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April 25, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Steffphon Pettigrew/Frank Ramsey

    [image]From the (e)mail bag, a few thoughts from Joe Burgess, who is puzzled by UK’s reluctance to offer Mr. […]


  2. KDE4 delle meraviglie: un po’ Compiz, un po’ Metisse!

    Prendete un’applicazione estremamente funzionale e pure troppo flessibile (kwin), aggiungete uno sviluppatore […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  3. Eight Google Apps in Your Future

    Last week brought us news regarding Google’s future plans for their online application suite. At the Web 2.0 Expo […]

    Web Worker Daily

  4. Back to Windows (my Mac died)

    Even I have computer troubles. I was using my Mac today (17-inch MacBookPro that’s fairly new) and all of a […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

  5. The 14th Edition

    The mouth-watering Champion’s League semi-final tie of Chelsea versus Liverpool is now only a day away. I’m […]

    being sven

  6. The Situation of the NBA Draft

    [image]As most fans of the National Basketball Association know, the NBA Draft lottery will be held on May 22. It will […]

    The Situationist

  7. Liberty doll quilt

    This little present is for a special Junebaby.  Ever since I saw

    moving hands

  8. (Ijok) 6 days later… BN brings out the paratroopers

    I’d been in Ijok all this time, but with no 3G access and incredibly slow GPRS facilities here, it’s been a […]

    elizabeth wong

  9. RPC Finals this weekend

    Gamesports just released their RPC Finals Page with the final seeding for the tourney:

    [image] LiiLD^C

    Tak3r’s Blog

  10. i has frozen

    I just realized..this little guy looks like a big piece of mochi. ^_^ Mochi ice seal?

  11. Posible nueva campaña prevencion de accidentes de trafico de la DGT

    Visto que la gente se mata en la carretera le digan lo que le digan …opino que trafico es muuuuy blandita con […]

    Para matar el tiempo y lo que se deje

  12. When We Last Left Our ‘Heroes’…

    Monday April 23rd is the date that everyone has been looking forward to, when Heroes returns from its almost two month […]

    Cultural Learnings

  13. CeyLan – Lanet Olsun

    [image]    [image]

  14. Kväll i Berlin

    Sen kväll i Berlin efter middag med intensiva diskussioner om vart Europa i dag egentligen är på väg.
    För en […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  15. Sitemizdeki Görüntülü Ankara Oyun Havaları Listesi

    Ankaralı Turgut – Bak Hele 
    Hakan Gider – Kara Koyun 
    Ankaralı Yasemin – Aşk Meleği


  16. Introducing Jules Kirby

    Jules Kirby has been a fixture in the New York junior set, and for that matter, the junior sets of London and […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  17. Video of the Disrupted Performance of INVINCIBLE SUMMER


    American Repertory Theatre

  18. Coding Style – 程式設計風格對軟體開發的影響

    Posted by Mr. Saturday
    寫程式的人都或多或少會有這種感覺,別人的code看起來總不 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  19. Ellis Watch ’07: The New Low for Publishing?

    So it’s back to the old tracking campaign for Warren Ellis’ website, folks! This time, it’s a tad […]

    Caleb Speaks Clever

  20. [sga] Share

    Title: Share
    Rating: R, for language.
    Summary: rodney.mckay (gmail) : They’re all whores.
    Okay yes, I know, […]

    East Coast Gazette

  21. Thánh vật ở sông Tô Lịch- báo PLCT năm 2007 khơi lại- kì 1

    Cty liên doanh 😄 VIC trúng thầu gói thầu 07 dự án cải tạo hệ thống thoát nước HN. Công việc […]

    Kuang Thiện Personal Site. Share is love!

  22. Lojing! Kenapa Sekarang Baru Sazmi Hendak Bertindak?

    1. TUJUAN
    Laporan ini disediakan untuk memaklumkan tindakan dan langkahan […]

    Penembak Badak

  23. Stan, Cesc, Jens, Liz – The Usual Suspects But Hasselhoff?????

    With a move being interpreted as the first stage of a collapse of the determination to keep Ice Skunk at bay, The Daily […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  24. Cyklande poliser jagar syndare

    Igår dog Boris Jeltsin och Lars Leijonborg avgår som partiledare. En dam som kallade sig Roberta badade i den […]


  25. 2007 SGM LC: David Powlison

    Friday morning (4/13/07)
    General Session #3
    David Powlison: “‘In the Last Analysis…’ Look out for […]

    The Shepherd’s Scrapbook

  26. See ya around Vista and dumping Ubuntu 7.04

    I have pretty much quit using Vista and Ubuntu 7.04 after several hardware compatibility errors and software errors.  […]

    The Tech Journal

  27. First Potentially Habitable Planet Outside the Solar System

    Temporary note: Welcome Reddit users. This site is brand new. I doubt it will entertain you as much as XKCD, but I […]

    Michael Graham Richard

  28. A Hostage Situation

    April 23, 2007
    Op-Ed Columnist
    There are two ways to describe the confrontation between Congress […]

    donkey o.d.

  29. Israel’s PM Salutes Stephen Harper & Peter MacKay; Peter Mansbridge Gags

    As Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) winds down, I thought I would post this neat two-minute video clip […]

    Flaggman’s Canada

  30. Abhishek Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai Wedding

    Abhishek Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai Wedding
    Bollywood couple’s low-key wedding disappoints celebrity-mad […]

    A Lone Tree Green Meadow

  31. Guguel… te están buscando

    ¿Vió que en todo el mundo se la pasan hablando de Guguel, de que ahí se encuentra TOOOOODO lo que busca, que en esa […]

  32. Open Thread 7.

    This thread is here for you to talk about Taylor’s Tour, Taylor’s Music, Taylor Related Gatherings, Other Music, […]

    Taylor is the Boogie!

  33. Messi no es una persona cualquiera

    [Recomiendo leer -si eres culé es obligatorio- el post escuchando el homenaje de Andrés Calamaro a […]

    Jon Pasarón

  34. Toma Pataky…

    Así que queremos a la Pataky, hee? Y todo el día con la Pataky, no? (Por cierto, que la Pataky estudió en mi cole: […]

    el blog de NACHO

  35. How Much Can I See?

    For many of you out there, you’ve asked me this question over and over again in the span of my life. How much can […]

    Tactile The World

  36. Imogen Gray is naked

    [image] Well, she’s almost nude in that pic, but if you click here you’ll see all her bits and pieces. […]

    I’m Bringing Ugly Back

  37. New Rihanna “Umbrella” (feat. Jay-Z)

    Lord Jesus give me the strength. This song is just a hot ass mess. It’s bad enough Jay has Fivehead on […]

  38. TV SAT – Cultoon, nuovo canale Sky dal 1° maggio

    [image]Nuovo canale in arrivo dal prossimo 1° maggio: alla posizione 703 del decoder della pay TV satellitare Sky […] Blog

  39. Ghost of Altantuya and other spirits in Ijok

    Barely one hour away from the eerie crime scene where the Mongolian Altantuya Shariibuu was blown up with C4 explosives […]

    “may the truth save us all”

  40. B-Sides | Feist

    For your listening pleasure, eight Fesit b-sides. Some are from Open Season, and some are from the red demos, […]

    Shameless Complacency

  41. A point guarantees Champions League qualifiation

    We need only a point from our 3 remaining games to secure that 4th spot. I’d be very surprised if we don’t […]

  42. Clayton: Willis at 11?

    Mississippi linebacker Patrick Willis visited many of the teams interested in him with one exception — the 49ers. […]

  43. A Cryptozoo in Your Garden

    Gardening is my hobby. Right now, I have lots of daffodils and lots of promise growing green in the garden but I […]


  44. Jordan Classic Photos 2007

    Chris Wright and Austin Freeman are going to make Gtown a tough ticket to get next season. Don’t say i […]


  45. 4/21/07 vs. NY

    As much as not throwing well can feel in a game like tonight’s, the win negates pretty much any negatives you might […]

    38 Pitches

  46. Lil Wayne – Da Drought 3


  47. Ubuntu’s Debian patches repository – Che sia la volta Buona ?

    Dopo il post di Nico Golde che ho segnalato e nel quale non mi sono espresso perchè effettivamente era […]

    O.S. Revolution


    Anne Duhin, anthropologue, Université de Paris 8

    Etude réalisée pour la Mairie de Nanterre, dans le cadre des […]

    anthropologie du présent

  49. Golazo de Leo Messi

    Quieres ver el golazo de Leo Messi al Getafe? Un gol increible de […]

    Super Goles

  50. Islamitische dubbele loyaliteit bestaat niet !

    Een moslim heeft een verhit debat ontketend onder moslims door per mailing medemoslims op te roepen om te bidden voor […]


  51. S.C. Legislators Unveil “Sanford Clock”

    FITSNews – […]

    FITSNews For Now

  52. CARTAZ XXIII Semana Académica de Viseu

    Como alguém disse…
    «NUM TÁ MAL..»
    O que é MANTRA?!

    BILHETE […]

    SALA 2

  53. Instant replay!

    Well, not quite – but you can usually rely on some kind soul on the LTLF forum to provide worthwhile things to add to […]

    Through the seasons before us..

  54. W-M-Denial?

    Craig Karpel sends along this article from the The Spectator of London which sort of tops off the alt-media take on the […]

    Likelihood of Success

  55. A Pleasant Surprise: RoR at

    I’ve been listening to audiobooks while I commute for a long time, now, and I’ve been a customer of […]

    Curt’s Comments

  56. 123 gram

    Inskickat av AlltiSugen:
    Jag jobbar i en manuell deliavdelning där en dam ville ha Brie de Meaux, närmare bestämt […]


  57. Sazmi, Resign Now!

    Click on any of the below to read the documents


  58. Spokojnie, to tylko Arcabit 🙂

    Jak podkreśla witryna Arcabit, “specjalistów martwi fakt, że przeglądarka Mozilli nie aktualizuje się […]


  59. How I Learned to Shoot the Engineers and Ship the Product (by guest blogger Andy Lawrence)

    This post is by a guest blogger.
    Andy Lawrence aka andyxl is the Head of the School of Physics and a Professor of […]


  60. What We’re Up Against

    A lot of people have spread a lot of misinformation about global warming. Some of it is deliberately deceptive, as […]

    Open Mind

  61. Silicon Valley veteran joins Rockefeller fund

    David Siminoff, the media investor who made billions in the 1990s for Capital Research with timely bets on […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  62. deep sea

    in england, allegedly, that’s what they call five pounds
    in cockney rhyming slang.
    deep sea.
    short for deep […]

    Follow Lingling as She Gives Lymphoma a Beatdown

  63. Cho Seung-hui and the Not So Secret School

    Cho Seung-hui lost his mind. I think the public deserves to know who stole it from him.
    Cho gave us lots of […]

    Dream’s End

  64. La inteligencia y el mal

    Sobre la moral de los políticos por Tomás Abraham Creo que vale la pena escribir un post después del comentario de […]

    La lectora provisoria

  65. M44 kills Utah Man’s Dog. He sues Wildlife Services for $100,000

    Too many dogs are lost to the M44 Cyanide devices the federal agency Wildlife Services puts out to kill coyotes, and […]

    Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News

  66. The Original Freak Folk

    Charles Manson, known more so for his murderous direction of his followers, than for his musical career and […]


  67. El mayor pene de la historia.(Re-Actualizada: 75cm)

    Si les preguntasen cuál ha sido el pene más grande de la historia que dirían: ¿Nacho Vidal, el Conde Lequio, Rocco […]


  68. Storebror och syndens skam

    I Hudviksvall  får kommunalarna inte längre röka eller snusa på arbetstid. Inte ens på rasterna. Är du röksugen […]

    …frÖken fÖrster

  69. 466 candidaturas municipales de CHA

    Chunta Aragonesista concurrirá a las elecciones municipales en 466 municipios de Aragón, un incremento destacado e […]

    El blog de Chesús Bernal

  70. the big week

    This is, without exaggeration, the biggest week of our life.
    On Tuesday Marisa has another chemotherapy infusion and on […]


  71. Halo 3 leaked video & screengrabs!!

    Did you watch the leaked Halo 3 beta video? Was there too much excitement for you to actually see […]

    Stay in the Loop…

  72. Ikael Tafari Smoking Something Again

    Our regular readers know that to a person, the BFP team stands directly opposed to “doctor” Ikael […]

    Barbados Free Press

  73. ENCUESTA: ¿ Quien se va de la casa de Gran Hermano 2007 ?

    Nueva Nominación en la Casa de Gran Hermano 2007:
    Quien se va el proximo lunes 23  de abril en la gala de […]

    La Conversación

  74. Be Strong in Grace

    by Mike Ratliff
    10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, […]

    Possessing the Treasure

  75. Książe Edgar Peron

    – Jego Ekscelencja dobrze spał ?
    – Tak, Janie, wyśmienicie
    – Podać śniadanie do łóżka?

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  76. Jun Ji Hyun got a haircut!

    Actually it’s more like a trim, but the fact that you can notice the difference in her hair length is a […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  77. Sleepless at Sea

    Good Morning… are you ? Here we are again in the land of blog together. I feel drained today having had one of […]

  78. Plastic Glass

    I always seem to like things that look like the original more than the original itself. That said, I love this […]

    Will Work For Food

  79. Quick Summary of Spring Season

    The number in parentheses is the number of episodes I’ve watched so far.
    Bokurano (1)
    CG mecha leave me […]

    Gnostic Lone Wolf Poetry

  80. Amenazas con humor

    Recibido ayer, sobre las 23.14 en España, que preferí no postearlo pero hoy me siento con mucho más sentido del […]

    120% Linux

  81. My Five LEAST Favorite Things About My MacBook

    Yesterday I wrote:
    We all love our Macs, but I’d like to share my five favorite things specifically about my MacBook. […]

    the wphj blog

  82. Throwing Bullets

    Angel Guzman is scheduled to start the May 1st game against the Pirates. A good outing will likely earn him a spot in […]

    Warning Track Power

  83. Enquete da semana: prioridades

    No apagar dos refletores da semana passada, a Sylvia, conversando com a Carla numa caixa de comentários, montou um […]

    Viaje na Viagem

  84. Scripting News for 4/23/2007

    TV news of the future? [image]
    Here’s a mockup of how TV news may work in the future. How I came up with this […]

    Scripting News Annex

  85. Por qué usás Firefox? (dedicado a los fanboys 😉

    [image]“Think about why you are actually using Firefox: Is it actually because its a better browser than the […]


  86. Kawasaki Pastikan Rilis Ninja 250

    [image]Kepastian Kawasaki menelurkan motor sport 4 tak semakin jelas. Setidaknya demikian diungkap Manajer Marketing PT […]



    Παλιός blogger: «Εκεί που ήσουν ήμουνα», «τι να μου πεις εμένα [...]


  88. How We Met

    I have always felt that if work were a person, meetings would be the hemorrhoids. For me, meetings are excruciating, […]

    King of the Cubicle

  89. Türkçe Top 10’de yer yerinden oynadı!

    Bu haftanın en çok izlenen Türkçe Top 10 videosu listesinde deyim yerindeyse yer yerinden oynadı! Haftalardır […]


  90. Skins para páginas personalizadas de Google

    [image]Google llevaba tiempo experimentando con nuevas skins para las páginas personalizadas.
    Desde hoy, todos los […]

    :: ::

  91. Oszlifowany beton

    Patrzę na scenę polityczną od wielu lat. Pojawiają się na niej politycy – i znikają… Któż […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  92. Promising Young Photographer Award

    Net in het fotomuseum de “Promising Young Photographer Award” van Nikon in ontvangst mogen nemen, voor 2000 […]

    Jimmy Kets

  93. Akon Dry Humping a 14 Year Old On Stage?

    Here is the story:
    “[Akon] managed to convince the ladies, who made their way onstage, that they were […]


  94. Kubuntu comes in clearly

    For the first time in the long and storied history of Kubuntu (or at least the versions I’ve tried), my 24″ […]

    Komandeering Developers Everywhere

  95. Nueva Encuesta! Vota…

    ¿A Cual Finalista Salvas Tu Esta Semana?


    Objetivo Fama ( Fama Mania )

  96. Que Sera Sera: Episode 11

    I generally like using funny screencaps, or at least face shots, as my introductory image, but for some reason, this […]

    Blogging my kdrama obsession…

  97. steve

    Ik heb gisteren eigenlijk wel een fijn gesprek gehad met Steve, die nieuwe op Antenne. Hij is zo grappig en vlot. Tegen […]

    Emma’s blog

  98. His: Men’s fashion mistakes at work

    Working in television you’d think that I wouldn’t see as many fashion faux pas as I do.  […]


  99. Entrevista a Raúl Montón

    Quién me iba a decir a mí, que después de leer durante años la revista Super Juegos iba a conocer -a distancia, eso […]

    El Blog de Manu

  100. Princeton Review Names America’s ‘Best Value’ Colleges in Annual Book

    Rice Univ. #1 ‘Best Value’ Private College / New College of Florida #1 ‘Best Value’ Public […]

    Release Me

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