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October 5, 2006: Top Posts

  1. More Fangirls, Less Cleavage: DragonCon costumes

    Another installment of Fangirls sans Cleavage.


    FLASH GORDON, PIRATE and NARNIA costumes after the […]


    Tags: Women, Sci-Fi, cons, Silly Outfits.

  2. MeeboMe – bästa IM-lösningen för biblioteken?

    Nu är det – tack vare den nya tjänsten MeeboMe – hur lätt som helst att erbjuda IM-chatt på bibliotekens […]

    Tags: chat.

  3. Starsi Panowie dwaj

    Spojrzałem na to zdjęcie i jakoś mi się tak skojarzyło: “Starsi panowie, Starsi panowie, Starsi panowie […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

    Tags: polityka.

  4. One more consultant’s story

    This story comes from our friend NoLongerInThePink. What struck me about this story was how “ordinary” the story is. […]

    Mary Kay Sucks

    Tags: Debt from MK.

  5. More thanks from space (this message was pre-recorded)

    Anousheh thanks X Prize Foundation, Space Adventures, Roscosmos, Energia, GCTC in Baikonur, everyone at Star City, and […]

    Anousheh Ansari Space Blog

    Tags: Space Explorer.

  6. IT Kolledži sürrealistlik orientatsioon

    Jaanuse blogile ilmus hiljuti Telleri kaudu üks IT Kolledžit reklaamiv videoklipp. Klipis seikleb kuulus PimpTV staar […]


    Tags: Naljakas, Reklaam.

  7. Rilasciati i nuovi driver ATI 6.6.3 per

    I driver open source per le schede Radeon hanno raggiunto la versione 6.6.3.Sistemati alcuni bug maggiori presenti […]

    NetJack Blog

    Tags: Linux, Grafica & Multimedia, Links.

  8. TV’s Season Premier Dates and Times

    I found a nice list of all the different TV shows that are playing across all the networks and the date and time of […]

    So You Think You Can Dance

    Tags: TV, Reality TV, TV News.

  9. Facilito.

    El 11-M y el efecto mariposa.

    La falsedad de las conclusiones oficiales.

    Demostración […]

    El blog del Dr.Steiner

  10. Como fingir que estas trabajando y que no te pillen

    Formas de fingir estar trabajando (muy bueno)

    1.- Siempre que vayas a tomarte un café, o a fumar, camina […]


  11. White and nerdy

    I love Weird Al. White and nerdy. What a hoot. As seen on Valleywag. If you really want to see something scary, check […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Blogging, Geek.

  12. AntiLeech Splog Stopper: Fighting Back Against Content Thieves

    I often have these kinds of thoughts: “What if smokers had to ask for a smoking section in a restaurant, assuming all […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

    Tags: WordPress Tips, WordPress News, Blogging tips.

  13. Autumnal spendour – those fabulous dryer sheets (again)!

    Whenever I tell people what I’m working on over the phone, there is an inevitable moment of pause, followed by, “you’re […]

    Seastrands Studio

    Tags: Work, photos, Techniques, Process, Quilting, artwork, Materials, Quilts, Textile, dyeing & painting, textile art.

  14. Rife, it’s the Quarter-Life

    Tyler: My dad never went to college, so it was really important that I’d go.
    Jack: Sounds familiar.
    Tyler: So I […]

    Earthling Concerned

    Tags: quarter-life crisis.

  15. View From The Cupcake Tower

    What does it mean when non-vegans enjoy eating vegan food? Even omnivores like it. It’s a compliment of the highest […]

    Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World

    Tags: musings, Cupcake Towers.

  16. Passionate America (of recent Foley Scandal Fame) RUN BY REPUBLICANS!!!

    Passionate America, a blogspot blog, recently posted all the personal information they could find on one of the kids […]


    Tags: News, hacking, Hacktastick, FLAMETASTIC, WTF! DIC!, BUCK FUSH, FUCK THAT GUY, FUCK FOX NEWS.

  17. Top Ten Things I Hate About Crunch Time at a Startup (Bride of Getting to Deadline)

    This is the evil twin of Getting to Deadline – Programmer Productivity Tips
    Top Ten Things I Hate About Crunch […]


    Tags: humour, rants, Life, Programming, Fun, Lifestyle, health, Opinion, Humor, Thoughts, Funny, Bug, Lists, Productivity, bugs, lifehacks, Career, lifehack, startups, Estimating, verification, deadline, engtechArticles, Geek Humour, Crunch Time.

  18. New Taylor Hicks promo pictures.

    As seen on J Record’s Taylor Hicks myspace page.

    as well as this little one:

    seen on Sony Music’s “TEXT 2 […]

    It’s the boogie!

    Tags: Pictures], Hicks.

  19. Information Overload

    As for others my days consists of an astonishing amount of information: ideas, ideas and ideas on mailinglists and blog […]

    Profound Titles No One Gets

  20. TV – I dati Auditel del 4 ottobre

    Riepilogo degli ascolti delle serie TV e fiction italiane di prima e seconda serata di ieri sera, mercoledì 4 […] Blog

    Tags: Cinema e TV, TV ITA, Auditel.

  21. Ben Stein Can Seriously Start Shutting the Fuck Up Any Time Now

    I honestly don’t quite know where to start with the idiocy that is Ben Stein’s attempt to obfuscate the Mark Foley […]


    Tags: Celebrities, stupidity, Bad Behaviour.

  22. Madeleine “The Crepe Lady” (or the Hidden Jems of the CyberCafe- Part 2 of 2)

    A little while after discovering Tuck Shop hidden inside the CyberCafe, I noticed another sign go up in the window.  […]

    Midtown Lunch

    Tags: 49th btw. B'way+8th, Food Type: French, Food Type: Pastries.

  23. FLASHBACK 1 – Delia Johnson – Koptalk Agony Aunt

    Flashbacks We’ll post an old article every now and then.  For newcomers – it will be a taste of what they missed […]

    Koptalk Exposed – The Insider Insider

    Tags: The Insider, Liverpool, Liverpool FC, LFC Sites, LFC Supporters' Clubs, Koptalk – Lies, Koptalk – Made Up stuff, Koptalk Members Site.

  24. Mazowiecki bejbi bum

    Jeszcze trochę o perswazji. Kandydat LPR na prezydenta Warszawy (i jednocześnie największa gejowska ikona IV RP) […]

    Tomasz Łysakowski

    Tags: polityka, Społeczeństwo, Rozrywka.

  25. LDN remixed

    Yush Yush – Lily Allen Remix Time!! Theres been a raft of LDN remixes surfacing recently, here are some of the buff […]

    Slutty Fringe

    Tags: Gubbins.

  26. Amazon S3 as Personal Data Backup Option

    Jeremy Zawodny, whose works for Yahoo, and qualifies for the uber geek title has come to a conclusion that it is […]

    Web Worker Daily

    Tags: Tips & Tricks, How Do You Work?.

  27. Scripting News for 10/4/2006

    Three years ago today: Day 1 of BloggerCon I.
    Okay, my MacBook is still hosed. So what do I do? I buy a

    Scripting News Annex

    Tags: Scripting News.

  28. A Scandal Unraveling, Betting On The Wrong Horse And An American Whorehouse

    Dan Riehl has a couple of interesting posts about the Foley scandal, here and here. As is always the case, Dan has the […]

    Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

  29. Political Sabotage of Insiders

    By Getachew Reda 

    I am talking about the agenda of the C

    Debteraw Blog

    Tags: Ethiopian politics.

  30. 538 Dance Smash Hits 2006 vol. 4

    Beste dames en heren, deze week maken we een combinatie. Wij zijn namelijk in staat geweest om de nieuwe 538 Dance […]

    Tags: Weekendbreak, Hippe tonen.

  31. Google Web Office will be called “Google RS”

    Edit: Mambo confirmed that these are just mockup designs. But somebody listened anyway, because the files are offline […]


  32. Steve Irwin’s Stingray video


    Tags: Thoughts, Celebrity.

  33. Don’t Avert Your Eyes

    Recently I came across this post on a Spanish blog that I know little of.UPDATE: More hereEDIT: Another article I was […]

    Incompetence Inc.

    Tags: Incompetence Exposed.

  34. CruiseControl.NET 1.1 Released

    CruiseControl.NET 1.1 was released early today. This is the first official release that includes all the Vault-related […]

    Ian’s Blog

    Tags: Vault.

  35. HRM in Heaven and Hell

    | Nicolai Foss |

    This is definitely ephemera, but I thought it was funny:

    One day while walking down the street a […]

    Organizations and Markets

    Tags: F/OSS, Ephemera.

  36. Mission 1017!

    A cosmic trigger event is occurring on the 17th of October 2006. This is the beginning, one of many trigger […]

    Dimensional Bliss

  37. Do the Search-Engine Spiders Like Your Video? Eight Ways to Get Your Video Found

    Right now we’re monitoring online video websites based on many views they can get us (and, of course, if they share the […]

    Will Video for Food

    Tags: Online Video.

  38. Exclusive!!! Doctors Advocate Leaked

    This ones a biggy for all my Game fans!!! A little while back one of the viewers evidently felt like […]

    Bronx Rap

    Tags: hiphop, Illest Posts, Recent Shit.

  39. QT 4.2 has been released

    This is GREAT news!

    I’ve been waiting for this feature for so long:

    Tighter integration with the GNOME desktop […]

    Alberto Milone’s Blog

    Tags: ubuntu.

  40. News on Thursday morning

    On Wednesday, Anthea had some further surgery on her left wrist which had been damaged by her watch.  This was plastic […]

    Bishop Mike’s blog


    Bos SRC minta maaf
    Oleh Ramlah Zainal
    SETIAP kali menganjurkan majlis membabitkan pihak media, […]

    Ct Muslihat Membongkar…

    Tags: Siti Nurhaliza & Dato K.

  42. Apple Updates Aperture Tutorial Movies
    http://movies.a […]

    Aperture Tricks – All About Apple Aperture

    Tags: Announcements.

  43. When Jon Stewart and Michael Savage agree

    I noticed something that completely amazed me the other day on the Daily Show, when Jon Stewart was interviewing former […]

    The Progressive

    Tags: Society, Politics, Progressive Politics.


    C/C++/VC++ professionals
    Experience : 2 to 7 years
    MFC, C++, VC++, COM, .net C#, scripting, […]


    Tags: C/C++, Informática, Pune, .NET/C#, VC++/MFC, pdm.

  45. ΕΣΥ μπορεί να μην μου κάνεις την τιμή να με διαβάζεις (λέμε τώρα)

    Referrer                                  […]

    The McManus Sessions

    Tags: Πορδές στον Άνεμο.

  46. Kororaa AiglXGL Live CD 0.3

    A new version of kororaa! great, isn’t it? I didn’t expect to see another one at a certain point, but I’m very happy […]

    Linux for the Average User

    Tags: Linux Distributions.

  47. Penggunaan Dua Karakter di Second Level Domain

    Baru saja saya baca dokumen di “ICANN Submitted Applications for New Registry Services” (lihat web site) tentang usulan […]

    Budi Rahardjo

    Tags: Teknologi Informasi.

  48. A Controversial Book That Should Not Be Controversial

    Many times over the years that I have been sharing my testimony online I have run across active members of the Church, […]

    The Iron Rod

    Tags: Books, Repentance.

  49. Video Loredana (La Pupa e il Secchione) Infermiera che rianima Pace

    Video Loredana (La Pupa e il Secchione) Infermiera che rianima Pace

    La Pupa e il Secchione

    Tags: Blogroll, Reality show, Partecipanti, La pupa e il secchione.

  50. İrtica Geliyor, Aman Dikkat!..

    İrtica nedir? TDK’ya göre “gericilik.”  O kadar. Bir açıklaması yok. Herkes “irtica”dan  şikayetçi ama ne […]


    Tags: Güncel, Gelenek, üç nokta...

  51. PI’s MLB Awards Part II – The Aces

    This wasn’t too tough at all. The American League Cy Young Award belongs in Minnesota, and should have never left for […]

    Tags: Seattle Mariners.

  52. [Album]Rotten Apple – Lloyd Banks[Explicit version]

    Artist : Lloyd Banks
    Album : Rotten Apple
    Genre : Hip-Hop
    Bitrate : 193 kbps avg
    Source : CD (LP)
    Playtime : […]

    Rap – Hiphop – RnB and so much more…

    Tags: album.

  53. Authentication

    This is Yahoo.

    This is mIDm.

    still reading

  54. Civility and Justice.

    Yesterday, as I was driving from work to tutoring, radio tuned (as nearly always) to NPR, I heard an All Things […]

    A Bird’s Nest

    Tags: Law, Poli-ticklish.

  55. A breakdown of the Yellowstone Park wolf packs as of this fall

    Here are the data on the Yellowstone “mid-year” wolf packs — the pack names and number of adults, pups, total pack […]

    Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News

    Tags: Wolves, Yellowstone wolves.

  56. Time bomb in Sidoarjo

    Time bomb in Sidoarjo
    AsiaViews, Edition: 32/III/Aug/2006

    The mudflow catastrophe has changed the surface of […]

    Hot Mud Flow in East Java, Indonesia

    Tags: News – Berita.

  57. South Park Season 10 WoWs Me

    “The highest-numbered season ever!”
    I just saw the first episode in the new season of South Park. Likely a few […]

    Wondrous Inventions

    Tags: Humor, off-topic, World of Warcraft.

  58. Logo Design Contest Win $75.00

    Corporate Logo Design Contest Win $75 USD.
    We are happy to announce Photoshopit’s first Corporate logo design […]


    Tags: Logo Design, blogit, LogoContests.

  59. Cheers Darlin’

    Mr. Damien Rice, the Irish acoustic folk extraordinaire, is finally about to deliver the new material we’ve been […]

    >>just like music

    Tags: Info, preview, New Release.

  60. Representative Mark (Pederast) Foley’s IM transcripts

    Yeah, definitely NSFW. And NSFLunch, either, unless it’s your intention to become bulimic. Here’s the IM […]


    Tags: Blogging, Politics, Family, sex, Culture, Crime, Porn, Dating, Singles.

  61. Compiz, Beryl, and David Reveman

    Reveman on Beryl
    Our latest Novell Open Audio, features an interview with David Reveman about the

    Open Source Advocacy with Reverend Ted

    Tags: SuSE, Novell, linux/oss, Cool blogs, Novell Open Audio.

  62. The Very Ugly Numbers

    I was thinking about a post on the sheer stastical realities on UNC’s football futility but J.P. Giglio at ACC Now beat […]

    Tar Heel Fan

    Tags: UNC Football.

  63. Ahmedinejad’s Approval Rating As Bad As Bush

    Not only do they look and act alike (same narrow set eyes, same ambling walk, same apocalyptic religiosity), but their […]


    Tags: Politics.

  64. Spontaneous Combustion Is Bad (don’t try this at home kids)

    Well looky what just popped up: D.Gray-man, the first ‘official’ subbed show of the fall season. I feel a bit proud, […]

    shtuff: anime blogage

    Tags: anime, First Impressions, D.Gray Man.

  65. Blog networks – Worth the money?

    So 2 mill for the B5 boys and girl?

    Unfortunately, that figure would be much more useful if Rick Segal of JLA […]


    Tags: blogs.

  66. Trail Of Dead – Wasted State of Mind

    Austin Texas natives, “..And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead” are back with a new abum entitled, “So Divided”. […]

    a tune a day

    Tags: Music.

  67. Inspiration for Mater is found

    Rod Harsh, proprietor of Route 66 TV Online and chairman of the Route 66 Committee of Jasper County, Mo., had […]

    Route 66 News

    Tags: Movies, Preservation, Attractions, Vehicles.

  68. Lamaran Kerja Terbaru Oktober

    Info peluang kerja dan karir lebih lengkap dan diupdate setiap hari silahkan klik banner animasi di bawah: […]

    Lowongan Kerja

    Tags: Information Technology, Employment, Job Opportunity, Peluang Kerja, Web Master, Job Info, Info Karir, Lowongan Pekerjaan, Peluang Pekerjaan, Job Vacancy, Lowongan di Surabaya, Lowongan di Yogyakarta, Lowongan di Riau, Career Info, Lowongan Teknisi, Cari Kerja, Info Pencari Kerja, Cari Lowongan Kerja, Trainee, lowongan kerja terbaru, indonesian vacancy, Lowongan Terbaru, Info kerja terbaru, lamaran kerja terbaru, Contruction Manager, Info lowongna kerja, info lowongan pekerjaan, info lamaran kerja, info lowongan karir, Cari kerja supir, Informasi kerja, informasi lowongan kerja, lowongan kerja hotel, lowongan kerja jateng, Lowonan Kerja IT, Novotel Hotel Yogyakarta, lowongan kerja di jogja, lowongan kerja di jogjakarta, Fitness Instructor, AC Helper, S and M Driver, Room Attendant, WebMethods Consultant, PT Triteguh Manunggal Sejati, Plant Sevice, lowongan kerja perhotelan.

  69. The fuck-buddy syndrome

    Our paths crossed about two months back, at a time when I had more time to squander. I was in my regular watering hole, […]

    My Other Life

    Tags: Lusts, Fuck Buddies.

  70. Irwansyah My Heart feat Acha Septriasa

    Boleh Download / muat turun mana2 file yang u all nak kat bawah ni:
    OST My Heart – Irwansyah & Acha
    MP3 – My […]


    Tags: Indonesia, mp3, Download, lirik lagu, Romantic, mtv, OST, Catchy, Acha Septriasa, Irwansyah.

  71. At a glance 2: GPL, CDDL and BSD -vs- EULA

    EULA – Feel the Power !!! 🙂 (btw, how many users of applications that are EULA licensed cared to read the license […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

    Tags: General, Business & OSS, Impact: OSS & FSF.

  72. 今晚嘉賓: 苗可秀、江雪、楊虹

    PART 1


  73. The Buzz

      Welcome to the “B” Hive!


    The “B” Hive

    Tags: The Buzz.

  74. Patriarchal Thoughts (on Eve and Mary)

    [Eve] did not accept her position in the God-given hierarchy; she perverted her role as a helper by luring her […]

    adventures in mercy

    Tags: On Women, On His Written Word, Conservative Christian-ism.

  75. Aneka Kue Kering untuk Lebaran

    Kue Kering untuk sajian Lebaran..? Wah gak aneh lagi ya… Tapi kalau ada pilihan seperti dibawah ini […]

    Sajian Defidi

    Tags: Kue Kering.

  76. Champions!: UST wins UAAP Season 69 Finals basketball tournament vs Ateneo! Yay!

    Quick post! (Edited)

    Hear them roar!

    The University of Santo Tomas (UST) Growling Tigers finally ended the […]

    In Medias Res

    Tags: Games, Sports, School, Events, Basketball, musings, UAAP, Ateneo, UST, Growling Tigers.

  77. Schulman Plans Exit from Securities Scene

    Alan Schulman’s departure from his current law firm, Bernstein, Litowitz, Berger & Grossman, promises to be somewhat […]

    Legal Pad

    Tags: Justin Scheck, Federal Courts, Law Firms.

  78. Riya Sen and Ashmit Patel MMS clip

    Sometimes I feel religion is the most ungodly thing created by human. Yes, it does give a purpose of  life to many […]

    Sparks Team Blog

    Tags: Religion, Bollywood.

  79. School Rumble Nigakki: An Ever Downward Spiral


    With the second season of School Rumble seeing the return of Class 2-C and their accompanying high school […]

    Azure Flame

    Tags: rants, Series reviews.

  80. CP Trainer Update – Bad News

    I updated it but apparently they have got around to fixing the coin/membership hack. I tried all i could using just […]

    Cheat Penguin

    Tags: secrets.

  81. Valokuvatorstai 20 – ateria

    Kiitos ja anteeksi

    Tags: valokuvatorstai.

  82. In Defense of the ESRB

    Today Next Generation ran an opinion piece about the ESRB. Next Generation is a great website for the gaming industry […]

    Station.Com Blog

    Tags: John Smedley.

  83. Afzal Guru Can Never Be Hanged

    Afzal Guru shall embrace death, as a Kashmiri, on the 20th of October if not granted a Presidential Pardon. Reports […]

    ~ Kashmir ~

    Tags: News, Politics, People, Kashmir.

  84. Netidentity Email Migration Nightmare: Update

    Last week I wrote about how my email provider Netidentity had completely messed up a migration with their web email […]

    Luke Foust’s Thoughts

    Tags: Personal.

  85. A Hard Earned Thirst

    “That’s a Shame”

    Armed with Eskies, the residents of the Victorian town of Meringur danced and drank beer as they […]

    A Yobbo’s View

    Tags: News.

  86. ¿Quieres Jugar? (Segunda Parte)

    Si hay algo que me ha sorprendido en el medio mexicano de los videojuegos es la forma en como han manejado su […]

    El Espacio de la Omnipresente Chela

    Tags: Personal, Videojuegos.

  87. FIFA 07 çıktı!

    Herkesin merakla beklediği (ben de dahil 🙂 ), efsane oyun FIFA 2007 ile geri döndü! Şuan demosu mevcut olan FIFA […]

    Salute Blog

    Tags: Oyunlar.

  88. What’s The Matter… A Coherent Article

    Today, what may be the first intelligently written article, entitled – What’s the matter with George Michael? – […]

    Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog

    Tags: George Michael.

  89. Lanzan edición venezolana de la revista Playboy

    Una nueva edición de la revista Playboy que será editada en Venezuela con secciones propias fue presentada […]

    De todo hay en la viña del señor…

    Tags: Noticias y Actualidad.

  90. Animasi kalau lumpur dibuang ke laut ?

    Terimakasih kepada Pak Hamzah dkk dari Lap PPKPL-ITB (Pusat Pengembangan Kawasan Pesisir Laut –ITB) yg mengirimkan […]

    Dongeng Geologi

    Tags: Dongeng Geologi, Environment, Bencana Alam.

  91. Kurski w Teraz My

    Obejrzałem właśnie program “Teraz My”. Przykre to było. “Figle i psoty” Jacka Kurskiego są już dość powszechnie […]

    Dawid Biel

    Tags: media, polityka.

  92. Afera szkatułkowa

        Na b

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

    Tags: media, polityka, Polska, Państwo, Popaprańcy.

  93. La Gué-guerre des Etoiles : L’Empire contre attaque !

    Manifestement, certains personnages haineux ont besoin d’être remis à leur place… Tiens salut SOLO, ça va […]

    Tags: FightSport.

  94. Big Brother, Little Brother.

    For the next two weeks Ruralshire Constabulary will carry out a kind of bizzare annual mating ritual with the […]


  95. Come si addomestica il sindacato

    Il tradizionale spirito critico che ha sempre caratterizzato l’atteggiamento dei sindacati nei confronti delle leggi di […]

    Cosacchi a San Pietro

    Tags: Berlusconi, Prodi, Tasse, sindacati.

  96. A Slice of Summer

    It’s becoming harder and harder to escape the facts at this point: These summer days are fading fast, being swept away […]


    Tags: Crochet.

  97. O Shaolin

    Há algum tempo atrás eu fui apresentado para o mundo da Pepa Filmes. Uns cariocas sem-noção que divertiram muitos […]

    É Guerra!

    Tags: Tá na mão.

  98. Actress Sharon Stone Arrested

    Los Angeles (800lb Gorilla) Sharon Stone was arrested Tuesday in Los Angeles. The actress was taken into custody as she […]

    The 800lb Gorilla

  99. Well, At Least It Will Keep Smartass Kids from Talking Back to Teachers

    In what can kindly be referred to as a knee-jerk political reaction, state Rep. Frank Lasee is now proposing that […]

    Rendezvous With Destiny

  100. أجرى الرئيس اتصالا هاتفيا

    أجرى الرئيس اتصالا هاتفيا بالرئيس فلان
    و ناقش معه العلاقات […]

    Blue Magnifier

    Tags: Egypt.

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