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May 7, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Lucy the Girl in the Window


    The First Word Blog

  2. Résultats du second tour des présidentielles : on remet ça ?

    Et c’est reparti, c’est la chasse à la page vue pour les résultats du second tour des présidentielles. […]


  3. Video of Lukasz Fabianski (that Polish keeper)

    After much speculation about this fella being brought in I thought I would get a vid on the go so you lovely people can […]

    Arsenal News Blog

  4. Automattic Stats for self-hosted WordPress

    The new Automattic Stats plugin is available for download. It lets self-hosted WordPress bloggers use the exact same […]

    Andy Skelton

  5. WAR Beta Review: Games Day Toronto

    I just got back from the Games Workshop Games Day held here in Toronto. The conference itself was packed and larger […]


  6. Anwar to Samy: I am ashamed of you


    Bede Hong
    May 5, 07 3:41pm

    Ijok 2007

  7. A complete list of web design galleries

    Bellow is a list of almost every web design gallery around. Feel free to use it for inspiration, or to submit your web […]

    web design blog

  8. Résultats de l’élection présidentielle : les sites belges et suisses saturent

    Les Français passionnés par l’élection présidentielle ? A n’en pas douter… A cette heure (17 […]

    Y a comme un goût…

  9. Ron Paul WILL participate in May 15 Fox News South Carolina Debate

    I initially reported that Fox News might be attempting to apply certain criteria for participation in the May 15 GOP […]


  10. Apache at 56% – what is wrong?

    The newest Netcraft Web server survey shows again a shrinking of Apaches market share. It is now at 56%, […]


  11. Selon les sondages non publiés en France, Nicolas Sarkozy réunirait 55% des voix

    A cause de la loi électorale, les médias français n’ont pas le droit de publier de sondages ou […]

    Jeunes Libéraux Vaudois

  12. Cam Outta Dipset?

    KINGGS mentioned this last post as a bonus, but I decided to take it a step further.
    My homeboy Vango GFX […]


  13. Que Sera Sera: Episode 14

    Though last week left us hanging with the feeling of doom and portent, this episode is, in my mind, best […]


  14. i has facelift

    found on: fazed
    capped by: Kitty de Medici
    image source: ?


  15. 5 Accessible and pretty CSS tips

    We are in the last few bits of the new site and while designing it a major focus has been on accessibility and not just […]

    The Venture Skills Blog

  16. Ultra Mobile Personal Computer… e io “perplimo”¹

    Questo concept-video sul futuro degli UMPC mi ha fatto cominciare la giornata in prospettiva luddista:
    Ho […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  17. Fotos negras, seducción blanca

    Brigitte Bardot
    Carole Bouquet

    Mujeres, el mejor invento de Dios

  18. B-Sides | The White Stripes

    Sorry it took me longer than usual to put this up, but there were a few tracks that I had a hard time […]

    Shameless Complacency

  19. Truthful Name Cards

    If only our name cards were this truthful. Let me know if you would like one for yourself, or perhaps for someone else […]


  20. “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”

    Hunter S Thompson, Self-Portrait on the road to Tijuana. Copyright Hunter S Thompson. Courtesy […]

    Staying ahead of the net!

  21. Spin-off på Metroartikel

    För övrigt har Viktorias svar har triggat igång en liten nätkampanj:
    1, 2, 3,


  22. Kontrasternas land

    Att Indien är kontrasternas land framstår efter några dagar här närmast som ett understatement.
    Fortfarande hyser […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  23. Is Condi Hiding the Smoking Gun?

    IF, as J.F.K. had it, victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan, the defeat in Iraq […]

    donkey o.d.

  24. Happy Birthday, Altantuya! We are sorry…

    Today is Altantuya Shariibuu’s 29th birthday. She should be happy celebrating her special day with her […]

    “may the truth save us all”

  25. 無人車橫越沙漠!–初探Computer Vision(電腦視覺)

    Posted by Mr. Saturday
    [image]你可曾想過,無人駕駛、無人遙控的一台無人休旅車可 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  26. cote de Sarkozy en baisse, petite hausse pour Royal

    Sarkozy est le prefere a ce jour des bookmakers.
    Toutes les cotes en direct ici


  27. 05/04-05 Boogie Out

    Doing these two shows together and early because, like half the Boogie Board, I’m on the road. Watch the board or […]

    Taylor is the Boogie!

  28. Template Freebie & LO

    I was really inspired by this LO, that I wanted to make a template of it and while I was creating, I did a LO.
    .:Scraps of Me:.

  29. Johnny on the spot: I was at the Swing/Kernels game

    Lucky me, I was able to be there live at my hometown ballpark in Cedar Rapids to witness the Swing defeat the Kernels, […]

    Future Redbirds

  30. Addisu Abebe & by Lidetu Ayalew’s Bluff

    By Yilma Begashaw

    This comment refers to the VOA radio programmed of the last two days that involved an interview with […]

    Debteraw Blog

  31. Ich troje

    Kochana Mamusiu, […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  32. Manipulanci i manipulowani

    “Właśnie tworzymy coś, co zasługuje na miano kultury idiotów. Nie subkultury, o której się […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  33. After party…

    Το πάρτυ τέλειωσε αλλά οι στόχοι αυτού του μπλόγκ δεν έχουν […]

    Greek Bloggers Party

  34. Onlinedurchsuchung: warum regen wir uns eigentlich so auf?

    Die werden eh schon seid 2 Jahren gemacht ohne, dass was davon gesagt wurde.
    Ist doch schön nicht war? Die Bürger […]

    Ralphs Piratenblog

  35. France 2007 – Résultats du second tour de l’élection présidentielle.

    Officieusement, Un(e) candidat(e) a eu plus de 53% …
    Allez voir les sites d’info belges.

    Youssef EL ALAOUI Blog

  36. Dinamo a castgat! Dar ceilalti?…

    Dinamo a castigat deja titlul, dar exista inca o lupta crancena pentru locul 2. Acest lucru nu poate fi decat […]

    RASPUTIN – The Mad Russian is Here…

  37. Y Combinator for Dysfunctional Non-Schemers

    A lot of software developers don’t come from a Computer Science background. I think in the long run this […]

    The Curious Schemer

  38. Gnome Mastermind 0.2 – Game

    Questo gioco è un remake per Gnome del famoso Mastermind, creato da Filippo Argiolas, l’attuale versione […]

    O.S. Revolution

  39. French presidential elections: Sarkozy VS Royal

    The results are known. Sarkozy (Conservatives) and Royal (Liberal) will be opposed during the last round of the French […]


  40. inCup !

    Yea, i’m gonna play it!!
    Round1 [1:0] [image] knet.majestic
    Round2 [1:0] [image] NeuroFunk
    Round3 [1:0] […]

    Tak3r’s Blog

  41. Telefilm News #62 – Dal 7 al 13 maggio 2007

    [image]Appuntamento con le serie in prima visione sui canali televisivi non a pagamento nel corso della settimana da […] Blog

  42. Eurovision’a 300 bin Euro’luk kostümle çıkacak…

    Finlandiya’nın başkenti Helsinki’de düzenlenecek 52. Eurovision şarkı yarışmasında […]

    [ Tamba Tumba ]

  43. Flicker update

    Flicker pt 2/?
    SPN Spoilers ahead!

    East Coast Gazette

  44. Ευχαριστώ

    Αν θέλετε να μάθετε πως νιώθω ….


  45. How To Denude A Niqabi


    Umar Lee reveals the rambunctious reality of erotic yearning at the local mosques

    Ali Eteraz

  46. Entä jos laki onkin väärä?

    Miettikää sellaista – todellista tilannetta – jossa sananvapauttaan puolustava ja rikoksesta epäilty kansalainen […]

    Kullervo Kalervonpoika

  47. BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Politicians Indicted For Taking/Arranging Bribes In VECO Scandal – Involves New Barbados Prison

    “You’ll get your gas line, the governor gets his bill, and I’ll get my job in Barbados,” […]

    Barbados Free Press

  48. Ecco Pidgin 2.0

    Pidgin è un programma d’ istant messaging per Windows, Linux e Unix.
    Questa nuova versione […]


  49. Físicos de Princeton conectan la Teoría de Cuerdas con la física establecida


    La Teoría de Cuerdas, una de las ideas más controvertidas y prometedoras de la física moderna, puede ser […]

    Ciencia Kanija

  50. Five Very Cool & Totally Random Things

    Seems like the Internets is all about lists these days. Every blogger and writer worth their salt is doing it, so I […]


  51. Contest: LOL My Cat and Win a T-Shirt

    [image]It’s time for some Friday Fun. I’m going to steal one of the contest prizes from my latest group […]


  52. Pass List 5/5/07
    http://De […]


  53. Bjork, Volta (One Little Indian)

    I don’t get angry very often.  Everyone knows that.  I did once kick a hole in a wall, but […]


  54. The Hearst Cousins

    They’re gifted, glamorous, and just downright lucky with the genepool. The Hearst heiresses, sisters […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  55. Eight Google Apps in Your Future

    Last week brought us news regarding Google’s future plans for their online application suite. At the Web 2.0 Expo […]

    Web Worker Daily

  56. John Edwards’ $400 haircut

    One of my hobbies lately that I usually keep off of my blog is talking with people about politics. Why? Cause it […]


  57. Smiley Given Permission to Seek Trade

    From Maiocco:
    Nolan confirmed the team has given Justin Smiley’s agent, Pat Dye Jr., permission to seek a trade. […]

  58. När man bor på hotell…

    … så måste man stänga av ljudet på laptopen när man kollar porr.
    Det är bäst så.
    Andra bloggar om: […]

    Bobbys Bacon

  59. De “Prins van Palestina” (s)preekt.

    Jawel, de “Prins van Palestina”… Net als u wist in niet dat de “Palestijnen” een koningshuis hadden, maar […]


  60. YouTube. NoTube.

    Ich werde ab sofort bis auf weiteres keine YouTube Dienste in Anspruch nehmen und keine YouTube Videos verlinken oder […]


  61. Cuenta premium de Rapidshare gratis

    Bueno pues si alguien quiere una cuenta premium de Rapidshare, sólo tienenque dar click […]

    The Metal Knights

  62. Play NES Super Mario Bros in 3D!

    [image] [image]
    Now you can play the classic Nintendo 8-bit Super Mario game in 3D! The keys W, A, S and D changes de […]

    Inexistent Man’s Blog

  63. Make Characters with HeroMachine 2.0

    Hero Machine 2.0 is a cool online character maker. Select different parts to make your […]

    Random Crazy ¹²³

  64. The Koptalk Athens Flights Scam

    by Rupert Insider
    Ever since we go the final, Oldham has been in a tizzy. How was he going to make up his […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  65. Why Losing Money May Be More Painful Than You Think

    Losing money may be intrinsically linked with fear and pain in the brain, scientists have discovered. In a Wellcome […]


  66. دستور پخت غذای چینی (چاینیز فود Chinese Food)

    من و یک بانوی خوب از ماه عسل یک هفته‌ای مون برگشتیم و زندگی […]

    نوشته‌های یک مرد خوب

  67. Akon Dry Humping a 14 Year Old On Stage?

    Here is the story:
    “[Akon] managed to convince the ladies, who made their way onstage, that they were […]


  68. Message from an idiot (Update)

    Starbucks Plaza Damas 16:25, I have been here for almost an hour. Where the hell are you? 
    “You can better than […]


  69. Amerie – Because I Love It

    01. Forecast (Intro)
    02. Hate 2 Love U
    03. Some Like It
    04. Make Me Believe
    05. Take Control

  70. The real reason so many software projects are late, over budget and cancelled.

    If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, […]

    I can’t believe it’s not better

  71. Dial-up is dead. Will copper follow?

    The Browser enjoyed Om Malik’s recent ode to dial-up Internet service, which acknowledges the decline in […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  72. El Metro ha muerto; Viva el Metro Ligero (y privado)

    El Metro público de Madrid ha muerto; viva el Metro Ligero. De ese modo ha debido de pensarlo la presidenta de la […]

    Blogrrupción: Periodismo Vs ‘Periodismo’

  73. MilyonGül 3.670.000 İmza !!

    CHP’nin 1. tur oylamada iddia ettiği ‘oturum için 367 sayısının olması gerektiği’ yalanına, […]

    Elif Lâm Râ

  74. World Cup Lineups

    Ok, so a lot of teams have announced their lineups. Let’s start with the long anticipated roster of Bosnia & […]


  75. Leve kapitalismen!

    Varje fiskyngel som produceras här i ån har ett stort värde” säger ordförande för sportfiskeklubben. […]


  76. This album was better than you remembered: You Could Have It So Much Better

    [image]Franz Ferdinand’s first album was pretty universally well received. It is still in the top ten selling […]

    Paul Newman’s Eyes

  77. Freddie, Eboue, A New Bloke And Two Old Ones

    Freddie Ljungberg is not a name that has started many posts on this blog so he can today. Apparently, Freddie’s […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  78. • Meisje vermoord door 1.000 mannen (video).

    [image]Mosul: Yezidi-meisje publiekelijk gestenigd:
    MOSUL, 28/04/2007:  Volgens de Koerdische website […] – Islam en Actua

  79. Türkiye sahneye çıktı. İşte Kenan Doğulu ve dansçıları!


  80. FON to switch to Ubuntu

    FON, the free wifi company, is switching to Ubuntu (and away from Windows) for their work computers. But the […]

    Robitaille’s Blog

  81. Sunday Delight

    I apologize for the lack of updates in the last week or so but it’s been hectic with my birthday and […]


  82. Papervision3D RC1 Shark demo

    Here is the Shark demo I presented at FITC Toronto.
    Designed to showcase the current


  83. Fresh Model From Miami – Chiquita

    This model photo was a pleasant surprise. Chiquita hails from the sunshine state in the busy tourist city of […]

    Mind-Blogging Model Blog

  84. [ Sagopa Kajmer ile Kolera’dan yeni albüm ]

    Sagopa Kajmer ve Kolera’dan yepyeni bir albüm: “İkimizi Anlatan Birşey”
    Detaylar için […]


  85. Come la penso io…

    Da: Tr gold 

    U Vitulanese

  86. Vídeos porno 2×1 : Elsa Pataky y Pamela Anderson

    Pues sí, me pasan desde aquí un par de enlaces a dos vídeos porno de esos amateurs de un par de jacas rubias, de muy […]

    La cueva

  87. The season ends with a whimper..

    [image]Nottingham Forest – 0
    Crewe Alexandra – 0

    Perhaps all too predictably, Forest ended their season-proper with […]

    Through the seasons before us..

  88. Gramo la modul lejer

    Gramo a luat-o mai usor cu netul ieri, a facut shopping, s-a mai socializat cu prietenii etc. Adevarul e ca am si ramas […]

    Gramo’s World

  89. WWDC to debut new-look iMacs with larger, LED-backlit displays?

    Now that Leopard has a new room in October’s house and the iPhone is steadily tracking to June, we can focus on […]


  90. Griselda Sánchez – Fotos Playboy (revista y video)

    Aunque ya estamos terminando Abril no quería dejarlos con las ganas de que vean las fotos que hizo la mendocina […]

    Todo por 2 CLICKS!

  91. **WARNING** UNCENSORED VIDEO | Iraqis Stone Girl to Death Over Loving Wrong Boy

    Viewer’s Discretion Advised!!
    A 17-year-old girl has been stoned to death in […]

    Anything & Everything

  92. Teardrop City

    Tonight we attended four separate emergency incidents where people were cutting themselves with sharp objects. Usually […]


  93. May 5, 2007 — Ellicott City Mt. Hebron (Md.) 11, Moorestown (N.J.) 7

    ELLICOTT CITY, Md. — Rare is the time a junior varsity team sets the tone for the varsity match in any sport. But […]


  94. MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (2x CD & 7″ Singles)

    [image]Columbia 88697075602/88697075612/88697075602: 30th April 2007
    1. Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (With Nina […]

    Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

  95. Idioţi, agramaţi şi tupeişti din toată lumea, LA MULŢI ANI!

    Stimată adunare de putori,
    Recunosc că este o zi importantă pentru voi, o zi în care aveţi voie să vă îmbătaţi […]

    De ce urâm bărbaţii

  96. donor

    Het leven kan toch raar zijn. Babs heeft aan mijn prins gevraagd of hij donor voor haar kind wil zijn. Ik ben er gewoon […]

    Emma’s blog

  97. Tun Mahathir – Kuli Umumkan Cabaran?

    Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed tiba di Kota Bharu menaiki pesawat persendirian pada pukul 8.50 pagi. Menurut Sufi […]

    Penembak Badak

  98. ENCUESTA: ¿ Quien te gustaría que gane Gran Hermano 2007 ?

    [image]  [image]

    La Conversación

  99. No Te La Pierdas!



    Objetivo Fama “Gala #13″ Esta Noche Por Univision/Puerto Rico
    A las 8:30pm, Luego de […]

    Objetivo Fama ( Fama Mania ) | Rumbo A La Final |

  100. Airbus A350XWB Depends On A380’s Success

    Last summer, I ventured over to the 2006 Farnborough Airshow. 2008 promises to be an equally star studded affair, as it […]

    BOEING777’s Blog