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June 10, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Harlem’s Painted Lady: 65 East 125th Street

    Camilo Jose Vergara: Invincible Cities
    Invincible Cities
    Since 1977, Camilo Jose Vergara has been using […]

    Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities

  2. 6/7/07 vs. Oakland and shaking off ‘Tek……

    Nice to be able to start a post game thread with something other than “I sucked and we lost”.
    Figured it would […]

    38 Pitches

  3. Does Digital Fingerprinting Work?: An Investigative Report

    Audio and visual fingerprinting of copyrighted video is seen as the best way to combat infringement, but in […]


  4. Te he buscado en Google y se más cosas de las que te piensas…

    Hace un par de semanas hice un experimento. Voy a buscar en el Google a mis antiguos compañeros de instituto de los […]

    La información es poder

  5. Más Capulladas


    ¿He dicho ya que me enc

    la Vida es Original

  6. Windows Vista: El nuevo Windows ME

    A continuación, les pongo para todos ustedes una traducción libre del articulo publicado en el Silicon Valey […]


  7. Arrested

    On April 18th, I was arrested. This normally wouldn’t be big news, but the situation arround which I was arrested […]

    From the Mind of Charles

  8. hay be nice

    emokitteh is sensitive
    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! :~( this makes me really sad. [image] submitted by: lizzy (lizzy, […]


  9. Don’t Be a Dude Yamaha: A Gripping Story of Life and Death in Silicon Valley

    I wrote this story in January on a personal blog. Since Wilford & I launched Avanoo two weeks ago, I’ve been […]

    The Wisdom of Communities

  10. Can President Bush bail out Qualcomm?

    The International Trade Commission is banning imports of some cell phones containing Qualcomm (QCOM) chips that […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  11. I just heard a rumour about Thierry

    About 10 minutes ago I had a phone call from a mate. He explained how one of our other friends goes to uni with Al […]

    Arsenal News Blog

  12. telegramma

    PER […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  13. Nos trasladamos

    Nos mudamos de sitio a:

    Flores D+

  14. Finkelstein Denied Tenure

    Very sad news – Prof. Norman Finkelstein has been denied tenure at DePaul. This is despite the support of his […]

    The Heathlander

  15. Apple+Google: Now That’s Hot

    In his post over on, Fred Vogelstein channels buzz words like cloud computing to make a case for a deeper and […]


  16. Reality Check

    All the ‘news’ dominated by Theirry Henry, to the extent that even the Government has an opinion on it. […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  17. Invisibility cloak materials made from reflective self-assembling squid proteins

    [image]A new study into the biophysical properties of a highly reflective and self-organizing squid protein called […]


  18. Grep cache

    I mentioned in my last post that I’m working for a games company now. I’m also working with the largest […]

    Brad’s Random Thoughts

  19. Unix Solaris 10 tutorials

    [image] Sun Microsystems has recently released Solaris 10. And it ’s free. Sun Solaris 10 is very impressive and […]


  20. Fracas Friday: This Time, It’s Personal!

    Every sports fan has an athlete they can’t stand and would probably take a swing at if their paths ever crossed. […]

    Pyle of List

  21. Game One Thoughts

    Let me pretend to be a sports reporter tonight and post my comments on Game One of the NBA Finals this […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  22. Photo of “Gretchen Barretto” and “John Estrada” kissing floods the Internet

    [image]Karaniwan na sa panahon ngayon ang pagkalat ng mga intimate photos, pati na sex videos ng mga celebrities, sa […]


  23. Fulin Arıkan’ın Fotoğrafları

    [image]TRT 1’in ana haber bülteni sunucusu Fulin Arıkan’ın başı, internette dolaşan kendisine ait iç […]

    digitαl eyαlçıη™

  24. Djourou looking for a loan move away from Arsenal?

    Johan Djourou has told The Express that he might seek a loan deal next season to gain more first team experience. […]

  25. Miss Gossip Storytime: Boris Diaw Stalking Mission

    Hola! I’m Miss Gossip. You may remember me from such classic Hype cameos as “Holy shit type of cool right […]

    NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness

  26. Götheborg tillbaka

    En strålande lördagmorgon. Och det är här hemma det viktiga kinesiska statsbesöket som helt dominerar min […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  27. Burak Kut, Komple Trendy!

    Burak Kut uzun aradan sonra yeniden bizlerle. Ne güzel, özlemiştik onu. Albümünün adı Komple. Çıkış […]


  28. MSN Süper Nickler

    ๒เt๓เş ๏l๔ยğย เçเภ คğlค๓ค ๏l๔ยğย เçเภ ﻮül!!ηє кα∂αя […]


  29. Yeni Albüm: Burak Kut – Komple

    [image]90′lı yıllarda Türk Pop Müziği’nin en başarılı isimlerinden olan Burak Kut, 7 yıl aradan […]

    Her Şeye Dair

  30. New Myspace Codes: Profile Background and Extended Network

    There are two new ways for you to show off your Blingees. You now have the option of picking up a code to use your […]

    Blingee Team Hangout

  31. 5. Türkçe Olimpiyatları ilk 10 şarkı

    Bu sene birinci halkın göndereceği Smslerle seçilecek..
    Beğendiğiniz şarkı veşiirlere sms […]

    video Arşivi

  32. [轉][怒] 三立偷拍女侍裙底

    http://shimuraken0730.blogspo […]


  33. MySQL and the The Death of RAID

    RAID is dying. Shocked? The prediction might be a bit early for some folks. It’s still somewhat conventional for […]

    Kevin Burton’s NEW FeedBlog

  34. A real patriot

    You may not have heard this from your local news channel, but on Thursday we nearly saw a stand-off reminiscent of Waco […]

    Ideas from free minds

  35. Halo 3 final package images

     [image] [image] [image]

    The 360 Loop

  36. John Daly and the noble stabbings he must endure.

    I’ve been known to swing a golf club here and there.  I don’t play for money, instead I play for […]

    The Grand National Championships

  37. Fuego en el metro de la gomez

    Antes de ayer mi prima me dice por msn q paso el susto de su vida, ya q en su oficina tuvieron q evacuar el edificio […]

    Lizzye´s Stuff

  38. Kristen hasn’t given up…

    So we shouldn’t either, right?
    The AP’s got an interview with Kristen Bell, the much adored star of […]

    scramble network

  39. PS3 second generation may come sooner than you think!

    A while a go a AV centric PlayStation 3 was talked about coming to fruiton. Although it will have even more hardware it […]

    The Rumor Mill

  40. YouPorn, You Porn, , Redtube, Pornotube

    Na, reißerischer Titel, nicht wahr? Zur Zeit gehts ab in der Blogosphäre – was soll man mit dem Traffic anfangen? […]

  41. Millennial Positions

    After posting the piece on the Binding of Satan it became painfully obvious that many people who objected to it had […]

    Possessing the Treasure

  42. Advice on mathematical careers, and mathematical writing

    For the last year or so, I’ve maintained two advice pages on my web site: one for career advice to students in […]

    What’s new

  43. Watch Shrek 3 Online NOW

    [image]Sure Shrek 3 wasn’t as good as number 2 but hey, so what?! First of all it took in a record haul of $122 […]

    Common Sense

  44. Martin Rivas (Martiño Rivas)

    Aquí os traigo información de uno de los chicos mas buscado en Internet en esta última semana. Se trata de Martin […]


  45. 96年高中申請入學主要學校錄取分數預估

    這裡放兩張聯合報的圖,為座文各級分人數及各大高中錄取分數預估,這次作文全國31萬多 […]


  46. Anatomy of a Django Project

    We have version control (Subversion), database (PostgreSQL), language (Python), a framework (Django


  47. I have seen the future, and it looks a lot like Flash…

    A couple of months ago, I posted a provocatively titled article: “The Death Of UI Consistency”. In it, I […]


  48. Why Roger Clemens Is Bad For Baseball

    Later today Roger Clemens is expected to make his long-awaited season debut against the Pirates (assuming he […]


  49. Jonas Greb, mexeu com os Gaúchos e com o Grêmio, mexeu com o Inter também. Radialista idiota!

    Absurdo! Absurdo! Absurdo! Esse radialista-advogado-político-mentiroso xingou e humilhou no rádio todos os gaúchos. […]

    Diário de jornalista

  50. Nuovi Nvidia driver ( closed ) 100.14.09

    Appena usciti ed installati i nuovi driver Nvidia targati 100.14.09 sto facendo alcuni test per vedere se […]

    O.S. Revolution

  51. Robot Chicken: Star Wars site launches

    Can’t wait to see the Robot Chicken: Star Wars special debuting on Adult Swim on June 17? Then get your […]

    The Official Star Wars Blog

  52. DTD Update

    Work on version 1.5 continues… broke out my marker pen and the scanner to produce some more leet artwork for the […]

    Paul & Dave’s Novel Concepts

  53. Caso Norita Dalmasso: el blog de la hermana del ¿asesino?

    Por estas horas mucho se habla de la supuesta teoría de los investigadores del crimen de Nora Dalmasso que […]

    MzBlog:Periodismo e Internet

  54. SuJu fans are killers

    How far will die-hard fans go to keep their fantasies real? On June 5th, Lee Eun Ji a middle schooler who […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  55. Mannen som kunde stoppa Tsunamin?

    LÖJEVÄCKANDE PSEUDODEBATT. Var Danielsson på Rosenbad? Kopplade han upp sig via modem med 56,6 kbit/ […]

    Thomas Hartman

  56. The Spelling Bee Kid Is A Bit Cantankerous And Cannot Be Bothered With Your “Questions”

    Last week, we celebrated the magical victory of Evan O’Dorney, the Danville boy who seized the National […]

    Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog

  57. Szklane paciorki

    – Panie Prezydencie, wylądowaliśmy
    – Gdzie?
    – W Polsce Panie Prezydencie, w Gdańsku
    – Nie […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  58. This is the house what Jack built

    Today I realized what we (or may be just I) live in very strange world. Let me describe why.
    I work now on problem of […]

    Groovy Landscape

  59. Lies, Sighs and Politics

    June 8, 2007
    Op-Ed Columnist
    In Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate, Mitt Romney […]

    donkey o.d.

  60. Port Forwarder Tool

    [image] [image]

    Fun, Programming and Technical Fundas!

  61. bookporn #7: historical edition

    there is a certain amount of impropriety involved in showcasing religious screeds tracts under the title of […]

    a historian’s craft

  62. For the Horde ! 部落格到底行銷了誰?

    Posted by Mr. Friday
    這篇文章其實從兩三天前看到Mr. 6這篇關於艾瑪賣 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  63. “Hot Boy”…

    Jag vet att dödsstraff både är barbariskt, idiotiskt och egentligen inte ett värdigt straff att utmäta i […]


  64. ملكه بی‌تخت و تاج پهلوی

    ،___Ebrahimisin سین. ابراهیمی

  65. Welcome to Kanye West’s 30th Birthday Party!

    Kanye West Celebrated his 30th birthday and where else? Louis Vuitton in New York City. A lot of people showed […]

    A Hot Mess!

  66. A night with Bono makes our heads even bigger!

    Oxfam’s G8 splash about in the Baltic […]

    G8: The world can’t wait


    Het is op een simpele nee uitgedraaid. Philippe kan het moordspel niet maken. Zelfs al zou de zender akkooord zijn. […]

    Emma’s blog

  68. Two Exciting WordPress Contests

    [image]We haven’t had an exciting WordPress contest in a while and now there are two. One hosted by Weblog Tools […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  69. Is social media making us ill?

    Interesting conversation over on Stowe Boyd’s blog about Linda Stone’s points about Continuous Partial […]


  70. Danielssons totala miss

    Nyheter har kommit om Danielssons förehavanden på annandagens morgon. Det är TV8s Adaktusson som igår presenterade […]


  71. NYC Dining Events: Big Apple BBQ Block Party ’07 (UPDATED)

    A plate of Ubon’s Pit BBQ Pork from Big Apple BBQ Block Party 2006.
    [Google Video]
    Click here if above […]

    Off The Broiler

  72. 2007 Draft Review, Day 2

    I want to make a disclaimer statement right here. I’m going to say some really harsh things about the Phillies […]

    Phuture Phillies

  73. PHOTOS – Click the link – tissues recommended

    Our Journey to Charli

  74. Happy Birthday, Zattoo.

    365 days ago we opened the gates and released Zattoo to the wild. On day one we had 5 downloads. Today, 1 out of 5 […]

    Zattoo Blog

  75. Wubuntu: usare ubuntu dal web

    [image]Il suo creatore dice:”Se esiste Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, perchè non può esistere Wubuntu?”, beh, […]

    Ubuntu Box

  76. Hey Deafhood Workshop Staff… about Deaf Children and Deaf Youth

    Hey, Ella, Genie, DE, Paddy Ladd, and whoever are leading Deafhood Workshops…
    I have been hearing […]

    Indiana Deaf Mother’s Babblings

  77. Vi gör en guide

    Någon sade i en kommentar att det borde finnas en lista, eller guide om man så vill, för både kunder och personal. E […]


  78. Help Wanted: Test the new download page and packages

    Something we would like to accomplish during the Europa release is to make it easier for our user community to download […]

    Ian Skerrett

  79. DotA 6.44b New Hero Changes

    6.44b Changelog:
    * Fixed Pit of Malice tooltip
    [image] -> [image]
    * Fixed issue with […]

    mmm… yum yum!


    A Paris Hilton sono stati revocati gli arresti domiciliari, dovrà quindi tornare in cella e scontare 40 giorni […]

    Oscar Ferrari. il blog

  81. Fedora’s rc becomes dependency aware

    Harald Hoyer, a Red Hat developer, has released a first draft with details of the possible new Fedora init […]


  82. The Empire & Lil’ Wayne – Tha Carter 3 Sessions

    Download: […]


  83. Another Halo 3 Box Art Possibility

    In this post an image was displayed showing what the Halo 3 cover might look like. Well, another image has leaked onto […]

    Xbox 360 Update

  84. Inicio del Blog

    Bienvenidos al primer Blog que hago. Haber lawalocos y démas personalidades. Sean ustedes bienvenidos.
    [image] Hagan […]


  85. Welcome to the 2012 Olympics, That’ll be ₤50, Guvnah!

    Inspired by a comment (aka pressured) by WickedPinto, I hereby present my animated version of the London 2012 Olympics […]

    The Hostages

  86. Wentworth Miller Talking

    When is the last time we got anything remotely new to come out of Wentworth Miller’s mouth? Not very […]

    Wet For Went

  87. Paris Hilton retourne en prison

    Triste nouvelle à Hollywood…Paris Hilton fut renvoyée directement en prison après que le shérif […]

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  88. Apple WWDC keynote: Here’s what Steve will announce

    First, he’ll talk about the iPhone. He’ll show a production model. He’ll talk about the tinyBluetooth […]

    Lepton’s Blog

  89. Hot Blogger Bracket – National League West



  90. X Niedziela w ciągu roku – C

    1Krl 17,17-24
    Po tych wydarzeniach zachorował syn tej kobiety, będącej głową rodziny. Niebawem jego choroba […]

    Kazania i Homilie

  91. Flowers For My Life: Episode 8

    That is all.
    (Random) SONG OF THE DAY
    Gina – “차인 싸이코” […]


  92. Castlevania Week Is Coming!

    Starting next week, Monday the 11th, High-Score will be celebrating the vampire slaying goodness that is […]

    High-Score Magazine Blog!

  93. Leggere e scrivere sulle partizioni Ntfs in 2 minuti

    Ieri mi è capitato di dover scannerizzare due fogli per mia madre, perché lo scanner su Windows non funziona (mi […]

    Il blog di Andrea Lazzarotto

  94. Top 5 Jedi College Fight Videos

    Now, I’m not a Star Wars fan by any stretch of the imagination, there’s just something about people […]

    I’m just a regular guy

  95. Ocensurerad bild på HIV mannen

    Engelska tidningen The Sun gör vad svensk mainstreammedia inte vågar göra.
    Jag vet inte varför eftersom det […]

    Basin City blues

  96. The All-New Netscape Navigator 9.0

    The “creator” is back …..
    The new Netscape navigator has shed a lot of fat and is now much […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

  97. What happens when you hit a bird doing 200mph?


    Andrew’s Musings, Observations and Commentary

  98. Kvinnlighetstest.

    [image]“Din poäng: 261
    Det är sådana som du som sätter definitionen för vad som är kvinnligt och inte. […]

    Kiss me quick

  99. Update: Kelsey Smith murder *suspect Edwin Hall arrested*

    [image]Tonight, police have arrested a suspect in the kidnapping/murder of 18 year old Kelsey Smith. Edwin Roy Hall, 26 […]

    Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

  100. PÁRA TUDO! VAMOS TODOS GRITAR: BEM-VINDO PETER! (ou por outras palavras, “a” Apple em Portugal)

    Dêem um salto a este site. Leiam bem. Vejam as datas. Tirem as vossas próprias conclusões.
    Comparem o nome do […]

    Spinning beachball