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April 6, 2007: Top Posts

  1. 97 – Where (and How) Evolution Is Taught In the US

    Scientists generally accept the theory of evolution as the back-story of how animal species (including humans) […]

    strange maps

  2. The Frank Broyles Legacy (continued)

     Without Frank Broyles……Arkansas…….would be…………an Arkansas […]

    Loser with Socks

  3. AH-HAA!!

    Y disaient qu’on pouvaient pas rentrer!
    Y disaient qu’on seraient pas capables!
    Y disaient qu’on y […]

    Le blogue du collectif des écureuils

  4. Five Steps to Get Yourself in a Mood to Work

    Sometimes it’s okay to surf the web all day — you’re learning new things and connecting with people, […]

    Web Worker Daily

  5. High Blood Pressure Remedy Report…

    Today I’m announcing a pre-release special offer for our brand-new High Blood Pressure Remedy Report! Visit this […]

    Natural Remedies Health Blog

  6. Feisty CDs to be Available Through Shipit

    Unlike Edgy, which was not available through shipit, free cds of Feisty Fawn, the upcoming release may be available for […]

    Ubuntu Blog

  7. Compiz torna ad essere uno: l’accordo è ora ufficiale

    Il comunicato in una mail di Jeffrey Laramie, ex sviluppatore di Beryl: “Compiz and Beryl are Reuniting“, e […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  8. Sztuka z jajami



  9. Alves, Fernandez & Co

    Which soulds like an Iberian firm of Lawyers but no, merely the names we are linked with and more on that later.
    Its […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  10. Sitemizdeki Görüntülü Ankara Oyun Havaları Listesi

    Ali Yaprak – Ankaradır Vatanı (By Rumo06) 
    Gölbaşılı Erdoğan – Yılana Bak
    Güdüllü Ergün – Aldanma


  11. dominicana gana el concurso “miss roberta 2007”


    Dj Ariel…Flow Latino…

  12. Glad Påsk!

    Så är då påsken här och familjen och jag försvinner tidigt skärtorsdagens morgon mot sydligare nejder nere vid […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  13. Arctic Monkeys: 505

    Although I still have no clue why they’ve been hailed as the amazing band they most certainly […]

    Shameless Complacency

  14. The March Radness Championship

    [image]This is what you’ve all been waiting for. We’re down to two teams in March Radness. It’s been […]

    east village idiot

  15. An Update from Alistair Begg on His Health

    Alistair Begg, pastor of Parkside Church in Solon, Ohio and teacher on the Truth for Life radio broadcast, was a guest […]

    The God and Culture Blog

  16. American Idol Voting Results show 04/04/2007 Spoiler

    Tonight is the result show. This show will bring us down to eight. I am excited because I get to hear Tony Bennett […]

    Sky Windows

  17. Bloggers Unite! And My New Job

    I received very good news this morning. My brother, Anon. From Miri of Clemfour will fly down to KL from Miri to attend […]


  18. UTSAV 2006 Photos E [Alumni’s contribute to SPONSOR UTSAV 07 EVENTS]



  19. American Idol Season 6 Vocal Masterclass For The Top 9 Performers

    By: Rosanne Simunovic
    This week’s guest instructor and mentor, the legendary Tony Bennett, made a timely visit to the […]

  20. 8-core Mac Pros arrive, scare women and children.

    [image]Well, no need to wait until NAB for Apple’s announcement of its 8-core Mac Pro, because it’s here […]

    Graceful Flavor

  21. Lorelle is Naked

    Oh, no. Don’t look, Ethel!
    Yes, Lorelle is naked. Well, at least Lorelle on WordPress is naked.
    Today, April 5th, […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  22. Words and Phrases You Should Avoid

    [image]If you look around the Web you’ll find many sites that tell you how to write, what to write, when to write […]

    Speaking Freely

  23. Ten Questions for Expositors – Keller

    I am extremely excited today about announcing a new series called “Ten Questions for Expositors.” In great […]

    Unashamed Workman

  24. I finally get “semantic” Web

    Yesterday I got a look at Radar Networks’ stealth stuff. It won’t be on the market until later this year […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

  25. Zillow zeroes in on wisdom of the neighborhood

    At its core, the real estate market isn’t national. It’s not statewide, regional or even local. It’s […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  26. Chwila dobrej muzyki

    Johann Pachelbel – Canon
    played by funtwo
    from guitar90

    wszystko co najciekawsze

  27. Game 1 4/2/07 @ KC

    Not sure where to even start. Two words sum it up best, no command. Can’t remember a game where I couldn’t make […]

    38 Pitches

  28. Ferhat Göçer – Gidemem

    [image]    [image]   [image]

  29. Sökord

    Idag har någon googlat efter ‘en stor kasse med bajs’ och hamnat här. Blev du besviken, eller positivt […]


  30. The Quest For Money … Quick Insight From A Few of Our Teachers.

    M-O-N-E-Y !
    Cash, Dinero, Moolah, whatever you wanna call it, YOU want more of it.
    Yep, us, you and everybody […]

    “Masters of The Secret” Pre-Launch Blog

  31. Statistics and Q/A: 20 Million Chinese Quit the Chinese Communist Party

    By the date of Mar. 26, 2007, it’s shown on the Quit CCP Announcement Website ( in Chinese ) that more than 20 […]

    Status of Chinese People

  32. Images on your site

    Update: In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, this is not an email personally received. It is just a […]

    10 daily things

  33. La vostra ragazza vi chiede di sposarla con la scusa che sta invecchiando ?

    Consigliatele i cosmetici della “Olay” della serie  ” Ctrl Z ” per mettere […]

    O.S. Revolution

  34. Wednesday Numbers – Big Listing Day!

    There were 315 new listings today and 193 sales, for a sell/list of 61.27%. Of the sales 31, or 16.06%, went over […]

    The Best Real Estate Anywhere!

  35. Pictures of the New Fiat Palio ‘Stile’

    I happened to get my hands on some spy pictures of the Fiat’s new Palio ‘Stile’, which is due a […]

    Stay Undefined !!

  36. Gone Elsewhere EXCLUSIVE (maybe) – First Image of Samuel L. Jackson in ‘Jumper’


    Gone Elsewhere

  37. Las fotos de Amparo Grisales desnuda rompen records en Soho.

    [image]La revista Soho se ha agotado en todas las tiendas colombianas, la razón: nadie se quiere perder a Amparito […]

    Lo que la gente quiere

  38. Make It Work, Chicago!

    Posted by Sarah
    In honor of this inaugural Reality TV entry, we have a very special treat. Or maybe it was a […]

    Channel Guide Magazine

  39. Mets Update for Girls

    This is part 2 in the Mets Update for Girls series. You can relive the magic of part 1 here.
    Note: Regarding the title […]


  40. How much money will my software make (and what has that got to do with aliens)?

    From time to time people appear on the Business of Software discussion forum and ask “How much money […]

    Successful Software

  41. Sublime desserts at Kyotofu

    On Tuesday night, I went to Kyotofu with Kim for an evening dessert tasting invitation by one of the co-owners, Nicole […]

    The Wandering Eater

  42. compiz e beryl sposi

    Lo so, la notizia non e’ nuova … ma questo mi sembra la prova che ogni tanto il bistrattato buonsenso […]

    Kijio blog

  43. Who is to Blame for Sanjaya Malakar?


    joey moggie

  44. Kręcimy pornola

    – Dziewczynki, spokój! Dziś kręcimy odcinek z serii “Starsi Panowie dwaj”
    – Znowu stare pryki? Ja […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  45. Who’s who in Witch Amusement?

    Any drama addict will tell you that watching dramas is more than following the storyline – in fact, the best part of […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  46. Five on Food: Articles from the Wednesday Dining Pages

    [image]1) It’s made with WHAT?  Washington Post.  I think I have a crush on Jason Wilson, the Post’s new […]

    Counter Intelligence

  47. Het geduld van de Democrats (Socialisten VS) met de “globale oorlog tegen terreur” is op.

    Nee… men bedoeld daarmee niet dat men de oorlog tegen (het islamofascistische) terreur gaat opschroeven om deze een […]


  48. Ieri e oggi in TV – 05/04/2007

    [image]Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri mercoledì 4 aprile 2007, e […] Blog

  49. Oil Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

    1. United States oil production has been increasing at about 2% per year since 1960. a. True
    b. False
    2. […]

    Our Finite World

  50. Witch Amusement: Episode 5

    My love for this drama keeps growing. Episode 5 was the funniest and most enjoyable so far — and the […]

    Blogging my kdrama obsession…

  51. Provincia di Milano: una Questione di Faccia(ta)?

    Mi è capitato di leggere questa notizia su Punto Informatico. Detto in breve: “Il sito istituzionale della […]

    Blog ad Improbabilità Infinita

  52. El Bafici (2)

    El abogado picarón por Flavia y Quintín Q no se pudo levantar para ir a ver la función de prensa de El otro, la […]

    La lectora provisoria

  53. Dj Tiesto – In Search of Sunrise 6

    I Have not written in a while now but here some scoop. Dj Tiesto’s next album, after Elements of Life is […]

    Digital XS

  54. Ambiente de trabalho do GOOGLE

    Um pouco do ambiente de trabalho do Google e veja se parece com o seu.

    :: alexandre.lattari :: de tudo um pouco com um pouco de tudo ::

  55. Ashley Massaro Playboy Pics

    Ashley Massaro’s Playboy photos can be found here. She is the cover girl in the April issue of Playboy magazine, […]


  56. Kristendom får ta skit, men varför inte andra religioner?

    Dagens Sverige genomsyras av en skrämmande verbal förföljelse av de kristna.”
    Smaka på det citatet. […]

    Bloggtrend! Bloggtrend!

  57. Unboxing the Nokia N95

    Here you go! Pictures of the awesome Nokia N95, including “bento box” notes and a size comparison […]

    tnkgrl Mobile

  58. Injection and Inversion

    A lot of programmers I interact with are unable to differentiate between dependency injection and inversion of control. […]


  59. South Park: Season 11 Episode 5 – “Fantastic Easter Special”

    South Park: Season 11 Episode 5 – “Fantastic Easter Special”
    Original Air Date: 2007-04-04

    Spoof […]


  60. House M.D. 3×17 “Fetal Position” aka “I was so right. House is so back.”

    Filled with spoilers out the flaming wazoo. How does a wazoo flame? One of those magical things that everybody wonders, […]

    East Coast Gazette

  61. no rust

    It was tougher than ‘usual’ today at the Cancer clinic.  This whole new world seemed way too real today.  […]


  62. My Interview With Matthew Baldwin From Defective Yeti

    As a project for my homeschool, I am interviewing people about their jobs. I asked Matthew Baldwin from defective Yeti […]

    In the Air

  63. TVC for “Olimpiadele Comunicarii”

    “Olimpiadele comunicarii” is an advertising and communication sciences festival for students. Bogdan […]

    Please hide.

  64. Is your son-in-law a member of the famous son-in-law’s club?

    Dr. Vincent Lim Kean Teck, is the other son-in-law, who is now the Chinese political secretary for Malaysia’s […]

    “may the truth save us all”

  65. Another Gang of Boys Rapes Teenager, Films Scene and Sends Footage to School Friends


    Women’s Space/The Margins

  66. Vamos falar de grana $$$

    Aviso: Texto longo com muitas informações e links, leia sem pressa. Existem perguntas difíceis de responder. Outras […]

    Blog do Aurélio (Verde)

  67. Onward: Eddie Robinson (1919-2007)

    After a long battle with Alzheimer’s, Eddie Robinson, one of the most influential coaches in football […]

    Ballers, Gamers and Scoundrels

  68. Feisty beta gets a big +1 from me

    I put a straight Feisty Ubuntu installation on my fastest machine (1Ghz [image] ) yesterday. I don’t have to tell […]

    Motho ke motho ka botho

  69. Developing Defensemen

    Judging by the wrath of the message board mavens, the Washington Capitals should be about ready to kick defenseman […]

    Dump and Chase

  70. Orange Crush Interchange

    Este post es otro de la serie “Cruces de locos“. En el último escribíamos sobre la rotonda mágica de […]


    Wah ada kabar baru nich buat para pecinta LINKIN PARK (LP), band yang di beranggotakan Chester Bennington, Mike […]

    Look at for the Freedom..?

  72. Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero (2007)

    Alternative Rock/Industrial
    01. Hyperpower!
    02. The Beginning of the End
    03. Survivalism
    04. The […]

    Debaser ~ music blog

  73. Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit?

    [Please Digg this]
    Apple’s “Get a Mac” Campaign[image]
    Always a branding powerhouse, Apple is a […]

    Open Source Advocacy with Reverend Ted

  74. 300 SPARTALI 2007 (TS XVID) [ Tek link ] + Alt yazı dosyası

    Yep yeni -tıkla indir- linkler eklendi !!!



    The Lone Rider

  75. is that a paint chip or a tear?

    you HAVE to be kidding me…, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.


    Kellypuffs – Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

  76. Critical mess

    Starting in the early 1990s, on the last Friday of every month, bicyclists in San Francisco take to the road in the […]

    Bookworm Room

  77. Koptalk: Cops and Robbers

    by Rupert Insider
    Photo: Sgt. Bob Cryer of ITV’s “The Bill”
    ” KopTalk is a members only […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  78. Don’t you hate it…..

    …. when you have boatloads of news that you’re itching to tell? The best, most bloggable kind of news? News […]


  79. Video of ‘fabulous’ Merida

    Good morning, news is certainly drying up at the moment. Hardly surprising really. The main news is that our Youth team […]

    Arsenal News

  80. Issue 1 is OUT NOW

    I am happy to announce that issue 1 of Wargames Painting and Modelling is now available for download. Inside […]

    Wargames: Painting and Modelling

  81. Incredible graffiti covered building — 5 Pointz in New York City

    In July 2006 my wife and I took a trip to New York City. She had to go to Philadelphia for a few days for something […]


  82. Semi-Official guide: How to install aTV in your Mac

    Ok, I’m doing this post in english ’cause I want it to be kinda popular.
    Here’s a step-by-step guide […]


  83. Byta namn till Liza Marklund?

    Jag såg i SvD att en man ansökt om att få ta namnet James Bond som tillägg till sitt eget. Han har fått det […]

    Syster Yster


    [image]Ok, so he’s cute.
    The new Us Weekly has this and more of the very rich little critter who was born on […]

  85. Five To One Baby

    Does anyone else feel uncomfortable at the site of 15 armed British Forces personnel, no more than 10 minutes away from […]


  86. โดนบล็อค?

    มีการรายงานจากหลายที่ว่าเว็บไซต์ […]

    FACT – Freedom Against Censorship Thailand

  87. How to Remove Price Tag Guck

    [image] So I think I have found a solution to a long time irritant in my life…. sticky glue residue guck left […]

    RAD Thoughts

  88. BBB – Alemão come Siri (foto!)

    Passeando pela Internet achei a seguinte notícia no Sexy Hot, a respeito dos integrantes Diego, Íris e Fani […]


  89. Getting Their Scots On

    Gillian Hearst-Shaw, Alexis Bryan, Cristina Cuomo, and Susan Shin judged fellow model socials Kimberly Guilfoyle and […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  90. Fun with Feisty

    As I promised in my previous post I’ll report here on my experiences with the freshly installed Xubuntu Feisty […]

    Xubuntu Blog

  91. V-Ixion dan Revo Bakal Ganti Mesin!

    [image]Mungkin ini benar-mungkin salah. Tapi mari kita sedikit bergosip berdasarkan fakta-fakta yang saling […]


  92. head ööd…

    “Venelane pole minu jaoks inimene kes on Inimene” via minu lugeja…
    täna ei soovi […]

    Meie Maailm


    This is to make up for my little April Fool’s joke on Sunday. A September 21, 1998, Modest Mouse […]

    Berkeley Place

  94. “Plum Bloom” – High-Key Lighting & “Cram It” Method.

    This image was posted about a year ago, but did not transfer during the move from Blogger over to WordPress.
    This image […]

    “Macro Art In Nature”

  95. Liberated Games: Juegos para descargar Gratis

    [image]Liberated Games es una web en la que podemos descargar juegos comerciales cuyos autores, debido al tiempo ya […]

    Sueño Digital

  96. Pixies

    The Pixies’ initial six years of existence blew a breath of fresh air through both the independent and […]

    Blank Forever

  97. Bam shoots a new Film!

    That’s right, he has started filming “Minghags”.  This is a new film starring Bam, Dico (in 2 […]

    Bam’s Filthy Note News

  98. Politik “Gengsterisme” dan peranan media arus perdana- Updated

    Updated: Khairy Jamaluddin kata, “Elak ikut rentak pembangkang” dalam Utusan Malaysia hari ini. Sila klik […]

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  99. Whisker Wednesday & I’m a Birdchick!

    Eyebrow Whiskers
    Neck furs that DKM calls whiskers ’cause they are white against the black.

    Diva Kitty & the Fluffies

  100. All At Sea

    Another day, another cringing apologia for theocracy in The Guardian’s comment section. Abbas Edalat’s […]

    All The More Reason

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