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April 30, 2007: Top Posts

  1. When did I become such a tool?

    “When did I stop being creative?”
    The words stumbled out of my mouth leaving behind an aftertaste of shame and […]

    Making the Switch

  2. Ubuntu-es y su fusión con Kubuntu-es

    [image]Formo parte de esta fusión como administrador de Kubuntu-es que soy en funciones, además de alojarlo en mis […]

    120% Linux

  3. Imagenes sobre Ubuntu en google

    Hace unos días estaba buscando una imagen de Ubuntu en google imágenes para un post que quería hacer y me encuentro […]

    blog de alaingonza

  4. Pokgai’s Legitimate Ban

    My dénouement/Confession/Memoir
    A few days ago, I posted that I had something personal to deal […]

    Pokgai – jMS Legend

  5. Best Of 4/21

    The most popular tracks posted on SC this week. Of Montreal -I Was A Landscape In Your Dream (Grizzly Bear […]

    Shameless Complacency

  6. The Post-Game Scene In The Warriors’ Locker Room

    Nellie: Well fellas, that didn’t go so well.
    Baron Davis: Sorry guys. I should have kept my […]

    Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog

  7. Arsene, Cesc And Fulham Come Not To Roll Over

    And lo it came to pass that the lazy-arsed…well, OK, you may get the hint that on Day Six, we have Broadband […]

    A Cultured Left Foot


    found on macrochan


  9. Que Sera Sera: Episode 12

    M.C. the Max – “가슴아 그만해” (gaseum-ah geuman hae / ‘stop it, my […]


  10. Lawyers at Skype bring negative PR to Skype

    Ahh, the lawyers at Skype screwed the pooch. I am actually on their side in this fight, too. I know that they need to […]


  11. Starting line-up ideas…

    Hello there, just a brief blog which will simply show you who I would go with for today’s game against Fulham. I […]

    Arsenal News Blog

  12. Ignorance has its privileges

    Take Gary Thorne, John, Jack Joe or whatever his first name is, Heyman, Karen Vescey, Woody Paige, CHB, Jay Marriotti, […]

    38 Pitches

  13. Hip-Hop Sgt. Pepper’s – The Cover Art

    Here is the cover art for my mix of The 20 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums Of All-Time. My post on April 19th contains the […]


  14. 49ers Select at Ray MacDonald at 97

    The 97th pick overall, the comp pick the 49ers received for the loss of Julian Peterson, they pick Ray McDonald DE/DT, […]

  15. apps that make linux users powerful!

    LightZone makes professional digital imaging a reality for linux users. It supports a wide range of digital RAW file […]


  16. Tallinn

    På sina håll ser man de uppenbara försöken att politisera det som hänt i Tallinn i diverse syften.
    Vi har sett en […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  17. Threading in MzScheme

    This week I have been playing around with threading in MzScheme… I like it!
    (thread (lambda () …))
    is […]

    A Curious Programmer

  18. Grup Koridor – Bilmezdim

    [image]  Grup Koridor – Bilmezdim  – Download Link

  19. Griselda Sánchez en Playboy

    [image] 47359_griselda7_122_480lo.jpg

    Mujeres, el mejor invento de Dios

  20. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl DS ROMS

    Download them here:
    (click to download pokemon diamond)
    (click to download pokemo

    #shana-chan’s official blog!

  21. All the President’s Press

    April 29, 2007
    Op-Ed Columnist
    SOMEHOW it’s hard to imagine David Halberstam yukking it up with […]

    donkey o.d.

  22. Noche Inolvidable!


    Duodecima GALA

    Objetivo Fama “Gala #12″ Esta Noche Por Univision/Puerto Rico
    A las 8:30pm, Luego de la […]

    Objetivo Fama ( Fama Mania )

  23. Patriots trade third round pick to Oakland

    The Patriots traded their third round pick to the Raiders. Oakland then selected Florida State OT Mario Henderson for […]

  24. Lifehacker and MakeUseOf

    I would like to show you two great sites I have been following lately.  Lifehacker and MakeUseOf. Lifehacker is full […]

    Sky KID`s SKYNET

  25. Aktsamhetens ABC

    Inskickat av Sofie:
    Tjurig tant i 60-års ålder lägger upp sina varor på bandet och har till slut bara en bukett […]


  26. MAN MEAT

    [image]After hitting up a local grocery store, a casually dressed (and then undressed) David Boreanaz showed his buff […]

  27. Top 5 Xbox360 commercials

    I’ve seen plenty of commercials in my life. I’m sure you have too. Only a few commercials in the world […]

    Stay in the Loop…

  28. ‘Exercise pill’ switches on gene that tells cells to burn fat

    By giving ordinary adult mice a drug – a synthetic designed to mimic fat – Salk Institute scientist Dr. Ronald M. Evans […]


  29. I Shot An Ostrich In Reno Just To Watch It Die

    I was watching ‘Have I Got News For You’ tonight and one of the panellists made fleeting reference […]

    alastair’s heart monitor

  30. 04/29 Birmingham to Boulder (or close)

    Taylor Hicks
    Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO
    8:00pm Mountain
    Opening act: The Greyhounds
    It’s a beautiful […]

    Taylor is the Boogie!

  31. Hoy Yanis Chimaras, todos los días Juan Bimba….

    Lo que le ocurrió hoy  al actor Yanis Chimaras le ocurre todos los días Juan Bimba, Pedro Pérez y periquito de los […]

    Luces y sombras

  32. The Fellowship of Friends Discussion, part 8

    The time has come to move again.
    For part 7 click here.
    For part 6 click here.
    For part 5 click

    Animam Recro

  33. Weekend Reader

    Improve your workgroup productivity by changing anything — In the 1920s and 30s, industrial efficiency […]

    Web Worker Daily

  34. Stick arena hack *FINAL* version 3

    things it does:
    Change Name – First make there is a name in the text box next to this button and then if you wanted to […]


  35. Fields Medalist Symposium

    On Thursday, UCLA hosted a “Fields Medalist Symposium“, in which four of the six University of […]

    What’s new

  36. Vill Du bli av med dina pengar?

    Kör då för fort och skräpa gärna ner lite samtidigt så kan du vara säker på att få grova böter.
    Det fick […]


  37. Ieri e oggi in TV – 29/04/2007

    [image]Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri sabato 28 aprile 2007, e […] Blog

  38. Bomb Threat, The Students Left Sidekicks In The School

    ‘The students whom Reibe teaches use Sidekicks to communicate, and many of them left the Sidekicks in the school. […]

    Fookem and Bug

  39. The Reason Why



  40. ENCUESTA: ¿ Quien se va de la casa de Gran Hermano 2007 y la nominación espontanea de Marianela contra Diego?

    Última Nominación en la Casa de Gran Hermano 2007:
    Quien se va de la casa de Gran hermano y la nominación […]

    La Conversación

  41. UMA moving to different servers

    Well i discussed it with some uma and it seems right that we should expand the reach of the uma, so… mammoth will […]

    club penguin cheats

  42. ASL, English and Attitude

    Ben Vess of Der Sankt wrote a blog entry about people’s attitudes toward our languages, and I left a comment […]

    The Deaf Edge




  44. 網路世界的黑與白 – 我看BBS與WWW

    Posted by Mr. Friday
    BBS與Web的差異在台灣一直是個很有趣的話題. 舉目四顧, […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  45. Very first Popeye cartoon


    jean’s Blog

  46. Jack’s Eyes

    [Google Video]

  47. Vídeos porno 2×1 : Elsa Pataky y Pamela Anderson

    Pues sí, me pasan desde aquí un par de enlaces a dos vídeos porno de esos amateurs de un par de jacas rubias, de muy […]

    La cueva

  48. Online Office Suites

    Digg this 
    Ever feel like you might be in a dream?  I have this recurring dream it’s the early 90’s and […]

    Cynically Speaking

  49. So, Does Anyone Even Use All These Darn CPU Instructions?

    That’s the question I found myself asking earlier this month when I was writing a simple compiler for an OCaml […]

    :: (Bloggable a) => a -> IO ()


    Çok hücreli canlılarda, alınan besinlerin ve oksijenin hücrelere ulaştırmak ve artık maddeleri dokulardan […]


  51. KDE4: Oxygen, lo stile e le proposte

    Tutti conoscete Oxygen, il nuovo tema di icone per KDE4 (o almeno così viene spesso presentato) di cui ho parlato […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  52. Ponowoczesny politruk

    [image]Po niemal roku kręcenia profesor Zygmunt Bauman (już wcześniej znany z działalności w Korpusie […]

    Tomasz Łysakowski

  53. Golden Lauren

    Lauren Bush at 401 Projects for a photography exhibition she hosted alongside Marie Claire for the United […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  54. Ньоки с доматен сос

    Ньоките са италианското подобие на кнедли или по-дебелият […]

    нож и виличка

  55. Koptalk Mug Shots

    by Rupert Insider
    Duncan Oldham hid from the camera for years. Even when he appeared he wore a hat, dark glasses, a wig […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  56. Zbigniew Wassermann kłamie

    Dziś Zbigniew Wassermann oświadczył między innymi;
    Za GW
    “Obarczanie mnie odpowiedzialnością za przebieg […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie


    Thanks to all who’ve e-mailed or commented with entries to the list.  Because this is a transparent, D.I.Y. […]

    Berkeley Place

  58. ESWC Quali #8

    Today is the last chance to qualify for the german ESWC offline quali (besides some invite tourney afterwards) and this […]

    Tak3r’s Blog

  59. Lemon-coconut bars

    [image]Pity the poor lemon. Linguistically, that is. When a car gives you trouble from day one, it’s a….? […]

    From Scratch

  60. MP3 bonanza!!

    [image]For the last fortnight, I’ve had serious problems with uploading files and general bandwidth issues. […]

    Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

  61. **Breaking News**

    At approx 1350z, BS7H begins operating on 20m CW (14.024Mhz). The JA wall of noise is incredible.
    Feel free […]

    The DX World of Amateur Radio

  62. Guida completa ai devices – Kubuntu

    Molto spesso chi utilizza Kubuntu,magari provenendo da Ubuntu o una qualsiasi distribuzione con Gnome,si trova […]

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  63. Acts 29 and the MBC

    NOTE: [I am continuing to update this as more information is made available.  Since the original post, I have added […]

    Provocations & Pantings

  64. Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch Chooses Next Cricket World Cup Location!

    A big THANK YOU to Barbados Underground for showing us ToonDo

    Barbados Free Press

  65. CALL ME BY MY NAME: A small talk with Debteraw, IX

    Wolde Tewolde alias Obo Arada Shawl, April 23, 2007

    Why have you forsaken me?

    Debteraw Blog

  66. L’Oiseau Bleu

    La coiffure, la robe, le teint….je suis bouche-bée. À quoi pensait-elle?

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  67. Hiccup with Themes

    If you are experiencing, like I am, a bad WordPress Theme day, your messed up WordPress Theme issue has been reported […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  68. DoppleViewer update

    The NWS seems to have made changes to what URLs they accept when requesting radar images, so I’ve updated my […]

    Movin’ to Seattle

  69. Arcane Thoughts: Benefits of Blogging

    This week marks six months of serious blogging for me. Nearly every weekday I’ve tried to provide some new piece of […]

    Arcane Code

  70. Permutations for next week..

    [image]Three teams could get second, in three different games – Blackpool are the outsiders, currently two points off […]

    Through the seasons before us..

  71. Zukunft der österreichischen Counter-Strike Szene?

    Die jüngste Nachricht um die EPS Alpen Preisgeld Senkung (1. Platz von 5000€ auf 2500€) hab ich heute zum Anlass […]

    aMoK’s CounterStrike Blog

  72. Kalimullah back in ECM Libra, Tony Fernandes now in

    It seemed Dato’ Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan is now back in ECM Libra Avenue as the Executive Chairman, after the so […]

    The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….

  73. Anime Progress Report Spring 2007 Part 3

    Kaze no Stigma * Toward Terra * Lovely Complex * Over Drive * Koutetsu Sangokushi * Shining Tears x Wind * SKULLMAN * […]

    Cute Proxy’s Anime Rants

  74. The Most Important Open-Source Apps of All Time

    A slideshow created by eWeek to show case the most important open source apllications of all time (click picture to […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

  75. Feisty: XGL+ATI+Compiz

    Finalmente Compiz supporta XGL in Feisty, ovviamente con i driver proprietari ATI, più specificatamente gli 8.34.8, […]

    Ubuntu Box

  76. A letter to the Global Church from The Protestant Church of Smyrna

    Dear friends,
    This past week has been filled with much sorrow. Many of you have heard by now of our devastating loss […]

    Possessing the Treasure

  77. Star style at Paeksang Arts Awards II: Shoes and bags

    As every shoe lover knows, the shoe makes the dress. For the shoes above, the black shoes were a perfect match […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  78. Much Ado About Nothing

    The following post describes an imaginary scenario. Any resemblance to any real blogs or bloggers – living […]

    Mom Knows Everything!

  79. Gripin & Emre aydın – Sensiz Istanbul’a Dusmanim

    Aynı tempoyla devam etmek için ikinci klibimizde özenle seçildi.
    Klibi indir ( Videoları izle […]

    En güzel Türkçe ve Yabancı parçalar

  80. Fon Müzikleri – 2

    Müzikleri sağlıklı bir şekilde dinlemek için müzik kutusunun ortasındaki yeşil araç çubuğunun […]

  81. Turkiska militären försvarar sekularismen

    [image]Under senaste tiden har den turkiska försvarsmakten sannerligen gjort sin röst hörd. Först uttalade sig […]

    Militära Reflektioner

  82. Qué verde era mi valle

    Paseando con T. Bernhard por Flavia de la Fuente
    Hoy salí a pasear como casi todo el mundo en Buenos Aires. […]

    La lectora provisoria

  83. Free Ubuntu Magazine: Full Circle

    The zeroth issue of the Ubuntu Full Circle Magazine has been out for a while now. You can download it in your chosen […]

    Ubuntu Blog

  84. The Switch – Part 3 – The Negatives

    This is an ongoing tale of my switch from Windows to the Mac. Read Part 1 and Part 2 for more context about this […]

    IS Department

  85. AQUI EL Video de Galilea Montijo


    Videogames, Electronic Music, NBA, Movies & More

  86. Derrota Del Fuenlabrada Ante Un Gran DKV.

    El DKV Joventut no desfallece en su intento de acabar la Liga Regular de la ACB en la tercera plaza y así venció sin […]

    Objetivo F O T O G R Á F I C O


    AMAM was organized 1998 with the goal of fighting the practice ablation. It is non-profit and not government […]

    Anemic Royalty

  88. Butkus Award Winner Patrick Willis: Love and Desire

    I’ve done many interviews and not many have touched me emotionally like this one has. I honestly could feel […]

    The Starting Five

  89. Triatel apzināti krāpj savus klientus

    Cik daudz jūsuprāt ir “neierobežoti”?
    Triatel savā mājaslapā informē, ka pieslēdzot […]


  90. Siła persfazji

    Oto jak przejkonuje się do pracy w pewnej branży

    wszystko co najciekawsze

  91. Småpengar jämfört med denna återkallelse

    [image]Enligt artiklar i såväl DN som SvD kommer Piratförlaget att återkalla 40.000 expemplar av Liza Marklunds […]


  92. Vielä Virosta ja Vanhasesta – ja kotikommunisteista

    Matti Vanhanen on sitten kahden yön yli mietittyään, ottanut järjen käteen ja soittanut Viron pääministerille ja […]

    Kullervo Kalervonpoika

  93. Stare polskie przeboje

    2 + 1 – Wielki, mały człowiek
    2+1 (Dwa plus Jeden) – Iść w stronę słońca
    2+1 Dwa plus Jeden – Czerwone […]

    Stare przeboje

  94. 「在數碼環境中保護知識產權諮詢文件」意見書

    「在數 […]



    ΕΔΩ :


  96. Review: Carrie Underwood, “I’ll Stand By You”

    [image]The original version of “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders is a love anthem that is part […]

    Country Universe

  97. The Green Bay Packers Select: Linebackers and a Kicker?

    So, you’re a team that could use a tight end and a potential future starter at cornerback? You have Ben Patrick […]

    The Grand National Championships

  98. Playoff Blog

    As my dad and I watched the first half of the Raptors and Nets game all we could do was marvel at two things. One was […]

    The Sports Zip

  99. Virtual Villagers 2 – The Lost Children: Stew Recipes


    Found at the top right corner of your map, next to the dry grass.
    Just to the right of the […]

    Got a minute?

  100. Oorzaak & Gevolg…