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June 1, 2007: Top Posts

  1. 60 days with Ubuntu

    I have been using Ubuntu for approximately 2 months now.  This has been a fairly monogamous relationship, I think I […]

    Batteries Not Included


    [image]We all have a buddy or know somebody that has to one-up you no matter the occasion. You can mention something […]


  3. BUSTED!

     I was just about to go to sleep when I heard over WFAN that the NY Post had caught A-Rod red handed with a […]


  4. Kill Buss

    Have you heard? Kobe said he wanted to be traded. Most bloggers are reflecting on the situation or talking […]

    Pyle of List

  5. Arsenal stand still as United improve

    News? There are a few bits and pieces. Nothing riveting though.
    A late night of drinks, laughs and emotional goodbyes […]

    Arsenal News Blog

  6. Semantic Desktop and KDE 4 – State and Plans of Nepomuk-KDE

    Nepomuk-KDE is the basis for the semantic technologies we will see in KDE 4. Sebastian Trüg, the main […]


  7. Kiss Her!

    [image] I spotted this one walking down a road in central London. It was especially poignant to me because I’ve […]

    Random Vandal

  8. Henry The Eighth To Speak Out

    The backlash has begun. No sooner have Manchester United spent £50m on three players (if reports are to be believed) […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  9. With success, a kinder, gentler Steve Jobs

    Success, they say, mellows out even the fiercest of tyrants, making their dictates seem almost benevolent. Steve Jobs, […]


  10. Top 5 Web Worker Mistakes

    Life as an entrepreneurial web worker can be great – or it can be an absolute nightmare of overwork, missed deadlines, […]

    Web Worker Daily

  11. Πανελλήνιες […]

    Και ο αγώνας […]


  12. Per Elisa… [repo]

    No, non temete, non sono diventato romantico, sto solo facendo eco alla segnalazione di Madman2k che esiste un […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  13. to put it as politely as possible

    from andrea in astoria, queens, who promises more to come.
    (yeah, it’s hard to read, but worth squinting […]

    passive-aggressive notes from roommates, neighbors, coworkers and strangers

  14. Vi presento “tee”

    Vi introduco il comando tee, che non è fondamentale conoscere, ma è utile se volete tirarvela con i vostri amici! […]

    B22J Blog

  15. Five reasons that prevent my ‘school’ from adopting Open Source: (from a non-western perspective)

    Recently the NZ government aggressively pushed the adoption (some say too early adoption) of open source software […]

    Tryst with Linux and other Alternatives

  16. I has a money.

    … What I do wif it?
    submitted by: jasmine


  17. Google brings developers offline with “Gears”; new offline Reader

    Right now in Sydney, Australia, the first of 10 Google Developer days are starting up and the audience there is hearing […]


  18. Defending Chris Paul

    The Utah Jazz in 2005 had the third choice in the NBA draft. Needing a point guard, they had a choice between Deron […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  19. Song Hye Kyo & Kim Tae Hee’s secret revealed!

    According to their official profiles, Song Hye Kyo is 161cm tall and Kim Tae Hee is 163cm tall. Yeah right, […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  20. Video scuola zoo (titolo preso dal nome di un blog)

    Non e’ cinismo il mio, rispetto e saluto Dario, ma leggete il post e i vari link e video per capire quanti […]

    La fabbrica di noci

  21. 96第一次基測錄取分數推估

    相關文章(這篇的下面就是了):96第一次基測題目與解答 (pdf版+jpg圖片版)
    — […]


  22. Old Society

    At the dinner honoring Richard Serra at the Museum of Modern Art, one particular pair cut out above the rest: […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  23. Gökçe Kırgız – Kalbime Gömerim O Zaman


    En Kaliteli Türkçe Klipler

  24. Republicans and Democrats are both corrupt

    All men having power ought to be mistrusted.
    ~James Madison
    The executive has no right, in any case, to decide the […]

    The Political Inquirer

  25. Za rodakami poleciał , na wyspy


    wszystko co najciekawsze

  26. Dynamik i Norden

    En bra dag går mot sitt slut. Öppningen av Sweden House i Second Life fick ett betydande genomslag – jag har nu gjort […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  27. NYC Dining: Momofuku Ssäm Bar

    Momofuku Ssäm Bar
    207 2nd Ave (At 13th Street)
    (212) 254-3500
    Late last summer, we brought you inside the […]

    Off The Broiler

  28. Telefonflåsaren

    Candy berättade att någon hade ringt till butiken och M hade svarat. En man hade med låg, flåsande röst sagt till […]


  29. Rabble wants your spare change

    When’s the last time Smalldeadanimals, or Littlegreenfootballs emailed you to beg for cash? Never. […]

    Dime a dozen

  30. Knowing your limitations – happy 77th birthday, Clint…

    “In this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig. […]

    Scholars and Rogues

  31. È beryl … è compiz … no! È kde4 il futuro !

    Su ubuntu planet un post di Freddy Martinez link-a una pagina di con dei video sui […]

    O.S. Revolution

  32. Microsoft Surface Computer – Coffee Table Running Windows Vista!

    [image]If you can afford 5 to 10 grand for an electronic coffee table, take a look a Microsoft Surface. It isn’t […]

    Free Computer Consultant – Daily Insights

  33. Halo 3 Boxart Revealed!

    I kinda like it.

  34. Could it Really be Over?

    I have not blogged about Casey the last couple of weeks because it was pretty clear that he was just looking to turn […]

    Checksum Crusader

  35. Need a reason NOT to buy Vista?

    You can get a few just by doing a simple Google search, ‘buy Vista’. Here are some interesting results […]

    Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog

  36. 5/28/07 vs. Cleveland

    First off two very important things to get out there. Thank you to every man and woman serving in the Armed Forces of […]

    38 Pitches

  37. Nuovi driver ATI in cantiere da AMD

    Da quanto si capisce in questa intervista di a Phil Rogers, AMD starebbe preparando dei nuovi […]

    NetJack Blog

  38. Canada, Down with Diversity, eh hoser?

    Diversity, the idea, is good. Diversity, the social engineering project, in which each colored, each religionist, each […]

    Ali Eteraz

  39. Ngeri… ngeri….

    Bacalah suratkhabar. Semuanya berita-berita kemalangan ngeri. Takut pula rasanya nak menggunkan jalanraya. Sila klik […]

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  40. Kid Shoots Huge Wild Boar

    Check out this huge wild boar that this kid shot:
    This reminds me of the Boar God Nago that Ashitaka killed in […]

    Kevin Burton’s NEW FeedBlog

  41. More Allison Stokke

    [image] [image]
    Apparently you guys really like this girl, and being the awesome guy that I am, I decided to […]

    I’m Bringing Ugly Back

  42. ASL vLog

    Take a look at it !

    An Intelligent Vlogger

  43. Google Gears

    Google has announced Google Gears, an open source engine to add offline persistent db storage to browsers. Google […]


  44. A Prince with an eye for details

    A princely exhibition in Uppsala, that is the first major task that Prince Carl Philip has taken on […]

    Royal Sweden

  45. 工程師的web2.0創業

    Commented by Mr. Monday
    我們很高興地圖日記網站的站長以及創辦人 Andy 來投稿,文 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  46. 99 Surrey: A done deal in Glen Park for UNDER ASKING!

    The teensy weensy 790 square foot “condo alternative” at 99 Surrey in Glen Park that had all the […]

  47. Palm’s Folly, er…Foleo

    If we had any lingering doubts about Palm’s inability to compete with Nokia, Motorola and Apple,  look […]

    Better Than New

  48. SAM

    ik wou er zelf niet over beginnen. Inderdaad Sam… Ik snap niet wat mij bezielde. Allez ik heb Sam heel graag maar […]

    Emma’s blog

  49. Realpolitik behind Lina Joy decision

    Pronunciation: rA-’äl-”pO-li-”tEk
    Function: noun
    Usage: often capitalized
    elizabeth wong

  50. Were They Morbid? Yes.

    Of course this isn’t the boy band Incubus, but it isn’t the Louisiana act now known as Opprobrium, […]

    Bang! Bang!

  51. GPL V3 – Its True Purpose

    Recently, I read some interesting commentary on the Microsoft-Novell pact in an Linux Insider article entitled GPLv3 […]

    Declan On Ice

  52. The Queen Is Dead

    According to Starpulse, actress Natalie Portman is disappointed she was not invited to attend the 30th […]


  53. Feline cat like: dramatic eyes with a twist…

    Ok folks, so this is the second tutorial that’s been requested: How to achieve the ‘cat […]

    Glossing Over It….

  54. So hungry, so sad: Calorie restriction and depression

    Mood is intimately connected to feeding behavior, which in turn impacts mood. Given that a fairly radical departure […]



    Check this out folks!

    Why Fiji is Crying

  56. Trajes Regionales y Videos de Miss Universo 2007 (segunda parte, desde Estonia hasta Nigeria)

    Esta es la segunda parte del especial Trajes Típicos de los 76 Países que Participan en el Concurso Miss Universo […]


  57. Borat

    Nazywam się Jan Kowalski ale przyjaciele mówią na mnie Borat. Jestem z Polski. Mój kraj leży w Europie. To […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  58. “In Their World” Series – Unwanted Highlights?

    “I am always on the lookout for hightlights to work with!”
    Michael Brown

    (This post does not have the […]

    “Macro Art In Nature”

  59. Fanboy Heaven

    What do you get when you add a few dozen Slave Leias on a full-size Jabba the Hutt statue at the Gentle Giant booth? […]

    The Official Star Wars Blog

  60. Desperate for hits, Koptalk brings back the “Insider” scam

    by Rupert Insider
    (Photo: The Koptalk “Informer” consulting his sauces)
    I hate to say I told you […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  61. Drag queen Tinky Winky

    [image]Gardłują wszyscy od wczoraj na rzecznik Sowińską, a przecież miała kobiecina rację: jeden rzut oka na […]

    Hardcore dla myślących

  62. …and my support for Bush dissipates completely

    You know, I’ve carried a lot of water for this president, but my water-carrying days are over:
    President Bush […]

    Uncommon Misconceptions

  63. Noriega, me hiciste enojar

    Mar del Plata – Bafici: una pelea peligrosa por Quintín Ahora que entramos en la estación literaria, me había […]

    La lectora provisoria

  64. Bleach 127

    Akida again, and I have only a few words to say:
    Fighting through various baseball games and Musicals (*_*) we are […]


  65. ATPM Honda: “Tunggu Kejutan Kami di Bulan Juni ini…”

    Honda : Hmm… begini, Pak. Bapak tunggu saja kejutan kami bulan Juni ini….
    Kelly : Hah? Honda mau keluar motor […]


  66. Rosie VS Elizabeth…

    Watch the View segment today ( 5/23 ); Rosie and Elizabeth have a spirited debate.  Rosie may have pushed Elizabeth in […]

    Hear the CAW of Crow!

  67. LOLYankees

    So it’s come to this: LOLYankees. Plz enjoy. kthxbye.

    east village idiot

  68. When I’m accused of being a racist

    I suppose I can feel ok withdrawing my support for you.
    geoff articulates it well here, and I’d say that’s […]

    Dave in Texas

  69. Fabolous – From Nothin’ To Somethin’


  70. Brownback Shows the New York Times What’s What!

    Brownback tears evolutionists apart in his New York Times op-ed today:
    There is no one single theory of evolution, as […]

    Blogs 4 Brownback


    [image]No deja de ser curioso que se me de la enhorabuena o se me felicite por los resultados cosechados en Huesca en […]

    El blog de Miguel Solana

  72. Ieri e oggi in TV – 31/05/2007

    [image]Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri mercoledì 30 maggio […] Blog

  73. such a dork…(freebie!)

    I am a dork–I know this, and accept it.  ALL DAY LONG, I thought it was Monday.  Um…DUH!  Yesterday was […]

  74. The Wednesday Weekly Whacky Award Goes To

    The SC&A Academy of Extremely Peculiar Pathologies, is pleased to announce this week’s winners of the […]

    Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

  75. Slurp, il super-router basato su Linux

    By Punto Informatico
    Roma – Ne parla Bomega ed è un nuovo router WiFi: ancorché destinato a rivelarsi illegale in […]


  76. Katie Couric: “No Atheists in foxholes”

    A response from retired Master Sergeant Gid L. White. After Katie Couric declared that there were no atheists in […]

    Free Thought Forum


    [image]Here is Taylor’s Girlfriend!!  
    Caroline Lyders
    News Anchor/Reporter for WISN ‘12 News This […]


  78. Książęta umysłu vs. hołota

    Czytają dzisiejsze informacje o zmianach w lekturach szkolnych – nie jestem wcale tym zaskoczony. To […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  79. PCLinuxOS 2007

    I recently stuck PCLinuxOS 2007 on a 3rd partition on my system, mainly as a test for my fubar’ed video […]

    linux n00b

  80. Having To Face The One You Love: A Quick Scene.

    [image]Scene: The visitors clubhouse at the Rogers Centre (fancy Queen’s English), as one particular Yankee third […]

    Signal to Noise

  81. Karishma and Jayprakash Dhanak murder 5/21/07 Irvine, CA

    burned out home of victims
    California Mom Beaten Unconscious, Daughter Found Dead; Other Body Could Be […]

    Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

  82. Des heures et des heures de plaisir avec Google

    Bloguer sur les fonctionnalités véritables de Google, ses tentacules innombrables, les cochonneries vers lesquelles […]

    Le Blogue d’Ironica

  83. Amy Winehouse on Rolling Stone Cover

    Advance copy of Rolling Stone with our very own Amy Winehouse on the cover…


  84. Real Fake Watches – relojes (verdaderamente) falsos

    Esta tienda online vende relojes que cumplen con todo menos en mostrar la hora correcta. Tallados a partir de […]

    eau de blog

  85. Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold

    Blogspot version click HERE.
    Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold […]

    Akira’s Photo Life

  86. This made me morning.

    I’ve been going around to all the places where I have pictures up and have been changing it to that hot picture […]

    the badbadivy experience

  87. Lost. Final de la Tercera Temporada

    comentarios & teorías
    Episodio 22 & 23 “Through the Looking Glass”
    Los adelantos se cumplieron. […]

    Salon del Mal

  88. Desktop del mese di Maggio

    Descrizione Desktop
    KDE 3.5.7
    Kubuntu Feisty 7.04

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  89. Cult-Watch Ministry Publishes Article Exposing Doug Phillips

    Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc. is about to release the Spring 2007 edition of their Journal. The lead story for the […]

    Jen’s Gems – Exposing Doug Phillips’ Ecclesiastical Tyranny

  90. Battle of the Brains: Movie PR (The Volvo Treasure Hunt) – Answers UPDATED

    Volvo is sponsoring the second treasure hunt for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World

    Indian and Global PR – Student Blog!

  91. Alinghi racing Emirates Team NZ

    The word round the dock this morning is Alinghi and Emirates Team New Zealand will be having some practice races today […]

    Thoughts from the Blue

  92. Scuola/ Sesso in bagno, alunna sospesa

    E’ stata sorpresa dai professori in atteggiamenti intimi col suo ragazzo nel bagno di una scuola: il preside […]


  93. Imaging of connectivity in the synaesthetic brain

    [image]In the 1880s, Francis Galton described a condition in which “persons…almost invariably think of […]


  94. Resultados del melate sorteo 2033

    Resultados del sorteo melate 2033 (30 de Mayo):
    1 32 36 38 45 47 (Adicional 17)
    Resultados del sorteo […]

    El Melate Afortunado

  95. I Can Tell We’re Going To Be Friends

    I am standing in the secure vehicle bay at the rear of the custody block.
    I am talking to an officer from my section. […]


  96. Une Étrange Ressemblance

    René-Charles Angelil et Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine)

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  97. يا رب – دويتو مروان خوري وكارول سماحه


    عزير ميديا – Ozeir media

  98. WisCon Report the First

    There is so much to say about WisCon! So many good things and good people and good conversations. If I just did one […]

    The Angry Black Woman

  99. Follow Up On Chase Bank Block VRS Calls

    I have received many comments, suggestions and other personal stories regarding Video Relay Service and TTY […]

    Joseph Knuth Blogs

  100. AS3 Character Rigging Classes from the Algorithmist

    [image]The Algorithmist posted an AS3 character rigging class library. The kit includes some really specific classes […]

    [ draw.logic ]

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