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March 25, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Happy Friday

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    Ron Paul: Kind of Sort of a Libertarian
    Even More Ron Paul
    Another View of Ron […]

    The Libertarian

  2. 3/23 Vs the Orioles

    I’ll go back and get to some of the questions posted sometime in the next few days. As spring winds down there’s […]

    38 Pitches

  3. How to Make an iWeb Site that Doesn’t Look… Like an iWeb Site

    The default themes for iWeb websites look ok, but they’re not very customizable. Here are 9 ways you can make a […]

    the wphj blog

  4. When Worlds Collide: Transitioning Between Work and Home

    For the conventional commuting worker, there is a natural transition time between being “at work” and […]

    Web Worker Daily

  5. Little news but a little treat in a video of Bendtner

    Good morning, it is wonderful to be back down south. The sun is out and I do not have the huge worry of having to cook […]

    Arsenal News

  6. Compiz + Beryl = Coral …è la riunione?

    Ricordate il mio post “Compiz vs Beryl, le ultime evoluzioni“? Il leader del progetto Beryl ha finalmente […]

    pollycoke 🙂

  7. New PC Gaming Standard Based on Open Source

    [image]Eli Tomlinson makes money off of the work of others. He packages up GPL-licensed Linux games, and sells them on […]


  8. Baú do Sábado: a infância dos brothers!

    Essa semana é especial. Os baús revirados são de alguns dos participantes do Big Brother Brasil 7. Nem precisa […]


  9. Feisty beta gets a big +1 from me

    I put a straight Feisty Ubuntu installation on my fastest machine (1Ghz [image] ) yesterday. I don’t have to tell […]

    Motho ke motho ka botho

  10. Gallas needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.

    I know he means well but it’s happened on more than one occasion were he’s criticized his team […]

  11. Top 10… Action Hero One-Liners

    10. “He’s dead tired” – Commando (1985)

    The CinemATTIC

  12. Apple TV rocks

    I bought an Apple TV tonight.
    I’ve watched Ask a Ninja, Rocketboom, my show, and Ze Frank on it so far.
    Works as […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

  13. 怪異的樹

    Posted by Mr. Monday

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  14. WordPress Plugins: Code Marathon Party and Plugins I Wanted Released

    [image]I was hoping that someone would be listening when I published my request for WordPress Plugins I wanted at the […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  15. Final: Scott County 73, Holmes 64

    Updating Saturday’s Sweet Sixteen semifinals:

    Terrific free throw shooting (32 of 38) helped Scott […]


  16. when the lights go out

    In a poor country 100 bucks are enough to lose your mind for a couple of minutes.
    Directed by Igor Cobileanski, […]

    wszystko co najciekawsze

  17. Emre Aydın – Kim Dokunduysa Sana

    “Emre Aydın – Kim Dokunduysa Sana” Download Link (.flv – Flash Video)

    dahi video

  18. Utomlands

    Bara notera att när jag lyfter från Bromma är det för en rätt lång resa.
    Först Israel och de palestinska områden […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  19. Nowy pornogrubas?

    [image]Mój ulubiony (za dworzec we Włoszczowie, o czym obszernie kiedyś pisałem) minister w rządzie IV RP, […]

    Tomasz Łysakowski

  20. Shake It Up Şekerim’in Yepyeni Video Klibi Burada!!

    24 Mart Ekleme: Aşağıda YouTube vasıtasıyla izleyebildiğiniz Shake It Up Şekerim’in videosunu […]

    Her Şeye Dair

  21. Feisty beta – installazione passo passo

    Come già molti sanno è uscita la Feisty Beta , ed ho voluto vedere come funzionava l’installer , […]

    O.S. Revolution

  22. Dr. Gregory House, ou um médico português de nome Gregório Casa?

    O Doutor Gregory House invadiu tão depressa Portugal, como tantos outros pontos do mundo. O seu génio lógico e quase […]

    Olhar Marciano

  23. In Defense of My First Baseball Boyfriend

    So, here’s the thing Bud Selig: screw you. No, seriously- screw you. Forget the 1994 debacle, forget the All-Star […]


  24. Devinez qui

    À qui appartient ses pieds difformes?

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  25. Sitemizdeki Görüntülü Ankara Oyun Havaları Listesi

    Çubuklu Yaşar – Ebrum Gelmiş – Ankaralı Seğmenler
    Ankaralı Yasemin – Develi


  26. Европейски парламент: Правната комисия срещу криминализирането […]

    Правната комисия реши да изключи от директивата всички нарушени […]

    [Медийно право] [Нели Огнянова]


    I know I just posted this, but I’m trying to learn to tag mp3s for Hype Machine. So consider this a test. […]

    Berkeley Place

  28. Arsenal’s Euro 2008 Preview

    As there is so little Arsenal news, I’ll incorporate the small dose into a look ahead to the weekend’s […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  29. زندگی 24 ساعته بر روی اينترنت

    فكر مي‌كردم در استفاده از اينترنت زياده روی مي‌كنم تا اينكه چند ر […]


  30. Rewriting KBattleShip

    This week I’ve started a complete rewrite of KBattleShip. I’m using KGameCanvas on an MVC architecture and […]

    Paolo Capriotti

  31. Obama’s Pastor Speaks Out


    March 11, 2007
    Jodi Kantor
    The New York Times
    9 West 43rd Stree

    Skeptical Brotha

  32. Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) Beta: Some install notes

    (This is not a howto)
    I installed Ubuntu 7.04 beta 1 just to see if it all works.
    I used the alternative install, […]

    Tuxicity’s source

  33. En Çok Kenan İzlendi (Top 5, 23 Mart 2007)

    Bugün fazla vaktim yok. Onun için video linklerini ve Top 5′i yorum yapmadan hemen veriyorum:
    En çok izlenen […]


  34. A guide to eating a “delicious” MRE

    Ah, the MRE. That portable, “tasty” meal eaten by US troops in the field, or when one’s unit […]


  35. Poker är farligt

    “Polisen slog på fredagskvällen till mot en pokerturnering i Grebbestad i Bohuslän. Vid 21-tiden stormade ett […]


  36. Easter Content Added

    Decorated eggs, yellow chicks, and hopping bunnies… we’ve just added all the stamps you’ll need for a […]

    Blingee Team Hangout

  37. Aminopterin

    With news that a laboratory in New York State has identified the rodenticide aminopterin in the recalled foods, […]


  38. Sermon 5 Lent, Yr C

    5 Lent Yr C, 25/03/2007
    Jn 12:1-8
    Rev. Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson
    Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, &
    Chaplain of The Good […]

    Dim Lamp/קנה רצוץ לא ישבור

  39. நெட்டை நிலவே, இரட்டைத் திமிரே – சிவாஜி […]

    ‘உங்க கம்ப்யூட்டர்ல என்னதாண்டா பண்ணுவீ […]


  40. Adegan Seks Luar Tabie Anak Melayu

    Dek kerana terlalu banyak hits kami terima dalam sehari ( 10 k -20 k sehari ), kami terpaksa mendirect anda ke blog […]

    Blog Macam-macam Ada

  41. La Sacra Granata dei Vermi

    Qualche sera fa ho guardato il film Monty Python e il Sacro Graal (1975), dopo aver già visto Brian di Nazareth. Verso […]

    Blog ad Improbabilità Infinita

  42. Desnudas en Nueva York

    El fotógrafo Jordan Matter ha recorrido durante dos años las calles de Nueva York (uno de los pocos lugares de EEUU […]

    Jon Pasarón

  43. Item Hacking – Emergency Patch?

    Thank you for patronizing ‘Maple story’ around the day.
    After 22:17 March 21, 2007, I will stop serving […]

    Pokgai – jMS Legend

  44. Estrés, miedo, todo a la vez

    [image]Si no tenía suficiente con mi fracaso escolar – y en letras grandes -, me ataca por banda el «síndrome de […]

    120% Linux

  45. Drag-and-Drop optimiert – Freeware in der Symbolleiste

    Auch wenn ich hier dauernd das hohe Lied auf Quicksilver und Tastatursteuerung singe, es gibt dennoch Situationen, in […]

    OS X Freeware – Kostenlose Mac-Software

  46. Back from brief unannounced hiatus (p.s. OMG LIVE ACTION HARUHI)

    So, yeah, for the small handful of you who actually read me, I apologize for fading out of existence for a bit. I was […]

    a stone and a small ripple

  47. Självkritiken

    Om man försöker skriva ett förord kan man vara bergsäker på att allt blir dåligt. En stavelse bra – sextiotvå […]


  48. update ii : emergency pet food recall

    [image]Well, they say they have found the culprit responsible for the emergency recall of 60 million or so cans and […]

    celluloid blonde

  49. Çanakkale Türküsü(Yavuz Bingöl)

    İndirdiğiniz bu videoyu flv formatında izleyebilirsiniz.Flv formatını indirmek için […]


  50. Ieri e oggi in TV – 24/03/2007

    [image]Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri venerdì 23 marzo 2007, e […] Blog

  51. Förfula inte Jönköping!

    Nu är det dags för unga som gamla att tycka till om det planerade dubbla järnvägsspåret längs med fina […]

    Nej till dubbla järnvägsspår på Vätterstranden!

  52. ¡Extra! Diario marplatense (16)

    Recontra comunicado del INCAA
    EL INCAA reitera su voluntad de apoyo a esta nueva edición del BAFICI. […]

    La lectora provisoria

  53. Classics: Modest Mouse – The Moon & Anarctica

    Welcome to the first edition of a new feature I hope to implement here on SC, called Classics. Essentially, […]

    Shameless Complacency

  54. Serce nie sługa

    Jak mogłaś mi to zrobić miła? Jak mogłaś tak złamać serce me?

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  55. Poor Democrats… doing the usual. Poor BlahgSnots… doing the usual..

    get the feeling there is a syncopation there… ?  No! could not be!
    I have a few things to pop up.. […]


  56. Pet food RECALL! (***daily updates)

    Fairly long lists came out yesterday (3/16/07) for a PET FOOD RECALL. PLEASE take the time to follow the links […]

    If I only knew then…

  57. impz got pwnt.

    O RLY? YA RLY.
    So, I wonder who got the 5700th comment (Hint: It wasn’t me).
    Also, I seem to be hitting 1200 […]


  58. …mighty waters…

    It’s been ten days since Marisa has started “plan B”.  Thankfully Marisa’s hands have […]


  59. Sabul skodeng lagi…

    sabul skodeng lagi..

    Sabul Rumah Tumpangan | Sabul Skodeng | Gambar Melayu Boleh

  60. 90% του λαού υπέρ της απόσυρσης /αλλαγής

    …του βιβλίου Ιστορίας της Στ’ Δημοτικού. Η σχετική […]

    Η καλύβα ψηλά στο βουνό

  61. Final Thoughts: Kanon


    Azure Flame

  62. What an interesting ride it’s been: happy birthday OSX.

    Six years ago today, Apple released OSX 10.0, the first iteration of its next-generation operating system that marked a […]

    Graceful Flavor

  63. Äntligen lite samarbete

    Idag var det trevligt att läsa Dagens Nyheter. Efter alla tråkiga vinklingar av Göran Perssons uttalanden om sina […]


  64. UNC vs USC: Live Blog

    You can cut the tension in my house with a knife…and I am the only one watching the game here. Any game that is […]

    Tar Heel Fan

  65. Kosher for Passover Coke: Its the Real Thing Baby

    It’s that time of the year again folks — Passover season approaches, and with that comes the annual stocking of the […]

    Off The Broiler

  66. Will Ivy strip for 2 billion won?

    As one of the 3 sexiest singers in Korea, Ivy (25) has recently been offered a minimum of 2 billion won […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  67. Lyrics: Straight Lines by Silverchair


    The Life and Rants of SiwwyPig

  68. La foto de Harry Potter desnudo

    Ya hablamos de la controversia que ha nacido gracias a la publicación de unos afiches de Daniel Radcliffe el actor que […]

    Noticias curiosas de tecnologia y cosas poco comunes.

  69. #3 – 10 sets over 10 years!

    The series of 10 set over 10 years.. Get this special pack – collect them all!


  70. Pastor Wright gets a quick course in Journalism 101.

    In a letter to the editor of The New York Times, Sen. Barack Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, took The Times’ Jodi […]


  71. Παλιά Χρήσιμα Νο 14: Το Τριώδιο της ακροδεξιάς

    [image] Δεν μπορούσαν να διαλέξουν καλύτερη εποχή για τις νέες τους […]

    Ροΐδη Εμμονες

  72. Herr Gårman goes drag

    Kvinnor har kjol. Män har byxor. I alla fall på vägskyltarna.
    Det är ett fenomen som dyker upp då och då att […]


  73. Apple TV: Love, Love, IT! Or Hate, Hate It!

    There apparently is no in-between feelings for the newly released Apple TV.
    It’s love or hate and not […]


  74. En Sevgiliye 7-Hudeybiye


    kamer )

  75. Wii: pianko官方聲明 pianko認證經銷商

    作工極差 品質不穩定
    pianko go!

  76. Hungry, Hungry Hippo

    Preparing to make the ever-popular Cookies ‘n Cream cupcakes from VCToTW for about the hundredth time, I barely […]


  77. Sheih on Sheih : Sheih Goes To Pulau Duyong day 2 (Updated)

    I am still on the mission to search for Al Ghazalli. My undercover fella who is one of the self-practice-doctor in […]


  78. Hi-5 Hay Animales

    Hola a todos, aunque no lo crean un niño tambien tiene sus ocupaciones, ir al colegio, jugar, volver a jugar, ver t.v, […]

    Blog Kids

  79. When Being “Friends” with Your Lover Isn’t Good

    OK, I try not to be too graphic on this blog. Yes, I like to insinuate things about our sex life, but I typically leave […]

    My Redhead Life

  80. Is Fred Thompson In?

    That’s what I heard tonight from a Blue Dog Democrat Congressman who has close ties to some TN GOP members (and […]

    Virginia Virtucon

  81. T-Pain ft. Young Flop…err..Joc- “Buy You A Drink”

    T-Pain ft. Young Joc- “Buy You A Drink” (listen)
    Very catchy song, great beat, nice lean…not […]


  82. Sanjaya Malakar’s Near Crotch Shot

    Fracas likes to help others by finding them the things they search for online. Since a common search term involves just […]


  83. 500.000 Hits

    This blog has been up since September 2006. In that half year, I’ve posted 90 maps, gotten about 1.000 comments – […]

    strange maps

  84. Resultado oficial do concurso da pm

    Para aqueles que tanto aguardaram o resultado do concurso da pm.
    Divirtam-se Resultado do Concurso da Polícia Militar

  85. Rafles et résistance à Paris : L’incident de la rue Rampal

    [image]Depuis plusieurs mois, la tension monte dans les quartiers populaires du nord-est de Paris, où la police, sur […]

    Solidarité Ouvrière

  86. Proxy’s Picks February 2007

    Aha! Another post! 4 more to go!

    Cute Proxy’s Anime Rants

  87. My Wishlist

    I’ve been on for about 2 weeks now. Being a previous self-hosting wordpresser, I thought I would […]

    Formerly Wiphey

  88. Fala sério…

    A Dani entrou em edição extraordinária numa caixa de comentário para informar a frase vencedora daquele concurso do […]

    Viaje na Viagem

  89. Dump him!

    Din moment ce ne tratează ca pe bucăţi de carne şi nici nu-i pot suspecta că vor descoperi vreo urmă de suflet […]

    De ce urâm bărbaţii

  90. Remaja dakwa ditumbuk Datuk K

    KUALA LUMPUR: Seorang remaja, Muhammed Kasheef Harris, 18 tahun, kelmarin mendakwa dia ditumbuk oleh Datuk Khalid Mohd […]

    Simply Siti Nurhaliza Zone

  91. Guia para comprar un movil

    Cuando llega la hora de comprarnos un nuevo telefono movil nos asaltan las dudas.
    ¿Que […]


  92. Οι πρώιμες περιπέτειες μιας εθνικής επετείου…(1*)

    [image]H 25 Μαρτίου καθιερώθηκε ως εθνική επέτειος το 1838, και […]

    Allu Fun Marx : βόλτες στην Blogoslovakia

  93. Aftonbladet debatt.

    Jaha. Då var man i ropet igen. Precis som sig bör. Idag figurerar jag på Aftonbladets debattsida: […]

    Alla dessa dagar

  94. Unusual French Oboes

    Now here’s some good blogging…the French government release their UFO archive, and all manner of rod-shaped […]

    _Paddy K_

  95. GM Story – Part 1

    Found a list of Maple Story cartoon from KMS website today,
    I’ll translate and upload them once every few […]

    Khaini 7th Ranger

  96. Hearing loss demonstrations

    I went to a pub for an evening out and I was so irritated with the sound levels that I took my hearing aids out for the […]

    I look so I can hear….

  97. BaBaBanküberfall

    Vor einiger Zeit gab es ja den Banküberfall auf die Bawag in der Mariahilferstr. Damals hat ein Reporter der Zeitung […]

    Der alltägliche Wahnsinn

  98. Shyamali Malakar’s Boobs Win American Idol

    Oh, how things change. Just a couple short weeks ago, tongues were wagging for Antonella Barba, the tone deaf […]

    The Pop Off

  99. Sic Willie Gets Fired

    FITSNews – March 23, 2007 – Less than […]

    FITSNews For Now

  100. EXCLUSIVE! 20 seconds with Stephen Fry.

    We love Stephen Fry. He, quite frankly, is awesome. One of us even has a framed, signed photo of him in their […]

    SCRIBBULUS : HP gossip, dirt and news.