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February 17, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Human skin harbors completely unknown bacteria

    It appears that the skin, the largest organ in our body, is a kind of zoo and some of the inhabitants are quite novel, […]


    Tags: Science, Biology, Biotechnology, bacteria.

  2. Awesome Video about things on the ground in Iraq!

    I think everyone, no matter where you sit on the political fence… should watch […]

    Hardliner Blog

    Tags: News, Internet, Web 2.0, Christianity, media, Journalism, Opinion, Islam, blogs, Thoughts, History, Security, Wow, iraq, videos, Law, Navy, World News, Government, church, Army, Marines, Justice, EU, Liberal, Oil, Crime, Congress, Europe, Ohio, France, union, Ham Radio, Iran, White House, bush, 9/11, Israel, Russia, Michigan, Ohio Politics, Conspiracy, Islamic, Biblical Truth, Saudi Arabia, tragedy, election, Pentecostal, corruption, Churches, conservatism, constitution, CIA, Conservative, Homeland Security!, Shocking, Shooting, .:*Conflict*:., Liberalism, Pentecostalism, Moscow, greed, CNN, Lebanon, Fundamentalism, Hostages, Bias, Reporters, Offbeat News, Right Wing, French News, dubya, Armed forces, Baptist, middle class, uaw, huge, obama, KJV, Corporate Greed, Michigan Politics, Left Wing, Lincoln Park, dot com news.

  3. The Male Psyche At Its Best

    Beer Cannon 101

    Beer Cannon Montage

    (Guys, you may want […]

    Innocent Bystanders

    Tags: Heroes.

  4. Gray Areas Update: 5-25-77 Teaser Poster!

    Yesterday, our Gray Areas section was devoted to a lengthy article about 5-25-77. Written and directed by Patrick Read […]

    Fan Cinema Today

    Tags: News, star wars, Mainstream media, Gray areas, Public Screening.

  5. Episode 7 Softsub!!!

    OMG, I am incredibly happy right now.
    I met my goal this week!!!!

    Not to mention passing the […]


    Tags: Hana Yori Dango 2.

  6. Linus contribuisce patch e polemica inutili a GNOME

    Più di un anno fa, quando questo blog era conosciuto solo da pochissimi spiriti eletti, avevo segnalato la curiosa […]

    pollycoke 🙂

    Tags: Gnome, News e altre Sciccherie, ERGONOMIA, Comunità, *Flame*.

  7. A Giant Doom Magnet

    February 17, 2007
    Op-Ed Columnist

    So I was sitting around watching “Oprah” yesterday afternoon […]

    donkey o.d.

    Tags: Sociology, spirituality, bush, Cheney, Maureen Dowd.

  8. Sow The Wind, Reap The Whirlwind

    Donohue's minions think they're being so cute by DoSing Pandagon so nobody can access the IRS form template Auguste so […]

    Mercury Rising

    Tags: Blogs and Blogging, Distractions, John Edwards, Blogger Ethics, Silly Republicans, amanda marcotte, GOP bullying, The smear industry, William Donohue, Fidelis.

  9. Wenger's thoughts montaged, my starting line-up

    Several discussion points were made by Wenger yesterday. He had plenty to say for himself. I am to structure the blog […]

    Arsenal News

    Tags: USSR.

  10. What is social media?

    Dare Obasanjo is asking "what is social media?" Frank Shaw (he's a VP with Waggener Edstrom and is one of the key […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Social Media.

  11. Myspace Promotes Republican Propaganda

    The latest banner ad on the homepages of Myspace users is for a Fox News program called 'The ½ Hour News […]

    the status joe

    Tags: War, activism.

  12. Accomplished: WPDesigners One Month Challenge on WordPress Themes

    Small Potatoes of WPDesigner has completed the task of a WordPress Theme a day for the past month, as of […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

    Tags: WordPress News, web design, WordPress Themes.

  13. Downloading Blingees…

    For newer Blingees, you can now simply right-click on the image and choose "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As" from […]

    Blingee Team Hangout

  14. 76 – Driving Orientation: A World Map

    Another traffic map of sorts. If this world map vaguely looks like it's highlighting a remnant of the British […]

    strange maps

  15. نمونه ای از بی بند و باری جامعه غرب

    یکی از چیزهای مسخره ای که دائما به ما می گن اینه که «غرب بی بند و […]

    این یکی وبلاگ جادی

    Tags: روزنوشت.

  16. Day 5- And some points of clarification

    First off,  there might be a general misconception of my financial situation and the purpose of this challenge.

     I […]

    Turn $1,000 into $200,000 in 60 Days?

  17. EXCLUSIVE: Live Megadeth Clip!

    Megadeth's new DVD, That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires, won't hit stores until March 6, but you can get a sneak […]

    Better Keep Your Mouth Closed Baby

    Tags: Music, metal, Exclusive!, Stream/Download.

  18. kde4!inside e insidie

    ormai non si parla d'altro anche se la data di uscita della nuova release kde4 non è stata ancora […]

    teorico linuxiano

    Tags: cogitare.

  19. Parlez-vous français? Parla italiano?

    Then the latest Zattoo release is for you! We added 19 top channels, taking special care of our French and Italian […]

    Zattoo Blog

    Tags: Announcements, features, Channels.

  20. Does Carlos Mencia Rule The World?

    Okay, so I've heard about some incident about The Comedy Store and Joe Rogan but I have not been following it much. I […]

    Monkey on WordPress

    Tags: Blogging, Blog, Comedy, Joe Rogan, Carlos Mencia, the comedy store.

  21. From Analyst to Evangelist… Let's get it started!

    After working as an industry analyst for more than decade, I'm leaving JupiterResearch to join Microsoft as an […]


  22. Papà Linus … dovrei usare Gnome ? Adesso vi faccio vedere io !

    Linus Torvalds tempo fà aveva invitato gli utenti di GNOME a passare a KDE con la motivazione " che Gnome è […]

    O.S. Revolution

    Tags: News, Linux, Gnome, Articoli, Polemiche, O.S. Revolution.

  23. How To Deal With Abusive Customers

    If you weren’t so abrasive and rude, I would’ve refunded your money – even though we are under *no* legal […]

    MicroISV on a Shoestring

    Tags: Customer Service.

  24. Sarkazm linuksowca

    Właśnie (zupełnym przypadkiem) natrafiłem na statystykę, która dość brutalnie pokazuje, dlaczego aktualne […]

    Tomasz Łysakowski

    Tags: polityka, Technika.

  25. Video porno Kim Kardashian

    Il video hard del momento è quello di Kim Kardashian. Ma chi stracavolo è Kim Kardashian? Semplice, la figlia […]

    chissenefrega… who cares?

  26. Niners on the Prowl

    According to John Clayton the team to watch in free agency is the 49ers. They currently have roughly $37 million in cap […]

    Tags: 49ers News.

  27. Britney Alert: She's lost it! (Her hair, I mean…)

    I wake up this morning, pet the cat, went to snag a bagel, checked e-mail … at no point did I feel the urge to SHAVE […]

    Hard Drive Life

    Tags: technology, Music, Internet, Personal, Blogging, News, Life, Movies, Entertainment, Video, Celebrities, California, Weird Stuff, Britney Spears, Fashion, Hollywood, Parenting, YouTube, partying, Predictions, Anna Nicole Smith, rehab.

  28. Het demoniseren van de PVV en de leugens rondom de verplichte dubbele nationaliteit.

    De zogenaamde “democratie” in Nederland neemt dusdanige absurde vormen aan dat het maar de vraag is of je nog wel […]


    Tags: Islam, Politiek, Looney Left, Dhimmies and Dhimmitude, Propaganda & Anti-Propaganda, Politieke (over)Correctheid, Islamisering.

  29. Türkiye’nin Ekonomisini Etkileyen Coğrafi Etmenler

    Türkiye’de Ekonomi Bir bölgede ekonomi, doğal ortamın etkileri altında doğmuş ve gelişmiştir. […]


    Tags: Makale.

  30. Big Billy Is Back At The Rovers Return

    Club football is either feast or famine at the moment; international weeks are a complete pain in the Royal posterior, […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  31. What The Lensbaby "Should" Force You To Do!


    I have noticed some questions about the "Lensbaby" on various forums, and there almost always seems to be […]

    "Macro Art In Nature"

    Tags: Life, Art, Blog, Photography, Nature, Flowers, Photoshop, Macro, Photoblog, abstract, Photo Blog, Hiking, outdoors, canon, Composition, artwork, Digital, Landscapes, Insects, Fauna, Flora, horticulture, DSLR.

  32. TEKKEN 6 In 2007!

    Tekken 6 is now official! Slated to come out by the end of 2007, the latest installment will hit arcades boasting […]

    Tags: Arcade, Tekken 6.

  33. Año Cerdo Fuego y los 5 Elementos

    El año del Cerdo de Fuego Yin inicia a partir del 18 de Febrero de acuerdo al Calendario Lunar pero ojo sino vivi

    Cuaderno de Silicio

    Tags: Recomendaciones, Sociedad, Estilo de Vida, Celebraciones, Tradiciones, Cultura Oriental, Creencias, Feng Shui México, Las 5.

  34. This Little Piggy

    The other day, the civilian Director of Finance (equivalent to an Assistant Chief Constable) came for a visit to F […]


  35. Dane Cook, the most overrated entertainer of the decade.

    Dane Cook is easily one of the biggest comedians of our current time. In his newest stand up, Vicious Circle, it's not […]

    The Stand-Up Comedy Blog

    Tags: Stand-up Specials.

  36. E' passato un anno…

    Il 17 febbraio 2006, proprio 365 giorni fa, con questo post partiva l'avventura di questo blog. Mi sembra che i […] Blog

    Tags: Ricorrenze, Questo blog.

  37. Making bread in a bag

    Last Friday my son's fourth grade class made bread in a bag. The children were divided into groups of three and given a […]

    Skip To My Lou

    Tags: Recipes, Children's Activities.

  38. La polémique Pauleta

    Cliquez ici pour obtenir le DOSSIER PAULETA en PDF
    Le 10 Juillet 2003, un attaquant Portugais débarque au PSG […]

    FBI Sport

    Tags: Football, foot, PSG, Championnat de France.

  39. Ze maken mij de pis niet lauw

    Nog een goeie maand en dan barst carnaval weer los, het feest dat toch vooral beneden de rivieren wordt gevierd. Dit […]

    CV. RNDT

    Tags: Algemeen, Muziek.

  40. Devinez qui

    À qui appartient ce joli popotin?


    La réponse


    Les Amateurs de Stars

    Tags: Devinez qui.

  41. Leyendas Urbanas Volumen V: Juegos de Mario

    Habiendo recordado lo ocurrido alrededor de "Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball", voy a lanzar una pregunta […]

    El Blog de Manu

    Tags: Nintendo, Artículos, Juegos.

  42. Helg Hemma

    När jag lämnade UD tidigt på kvällen i går sade min sekreterare att denna helg var den första helg sedan […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  43. Internet Explorer y sus problemas con los estándares

    Veamos un par de ejemplos: Tengo un problema en la visualización de mi web ( con IExplorer.
    La […]

    120% Linux

    Tags: Criticas.

  44. Peter Pan Suspect Taken into Custody After 3-Day Salmonella Stand-off

    DES MOINES, IA.: After a 3-day stand-off with police, Stanley Brittle (a.k.a. "Peter Pan") finally surrendered. […]


    Tags: News, Food, Offbeat News, Peter Pan, Pandemonium, supermarket terrorism.

  45. Atom Bombasının patlama anı (Atomic bomb)

    "Atom Bombasının patlama anı (Atomic bomb)"  Download Link […]

    dahi video

    Tags: English, belgesel, Bilim-Teknik, – Korku – Gerilim.

  46. Free Java Games (Nokia 6233, 6234, 6280)

    Batch 4!!

    > Need for speed carbon (small)
    > Nokia 6233 3d Rally
    > Pink Panther (small)
    > Pirates  of the […]

    Buddy Blogs

    Tags: Mobile, Fun, Entertainment.

  47. Signs you might be in a cult

    After looking at some of the comments here, I felt compelled to post a few signs of a cult that I have found in various […]

    Tariq Nelson

    Tags: Muslim Isolation, The Culture of Denial and Pretense.

  48. Prodigy – Stuck On You (Video)

    Brand new video for his Album/Mixtape 'Return Of The Mac' […]


    Tags: media.

  49. Apologia pro mutatione mea, pt. VII.

    Becoming a Catholic after one has lived life as an Anglican is not an easy thing to do. The belief of many […]

    fides et ardor

    Tags: Apologia.

  50. Como ejecutar 3ds max 8 en Linux (Manual)

    Pues si señores hoy y aquí voy a demostrar que el 3ds max se puede ejecutar en linux ¿Qué no? ¿Qué no? Ya lo […]

    Caceres visual city 2006

    Tags: Diseño, 3D, Informática.

  51. 10 Tips for Organizing Your E-mail

    E-mail. No matter how immersed we get in RSS feeds, Flickr, instant messages, texting, Twitter, and all the other new […]

    Web Worker Daily

    Tags: Tips & Tricks, personal organization, Software Apps.

  52. 8 Things You Must Do If Your Identity Is Stolen

    The dreaded phone call comes in: there has been some suspicious activity on your credit card and the bank would like to […]

    Credit Score Tips & Advice

    Tags: credit tips.

  53. Complete Computing System in 20K lines of Code

    For those of you that couldn't make it to Ian's talk here is a video of the presentation. […]

    The Weekly Squeak

    Tags: Video, Education, smalltalk, Squeak, Squeak Development, Squeak internals.

  54. Khalkhification of KAddressbook

    As reported here recently, Khalkhi (say [χalχi]), a framework around persons and services on them, moved in the […]

    Attracted by virtual constructs

    Tags: KDE.

  55. Frank Broyles to Tulsa, Accepts Tulsa Athletic Director Position

    There are some advantages to being an illegal Mexican (Self portrait below) that dabbles in the Arkansas Chicken […]

    Loser with Socks

    Tags: SEC Football, Arkansas Razorbacks, SEC Coaches, SEC Traditions, Houston Nutt, pete carroll, Gus Malzahn, Mitch Mustain, Southern Cal, Frank Broyles, Illegal Mexicans.

  56. WINE Gaming: Steam, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Counter Strike Source and 1.6

    Table of Contents


    Linux and Open Source Blog

    Tags: Games, HowTos/Tutorials/Tips.

  57. Stammisar

    Stammisfigurerna och deras smeknamn, del 1:

    1. Gustav Wasa – Stor, tjock, skäggig och luktar hemskt illa och klagar […]


    Tags: Coop.

  58. New Justin Timberlake video-What Goes Around

    Blah..I'm onto Robin Thicke now. This is the directors cut of the video What Goes Around featuring Scarlett […]


    Tags: Music, Hotties.

  59. Cougar hunter says wolves attacked, killed dogs near Avery (Idaho) . . . dog owners whine

    Wolves have nailed some cougar-tracking hounds again.

    Somehow it is hard to cry for these cry-baby hunters. Where is […]

    Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News

    Tags: Cats, Wolves, Idaho wolves, Montana wolves.

  60. Party city here we come…

    As of right now, 8:10 P.M. (EST) we have entered party city.  Marisa just finished her 2nd cycle of […]


  61. Our Architecture and Our Message

    Legacy, like so many other churches today, currently meets in an elementary school. We’ve been praying about our […]

    The Gospel Outpost

    Tags: Theology.

  62. Lustworthy: iMate's Ultimate 7150 super phone

    This bad boy has enough features to make the Jesus Phone cry.  While I'm cleaning up the druel, check

    Tags: NYC.

  63. Go and Sin Some More: A Meditation on the Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith

    "Go and sin no some more."

    Those were the words that continued to ring through my head as I listened over and over […]

    Provocations & Pantings

    Tags: Personal Commentary.

  64. Inbesos ( Corrección esperada.

    Inbesos ha movido en un mes lo que no logró mover en un año. Ello permitió a los accionistas de la companía […]


    Tags: Nacionales.

  65. Naruto Shippuden Gekitoh Ninja Taisen EX

    Naruto, la serie en manga y anime que está arrasando en todo el mundo, también va a tener su versión para Nintendo […]


    Tags: Videojuegos.

  66. Free knitted scarf pattern

    Hello dear reader. I have a project I am working on for a client that has my mind absorbed. I need to keep my mind […]

    I live on a farm …

    Tags: Family, Photography, knitting, Love, Holidays, Christmas, yarn, country living, free knitting patterns, scarf patterns.

  67. Importante Aclaración del Sindicato de Pastores, SUPRA

    Azopardos 802 (CP1234) Ciudad Autógena de Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA

    TEL/FAX: 5411 43333 0954 al […]

    G A L I C I A

    Tags: Gremiales.

  68. Feng Shui avanzado aplicado a puertas para atraer riqueza

    Un dicho popular entre los antiguos maestros de Feng Shui (Kan Yu) dice “Si la Puerta Principal vale 10,000 lingotes d […]

    5 Elementos

    Tags: Recomendaciones, Cultura Oriental, Feng Shui México, Feng Shui Clásico, Feng Shui General, Curas, Decoración y Diseño.

  69. My Top 5 Anime for 2007 v1.0

    Aack!! Another post! It's a miracle! =p

    And it's the first rankings post for 2007. Yay! My laziness has […]

    Cute Proxy's Anime Rants

    Tags: Rankings, Mecha, Maria-sama ga Miteru.

  70. Signing Row Lands Deaf Man In Court

    DEAF SIGN MIX-UP:Shaun Phuprate from Sunderland who was arrested when police mistook the sign for “I am deaf” […]

    Fookem and Bug

    Tags: Bug Juice News.

  71. Att ta ansvar för någon annans självmord

    Går det? Den frågan har jag grubblat på i säkert ett decennium. Jag pendlar fram och tillbaka. Pappa doktorn […]

    En parasits bekännelser

    Tags: media, Psykiatri, ableism, Att skada sig själv.

  72. Belladonna’s Asstraffic

    Article X – Rated, à réserver à un public averti et majeur. You’ve got to give it to Belladonna. Whatever you […]


    Tags: Culture.

  73. A conversation with Dan Chudnov about OpenURL, context-sensitive linking, and digital archiving

    Today's podcast with Dan Chudnov is a sequel to my earlier podcast with Tony Hammond about the Nature Publishing […]

    Jon Udell

  74. The latest Nokia N95 replaces my long obsession over the Nokia N80

    The Nokia N80 released early last year was one of the first phones I ever saw with Wifi, and it also had a 3 MP camera! […]

    Sleek Gadgets

    Tags: Cell Phones.

  75. Skidegate vs Bella Bella Final Score

    Bella Bella 88
    Skidegate 85

    Official ANT Score Updates

    Tags: Senior, ANT Updates.

  76. "Comfort Women" Demand Justice

    Women's Space/The Margins

    Tags: Feminism, racism, aging, War On Women, Sex Trafficking, Feminist Politics, Racism and Feminism, Male Terrorism, Female Ritual Servitude.

  77. The WPF Challenge

    Here ye, here ye!!

    I hereby challenge you to create an XBAP application which uses WPF in an interesting and/or […]

    Josh Smith on WPF

    Tags: Announcements, The WPF Challenge.

  78. My password box

    No spammers allowed. Welcome guys and gals this my password box. *i am not responsible for for any stolen or banned […]

    Club penguin: secrets, cheats and much more

    Tags: Password Box.

  79. เอมี่ โชติรส-สาหร่ายโชว์ (ภาคอวสาน)


    มีผู้สนใจ ติดต่อขอพิสูจ […]

    Sex blog showcasing the 'X-World' that digital technology and distribution has made possible!

    Tags: Sexy Pics, x-news.

  80. Which Economies do Economists Study?

    | Peter Klein |

    Michael Robinson, James Hartley, and Patricia Higino Schneider have an interesting paper, "Which […]

    Organizations and Markets

    Tags: Ephemera, Klein.

  81. Convertir .3gp a .mpeg y viceversa en Ubuntu

    "3GP (3rd Generation Partnership, en español Asociación de Tercera Generación), es un formato de archivos usado por […]

    LogaNTuX // Descubriendo Ubuntu

    Tags: ubuntu, Tutoriales, Manuales.

  82. Histeria poraportowa

    Zaczęło się… i proszę się temu przyglądać, tak jak się patrzy na badania laboratoryjne.
    Jak wejdzie w […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

    Tags: polityka, Państwo, Kaczyzm, Platforma, Służby specjalne.

  83. WWE en México: Smackdown vs ECW "Road to Wrestlemania 23"

    México, D.F. a 2 de febrero de 2007.

    Así es… la WWE regresa a México con cuatro fechas (de las cuales dos son […]

    Ovación es Songo

    Tags: Deportes.

  84. 27. ve 28.Bölüm Videoları […]

    Sos Mi Vida | Aşk Meleğim

    Tags: Video, Sos Mi Vida, Aşk Meleğim.

  85. Christianity Today Article II

    If people want to rant.. and remain un-named.. they can go to a blog and let it all hang out. . There, they can remain […]


    Tags: Ministry, Outrageous, Pastor, doctrine, calvary chapel, Chuck Smith.

  86. pee wee martini, el feo

    Uno de los concursantes al título de perro más feo del mundo de 2006, que encontramos en un blog. No sabemos si […]


    Tags: Miscelanea, mascotas, Adiestramiento, Torneos, Estados Unidos, adopción.

  87. The prestige – smartmovie

    Dokonalý trik

     Fantasy / Drama / Thriller / Sci-Fi 
    USA / Velká Británie, 2006, 135 min



    Tags: Movies, Filmy, filmové novinky, Filmy AVI, Avi movies.

  88. Another Gem

    Our hero posted the following yesterday (my comments in bold):
    February 15th, 2007 Good Things Are Coming…
    Was […]

    I Am Not Facing Foreclosure

    Tags: Bizarro World Comments.

  89. The Wastelands

    Toute oeuvre de création devrait être inspirée par une valeur, par une profondeur qui fera d'elle un élément […]

    SecondLife Observer –

    Tags: A voir, Visite guidée.

  90. Internet Explorer 8.0

    Firefox 3.0 geliştirilmeye başlanır da Internet Explorer 8.0 için çalışmalar olmaz mı? Alpha sürümü hazır […]


    Tags: Internet, Haberler.

  91. Islam: 97% af jihad handler om krig – 3% handler om indre kamp

    En velkendt debattør, FC Bogger på har oversat og bearbejdet dette helt fantastiske interview fra […]

    Veritas Universalis

    Tags: Jihad, Slaveri, Muslimsk racisme, Islamister, Islamisering af Vesten, Muslimsk trussels- og voldskultur, Islamkritikere – internationale, Humanitærpopulister, Kulturberigelse?, Folkedrab og massemord.

  92. Bosnian Community's Reaction to the Salt Lake City Shooting

    crossposted at
    I recieved this in my e-mail today from Efendija Senad Agic that the following letter was […]


    Tags: Salt Lake City, Sulejman Talovic.

  93. Samhällsproblemet man förstår men blundar för

    Jag blir ledsen när man ser alla rubriker om Johanna Sällström, hur många har det blivit nu de senaste dagarna? […]

    Alter Ego ger respons

    Tags: media, Blandat, hoera, sayap patah, one liners, Escrito/Leido, Hälsovård, Samhällsservice.

  94. Trade Martin And An Exclusive Look Inside Of A Phil Spector Recording Session!

    Although I've known Trade Martin since he was one of most in demand session guitarists in New York, I didn't work […]

    Artie Wayne On The Web

    Tags: Clio, liberty records, burt bacharach, spectropop, ben raleigh, the crystals, bert berns, phil spector, brooks arthur, carl perkins, danny jordan, gerry and the pacemakers, chip taylor, jerry wexler, Profesyonel İletişim, the detergents, wall of sound, trade martin, evie sands take me for a little while, coed records, terry boyd, that sranger used to be my girl, inside a phil spector recording session, leiber and stoller, jeff barry and ellie greenwich, cherry cherry by neil diamond, chapel of love by dixie cups, twist and shout by isley brothers, carole king and gerry goffin, barry mann and cynthia weil, phil spector guitar player, d28martin herringbone dreadnaught, he hit me and it felt like a kiss, gary chester, carl lynch, mirasound, bob bushnell, dick romoff, drifters on broadway, scotty moore, george devins, chuck berry maybeline, b b king live at san quentin, russ savakus.

  95. Prof. Marcelo pelos Gato Fedorento

    Movimento Jovens Pelo Sim

    Tags: imagem.

  96. Un descubrimiento tardío

    Sobre La virgen de los sicarios de Fernando Vallejo por Quintín Hasta ayer a la tarde, nunca había leído nada de […]

    La lectora provisoria

    Tags: Libros.

  97. Vista: Write code using speech recognition!

    Sorry for lack of posts this week. I've been out of commission with pneumonia …but this video has inspired me to suck […]

    The view from the peanut gallery

  98. El futuro es linux

    Pues eso , como bien dicen los grafiteros, el futuro es linux.

    busca y no encuentra

    Tags: GNU/Linux, De todo un poco, Informática.

  99. Top 10 Listeleri'ne yeniden Merhaba!!!

    Takip edenler bilir. Bir süre öncesine kadar haftalık Türkçe ve Yabancı Top 10 müzik listeleri […]


    Tags: Music, Fun, Video, Audio, genel, Müzik, Haberler, Promo, Top 10, Blog Hakkında, featured posts, Anket.

  100. Eylem – Masum Masum

    Eylemin son Klibi Masum Masum


    Tags: – Türkce Klipler, mp3, genel, Diğer.

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