicist

  64. Lika med barnmisshandel

    Men hur långt får saker och ting gå egentligen. Vår vanligaste reaktion är att må dåligt när barn blir illa […]


  65. South Hampton

    [image]Last Friday after work I got a last-minute call and invitation from my friend to go stay in one of his […]

    Brechi Reborn

  66. Don’t like a blog? Run to the blogger’s boss

    Two similar stories are enough to make a ‘trend’ in journalese, so here’s one worrying trend in […]

    Online Journalism Blog

  67. சிவாஜி : இதெல்லாம் ரொம்ப ஓவர் !!!

    சிவாஜி திரைப்படத்தை , பார்க்கலாம், வியக்கலாம […]


  68. A Response to Leithart

    Aside from casting the PCA in a worse light than the Roman Catholic Church, is his point valid? I think not. For one […]

    Green Baggins

  69. Opera Mini 4 Beta

    [image]Opera Mini 4 Beta has been released this morning. It now provides the full desktop browsing experience. This is […]

    Mobility Now

  70. Ieri e oggi in TV – 19/06/2007

    [image]Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri lunedì 18 giugno 2007, e […] Blog

  71. Heboh Suzuki Injeksi DOHC

    [image]Tulisan ini sebenarnya dibuat sebelum KafeMotor off akhir bulan lalu. Karena ada tugas lapangan yang panjang […]


  72. Need a Spock invite? I have 3!

    UPDATE (6/15/07): Another chance for a Spock invite
    Yes folks, that’s correct… I am a beta tester […]


  73. all I can say…WOW! (freebie)

    I got so many comments on my post last week…and I am so humbled.  You all really made me feel loved.  THANK […]

  74. Keys Nagravision (Digital +)

    Nagravision 2 Digital + KEY: AB.5B.F3.4A.E7.BE.35.EF

    Ornitorrinco Productions

  75. Khatami shaking hands? We were there but didn’t notice…

    Let me please introduce my self. I live in Udine, a small town in Northeastern Italy. It happens to be the […]

    Sounds Iranian

  76. On Rajnikanth The Boss

    Dear Tamil people (and other interested folks),
    Please explain this Rajnikanth phenomenon to me. Why do people watch […]

    Life is a street car named Desire

  77. Nos trasladamos

    Nos mudamos de sitio a:

    Flores D+

  78. Blind Item

    Here is a blind item taken from Panache Report.
     His credit card constantly declines, he’s always borrowing money […]

    A Hot Mess!

  79. Yurtseven Kardeşler – Sen Hiç Aşık Oldun Mu?

    2.Lokum Gibi
    3.Ölmek Vardır Dönmek Yoktur
    4.Dilini mi Yuttun
    5.Elimde Değil
    6.Olmaz […]


  80. Nar Kampanyasına Devam!

    Hattınızdaki 50 kontör, göndereceğiniz bir mesajla 250 kontör olsa, nasıl olurdu? Olmaz demeyin; NAR yazıp […]


  81. Zatoo: televisión de alta calidad por internet

    A través de Genbeta descubro un servicio que me ha dejado asombrado.
    Se trata de Zatoo, una aplicación que […]

    Mapa de bits

  82. Minister minns ingenting

    Att köpa en examen från ett bluffuniversitet är okej tycker arbetsmarknadsminister Sven Otto Littorin, vilket är […]

    The Badlands Hyena Vomit Titbits

  83. Cannavaro y la bandera fascista.

    [image]Entre los múltiples Pero en el caso de Cannavaro hubo mala suerte. Y es que algunas manos están […]


  84. ToH Video Replay Review 36: Rogers vs. Xinterp

    This is a fantastic match between Xinterp and Rogers that your not going to want to miss! Coming downright to […]

    Tales of Heroes Temporary Website


    First of all, I want to thank those readers out there who have commented and e-mailed to tell me that they like this […]

    Berkeley Place

  86. 《龍貓》:童年回憶裡的魔法森林

    Posted by Mr. Tuesday


    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  87. Sleazy Sensei Gets his Just Desserts

    One of Japan’s better known adult English schools has an “anti-fraternization policy” which forbids […]

    Gaijin Tonic

  88. The Unforgiven: Jack Johnson and Barry Bonds

    [image]Damn, well look what the cat drug in! It’s that rabble-rouser, dirt-digger-upper, Dave Zirin. Well, today […]

    The Starting Five

  89. Recept klub, avagy hogyan ne konyhaművészkedjünk

    Újra itt vagyok, egyhónapos kihagyás után, és mit találtam? Hát az zseniális… Csak az a kérdés, hogy ez […]

    Hogy minek a fenének regisztráltattam ide is???

  90. PTR Patch 2.1.2

    In my absence last week I missed a new patch oing up on the Public Test Realm — patch 2.1.2. This isn’t a […]


  91. Contra Virus Removal Tips. I’ll Help you remove ContraVirus 2.0 now.

    Last week if you had asked me if I had ever heard of
    Contra virus I would have said, “Contra what?”
    I […]

    Fowler Computer- National Computer Repair

  92. En solskenshistoria

    DN skriver om “Johan, 17 år” som rökte cannabis och lyckades komma ur beroendet med hjälp av personal […]


  93. Sopranos Finale: Shot-by-Shot Analysis of Final Scene

    I’m in too deep to get out now.
    We need to look at the scene itself with an eye on hitmen, symbols, and […]

    A Lesson A Day

  94. La Liga finished, Thierry needs to decide

    Last night the Spanish season came to an exiting close with Real Madrid winning the title. Their 3-1 win over […]

  95. Stinky Bklyn

    Saw a small mention of this on the Bon Appetit editors blog and figured I’d look into it a little more. […]

    Will Work For Food

  96. An illustrated history of trepanation

    [image]Trepanation, or trephination (both derived from the Greek word trypanon, meaning “to bore”) is […]


  97. Dio, Dico e Barabba.

    Adesso che l’asprezza della polemica legata all’evento si è placata, e gli organizzatori della Grande […]

    Osservatore Politicamente Scorretto

  98. Fickle Facebook Friends

    Paul Kedrosky has noted Facebook user’s fickle adoption of the new third-party applications. Like any […]


  99. Utah black bear rips open tent, carries off boy in sleeping bag, kills.

    About 11 PM last night, a rouge black bear tore open a tent an 11-year old boy was sleeping in. A half hour later […]

    Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News

  100. Dear Bob Dylan,

    What has the ability to transcend between two people whom have never met? Thoughts do I suppose. I think of you so […]

    Dear Bob Dylan

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