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October 29, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Ubuntu Edgy Upgrades a Disaster for many

    Take a look around the Ubuntu Forums lately and you'll see many installation and various related threads just cropping […]


  2. Edgy optimizado

    Una vez recién instalada Ubuntu Edgy (6.10) es necesario optimizarla para poder trabajar con ella cómodamente. Por […]

    El Blog de Maverick

    Tags: ubuntu.

  3. Set Max to "live telecast" ICC Champions trophy 2007 in India

    Channel Set Max for Indian viewers :-

    Sony Entertainment television Network won the ICC rights for cricket telecast […]

    "Gagan's Blog………"

    Tags: General, Sports, India, cricket – क्रिकेट.

  4. Apple blogger calls "bullshit" on me

    Chuqui, who is was an Apple employee, has a point. Apple employees ARE allowed to blog. They just aren't allowed to be […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Blogging.

  5. Your sexy Halloween outfit

    Sexy nurse, sexy schoolgirl, sexy cardiologist.  The list goes on.  But it's a different scene in the suburbs… At […]

    For parody purposes only

    Tags: Humor, sexy, Halloween, Comedy, YouTube, Viral Video.

  6. General Wii Information – All New

    Taken from GoNintendo, who took it from NeoGAF;
    General Wii stuff

    – CNN has signed up with Nintendo as the provider […]


    Tags: wiiNEWS.

  7. Private Investigator Unmasks Himself…

    I'm tired of seeing the tragedy at Gallaudet University unfolding and causing pain, suffering, and humiliation that the […]

    The GU Private Investigator

    Tags: Newsworthy.

  8. Background of Fernandes: Wash Post

    Unbowed Against the Tide
    Gallaudet Leader's [sic] Principles Define — and Threaten — Her

    By Sue Anne […]

    Mishka Zena

  9. Po Firefox 2 Party

    No i po imprezie. Dziękujemy wszystkim, którzy stawili się w piątek w Bolku, specjalne podziękowania należą się […]


    Tags: Mozilla, firefox, AviaryPL.

  10. Some WordPress 2.0.5 users reporting Server 500 error

    If you are part of the small minority of WP users seeing 500 error messages (or anything about 302) after upgrading to […]

    Mark on WordPress

    Tags: WordPress, wordpress 2.0.5, 500 error, wp_redirect.

  11. Stephen Colbert announces his support for the FSSA!

    Stephen Colbert announces his support for the FSSA! He was heard remarking 'YOU'RE ON NOTICE!' to the Gallaudet Board […]


    Tags: University Presidents, deaf, Deafhood, Gallaudet University, Crisis at Gallaudet, Gallaudet Protest.

  12. Yerli YouTube:

    Google'ın satın aldığı gözde görüntü paylaşım sitesi YouTube’a Türkiye'den rakip çıktı.

    Kısa […]

    Gurkan.Biz | Günlük , Haber , Gelişme , Teknoloji

    Tags: Faydalı Siteler & Servisler.

  13. It's gonna be on telly and we'll lose..

    The news of us drawing Yeading at home has sent a shockwave amongst Forest fans, well okay, a tedium tremor? Okay, an […]

    Through the seasons before us..

    Tags: News.

  14. Howto: Using Beryl in Fedora Core 6 [Update]

    As you know, Fedora Core is shipped with X.Org v. 7.1, and therefore with AIGLX. And Compiz works fine.

    However, […]


    Tags: Linux, Fedora, Free Software, x, HowTo, RPM.

  15. Top 10 Copycat cars

    As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I've gathered 10 cases of ultimate flattery in autos here, […]

    Gems Sty

    Tags: Industrial Design.

  16. News

    Soul Bean Café

    Tags: av, SBC NEWS.

  17. Fauxstess, To the Extreme

    Lately, it's been very difficult to think of new food-related patterns. Every time I think I might have something […]


    Tags: knitting.

  18. Giving the victim's family a say

    One of this government's big ideas for wrecking with ill-considered populist measures modernising the justice system […]

    Not Saussure

    Tags: Law.

  19. Vídeo da Daniela Cicarelli

    Como várias pessoas me perguntaram onde se podia "sacar" o vídeo da Daniela Cicarelli com o namorado numa praia de […]


    Tags: Informações úteis (ou não).

  20. See . . . . Even Bill Gates Recommends Ubuntu

    EDIT : For all the people posting comments here and on Digg to confirm if this ad is real  or not – Of course it […]

    Everything Else

    Tags: Business, ubuntu, Linux, Microsoft, Evil News.

  21. Fiber Revolution: A Survey of Styles

    Fiber Revolution: A Survey of Styles
    October 3 – 31, 2006

    M. Christina Geis Gallery
    Georgian Court […]

    Art Quilt Reviews

    Tags: Reviews by Contributors.

  22. Pretty Widgets for Firefox for Linux

    So.. The switch to Ubuntu has had it's ups and downs. But one annoyance I had was the un-styled 'widgets' in Firefox […]

    dnite's Blog

    Tags: ubuntu, Linux.

  23. Amor Nerd: Conheça o Problema

    I – Conhecendo o Problema II – Pareça Sexy I – Conhecendo o Problema

    Ah, l'amour! O amor é fogo que arde sem […]

    Cabaret Cubano

  24. Grasz w teczusie? gram!

    – Cześć Andrzejku, wpadniesz na teczusie wieczorkiem?
    – A Jareczek, morda, to dziś gramy?
    – Tak, Romek obiecał […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

    Tags: IV-RP.

  25. Orgasm

    Inskickat av Sofia:
    En liten tant handlar av mig och är sådär gullig som små tanter kan vara. När hon är klar […]


    Tags: Gästspel.

  26. Comentário de Mark Shuttleworth sobre o tema Firefox no Debian

    Mark Shuttleworth publicou em seu blog um comentário bastante lúcido (Firefox and Ubuntu) sobre o recente […]


    Tags: Info.

  27. Researchers find smallest cellular genome

    The smallest collection of genes ever found for a cellular organism comes from tiny symbiotic bacteria that live inside […]


    Tags: Biology, genes, Genome, DNA.

  28. Up to 14 High School Boys Rape, Torture Developmentally Disabled Girl, Then Make and Sell DVD of the Rapes

    Well, my second cry of the day.
    Last June a developmentally disabled 17-year-old girl, […]

    Women's Space/The Margins

    Tags: Feminism, War On Women, Male Terrorism.

  29. Rush Limbaugh's attack on Michael J. Fox.

    Michael J. Fox's ad in support of stem cell research, for Missouri Democrat candidate Claire McCaskill's Senate […]

    The Neurophilosopher's weblog

    Tags: Podcasts, YouTube, Parkinson's disease.

  30. Saber que se puede

    Un canto a la esperanza de Diego Torres


    Tags: videos, Psicologia, Fobia Social.

  31. "Concurso de Calaveras Literarias"

    "Festival día de Muertos"
    Facultad de Arquitectura, UNAM – 30 DE OCTUBRE DE 2006


    Tags: anuncios, Concursos, UNAM.

  32. So I signed up for PayPerPost

    After all the hoopla about PayPerPost, I wanted to form my own opinion. I opened an account, scanned their offers from […]

    Toni's Garage

    Tags: Asides.

  33. Isis’ Guide to Sensible Islam Posting

    I am a conservative Republican. I am a freelance writer for several local media outlets. I also have […]

    Smart and Final Isis

  34. Absolute Submission Fighting

    Loïc Pora et Atch ont une nouvelle fois fait vibrer Japy avec un show comme il n'y en a que trop peu en France : un […]

    Tags: FightSport.

  35. IRC quotes #1 (german)

    Hallo zusammen!
    eigentlich wollte ich ja nur 5 quotes pro Woche veröffentlichen, da mir aber bei den ingesamt 75 […]

    Tak3r's Blog

    Tags: IRC quotes.

  36. More Shins

    The Shins — "Australia" has been taken down due to label requests….

    DOWNLOAD THIS SONG!!!. The Management — […]

    The Penguin Swimming Hole

  37. Using WordPress in Your Domain Name? Don't!

    For a long time, Matt Mullenweg has been really lenient about the use of "WordPress" in domain names and blog titles, […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  38. Italiani al 100%

    Leggendo il numero 538 di questa settimana del settimanale "Specchio" del quotidiano La Stampa, mi ha colpito […] Blog

    Tags: Trivia, Numeri.

  39. Debut de Seru en Obras

    Aquí se van a encontrar con dos versiones del debut de Seru Giran en Obras Sanitarias el 03/11/78. En la primera […]

    .: ZonaGarcia :.

    Tags: Descargas, Recitales, Seru Giran.

  40. Pioneer Vol 7, Descarga directa

    Otra vez más otro año más, un gran recopilatorio de gran música, electro-house

    Me he comprado el recopilatorio […]


    Tags: Música.

  41. Smallville – Episódio 5 (Reunion)

    Episódio em que acontece um Flashback de Lex e Oliver na escola ahuahuahauah

    Vamos conferir porque eles não se […]

    Betow Blog

    Tags: Series, Smallville, seriados.

  42. Peluang Kerja di Gramedia Majalah

    Lowongan Freelance di Gramedia Majalah
    Kategori: lowongan kerja lowongan pekerjaan peluang kerja terbaru
    GRAMEDIA […]

    Lowongan Kerja

    Tags: Finance, Information Technology, Civil, Employment, Accounting, Job Opportunity, Engineering, Help Desk, Mining, Mobile Banking, Business Analyst, Health & Safety, Waitress, Lowongan, customer care, Karir, Finance/ Accounting, Lowongan Kerja, Peluang Kerja, online payment, North Sumatra, Kehutanan, Internet banking, Lowongan Karir, Job Info, Info Karir, Lowongan Pekerjaan, Peluang Pekerjaan, Lamaran Kerja, Job Vacancy, Lowongan di Jakarta, Lowongan di Bandung, Lowongan di Semarang, Lowongan di Surabaya, Lowongan di Malang, Lowongan di Yogyakarta, Lowongan di Jabar, Lowongan di Bogor, Lowongan di Jateng, Lowongan di Jatim, Lowongan di Medan, Lowongan di Aceh, Lowongan di Riau, Lowongan di Pekanbaru, Lowongan di Balikpapan, Lowongan di Kaltim, Lowongan di Bali, Lowongan di Makassar, Lowongan di Ujung Pandang, Lowongan Administrasi, Career Info, Lowongan Wartawan, Lowongan Jurnalis, Lowongan Reporter, Lowongan Teknisi, Lowongan Teknik Sipil, Administrasi, Jurnalis, Lowongan Baru 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  43. Halo 3 scans. Megaton.

    So later on this month, I will run out to my mailbox with glee (not caring that it's cold as Sidewinder, and I'm still […]


    Tags: Microsoft, Events, Blogroll, previews, Posts, speculation.

  44. Information about the BOT Meeting from FSSA

    For Immediate Release

    At the present time, the Gallaudet protest leadership has not announced
    any plans to go to […]

    People of the Eye

  45. Adventures in a New Ubuntu 6.10 Clean Install: Day 3

    Day 3

    How to Mount a FAT32 Drive/Partition with Read and Write Access for All Users

    The next step I tackled in my […]

    Leonivek's Linux FUD

    Tags: Tips and Tricks, Issues/Problems, FUD Series.

  46. Loix test volop met VW Polo S2000

    Freddy Loix is volop aan het testen met de VW Polo S2000 ter voorbereiding op de Condroz-rally van volgend weekend. Na […]

    Tags: BK Rally.

  47. Wonderful ride

    Like all good things, this blog is also coming to an end. It was wonderful to be able to share this part of my life […]

    Anousheh Ansari Space Blog

    Tags: Space Explorer.

  48. Si es posible instalar XGL en ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft

    Ayer en la noche por fin cedió el mugroso driver fglrx, que era lo que me faltaba para instalar xgl en edgy. Aunque […]

    Fred.cpp y sus cosas

    Tags: ubuntu, Blog, Linux, Tutorials, Linux & OpenSource, Links, Tutoriales, Desktops, Manuales y tutoriales, Manuales.

  49. Papervision3D @ OSFlash

    I'm very happy to announce that Papervision3D is now part of the OSFlash family.

    Many thanks to John Grden and […]


    Tags: Open-Source, Blogroll, ActionScript.

  50. Aison, Mella, Liza and more…

    Today Angels:


    Tags: Babes.

  51. I. King Jordan Featured Guest at Chicago Hearing Society’s 90th Anniversary Celebration

    I wonder if I. King Jordan will take a break from his mess at Gallaudet to attend the dinner and cocktail reception. […]

    Chicago for FSSA

    Tags: News.

  52. Robots capaces de razonar, sentir e incluso reproducirse

    Si bien esta noticia es de comienzos del 2005, no deja de sorprenderme y me invita a reflexionar que han pasado […]

    Yo Robot

    Tags: Noticias.

  53. Oaxaca está bajo ataque paramilitar, pistoleros de Ulises Ruiz están asesinando a gente del pueblo

    Oaxaca está bajo ataque paramilitar, pistoleros de Ulises Ruiz están asesinando a gente del pueblo

    De acuerdo a […]


    Tags: Oaxaca, Acciones urgentes.


    Yabancı kadını görüp, azab-ı ilahiden korkarak, başını ondan çevirene Allahü teâlâ ibadetin tadını […]

    ::bitpazarı::/Ne Ararsan Burada…

    Tags: Life, cinsellik.

  55. Przywracanie proporcji

    Śmierć zaszczutej przez rówieśników 14-latki być może nie pójdzie na marne. Rząd (w osobie premiera i ministra […]

    Tomasz Łysakowski

    Tags: polityka, Społeczeństwo, Prawo.

  56. Atatürk

    No one who visits Turkey can fail to miss the omnipresence of Atatürk. You will probably arrive in Atatürk […]

    Images of a Divided World

  57. Why The Whole "Revert" Thing Is Idiotic

    Muslims call newly converted Muslims "reverts." Why? Because it is presumed that at the time of birth all humans are […]


  58. Halloween in Puyenbroeck

    Op zondag 29 oktober 2006 gaat voor het eerst in het provinciaal domein Puyenbroeck de "Halloweendag" […]

    Zeg niet dat je het niet wist

    Tags: Kinderen, Uitstappen.

  59. Wikipedia did not leave $100M on the table

    Update: Wow, I'm now on digg. Sort of. That's cool.

    How timely. Just a day after recording a podcast in which […]

    Tags: Current Affairs, Tech News, Wikipedia, Internet Related.

  60. Toutes les filles de Loft Story 3 flambant nues.

    Dans vos rêves messieurs.  Je sais que vous rêvez tous de voir les participantes de Loft Story 3 flambant nues. […]

    L'industrie du sexe au Québec.

    Tags: nude, Loft story, Priscilla, Adult.

  61. Edgy + Aiglx + Ati 9600 XT

    Grazie all'aiuto degli utenti del forum di ubuntu, sono riuscito ad attivare aiglx sulla mia […]


    Tags: ubuntustorming.

  62. Msnde resim çalma

    Msn de birisiyle konuşurken kullandığı resim hoşunuza mı gitti.Bu program sayesinde artık o resim sizde de […]

    GerÇekLeR TüRkLerLe Var OlaCak

    Tags: msn-live messenger.

  63. Trucos para RapidShare

    Bueno como todos somos adictos al internet y aprovechamos cada oportunidad que se nos presenta, hoy compartiremos los […]

    MegaByte This !!!!!

    Tags: Internet, Paginas Web.

  64. New Nintendo Wii Promotional Trailer Discovered

    Fancy getting an even closer insight at what you can expect […]


    Tags: Nintendo.

  65. We Could Use Less Of This In Barbados…

    ZR Attack: Does Anyone Know The Races Of The Attackers And The Victims?

    On Friday, October 20, 2006, two […]

    Barbados Free Press

    Tags: Crime & Law, Barbados, Culture & Race Issues.

  66. Stratos 4: Is it wrong to watch a series just because it has a fat cat in it?

    Talk to the paw.
    Mikaze Hanjyou is a trainee pilot for the Meteor Sweepers- part of the ground-based defence line […]

    Azure Flame

    Tags: Series reviews.

  67. [MP3]3 New The Game Tracks

    Artist: The Game Title: 1. Why you hate the game
    2. Ol' English
    3. Doctors Advocate
    Edit: 4. Compton Album: […]

    Rap – Hiphop – RnB and so much more…

    Tags: mp3.

  68. Line Rider

    This has already been all over the blogosphere. It is a highly addictive "toy" in which you can draw a track and have a […]


  69. Flyers look to re-build; Blockbuster deal in the mix?

    When realizing the Philadelphia Flyers were off to their worst start in over 15 years, the club decided to clean house […]

    The NHL Line

    Tags: Philadelphia Flyers, Trade Rumors.

  70. Artikel über Bianca Ryan im Stern

    Nach fast vier Monaten fangen nun auch die alten Medien an, sich für Bianca Ryan zu interessieren. Was für Blogleser […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

    Tags: Internet, Video, Musik, Film & Fernsehen, Bianca Ryan.

  71. Primer patch para FIFA 07

    Como ya viene siendo habitual en los últimos tiempos la aplicación de múltiples parches en los videojuegos puede […]

    Play Games – News & Demos

    Tags: General, Videojuegos, Freeware, Novedades, Patches, Descargas.

  72. Inteligencia Artificial :S Derechos de Autor :S

    En el curso de inteligencia artificial, impartido por el Dr. Javier Gramajo, varios grupos de estudiantes hicieron sus […]


  73. Hiren's BootCD 8.5

     Download Mirrors for Hiren’s BootCD v8.5
    (click the link most convenient for you):


    Malaysia Uncut

    Tags: Software and Utilities.

  74. What Makes These Dark Chocolate Muffins Special? Beets Me.


    Double Dark Chocolate Beet Muffins. Yes, you read that right.  Beet.  Sound good? Probably not. But you can't sa […]

    Pinch My Salt

    Tags: Desserts, Breads, Adventures in Baking.

  75. Nicht mein Bier

    Lycos Germany are spamming sending me an offer for a 30 day free trial of their Lycos Extra e-mail account. Should I […]

    More shameless remarks by Larko

    Tags: Internet, Spam, Gmail, Germany, E-mail.

  76. Surely you are zuning with me!

    During the past year several media outlets have breathlessly heralded the triumphant efforts of Microsoft development […]

    Sharing the truth one thread at a time

    Tags: Microsoft.

  77. Remembering Passwords with Password Grids

    If you are really paranoid like I am then you have a different password for every computer login and Internet site you […]

    The Blogmatic Programmer

  78. Scarlett, dear, put your bra on!

    OK, I was reading Jeanette Walls "Scoop", my morning quick fix of celebrity gossip, and got a chuckle from this:
    Scarle […]


    Tags: Celebrities, Beauty, Fluff, Self & Body Image.

  79. India Uncut, Seventies and Nervous Sex

    Today, Jai Arjun Singh was quoted on India Uncut:
    Wasn't there a theory that many urban Indians (especially […]

    Life is a street car named Desire

    Tags: Just Plain Weird.

  80. Baixe o primeiro capitulo da terceira temporada de LOST!

    Lost S03e01:
    Para baixar o episódio em qualidade média, mas já com legenda em português, clique AQUI. Para […]

    Tags: Lost, Series.

  81. BaD News

    Sorry, people , , , i have a bad news for U 😦

    I had  Closed DOOSTAM IS A HACKER, Cuz I cant hack any more.

    So […]

    Club penguin

  82. More Halo 3 News! EGM Blowout

    EGM is working quicker now to get the Halo 3 Coverage out there because the Swiss got it out first. I think the EGM […]

    360 Live with Dpcough

    Tags: Halo, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.


    Isteri Awie hamil dua bulan
    Utusan 29 Okt 2006

    Dalam orang dok bertanya khabar tentang ke mana Arni Nazira […]

    Ct Muslihat membongkar

    Tags: ARTIS KITA.

  84. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto 04




    Tags: Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto.

  85. OOPS VIDEO: Michael J. Fox Admits He Has NOT Read Missouri's Stem Cell Amendment


    Actor Michael J. Fox jokes that he may be short […]

    Anything & Everything

    Tags: General Stuff, Interesting stuff, Oddly Enough, Humorous, U.S. News and Politics, Shocking, Entertainment News, You've Got to be Kidding, What were they thinking?, Well that's just weird, Caught on Video, Television News.

  86. "" ;


    Tags: .

  87. TV-Browser – Perlenfischer für die Flimmerkiste

    Wie passend zu einem verregneten Sonntag und im Angesicht des nahenden Winters: mit TV-Browser lassen sich die Perlen […]

    OS X Freeware – Kostenlose Mac-Software

    Tags: opensource, Freeware, Mac OS X.

  88. Lost, spoiler e Heroes

    Um Pouco Mais de Lost

    Quando estréiam coisas boas lá fora, seja uma nova temporada de um seriado ou um novo filme, […]


    Tags: televisao.

  89. Origami: Grulla de Prison Break

    En YouTube hay un vídeo que nos enseña a construir una grulla mediante papiroflexia al estilo de las que hace Michael […]


    Tags: Curiosidades.

  90. Saving Philippine Idol

    Last night, Ryan Agoncillo announced on Philippine Idol that no Idol contestant would be voted off for the week, owing […]

    Ganns Deen Online

    Tags: Randomnities.

  91. En ny borgerlighet

    I senaste numret av Captus Tidning skriver Adam Nelvin om att en ny borgerlighet växer fram i skuggan av de mer […]

    Tags: Politik, Idédebatt.

  92. Efecto Bearm up en Beryl

    Los chicos de Beryl no dejan de sorprender. Esta semana han agregado 2 nuevas características (entre otras):

    Poder […]

    Javier Aroche

    Tags: opensource, ubuntu, Linux.

  93. Falleció Nelson, el hombre más enano del mundo

    El actor dominicano de 39 años falleció ayer en Nueva York por causas que aún se desconocen. El hombre de sólo 54 […]


    Tags: Blogroll.

  94. Exclusive: Preview Of George Michael South Bank Show

    With only two days to go, Remarkable's Buzzin' Blog brings George Michael fans an exclusive, albeit small, preview […]

    Remarkable's Buzzin' Blog

    Tags: George Michael.

  95. Kristenbloggen rævkjører homofile

    En helt ny type blogg har sett dagens lys. Det er oppsiktsvekkende nok kristenfolket ved Andreas Hesselberg som står […]

    Habben på Heia

    Tags: Dilldall.

  96. club peguin videos

    hey click on the video to watch it hope you like it 🙂 […]

    club penguin people

  97. yürekleri parçalayan inanılmaz görüntüler (+18)

    video arşivi

    Tags: Tarih, Haber, Yorum, Irak, Siyaset, filistin, cecenistan, belgesel, Türk Dünyası.

  98. Halloween Party & Lots of Screams!

    Hello! Its icy Fresh 2 speaking! The halloween party has begun! the ghost sheet is in the catolouge! also the eclipse […]

    Club Penguin Secrets

    Tags: secrets.


    Cambridge Forecast Group Blog

    Tags: Books, History, Philosophy, Israel, Globalization, Judaica, zionism.

  100. Video de Cristiano Ronaldo (Remate Acrobatico)

    Cristiano Ronaldo es un jugador increible. Es mi jugador favorito y este es un de sus mejores videos. En este partido […]

    Super Goles

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