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December 11, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Britney's Crotch Shot Mania

    Taken during the night of the Fête St-Jean-Baptiste, the Quebec national holiday which celebrates Quebec. Taken […]

    memoirs on a rainy day

    Tags: Entertainment.

  2. Valentin Elizalde QEPD

    Cuando me levanté esta mañana y entré al msn, había varios nicks dedicados a Valentin Elizalde, y otros anunciando […]

    Ruezga Life

    Tags: Noticias.

  3. Tu recuerdo – Ricky Martin

    Tu recuerdo – Ricky Martin


    Tu recuerdo sigue […]


    Tags: Música, videos.

  4. The changing face of traffic (the car and truck kind)

    We're on our way home from Seattle (we are driving home from Oakland International Airport) and stuck in a traffic jam. […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Blogging.

  5. HOWTO – Cómo cabrear a tu profesor con las prácticas.

    Aquí van unos consejos para cabrear a tu profesor a la hora de corregirte unas prácticas si estudias informática. […]

    La Estancia Azul

    Tags: Reflexiones.

  6. mahe


  7. Is $4.52/hr "executive income"?

    I received an email from a director who made just under $50,000 in Mary Kay last year (according to the 1099), […]

    Mary Kay Voices

  8. Dont use the mouth

    This is some US radio show, where married/engaged people call up to complain about their better half (is it really?). […]

    The Nth Eye

    Tags: Fun, Audio, Funny, Silly, Odeo.

  9. Software management in openSuse 10.2: Yast, rug, zypper and yum [2. Update]

    There are several ways to manage software with the new openSUSE 10.2. Here is a short overview dealing with the […]


    Tags: Linux, Free Software, HowTo, Yum!, RPM, Novell/SUSE.

  10. Guia de The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    A unas cuantas horas de haber salido este Zelda para el nuevo Wii ya empiezan a salir algunos trucos y consejos. […]

    Nintendo City

    Tags: Wii: Playing is believe.

  11. War Deg Deg ah: Ciidamada Midowga Maxaakiimta Islaamiga oo soo galay qayb ka mid ah Baydhabo

    Ciidamada Midowga Maxaakiimta Islaamiga ayaa soo gaaray duleedka koonfureed ee magaalada Baydhabo waxayna Baidoa.con si […]


    Tags: Wararka.

  12. Britney Spears shows it off

    Quite often I would have a nightmare about this particular situation.  You go to work or a social gathering and […]

    Joanna Rees Photography

    Tags: General.

  13. "Exclusive" photos of DIC "suits" in Director's Box

    by Rupert Insider

    These are photos from the Directors Box at Anfield during the match against Fulham on Saturday […]

    Koptalk Exposed – The Insider Insider

    Tags: The Insider.

  14. Exclusive Photos! Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton On Top Of Britney Spears!

    Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton on top of Britney Spears!

    When Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and […]

    Artie Wayne On The Web

    Tags: Britney Spears, united states, Iran, secret service, The View, midnight mary, Shah of Iran, britney spears naked, paris hilton naked, lindsay lohan nude, rosie odonnell clothed fortunately, michael richards blackface video, michael richard unedited blackface video, stepin fetchit, deposed general, cuban fire fighter, meet me at midnight mary, hilary clinton clothed, danny divito, no quarter, britney with no panties, britney witout underwear, britney spears without panties.

  15. Analysis Paralysis

    One of the more difficult decisions to make in an IT development project is how much analysis of requirements is […]

    Angry 365 Days a Year

    Tags: Byword/Aphorism.

  16. Ronnie Moore: "Forest buggered me up!"

    Ronnie Moore, the belligerent old grinch in charge at Tranmere Rovers, has put forward an interesting conspiracy theory […]

    Through the seasons before us..

    Tags: News.

  17. Now here's a reason to dislike Obama

    Cockblocking is a punishable offense (ask JJ), whether intentional or unintentional. The apology doesn't matter; the […]

    A Pedestrian View

    Tags: I'm just saying…, real dumb.

  18. My private IDE war : small things make a big difference.

    For the last three years I need to develop in both Java and C# side-by-side, which means almost simultaneous work with […]

    Technoblog by Boris Kirzner

    Tags: Java, Tools.

  19. Windows Vista Ultimate (RTM) para 32 y 64 bits + Activation Crack

    Windows Vista Ultimate es la edición más completa de Windows Vista. Es el primer sistema operativo que […]


    Tags: Tecnología, Downloads, Programas, rapidshare, Torrent.

  20. openSUSE 10.2: List of Recommended Repositories for Yast

    YaST is a great tool for dealing with packages, designed perfectly for beginners. You can install packages, remove […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

  21. Iran Bits China

    این قدر حال داره به چین گل زدن. آن هم وقتی یادمان بیاد تو پنالتی […]


    Tags: Football, China, Iran,, Persia, arash, borhani.

  22. They Told You So


    Shortly after U.S. forces marched into Baghdad in 2003, The Weekly Standard published a jeering […]

    donkey o.d.

    Tags: iraq, Anti-War, krugman.

  23. Campus Thrilled With Davila

    Gallaudet Chooses Interim President
    Campus 'Thrilled' By Pick of Nationally Known Deaf Leader

    The Washington […]


    Tags: University Presidents, deaf education, deaf, Deafhood, Gallaudet University, Crisis at Gallaudet, Gallaudet Protest.

  24. A.I.: The King is Dead in Philly, Long Live the King; Jim Gray's Karmic Kickback from 1999

    It appears for all the world that Allen Iverson as a Philadelphia 76er is done. According to an article published […]

    Sports On My Mind

    Tags: Allen Iverson, Minnesota Timberwolves, Philadelphia 76ers, Mo Cheeks, Billy King, Sports, Blogroll, NBA.

  25. Lo que el agua se llevó: Personajes

    Te anticipamos la descripción de los personajes de Lo que el agua se llevó, que se estrena el 4 de enero y […]

    Vamos que salimos

  26. Britney Spears' crotch watch, Day 6: Drugs that make panties disappear?

    A quick scan of the Web headlines finds a nuclear winter's worth of Britney Spears' pantless fallout. Everyone's […]

    Hard Drive Life

    Tags: Music, Internet, News, Humor, Entertainment, Television, Computers, Hollywood, Digital life.

  27. Just Another Manic Monday

    Sorry about the confusion of having 2 sites up but I'm still putting my new posts here at […]

    Phil's Stock World

  28. Britney Spears sem calcinha e Paris Hilton com seio à mostra

    Mudamos de endereço…

    Acesse agora!!! Atualize o seu feed!!!

    Acesse agora:

    Tags: off-topic, Fotografía, sexy, Imagens, Mulheres, sexo, Playboy, Revista, Cerveja, pornotube.

  29. The Sanctity of Hotness

    I have a hot young female friend who is attracted to old men. But not just any old men! She likes them smart and […]

    mapping the themes of human existence…

    Tags: Blogroll, Attraction, hot women, Hot Men.

  30. Gdzie dwóch się bije…

    – Szefie, Szefie – do gabinetu Szefa w tajnej kwaterze Potworów i Spółka wpada Kuchcik – On nie jest ojcem […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

    Tags: IV-RP.

  31. Vista Lazy: Won't Wake Up and Get Out of Bed

    I'm assuming this is just an early bug, something that will be squashed, because these days a modern OS should sleep […]

    Graceful Flavor

    Tags: Microsoft, Vista, Blogroll, Apple & OSX.

  32. Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal – 10/12/06 – (Barclays Premiership)

    A couple of weeks ago Arsenal had three very important games coming up that would shape our season. Tottenham at […]

    Tags: Premiership.

  33. 81 movies for geeks that do not suck (GGG7)

    (Continued from Gift Guide for Geeks Part 6 – Books) (Start at Gift Guide for Geeks Part 1 – Tis the Season for […]


    Tags: Movies, Geek, Reviews, Christmas, Comparison Shopping, Christmas Gifts, gifts, Shopping Tips, comparison, engtechArticles, KOTA BUKIT INDAH PLAZA HOTEL, Gifts Guide for Geeks, Gift Guide for Geeks, Gift Guide, Gift Suggestions.

  34. Lil' Wayne attacks Jay-Z again & The Clipse respond to Lil' Wayne

    After setting the streets ablaze with controversial comments about Jay-Z, The Clipse, Young Buck and Pharrell in the […]


    Tags: Beef, hip-hop, Jay-Z, lil wayne, Crunk, Crunk News, Pharrell, Pharrell Williams, Young Buck, The Clipse, Lil Wayne vs Jay-Z, Complex Magazine, Best Rapper, Weezy, Our Blogging Buddies, \, \.

  35. سواستفاده ابزاری از چهره زنان و مردان در انتخابات شوراها

    تا جایی که یادم میاید شهر ما یک شهر محجوب از نظر فرهنگی و به شدت […]


    Tags: Picture, Policy.

  36. Iverson Trade Rumors: Which team is most likely to trade for Iverson?

    After reading dozens of articles about the Iverson trade, it looks like there are some front runners and some are going […]

    Tags: Sports, NBA, Sports News & Opinion, NBA News, Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics, Charlotte bobcats, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, Seattle Supersonics, Utah Jazz, Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat, New Jersey Nets, Toronto Raptors, San Antonio Spurs, Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Portland Trailblazers, NBA News and Rumors, nate dogg, NBA Talky, NBA Trades – Real and Potential, New Orleans Hornets.

  37. not on my salad…

    not my secrets

    Tags: Friends, WP Themes, confessions.

  38. Dilemmas of Formal Economic Theory

    | Peter Klein |

    In "Dilemmas of an Economic Theorist" (Econometrica, July 2006) Ariel Rubensein reflects on the […]

    Organizations and Markets

    Tags: Klein, Austrian economics, Methodology/Theory of Science.

  39. En illusion

    Ni som har hängt med ett tag vet mycket väl vem Frankenstein är (ni andra kan inspektera här och här), och han […]


    Tags: Coop.

  40. Resumen de la decimonovena fecha

    El Real perdió 2 a 1 en su visita al Sevilla. El Madrid ganaba 1 a 0 pero no pudo sostener el resultado. El gol de […]

    De Beduinos… y pingüinos

    Tags: Teorías del fútbol.

  41. how to avoid becoming a rapist

    Hi everyone,
    I got a comment today on my post On Rape. I thought it was important enough to devote a post to the […]

    Thinking Girl

    Tags: Feminism, vannerie, Kenan Doğulu.

  42. More Truth About Men: Britney Spears "Crotch" Photos, Poetic Justice, A Proposal

    (Squirrel eating nuts in CROTCH of tree branch.  Such a cutie pie.  Hee.)

    So, so far today, as of 2:49 […]

    Women's Space/The Margins

    Tags: Feminism, War On Women, Women's Bodies, Feminist Politics, Male Terrorism.

  43. Create DVDs with All of Ubuntu's Packages

    For those looking to install Ubuntu without a high speed internet connection, a set of DVDs with the entire contents of […]

    Ubuntu Blog

    Tags: guides, Packages.

  44. Avrupa Yakası – Gaffur Allah belanı versin dansı

    dahi video

    Tags: Komedi, – TV Şov, dizi, Avrupa Yakası.

  45. Jewelcrafting Recipes Now Online!!

    Me and my hubby spent all yesterday working feverishly to get all the new Jewelcrafting recipes in our database and on […]

    Kaliope's WoW Crafting Beta Blog

    Tags: Jewelcrafting.

  46. cube maketh a person?

    Yesterday, my friend was playing with (trying to solve) Rubik's cube, and I got re-fascinated by it. Childhood […]

    Veni, Vidi, Vici

    Tags: Funny, Fully faltoo.

  47. Providing Interpreters for Pagan (and Other) Events

     A few years ago, when I was struggling to get interpreting services set up for a Pagan Event I wanted to attend, I […]

    Deaf Pagan Crossroads

  48. Video: "Mitt Romney and Mormonism"

    The Church of Jesus Christ of […]

    Mitt Romney and Mormonism

    Tags: videos.

  49. Alejandro Sanz – A la primera persona

    Me ha encantado esta canción desde el primer momento que la escuché. Si realmente se compone él sus canciones, he de […]

    A la sombra de mi sombra

    Tags: Video, Música.

  50. Veel ida-eurooplaseks olemisest

    Mina läksin peale ülikooli lõpetamist ja inglise/prantsuse filoloogi paberite kätte saamist väikesest Eestist […]

    Euroopa. Inimeste silme läbi

    Tags: maineküsimused, töö(jõu)turg, Marit Metsla.

  51. A Review of the "60 Minutes" MMA Segment

    Here are some quick thoughts and a recap of tonight's "60 Minutes" piece that focused on MMA's growing […]

    UFC Junkie

    Tags: Mainstream media, Zuffa LLC.

  52. Bridge Over Troubled Water

    Chelsea 1 – 1 Arsenal

    0 – 1 Flamini (79)
    1 – 1 Essien (84)

    <slurp, munch>Oh sorry, you've turned up rather […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  53. Sexy Ek Siti Nurhaliza?

    Source dari

    Simply Siti Nurhaliza Zone

    Tags: Blog Master.

  54. Dual personalities – Treo Vs Treo

    By Pierre Khawand The Treo 700p was the first device I used in the 81-day-experiment. It was August 14, 2006, a […]

    Web Worker Daily

  55. Chivas campeón del Apertura 2006!

    Las Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara se coronaron campeones tras vencer en el Nemesio Diez 2-1 al Toluca, siendo […]

    Keti & Rada's BloJ

    Tags: Deportes, Futbol.


    Apabila Siti bergaya dengan barangan bernilai RM2 juta

    WALAUPUN kelihatan semakin berisi sejak mendirikan […]



  57. zeynep casalini – dokunma bana

    Sen varken gücüm olurdun Zaman akmadan dururdu Hatırlasana Hani aşk seni yormuştu Yolun […]

    Şarkı Sözleri,Bedava Mp3,Türkçe Mp3,Mp3 Download,Bedava Mp3 İndir,Ücretsiz Mp3,Beleş Mp3

    Tags: Scripting.

  58. feline fine…a revolting cat-centric Christmas story

    Stop me if you've heard this one.

    No, you haven't. You'd have killed yourself long before now; some knowledge simply […]


    Tags: humour, Travel, Sad, sex, Canada, Weird, Holiday, Singles, Pets, Christmas, Etiquette.


    Bir önceki yazımda amerikanın türbanı nasıl desteklediğini hainleri nasıl kullandığını anlatmış ve bu […]

    Atatürkçü Düşünce (AD)

  60. Sunday links: financial asset shortage

    Ann Davis in the Wall Street Journal checks in with Jim Rogers and finds him bullish on agricultural […]

    Abnormal Returns

    Tags: General.

  61. Unruly Julie and Wal-Mart joined force to rock and change the Ad World (Lessons learned)

    Note: This entry will be updated throughout the day to add my 2 cents as I have a chance to read the various reports […]

    Kempton's blog

    Tags: Business, Entrepreneurship, advertising, Economics, united states, ethics, Marketing, media, Video.

  62. Stop the Press!

    Damien found a nice set of Press conference images for Heroes. There are loads here. I'm not sure whether they are old […]

    The Heroes Chronicles

    Tags: General, photos, Press Conference, Milo Ventimiglia, Ali Larter, Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka, Greg Grunberg, Public Appearance, Adrian Pasdar.

  63. Cenzura 🙂



    A szkoda, bo pierwotna wersja angielska bardziej mi się podobała. 😉

    PS. Dla zainteresow


    Tags: Mozilla, firefox.

  64. Lowongan CPNS POLRI 2006-2007



    1. Ikuti info lowongan kerja via email, klik di sini […]

    Situs Lowongan Kerja

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  65. A la memoria de Tamara Castro

    Hace un rato escuché la noticia: murió la ex-esposa de Osmar, el actual novio de Valeria Lynch. Perdón mi falta de […]

    De todos los días

    Tags: Personal, Buenos Aires, Con música, Con Video.

  66. Telefilm News #41 – Dall'11 al 17 dicembre 2006

    Appuntamento con le serie in prima visione sui canali televisivi non a pagamento nel corso della settimana da […] Blog

    Tags: Cinema e TV,, Serie cult, TV ITA, Telefilm News.

  67. Favre Still Owns the 49ers

    This Packer game was disgusting. I'm not sure really what to say but my patience is running thin with Alex Smith. He's […]

    Tags: Gameday, 49ers News.

  68. When the going gets tough, the tough go surfing — at least in Cleveland!

    Check out this piece from yesterday's New York Times about the winter surfing culture on America's North Coast. It […]


    Tags: Public Relations, Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, Public relations education.

  69. Nintendo Wii: New Zelda Title Already A Year Into Development

    According to the established, and well respected gaming publication Game Informer the next instalment of the […]


    Tags: Nintendo.

  70. nii ongi…

    peale armastust täis ööd lubati mulle osta uued käe- ja jalaraskused ning uus mp3 mängija…

    järeldus – ma […]

    Meie Maailm

    Tags: nuuks, minust.

  71. SuSe takes over my Desktop!

    Since yesterday I've been evaluating SuSe, and I'm pretty impressed by the distro. It's not the first time I've used […]

    Irfan's /root on the Web

    Tags: Open-Source, Linux, KDE, Operating Systems.

  72. Eminem Presents The Re-Up – Torrent 2006

    More of Emimen's Finest…

    Pay Attention To Me!

    Tags: Music, Video, Torrent.

  73. Engin Nursani – Sen Nefsine Köle Oldun (2oo6) *Full Album*

    Engin Nursani – Sen Nefsine Köle Oldun (2oo6) *Full Album

    Engin Nursani – 01 – Aldim Ele Kalemi MiEngin Nursani – 02 […]

    Bedava Mp3,Türkçe Mp3,Mp3 Download,Bedava Mp3 İndir,Ücretsiz Mp3,Beleş Mp3

    Tags: Music, mp3, Müzik, Free, Download, indir.

  74. Muscle and bone from an ink-jet printer

    A Pittsburgh-based research team has created and used an innovative ink-jet system to print "bio-ink" patterns that […]


    Tags: technology, Tissue Engineering, Biotechnology, Stem cells, Bioengineering.


    My Chemical Romance (nombre inglés que podría traducirse como Mi Romance Químico) es una banda de Nueva Jersey […]


    Tags: Alternative Rock, 2006, post-hardcore.

  76. Thongs

    The site selling the kit says
    "one size fits most happy hookers!"
    and after that statement I think I'll
    let the […]

    What Not to Crochet

    Tags: Everything Else.

  77. Power 105.1 DJ Carl Blaze Shot 13 times

    New York – As a popular hip-hop disc jockey struggled to survive gunshot wounds, his fans poured out their […]


    Tags: News.

  78. From the Salad Bar


    My Foodcourt

    Tags: Salads and Raitas.

  79. Probando Windows Vista

    Gracias al P2P ya es posible hacerse con una copia final del tan esperado nuevo sistema operativo de Microsoft. Si, […]


    Tags: Software, Microsoft, Windows.

  80. Leopard's New Skin

    Apparently the newest build of Leopard (released Tuesday) is going to sport some nifty new GUI (this from MacShrine). […]


    Tags: Apple, Mac News.

  81. Sevgi duâsı

    Version 1:

    Version […]


    Tags: klip.

  82. Vista Crack Update

    It was reported on the 12th of November that Windows Vista was cracked. The version of Vista that is floating around on […]

    Rooster's Rail

    Tags: News, Vista, Update, Crack, Hack, Useless, Buzz, Pirate.

  83. وائل عبد الفتاح: أكبر مفاجأه فى الحملة ضد التنظيم السرى للتعذيب […]

     مازالت المفاجات تتوالى فى الحملة ضد التنظيم السرى للتعذيب فى […]


    Tags: سياسة, أخبار.

  84. Dagens sexställning 4

    För honom:

    Lavinia- Sex.Kärlek.Relationer.Nöje

    Tags: Kärlek & Sex.

  85. Ins Ausland mit College-Contact: oder, wie man es vielleicht nicht machen sollte…

    Ramon Tissler ist ein fleißiger Mensch. Nach dem BWL-Studium verschlug es ihn für zwei Jahre an die University of […]


    Tags: Business, Ausland (generell).

  86. Google Video Youtobe.Com Sitelerinden Video Kaydetme

    Google ve youtobe siteleirni çoğumuz gezeriz ve videoları kaydetmek isteriz. Ama uğraşır uğraşır bişi olmaz. […]

    MyDooM.Org Documents

    Tags: Web, YouTube.

  87. Blogpower

    Considering the the 2006 Weblog Awards over in nourishing obscurity, the always interesting and thoughtful James Hi

    Not Saussure

    Tags: Blogroll.

  88. Trebuie să mă vrei întotdeauna şi numai pe mine

    Nu există jumătăţi de măsură. Vreau totul sau nimic. În dragoste sunt neiertătoare: nu accept scuze, nu fac […]

    De ce urâm bărbaţii

    Tags: Eloa.

  89. META Leseliste hinzugefügt

    Wenn man Nachts mit einem Kleinkind im Schaukelstuhl sitzt, hat man viel Zeit, nachzudenken. Und so habe ich mich […]

    USA Erklärt

    Tags: Meta.

  90. Decoración Navideña 4

    Mi amiga Nelly (a quien cariñosamente llamamos "la chiquita"), es en extremo hábil y creativa para hacer sus propios […]


    Tags: Decoracion.

  91. Fox News: Vanished Cancelled, 'Til Death and Standoff Renewed for a Full Season

    Variety reported today that Fox has cancelled Vanished. The remaining 4 episodes will air on Fox's MySpace site with […]

    Avi's TV Ramblings

    Tags: Commentary, TV News, Vanished.

  92. Windows XP Sp2 uE v6 Desatendido Español

    Es una creacion exclusiva de BJ Felicitaciones por la criatura, es un Desatendido recomendado!

    -Descripción […]

    Descargas Directas – CGx4 V2.5

    Tags: Software.

  93. Those crazy squids pumpin it

    VAW – 116.

     The Sun Kings.

    UPDATE: They cover Hey […]

    Dave in Texas

    Tags: Honor.

  94. [+] Topless no Trote em São Carlos!

    Bixetes em sã conciência devem agradar os veteranos. Mas esta […]

    TVMundU! …o mundo universitário fora da sala de aula!

    Tags: Trotes Universitários.

  95. G5 – Tucaratupapi

    Se publicó el CD "Tucaratupapi" del grupo G5. Este grupo, definido por ellos mismos como "grupo fantasma" […]


    Tags: Música, CD, YouTube.

  96. Wii vs Xbox 360: Campo de Batalla – El precio

    … por Cristian Viver

    Todo el mundo al que le interese ésto de los videojuegos sabe que aquí en España una Xbox […]


    Tags: Opinion, Microsoft, xbox 360, Nintendo, Artículos, Consolas, Compañias, Wii.

  97. Sunday Sundry.

    New article via NY Times- Overnight Star? Well, It's Been a Long Night.

    The article shows Taylor Hicks in a very […]

    Taylor is the Boogie!

    Tags: News, Hicks.

  98. Have a Break! Have a Salad!

    After all trials from the roundups, (WBB and festive food fair), I fe

    Cook food, Serve love

    Tags: Salads, Carrots, Tomato, peanuts, Lettuce, Cucumber.

  99. Part 2: Dec 2006 Exam Tips (FTC)

    Paper 2.1

    Paper 2.2

    Paper 2.3

    Paper 2.4

    Paper 2.5 (Int)

    Paper 2.6 (Int)


    My ACCA

    Tags: FTC, Examination, Exam Tips.

  100. The Clank

    We kind of crapped out—I mean, deferred to the show's almighty narrative sweep—last week, but here's the […]

    Heaven and Here

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