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November 9, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Electoral trysts

    From CNN's Blogger party last night at Tryst. The pics really don't make much sense small, I suggest clicking […]

    The Latest Obsession

  2. Jeers of War [update]

    For those who don't frequent Infendo, i'd like to share something. Jack is Infendo's main news editor. I am an […]

    Intendo ~ the anti-fansite

    Tags: xbox 360, Nintendo, sites and blogs.

  3. Gott mit uns

    Co prawda PiS ma już hymn – My chcemy PiS (niestety cieniutki – napisany prze jakiegoś tam Tolka), dlatego, też […]

    notes brochy

    Tags: Humor.

  4. Helmets are a must

    Design: RK


    Rambling with Bellur

    Tags: Society.

  5. Myspace Backgrounds!

    Myspace users, wonder why you got here (

    Non-Myspace users, wonder why so many searches for […]


  6. The South, ascendant

    The South, ascendant  
    Rajeev Srinivasan on the rise of Southern […]

    Shadow Warrior

    Tags: India, Tamil Nadu, South Indian, Kerala, andhra, karnataka, South India.

  7. LOST 3×06 !!! DOWNLOAD

    Para a glr que nao aguenta mais esperar … em primeira mão …

    3×06 – I […]

    :: IMPINA ::

    Tags: Qualquer coisa, Lost, Downloads, Informática, loucura.

  8. Source: Conroy Ottawa bound

    According to the Score network out of Canada, the Ottawa Senators are very close to acquiring center Craig Conroy from […]

    The NHL Line

    Tags: News, rumors, Los Angeles Kings, Ottawa Senators.

  9. Patricia Kunkle – Loyal to IKJ or to the BoT?

    There have been much speculation about how the President's Office is the contact point for the Board of Trustees and […]

    The GU Private Investigator

    Tags: Newsworthy.

  10. Lost – Episódio 6 (I do)

    Esse episódio vai ser tipo fim de temporada, visto que o episódio 7 só será exibido dia 7 de fevereiro.

    O […]

    Betow Blog

    Tags: Lost, Series, YouTube, seriados.

  11. The Big East Conference Plays Bubblegum Football

    Times are Hard for Dreamers: Boys Keep Singing

    In Case you BottomFeeder Big East Fans forget that your Conference […]

    Loser with Socks

    Tags: BCS, Rankings/Polls/BCS, ESPN, Big East Football, Top 25.

  12. 28 – the 10 Regions of American Politics

    All results of a nationwide election in the US can usually be translated into a ‘binary’ map, divided into red […]

    strange maps

  13. Yerli YouTube:

    Google'ın satın aldığı gözde görüntü paylaşım sitesi YouTube’a Türkiye'den rakip çıktı.

    Kısa […]

    Gurkan.Biz | Günlük , Haber , Gelişme , Teknoloji

    Tags: Faydalı Siteler & Servisler.

  14. Nuovi NVIDIA video driver 1.0-9629 per Linux e impacchettati per UBUNTU Edgy

    Vi ricordate i mitici nvidia video driver beta di cui vi parlavo qualche tempo fa? Quelli col supporto per […]

    NetJack Blog

    Tags: ubuntu, Linux, Links, howto/tutorial, XGL, compiz, Beryl, AiGLX.

  15. AJ Valliant Arbitrarily Ranks: The Nations of the World.

    Let me tell you something: The nations of the world have been getting free ride here at Beats Entropy for too long. In […]

    Beats Entropy

    Tags: AJ Arbitrarily Ranks.

  16. Free Agent Starting Pitchers

    There aren't a lot of options for clubs looking for starting pitching this winter, and since no team in baseball is […]

    Tags: Seattle Mariners.

  17. Koło Infamii

    – Szanowni Państwo, Serdecznie witamy w nowym teleturnieju Koło Infamii. Pytania zostały przygotowane przez […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

    Tags: IV-RP.

  18. Novità (tante) dalla Comunità di Compiz 🙂

    Davvero tanta tanta roba interessante!
    NOTA: Questo post è marcato come "Avanzati, per Guru!", e tratta software […]

    pollycoke 🙂

    Tags: News e altre Sciccherie, Avanzati, per Guru.

  19. Santorum Eats "Santorum"

    You don't want to laugh, but you have to. Above, Pennsylvania voters make "see you next […]

    This. That. No Other.

    Tags: Celebrities, stupidity, bliss, Religion is Bad, Bad Behaviour.


    P/S bagai pinang dibelah dua

    Ct Muslihat membongkar

    Tags: ARTIS KITA.

  21. Ubuntu Edgy Upgrades a Disaster for many

    Take a look around the Ubuntu Forums lately and you'll see many installation and various related threads just cropping […]


  22. Msnde Güzel Nickler

    *Beyazın kaderi kirlenmek, siyahın kaderi suçlanmaktır.
    *Dünya bir gündür, o da bugündür!f
    *Sen, sen ol! […]

    GerÇekLeR TüRkLerLe Var OlaCak

    Tags: msn-live messenger.

  23. BoT Meeting Today

    8 Nov 2006     Daily Digest

    Board of Trustees meeting gets underway today; three new members' orientation […]

    Mishka Zena

  24. Everton 0 – 1 Arsenal

    0 – 1 Adebayour (85)

    If Southend dumping Manchester United out of the Competition was the shock of the round, this […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

    Tags: Arsenal, Carling-Cup, League cup.

  25. Undo (rollback) volume

    A recent poster on the had a question about the amount of undo generated when inserting […]

    Oracle Scratchpad

  26. The wait is finally over~~~~

    Drum roll…
    And the red carpet, please… …
    Ladies and gentlemen, let's roll!
    Hi, this is Cruz […]

    Y.E.S. 93.3FM

    Tags: Cruz, Annoucements.

  27. An approximate guide to selling Indie games.

    Welcome to my approximate guide of how to sell an Indie game that you have made.  This article is aimed at the […]

    Grey Alien Games

    Tags: Marketing.

  28. Heads, Audism Wins. Tails, Levinson's Head Rolls….

    I'm taking bets, and will be flipping a coin. Heads, Audism wins. Tails, Ken Levinson's head rolls…..

    Ken […]


    Tags: deaf education, deaf, Deafhood, Gallaudet University, Crisis at Gallaudet, Gallaudet Protest, Audism.

  29. Gobble Gobble

    Turn on your tv and I guarantee that within the first commercial break you chance upon, you will witness at the very […]


    Tags: Crochet.

  30. KFC (or… The Best Excuse Ever for Eating Fried Chicken)

    There are a lot of reasons I choose to write about a place.  Being "Cheap" is a given… but other than that the […]

    Midtown Lunch

    Tags: 50th btw. 6+7th, Food Type: American, 42nd btw. Mad+Park.

  31. Kendi küçük, Yüreği büyük İmamcık

    Büyük izlemek için tıklayın


    Tags: ibadet, amatör cekim, Komik.

  32. Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars Weekly Dance Performance

    I haven't really been taking part in posting enough of the dancing from Dancing with the Stars. I'm going to make up […]

    So You Think You Can Dance

    Tags: TV, Reality TV, TV News, Dancing With the Stars.

  33. If the Democrats think the Islamic Jihadists will respect them more than President Bush then read this!

    This is an article everyone needs to read.  If you think that because you refuse to be politically incorrect and see […]

    Helena Han Basquet

    Tags: News and politics, Religion, Life, Christianity, Rant, Politics, Blogroll.

  34. Everton 0-1 Arsenal – 08/11/06 – (Carling Cup)

    I managed to find a way to follow the game, I was listening to BBC Radio Merseyside online with two of the biggest […] – An Arsenal FC Blog

    Tags: Cup Games.

  35. Britney Spears(?) sex tape trailer

    Yup, yesterday she lost her claim that the very rumour of the tape's existence is defamatory (judge's reasoning: […]


    Tags: Movies, Entertainment, censorship, sex, videos, Celebrity, Porn, Singles, fans, Hoaxes.

  36. Compartilhando Músicas com DAAP

    Aqui em São Carlos, moro em uma república de seis "computeiros". Todos os quartos têm ao menos um micro, e com […]


    Tags: Linux.

  37. Picture this


    Tags: PictureThis.

  38. Ieri e oggi in TV (con i dati Auditel dell'8 novembre 2006)

    Come di consueto, ecco gli ascolti dei programmi di prima serata trasmessi ieri, mercoledì 8 novembre 2006, con […] Blog

    Tags: Cinema e TV, TV ITA, Auditel.

  39. Day Eight, No Matter What

    The master gives himself up

    to whatever the moment brings.

    He knows that he is going to die,

    and he has […]


  40. Charmelippen

    Nicht zu gebrauchen für Schamoffensiven.


    Tags: Neutsch, Erröttick.

  41. Nike Crocodile Reflector Pack

    A while ago I posted on the possible release of Un-tiffany Dunks. Well today I just came across the Nike Crocodile […]


    Tags: Sneakers.

  42. strudel aux pOmmes…versiOn simplifiée

    Avouons-le, il est de ces produits finis dont beaucoup d'entre nous ne pourrait plus se passer. Je pense notamment au […]


    Tags: Recettes, Desserts, strudel.

  43. Maul halten und weiter dienen

    As I have written on several occasions, the absurdity of the German legislation combined to court practices that could […]

    More shameless remarks by Larko

    Tags: Internet, Blogosphere, censorship, Germany, Freedom of Speech, Bloggers' rights.

  44. Snake guarding what ?

    Thats rajkumar

    Originally uploaded by saaikirren.

    Saaikirren & his colours

  45. Thursday Morning

    Wow, Thursday already, this week is flying!
    Looks like the Dems won the Senate too and I think the markets are going […]

    Phil's Stock World

    Tags: Morning Report.

  46. Rewolucja niemoralna

    Na stronie CNN można znaleźć już niemal oficjalne wyniki wtorkowych wyborów w USA. Porażka Partii Słonia w […]

    Tomasz Łysakowski

    Tags: polityka, Społeczeństwo.

  47. Baixar Terceira Temporada de Lost

    Todos os links estão hospedados no megaupload neste Post.
    3×01 "A Tale Of Two Cities" em WMV e legenda […]

    Tecnologia & Informação

    Tags: Internet, Lost, Tecnología, Downloads, Series, Informática, Filmes, Informação, Bit torrent, seriados.

  48. Nokia E61: so close to perfection, so disappointing its shortcomings.

    Nokia E61: so close to perfection, so disappointing in its shortcomings is an excellent article by Patrick- well worth […]

    E61 Blog

    Tags: Articles.

  49. väsinud…

    eile läksin magama a kolme ajal öösel ja viiest tulin ülesse, sest Potsu hakkas ära sõitma… kohvitasime ja […]

    Meie Maailm

    Tags: minust.

  50. A Complete Edgy Eft Sources.list

    This sources.list contains all the repositories that any average Ubuntu user would require for his Edgy Eft system. If […]

    Everything Else

    Tags: ubuntu, Everything Else, Software, Linux, Great news, Other Links.

  51. The Shared Playbook Of The Midterm Elections And Middle East Ideologies

    Yesterday's elections had a lot to do with ideas that have been brewed in unsavory coffee pots in the Middle East- not […]

    Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

  52. About Dec 2006 Exam Tips

    If you are looking for December '06 exam tips, there are not available yet (both FTC and BPP). BPP's exam tips will be […]

    My ACCA

    Tags: ramblings.

  53. Kendra Jade makes a ridiculous Wonder Woman

    I don't think our society takes enough advantage of the humor potential of porn stars. Take Ms. Kendra Jade here. She […]


    Tags: Comics, Silly Outfits, Celeb fans.

  54. Firefox 2.0 Themes

    Some folks (such as Paul Thurrott) are not that thrilled with the new theme for Firefox 2. Personally, I like the […]

    Firefox Extension Guru's Blog

    Tags: Themes, Tips, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Links, Firefox 2.0 (Bon Echo), CyberNet News.

  55. Skype 3.0 for Windows is available in Beta

    The rumors about a new release of Skype have been hitting the online community for a short time now. Even our own […]

    Web Worker Daily

    Tags: Software Apps.


    The ratings for last nights episode "The Gringos"

    Fox took a major tumble, meanwhile, at 9 p.m. with a last-minute […]


  57. Watford 2 Newcastle United 2 – 4:5* on pens (07/11/06)

    And your one-word match report is:


    * Or something like that, anyway.

    BHaPPY (not BSaD)

    Tags: Match Reports.

  58. The Coaching Search: Day 18[UPDATED: 12:56 PM]

    So after yesterday's flurry of activity we enter into today with less of an expectation of something concrete […]

    Tar Heel Fan

    Tags: UNC Football, Coaching Search.

  59. No difference between MSM and Blogs.

     I think the success of blog like can easily be explained.   When reading blogs today, we are […]

    The Paradigm Shift

  60. Acidente do Boeing da Gol – Fotos, rumores

    A seguir fotos do acidente trágico ocorrido na Serra do Cachimbo (Norte de Mato Grosso) com o avião da Gol e o […]


    Tags: Variados.

  61. Burns Can't Say Goodbye

    by Matt Singer

    The Senator-unelect from Montana is refusing to concede saying that we should wait to count all the […]

    4&20 blackbirds

    Tags: Conrad Burns.

  62. Nachrichten geguckt,

    heute habe ich es mir denn doch angetan. Ich mag mir nicht ausdenken, wie es in anderen Ländern gesendet und […]

    Letters from Rungholt

    Tags: Land und Leute.

  63. Lowongan Kerja November 2006

    Job career Vacancy opportunity info lowongan lamaran pekerjaan kerja karir lowongankerja terbaru di semarang […]

    Lowongan Kerja

    Tags: Employment, Job Opportunity, Karir, bank, Peluang Kerja, Job Info, Info Karir, Peluang Pekerjaan, Lamaran Kerja, Job Vacancy, Career Info, Info Pencari Kerja, Cari Lowongan Kerja, Surat Lamaran Kerja, Curriculum Vitae (CV), indonesian vacancy, lowongan administrasi medan, CPNS 2006, CPNS 2007, Info kerja terbaru, lamaran kerja terbaru, Info lowongna kerja, info lowongan pekerjaan, info lamaran kerja, info lowongan karir, contoh surat lamaran pekerjaan, Informasi kerja, informasi lowongan kerja, buat lamaran pekerjaan, info kerja CPNS, Situs Lowongan Pekerjaan, Situs Lowongan kerja, lowongan kerja indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, bank bni, Bank Syariah Mandiri, situs peluang kerja, lowongan kerja november 2006, lowongan kerja nopember 2006, lowongan kerja di jakarta.

  64. The Parable of the Two Programmers

    The Parable of the Two Programmers, a classic from 1985 on software complexity and software careers. A little pearl.

    programming musings

    Tags: Programming.

  65. First day of post-Microsoft sadness

    I was just reading feeds for my link blog. Aside: there's TONS of stuff about Windows Vista shipping that I DID NOT […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Blogging.

  66. exposed

    Ah, hypocrisy. I was going to write a post on this today and another director commented under the Suzy Q tab before I […]

    Mary Kay Voices

  67. WordPress Pages: Exploring the Pseudo-Static Pages of WordPress

    I fought long and hard to change the name "Pages" in WordPress jargon. After failing miserably, we're now almost two […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  68. Cum shots with good taste

    Sorry for the title.. I couldn't resist.

    I'm not talking about the flavour of cum here, but instead doing another […]

    Bi Journey

    Tags: Pornography.

  69. Dispatches to the Vertical Remnant

    Niebuhr was right,” said Goethe, “when he saw a barbarous age coming. It is already here, we are in it, for in […]

    One Cosmos After Dark

  70. Kellam: the turning point

    The Democratic takeover of the Congress has been impressive. The mood of the country seems to be that it is time for a […]

    Vivian J. Paige

    Tags: Politics, Local, Virginia.

  71. Download free index to the Works of John Owen (16 volumes)

    Download free index to the Works of John Owen (16 volumes)

    John Owen [1616-1683] is one of the most significant […]

    The Shepherd's Scrapbook

    Tags: Books, Puritans, John Owen, Banner of Truth.

  72. Retak-retak di tanggul itu – Wellcome to our Dynamic Earth !

    Amblesan itu sudah semakin serius saat ini. Dugaan-dugaan tahapan yang dilalui sebuah kemunculan mudvolkanopun […]

    Dongeng Geologi

    Tags: Dongeng Geologi.

  73. Vitsit lentävät

    Yksi piirre, joka minua miehissä häiritsee, on ainainen joukonhauskuutus. Tänään sai taas luennoilla nauraa […]

    Tylsyyden Multihuipennus

    Tags: Ääneen ajateltua.

  74. Long-term Wikipedia self-promotion exposed

    Update: we will of course be covering this story in the next episode of Wikipedia Weekly.
    Another update: I've removed […]

    Tags: General Stuff, Tech News, Wikipedia, Internet Related.

  75. Warum ich keine Entertainmentgröße bin

    Donnerstag, Chaussee der Enthusiasten, 2. Pause: Gerade haben Micha und ich einen unserer Teamtexte für den SLAM2006 […]


    Tags: Poetry-Slam, Lesebühnen, Zumutungen.

  76. Nuevo Truco para Megaupload

    Pues, al parecer nuestro viejo truco para megaupload ha dejado de funcionar cuando la pagina de mepaupload, quito el […]

    MegaByte This !!!!!

    Tags: Internet, Paginas Web.

  77. Warum Amerikaner weniger Angst vor Hunden haben, die Wahlzettel fressen

    Wir müssen doch noch einmal auf die Kongresswahl eingehen. Wer die englischen und deutschen Medien vergleicht, wird […]

    USA Erklärt

    Tags: Eintrag.

  78. Fitch Sees CA, Convergys as LBO Candidates; Dell Listed as Longshot Possibility

    Cash-rich private-equity firms continue to search for technology-sector acquisitions. I believe McAfee is a candidate […]

    Twilight in the Valley of the Nerds

  79. Scales Of Justice Update

    I pled (plead?) guilty, received a $250 fine, $55 court costs and a spent conviction for my trouble.

    Lesson learned: […]

    A Yobbo's View

    Tags: Personal.

  80. Rallyrijder Dekeerle zwaargewond na gewelddadige carjacking

    Filip Dekeerle, eigenaar van Cobeltab en bekend als rallysponsor en -(co)rijder, is gisteravond in Oostduinkerke […]

    Tags: BK Rally.

  81. Inspiration

    Let me tell you a little story. It's a true story and I think it's now at the point where I have to tell it.

    Parta […]

    Killer Year–The Class of 2007

    Tags: Dave White, Killer Year Members.

  82. A legenda véget ért?

    Huncut Lille, egyik olvasónk küldte be az alábbi cikket arról, miként végzett korunk élő legendájával, a […]

    T (r) Akták

    Tags: Bulvár.

  83. Cerati, Zoé y Los Tres, reúnen a las generaciones rockeras

    El músico argentino Gustavo Cerati, el gr


    Tags: Música.

  84. Top Ten ways that Bush will cooperate with Pelosi

    He'll stop muttering "lesbian bitch" every time he passes her in the halls.
    He'll let Pelosi participate in the […]

    Mike Hawk

  85. SHAME on Alan Richman

    Photo: A montage of some of New Orleans' best culinary delights (Jason Perlow)

    The food blogging and […]

    Off The Broiler

    Tags: General, media, Food, Links, New Orleans.

  86. Tendance du marché publicitaire: l'évaluation de Morgan Stanley

    Impressionnante et indispensable étude de Morgan Stanley Research sur l'évolution du marché publicitaire en ligne […]


    Tags: Medias, Pub et revenus, Chiffres.

  87. Biancamania

    Am 14. November 2006 erscheint endlich Bianca Ryans erste CD.
    Die Kleine mit der großen Stimme kann nun unter Beweis […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

    Tags: Video, Musik, Bianca Ryan.

  88. KKVKVK#14: Ravioli "dipinti" di patate e caciocavallo con salsa al peperone rosso

    (pour traduire la page en français servez-vous de ce lien… c'est une traduction automatique donc pardonnez-moi

    La cuisine de Fabien

    Tags: primi, Vegetariano.

  89. The New 'Passing'

    Check all emotional baggage at the door before proceeding to read, because this is going to be a little […]

    Tariq Nelson

    Tags: Race, Convert Issues, Changing Demographics, Children's Issues, Black American Muslims.

  90. Elections 2006: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly


    The Good News:

    South Dakota overturned the abortion ban;
    There is a possibility that Cecilia Fire Thunder […]

    Women's Space/The Margins

    Tags: Feminism, War On Women, Women's Bodies, Feminist Politics, Women's Birthing Rights, Racism and Feminism, Male Terrorism.

  91. Velozes e Furiosos 4 !

    O drift (dirigir derrapando o carro) fez o maior sucesso no terceiro filme da franquia Velozes e Furiosos. Tanto […]


    Tags: YouTube, vídeos engraçados.

  92. Kisah Dato' Azhar Mansor lagi – versi lain pula

    "Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jika datang kepadamu orang fasik membawa suatu berita, maka periksalah dengan teliti […]

    Malaysian's Chromosome

    Tags: Hear-Say.

  93. Gato Fedorento & Alberto João Jardim

    Entrevista de Ricardo Araújo Pereira a Alberto João […]

    enGENIUM 2.0

    Tags: Humor.

  94. Neverwinter Nights 2 Performance Tweaks

    I may or may not do a wiki. In the mean time, I'm going to post the assorted tweaks I find […]


    Tags: RPG, nwn2, MMORPG, Online.

  95. Strange chants: part seven

    I've not heard this chant for a while, but generally it tends to come from the Upper Bridgford stand – I rarely hear it […]

    Through the seasons before us..

    Tags: Strange chants.

  96. The Single Bullet Theory

    I was reading a very interesting blog here:

    Essentially Ozymandias is talking […]

    Station.Com Blog

    Tags: John Smedley.

  97. Gdzie Firefoksa widziano…

    Łażąc po różnych stronach zupełnie niezwiązanych z oprogramowaniem, trafiłem dzisiaj na, a tam na […]


    Tags: Mozilla, firefox.

  98. Win-a-book contest

    I'm looking for a column title for Eh Poh Nim's wordy tales in The Star's Mind our English (MOE) column. I have […]

    Life's Like That

    Tags: writing, Reading, Learn English.

  99. The language problem

    Written as election returns came in. I decided this morning that […]

    Heaven and Here

  100. Origami Box per iPod

    Il periodo di Natale, e con esso tutti i regali, si sta avvicinando.
    Apple ha per questo deciso di permettere a […]

    Mac Blog

    Tags: Apple, iPod, immagini, Varie.

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