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October 25, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Galician blogger charged for supporting Israel (UPDATED)

    Galician blogger Alejandro de Llano has told in his blog that he has been charged with the great crime of supporting Is

    Toasted Bread

    Tags: USA, Human Rights, Spain, Unbelievable news.

  2. A Smudge of Fudge from Pudge?

    Rumors are swirling about the mysterious dark matter that befouled the pitching hand of Detroit's Game 2 starter […]

    The Extrapolater

    Tags: News, Humor, Baseball, Detroit Tigers, satire/parody, St. Louis Cardinals, World Series, kenny rogers, Pudge Rodriguez.

  3. Tutorial: Escondendo arquivos RAR ou ZIP em JPG ou GIF

    Vamos ensiar aqui um dos melhores truques já disseminado na internet.
    (clique nas imagens para ampliar)
    Primeiro […]

    Meio Comum

  4. Students Hurt!

    MSSD gate was recently forced open by DPS. They bulldozed the gate open. There were NO INTERPRETERS on the scene. […]

    People of the Eye

  5. Tu recuerdo – Ricky Martin

    Así como coloqué la canción hace una semana pues me siento obligado a subir el video, que decir de la letra? […]

    Tags: videos.

  6. Microsoft Zune in depth

    Last time I was at Microsoft I met with the Zune team and got this in-depth look at Zune (the iPod competitor). I have […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Blogging.

  7. 5 Most innovative ideas I've seen in advertising

    Billboard advertising has been around for decades. It is safe to say that they are no longer as effective as they used […]

    Everythang on anything

    Tags: Innovation, advertising.

  8. The Wonderful World of WordPress Products

    By now, most of you should know that there are three versions of WordPress available and one awesome forum software […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  9. Google Co-op — An Intro & Some Insider Hacks So what is it? It's called Google Co-op, a platform which enables users to build their […]

    zooie's blog

    Tags: Google, tagging, Tutorial, Blog Stuff, Databases.

  10. Las tetas con suspensión independiente

    Hete aquí un maravilloso ejemplo de publicidad sutil, de buen gusto, respetuosa con la mujer, de una imaginación […]

    Apuntes varios

    Tags: Yo Youtube.

  11. Craigslist Founder Won't Sell Out owner Craig Newmark isn't tempted to sell off his popular community classifieds site any time soon. Even […]

    BIG marketing for small business

    Tags: Internet, Marketing, Business, Branding.

  12. Paletas de color en CSS

    Una de las mejores características de las hojas de estilo en cascada está descrita en su propio nombre: en cascada. […]


    Tags: Diseño.

  13. Wee Shu Min just me, us, just like another Singaporean, just better Engrish

    i am inclined – too much, perhaps – to dismiss such people as crackpots. stupid crackpots. the sadder class. too often […]

    What is in your Goodie Bag?

    Tags: Opinion, Blogosphere.

  14. My conversation with Darrell Overcash of Mary Kay Inc.

    I read all of your thoughts and opinions on the topic. I would say the group was split 50/50 on whether or not to […]

    Pink Truth

  15. Ricky Bobby Costume Talladega Nights T-Shirts for Halloween

    The Ricky Booby Halloween Costume

    I am going to recommend "Ricky Bobby" as one of the Top Ten Halloween […]

    PlutoniumBlond – Cult Movies and TV Blog

    Tags: Movies, Humor, TV/Movies, Halloween, Comedy, Movie Merchandise, Halloween Costumes, Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights.

  16. Nadszedł!

    Do pobrania już teraz z czyli z
     A Ty? Czy już go […]


    Tags: Mozilla, firefox.

  17. The prospects for power sharing agreements

    The significance of the forthcoming talks in Geneva is that they offer the prospect of shift from a […]

    Lanka Page

    Tags: Across the Universe, News and politics, Google Search, World News, South Asia, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Topix.

  18. Ryan, Chris, and Delia Speak Out

    Ryan confirms what happened ay the mssd gate.  4 confirmed injuries.  8
    pm rally at marketplace.

    Chris: the […]

    Mishka Zena


    MTV Latinoamérica anunció los nominados para la quinta edición de “Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2006”. […]


    Tags: General, 2006, Awards, POP&ROCK LATINOAMERICANO.

  20. John Bunting and the 2001 Coaching Class

    When the University of North Carolina hired John Bunting away from the St. Louis Rams to replace Carl Torbush as their […]

    Vandermint Auditorium

    Tags: College Football, unc, John Bunting.

  21. Intimidation of the Deaf should not happening today

    Thanks to Paul LeDrew and Wayne Nicholson for contributing to the 2 clips below. They both are teachers at George Brown […]

    Canucks for FSSA

    Tags: Video Clips.

  22. Future of Singapore

    There's been some interesting news floating around the ingterneck lately – the 13 year old scammer quickly revealed by […]

    the odd joker

    Tags: Blog-o-think.

  23. Possible new E- series device?

    Jah spotted this thread over at mobile-review regarding a possible new E- series device. If the picture is anywhere […]

    E61 Blog

    Tags: Articles.

  24. More Shins

    yes, i have more shins for you. and this is my second favorite song (#1 is my last post) on their new cd. so […]

    The Penguin Swimming Hole

  25. Vad man egentligen borde göra

    Inskickat av K:
    Jag arbetade extra i butik under min studietid och fick en lördagkväll för drygt ett år sedan […]


    Tags: Gästspel.

  26. Prisci-Slut se prend en main

     Des photos de notre petite favorite, Priscilla, se sont retrouvées sur Internet.  Et oui, vous pouvez admirer […]

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Apostrophe

    Tags: Scandale sexuel, Nous sommes un site porno, Loft story.

  27. My Vision of where the web is going.

    I've wanted to write a post like this for a while.  Here is my view of what is happening on the web today and what is […]

    The Paradigm Shift

  28. On War and Love: From the 1860s

    John Reynolds and "Kate"

    By John E. Carey
    The Washington Times

    Many students of the Civil War and the battle of […]

    Peace and Freedom

  29. Gartner Assails Cisco's LAN Leadership

    If you were to look only at the figure of the Campus LAN Magic Quadrant in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Campus LAN […]

    Twilight in the Valley of the Nerds

  30. Elion – my ass…

    selle posti plaanisin ma kirjutada juba vähemalt eelmine reede, kuid kuri tuju läks tol korral üle (P oli kodus)… […]

    Meie Maailm

    Tags: tegija, muu, täna.

  31. Bradford get rid of lard-arse..

    Alan Rogers, the self-confessed Premiership standard left back, has been dumped by Bradford City to free up some cash […]

    Through the seasons before us..

    Tags: News.

  32. Historic Labor Agreement

    Baseball and the players union agreed to a five-year deal this week.  That's the good news, and for once, there isn't […]

    Tags: Seattle Mariners.

  33. Halloween(Gears of War style)

     This was carved by a gamer named subnoise rat.

    Who is stocking up on candy corn??

    The Xbox Domain

  34. so. the arranged marriage thing. (and a list.)

    To jump right into it, I was born into a family and and culture that believes strongly in arranged marriage. I am a 2nd […]


    Tags: Question Mark, ellipsis.


    By Michael Simon

    Ten years ago, if you went to Europe and needed to download e-mail, you were looking at a 20-minute […]

    Web Worker Daily

    Tags: Guest Post, Workplace Trends.

  36. Village Voice: Best of NYC gives Midtown it's due!!!

    I totally missed the Village Voice: Best of NYC issue that came out last week… and it's a shame too because they […]

    Midtown Lunch

  37. Do the Democrats Want to Win?

    The Dems look to have a shot at taking the House this year. Do they want to?

    The war is going badly. It will […]

    Creative Destruction

    Tags: Politics, Politics and Elections, Election 2006.

  38. Lo público y lo privado

    (La Primera) Lo público y lo privado
    Un experto en lenguaje gallináceo ha descubierto que a una cierta hora de la […]

    César Hildebrandt Blog

    Tags: Artículos.

  39. Supporters of Caledonia criminals rip off VoC for pennies

    In the "Here's me thinking I could leave Caledonia alone for awhile…" Department:

    I just discovered a NY […]

    http://www.Voice of

    Tags: Native Protests – Caledonia, VoC News, How low can they go?, Business – General.

  40. Ieri e oggi in TV (con i dati Auditel del 24 ottobre)

    In questo spazio propongo gli ascolti dei programmi di prima serata trasmessi ieri, martedì 24 ottobre (tra parentesi […] Blog

    Tags: Cinema e TV, TV ITA, Auditel.

  41. Potter on the Prowl: Daniel Radcliffe on

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Him a Match…

    *This is just a joke kidz for the "lol"s.

    Tags: THE IN.

  42. Adriane "Addie" Hall murder 10/05/06 New Orleans, LA

    Zach and Addie

    Crime Library
    Katrina survival story e

    Bonnie's Blog of Crime

    Tags: Crime, murder, Louisiana, Sex crimes, murder in the 21st Century, Family/Domestic Violence, Zach Bowen, Suicide, cannibal.

  43. Atrakcje z okazji 1 rocznicy

    Dziś mija właśnie pierwszy rok odkąd prowadzę niniejszego bloga. Planowałem na ten dzień coś specjalnego […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

    Tags: polityka.

  44. PRIDE 32, Real Backstage

    Alors que les résultats du premier PRIDE sur le sol Américain sont connus de tous, voici quelques vidéos prises […]

    Tags: FightSport.

  45. Anus as Art #28 – A Picture Just for Me

    This is a picture taken just for me. Ohhh my… The things I could do with this ass, with this beautiful naked woman's […]

    A Married Woman's Lesbain Fantasies

  46. CPAs Grill Prosecutor, Partner on Backdating

    Can you think of a more intimidating crowd than a roomful of accountants? They know all the issues, understand all […]

    Legal Pad

    Tags: Justin Scheck, Miscellania.

  47. Come tenere maniacalmente pulita una Ubuntu

    Spinto da alcune considerazioni spuntate fuori dopo il post "Aggiornare da Dapper a Edgy “consapevolmente”" (grazie […]

    pollycoke 🙂

    Tags: Troiate del giorno, Articoli, Guide e HowTo, Avanzati, per Guru.

  48. Olbermann – The Real Terrorists

    Another Special Comment from Olbermann as has become regular for my blog…

    This one about the fear-mongering (read […]

    Incompetence Inc.

    Tags: Incompetence Exposed.

  49. A Cup of Heaven

    When I lived in Los Angeles, you couldn't throw a rock without hitting a Starbucks. The location of the nearest […]

    It Coulda' Been Worse

    Tags: Works for Me Wednesday.

  50. SUSE 10.1: Xgl with Beryl Compiz

    What is Beryl?
    Beryl is a combined window manager and compositing manager that runs on top of Xgl or AIGLX using […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

    Tags: SuSE, D. Environments, HowTos/Tutorials/Tips.

  51. Opinión sobre el recital del 55º aniversario

    Por Natalio Balderrama
    Un partido largo, con un tiempo para cada uno. En el primero, el sonido se encargó de […]

    .: ZonaGarcia :.

    Tags: Otros.

  52. ja, żona & mini me spierd…

    5 brocho-punktów za rozgryzienie przed końcem czytania skąd pochodzi ten tekst:
    Jestem kobietą szczęśliwą. Rano […]

    notes brochy

    Tags: polityka, Społeczeństwo, absurd, Kosciol.

  53. RJC Student Spared Cane

    Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Wee Swee Kim agreed with his daughter RJC student Wee Shu Min that graduates lucky enough to have a […]

    The States Times

    Tags: Lifestyle.

  54. Lik-Sang y su pataleta aka El ruido y la furia

    … por Antonio Carrasco

    La conocida tienda online Lik-Sang dedicada a la exportación de todo tipo de material […]


    Tags: Compañias.

  55. craig is cool

    the founder of Craigslist is still on the Awesome Humans list.  this is why:
    AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (Reuters) — […]

    asocial studies

  56. 4 New "Wii Experience Videos"

    I've never liked watching these videos. Doesn't it just feel as if they are making fun of you. Looking at you in the […]


    Tags: wiiNEWS.

  57. scholar behaving badly

    the hubris of of a gep student at rjc – text of derek wee's original post about age discrimination in singapore, and […]

    desperate youth

    Tags: Singapore, Links.

  58. Is Lecter a liar too?

    Time for another update. I spotted this next post yesterday. Someone posted some nonsense about a bust up at LFC, and […]

    Koptalk Exposed – The Insider Insider

    Tags: Newcastle United, Liverpool, Liverpool FC, Koptalk Zoo, Koptalk – Attacks LFC, Koptalk Gold for free.

  59. Είπαν του bloggerά να χέσει, κι ο ιστολόγος ξεκωλόθηκε!

     Ξεφτιλίστηκε παντελώς και το "ανέβασμα τραγουδιών" από τις Ιστοσ […]

    The McManus Sessions

    Tags: Περί Μουσικής και όχι μόνον!.

  60. Mice have feelings too!

    Here in Ruralshire Constabulary, we use four established CENTREX tactics to stifle any meaningful debate, especially […]


  61. YUI's new song, Rolling star, to be used as the fifth BLEACH OP

    Rolling star, performed live at a concert somewhat recently, just got a huge tie-up: it's going to be the fifth OP for […]

    t3h m3di@ b10g (name pending)

    Tags: Music, anime, Bleach, Y!UI.

  62. Instalar Beryl con KDE en (k)ubuntu

    Ultima actualización: 2006-10-14
    Que es Beryl? Se trata del gestor de ventanas basado en OpenGL que usa XGL para dar […]

    Fred.cpp y sus cosas

    Tags: ubuntu, Blog, Linux, Tutorials, videos, Linux & OpenSource, Links, Tutoriales, Desktops, Manuales y tutoriales, Manuales.

  63. Hansapank ja Tartu Ülikool panid leivad ühte kappi

    Lõpuks kajastas seda ka Postimees. Jah, Hansapank toetab kuue miljoni krooniga Tartu Ülikooli tarkvaratehnoloogia […]


    Tags: ülikool.

  64. Wtyczki w FF 2.0 – mój sposób

    Przy okazji wydania nowej wersji przeglądarki na blogu Pawła Wimmera pojawiła się ściana płaczu – okazało się, […]

    Luke Mica

    Tags: Internet.

  65. Zabić nudę

    W poniedziałek robiłem badania psychologiczne w swym starym liceum w Radomsku, co łączyło się z gościnnym […]

    Tomasz Łysakowski

    Tags: Społeczeństwo, psychologia.

  66. Works For Me- Fix A Broken Vertical Blind

    I am so glad it is finally Works For Me Wednesday! I have been sitting on this post for 12 whole days. A couple […]


    Tags: Home, Family.

  67. Over the hill

    Wow. I mean wow. Carp was just dominating tonight, needing only 82 pitches to get through 8 innings and easily could've […]

    Go Crazy Folks!

    Tags: World Series.

  68. Σύγχρονη ιλαροτραγωδία σε δύο πράξεις


    Κάποτε το έκανε ο Μαστοράκης.  Σήμερα θα το κάνω […]


    Tags: της ώρας.

  69. Atakują klony, są nas 2 miliony 🙂

    No i stało się. Moje filmy na YouTube obejrzano już ponad 2 mln razy. Nie oznacza to oczywiście 2 mln widzów. […]

    Strefa segregacji e-śmieci

    Tags: Muvi się.

  70. Joining a pre-VC startup

    Madhouse is talking to a number of exceptionally talented individuals for senior/middle management positions. Some of […]

    sameer's blog

    Tags: madhouse.

  71. Death Note Opening Theme – the WORLD

    Full size version now available~

    Download the song from Sendspace HERE.
    Please leave me a message via Comment if […]

    {Words of Songs}

    Tags: Lyrics – English, Lyrics – Romaji, Lyrics – Kanji, Death Note, Entry with a Download.

  72. Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca, falan ve feşmekan..

    Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca'nın malum görüntüleri ile ilgili kısa bir yazı planlıyordum ama araya Fransa'nın Ermeni […]

    GeleneK |…

    Tags: Güncel, Gelenek, üç nokta...

  73. Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode Two

    Making an RPG is an arduous task. Before even opening RPG Maker, you may find yourself spending hours in a graphics […]

    Azure Flame

    Tags: Games, Mai-HiME: the RPG.

  74. How Singapore Works

    Hat-tip to Lindsay: Wee Shu-Min, the daughter of a Singaporean Member of Parliament flamed someone on her blog for […]

    Abstract Nonsense

    Tags: News, Politics.

  75. LG Köln: Zur mittelbaren Störerhaftung für Rechtsverletzungen im Internet

    Im Juli 2006 wurde ein bei der Internetberatungsplattform "" beratender Anwalt Opfer einer […]

    Justitia Colonia

    Tags: Recht.

  76. Full Zip Skull Hoody from LRG

    Similar to the full zip shark hoodies from Bathing Ape seen here, LRG has decided to make a full zip skeleton hoody. […]


    Tags: Style.

  77. Transparent Hard Case For 15 inch MacBook Pro

    Speck has just released their newest product: the SeeThru Hard Case for MacBook Pro. The SeeThru is a polycarbonate […]

    Gavilan's WeBlog

    Tags: Mac.

  78. Goodbye Star City / My Speech

    Today the ending of one of the best chapters of my life was being written. I flew to Moscow on the 16th of October and […]

    Anousheh Ansari Space Blog

    Tags: Space Explorer.

  79. Date With Dizzy (1956)

    Recently I've been immersed in Amid Amidi's new book Cartoon […]


    Tags: John Hubley, Dizzy Gillespie.

  80. Spiderman 3… New Venom Images?

    Earlier today I was checking some of my favorites which includes a visit to Superhero Hype! They had a post that […]

    Faisca: The Wordslinger

    Tags: TV & Movies.

  81. Lordi: Would you love a Monsterman 2006

    Lordi hat einen alten Song mit einem neuen Video herausgebracht. Halloween ist ja […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

    Tags: Video, Musik, Lordi.

  82. (E)Xtreme fudging. The CBZ Xtreme.

    Nothing pisses one off more than products claiming to deliver the moon. Heck, even space agencies dont make that claim! […]

    IndiaReviews – India and Bangalore Specific Reviews

    Tags: bikes, Crap, preview, India.

  83. Saints Row

    Damn cool 🙂 Time to order me a steak and get in an hours recharge time before bed. Too many whiney PMs during the […]

    kfsone's pittance

    Tags: Gaming, WWIIOL.

  84. Fotos do Acidente da Gol 1907

    Os destroços do Gol vôo 1907 foram localizados pela FAB na manhã do sábado. A aeronave estava desaparecida desde […]

    Tecnologia & Informação

    Tags: Tecnología, Informática, Informação, avião, Acidente Gol.

  85. 4:30 pm: Elisa back online; Deafread soon back online

    As of 4:30 pm: now back online. back online, waiting to repost feeds.

    The GU Private Investigator

    Tags: Newsworthy.

  86. Antwerp, 06-08-2001

    Antes de poner el listado de temas de este recital, quiero decirle a "Akelalucas" y camilo de cierta pagina de […]

    U2 Pride (in the name of love)

    Tags: Music, Música, Downloads, U2, Free MP3 Downloads.

  87. Ubicación radares móviles (Bizkaia)

    Hace unos días salto la polémica que ha suscitado el radar de Artaza. Personalmente, me ha parecido abusivo y de […]

    Tags: Mí Opinión.

  88. WRC – Europees debuut van Toyota Corolla S2000 in Wales

    Begin december viert de Toyota Corolla S2000 zijn Europees debuut tijdens de WK rally in Wales, de laatste proef van […]

    Tags: WK Rally.

  89. Msn için şekilli nickler

    msn için değişik şekilleri toplayıp burada paylaşıma sunuyorum herhangi birni denemek için yazının tümünü […]

    GerÇekLeR TüRkLerLe Var OlaCak

    Tags: msn-live messenger.

  90. The Saints Are Coming

    Leave it to U2 and Green Day to resurrect a 1978 punk anthem by the the scottish band the Skids. The two bands […]

    Lyrical Wisdom

    Tags: Lyrics, Skids (The), Music, Life, HOPE, Coping.

  91. Lordin leffanurkkaus: Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country

    (päivitetty vielä 10.41)

    Aloin eilen illalla (ja jatkoin tänä aamuna varttia vaille seitsemän) katsomaan […]

    Tylsyyden Multihuipennus

    Tags: elokuvat.

  92. "A breve riforma pensioni"

    Queste le parole di prodi romano.

    Parole indubbiamente di epifania.

    Parole che mi fanno sperare che mio nonno, […]

    Osservatore Politicamente Scorretto

    Tags: ilcrea.

  93. Lost Download – Episódio 3 (Futher Instructions)

    Terceiro episódio da terceira temporada de Lost!

    Nesse tem a estréia de Rodrigo Santoro huahauha

    Futher […]

    Betow Blog

    Tags: Lost, Series, seriados.

  94. Northworst Baptist Theological Seminary's new degree…

    confessions of a recovering pharisee

    Tags: Fun, Spoof, SEMINARY.

  95. Onnozelheid op de radio!


    Gisteren op Mekka!

    Onnozelheid mag!

    Tags: Gigantische Onnozelheid.

  96. Wii Browser…JOY!!!

    So here is a dramatization…

    Jimmy needs to look at a FAQ becuase he can't quite figure out where to go on Metroid […]

    Intendo ~ the anti-fansite

    Tags: Nintendo.

  97. The land of the free ..

    De Verenigde Staten begint aardig de karakteristieken van een bananenrepubliek te krijgen. Vandaag maakte Verslaggevers […]

    Tags: Diversen.

  98. Coke Embraces Mentos Fad for the First Time

    In a marketing decision that always perplexed me, Coke spent the better part of this year distancing itself from a […]

    Will Video for Food

    Tags: YouTube, Google Video, Revver, Mentos, Diet Coke.

  99. Latest wolf news on YNP northern range. Slough/Druid encounter?

    I talked with Rick McIntye, and he had a lot of news I hadn't heard.

    Here it is in no particular order:

    1. The […]

    Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News

    Tags: Wolves, Yellowstone wolves.

  100. Eyes wide shut

    No, this essay has nothing to do with the movie by the same name–which I have not seen. It just seemed like a good […]

    Denise Day Spencer

    Tags: Home Front.

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