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March 16, 2007: Top Posts

  1. RIP Twitter (2007-2007)

    I make no bones about my disdain for Twitter. I’ve commented far and wide about the inanity and potential danger […]


  2. tv Is NOW Shipping

    Evidence of tv in the newest QuickTime (Pro?) update [LINK].
    Please, consider adding the gwhiz blog to your RSS feed […]


  3. Cisco’s pricey shopping spree

    Our immediate take on this morning’s news that Cisco’s (CSCO) latest stop on its acqusition spree is WebEx […]

    The Browser: Analyzing the tech biz

  4. An Offer You Can’t Refuse



  5. Time to recall Nicklas Bendtner?

    Good morning Arsenal chums.
    I did not manage to watch the game last night, I had to rely on Sky Sports News. Three […]

    Arsenal News

  6. Microsoft Declines Comment on Rumor of 360 Price Drop in May

    [image]Rumors of a soon-to-be released black and enhanced Xbox 360 Premium (code name Zephyr) just won’t go away. […]


  7. What happens after Google loses?

    I’ve been thinking about what happens after Google loses its $1 billion lawsuit that it’s facing at the […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

  8. Estrategias en ‘rojo vivo’: Ercros y Jazztel

    Ercros (
    Cuando todo apuntaba a que Ercros iba a poder con la resistencia de los 0.86 € y así acabar […]


  9. Gnome – gioco nascosto 🙂

    Anche Gnome ha il suo ” uovo di pasqua ” nascosto, ringrazio ” FruitLook ” per la […]

    O.S. Revolution

  10. American Idol Season 6 Vocal Masterclass For The Top 12 Performances

    By: Rosanne Simunovic
    Here we go everybody. We are on our way to crowning the next American Idol.
    This week, we added […]

  11. GNOME 2.18 è qui

    …e io ho una voglia incredibile di aggiornare a Feisty per averlo! Eccovelo, più bello che mai:
    pollycoke 🙂

  12. Atze Schröder a.k.a. Hubertus Albers

    Since I am not yet fully recovered, I am just going to make this post as a short note to myself to return to the topic. […]

    More shameless remarks by Larko

  13. Kosher for Passover Coke: Its the Real Thing Baby

    It’s that time of the year again folks — Passover season approaches, and with that comes the annual stocking of the […]

    Off The Broiler

  14. We Love Pirates and Racist Bugger



  15. March Radness: Round 1 Begins Today!

    [image]Welcome to March Radness, the 64-team, […]

    east village idiot

  16. Bummed that LSD isn’t legal? Chew on this (literally!)

    Lately I have been reading about an interesting little plant called salvia divinorum. This plant has been cultivated […]


  17. Taxes al Carbon

    | Steven Postrel |
    Let’s suppose you’ve been swept up in the recent frenzy and decided that it actually […]

    Organizations and Markets

  18. “Altantuya sacrificed herself for the sake of others”

    Exclusive: translations inside
    The only stories we hear about Altantuya Shariibuu were the ones told by the […]

    “may the truth save us all”

  19. B Game? Q&A IV

    After a long day of travel to Philly and back (flight left at 6:30am and we returned around 4PM) I felt good on the […]

    38 Pitches

  20. Zagrajmy sobie

    Dirty Rolling od Axe

    albo w … Get The Glass

    wszystko co najciekawsze

  21. Todas las fotos Playboy de la rubia tonta de Doritos, Alejandra Maglietti

    No compré la Playboy cuando salió Dolores Fonzi. No compré la Playboy cuando salió Pamela David. No compré […]

    Todo por 2 CLICKS!

  22. Chuck Swirsky Short Interview

    Everybody either hates this guy or really likes him, I used to really like him but over time his homerisms got to me […]

    The Arsenalist Muses

  23. Ugly Is The New Beautiful

    Aston Villa 0 – 1 Arsenal
    0 – 1 Diaby (10)
    Possibly one of the poorer Premiership performances, certainly of 2007, has […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  24. Morgon i Nürnberg

    En solig vårmorgon här i Nürnberg.
    Jag missar regeringssammanträdet hemma i Stockholm. Sten Tolgfors tar mina […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  25. Bunnies, Allegra, Bobbi, and Waris

    March 13 saw the relaunching and celebrations of fashion movers and our very own social shakers.
    FAO Schwarz hosted the […]

    Park Avenue Peerage

  26. beryl 0.2.0

    [image] questa versione […]

  27. Den stora hemligheten

    Kanske kommer någon ihåg att det sades något om en hemlighet i ett tidigare inlägg?
    Nu kommer den:
    Konsumbloggen […]


  28. What You Will Read Will Shock You

    I never wanted this to become a ’single issue’ site, and at some point we will move on. However; 
    At some […]


  29. Week In Review: Arcade Fire, Feist, & LCD Soundsystem

    The week sure started out with a bang, but it wound down noticeably as the week wore on. While most were […]

    Shameless Complacency

  30. Chillar på Arlanda

    Kamrater. Sitter och chillar lite med Reinfeldt på Arlanda. Vi tog en after-workare i London med regeringsplanet och […]

    Alla dessa dagar

  31. Top 10… Movie Creatures

    10. Jabba the Hutt – Star Wars Episodes I (1999), IV (1977), VI (1983)

    The CinemATTIC

  32. Interview: Yuri From MxPx

    Name: Yuri Ruley
    Band: MxPx
    What’s your story for being in a band? How did you come to have a career in music?
    I had […]

  33. China 80-year-old AIDS Activist Feels Failure Despite Award

    By Arshad Mohammed and Paul Eckert, Reuters, Mar 13, 2007-
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Poised to receive an award for […]

    Status of Chinese People

  34. Kiran Chetry to CNN

    This post has generated an unbelievable amount of traffic. While Kiran did a fine job, Gretchen Carlson is wonderful. […]

    Thespis Journal

  35. The new Kodak Creative Network – a trial run and chat with Jeff Hayzlett

    On Tuesday, the announcement of the new Kodak Creative Network came across my computer screen. It wasn’t the name […]

  36. Post Mortem Impressions: TMNT 1989 Arcade for Xbox Live Arcade

    Any male (and even a few females) over the age of 20 who grew up in North America, was at some point, […]

    High Dynamic Range Lying

  37. a glimpse into the life of a cambodian

    Upon leaving the restaurant I walked out to where I was dropped off and found Lim lounging very luxuriously on a grassy […]

    lost in translation

  38. Ye #20


    @Benim Mutfagim@

  39. Six Tools for the Post-Email Era

    Amazon Web Services evangelist Jeff Barr proposes that we might move beyond email some day:
    I am starting to think that […]

    Web Worker Daily

  40. When a project goes off the rails

    One of the hardest things to do in any IT project (and for that matter, probably any sort of project) is to face up to […]

    Angry 365 Days a Year

  41. Lost S03E12 Par Avion HDTV XviD-Caph



  42. Geo Targeting for search engines

    I made a quick reply to a question posed on Marketing Chat forum but thought I would expand upon it here the question […]

    The Venture Skills Blog

  43. Way Back Into Love – Music and Lyrics

    I have been to the movie with my friend today. We watched this movie — Music and Lyrics.
    It’s […]

    Pim’s Blog

  44. 207. Bright Idea: Concealed Towel Shelf

    This is quite nifty.  Yes, I said nifty.  Why use a shelf and leave exposed shelf space to gather dust?  […]

  45. Şebnem Kısaparmak’tan Sol Yanım Acıyo Anne!

    “Şebnem Kısaparmak’tan Sol Yanım Acıyo Anne!”  Download Link
      (.flv – Flash […]

    dahi video

  46. Before the blog – zines from the 80s…

    [image]Part of the stash of stuff I had shipped here last October included what’s left of my modest collection of […]

    piran café

  47. The Wednesday Weekly Whacky Award Goes To….

    [image]The SC&A Academy of Extremely Peculiar Pathologies, is pleased to announce the winners of the Weekly Wednesday […]

    Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

  48. Changing Direction.

    I spent some time yesterday looking at graphs from social networks and their usage statistics.  I was struck by how […]

    The Paradigm Shift

  49. The grace and will of God…CT scan results

    One of my choir students wrote on the blog a few days ago that
    ‘the will of God will never take you where the […]


  50. 搜尋視覺化(I)

    Posted by Mr. Monday
    天下事情無奇不有,尤其是Nerd…更會做出你想不到的 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days

  51. No. 5 – Ryan Feierabend, LHP

    [image]Three years ago Ryan Feierabend was just another “soft-tossing lefty” among many graded ahead of him […]

  52. Super Cool Firefox Extensions that make life easy..

    Firstly, let me certify that not even a single word of this post is copied from somewhere else. Screenshots are […]


  53. UTSAV 2006 Photos E [Alumni’s contribute to SPONSOR UTSAV 07 EVENTS]



  54. 300 Degrees of Spoils

    [Warning: Everything that follows is a spoiler.]
    At this moment, quite a few people have written about […]

    Waking the Midnight Sun

  55. W samo południe

    Mój luby, Jaro Kaczy Kooper, jest szeryfem. Ja zaś pielęgniarką. Bardzo się miłujemy ale ukrywamy to […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  56. My First Hostess Bar

    Being reduced to paying for someone to talk to you is considered suicidally depressing in the West, but in […]

    Gaijin Tonic

  57. Bama’s Basketball season goes the way of Barbaro

    Last night, thankfully and mercifully, the UMass basketball team, coached by former Kentucky star and Billy […]

    Loser with Socks

  58. The Verdict

    I have been part of a 12 person jury over the last three days in a criminal case. We deliberated all day yesterday and […]

    Possessing the Treasure

  59. Matrimoniale

    El e Ghiocel, si-si cauta perechea. Fetelor, ce mai asteptati? […]


  60. [mobile_post] I JUST saw a man get shot many many times by NYPD in NYC’s West Village!

    I’m still in shock. I just witnessed this guy get killed by the police!!!!! We were having dinner on […]

  61. The Syrian Muhaddith Abdul Fatah Abu-Ghudda In Context Of The Sufi-Salafi Clash. Abul Hussein Al-Azhari

    Many are aware of who Shaikh Abu Ghudda [may Allah have mercy on him] is and others are not. Some just know […]


  62. Astrology of Eclipses: Solar Eclipse of March 19, 2007 in 28 Pisces

    Solar Eclipse of March 19, 2007 will

    Gryphon Astrology

  63. Ieri e oggi in TV – 15/03/2007

    [image]Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima e seconda serata di ieri mercoledì 14 marzo 2007, e […] Blog

  64. American Idol’s Antonella Barba (Nude Pics)

    You can now find the pics you’re very much looking for here.

    A Day In The Life…

  65. Let Me See Your Fong!

    Summertime is upon us here in the Valley of the Sun! It’s time to have a pedicure and go shopping for some new […]

    Old Lady Pen Pal’s Dirt

  66. The karma train’s coming

    [image]I’ve never actually wished actual harm on anyone. So I’m not about to start now, but there’s a […]

    Outside the Box – breadcrumbs from a random mind…

  67. Light Camera. An Apple Special Event

    L’evento di cui si vociferava alcune settimane fa, vale a dire un possibile Apple Special Event al NAB di […]

    Mac Blog

  68. Platforms of Senatorial Candidates

    [Digg]Are you voting for a senatoriable who has concern for the environment or someone whose agenda focus on Mindanao […]

  69. why?

    A few nights ago I did a job which made me contemplate the value of life, but not just any life – my life. How much […]

    Laura’s blog

  70. Ohio Governor: I Hate Children

    Last year, the Republican Party in Ohio took a severe beating in federal and statewide elections due to voter […]

    The Voice for School Choice

  71. Çanakkale Geçilemedi (Çannakkle Belgeseli)

    Çanakkale Geçilemedi
    bölüm-1 bölüm-2 bölüm-3 bölüm-4 bölüm-5


  72. [Video] The Best Of Both Worlds – Hannah Montana

    The Best Of Both World (Lo mejor de Ambos mundos): La canción habla de lo bueno que es tener lo mejor de ambos mundos. […]


  73. Cell Phone Company Phone Numbers

    Isn’t it great when you need to find a number to your [least] favorite cellular phone company, and it seems as if […]

    The Consumer’s Advocate Blog

  74. It’s Official! Jeff Hawkins Still Likes Most Of Palm!

    The Love Calculator
    Love Calculator results
    These are the results of the calculations by Dr. Love:
    Jeff Hawkins […]

    Mike Cane’s Blog

  75. Wrestling on the big stage

    Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid, “The Sun Never Sets” (James Holden remix)
    Substance & Vainqueur, […]

    Little White Earbuds

  76. Hide everything on your myspace profile (including music player!!!) Pt 1

    This doesn’t create a div overlay, it’ just turns everything off so you can do the work designing the whole […]


  77. “I don’t have anything to say right now” – Tengku Adnan


    elizabeth wong

  78. The Varieties of SBC Conservatism: A Blog Essay

    I am an unashamed theological conservative. I am glad that conservatives won the battles of the 1980’s and […]

    Nathan A. Finn

  79. Ataque a La Política Online

    Aviso a los suscriptores de La Política Online El martes alrededor de las 3 de la madrugada la página La Política […]

    La lectora provisoria

  80. practice for what

    while the prognosis has never been better,
    lately, leanne hasn’t been able to get out of bed.
    if she does, she […]

    Follow Lingling as She Gives Lymphoma a Beatdown

  81. Video porno Kim Kardashian

    [image] Il video hard del momento è quello di Kim Kardashian. Ma chi stracavolo è Kim Kardashian? Semplice, la figlia […]

    chissenefrega… who cares?

  82. 88 – Neuschwabenland, the Last German Colony

    Ever since it achieved unification in 1871, Germany

    strange maps

  83. Relatório de batalha

    Cheguei ontem ao Santos Dumont, no Rio, às oito da noite, para pegar a ponte das 21h25, da TAM, para a qual eu tinha […]

    Viaje na Viagem

  84. I feel pretty ~ Oh so pretty!

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but Blizzard made a nice and welcome change to the dropped armor. […]

    Kaliope’s WoW Crafting Blog

  85. Svankvinnan har gjort det igen

    Tillgång till e-post i mobilen kommer att vara den viktigaste förändringen under 2007 för många mobilanvändare, […]


  86. Xbox Community

    I haven’t done an Xbox Community Spotlight in a while so I’m bringing you the first one of the […]

    The Xbox Domain

  87. Notebooks – Intel Core 2 Duo vs AMD’s Turion 64 X2

    [image]The Intel Core 2 outperforms the AMD chip by a wide margin.
    Intel’s Core processor family is rather […]

    IslandGamers-Technology And Gaming Info

  88. Genesis

    Here, Rose.
    Peter Gabriel Gensis is the ONLY Genesis. It’s a crime the co-dependent lovesick 80’s pop shit […]

    Blank Forever

  89. Pentru că ne alintă

    NO MORE iepuraş, NO MORE pisi, NO MORE iubirică, drăguţică, bibişor, plăcinţică, mama dracu’. M-am […]

    De ce urâm bărbaţii

  90. Oxytocin is the window to the soul

    [image]Research on the role of oxytocin, a neuropeptide, in social cognition has generated much interest during the […]


  91. Aston Villa 0-1 Arsenal – 14/03/07 – (Barclays Premiership)

    Well on paper we’ve put a terrible period for Arsenal behind us. However, if you managed to watch the […]

  92. லேட்ட்ட்ட்டஸ்ட் சிவாஜி படங்கள் !!

    சூப்பர்ஸ்டார் ரஜினியின் சிவாஜி …. !!


  93. How Do You Create Screencasts for Your Blog?

    Screencasts are the equivalent of a video recording of action on your computer screen. These are wonderful for […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  94. Exclusiiiive: 20 seconds of Warwick Davis’ life.

     If you could steal 20 seconds of the fabulous Warwick Davis’ (Professor Flitwick) life what would […]

    SCRIBBULUS : HP gossip, dirt and news.

  95. We Used To Like Ms. Marvel

    Let’s give Marvel credit for some intelligence and assume Civil War: The Initiative #1 didn’t […]

    Fortress Of Fortitude

  96. Manifestación de Democracia Nacional, el 1 de Mayo.



  97. The Danger Zone

    March 15, 2007
    Op-Ed Columnist
    The national unemployment rate came in at 4.5 percent last week and […]

    donkey o.d.

  98. A French inspired St. Patrick’s Day: Bisquick & beer fried fish


    My husband cooks

  99. Koptalk “legal team” fails to stop the blog

    by Stannard Insider
    This is a short follow-up to the post LFC Squatter Doesn’t Like the Taste of his Own Medicine […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

  100. Fotos Iris “Siri” está no Paparazzo !!!

    A mais nova gata gostosa que exibe a sua beleza, na coluna de entretenimento da rede globo, é a musa inspiradora para […]

    Constante Evolução