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April 27, 2007: Top Posts

  1. PRP’s Benson gets a shot as UK walk-on

    [image]In Dale Mabrey’s 26 years as Pleasure Ridge Park’s basketball coach, the closest the Panthers have […]


  2. Exclusive Halo 3 preview

     Microsoft has sent out a press release today. The message mentioned “Save the Date – Friday, May 11th, […]

    Stay in the Loop…

  3. Jens staying, Jose going, but what about Julio?

    Jens Lehmann has announced he’ll stay at Arsenal for one more year. There’s nothing official coming […]

  4. (Ijok) This is how low-down filthy it gets

    I am at a complete loss for words when I was alerted of a news flash on Bernama by a journalist.
    I don’t think it […]

    elizabeth wong

  5. “Ubuntu’s da Bomb”: vergognarsi in terza persona 😀

    Esattamente quello che mi è successo quando ho visto/sentito questo:
    Va bene Ubuntu, ma quando è troppo è […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  6. Adobe opensources Flex (Exclusive Videos with Adobe)

    This morning I met with several members of the Adobe Flex team.
    Official News on Adobe’s Site about Flex […]


  7. Condi’s way-back machine

    At first I was tempted to take Condoleezza Rice’s “no thanks” to a Congressional subpoena as yet […]

    Scholars and Rogues

  8. 4/25/07 vs. Baltimore and post Yanks stuff

    I’ll try and grab some Q & A from the last post over the next few days if time permits (which it does more so on the […]

    38 Pitches

  9. 14 Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

    Productivity, efficiency and effectiveness are the buzzwords fueling the information age. Entire industries have been […]


  10. Before You Declare Email Bankruptcy…

    Did you ever wish you could delete all your email without responding? Maybe you can. It’s called email […]

    Web Worker Daily

  11. Hiccup with Themes

    If you are experiencing, like I am, a bad WordPress Theme day, your messed up WordPress Theme issue has been reported […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  12. The White Stripes | Icky Thump

    The White Stripes new single, ‘Icky Thump’, just got it’s very first play on 83 XFM, and […]

    Shameless Complacency

  13. Kazaa founders score Blue-chip advertisers

    [image]Joost, the online video site loudly announced recently by the founders of Kazaa and Skype, has signed up its […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  14. NYC Dining: Fried Dumpling

    Fried Dumpling
    106 Mosco St, New York, NY

    Off The Broiler

  15. Make the Bad Men Stop: Bama to Get a Real Elephant?

    This is the Alabama Anthem gon throw ya’ hands up, put up ya A’….
    and I ain’t talkin bout […]

    Loser with Socks

  16. The Heir

    Our hearsts stopped too.
    Like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in 1774, we got on our knees and prayed to the […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  17. As seen in Metro

    Om du just har kommit hit för första gången tack vare Metro-artikleln: Välkommen. Vi är alla vänner här, och var […]



    full caption: RESCUE CAT / DO RESCUEZ
    submitted by: erin
    cat’s name: drew
    drew’s IQ: not so […]


  19. The Post-Game Scene In The Warriors’ Locker Room

    Nellie: Well fellas, that didn’t go so well.
    Baron Davis: Sorry guys. I should have kept my […]

    Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog

  20. His: School shooting survivor says Gingrich was wrong

    [image]Newt Gingrich on last week’s “This Week” said that America must arm its student […]


  21. Germany´s next Topmodel nackte Anni, Fiona, Mandy, Hana, Milla und Barbara

    Tja da hab ich nun die begehrten Nacktfotos der Mädels versprochen . Die Suchanfragen nach den nackten Topmodels […]


  22. 108 – The Geography of France’s Presidential Elections

    The frequently fascinating and highly recommended Catholicgauze (“a blog on geography, geographic […]

    strange maps

  23. Everyone To Sign For Real Madrzzzzzzzzzzz….

    White kit? Why not as it seems that we are going to be supporting Real Arsenal in the near future as according to […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  24. Veli, een moordenaar?

    Kweet gewoon niet wat te denken. Gisteren was Birsen hier. Hare Veli heeft haar weer ‘betrapt’ met […]

    Emma’s blog

  25. Alla till Oslo

    Åter torsdag med regeringssammanträde och allmän beredning.
    I dag ersätter jag både handelsminister Sten Tolgfors […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  26. vrms – Virtual Richard M. Stallman

    Oggi vi propongo un tool interessate, qualcuno sicuramente lo riterrà inutile altri e ne conosco parecchi, […]

    O.S. Revolution

  27. Contronymns

    | Peter Klein |
    Re Chihmao’s post: English also has quite a few contronyms, words that are their own antonyms. […]

    Organizations and Markets

  28. More violence in Ijok, Keadilan candidate speaks

    [image]Since several bloggers – some of who were part of All-blogs pro-tem committee – visited Ijok this morning and […]

    “may the truth save us all”

  29. Zam lagi……

    Kenapalah aku baca Utusan Malaysia hari ni. Musnah hari yang indah ni. Kenapalah aku tak dengar kata orang tua-tua […]

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  30. POLna kreSKA

    concept & text by Alebazi , draw by OFF

    wszystko co najciekawsze

  31. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl DS ROMS

    Download them here:
    (click to download pokemon diamond)
    (click to download pokemo

    #shana-chan’s official blog!

  32. American Idol Season 6 Vocal Masterclass For The Top 6 Performances

    By: Rosanne Simunovic
    This week, our Top 6 performers inspired the American Idol viewing audience with “life […]

  33. Mac DVD Ripping How To: Handbrake, MediaFork & Anamorphic Widescreen

    Welcome old friend back to the land of the living, HANDBRAKE.
    If this were a cheesy Hollywood movie, we would all […]


  34. Guy Millière on the French election

    From Les 4 Vérités:
    The election of Ségolène Royal would be a disaster
    On this evening of April 22 where I write […]

    Hugo the Translator

  35. Obama, Gospel and Verse

    April 26, 2007
    Op-Ed Columnist
    Sometimes you take a shot.
    Yesterday evening I was interviewing […]

    donkey o.d.

  36. texte pour convaincre ceux qui ne souhaitent pas voter Ségolène Royal au second tour

    Vous avez été déçu par le PS sous Mitterrand et sous Jospin. Ils n’ont pas su tenir leurs promesses et n’ont […]

    Antoine Bouthier

  37. Jak dzieci, jak dzieci – odcinek 2

    Jak już wam to opowiadałem, na naszym podwórko są dwie duże piaskownice. W jednej rządzi Donald w drugiej […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  38. 43rd Paeksang Arts Award Red Carpet

    The best thing about awards are the clothes. Stars sashayed down the red carpet wearing their sexiest and most […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  39. Sitemizdeki Görüntülü Ankara Oyun Havaları Listesi

    Ali Yaprak – Şentepe Cebeci Arası
    Ankaralı Volkan (Mahmut Tuncer Show)
    Ankaralı Turgut – Bak Hele 


  40. Photoshop for Beginners 2 ~!

    yay next part of the tutorial is done which is the hair part ^^ yes part 2 ~ and my way of doing it again >.Ms.Aya’s + Mira’s Papers

  41. Fortis Türkiye Kupası Yarı Final Maçı:BJK 1-FB 0 (Mac özeti)


    Archive Room

  42. Top 12 Resumé Blunders

    Hiring Managers Share Top 12 Wackiest Resume Blunders in New Survey

    Release Me

  43. Kā visērtāk ziedot naudu labdarībai?

    [image]Man ienāca prātā tik vienkārša, triviāla un vienlaikus ģeniāla ideja, ka nespēju iedomāties, kāpēc […]


  44. Haketmedim Seni – Acı Hayat

    [image]  Haketmedim

  45. seks melayu luar tabie 2007

    Koleksi Melayu Bogel Seks Luar Tabie 2007
    cerita skandal
    cerita xxx
    cipap janda m

    Blog Aksi Wanita Melayu Yang Mantap

  46. Raps/Nets Game 2 – That Nachbar 3 was in and thankfully out!

    >> Scroll down for the videos Arsenalist

  47. I Was There: ND Blue & Gold Game

    Oh, college football, how I’ve missed you. It’s been months since I’ve been able to breathe […]


  48. Verbal diahorrhea.

    Zainuddin Protests To BBC Over Air Time For Rejected Leaders
    KUALA LUMPUR, April 25 (Bernama) — Information […]

    squeak. speak. roar.

  49. Zattoo launches in DK and pilots in UK

    Denmark, here we come! Ten centuries ago, Vikings raided the coasts of the British Isles and mainland Europe. […]

    Zattoo Blog

  50. Idiotic iPod product of the year.

    I would like to point you to an example of the notion that no matter how stupid something may seem, someone out there […]


  51. Penalización de votos negativos a comentarios

    Algunos usuarios –bastantes– del Menéame se quejaban del abuso que hacían algunos con los votos negativos […]


  52. Het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan…

    [image] Lodewijk Asscher is geschokt over het feit dat van zijn plan “(moslim) kinderen eerst”, want dat is toch […]



    [image]KATIE HOLMES looked like quite a lady in her elegant YSL skirt during one of her notorious Barney’s […]

  54. Winnym śmierci Barbary Blidy jest Zbigniew Ziobro

    Zginęła kobieta , która miała być zatrzymana. O godzinie szóstej rano, łącznie z kilkunastoma innymi osobami, […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  55. PFW’s Final Patriots Mock Draft

    Round 1A
    Jon Beason, LB Miami (6-0, 237)– When we came back from the Combine and did our first mock draft, we had the […]

  56. WU-TANG CLAN A to Z (Or: (more than) 10 REASONS MY BLOG AIN’T NUTTIN’ TO F WIT)

    Okay. I’m gonna start by saying this: I know this post will produce a flood of hate-mail and negative comments […]

    Berkeley Place

  57. Sad, but true.

    SGA, to me, is like that boyfriend you found putting a carton of eggs into your dishwasher and then you threw him out […]

    East Coast Gazette

  58. Karl Barth for critiquing 20th Century Evangelical American theology today

    Karl Barth’s critique of 19th Century Theology as a guide for critiquing Evangelical American theology today
    I […]


  59. Trade Chatter

    A nice article from Maiocco:
    The 49ers have talked to a dozen or more teams about moving up or moving […]

  60. Most frequently visited websites – not what you’d expect

    March’s Comscore numbers just came out. I took a look at the top 2000 web domains, but this time I ranked them by […]

    Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog

  61. Enfin! Ségolène!

    Ceux qui disaient que Ségolène n’allait pas réformer le PS et n’était pas une social-démocrate peuvent […]

    Le grand debriefing

  62. Okunskap, rädda män och rasism

    En kommande rapport från Göteborgs universitet, som presenteras i SvD i dag, granskar Sverigedemokraterna och dess […]

    Ett hjärta RÖTT

  63. vastus – mis ma Potsuna teisiti teeks…

    Liana küsis: Küsiksin mõlemalt – kui te saaksite üheks päevaks osad ära vahetada…mida Sina, Marta, teeksid […]

    Meie Maailm

  64. IT கம்பெனிகளின் திரை மறைவு வேலைகள்

    ஐடி துறையில் இருப்பவர்களில் பலருக்கே தெர […]


  65. Wisdom From Secretary-General Jefferts-Schori

    The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church spoke to Episcopal communicators yesterday as part of her continuing […]

    The Reformed Pastor

  66. Untung-Rugi Beli Revo, Pulsar, dan V-Ixion

    [image]Kali ini KafeMotor menerima kiriman tulisan soal pengaruh strategi penetapan harga […]


  67. Ieri e oggi in TV – 26/04/2007

    [image]Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri mercoledì 25 aprile 2007, […] Blog

  68. Your New Waiver-Bait Champion

    A couple of weeks ago, I discussed minor leaguers who are scheduled to hit the bigs this year, implori[image]ng you to […]

    Warning Track Power

  69. Un enigma centenario

    Sobre Los indomables de Filippo Tomasso Marinetti por Quintín Hay libros que se leen por placer, otros por […]

    La lectora provisoria

  70. Créature de rêve du jour

    People Magazine a couronné Drew Barrymore comme la personne la plus belle de la planète.
    Le magazine a […]

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  71. why freakonomics bothers me

    The New Republic recently ran a very critical article  by Noam Scheiber on Steve Levitt’s freakonomics, […]

  72. Come attivare il Bloc Num quando entri con GNOME

    [image]All’avvio di Ubuntu, il Bloc Num non è mai attivato, e per qualcuno può essere un fastido, anche se […]

    Ubuntu Box

  73. Scientology Embraces Xenu

    Scientology can reform. I’ve seen proof. Where once they went to great lengths to bury the word […]


  74. Virginia Tech Allows Memorial for Shooter

    A student organization at Virginia Tech created stone memorials for the 32 murder victims of Seung-Hui Cho, a South […]

    Read This

  75. Users are Still Lazy

    Among my former employer Joel Spolky’s wisest words were these: “Users are lazy”. That means: […]


  76. Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T60 Widescreen Review

    Thinkpads. They are the Hummers of business laptops. Only until recently did the Thinkpad name come from […]

    Lenovo Review

  77. Strange Domains Registered by the RNC- Not Just

    There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the private email servers used by some Republicans to subvert White House […]


  78. Common Navigator Tutorial 1: Hello World

    The Commons Navigator Framework is one of the more complex parts of the Eclipse API. It can be difficult to get started […]

    RCP Quickstart

  79. Man gets five years in beating of deaf teen

    SAN DIEGO – A mildly retarded man who participated in the beating of a deaf teenager […]

    Fookem and Bug

  80. VIDEO: Will Ferrell – “The Landlord”

    Three separate people sent this to me so I assume it’s viral or something at this point. You should probably […]

    Synner Nation

  81. Cuenta premium de Rapidshare gratis

    Bueno pues si alguien quiere una cuenta premium de Rapidshare, sólo tienenque dar click […]

    The Metal Knights

  82. Updates and Corrections to 2007 First Aid for the USMLE Step 1

    Every year, we revise First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 over the summer and fall to give students the most up-to-date […]


  83. Broodje blog.

    Ey iedereen,
    ik ben even snel over huis gereden om iets te eten. En om jullie nog snel wat te zeggen, natuurlijk […]

  84. Sugar sweet on East Hastings Street

    Looking for sugar on East Hastings? What might have been an invitation to criminal activity is now a […]


  85. Josh on American Idol

    With over 70 million votes yesterday,Ryan Seacrest and Ellen DeGeneres(live from Walt Disney’s Concert […]

    Satii’s Weblog

  86. Ijok : Gambar

    lets check here
    p/s; aku […]

    Catatan Khayalan Syafiq Sunny

  87. PCA Study Committee Report

    The PCA Study Committee Report is available here.

    Green Baggins

  88. 04/25 There is no Rodeo in Joliet

    Rialto Square Theater, Joliet, IL
    7:30pm Central – SOLD OUT
    Set list
    Thanks so much to our friends at the SRQ […]

    Taylor is the Boogie!

  89. Diretores de criação vão receber estudantes para avaliar seus portfolios

    A DM9 participa no dia 3, 5a feira da semana que vem, do projeto Portfolio Night, iniciativa do site […]

    :: alexandre.lattari :: de tudo um pouco sobre um pouco de tudo ::

  90. anarchy on ice

    Anarchist Rabbi Update:
    Sholom Keller was made to give his ‘consent’ today to be checked in to
    the VA […]

    Sevenfatcow seven = sacred. so does fat.

  91. Haldimand Council snubs Fantino’s victims

    UPDATE 1006 EST April 26/07: Haldimand Residents embarassed by Council
    On April 18/07, the day after appearing at a […]

  92. Smart people ♥ college football.

    College Football Resource linked to this Harris Interactive poll that asked people what their favorite sport is.
    No […]

    Get The Picture

  93. 探索人類的大腦

    Posted by Mr. Thursday
    人類每天可以聽、說、讀、寫,觀察週遭的環境,做出適當 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  94. See ya around Vista and dumping Ubuntu 7.04

    I have pretty much quit using Vista and Ubuntu 7.04 after several hardware compatibility errors and software errors.  […]

    The Tech Journal

  95. Intertoto

    Förra årets tabellplacering gav inte bara en plats i Royal League utan även Intertotospel som på sikt även kan ge […]

    Bondegatan – Hammarby

  96. Histograms and Joins

    Those of you who have kept up with the corrections and addenda to “Cost Based Oracle” that I have published […]

    Oracle Scratchpad

  97. Failure face

    “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid defended calling the war in Iraq “lost” in an interview with […]

    Likelihood of Success

  98. Toyger Fiasco

    Warning – mild cat-related rant follows:
    I think I’ve seen it all now. A news clip from National Geographic says […]

    Natural Notes 3


    [image]Η είδηση σημαντική, την ανέβασε στο FORUM […]


  100. 5 Apps I’m Looking Forward To

    Many of us follow Apple news and rumors, but that can get tiring. The floodgates have been effectively shut, and these […]

    the wphj blog