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December 7, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Britney Spears upskirt flashing shaved pussy

    Someone convince me that Britney Spears is not following Paris Hilton's advice on How To Get Attention! These […]

    V.I.P. News

    Tags: Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Celebrity Pictures, Cameltoe, Naked Celebrities, Nude Pictures, Upskirt, nude celebrities, britney spears crotch.

  2. Complacency creeping into Forest?

    I've only really just caught up with the post-Bournemouth game reaction; and some of it makes for some quite concerning […]

    Through the seasons before us..

    Tags: Thoughts.

  3. Those crazy squids pumpin it

    VAW – 116.

     The Sun Kings.

    UPDATE: They cover Hey Ya at […]

    Dave in Texas

    Tags: Honor.

  4. [+] Topless no Trote em São Carlos!

    Bixetes em sã conciência devem agradar os veteranos. Mas esta […]

    TVMundU! …o mundo universitário fora da sala de aula!

    Tags: Trotes Universitários.

  5. Riggs: Hughes is a "Disrespectful Muthafucka"

    What is it with Matt Hughes? I've never seen a guy so gifted at pissing people off.

    The latest tirade comes from Joe […]

    UFC Junkie

    Tags: Matt Hughes, Diego Sanchez, Joe Riggs, UFC Fight Night 7.

  6. The Latest

    UPDATE: I know everyone is freaking out about the Bill Shanks report of Soriano-for-Ramirez, but check the THIRD […]

    Tags: Seattle Mariners.

  7. Famitsu reviews Blue Dragon

    Alot of HYPE has been surrounding around Famitsu's(Japan's #1 gaming magazine/website) review of the Xbox 360 […]

    The Xbox Domain

    Tags: Gaming News.

  8. All Things Go Holiday Mixtape

    All Things Go

    Tags: zack, Mixtapes.

  9. فیلم نرکس زهرا امیر ابراهیمی را تا پای مرگ گشاند



    Tags: Me.

  10. Surprise pie for Liverpool-hating domain thief

    Newer readers of the blog may not be aware of one of the subjects we've not covered for a while. […]

    Koptalk Exposed – The Insider Insider

    Tags: Liverpool, Liverpool FC, The Insider, Kraptalk, Koptalk – Illegal, Koptalk Members Site.

  11. Kati Kim and children found…

    The news is getting better in the Kim family disappearance. Engadget is reporting that Kati Kim and her two children […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Human Interest.

  12. Ojców dwóch.

    Piękna piosenka o miłości młodego chłopca do dwóch […]


  13. Lepperowi nie staje!

    Kraj jak długi i szeroki dowiedział się, że Mulatowi nie staje. Śmiem zaryzykować stwierdzenie, iż jest to […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

    Tags: polityka.

  14. La Gran Sangre, III Temporada: El Enfrentamiento Final

    Este art'iculo debi' haberlo publicado hace unas semanas, pero al encontrarme de viaje me llevo' un poco ma's de […]

    Cosas que (me) pasan

    Tags: TV, Perú, Capitán Perez Producciones.

  15. "Britney Spears Crotch" — Question

    All right.  My blog stats are off the charts today.  That's all fine, the more the merrier, come one, come all, read […]

    Women's Space/The Margins

    Tags: Feminism, War On Women, Women's Bodies, Feminist Politics, Women's Birthing Rights.

  16. Gmail not open yet. The truth about the false digg story.

    Yesterday, I posted a story on digg claiming that Gmail was open for registration with no invitation or cell phone […]

    Wisam's Blog

  17. Hand-Kissing Republic

    Members of a fraction in the parliament met with Grand Ayatollah Rafsanjani (

    Kamangir (Archer) – کمانگیر

    Tags: Iran, Islamic Republic.

  18. Content Management Systems I Would Or Wouldn't Fuck


    Vox – The Japanese schoolgirl of content management systems, practically begging for you to stalk it on […]

    The Cold Inclusive

    Tags: internot.

  19. Fred Weary: a Dismissed "Driving While Black" Court Case Equals a Media Whiteout

    After practice on November 14, 2006, Houston Texans offensive lineman Fred Weary was tasered by Houston police officer […]

    Sports On My Mind

    Tags: Sports, Blogroll, NFL, racism, Sports Media, ESPN, Houston Texans, driving while black, fred weary, detroit bad boys.

  20. Update: ATM Pin Number Reversal.. (Truth Is Unknown)

    Update on ATM Pin Number Reversal.. (Trust Is Unknown)

    According to this website, reversing your ATM Pin Number […]

    Life and Rants of SiwwyPig

    Tags: Life in general.

  21. Som gamla tanter

    Inskickat av Sofie:

    En äldre dam plockar upp sina varor inklusive en grapefrukt på bandet:
    – Är den har […]


    Tags: Gästspel.

  22. Presidente Felipe Calderon Toma Protesta

    Hoy me levante temprano a pesar de no tener clases y pues ya me fui a la sala de mi casa ahí estaban mis papa […]

    The PollO LifE

    Tags: Personal, Home, México, Política, Sonora, hermosillo.

  23. Cheats para o Need For Speed Carbon

    Para quem gosta de jogar com os códigos, segue a lista abaixo:
    Na tela do "Click to Continue" digite os seguintes […]

    Marcelo's Blog

    Tags: jogos, Internet, Cheats.

  24. Un año de meneos (y con la médula intacta)

    En unas horas la elefanta (que se llama Eli) cumplirá un año. El anuncio de tan feliz acontecimiento se hizo en […]


    Tags: Meneame.

  25. Kim Family search moves to Bear Camp Road (aka Merlin Galice Road) area

    Most recent news here Kati and kids are safe, James missing but trackers on his trail as of 11pm Monday.

    Our 6pm […]

    Joe Duck

    Tags: Personal, News, Travel, California, Oregon.

  26. Ain't it strange, Dr Dog.

    General Mike Jackson says that government targets are damaging the British Army. He is a former SAS Commander and […]


  27. prom queen.

    not my secrets

    Tags: Family, Friends, Other, WP Themes, confessions.

  28. ATM Reverse PIN

    ATM Reverse PIN

    Yesterday, while talking with Redhy, he told me an interesting thing. He recieved an email forward […]

    Views and Reviews

    Tags: Security, Finance, Social Concern.

  29. Britney's Crotch Shot Mania

    Taken during the night of the Fête St-Jean-Baptiste, the Quebec national holiday which celebrates Quebec. Taken […]

    memoirs on a rainy day

    Tags: Entertainment.

  30. ¿Superará pronto Google el test de Turing?

    El test de Turing es uno de los más clásicos intentos de caracterizar la inteligencia humana, y determinar si un […]

    La Singularidad Desnuda

    Tags: Tecnología, Inteligencia Artificial, singularidad.

  31. Ich habe das Bild gefunden – Britney Spears lässt tief blicken

    Eigentlich schaue ich regelmässig bei den "meistbesuchten Blogs und Threads" bei WordPress vorbei.  Heute stand […]

    Peter Pan`s Blick in die Welt

    Tags: Kurioses, Netzfundstücke, Bilder-Pictures, Medien-Presse, I pack`s ned!.

  32. Jerome Murat Statue Mime

    Video jerome murat – seg, murat – Dailymotion Partagez Vos Videos

    Thanks to Ramon Brunings for pointing out this  […]


    Tags: cool stuff, streamingvideo.

  33. Guia de The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    A unas cuantas horas de haber salido este Zelda para el nuevo Wii ya empiezan a salir algunos trucos y consejos. […]

    Nintendo City

    Tags: Wii: Playing is believe.

  34. Ich habe mich vom studiVZ (billig) bestechen lassen!

    Mit dem studiVZ konnte (kann?) mensch eine menge Spass haben.
    * Kostenlose Accounts
    * keine wirkliche Überprüfung […]

    Index of /etc/

    Tags: StudiVZ.

  35. Exclusive Photos! Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton On Top Of Britney Spears!

    Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton on top of Britney Spears!

    When Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and […]

    Artie Wayne On The Web

    Tags: Britney Spears, united states, Iran, secret service, The View, midnight mary, Shah of Iran, britney spears naked, paris hilton naked, lindsay lohan nude, rosie odonnell clothed fortunately, michael richards blackface video, michael richard unedited blackface video, stepin fetchit, deposed general, cuban fire fighter, meet me at midnight mary, hilary clinton clothed, danny divito, no quarter, britney with no panties, britney witout underwear, britney spears without panties.

  36. My Thoughts on Davila, Marshall, and Weiner

    This is a list of the recently announced final candidates for Gallaudet Interim President. My choice would be Dr. […]


    Tags: University Presidents, deaf education, deaf, Gallaudet University, Crisis at Gallaudet.

  37. Seviye Tespit Sınavı Sonuçları Açıklandı

    Okulumuzda yapılan Seviye Tespit Sınavı sonuçları açıklandı. Sonuçlara ulaşmak için tıklayınız. […]

    Bahçelievler Kumport İlköğretim Okulu

    Tags: Haberler, Eğitim.

  38. Porto 0-0 Arsenal – 06/12/06 – (Champions League)

    What a strange game.

    We started with a weak 4-5-1 with Adebayor up front and Gilberto, Fabregas, Flamini, Hleb […]

    Tags: Champions League.

  39. Valentin Elizalde QEPD

    Cuando me levanté esta mañana y entré al msn, había varios nicks dedicados a Valentin Elizalde, y otros anunciando […]

    Ruezga Life

    Tags: Noticias.

  40. Yahya Zaini ke Rumah Saya

    Tadi siang saya ngobrol dengan ibu saya. Tau-tau ibu saya bilang "Eh Yahya Zaini yang kena kasus video porno itu lo" […]

    Dino's Journal

    Tags: Current Affairs, Weblogs.

  41. Il futuro design di…

    Su Digg è stato segnalato un link che rimanda a un interessante (solo per i Mac Maniaci, naturalmente) immagine […]

    Mac Blog

    Tags: Apple, immagini, Varie.

  42. How to watch France 24 tonight?

    In Europe, France 24 will be available free-to-air via Hot-Bird 7A, Astra 1KR and Eurobird (U.K.). In Africa, the […]

    France 24

    Tags: Geography, France 24.

  43. Anshe Chung, 1 million de $US

    Dans un communiqué en date du 26/11/2006, Anshe Chung annonce être la première résidente à avoir un patrimoine […]

    SecondLife Observer –

  44. Britney Spears' crotch watch: Day 3

    The all-you-can-eat Britney Spears-Lindsay Lohan-Paris Hilton troika coverage continues.

    Hard Drive Life

    Tags: Music, News, Entertainment, Television, Hollywood, Digital life.

  45. FUSIÓN: µTorrent y BitTorrent unidos

    Los dos populares clientes de descarga se unen. El acuerdo consiste en la compra de µTorrent por parte de BitTorrent, […]


    Tags: Internet.

  46. Haluk Levent – Elfida Mp3 Video Klip indir Download

    Haluk levent yine süper bir parça yaptı. Sizlerde beğeneceksiniz. Bu şarkı hakkında yorumlaırnızı almak […]

    En iyi Blog SiteLeri

    Tags: sarki-sozleri-bedava-mp3-album-indir-download.

  47. The Space-Saver Beret (crochet)

    My mom commissioned me to make a hat for her that she can keep in her purse. By commission, I mean she bought me the […]

    kNew England Knitter: Patterns for stylish yarn lovers

    Tags: Crochet, crochet patterns.

  48. SıLa Dizi Müziği

    Yeni arkadaşLıkLar kurmak ve msn adresleri için adresine üye oLun..

    Sıla dizisi HayranLarı […]

    MyDooM.Org Documents

    Tags: MyDoomCa, sıla dizisi.

  49. Celebrity Mii's: Mr Garrison

    Presenting Mr. Garrison from South Park:

    8-bit After Life

  50. Cosa sto scaricando al momento…

    Appena tornato a casa mi sono precipitato a telefonare al mio ex-batterista per dirgli che era licenziato, ho acceso il […]

    pollycoke 🙂

    Tags: ubuntu, Dapper, Troiate del giorno, Ulteo, Mandr[ake,iva].

  51. Heroes – Episódio 11(Fallout)

    Esse é o último episódio do ano ahuahuha

    Espero que tenha muitas emoções

    Fallout (torrent)
    Fallout […]

    Betow Blog

    Tags: Series, Heroes, seriados.

  52. Recursos

    En más de un medio los recursos no abundan o, al menos, son retaceados cuando se necesitan para hacer periodismo. Pero […]

    Sólo un oscuro periodista

    Tags: Pensamientos.

  53. maheva


  54. Seksuaalsed avameelsused, vol. 11

    Need memuaarid on kirja pannud mees, kes 10 töötas ajalehe […]

    Meie Maailm

    Tags: loeme vaatame kuulame.

  55. Ras l'blog

    Publicité pour les Frangines, qui tiennent un joli blog culinaire et qui lancent une rubrique contre la malbouffe. A […]

    Le blog de Dave

  56. Thursday Morning

    "I never could get the hang of Thursdays" – Arthur Dent

    Douglas Adams also said: "An economic forecaster is like a […]

    Phil's Stock World

  57. Pushing Predicates

    Tom Kyte once said he wanted me to start a blog so that I could at least warning people about new articles on my […]

    Oracle Scratchpad

  58. Rammstein Volkerball Limited Edition

    Por fin, luego de muchos años de impaciente espera, llega Volkerball, último DVD + CD de esta poderosa maquinaria […]

    La Taberna de Slash

    Tags: Música.

  59. La quinta NARANJA

    Habla sobre los Redondos, sobre su rocanrol y la estética. Cuenta cómo fue que quiso producirlos. Charlan sobre […]

    .: ZonaGarcia :.

    Tags: Ensayos, Descargas, Solista.

  60. A mis enemigos

    Pues en si como ya sabemos lo que a dado de que hablar toda esta semana es la cancion de Valentin Elizalde "A Mis […]

    Día a día y mi vida, y otras cosas mas

    Tags: Music, Television, Videos youtube google video etc…, Eventos expos etc….

  61. ::: Video da Britney Spears sendo flagrada sem calcinha com Paris Hilton e Lindsey Lohan :::

    Muito bem, estão todos falando sobre as fotos da

    Marketing de Guerrilha

    Tags: videos, YouTube, Guerrilla Marketing, PR Stunt, Buzz Marketing Online, Buzz Marketing Offline, virais, melhores.

  62. Ktoś patrzy na łapy tym kretynom?

    Niestety jak to w IV eRPe spełnij się najczarniejszy scenariusz w sprawie, o której ostanio pisałem: Ustawę, […]

    notes brochy

    Tags: polityka, gospodarka, absurd.

  63. Yahya Zaini & Maria Ireva

    The Golkar sex video scandal, Yahya Zaini, and Maria Eva.

    Indonesia News

    Tags: News, Indonesia, media, Photos & Pictures, Surabaya.

  64. Nike Air Max 95 x Burberry ?

    Is Nike planning to do a crossover with one of the world's top luxury clothing brand Burberry? Here is a picture of […]


    Tags: Sneakers.

  65. Sex, humble assets and video

    So what's all the fuss about over the sex video of Golkar DPR member Yahya Zaini and the Dangdut singer? Unspun was […]


    Tags: News and politics, garbage.

  66. Goodness Gracious! The Truth!



    First Junior took over the house with grandiose plans to remodel it and make it the […]

    donkey o.d.

    Tags: iraq, GOP, bush, Gates, Maureen Dowd.

  67. Confirmado: Karina tem piercing na Bacchi

    Vários meios de comunicação já estavam dizendo que Karina Bacchi, estrela da Playboy do mês de dezembro de 2006 […]

    // – Procurando por projetos e sonhos…

    Tags: Screenshot, off-topic, Fotografía, Links, sexy, Imagens, Mulheres, sexo, Playboy, Revista, Cerveja.

  68. Finaly I'm Right!

    Well people, its oficial, red puffles are here, they will have crazy personalitys and will be here for cristmas! My […]

    Club Penguin Secrets

    Tags: secrets.

  69. Close Wolf Encounters; Brushes Between Kids and Lobos Leave Parents Fearful

    This time it's from the Southwest. Wolves circle some people and they decide the wolves were about to attack. As the […]

    Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News

    Tags: Wolves, Mexican wolves.

  70. Burlar Megaupload no FIREFOX

    Este tutorial é para aqueles que querem baixar seus arquivos no MEGAUPLOAD e não querem baixar o ALEXA.

    01. Abra o […]

    Tecnologia & Informação

    Tags: Internet, Linux, Tecnología, Downloads, Series, Informática, Mozilla Firefox, Filmes, megaupload, Informação, seriados.

  71. Golaha Ammaanka ee Qaramada Midoobay oo ansixiyay in Baydhabo loo diro ciidamo Afrikaan ah oo aanay ku jrin dalalka […]

    Golaha Ammaanka ee Qaramada Midoobay ayaa si buuxda u ansixiyay in Baydhabo loo diro ciidamo Afrikaan ah oo ilaaliya […]


  72. Planning for a Hot Career in 2007

    InformationWeek reports on a recent study that suggests good things to come for web workers in 2007. Technologists are […]

    Web Worker Daily

    Tags: Workplace Trends.

  73. Freshers 2005, 2006 – Keane Inc, Gurgaon, Noida and Hyderabad

    Keane Inc, in India it has four advanced development centers across Gurgaon, Noida and Hyderabad.
    They are looking for […]

    Tags: Hyderabad, Freshers, Gurgaon, Noida.

  74. Kumbia All Starz – Chiquilla


    Tags: Música, YouTube.

  75. Paula DeAnda – Walk Away

    17 Years Old Paula DeAnda sings Walk Away. I heard this song from FlyFM on the way to the gym. It was featured in Ryan […]


    Tags: Lyrics, Music video, Song Comment.

  76. Truce, fingers not crossed

    Scene Jesus, James Murphy, blessing his congregation

    "Watch the Tapes," the first peek I've had at the new LCD […]

    Little White Earbuds

    Tags: can, LCD Soundsystem, sound of silver, james murphy.

  77. Britney, Paris, and Lindsay revealed!

    You can even see Paris' herpes sores! Is that the French Foreign Lesion?

    From the inimitable Gallery of the Absurd. […]


    Tags: humour, Art, Movies, Entertainment, Sad, sex, Weird, Celebrity, Porn, fans, Allegory, Etiquette.

  78. Passing Through

    I thought I'd put a photo here showing that there were some players running around during tonight's match, despite […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  79. Ieri e oggi in TV (con i dati Auditel del 06/12/2006)

    Ecco gli ascolti dei programmi di prima serata trasmessi ieri, mercoledì 6 dicembre 2006, con particolare interesse […] Blog

    Tags: Cinema e TV, TV ITA, Auditel.

  80. Chiyoda Sushi (aka more Japanese fun!!!)

    Right before Thanksgiving I posted a little feature about Pumpkin dishes at Chiyoda Sushi.  As promised, here's a […]

    Midtown Lunch

    Tags: Food Type: Japanese, Food Type: Sushi, 41st btw. 5+Mad.

  81. Britney Spears' crotch, Mel Gibson and the joys of no underwear

    Britney Spears grasps the secret of good comedy in a week when her crotch was Googled constantly…. This report has […]

    For parody purposes only

    Tags: Celebrities, Britney Spears, Comedy, YouTube, Parody, Viral Video, mel gibson, Upskirt, kilt, britney spears crotch, Britney Spears Crotch Shot.

  82. Fergie's Fergilicious

     Black Eyed Peas' sexy and gorgeous Fergie and her video […]

    It's Mah Lyf

    Tags: Music, Video, Celebrities, Celebrity, Showbiz.

  83. Paul Larsen, is SailRocket man, Wild rides in the 30 knot club!!!

     Hiya party people …
    Well we went for it again yesterday in […]

    MARINE BLAST Sailing videos

    Tags: Daily news articales.


    Gelaran Ratu 'Tiara' kini milik Siti
    06-12-2006 03:09:57 PM
    Radin Sri Ghazali



  85. Britney Spears' crotch mania! Part 2!

    So for some reason, visits to this blog have multiplied by a factor of ten. And most people have looked at one post in […]

    God is my Director

    Tags: Spiritual is everything.

  86. Pastors Are Not Elders: An Egalitarian Suggestion?

    At the recent ETS meetings (November 2006) Dr. Harold Hoehner presented a paper asking, “Can a Woman Be a […]

    Tags: Bible and Theology, Cultural Engagement.

  87. She's come undone

          There is a process in this Mary Kay journey… getting into it in the first place, becoming assimilated […]

    Mary Kay Voices

  88. De cd van zaterdag 2 december…

    Vrijdag gaf Clouseau de aftrap van zijn zevende concertreeks in het Antwerps Sportpaleis! Elk concert met uitzondering […]

    Clouseau – in 't dubbel

    Tags: Nieuws.

  89. Rituales Feng Shui para el Año Nuevo 2007

    Los chi

    Cuaderno de Silicio

  90. Cannonball Baptism

    What will you do as a pastor if this happens to you?

    (HT: […]

    Declaring the Word

    Tags: Christianity, Humor, church.

  91. Fotos exclusivas de Mateo Lynch

    Lo prometido es deuda, aqui les traigo las fotos exclusivas de Mateo Lynch ¿Quien es Mateo Lynch? pues es el cantante […]

    TrAVeSuRaS ViRTUaLeS

    Tags: TV, Música, Imágenes, Lo ultimo, Esta Sociedad.

  92. Bye-Bye Page View Brag

    The page view in web statistics is the number of times a web page is "viewed". This statistic is used to track your […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  93. How to Hack a Window XP Administrator Password

    (Before you continue Read the Updates at the bottom)
    This is only for educational purpose it is a simple way to Hack […]


    Tags: technology, Microsoft, Windows, XP, hacks, Hack.

  94. Emre Aydın Konserleri

    Gel'de Bakma!

    Tags: Konser.

  95. Tindak tegas pelaku skandal seks – Dalam beberapa hari terakhir setidaknya ada dua berita yang cukup […]

    Editorial Media Massa Indonesia

    Tags: DPR, Parpol, Partai Politik, Pejabat Negara, Politisi, Skandal, Partai Golkar.

  96. Britney Spears Crotch

    Some days ago some nude pictures of Britney Spears with her crotch hanging out appeared on the net. Ehm.., Crotch […]

    Gee's Blog

    Tags: Entertainment, Pictures], Celebrity, britney spears crotch, Popular Culture.

  97. Harry Lee's fat mouth

    This is rich. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

    At his press conference yesterday to announce his […]

    People Get Ready

    Tags: Political campaigns, united states congress, Katrina dissidents, Bill Jefferson, Political Corruption, Harry Lee.

  98. Webcast: A hemispherectomy & "split-brain" surgery

    This film shows surgeons from the Neuroscience Institute at Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center perform a hemispher- […]

    The Neurophilosopher's weblog

    Tags: Neuroscience, Google Video, Health & Medicine.

  99. Hack ANY MSN Passport Account With IceCold Reloaded (Downloads)

    It's very simple.  You put the email address of the person you want to make life a tad more miserable for into this […]


    Tags: hacking, Tech News, Hacktastick, Download-it, blanktastic, Darkly Humorous.

  100. How to Bypass a Windows XP Password Without any Programs

    In this tutorial I teach you how to hack a windows XP password, […]

    Catch Me If U Can..!!

    Tags: hacking.

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