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November 7, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Yo no soy tonto

    Bien la historia de hoy comenzó hace justo un mes atrás, por lo tanto nos remontamos al 6-10-2006.

    Ese día como […]


    Tags: Tecnología, Varios.

  2. Fedex Cancels Airbus A380 Order, Defects to Boeing

    Fedex, frustrated with delays in the Airbus A380 program, cancelled its order for fifteen of the aircraft in the […]


    Tags: Airbus, Boeing, FedEx.

  3. Hola mundo

    Éste será el blog oficial del menéame, donde Benjamí Villoslada y Ricardo Galli darán la información y opinión […]


  4. Top 10 Worst Domain Names

    That Ive Seen

    1. A site called ‘Who Represents‘ where you can find the name of the agent that represents a […]

    Gavilan's WeBlog

    Tags: Internet, News, Life, Miscellaneous.

  5. Comunidades Wireless versus FON

    Desde la aparición de la tecnología wireless se ha estado especulando acerca de las posibilidades que esta nos […]

    Ágora Málaga

    Tags: Tecnología.

  6. Canada

    (blatently stolen from, but only because it's so very, very true.)

    Beats Entropy

    Tags: Graphic Arts.

  7. La pasividad de los medios… descarrila un tren en Valencia de Alcántara

    Ya no puedo llegar a sorprenderme más, si hace unos días me quedaba atónito ante la pasividad y la discriminación […]


    Tags: EspacioExterior.

  8. How to prevent drowning in the huge rss daily feed you receive

    Feeds, feeds, feeds everywhere. I can't keep up with all incoming data. I am drowned !

    I thought digg and similar […]

    Carpet Python

    Tags: Marketing, Python, RSS, Buzz, datamining, Zope.

  9. Anatomy of my downfall

    The run of trades that brought my account down to £3500 reveals my trading deficiencies:

    My first trade involved a […]

    the 3500

    Tags: self loathing.

  10. (S)eksmisja Leppera

    Też się zastanawiacie co się działo w pałacu prezydenckim na powtórnym zaprzysiężeniu wicepremiera Leppera? No […]

    Strefa segregacji e-śmieci

    Tags: Muvi się.

  11. Falando de graça para telefone fixo ou celular

    Se você assim como eu gasta o PIB de um pequeno pais com telefone, todo mês, essa dica vai para você. Hoje em dia é […]

    Blog do Silveira

    Tags: Linux, celular, Você deve saber.

  12. Long-term Wikipedia self-promotion exposed

    Update: we will of course be covering this story in the next episode of Wikipedia Weekly.
    Another update: I've removed […]

    Tags: General Stuff, Tech News, Wikipedia, Internet Related.

  13. How To: Enable Compiz effects on Fedora Core 6 with an nVidia Card

    I installed Fedora Core 6 in my system on Saturday – ok yeah I know I need to get a better life. But, hey I was just […]


    Tags: Open-Source, Linux, Fedora, hacks, popular.

  14. Amerykańska konserwa i seks męsko-męski

    Dziś wybory w kraju, od którego ambasadorów zależy podobno, kto może być w Polsce ministrem (a może nawet i […]

    Tomasz Łysakowski

    Tags: media, Blogósfera, polityka, Społeczeństwo, Religia.

  15. Forest: Deal or no deal?

    I'm a bit slow off the mark with this news, but basically Forest are reportedly hanging fire on offering new deals to […]

    Through the seasons before us..

    Tags: Thoughts.

  16. Gallaudet PR: Protests NEVER happened?!

    In an incredible display of revisionist history, the Gallaudet PR Department completely removed EVERY press release, […]

    The GU Private Investigator

    Tags: Newsworthy.

  17. 21 – Australia 1787-1863: the shrinking of New South Wales

    For a long time, Australia was known as New Holland, after the country that first explored the island/continent. The […]

    strange maps

  18. Best Firefox extensions-my selection (update)

    Update – More extensions Adblock Plus – block unwanted adds Answers – search the web,find definitions blueorganizer […]

    Carols things

    Tags: technology, Internet, Personal, Blogging, Browsers, blogs, Miscellaneous, Software, Windows, Security, Freeware, Links, Geeks, Freebies, Blogroll, Privacy, Engines, Recommended Links, Tech Blogs.

  19. Fotos do Acidente da Gol 1907

    Os destroços do Gol vôo 1907 foram localizados pela FAB na manhã do sábado. A aeronave estava desaparecida desde […]

    Tecnologia & Informação

    Tags: Tecnología, Informática, Informação, avião, Acidente Gol.

  20. LFC fans complain about credit-card rip-off

    by Rupert Insider

    We continue to receive letters and comments from LFC supporters to the effect that PayPal accounts […]

    Koptalk Exposed – The Insider Insider

    Tags: The Insider.

  21. Deaf Culture doesn't exist??!!

    The local newspaper here in Rochester, N.Y., the Democrat and Chronicle, printed an opinion piece last week by Jack […]

    Tom's Deaf Advocacy

  22. Important Memo from John Swofford

    November 6, 2006

    From: John Swofford, ACC Commissioner
    To: All ACC Athletic Directors and Football Coaches
    Re: New […]

    Tar Heel Fan

    Tags: ACC, ACC Football, Satire/Humor.

  23. Election 2006 Predictions

    Every two years since 1980, I have recorded my predictions about the elections.  Some elections, I have been right on […]


    Tags: media, Polls, Law, Iraq War, Republicans, Democrats, Congress, Immigration, Conservatives, Election 2006, Predictions, Wisconsin Politics, Gay Rights, Dekerivers.

  24. Peyton Manning Complicates Everything!

    If you've ever watched the Indianapolis Colts play football, you've seen the "Peyton Manning Dance". The All-Pro from […]

    The Extrapolater

    Tags: Humor, NFL, Fantasy Football, satire/parody, Indianapolis Colts, Eli Manning, Audibles, peyton manning, Archie Manning.

  25. En Bro ned i mörka vatten

    Inskickat av Bro:
    Lustigt att denna blogg finns, borde finnas en om ställena som håller butikerna vid liv också – […]


    Tags: Gästspel.

  26. The Fernandes Bulge Was Just the Beginning

    by Kenneth G Samson @ bibliomarket

    Once again, some people just don't get it. The Hearing Loss Association has […]


    Tags: University Presidents, deaf, Deafhood, Gallaudet University, Crisis at Gallaudet, Gallaudet Protest, Audism.

  27. And I forgot..

    …about my new toys which arrived today. Brilliant.

    Canon EF 16mm-35mm f2.8 L USM

    Canon EF 70mm-200mm f2.8 L IS […]

    Toyota Corolla KE30

    Tags: ShutterBugs.

  28. Are Arsenal Too Predictable?

    For those of us who remember the final seasons of George Graham’s reign, that question is enough to bring a cold […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  29. Legendas: a ressureição.

    Após o caos da última semana, onde sites e mais sites foram fechados, portais ameçados, fabricar e divulgar legendas […]

    Meio Comum

  30. Monster Bike

    Funny Emails

    Tags: humour.

  31. LOST 3X05 !! DOWNLOAD


    3X05 -The Cost Of […]

    :: IMPINA ::

    Tags: Qualquer coisa, Lost, Downloads, Informática.

  32. Saturday Night Live

    After reading Dennis Perrin on the two new NBC shows based on Saturday Night Live, I decided to review them myself. Not […]

    Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

    Tags: Television.

  33. scarlett johansson is missing her nose

    So how does she smell?



    Tags: Photoshop, Celebs, Boobies.

  34. A Suggestion For BoT

    from a reader who left this comment. She has some good suggestions about the interim president and what BoT can do for […]

    Mishka Zena

  35. Heroes – Episódio 7 (Nothing to Hide)

    Antes de baixar, você pode ter uma idéia do que encontrará nesse episódio.

    Save the Cheerleader, save the […]

    Betow Blog

    Tags: Series, YouTube, Heroes, seriados.

  36. Filter Subqueries

    Here's a little demonstration of a feature that can cause random fluctuations in performance because of an unlucky […]

    Oracle Scratchpad

  37. Passato e futuro dei supereroi (Marvel e non solo) al cinema

    Dopo il successo inatteso del film "Blade" (1998) con Wesley Snipes, e soprattutto di "Spider-Man" (2002) con Tobey […] Blog

    Tags: film, Fumetti, Cinema e TV, classifiche.


    Mawi gagal berdrama?

    Mawi cuba menafikan beliau mempunyai […]

    Ct Muslihat membongkar

    Tags: ARTIS KITA.

  39. Pics: Ballmer with Novell, Bill with Ubuntu

    Linux and Open Source Blog

    Tags: Funny Stuff, Audio/Video/Pics.

  40. Botón único para cerrar pestañas en Firefox 2

    Ni me había molestado en buscarlo aún, pero en 86400 tienen razón: Una de las cosas que me fastidió de Firefox 2 […]


    Tags: Internet, Tecnología.

  41. The Mitsuwa Tuna Cut

    In a previous post, I spoke a bit about Mitsuwa Marketplace, a Japanese shopping center in Edgewater, New Jersey. This […]

    Off The Broiler

    Tags: General, Food, Links, New Jersey.

  42. 2006 Election Forecast: R's Keep Majorities and Wisconsin Becomes a Green State

    As campaigns make their furious last minute lunges across the finish line in what has been a marathon campaign season, […]

    Rendezvous With Destiny

  43. Opinião de Cesar Brod sobre o acordo entre Microsoft e Novell

    Pedi a opinião de Cesar Brod sobre o acordo entre Microsoft e Novell, e transcrevo ela aqui na íntegra.

    Acho que […]


    Tags: Info.

  44. Αυτό κι αν είναι Hardcore!

    Μέσα σε όλη την αναμπουμπούλα, με πήρε κι εμένα η μπάλα. Μπορώ να […]


    Tags: Blogology.

  45. PROFILE: Midtown Lunch'er "Chris"

    Every Tuesday I turn over Midtown Lunch to a random Midtown worker, for their favorite places to eat lunch in […]

    Midtown Lunch

    Tags: PROFILE: Midtown Lunch'er.

  46. Ah Ha!!

    The following was origanally posted to the beginners list.  If you have questions the beginners list is a good […]

    The Weekly Squeak

    Tags: beginners.

  47. Ecclesiology of the Cross – The Pillar and Ground of Truth – Part 2

    I suggested in my previous post on this topic that the Cross be a central part of our understanding of the Church. […]

    Glory to God for All Things

    Tags: Orthodoxy.

  48. Fifa 2007 Türkçe Yama

         2 Adet Yamayıda Sunuyorum sizlere 1. Yama Mükemmel ve zahmetsiz 2. yama ise size bir alternatif olsun […]


    Tags: Oyunlar.

  49. My "anti-Scoble" commenter Chris Coulter joins PodTech

    If you've been reading here for a while you know that Chris Coulter doesn't exactly see eye to eye with me. He's been […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Blogging.

  50. Prisci-Slut se prend en main

     Des photos de notre petite favorite, Priscilla, se sont retrouvées sur Internet.  Et oui, vous pouvez admirer […]

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Apostrophe

    Tags: Scandale sexuel, Nous sommes un site porno, Loft story.

  51. Post losing to West Ham

    Yesterday should hopefully teach us a lesson and help us to be more critical in front of goal. Against Moscow we […] – An Arsenal FC Blog

    Tags: Premiership, Transfers, Arsenal News.

  52. Struck by a car full of undecideds

    –By Jay Stevens 

    On the way home tonight, on my bike in the dark and light rain, I was struck by a car as I was […]

    4&20 blackbirds

    Tags: Jon Tester, Missoula.

  53. Umar Tan: Perginya Seorang Pejuang

    (Umar freed outside Pudu Police Station, after his arrest during an anti-fuel hike protest)

    FAREWELL, […]

    elizabeth wong

    Tags: Writings, Malaysia, Human Rights, RIP, Columns, democracy.

  54. After the operation….

    Anthea returned to the ward on the trauma unit at about 5.45pm.  She came through the operation well, though initially […]

    Bishop Mike & Anthea

  55. Finally – PPC G5 Owners Can Upgrade Their Video Cards!

    This is a long-awaited development in the Aperture community. Because Aperture makes extensive use of the GPU, the […]

    Aperture Tricks – All About Apple Aperture

    Tags: Announcements.

  56. Congressional Turnover Tuesday

    What else matters today?

    Who runs the country for the next 2 years?

    Word on the world streets is that it will be […]

    Phil's Stock World

    Tags: Morning Report.

  57. Siperde Namaz

    Dün Çanakkaleyi destan yapan neyse,
    Bugün de Kafkaslarda ki Mücadeleyi dirençli kılan o…
    Yoksa nasıl […]


    Tags: ibadet, cecenistan, amatör cekim, Ümmet.

  58. Brian Williams is Not a Friend of Free Speech

    Brian Williams seems to think he is some sort of big shot… at least that’s what I heard via my interviewers last […]


    Tags: TEH INTARWEB!!1.


    My predictions as to who will win in tomorrow's elections, locally and nationally, with percentages when […]

    Texas Hold 'Em Blogger

  60. MacArthur embraces Rap Music

    John MacArthur has finally embraced his rap alter ego "Dr. Miggidy Mac". Listen here.

    HT: The Puppy Dogs

    Expository Thoughts

    Tags: Asides.

  61. Sync Google Calendar With Your Phone

    I just found this cool open source application which allows you to synchronize your Google Calendar and your mobile […]

    Web Worker Daily

    Tags: Tips & Tricks.

  62. Shiai Kumite Nacional

    As imagens foram captadas em 2005 / 2006 nos campeonatos regionais e nacionais da FNK-P, bem como nos torneis da AAMA, […]


    Tags: Video.

  63. Novell and Moglen meeting as I write this

    Meeting was set for 4 p.m. this afternoon. I spoke at 2:30 to a top Novell exec who said the meeting was on. Novell […]

    Floating Point

    Tags: Linux, Microsoft, Novell, Patents, Open Software.

  64. My Wii Launch Guide!

    I have decided to compile all the information for the Wii launch into one post, so that all of you will have the […]

    Game Nation – Video Game News!

    Tags: Wii, Launch Guide.

  65. Deluge, client bittorrent in PyGTK: quanto ti ho aspettato!

    Non so quanto voi usiate Bittorrent per scaricare file dalla simpatica rete, a volte è molto utile: nei giorni in cui […]

    pollycoke 🙂

    Tags: Troiate del giorno, Facili, o quasi.

  66. Novell-Microsoft

    7 linux, […]


    Tags: Open-Source, Linux, Microsoft, SuSE, Novell.

  67. Using Compiz in KDE on Fedora Core 6 [Update]

    Well, as I already said, Fedora Core 6 is out – and it is pretty amazing!

    Ok, I have to admit that the install (I […]


    Tags: Fedora, Free Software, KDE, Linux, x, HowTo.

  68. Tros Muziekfeest op de Oude Markt in Enschede 071106

    Op dinsdag 7 november worden op de Oude Markt in Enschede, opnames gemaakt voor het tv-programma "Tros Muziekfeest Op […]

    Ga er op uit in Nederland! Lees en plaats Gratis de tip's.

    Tags: Muziekfeest, Volksfeest.

  69. Do You Want Fry's with that Trek?

    This is a great little parody video I just saw over on Wil Wheaton's blog. As you guys know I have been known to watch […]

    Seb's Random Thoughts

    Tags: Parody, Star Trek, Store, "sebastian prooth", Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Wil Wheaton, Fry's electronics, beaming.


    …και το Τάγμα.

    [οκ, σε μια προσπάθεια να τελειώνω μια καλή με […]


    Tags: Internet, Life.

  71. Pegawai Tetap atau Kontrak ? Outlook Pekerjaan Engineering 2007 di Inggris

    Lebih baik mana jadi pegawai kontrak atau menjadi staff alias pegawai tetap saja?

    Mempunyai karyawan kontrak saat […]


    Tags: General, ceritaku.

  72. Beryl en Ubuntu Edgy con ATI

    Como sabéis, es inminente la salida de la nueva y esperada versión de Ubuntu, llamada Edgy.

    Edgy está casi listo. […]

    El Blog de Maverick

    Tags: General.

  73. CQC y Pedro J, pwn3d!!

    Hoy viendo Caiga Quien Caiga, CQC para los amigos, ha sucedido algo tal que así. En un reportaje sobre la película […]

    La cueva

    Tags: Humor, Actualidad.

  74. Tekun dan persisten

    Seringkali kita (atau saya) melihat karya seseorang dan dalam hati mengatakan saya bisa membuat lebih baik, atau saya […]

    Budi Rahardjo

    Tags: Musik, Teknologi Informasi, Curhat, Start-up, Pendidikan, Menulis.

  75. November desktop

    OS X:

    November desktop

    In a world of my own…

    Tags: Me, Computer.

  76. About the Beta invites

    I wanted to share my thoughts and approach on the beta roll out, so that all of you understand why we are taking this […]

    Scrybe Blog

    Tags: technology.

  77. CMA Awards on Right Now

    Last year's award show was one of the best I've ever seen.

    Even if you don't like Country Music, you might like […]

    Innocent Bystanders

    Tags: Music.

  78. Hapless Haldimand County – a child could have seen it coming

    In the land through the looking glass that is Haldimand County – wherein the poor people of Caledonia, Ontario reside – […]

    http://www.Voice of

    Tags: leadership, One Law for All!, Native Protests – Caledonia, Courage & Cowardice.

  79. Taji Mustapha: TV Debate in the UK

  80. Prison Break – S02E10 (season 2 episode 10)

    Direct Download // Descarga Directa


    mas tarde, […]

    …un poco de todo

    Tags: Prison Break.

  81. Custom tags

    I wonder how useful it would be to have PHP parser be able to define custom tags for HTML and be able to bind various […]

    PHP 10.0 Blog

    Tags: functions, engine.

  82. The Lame XBL Video Announcement

    am i the only one not excited about the new xbox live video offerings on the marketplace? it's just a bunch of […]

    My Weblog

    Tags: Technology and Software, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, Video Game Business.

  83. Judaism is Nobody’s Friend

    Let’s face it–the only reason we are allowed (not to mention willing) to talk about it these days is because it […]

    Crescent And Cross


    En la séptima edición de los Grammy Latino, Shakira obtuvo los premios al mejor álbum, mejor álbum vocal femenino, […]


    Tags: General, Video, 2006, Awards, POP&ROCK LATINOAMERICANO.

  85. Awesome Video — Grand Theft Mario

    Now this is a hilarious and well animated video from Robot Chicken (one of my favorite shows!).

    A lot of Nintendo […]


    Tags: Random, Video Games, Nintendo.

  86. Grace (the Amazing Kind)

    I feel somewhat compelled to offer a few thoughts on the goings-on involving Ted Haggard in Colorado Springs. Having […]

    Second Drafts

    Tags: church.

  87. Sklep meblowy Kaczyńskich

    Mieliśmy szafę pułkownika Lesiaka, ujawnioną dawno, ale odtajnioną  stosunkowo nie dawno.

    Dokumenty z niej […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

    Tags: polityka, Polska, Państwo, Kaczyzm, lustracja.

  88. Train Kept A-Rollin'

    Well, we have arrived at the beginning, the slow build to the climax of this season. It feels good and sickening too, […]

    Heaven and Here

  89. Yet more Heroes Spoilers…

    Here is an amazing amount of Heroes spoilers, thanks to TV Makes You Stupid.

    Click More to read them.


    The Heroes Chronicles

    Tags: General, Article, Season One, SPOILER.

  90. New!!! TRUCO SENDSPACE !!!!


    Vayan a google –> herramientas de […]

    The Lackfer® Blog

    Tags: Trucos, Internet, News, Web, Tips, Descargas.

  91. music from the oc, 4.01: the avengers

    4.01: the avengers

    running up that hill by placebo
    save me by jude
    song for sunshine by belle & […]

    blog at srar dot net

    Tags: Music, Television, The O.C., Mp3s.

  92. Saw 3 (El juego del miedo 3)

    El 2/11 se estrena la 3ra parte de una de las pocas peliculas (hasta diria la unica) q fui a ver la 2 al cine y no sali […]


    Tags: Cine.

  93. The Demise of MSFT, Unbreakable Linux 2.0 , Linux Adoption

    …from Kevin Closson's blog…
    I just googled for “Ellison +’linux adoption’” and got 209,000 hits.
    As I […]

    Kevin Closson's Oracle Blog: Platform, Storage & Clustering Topics Related to Oracle Databases

    Tags: Linux, Oracle, Linux clusters, Oracle RAC, Cluster Filesystem.

  94. Inside the Wii Box Photos

    That Tech Chick's Blog

    Tags: Nintendo.

  95. Biancamania

    Am 14. November 2006 erscheint endlich Bianca Ryans erste CD.
    Die Kleine mit der großen Stimme kann nun unter Beweis […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

    Tags: Video, Musik, Bianca Ryan.

  96. Seltsames von Shadowrun

    Sehr Seltsames höre und lese ich über Shadowrun die Tage…

    da ist z.B. der Podcast der PulpGamer, der Rob Boyle […]

    legi intellexi condemnavi

    Tags: Rollenspiel.

  97. Hitchhiking Ghost Causes Car Accident

    Now that I have your attention, here is a neat FAKE — and I repeat — FAKE ghost video that has been going around on […]

    Dark Walls

    Tags: Miscilanious Creepiness.

  98. Who are the people in your neighborhood?

    A round-up of the candidates who have stopped by and visited us over here in Bayport.  As of Sunday:

    Doug deHaan […]

    Blogging Bayport Alameda

    Tags: election, Alameda, Bayport.

  99. Arkansas Coach Gus Malzahn Says " I'm Houston Nutt's Puppet"

    Gus Malzahn is a semi-successful SEC Offensive Coordinator. And by Coordinator, I mean he shakes a lot of hands and […]

    Loser with Socks

    Tags: SEC Football, Interview, Arkansas Razorbacks, SEC Coaches.

  100. Qué vivan los novios

    (La Primera) Qué vivan los novios

    El matrimonio del doctor Alan García con don Alberto Fujimori Fujimori, […]

    César Hildebrandt Blog

    Tags: Artículos.

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