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September 13, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Egolista, för igår var det min dag

    Eftersom jag fyllde år igår tänkte jag skriva ett riktigt ego-inlägg, och för att jag är försynt och försiktig […]


    Tags: Coop.

  2. Rock Star SuperNova Who Should Win? Poll

    There’s a poll to see who you think should win RockStar SuperNova.

    Should it be Dilana, Lukas, Magni or Toby? […]

    Rock Star SuperNova

    Tags: Games, Entertainment, Poll, rockstar, Toby Rand, Lukas Rossi, Magni, Dilana.

  3. New Nano from Apple

    Apple just announced a new Nano, along with new exclusive games developed for it by Electronic Arts. $4.99 each […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Blogging.

  4. Going Mobile With a Mac

    By Jonathan Hirshon

    Is Apple the perfect mobile computer? Sometimes I have asked myself that question, and have used […]

    Web Worker Daily

    Tags: Software Apps.

  5. Surya and Jothika Wedding Snaps

    Capping a nearly three-year long love affair, celebrity Tamil film actors Surya and Jothika are entering into wedlock […]

    Bhuvana Sundaramoorthy’s Blog

    Tags: Movies, Photography, Blogging in general, Photographs, Wedding Photography.


    About Microsoft Global Delivery Centre India
    Microsoft Global Delivery Centre India (GDCI) Hyderabad, develops mission […]


    Tags: Hyderabad, Freshers.

  7. Lindsay Lohan has a secret she wants to tell you about herself

    BREAKING: One of our super scoopers (ruff!) just told us that Lindsay has been up to something fishy. Uh oh!

    Ultra […]

    Awesome Celebrity Nooz!

    Tags: Britney Spears, babies, Weirdos, lohan, firecrotch, fagina, Secrets (oooooh).

  8. Rules for DIQs placing product orders for consultants (also known as activating them without their knowledge)

    DIQ = Director in Qualification = Dollars in Queue

    Since we know that all Mary Kay DIQs sign up phony consultants […]

    Mary Kay Sucks

    Tags: Inventory, Moving Up.


    ini gambar kiriman melalui emel yang ctmuslihat terima, menurut kata peminat gambar diambil didepan rumah dan KLIA […]

    Ct Muslihat Membongkar…

    Tags: Siti Nurhaliza & Dato K.

  10. Cum am rezistat?

    Când aud unii şi alţii că astăzi e aniversarea noastră, a mea şi a lui Cip, că astăzi facem 11 ani de când ne […]

    My private… 😀 world

    Tags: Despre orice altceva.

  11. ¿Comienzo del fin de la burbuja inmobiliaria?.

    ¿Comienzo del fin de la burbuja inmobiliaria?.

    Primero exponemos una serie de datos del pasado cercano o […]


    Tags: Vivienda, Denuncia social.

  12. Megson back at the City Ground?

    Nottingham Forest – 0
    Oldham Athletic – 2

    I apologise for being facetious, but what a dreadful display from Forest […]

    Through the seasons before us..

    Tags: Matches.

  13. Just wanna let you know…

    The image below is a real screenshot of the latest Turbo Delphi Explorer, the free “limited” version of Turbo Delphi […]


    Tags: Object Pascal.

  14. “Ghiţă” – Cleopatra Stratan

    Fetita […]


    Tags: Eveniment, Video.

  15. September 11 Quotes – 9-11 Quotes – 9/11 Quotes

    September 11 Quotes – 9-11 Quotes – 9/11 Quotes

    “Terrorism against our nation will not stand.”
    – George W. Bush – […]

    Famous Quotes

    Tags: Quotes, Quote, 9/11, Quotations, Famous Quotes, Today in History, Quote Of The Day, Sayings, quotation, September 11th, 9/11 quotes, September 11 Quotes, September, september 11, September Quotes.

  16. ظهر الحق و زهق الباطل

    Welcome to Black&White MidEast Blog.


    Black&White MidEast

    Tags: Blogroll.

  17. Books Every Seminary Graduate Should Have Read

    Let me first say that I did not have all the books listed below read by the time I finished seminary (either time, that […]

    for his renown

    Tags: Books, History, Bible and Theology, Reformation and Revival, Spiritual Discipline.

  18. Como burlar o MegaUpload/SexUploader

    Na tentativa de barrar o uso de seu serviço por brasileiros e outros estrangeiros, serviços de upload como o […]

    Blog do Silveira

    Tags: Você deve fazer!, Você deve saber.

  19. Birthday Bouquets

    So far I’ve had a very special day. First when the doctor came to my room this morning to get my rest heart rate and […]

    Anousheh Ansari Space Blog

    Tags: Space Explorer.

  20. Steve Irwin wants you to watch THAT video

    not this one:

    No, he wants you to watch the video of him getting […]


    Tags: Movies, Culture, videos, Celebrity, Literary, tragedy, wildlife, fans, Hoaxes.

  21. Googlebombing Bush: Failure

    From the Google Blog: Googlebombing ‘failure’

    ” Googler insights into product and technology news and our […]

    View From a New Vrindaban Ridge

    Tags: Humor.

  22. Conservatives and Their Cognitive Dissonance About The Press

    I do recommend visiting a right-wing blog(s) once in a while its makes for an interesting study in cognitive […]

    The Long Goodbye

    Tags: corruption, Hypocrisy, the press.

  23. Transformations: Artists Working With Fiber — 17-20 August, Birmingham, UK

    Reviewed by Marion Barnett

    Transformations : Artists Working With Fiber, an exhibit […]

    Art Quilt Reviews

    Tags: Reviews by External Reviewers.

  24. Can Linux Desktops Live in an Active Directory World?

    Why Does Active Directory Matter? It still causes me uncomfortable dispepsia to admit that Microsoft’s directory coup […]

    Open Source Advocacy with Reverend Ted

    Tags: SuSE, Advocacy, Novell, linux/oss, Cool blogs, Novell Open Audio.

  25. How to really screw up a “Buy or Build” decision

    A recent post by Mike on his blog Mike-o-Matic gave me flashbacks to some of the most ill-informed management decisions […]

    Angry 365 Days a Year

    Tags: Byword/Aphorism.

  26. Illegal video clips are back on Koptalk

    After losing the person who supplied most of the clips for him (he’d not realised that Dunk was using his contributions […]

    Koptalk Exposed – The Insider Insider

    Tags: Liverpool, Liverpool FC, The Insider, Koptalk – Illegal, Koptalk Gold for free, Koptalk Members Site.

  27. Simple hack to view PRIVATE myspace comments
    Originally posted: 8/18/06; 12:05PM
    Posted by: xxrachelnicolexx
    Subject: […]

    Sagacious Himself — now with humility – brevity in circumlocution

    Tags: hacking, hackery, Sagacious Himself, Sagacious.

  28. Jay Chou – Still Fantasy

    I’m currently been attracted by this album because of one song: Qian Li Zhi Wai (1000 Miles Away).  In this song, Jay […]

    Reginabally’s Blog

    Tags: Music.

  29. Voting Results

    UPDATE: Howard County Board of Elections has the unofficial results posted. 

    I can’t add much to what Dave, Ian, […]

    Howard County Maryland Blog

    Tags: Howard County.

  30. First Look: (The New?) Sapporo

    Sapporo, after being closed for two weeks for “repair work”, finally re-opened this past Friday.  While the food at […]

    Midtown Lunch

  31. “Works For Me”

    Playing WFMW with Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer.

    Got kids who get carsick?  Try Red Earth Motion-Stop , an herbal […]


    Tags: Family.

  32. Brand New Project!

    Things getting busy in the studio now. A brand new project is just about to kick off. A collaboration with writer […]



    ΜΙΜΗΣ Says: θα παρακαλούσα νά εχω τίς απόψεις ανθρώπων πού […]



  34. Microsoft Office 2007 En español(nuevos links)

    Microsoft Word 2007
    Microsoft Exel 2007
    Microsoft Powerpoint 2007
    Microsoft Access 2007
    Microsoft Office […]

    :: Nit´s ::

    Tags: General, Downloads, Informática/Internet, Programas.

  35. Mamma mia! 🙂

    Italyan Çocuğundan ezber surelerinden bir kaç tanesi..

    ﻻ Lamelif Video Blog

    Tags: Islami, Kuran, Maharet, Kısa Videolar, arapça / عربي.

  36. Verschwörungspsychosen und ein gewaltiger Dachschaden

    Auch in anderen Blogs wird über den 5. Jahrestag des Terrorangriffs am 11.9.2001 geschrieben. In vielen Blogs findet […]


    Tags: Religion, Blogroll, 9/11, Gesellschaft, Blogosphäre, in eigener Sache, zombies, Nerds, Terrorismus, Rechte Nerds, Linke Nerds, Aussenpolitik, Nationalismus, Islamismus, Gutmenschen, telegehirn, gebloggte Scheisse, Verschwörungstheorien.

  37. Ali Landry

    Boloround’s Female Celebs

    Tags: Photoshoots4.

  38. 128 Bit Wifi Cracking in 60 Secs? (Video)

    128 Bit Wifi Cracking in 60 Secs? Passivemode Network Security Here’s the vid that passive has on his/her […]


    Tags: Video, videos, hacking, kewl, Hacktastick.

  39. Saber Meets Dark Saber

    After getting a Dark Saber plushie, I decided to take a closer look at the both of them. Seems like they are similiar […]

    × • = bj0rN = • ×

    Tags: Random, anime, purchases.

  40. Scripting News for 9/13/2006

    Feedburner: A Peek Inside TechCrunch’s 100K Milestone.
    Lessons from AT&T/Yahoo

    Scripting News Annex

    Tags: Scripting News.

  41. Pak’s first Miss Bikini breaks all barriers

    Bharti Dubey
    [ 8 Sep, 2006 0200hrs IST TIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

    Mariyah Moten, a 22-year-old US-based Pakistani, is […]

    The Indian Cities

    Tags: World, Pakistan, Fashion, Bikini, beauty pagents, Miss Bikini Universe, Mariyah Moten.

  42. “Ο κ. Στάθης Τσαγκαρουσιάνος…”

    στα παπάρια μας ρε μεγάλε κι ΕΣΥ κι ο μπάρμπα Στάθης! Επιτέλους! […]

    The McManus Sessions

    Tags: Πορδές στον Άνεμο.

  43. Exclusive: Clare Short to step down amid controversy

    The Daily can exclusively reveal today that Clare Short does not intend to stand for re-election in her Birmingham […]

    The Daily

    Tags: News, Politics.

  44. A long overdue rant about Fate/Stay Night

    For a long time now, I’ve wanted to rant about Fate/Stay Night, but somehow it turned into one those tasks that […]

    Azure Flame

    Tags: rants, Fate/Stay Night.

  45. ganz frisch: Callboy-Witze

    Schon gemerkt? Er gibt keine Witze über Callboys. Ich habe nur ein kleines Giggolo-Lexikon auftreiben können.

    Es […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

    Tags: Lustig.

  46. Normalize the Gain (Playback Volume) of your MP3s

    I confess to the grave sin of storing part of my music collection in the mp3 format – mostly music I have had around […]

    Ubuntu Blog

    Tags: ubuntu, commands, guides, applications, Packages.

  47. Starbucks Sued for $114 million Over Cancelled Coupon

    Starbucks Corp. was sued for $114 million Friday over its recall last week of a coupon that entitled the holder to […]

    confessions of a recovering pharisee

    Tags: Rant, Sad, Stupid, Coffee, starbucks, lawsuits, amazing!, Ridiculous, Pharisee of the Week.

  48. White Noise

    One in ten of the complaints I deal with deserve further investigation. The other nine are usually the direct result of […]

    You couldn’t make this up

  49. Lindsay Lohan se rase le vagin


    Par avis de santé pubique publique, veuillez cliquer sur le lien suivant seulement si votre ordinateur est armé […]

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Apostrophe

    Tags: Nous sommes un site porno.

  50. Berta Collado – 11/09/06 – Maracaná ’06


    Tags: Capturas.

  51. Windows Vista RC1 Released aka Build 5600

    Microsoft has finally delivered Windows Vista RC1 to the testers and the public. The Build is 5600.16384

    The build […]

    Prince’s Blog

    Tags: Windows Vista.

  52. Redes LAN (configuracion doméstica en Windows Xp) (Parte I)

    Bueno, veo que cada día son mas lo seguidores del blog lo que me anima a escribir sobre temas mas diversos y cada vez […]

    Dos primos luchan contra la tecnologia

    Tags: Varios, Redes.

  53. Comienza preventa para concierto de Shakira en Monterrey

    Como ya deben saber, el próximo Viernes 13 de Octubre Shakira dará un concierto en el Estado Universitario de […]


    Tags: General, Música, Shakira.

  54. Muerte de Pocaterra 2da parte

    Una veintena de internos del retén marabino lo atacó con puñales y objetos contundentes. Al igual que a su […]

    Mundo de palabras

    Tags: Historias de papel.

  55. Rapidshare Tips & Tricks ( | Megaupload Account

    Tags: rapidshare, megaupload, filefactory.

  56. Myth Blaster – Major General (Dr.) Vernon Chong

    HM, Illinois forwarded an email concerning one Dr. Chong – transcribed here (warning – overly long essay) […]

    Lighthouse Patriot Journal

    Tags: essays, Myth Buster.

  57. Cosmo Begins – ONLINE! – UPDATED.

    UPDATE: So in the last version that I had online here, the sound effects were kind of off (probably my fault.) So, […]

    Cosmo Films

    Tags: films.

  58. Trinity Blood 1-15!

    I’m now going to be adding Trinity Blood for you all to download. Episodes 1-15 are up for download! This is a really […]

    Latest Anime

    Tags: anime downloads, Trinity Blood.

  59. 5 Ways to make lecture notes more readable

    Once you’ve spent many hours (or what seems like many hours) in lectures copying down words of wisdom flowing forth […]

    The Potential Blog

    Tags: Tips and Tricks.

  60. IT-projektijuhile oma äri alustamise võimalus!

    Eile sattusin Tartus teispoole Emajõge ja leidsin posti peale kleebitult imelise tööpakkumise. IT-projektijuhile […]


    Tags: Äri, Tööpakkumised.

  61. TV – I dati Auditel del 12 settembre

    Riepilogo degli ascolti delle serie TV e fiction italiane di prima e seconda serata di ieri sera, martedì 12 […] Blog

    Tags: Cinema e TV, TV ITA, Auditel.

  62. Allen to Lambert: When I say “macaca,” you know I’m not talking about you, right?

    Much ado has been made about state Sen. Benjamin Lambert’s (D-UnReal Virginia) surprising decision to support […]

    South of the James

    Tags: 2006 Senate Race.

  63. Gline Clarke Scandal Story Shatters More Barbados Free Press Records!

    “Wow and double wow!”

    BFP reader Harvard Girl in response to our article Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – […]

    Barbados Free Press

    Tags: Politics & Corruption, Barbados.

  64. Instant star

    Questa settimana su Italia 1 ha debuttato uno dei nuovi telefilm per teenager della stagione. Si tratta di Instant […]

    chissenefrega… who cares?

    Tags: Televisione, Telefilm, instant star.

  65. Prawdziwe imię Arnolda Buzdygana


    Słowo Olgierda

    Tags: Internet, z życia wzięte.

  66. Sabayon Linux 3.0 RC2 dvd and cd

    I like Sabayon Linux, I like the development team, I like how it looks, how it smells in my cd-burner :)…

    DVD […]

    Linux for the Average User

    Tags: Linux Distributions.

  67. Reliving the dark old days of backlog

    The effect that backlog frequently has on me is finally illustrated in anime form.

    The last few days, alas, have […]

    Hopeless Sensei’s Anime Blog

    Tags: Episode Analysis, listing, appraisal.

  68. The Olympics Is A TV Show

    The way we offer sailing for Olympic TV – black & white thinking in the age of HD
    There was a minor bit of fury […]

    Sailing As I Sea It

  69. Adobe Acrobat vs Foxit Reader

    Adobe Acrobat Reader is a powerful but space and resource hogging application which few users are going to utilize to […]

    Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog

    Tags: Extensions, Links of Interest, Something Different, Firefox 1.5.0.X, CyberNet Tech News, Firefox 3.0 (Minefield), Firefox 2.0 (Bon Echo).

  70. SAP confuses bloggers with journalists

    At its TechEd event today, SAP made a big point of inviting bloggers to its press and analyst conference. The bloggers […]

    point being:

    Tags: Marketing, media.

  71. Piratería berberisca: 10.000 millones de euros al año y no mandamos más inmigrantes.

    Es la propuesta de Gadaffi, que recuerda al negocio de la piratería berberisca. Sin embargo, hay mentecatos (del […]

    Eurabian News

    Tags: Inmigración, Negocios, Europa, noticias sorprendentes, Libia.

  72. WFMW: The Lunchtime Lift

    (click the banner to get other WFMW ideas)
    Note: I totally stole this idea, from some source I can’t even […]

    Rarely Home Mom

    Tags: WFMW.

  73. Princess Hours/ Goong Pictures

    Pictures from Princess Hours. I’ll put up more photos from time to time when I’m free.

    Kuan Yee Han’s Blog

    Tags: Korean, Dramas.

  74. Public Service Announcement: Pseudo-Science Hate Sites

    There are obvious neo-Nazi sites on the web, however as the lyrics of an old Rage Against the Machine song hipped us to […]

    The Postnational Monitor

    Tags: Evolution/Genetics.

  75. Charly and The Prostitution

    La tercera jornada en el Gesell Rock 2005 fue de Charly García, quien se superó a sí mismo con una performance que […]

    .: ZonaGarcia :.

    Tags: Descargas, Recitales, Solista.

  76. Cuckold Stories

    Sorry folks, My wife wiped everything off, while I was sleeping…..

    Can you believe that?

    my life

    Tags: Thoughts, Cuckold.

  77. The New Media Halftime Report Sponsored By Chartreuse (Beta)

    Welcome New Media Fans!

    It’s been an exciting game so far with the little guy just trouncing all over mainstream […]

    chartreuse (BETA)

    Tags: advertising, MySpace, New Media, The Future, Blog Networks, old media, NBBC.

  78. “Morangos com Açúcar”: O Telelixo que nos entra nas famílias através da TVI todos os dias

    “(…) tudo soa a postiço. Os interiores são tão limpos que se percebe logo serem “décors”. Excluindo a directora […]


    Tags: Sociedade Portuguesa.

  79. Truco Para Descargar De Megaupload En Firefox

    En lo personal, este truco me ha sido muy util en las descargas de MegaUpload, ya no detectará tus puertos, y ahora si […]


    Tags: firefox, Trucos, Tutoriales, extensiones.

  80. Melinda, MySpace, Murder?

    Steve Huff of Atlanta, a purported expert in blogs, was able to gain access to 13 of the postings on Duckett’s private […]

    When a child goes missing

    Tags: Main.

  81. Smallville Sexta Temporada [En Septiembre]

    Pues ya esta circulando el primer triler de la 6ta temporada de Smallville y con ello informacion sobre lo que vendra […]

    The PollO LifE

    Tags: videos, series TV.

  82. Ühendpartei mängib oma tulevase valimisvõidu maha?

    See oleks esmane reaktsioon nn. “Laari kolmandale tulekule”. Kui just Laar ei kandideeri moepärast fundamentalistide […]

    elust ja poliitikast (eriti)

    Tags: riigiasjad.

  83. Ο ορισμός του μαλάκα

    (This post is rated R-18)
    Έχετε σκεφτεί ποτέ τι ακριβώς σημαίνει μαλάκας;
    Ας […]

    “Μπαμπάκης” – όπως ακριβώς με φωνάζει ο γιός μου

    Tags: Σκέψεις.

  84. Judysbook Expands into Coupons, ‘Social Shopping’

    Here are the deals and here’s the press release, which explains that the deals are showcased in a . . […]


    Tags: Small Business, Local Search, online shopping, Social search/community.

  85. Gov’s Island Plans in the Circular File

    Crain’s is reporting that every single one of the proposals submitted for redeveloping Governor’s Island is being […]


    Tags: Urban Planning, Design and Architecture.

  86. Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 crackeado y al español

    ..::Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 2 parcheado al Spanish::..
    Wednesday, 28. June 2006, 03:05:42
    internet, […]


    Tags: General, Software, HTML, Downloads, Blogroll, Manuales y tutoriales, Informática & Internet.

  87. Nortel Recognized by Hall of Fame

    Did you know Canada has a Telecom Hall of Fame? Did you know they have special recognition awards? Well, Nortel is […]

    All Nortel, All the Time

  88. The Culture (and Age) Gap

    I received a belated birthday gift in the mail today. It arrived at the office. When some colleagues saw that the […]

    The Asia Pages

    Tags: Culture, Random musings, Korea.

  89. Primary Night Reaction

    The reaction is fairly uniform across the media spectrum this morning:

    Mike Matthews from DWA gives Dana from […]

    First State Politics

    Tags: Election 2006, Delaware GOP.

  90. Screen Names

    Go to Screen Name Generator

    It has become increasingly difficult to find a cool, available and non-numeric screen […]

    Name Generator

    Tags: New Features, Screen Names,, name generator.

  91. Lagu Peterpan – Tak Bisakah dibajak film India !!!!

    Saya juga kaget ternyata masih ada juga orang yang mau ngebajak lagu Indonesia walaupun telah berlangsung […]


    Tags: Cuma Iseng ….

  92. Where’s Marty? Who should replace him?

    A week ago, we woke to find that not only the Community Maritime Park had passed, but that the district that voted […]

    Rick’s Blog

    Tags: COMMUNITY MARITIME PARK, Pensacola Politics.

  93. Er det blasfemi – og hvem fortjener da fatwaen?

    Egentlig underligt at ingen har tænkt på det tidligere. Jeg har taget Kurt Westergaards (KW) Muhammedtegning og givet […]

    Hodjas blog

    Tags: Islam, Muhammed Cartoons, Ytringsfrihed, Billeder/Pictures.

  94. Requiem voor luchthaven van Haren

    De oude luchthaven van Haren werd in de Eerste Wereldoorlog door de Duitse bezetter gebouwd en diende als opstijgplaats […]

    Tags: 🙂, vervoer, Brussel – Bruxelles.

  95. Give Google a slick new look!

    log of random thoughts

    Tags: Internet, Cool, CSS, Random Stuff, Beauty, COLOR, Hack.

  96. It’s The ‘Terror Tax,’ Not The Patriot Act, That Is The Problem

    Life isn’t so complicated.

    There area couple of millions of Muslims in America, a small number of whom are […]

    Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

  97. Pentru că n-au principii şi lasă comments oriunde pentru traffic

    Ar comenta orice oriunde, chiar pe un blog în care apar cele mai îngrozitoare lucruri care pot fi scrise despre ei: […]

    De ce urâm bărbaţii

    Tags: De ce urâm bloggerii.

  98. Allahu Allah – Sami Yusuf, Mesut Kurtis

    Sami Yusuf ve Mesut Kurtis birlikte “Allahu Allah” ilahisini […]


    Tags: TV Show, ilahi.

  99. Weatherman Cockroach Freak out

    Weatherman Cockroach Freak […]

    Your one stop shop for the latest and greatest pop culture videos

    Tags: videos, Funny, Scared, Freak out, weatherman cockroach freak out, news reporter bloopers, weather bloopers.

  100. One Year Anniversary Review: Designing WordPress Themes for the Public

    An article I wrote during the past year that got a lot of attention, and criticism, was “WordPress Theme Designers: […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

    Tags: web design, WordPress Themes.

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