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January 26, 2007: Top Posts

  1. Mac Book Mini

    So, after the record breaking day yesterday, as the expression goes, when you're on top, you've got nowhere to go, but […]

    Apple Recon

    Tags: Apple, rumors.

  2. Windows Vista vs. Mac OSX, the two-hour definitive word

    I remember having great discussions about Microsoft vs. Apple back in the 1980s and 1990s. We all survived those years […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Blogging.

  3. Craig's Pissed

    I'm a self-employed graphic designer. In the old days, when I was greener than a leprechaun's testicles, nothing would […]

    position : relative

    Tags: For Designers, Design – Business, For Clients.

  4. Sean Salmon Update: Sean's Been Released

    Good news, everybody.

    We spoke to the family, and Sean is okay. He's been checked over by doctors and will be […]

    Tags: UFC Fight Night 8, Sean Salmon, Sean Salmon Sponsorship, Sponsorships.

  5. What I Did Over Christmas Vacation

    No manners berating today, folks.

    No me saying, "Do this, not that," or "Don't stick that there, stick it here," […]

    Miss(ed) Manners

    Tags: Random, Awesome, candy, lord of the rings.

  6. Fear Not WordPress 2.1 and WordPress Plugins

    The biggest fear I hear over and over again is that people do not want to upgrade because they are afraid their […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

    Tags: WordPress Tips, WordPress News, WordPress Plugins.

  7. How to Walk Through Steel-Reinforced Walls and Achieve Other Similarly Impossible Feats

    Recently, I was doing some work at a coffee shop when I noticed a little boy, about five or six, run full-speed into […]

    Meditations on Meaning

    Tags: Life, Mind, Blogroll, reality, identity, discussion, Creation, conventional wisdom, unconventional wisdom.

  8. Wharton marketing: why the academic view is meaningless

    Cult of Mac covers a Wharton analysis of recent Apple announcements:

    Giant Off-base Conclusion No. 1: Design is just […]

    Sharing the truth one thread at a time

    Tags: Apple, Academic view.

  9. Lindsay Lohan – Candids when she was Young

    click to enlarge

    Heavenly Hotties: Celeb Edition

    Tags: Celebrities, Lindsay Lohan, Celebrity, Celebs, celeb.

  10. Dangers of 'Abusing" Bloggers

    This is a response to theSUN's editorial "Dangers of Misusing Blogs" . They say we are misusing blogs, well they must […]

    "may the truth save us all"

    Tags: malaysian madness.

  11. Compiz aggiunge il supporto agli "screenlets", come dashboard di MacOSX

    Nelle ultimissime versioni di sviluppo di Compiz si sta lavorando anche a qualche caratteristica richiesta a gran voce […]

    pollycoke 🙂

    Tags: compiz, Troiate del giorno, News e altre Sciccherie, Beryl, Comunità.

  12. Using FizzBuzz to Find Developers who Grok Coding

    On occasion you meet a developer who seems like a solid programmer. They know their theory, they know their language. […]

    Imran On Tech

    Tags: Software development, Job Interviews.

  13. Efekt cieplarniany na zywo

    Dzięki Google Maps udało się pokazać w jaki sposób będzie zmieniał się stan wód gdy efekt cieplarniany będzie […]

    Technologia, Gadżety, Google, News

    Tags: Google, Ciekawe strony.

  14. God hates fags

    Donnie Davies says so, and sang so, so, so very eloquently that


    Tags: Christianity, Entertainment, censorship, Blogroll, Celebrity, Dating, fans, donnie davies.

  15. Scripting News for 1/25/2007

    See you at the PaidContent mixer tonight. Maybe I'll get paid for some content? Heh. Of course not. 🙂 Great to see […]

    Scripting News Annex

    Tags: Scripting News.

  16. Old Nikons Never Die

    Sometimes something happens out of the blue that really brings a warm glow of nostalgia. A couple of days ago my wife […]

    Concerning Photography

    Tags: Photography, Equipment.

  17. So You Wanna Be a Web Tycoon? Amazon Can Help

    If you aim to build the next Flickr or YouTube or even Hype Machine,

    Web Worker Daily

    Tags: essays, Software Apps.

  18. Dentro do Kernel do Windows Vista

    A Microsoft publicou um artigo sobre o núcleo do Windows Vista. Este artigo, bem superficial, explica a questão dos […]

    Pih is All

    Tags: Sistemas Operacionais.

  19. [+] Sigma Nu Foam Party!

    Ou seja, Festa da Espuma! A república virou uma grande […]

    TVMundU! …o mundo universitário fora da sala de aula!

    Tags: Vídeos Gringos.

  20. Wallpaper Satellitare

    Vuoi vedere la terra sul tuo desktop come se fossi un suo satellite? No! non ti sto' chiedendo di diventare un […]

    O.S. Revolution

    Tags: ubuntu, Linux, guide, O.S. Revolution.

  21. On Being Partisan

    January 26, 2007
    Op-Ed Columnist

    American politics is ugly these days, and many people wish things […]

    donkey o.d.

    Tags: Politics, GOP, Democrats, Barack Obama, krugman.

  22. Bill It to Bud Selig

    Major League Baseball has made the asinine decision to carry the MLB Extra Innings package exclusively on DirectTV this […]

    east village idiot

    Tags: Sports.

  23. Flags at half-staff to honor President Ford

    Just a reminder that we are to fly our flags at half-mast in honor of President Gerald Ford. Bush's order calls for 30 […]

    Millard Fillmore's Bathtub

    Tags: General, Flag etiquette, Gerald Ford.

  24. Breaking News! IAFF Account Suspended

    I see that there were some comments overnight regarding the site being down or suspended.  As of about 10:30 pm […]

    I Am Not Facing Foreclosure

    Tags: Not Facing Foreclosure.

  25. Minor update

    Well two developers (babarfloyd and harborpirate) and I had a very nice chat where we think we hashed out the basic […]

    ComputerSims Outage Blog

    Tags: Update.

  26. Brian McLaren questions "The Gospel"

    Here is a great article by Todd Friel, from "The Way Of The Master Radio" called "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" where […]


    Tags: Evangelism, emergent church, Apologetics, Church Life, Seeker Sensitive, 9 Marks, Purpose Driven Madness.

  27. Stora affärer

    Jag fick just ett till synes väl genomarbetat förslag av en partneransvarig på ett stort spelbolag som skulle […]


    Tags: Coop.

  28. Pocoyo

    Hola a todos, Pocoyo es otra de mis caricaturas favoritas, no me la pierdo, sale por el sensacional canal de […]

    Blog Kids

    Tags: Discovery Kids, Pocoyo.

  29. Paris Hilton Exposed

    Paris Hilton Exposed, originally uploaded by Nolan Mysterioz.

    Nuclear Family

    Tags: WordPress,, Paris Hilton, sexy, Hot., ass, Exposed, nude, Tits, Hottie, Sweaty, sex video.

  30. 100,000+ Blingees created!

    Our counters show that more than 103,000 Blingees have been created in the first month since the Preview […]

    Blingee Team Hangout

  31. Reggie Bush, stepfather invoke Fifth Amendment on sandwich bread choice

    SAN DIEGO, CA – Current New Orlean Saints and former USC tailback Reggie Bush and his stepfather LaMar Griffin declined […]

    82 Sluggo Win

    Tags: NCAA, fake news, usc.

  32. Failure IS an option

    There have been a lot

    Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog

    Tags: Web 2.0, Browsers, Venture Capital, Video, Search, Digital Media, startups, Widgets, consumer internet.

  33. Sanford's DHEC Disaster Continues


    FITSNews – […]

    FITSNews For Now

  34. Instalar Firmware 3.03OE-B crackeado por Dark Alex en la TA-082


    Shawe's Blog

    Tags: PSP, hacks, Paso a paso, COMO'S.

  35. Actualités XXX: Une nouvelle vidéo porno de Paris Hilton


    Et oui, Paris Hilton fait de nouveau la une des manchettes avec un tout nouveau […]

    Les Amateurs de Stars

    Tags: Scandale sexuel.

  36. Boot da Pendrive USB con Ubuntu 6.10

    Anche Ubuntu in tasca…
    … insieme a Slax e Knoppix 🙂
    Su questo sito, sulla scia di quanto fatto con Slax e […]

    Antonio Doldo Linux Blog

    Tags: ubuntu, Linux, Slax.

  37. Scratch Art

    We had friends over today and we made our own homemade "Scratch Art" paper. It is very simple and we can show you how. […]

    Skip To My Lou

    Tags: crafts, Children's Activities, Kids Crafts.

  38. Amazing Guitarist

    So good, the clip was actually on ABC. Amazingly, this kid is not even looking to furthur a career having to do with […]

    Vid A Day

    Tags: Music.

  39. Inside China's DMV: their driving test

    Could you drive a car in China? Let's find out by taking the People's Republic DMV driving test…

    The Pittsburgh […]

    Hard Drive Life

    Tags: technology, Internet, Blogging, News, Video, Cars, Communication, China, Newspapers, Digital life, INTERNATIONAL, YouTube.

  40. Durex a Dura Lex

    – Och witaj Donaldzie, mój panie bracie, przyjacielu!
    – Ach Jarosławie, cała przyjemność po moje […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

    Tags: IV-RP.

  41. Whilst nostalgia is gripping us..

    Naturally the stark realisation of how far we've fallen has sparked all manner of nostalgia amongst the Reds – some […]

    Through the seasons before us..

    Tags: Thoughts.

  42. Widescreen iPod: Multi-Touch Need Not Apply

    Based on a Comment left at Apple Recon about a rumored February 20th Apple Event, I did a post asking, Apple's Yellow […]

    Mike Cane's Blog

    Tags: Music, Apple, Tech, Video, Television, iPod, Device, iPhone, pocketable.

  43. Kaybolan Yıllar Dizi Müzikleri indir videolari dizisi muzigi rapidshare (318)

    Kaybolan Yıllar Dizi Müzikleri indir videolari dizisi muzigi rapidshare (318)

    ::Mp3 Program oyun film download::

  44. How to isolate amniotic stem cells from the placenta, at home!

    The placenta is a very valuable and scarce human tissue, although the proper recycling of it is not placentophagy, but […]

    Pimm – Partial immortalization

    Tags: Open-Source, Medicine, DIY, Biology, Biotechnology, Regenerative Medicine, placenta, biodiy, embryonic, lifehacks, science hacks.

  45. Three children hang themselves after watching Saddam Hussein hanging video

    News: A 10-year-old boy in Texas, a 9-year-old boy in Pakistan, and a 15 year-old girl in India all died this week — […]

    The Utube Blog

    Tags: tragedy, video everything.

  46. The Great Domain Model Debate – Solved!

    In almost every version 1.0 system I design, I end up endlessly rehearsing the pros and cons of different […]

    The Wandering Glitch 2

    Tags: Programming, .NET, Computer Science, Readify.

  47. Meta categorías, 1ra fase

    Hace cuatro meses en Personalizable, ¡ya! prometí implementar las metacategorías y la personalización. Hoy está la […]


    Tags: Novedades, Meneame.

  48. Video of Saddam's Hanging!!!

    [UPDATE: The newest video, post execution can be found on Webmerica at this address.]

    This is the first bit of video, […]

    Tags: News, Politics, Video, iraq, War, Must read, Snipets.

  49. More Pan's People Than Hot Gossip

    The day after Tottenham and the news of Alexsandr Hleb's injury is not good, four weeks out. I guess Arsene was right […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

    Tags: Football, Arsenal, Soccer, Premiership, Carling-Cup, transfer gossip, League cup.

  50. Reason #4958 to Hate the Cowboys

    As if we really needed another reason. Jay Glazer of reports that the Cowboys have sought and received […]

    Tags: 49ers News.

  51. Vídeo porno de Britney Spears

    En exclusiva, desde deambulando el  vídeo porno de Britney Spears!

    Rápido antes de que lo quiten de […]


    Tags: Chorradas, videos.

  52. Pass List 12/28/06


    2QNenb4r:J […]


    Tags: Efst á baugi.

  53. Koniec jest bliski!

    Po pięciu latach błagań i modlitw Wszechmocna &Tepsa zlitowała się i obiecała zesłać łaskę Neostrady na mój […]


    Tags: off-topic.

  54. 10 Essential Tips to Driving Safely on a Bitter, Cold Winter Day

    Our previous article “How to Keep Your Car Running Longer – 10 Simple Maintenance Tips” dealt with the some […]


    Tags: maintenance, Auto Body Repair.

  55. from Marisa

    Hello all.  I wanted to write and say myself how much I truly appreciated you all coming to the prayer service.  You […]


  56. Things childcare books don't prepare you for

    Every once in awhile along this mothering gig I find myself doing something so utterly ridiculous it boggles even me. […]


    Tags: parenthood.

  57. Εμπειρικός Οδηγός Επιβίωσης στη Μπλογκόσφαιρα

    Στου δειλινού την άκρη αποκοιμήθηκα… Στου δειλινού την άκρη δε β […]

    Η καλύβα ψηλά στο βουνό

    Tags: Μπλογκόσφαιρα.

  58. Ieri e oggi in TV – 26/01/2007

    Questo spazio esamina gli ascolti dei programmi di prima serata di ieri giovedì 25 gennaio 2007, e presenta le […] Blog

    Tags: Cinema e TV, TV ITA, Auditel.

  59. Like a Wavebird from the Ashes

    The GameCube pad was an instant hit with me. No previous controller fitt

    Game People

    Tags: Article, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo (NES), Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, Andy Robertson.

  60. Thursday links: diverse thinking

    The always interesting Michael Mauboussin at Legg Mason has a new strategy piece up entitled "The Importance of Diverse […]

    Abnormal Returns

    Tags: General.

  61. Una mela M&Ms

    Un utente di Digg ha segnalato una notizia molto curiosa, che ha attirato molto l'attenzione dei Mac User, vale a […]

    Mac Blog

    Tags: Apple, immagini, Varie.

  62. Burning Crusade Guide + Enchanting & Engineering Recipes


    Kaliope's WoW Crafting Blog

    Tags: Adventuring, general crafting, Engineering, Enchanting.

  63. Palabras útiles en inglés: Sorry

    Pensarás que no hay mucho que decir sobre esta palabra. Hasta un niño de cinco años sabe lo que significa "sorry". Y […]

    Un mundo perplejo

    Tags: ingles, Londres, Cultura Inglesa.

  64. Bush Tapes Allegedly Tell Tales Of Cash and Gifts – Reggie, Not George (or was it extortion?)

    Yahoo! Sports' continuing investigation into improprieties by Reggie Bush and his family, which include receiving […]

    Sports On My Mind

    Tags: Sports, Blogroll, NCAA Football, USC Football, Reggie Bush, pete carroll.

  65. Flavia Viana do BBB nuazinha pra você

    A mulher já entra famosa, já tendo até pousado nua, então pra que ela entrou no BBB, tinha que entrar na casa dos […]

    Essa é boa!

    Tags: Mulheres, Loiras.

  66. 2007 Prospect Rankings: 31-40

    One afternoon at a minor league ballpark I saw a kid, maybe eight or nine years old, sitting by himself watching […]

    Tags: Seattle Mariners, M's Top Prospects, Scouting Reports.

  67. Décolleté: Moi vouloir être chat (2)

    Moi vouloir être chat
    Me frotter contre tes bas
    Je me ferai angora
    Pour me blottir dans tes bras
    Je te jure […]

    Grand Brun Ténébreux

    Tags: Photo, Décolleté.

  68. Colombiatex Fashion Show – Lingerie From INes Vanegas

    OMG Colombia has the hottest Lingerie Models. […]

    Loaded Monkeys

    Tags: Bikini, celeb, Sexy Girls, Hot Girls, Lingerie.

  69. Trailer: Fuera del Cielo

    Les dejo el trailer de la película Fuera del Cielo, mexicana, que se estrenará aquí en México el 12 de este […]

    Keti & Rada's BloJ

    Tags: Cine, videos, Trailers.

  70. NYC Dining: New Green Bo / Great N.Y. Noodle Town

    After attending my friend Bux's memorial service this morning, I was depressed and needed something comforting. My last […]

    Off The Broiler

    Tags: General, Food, New York City.

  71. Lewica bez cenzury.

    Wiele osób uważa, że moja wizja lewicy jest ostro przesadzona. Cóż czemu mam się tłumaczyć? Wole […]

    strona Werwolfa

    Tags: News.

  72. Predicciones: Letra del Año 2007 (Regla de Ocha)

    Signo: OKANA JUANI

    Profecía: Ire Arikú Oyale, […]

    Cajón de Sastre

    Tags: Religion, Regla de Ocha, Sincretismo, México, cuba, Venezuela, Desde Miami.

  73. Sabul dengan skodeng gambar artis melayu

    cerita sabul skodeng gambar artis melayu…jomm

    Sabul Rumah Tumpangan | Sabul Skodeng

    Tags: Gambar, Skodeng.

  74. Katie and more sexual sniggers from the two Podgy's.

    by Stannard Insider

    Just a few notes about the two Podgy's latest Podgecast on 24th January. (If you want to fill […]

    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site

    Tags: The Insider.

  75. Charada de sexta: areia

    Essa é uma praia aonde só se chega a pé.
    Por sinal, o lugar onde está essa praia é perfeito para caminhada

    Viaje na Viagem

    Tags: Charadas.

  76. Aşk Meleğim İçin İmza Kampanyası v2

    Sevgili arkadaşlar imza sayımız 840'a ulaşmıştır..Herkes lütfen gerekli bilgileri doldursuın ve bilgileriniz […]

    Sos Mi Vida | Aşk Meleğim

    Tags: Sos Mi Vida, Aşk Meleğim.

  77. Spiritual Child Abuse

    Fars has published pictures from "Hossain's toddlers conference [implicitly means toddlers who are ready to fight […]

    Kamangir (Archer) – کمانگیر

    Tags: Religion, Islam, Children, Iran, Islamic Republic.

  78. Artie out sick today

    Is this another heroin fall out? Did he catch the same thing Sal did? Hopefully he is taking in the chicken soup and […]

    Save Baby Gorilla Artie Lange

    Tags: Put the Fork Down.

  79. Writing Minorities: How to Approach Gay Characters

    This is still a part of the "Advice" series. Last time we touched on how to get the attention of the elusive female […]

    In One Ear…

    Tags: Humor, Comic Books, Satire.

  80. Descargas ilimitadas en Megaupload y Rapidshare

    Esto lo encontre en Internet, espero que les sea util, son tutoriales de como descargar de estos servicios más comunes […]

    Area 303

    Tags: Internet, Windows, Herramientas., Web 2.

  81. Review: Tim McGraw, "Last Dollar (Fly Away)"

    Tim McGraw, "Last Dollar (Fly Away)"

    I love the song. It's a wry twist on the "I'm poor, but rich because I […]

    Country Universe

    Tags: Single Reviews.

  82. The Towel Trick fixes 360's?

    People find ways to make things work. For instance when my old cd player wouldn't play I would hit it right on the […]

    The Xbox Domain

    Tags: General.

  83. SORTA Board: Steppingstone for Qualls?

    (Photo: Jymi Bolden)

    Big changes might be in store for the Metro bus system, and they could involve

    CityBeat Blogs

    Tags: Porkopolis.

  84. Patriotyczny Front Lewicy Socjalistycznej

    Co ja zresztą będę długo gadał – czarno to widzę (jak widać… 😉 ta zmiana to tylko testowo, nie wiem czy mi […]

    Słowo Olgierda

    Tags: polityka.

  85. Saddam hüseyin in idam görüntüleri/ saddamın idamı

    halil çelebi

    Tags: Videolar.

  86. Tottenham 2-2 Arsenal – 24/01/07 – (Carling Cup)

    You'll never beat The Arsenal, not even the Reserves. We found ourselves in an unfamiliar position 2-0 down to the […]

    Tags: Cup Games.

  87. Four Reasons Why Heroes Bothers Me

    Don't get me wrong. It's a great show. I'm hooked, and I'll continue to watch it because I like SF. But Heroes on […]


    Tags: TV, Gender, geek watch, fantasy & science fiction.

  88. Second Life Was First a Belgian Band

    According to a list of Belgian bands they released only one album (Who Cares) on Fleet Records in 1980.

    However, […]

    Gramo's World

    Tags: Muzică, Cyberspace.

  89. How Much Did MySpace Cost?

    Many of my favorite blogs always note that NewsCorp bought MySpace for $580M. Given MySpace's 27 million users (at […]

    ValueWiki Blog

    Tags: Marketing 2.0.

  90. DC Metro Gets Square, Shuns Future Hexagons

    According to the Washington Post ("Board of 2 Minds About 6-Sided Tiles", 10/20/06), the Washington Metropolitan […]

    Solar Kismet

    Tags: washington dc, amusing, Data.

  91. Barbados Advocate Deliberately Erases The Past – "Disappears" Water Park Article!

    "The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth."
    "And if all others accepted the lie which […]

    Barbados Free Press

    Tags: Blogging, History, News media, Politics & Corruption, Island Life, Offshore Investments, Barbados.

  92. AMD Quad-Core "Barcelona" Processor For Oracle (Part IV) and the Web 2.0 Trolls.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I’m learning a lot about the dynamics of this Web 2.0 stuff. I blog here […]

    Kevin Closson's Oracle Blog: Platform, Storage & Clustering Topics Related to Oracle Databases

    Tags: Oracle Performance, AMD Quad Core, Opteron Oracle, AMD Barcelona, AMD K8L, AMD Quad-Core Performance, Oracle Barcelona.

  93. "Yuva Yıkan Resim" hangisi?

    Hangi resim yuva yıkmıştır  sizce? A) Ebu Garip Resimleri?


    Bir Münzevî'nin Notlarından…

    Tags: Islam, Guncel-Politik, sosyal, kulturel, Toplum.

  94. Los que se fueron

    Impresiones sobre escritores exiliados.

    por Tomás Abraham Es un hecho familiar para el lector sudamericano leer […]

    La lectora provisoria

    Tags: Libros.

  95. TJMaxx credit card compromise

    It looks like the TJX (TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, A.J. Wright) compromise story has finally hit the news. We have […]

    PCI and Data Security Compliance

    Tags: Credit Card Fraud, Merchant.

  96. Vertical MenuBar Component

    [] Doug had posted a really good component in his blog – A Vertical MenuBar. This is really good as we […]


    Tags: Demo, ActionScript, Flex, GUI, Scriptlet, Flex Components.

  97. Wolves, women's sports not worth much says ID Fish & Game Commission Chief as wolf tag fee is set

    Boise. The Idaho Fish and Game Commission met today amidst an audience dominated by wolf supporters, but no public […]

    Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News

    Tags: Wolves, Delisting, Idaho wolves, Conservation and politics.


    Esta utilidad les ayudara dejar su windows copia una copia legal los que les posibilita la instalación de productos […]

    Xl News

    Tags: Software, Tutorial, Informática, Curiosidades.

  99. Lets Have A laugh

    This is courtesy of Carol as well but its so funny I thought I'd share it with […]

    The Crack Files

  100. The Big Rock Candy Mountain.

    I pull off my coat and collapse in the chair. I unzip my body armour and the cold air freezes my damp shirt. Have I […]


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