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December 28, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Microsoft sending free computers to bloggers?

    Scott Beale reports he just received a free computer with Windows Vista loaded on it. Now THAT is my idea of PayPerPost!

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Microsoft, Windows Vista.

  2. Optimising TortoiseSVN

    As noted in other posts, I am currently using Subversion for source code control, with TortoiseSVN as the "GUI" client. […]

    Programming Blog

    Tags: Programming.

  3. Britney's Crotch Shot Mania

    Taken during the night of the Fête St-Jean-Baptiste, the Quebec national holiday which celebrates Quebec. Taken […]

    memoirs on a rainy day

    Tags: Entertainment.

  4. Entrevista a Richard Stallman

    En un canal de televisión catalana, concretamente Nit (?) Canal33, en un programa denominado 'Seis de la mañana' 'La […]

    120% Linux

    Tags: General, Noticias, YouTube.

  5. Pires wants Arsenal return

    Robert Pires has revealed that he would love to return and play for Arsenal again. He left us after not being happy […]

    Tags: Premiership, Arsenal News.

  6. My Top Three OS X Screensavers

    I have never really been one for screensavers ever since I made the move to the Macintosh platform. Not because I […]

    Caitlyn Imburgo's Blog

    Tags: Articles, OS X.

  7. Hot Pictures of Britney's Beaver, Plus Club Penguin Secrets and Winning 10G Free WordPress Space


    Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities

    Tags: Blog, Music, Internet, News, Art, Movies, media, Humor, Entertainment, Photography, blogs, Society, Culture, social ideas, social life, rumors, Gay, Social, Cultural, GLBT, Gay life, Personalties, Adolescents, News/Journals.

  8. So Is Tony Romo Dating Carrie Underwood Now?


    FITSNews For Now

    Tags: Sports, pop culture.

  9. Digging Google Reader

    Just like everything with the Google name on it, Google Reader is getting a ton of attention these days. This week […]

    Web Worker Daily

    Tags: Software Apps.

  10. Acer Ferrari 1000: The Unboxing

    Bella woke me up this morning wanting to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971). I'm on holidays so I […]


  11. Britney Spears upskirt flashing shaved pussy

    Someone convince me that Britney Spears is not following Paris Hilton's advice on How To Get Attention! These […]

    V.I.P. News

    Tags: Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Celebrity Pictures, Cameltoe, Naked Celebrities, Nude Pictures, Upskirt, nude celebrities, britney spears crotch.

  12. Jackalope Alert! FoxNews snookered by gaiaists

    Update: Welcome Readers from Free Republic ………………………………………… to return to Free […]

    Nuke's news & views

    Tags: News and politics, Liberal Agenda, global warming hysteria.

  13. Många bäckar små

    Inskickat av Lina:
    Jag jobbar i en sorts större Ica-affär, i en av de stadsdelar där folk tjänar bäst i Malmö. […]


    Tags: Gästspel.

  14. Prototype.js != $()

    I generally prefer not to use javascript libraries but during my latest project, I thought I would try using […]


    Tags: Web 2.0, javascript.

  15. Debian Sid netinstall con nuovo installer grafico

    Dopo due anni quasi che mancavo puntualmente dall' installare Debian, mi sono ritrovato con un senso di […]

    O.S. Revolution

    Tags: News, Debian, Linux, Tips, Articoli, guide, O.S. Revolution.

  16. The birth of AJAX – an amazing story

    I have for long wanted to trace the story behind the evolution of the AJAX technology. Did I just say "technology"; […]

    Nitin's World

    Tags: AJAX.

  17. Britney's Crotch Takes Web by Storm

    I almost feel like I need a shower after writing about this, but now that the Associated Press has covered the story, I […]

    Hard Drive Life

    Tags: Music, Internet, News, Entertainment, Television, Hollywood, Digital life.

  18. Updated: Best cover of the year goes to Esquire Magazine

    Update #1: Welcome Crooks & Liars readers! This blog features mainly health & human rights news… so if you like what […]

    Truly Equal

    Tags: iraq, middle east, War, George Bush, soldiers.

  19. Feng Shui en el Año del Cerdo de Fuego 2007

    La Tierra gira sobre su eje y debido a ello es que siempre vemos salir al sol por el Este y ponerse por el Oeste. […]

    5 Elementos

    Tags: 5 Elementos, Feng Shui México.

  20. The effectiveness of self-imposed deadlines on procrastination

    I often hear of graduate students postponing their research to do other things: play Tetris, read comments on Slashdot, […]

    Tasty Research

    Tags: Work, Psychology, Procrastination.

  21. D.I.C Money for players – Rick Parry – "wildly speculative stories"

    by Rupert Insider

    In the past few days Duncan Oldham has used his Koptalk Komic Kuts website to inform us that the […]

    Koptalk Exposed – The Insider Insider

    Tags: The Insider.

  22. Lessons Never Learned

    December 28, 2006


    It would not be easy to find two men more different than Gerald Ford and James […]

    donkey o.d.

    Tags: Music, Presidents, History, Culture, death, bob herbert.

  23. Transfer rumours start in earnest..

    With days before the transfer window opening, the most popular rumour to surface today is a bid for ex-Reds midfielder […]

    Through the seasons before us..

    Tags: News.

  24. Internet Explorer 7 su Linux (se proprio dovete)

    Aggiornamento: sistemato il link di scaricamento e il comando!

    Questa notizia non è certo rivolta a tutti: a […]

    pollycoke 🙂

    Tags: ubuntu, Wine, Micro$oft, News e altre Sciccherie, Articoli, Guide e HowTo, Edgy, Facili, o quasi.

  25. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Unofficial Walkthrough Part 5

    The Path to Snowpeak Ruins

    Landyru Province
    Castle Town
    Warp to Hyrule Castle Town and cross […]

    Nintendo 24/7

    Tags: LOZ: Twilight Princess Walkthrough and Guides.

  26. Kolompe

    کلمپه، یکی از سوغاتی‌های بسیار خوشمزه‌ی کرمان
    Kolompe is wonderful […]

    View Shot

    Tags: Food.

  27. Why It's Important To Watch Your Stats

    Earlier this year I sold off one of my sites to another webmaster. About 80% of the traffic was paid and I was using […]


    Tags: Google AdSense.

  28. Convertir Juegos de PS2 PAL a NTSC


    ¿Te ha ocurrido alguna vez que por fin sale ese juego de PS2 que tanto deseabas, esperas horas y horas a […]

    La Taberna de Slash

    Tags: Tutoriales.

  29. El tema del verano es de CTI ????

    Se ve que andamos medios cortos de Hits para el verano y la gente de CTI evidentemente la pegó con su nueva […]


    Tags: Blogroll.

  30. Ku soo dhowaada Muqdisho, Magaaladii Aad Taqaaneen!!! Faalladda

    Ku Soo Dhowaada Muqdisho, Magaaladii Aad Taqaaneen!!!


    Tags: Wararka.

  31. VIDEO: Gol Increible de Drogba

     Video con un gol increble de Didier Drogba contra Everton. Un video de futbol […]

    Super Goles

    Tags: videos, Futbol, Soccer Clips, Nike Videos, Gols Videos, Soccer Videos, Gol, futbol videos, goles, gol increible, golazos, gol drogba, videos drogba, video de goles, video goles, videos de goles, best premiership goals, ver video futbol, ver goles, ver videos drogba.

  32. Idealny Desktop Gnome? Czyli jaki?

    Idealny pulpit to taki, który sie nie nudzi i którego nie chcę się zmieniać przez jakiś dłuższy okres czasu. […]

    "Ubuntu w jednym palcu…"

    Tags: GNU/Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Window Maker.

  33. Scripting News for 12/26/2006

    BBC: Ex-US President Gerald Ford dies.

    Scripting News Annex

    Tags: Scripting News.

  34. Microsoft compra Canonical

    La empresa del millonario Mark Shuttleworth ha sido aquirida por Microsoft para hacer frente a las contínuas […]

    El Blog de Maverick

    Tags: ubuntu, Linux.

  35. Dezlantuiri…

    Si am promis ca ma dezlantui astazi, ca nu se mai poate Si o sa incep cu un citat dintr-un ilustru in viata, si anume […]

    Reverberatii – blog civilizat

    Tags: Blogging, Editorial, de-ale mele, Bulgaria / Universitate, Best&Worst 2006.

  36. Bitmapdata spectrum visualisation experiment

    Since a while I am experiencing with the bitmapData possibilities in actionscript 3.0. As a result on that I  made a […]

    New Movieclip()

    Tags: Flash, Flex 2.0, Flash CS3.

  37. Winter Garden Blush Porn

    The stereotype for porno movies is that two people meet, and with a very very superficial excuse, start having sex. […]

    Gnostic Lone Wolf Poetry

    Tags: anime.

  38. Orixás que Protegem 2007

    Um pouco de sincretismo religioso. Afinal, nada mais sincrético que nossa cultura. Viva a diferença !!! Toda […]


    Tags: Miscelanea.

  39. SayıLar (Numbers)

    Kaynak :

    Geleneksel olarak, sayı birçokluğu belirtmek için kullanılan soyut birimdir. Fakat […]

    Matematik Hakkında Herşey

    Tags: Lessons, Matematik, maths, Dersler.

  40. Walking Wounded

    Three points at Watford seem to have come at a high cost for Arsene Wenger's men at this moment in time. Whilst it is […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

    Tags: Football, Arsenal, Soccer, Premiership.

  41. If It's On The Internet…It's Gotta' Be True! Is This Really Britney Spears Pussy?

    Like everybody else, I was curious about "those" infamous pictures of the most searched name on the web, Britney […]

    Artie Wayne On The Web

    Tags: Google, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Kevin Federline, Nicole Ritchie, CIA, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Bobby Brown, the simple life, Scientology™, clay aiken, Rosie O'Donnell, Barbara Walters, mel gibson, The View, Big Apple, tony bennett, Suri, apocalypto, is this britney spears pussy?, oscar de la rente, first lady laura bush, outraged chinese people, shocking new photo of britney spears pussy, uncensored unedited video of justin timberlake's dick i, uncensored snl video of justin timberlake's dick in a b.

  42. ¡Inocentes!

    Hoy es el día de las inocentadas en España y siguiendo la tradición el periódico El País ha publicado la broma […]

    El Club del Tetraedro

    Tags: Humor, Música, periodismo.

  43. Enchufa!, el video de Benni

    El notable video de Benni, el simpático italiano con la labia más chistosa de Chile […]

    Another One Bites The Trust

    Tags: Fun, Música, videos, Peladas de cable, Chile, Notable, Chileno, Así es en Chile.

  44. Se acerca el Aragón – Chile

    Ver video en noticias

    La alineación de la selección chilena estará compuesta por:

    Porteros: Miguel […]


    Tags: Deporte, Aragon.

  45. Wallpapers Año Nuevo 2007


    The Lackfer® Blog

    Tags: Internet, News, Web, Fotos, Imágenes, Wallpapers, FONDOS, Descargas, News.

  46. Lost Planet Review

    Today I recieved my copy of OXM and was happy to see there was a Lost Planet review in the issue. They praised the game […]

    The Xbox Domain

    Tags: General News.

  47. Notre Dame objects to ESPN billing of Sugar Bowl as "Catholics vs. Competent Football Players"

    Bristol, Connecticut – University of Notre Dame president Rev. John Jenkins held a press conference yesterday in which […]

    It's a Definite Maybe

    Tags: College Football, fake news, My +4 hammer of vorpal geekdom, Notre Dame sucks.

  48. IAA Day Photos: December 16th 2006 at BMSCE Campus


    Tags: BMSCE IAA.

  49. Izabelle Desjardins: Cover girl du Summum

    Hey oui!! Après Virginie Coossa et Caroline Néron, c'est au tour de la V.J de Musique Plus à dévoiler ses charmes […]

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Apostrophe

    Tags: Potins Québécois.

  50. Ahmet Kaya Şerefsizinin Şok Videosu


    Yıl 1999. Almanya'nın Münih Kenti'nde 'Barış, Demokrasi ve Özgürlük Festivali' […]

    dahi video

    Tags: genel, Haberler, Eğitim, Tarih, klip, belgesel, – Türkce Klipler, Editor & Authoring Tools.


    H/T to Bryan at HotAir.

    Powerline posted this picture of the French-looking Senator, John F-ing Kerry, eating all by […]

    Texas Hold 'Em Blogger

    Tags: iraq, U.S. Military.

  52. É isso aí – Adaptacion de The Blower's Daughter

    Hace unos dias me habian contado de cierta cancion en portugues que era musicalmente buena y que su sonido me iba a […]

    Uno mismo

    Tags: Música.

  53. ma olen ainulaadne…

    ma pole kunagi armastanud võistlusi…

    mis tahes võistlusi… spordivõistlusi… iluvõistlusi… kolhoosi […]

    Meie Maailm

    Tags: minust, Marta foto.

  54. Tight Fit

    As is the way round here, I did my favourites of 2006 review in a distinctly wonky fashion. I had a rather grand […]

    Slutty Fringe

    Tags: Gubbins.

  55. Free Vista laptops for bloggers

    So what do you do when you have a dominant market share, tons of money available for marketing, and want to make sure […]

    Robitaille's Blog

    Tags: ubuntu, Microsoft.

  56. Analysing Statspack (2)

    One of the important things to know about the standard statspack report is where not to look. Here's an example: […]

    Oracle Scratchpad

  57. Google Compra el Blog de Fred.cpp!

    Como se había venido previendo con anticipación, google ha comprado mi blog. Despues de unas semanas de negociaciones […]

    Fred.cpp y sus cosas

    Tags: Personal, ubuntu, Blog, Links.

  58. Microsoft Windows Vista x32 & 64 Final Build 6.0.6000 RTM En ESPAÑOL

    Torrents nuevos para la primera version de windows final en español
    Windows Vista presenta una experiencia de […]

    Descargas Directas – CGx4 V2.5

    Tags: Software.

  59. "Cro Cop" to Fight in UFC

    After months of speculation, insider reports, denials, translations from foreign newspapers, message-board postings and […]

    UFC Junkie

    Tags: UFC 66, Mirko Filipovic.

  60. "… rozdział zamknięty"

    Kolejny raz pisze posta na Zbyszka blogu i niestety kolejny raz pisze złe wieści. Dzisiaj o godzinie 16 40 […]


    Tags: codzienności moje.

  61. Um pouco mais de "Cadetes e Juniores"

    Os Rage Against the Machine fizeram as delícias da pequenada da […]


    Tags: Video.

  62. Códigos Need For Speed Carbon

    Códigos pra PC

    Na tela do “Click to Continue” digite os seguintes cheats

    canyonalltheway – Destrava as […]

    Betow Blog

    Tags: jogos, Entretenimento.

  63. I'm so freaking sick of GIS User

    OK, I'm heading over the deep end here, but what the heck. Glenn Letham has driven me over the edge. The reasons are […]

    Datum Shift

    Tags: GIS.

  64. Llega Bajuno, Una Iniciativa Antipiratería Del Ministerio De Cultura

    En su lucha continua contra la piratería que campa a sus anchas por las redes P2P, el Ministerio de Cultura va a […]

    El Blog de Gualtrysoft

    Tags: Noticias, Informática, Herramientas..

  65. 50 "" bloggers Google

    Broccoli Page Rank […]

    Tags: .

  66. El mejor pompis de la red

    Cuenta la leyenda que se llama Keyra Agustina , unos dicen que es Argentina y otros que es Uruguaya pero semejantes […]

    Luces y sombras

    Tags: Internet.

  67. Valentín Elizalde Vencedor (2006) CD MP3

    Valentín Elizalde (Jitonhueca, Sonora, 1 de febrero, 1979 – Reynosa, Tamaulipas, 25 de noviembre, 2006). Fue un […]

    Manta Software Spangles Links

    Tags: Music News.

  68. Towarzysz Wiesław

    Jacek Bilbord zaciera ręce. Udał się kolejny punkt jego tajnego planu, który nazwał roboczo […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

    Tags: IV-RP.

  69. Pass List 12/8/06

    Here are some fresh passes I got for my loyal viewers […]


    Tags: Efst á baugi.

  70. Nominaciones a los GLOBOS DE ORO 2007 (Cine)

    Hoy día 14 de diciembre han aparecido las nominaciones a la 64 edición de los Globos de Oro. En esta edición, la […]


    Tags: Noticias Cine.

  71. Reklam Müzikleri Rehberi

    Reklam filmlerinde sıkça duyduğunuz ve adını mutlaka öğrenmek istediğiniz şarkılar mı var? İşte 70'lerden […]

    Tamba Tumba

    Tags: Rehber.


    Da giovedi 21 dicembre arriva su Canale 5 una nuova fiction ospedaliera ambientata questa volta nel reparto […]


    Tags: TV, guida tv, canale 5.

  73. Size matters.

    Unit size, that is.

    If you want to be a strong director in Mary Kay, you must have a big unit. Anything under 50 is […]

    Mary Kay Voices

  74. The quotes of 2006

    The HILL Chronicles

    Tags: Just Everything.

  75. Transform yourself – Sri Sri Ravishankar (Article From 'The Week')

    In this era of science and technology, we can be creative and productive, and at the same time not lose the […]

    Nice things 2 Share

    Tags: Peace.

  76. How Google Earth Killed Santa…

    December 12, 2006: GOOGLE releases an add-on to Google Earth in an attempt to reverse the damage it has done to […]

    Parallel Divergence

    Tags: My Thoughts, Children, Christmas, Google Earth, Political Correctness, ICT in Education, santa, Brad & Phil.

  77. Hory mají oči – 3gp – CZ

    Hills Have Eyes

    Horor / Thriller 
    USA, 2006, 107 min

    Tags: Filmy, Filmy 3gp.

  78. Estudiantes Campeón: La derrota de Boca Juniors

    Estudiantes Campeón:  Le ganó a Boca por 2 a 1

    Por estas horas la gente de Boca no sabe donde meterse afiches, […]

    Argentina Blog

    Tags: Internet, photos, Fotos, Actualidad, Deportes, Opinión, imagenes.

  79. Famous Recipes

    Famous Recipes in the New York Times

    The New York Times Food and Dining Section talked about Famous Recipes today in […]

    Famous Recipes

    Tags: Food, Recipes, cooking and food, cooking, recipe, Famous Recipes.

  80. تطورات قضية تعذيب و أغتصاب عماد الكبير

    تحديث 2 الثلاثاء الساعه الثانية ظهراً :
    حبس الظابط أسلام نبيه 4 […]


    Tags: سياسة, أخبار, صحافة.

  81. Funky16Corners Radio v.17 – Special Edition – SMASHing Time

    JB at the B3
    Track Listing

    1. Jimmy Mack
    2. Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag Pt1
    3. Out of Sight
    4. Grits
    5. […]


  82. Adobe Reader 8.0

    MD5: 8309758CBBD8C96EB19D15A15B4E24D8
    Information: website
    Size: 21.04 MB
    GigaSize: Download

    Adobe® Reader® is […]

    Addons for nLite

    Tags: Addons.

  83. " Tamsayılar Kabilesi "

    Günün birinde Kafkas dağlarının ardında bir kabile yaşarmış .Bu kabilenin adı tam sayılar kabilesiymiş.Bu […]

    Matematik zevkli ve eğlencelidir !

    Tags: Florida, Мобильные телефоны, CyNet Internet, du jour, okul, Sayılar.

  84. Developing… Gate At Porters Taken Down – Possible Assault Of Reporter

    Comment just posted by a BFP reader Out Dey In Bim regarding situation described in our previous article Foreign […]

    Barbados Free Press

    Tags: Politics & Corruption, Offshore Investments, Crime & Law, Barbados.

  85. ¡Le haré la competencia a Google!

    Después de pensarlo y repensarlo, he tomado una decisión, y espero ustedes sepan comprender la gravedad de la […]

    DeJaMe SeR

    Tags: Eruntale.

  86. Doug Phillips' Stubborn Silence

    We Finally Go Public After Doug Phillips' Lawyer Mouthpiece Refuses Additional Apologies and Efforts at Reconciliation […]

    Jen's Gems – Exposing Doug Phillips' Ecclesiastical Tyranny

    Tags: Doug Phillips.

  87. Hot Sox Swap

    (English below photo). Jag har varit med på en swap, för den som inte vet vad det är så byter man alltså […]


    Tags: Allmänt.

  88. Rok Kaczyńskiego – rok stracony dla Polski

    Artykuł miał być dopiero w środę 27 grudnia – ale strasznie mnie bolało, więc jest już dziś

    Będzie to […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

    Tags: polityka, Polska, Państwo, Kaczyzm.

  89. Sit down, shut up

    The pattern is simple enough. It's the same old cycle, long-established; it's the one that we've written about for the […]

    BHaPPY (not BSaD)

    Tags: Thoughts about things.

  90. Allah diyen Aslan

    Acaba Allah diyen aslanın görüntülerini yayınlayalım mı diye düşünüyorum.
    Sonra kendi kendime atomdan, […]


    Tags: klip, almanca / deutsch, ingilizce / english.

  91. An Episcopal Parable

    The Episcopal Church of the USA (hereafter, “ECUSA”) is a poster child for religious egalitarianism.  For any who […]

    Faith and Gender

    Tags: Feminism, egalitarianism.

  92. Mi último post

    "Todo por servir se acaba" dice un refrán…

    Y este blog llegó a su fin; supongo que -para mí- cumplió su […]


    Tags: Mis loqueras.

  93. Wanted: Baby Whisperer – A Blogiversary Contest

    Check out these fibery FO goodies:

    red dog knits

    Tags: Socks, Knitting: FO, scrappy, Otis, Gangles.

  94. The 5 Most Embarrassing Moments in 2006 SEC Football

    I have returned from a brief stint in Brushy Mountain to pen my third piece for LWS. As the year ends, I would like to […]

    Loser with Socks

    Tags: SEC Football, ESPN, 'bama, Arkansas Razorbacks, Orgeron, SEC Coaches, lou holtz, Mal Moore, Rankings/Polls/BCS, Bear Bryant, Corndogs, SEC Traditions, mike shula, Les Miles, Mark Richt.

  95. Lil' Wayne attacks Jay-Z again & The Clipse respond to Lil' Wayne

    After setting the streets ablaze with controversial comments about Jay-Z, The Clipse, Young Buck and Pharrell in the […]


    Tags: Beef, hip-hop, Jay-Z, lil wayne, Crunk, Crunk News, Pharrell, Pharrell Williams, Young Buck, The Clipse, Lil Wayne vs Jay-Z, Complex Magazine, Best Rapper, Weezy, Our Blogging Buddies, \, \.

  96. Un encuentro con el Indio Solari

    El Salinger del rock

    La primera vez que sonó el teléfono, la voz del otro lado de la línea se presentó así: […]


    Tags: periodismo, Música y alrededores.

  97. En Zevkli 13 Pozisyon (+18)

    Hayata Dair Herşey

    Tags: Resimler.

  98. I libri più belli, letti nel 2006

    Regole: indicare massimo 5 libri, che considerate i più belli fra quelli letti nel 2006.
    Non importa la data di […]

    gruppo/i di lettura

    Tags: Libri, Lettura, lettori, i migliori libri del 2006.

  99. Bush Administration proposes listing the polar bear as a threatened species

    Most listings nowadays, and in the past, have come from conservation groups forcing the species onto the "list," but in […]

    Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News

    Tags: climate change, Bears, Wildlife Habitat.

  100. Programas que deixam o Windows lento

    O programador norte-americano Oli teve a pachorra de ficar oito horas observando o comportamento de alguns softwares […]

    Repórter Net

    Tags: Tecnología, Hardware/Software, Sistemas Operacionais.

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