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August 25, 2006: Top Posts

  1. On mashing doughnuts into balls

    If you’re at all into math (and even if you’re not), you probably know

    what the Fields Medal is and
    that a proof […]

    Mumble Mumble…

    Tags: rants, Geekiness, Links, Math, Images, found.

  2. The startup sound in Vista …

    I’m on the phone with Steve Ball, group program manager for the Windows Audio Video Excellence team (basically, the […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Blogging, Microsoft, Windows Vista.

  3. Pour les fanatiques: Lucie Laurier Nue !!

    Pour les nombreux internautes légèrement pervers qui cherchent Lucie Laurier nue, voici un avant goût. Cette […]

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Apostrophe

    Tags: Nous sommes un site porno, Potins Québécois.

  4. When You Can’t Get Started Writing

    I can’t tell you how many times people have come to me, holding an empty piece of paper, saying, “I have to write […]

    Writing English

    Tags: Work, Business, writing, Communication, language, English, Small Business, Business writing.

  5. The Uninspiration Challenge

    Project Runway
    Episode: Everyday Woman
    Aired: 8/23/06

    And ladies and gentleman, that is what you call a setup […]

    Previously On…

    Tags: project runway, Bravo TV, General Recaps.

  6. Nobel en Matemáticas

    El otro día, hablando con mi hermano, cuestionabamos que porqué no existía un premio Nobel de Matemáticas igual que […]

    El Cascarrabias.

    Tags: Las Notas del Autor.

  7. Mr Angry’s Top 5 tips for becoming the grownup who runs things

    I thought it was time to follow up my earlier post on why IT people seem to hardly ever run IT companies or even the IT […]

    Angry 365 Days a Year

    Tags: Byword/Aphorism.

  8. Tamara Hoover Quits Over Nude Pics

    Tamara Hoover, a high school teacher from Austin Texas has quit her position following nude photo’s of the teacher […]

    Milo’s Rambles

    Tags: News, Teaching, Tamara Hoover.

  9. Moving the myspace music player

    Okay, for those of you who don’t know, WordPress tells me how people have ended up on my blog. Among the dark little […]


    Tags: Music, CSS, HTML, Websites, coding experiments, MySpace, Weblogs And Personal Sites, Viva La Firefox.

  10. Slackware 11.0 Release Candidate 3

    Well, Release Candidate 3 of Slackware 11.0.0 is here. Patrick says this will most likely be the last RC but not to […]

    Slackware Blog

    Tags: General, ChangeLogs, Slackware.

  11. Don’t Marry Career Men

    Via today, I found a article [since taken down, but archived here] that is one of the […]

    Jennifer Saylor, Freelance Writer

    Tags: Feminism.

  12. Shooting A Shaykh In The Mouth

    The editor of a leading Pakistani think-tank advocating equity, fairness and gender equality in Pakistan’s Islamic Laws […]


    Tags: Religion, Islam, Pakistan.

  13. La verdadera Yasuri Yamilet

    Lo saque de: Todo por 2clicks!
    Terrible noticia para todos aquellos que disfrutaron del mentado video de Yasuri […]


    Tags: Noticias, Humor, Calilandia, videos, YouTube.


    Review these typical interview questions and think about how you would
    answer them. Read the questions listed; you […]

    Bhuvana Sundaramoorthy’s Blog

    Tags: Interview Q & A.

  15. What would you do with 8 treadmills?

    Hahahahaha, brilliant, funny, and in super sync.

    Mein Blog

    Tags: Music, Funny, YouTube, Oddities.

  16. Scripting News for 8/24/2006

    Today’s Rocketboom covers the NYTimesRiver. Thanks!
    Realized I had not officially announced the BBCRiver. Wo

    Scripting News Annex

    Tags: Scripting News.


    As I am preparing to watch week 8 of the “Reality episode of Rockstar Supernova” I can’t help but wonder what […]

    The Lukas Rossi Connection

    Tags: Music, Entertainment, TV, Music Reviews, Blogroll, Supernova, Reality Television, rockstar, Lukas Rossi, Rockstar Supernova, Dilana, Reality TV.

  18. Bo Nylén är INTE rasist

    Oj vad vänstern är upprörd över de “rasistiska kommentarerna” som Bo Nylén, styrelseledamot i Villaägarnas […]

    Tags: Politik.

  19. 3D sex

    titre : 3D sex, par : harry wanders, le : jeudi 17 aot 2006 15:56:03 – –

    Bordeaux en-pile

    Tags: Bordeaux.

  20. Upphetsande?

    Inskickat av Jens:
    Jag jobbade som konduktör och skulle kolla en 35-årig mans biljett.

    -Hejsan, biljetterna […]


    Tags: Gästspel.

  21. This One Goes Out To The One I Love

    So I was checking over at Sterogum today and he’s got a review of the Bookeaters event that featured Sufjan, David […]

    Upside Down Stupid Hat

    Tags: Books, Songs.

  22. RoBloggers Survey

    Povesteam eu la un moment dat ca sunt prinsa in citirea unui nou raport aflat aici.

    Prinsa in micile mele drame […]


    Tags: RoBloggersSurvey.


    Weblogic Administrator
    Experience: 2-12 Years
    WebLogic software on UNIX servers, Knowledge of the different […]


    Tags: Chennai, Bangalore, Unix, network administrator.

  24. Dunk is Dunk – proof.

    Back in June, Dunk’s anti-depressants were going haywire and his attempts to rescue his site from a big decline were […]

    Koptalk Exposed – The Insider Insider

    Tags: Liverpool, Liverpool FC, The Insider, Kraptalk, Dunk's Excuses, Koptalk – Lies.

  25. New “Small Arms” character pics.

    Gastronaut Don has released some new pics of two “Small Arms” characters. Small Arms is one of the most highly […]

    K1lla’s Xbox Domain

    Tags: Game Previews.

  26. آخر سریال نرگس

    قبل از هر چیزی بگم که اگر این جور چیزا خوشتون نمیاد و بی‌جنبه […]


    Tags: Out of category.

  27. 10 Things you should never do on a Friday afternoon

    To complement my list of 10 things you should do on a Friday afternoon (Link), here are some of the activities that […]

    Lee Iwan, Bits and Pieces of Accumulated Experience

    Tags: Work, Marketing, Business, Entrepreneurship, office, Ideas!, Ideas & Thoughts, Jobs, Management, Office Fun, General Interest, leadership, CEO, International Business, entrepreneur, Organizations, manager, President, family business, Leaders, Workplace, internships and jobs, The corporate world, global businesses, business consultant, corporate world, Business Manager, owner, Mexican Business, Lee Iwan, Mexico business, workplace issues, Business and Entrepreneurship, employee evaluation, the boss, Bits and Pieces of Accumulated Experience, Lee Iwan Bits and PIeces of Accumulated Experience, team participation, business relationships, doing business in mexico, how to do business in mexico, family business problems, Friday afternoon, subordinates, business executive, business manners.

  28. That’s what I like

    Kirk writes about why he likes WordPress. 🙂

    Matt on WordPress

    Tags: WordPress, Uncategorizednbah.

  29. Mystery Science Theater: Mike Nelson’s Story Continues

    What a relief! If you read my recent MST3K post, you saw how depressed I was to see that Mike Nelson had started up […]


    Tags: TV, Sci-Fi, fandom.

  30. Newtype September 2006 & Newtype×Tsutaya Top 100 Animes

    After searching for so long, somehow I managed to find a copy of this Newtype magazine. Previously, some crazy SOS-dan […]

    × • = bj0rN = • ×

    Tags: Random, anime, purchases.

  31. An Open Letter To Those Born After 1982 (Or The One Thing Your Parents Got Right)

    Here’s the deal.

    Your stepdad, stepmom, guardian, caregiver or actual biological parent screwed up.

    Oh, they […]

    chartreuse (BETA)

    Tags: School, Work, Parents, country, Tests, Jobs, Jews, collapse, Multicultural, Farms, 1982, Rednecks.

  32. The Holy Grail of Synchronization: How to synchronize Microsoft Outlook (multiple locations), Google Calendar, Gmail, […]

    This is the setup I am trying to sync:

    Microsoft Outlook Calendar at work (don’t care about work contacts)
    Google […]


    Tags: Google, Mobile, Microsoft, Gmail, iPod, iTunes, Nokia, Microsoft Outlook, Mobile Phone, cellphone, sync, Google Calendar, Synchronization, engtechArticles, Nokia 6682,, Rogers, Gliffy, Funambol, ScheduleWorld, SyncML, RemoteCalendars.

  33. Windows UE V5 EN ESPAÑOL – OFFICE 2003 ESPAÑOL – Bob Dylan-The 30th Anniversary…


    :: Nit´s ::

    Tags: General, Música, Downloads, Programas, Torrents, Noticias y Medios.

  34. “Does God Exist?” – Does It Matter?

    Well this is one question that everyone seems to rant on about on interweb blogs or articles and one that I have been […]

    Incompetence Inc.

    Tags: Incompetence Exposed.

  35. Because I’m Too Impatient to Wait Till I Get Home…

    … I bring you SIZZLE!

    It’s a wretched camera phone pic and it’s fuzzy and Sizzle is black and all…. but it’s […]

    A Knitted Frenzy

    Tags: knitting.

  36. ظهر الحق و زهق الباطل

    Welcome to Black&White MidEast Blog.

    لا شيعية ولا سنية .. أمة واحدة إسلامية
    ملة […]

    Black&White MidEast

    Tags: knitting.

  37. Cory Doctorow’s USC Copyright Compliance letter

    Doing my Grokster note last semester, I was kicked off the network for installing Grokster. I had to un-install any p2p […]


    Tags: P2P, Copyright, fair-use.

  38. Jiannetto’s & Sapporo Closed! Plus the end of the week wrap-up…

    A few temporary closings to report in Midtown…

    If you have been looking for the Jiannetto’s Pizza truck on Park […]

    Midtown Lunch

    Tags: P2P, Copyright, fair-use.

  39. There once was a director named Rita…

    Okay ladies… this post should tide you over through the weekend. There’s plenty to comment upon! See you all again […]

    Mary Kay Sucks

    Tags: Religion / Abuse of God.

  40. All Your Goats Is Belong To Us



    { w a s t e d t a l e n t }

    Tags: Music, rants, media, paranoia, Propaganda, Gigs, SNAFU, Disarseter Records, Conspiracies, YouTube, Black Metal.

  41. The Big 12 Report


    North Division
    Can Nebraska ride the momentum of late […]

    the disciplined gambler

    Tags: Music, rants, media, paranoia, Propaganda, Gigs, SNAFU, Disarseter Records, Conspiracies, YouTube, Black Metal.

  42. Poyeya !!!!!

    Esta gran cancion va dedicada a mi amigo alex que se vera reflejado en la letra de esta cancion.
    Va […]

    No somos un blog friki

    Tags: Otros, cosas raras del bati..

  43. Downloading Porn With Dave or How People Find My Blog

    This blog has only existed just over a week, but I already have quite a lot of traffic. Why’s that, you may wonder? […]

    Life after PhD

    Tags: Blog, advertising, MetaPost, Video, sex, Porn, NSFW, Online Video, Webfilms.

  44. çakkıdı çakkıdı


    boncuk gözlü kadife

    Tags: yazdım oldu.

  45. Best Duet ever

    So I guess you can already guess what my favorite is!

    I know this entry is so gay (I guess this shows I’m not […]

    Brechi Reborn

    Tags: yazdım oldu.

  46. T-J (tanya jawab) seputar Lumpur Sidoarjo, dampak eksplorasi dan lainnya

    Berikut tanya jawab saya dengan salah seorang pengunjung blog ini, masih seputar Banjarpanji, masih soal lumpur, […]

    Dongeng Geologi

    Tags: Environment, Explorations, Dongeng Geologi, Diskusiku.

  47. Me caes mal

    Me congratulo en presentar una nueva sección de nolesimporta a la que he llamado Me caes mal. Yo soy una persona […]

    No les importa

    Tags: Me caes mal.

  48. My Girl – Korean Drama

    Credits: whale_fly of

    Quoc.Phan’s WORLD

    Tags: Tin tức.

  49. Telefilm News #25 – Dal 21 al 27 agosto 2006

    Ritorna l’appuntamento con le serie in prima visione sui canali televisivi non a pagamento nel corso della settimana da […] Blog

    Tags: Cinema e TV,, TV ITA, Telefilm News.

  50. My friend the terrorist

    Israel calls my friend a terrorist. But he – his name is Dan (but now goes by another name) – is one of the most caring […]

    Blogging the Middle East

    Tags: Personal, Lebanon, Palestine / Israel.

  51. Lifehacker Gets on the Bandwagon

    Lifehacker has a post describing the top 10 apps for Ubuntu. I have issues with the first one on the list, but I tend […]

    Ubuntu Blog

    Tags: ubuntu, Commentary, applications.

  52. Saiunkoku Monogatari: Episode 13 “An Unexpected Suprise”

    Rather than an Eigetsu story, this episode, very much a tale of two halves, serves to introduce and develop a number […]

    Hopeless Sensei’s Anime Blog

    Tags: SaiMono, Episode Analysis.

  53. Agitación + IVA – Isabel Pintor & Miriam Benoit (Pte. 1)

    Isabel Pintor & Míriam Benoit


    Tags: Capturas.

  54. Tak Sesuwaaiii (Isu Masjid)

    BH 24 Ogos 2006 – Masjid tak sesuai jadi tempat pesta
    SELURUH rakyat Malaysia berpeluang menyaksikan secara langsung […]

    Ct Muslihat Membongkar… .. .

    Tags: Siti Nurhaliza & Dato K.

  55. Expertitis strikes again at the Post

    Today’s Page 4 lead story of The Jakarta Post Early campaigning not illegal, say experts sees a recurrence of that old […]


    Tags: News and politics, media, journalists.

  56. Mentos & Coke: Banned video

    From the letter from “The Mentos Geyser Video Contest Management Team”
    Your entry was received but deemed inappropriate […]

    10 daily things

    Tags: Video.

  57. desabilitando “windows genuine advantage notifications ” (KB905474)

    1 – Reinicie o computador em modo de segurança;
    2 – Vá na pasta C:\Windows\system32 e apague o arquivo […]


    Tags: Microsoft.

  58. Chat

    This is the Chat Section! click Comments to Chat!

    Club Penguin Secrets

    Tags: chat.

  59. Kami nAPO muna (Tribute to APO Hiking Society)

    The long wait is over. The most celebrated composers/singers of older generation are back, not with a new album, […]

    Me Write, You Read

    Tags: Music.

  60. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

    What the heck is the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud? Ad hoc virtualized servers! Hooray!

    Deploys in minutes. Upload […]

    The Pages o’ Peat

    Tags: Geek.

  61. How do we stop the decline?

    While there are pockets of growth within various clubs and classes, anyone who thinks that yacht racing in the United […]

    Sailing As I Sea It

    Tags: Geek.

  62. Age Discrimination in Early Retirement Incentives

    Earlier this week, the EEOC announced settlement of age discrimination allegations relating to an early retirement […]

    Pensions & Benefits Weblog

    Tags: Pensions, ADEA.

  63. Latest Dapper xserver-xorg upgrade might break the xserver

    The xserver-xorg-core version 1:1.0.2-0ubuntu10.3 is broken.

    I (tseliot) have sent an email to the chief of the team […]

    Ubuntu Demon’s blog

    Tags: Pensions, ADEA.

  64. Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival Sets the Record Straight


    Hart, Michigan – Seeking to correct misinformation widely distributed by “CampTrans” […]

    Women’s Space/The Margins

    Tags: Feminism, Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.

  65. Right-handed heterosexual white men oppress again, they say.

    I am so fed up with innumeracy, or in this case, people’s inability of fathoming statistics and social studies. I am, […]

    Tylsyyden Multihuipennus

    Tags: Entries in english, Innumeracy.

  66. 16 sala larki

    hello dear reader  
     how  ru              
     aaj jo kahani main aap ko suna raha hon woh […]

    sexy stories

    Tags: Blogroll.

  67. Hva gjør man når helsevesenet ikke tar ansvar?

    Dette var overskriften i et innlegg på forumet Doktor Online (DOL) i 2003. Den som skrev var Goliath en av […]

    Beates rasteplass

    Tags: Samfunn, Helse, Myalgisk Encefalopati.

  68. 노현정 건으로 논문 나오겠네

    Q.M.님의 블로그에 또 다른 흥미로운 지적이 있다.

    내가 예전에도 쓴 적이 있지만, 대단한 […]

    세상에서 가장 지루한 블로그

    Tags: Samfunn, Helse, Myalgisk Encefalopati.

  69. Neeger on nõutu

    Neeger sai juba teist korda alljärgneva pakkumise:
    Lgp. **** *******,

    OÜ ******** tegeleb alates 1993 aastast […]


    Tags: Sõim, Naljakas, Tööpakkumised, Hoiatus.

  70. My first dive into the Ubuntu world

    So, I’ve finally taken the plunge into the linux world with Ubuntu, after countless hours of XP maintenance […]


    Tags: technology.

  71. La Gran Sangre, II Temporada: LGS vs Las Diosas Malditas

    Este lunes 21 de agosto, a las 9:30 p.m., tras vencer al Conde (Haysen Percovivh), Verdes (Iván Chavez) y La Seca […]

    Cosas que (me) pasan

    Tags: TV, Comic, Perú.

  72. Un poco mas de Cirilin


    Hasta que esto dure

    Tags: Fichas.

  73. Nokia E61 Firmware upgrade

    I am waiting anxiously to get my hands on the new E61 firmware.

    It is currently running 1.0610.04.04 and the new […]

    All things fony!

    Tags: Nokia E61.

  74. Ensayo Ferro 1993

    Hacia fines de diciembre del ’93 finalizaba una gira que había comenzado en octubre, con un recital en el estadio de […]

    .: ZonaGarcia :.

    Tags: Ensayos, Descargas, Solista.

  75. Icons Free – Iconos Gratis

    Excelentes colecciones de iconos gratuitos para tu sitio web o para tu aplicación (Software).

    Cada una con un […]

    LA100RRA Blog

    Tags: Weblogs, Diseño Web, Desarrollo de sistemas, Desarrollo Web.

  76. Money Talks, and it says “You better do what the hell Dick Devos says, George Bush.”

    The news media is buzzing about me calling George W Bush on the carpet. There’s all sorts of conjecture out there […]

    The Disembodied Head of Dick Devos

    Tags: Politics, Dick DeVos, Money, Republicans, W, Money, Money, Money, rich, more money than god, money can buy it!, the billionairess.

  77. NYC Dining: Max Brenner

    Max Brenner: Chocolate By The Bald Man

    841 Broadway New York, NY

    141 2nd Avenue New York, NY

    The new Manhattan […]

    Off The Broiler

    Tags: General, Food, Links, New York City.

  78. Vastus

    Punane Hanrahan küsib: Küsimus Potsatajale: kassa vahest frakki ka kannad?

    Mul on frakk täiesti olemas. Lasin […]

    Meie Maailm

    Tags: küsi – me räägime Sulle.

  79. Changing the noodles

    Singaporeans have spent the last few days talking crap about… noodles (speedm)

    The furore over the mee siam […]

    Two Steps From Twilight

    Tags: Singapore.

  80. Gol de Nistelrooy. Increible!

    Mira este gol increible de Ruud Van Nistelrooy contra Juventus. Un de los mejores goles del nuevo fichage de Real […]

    Super Goles

    Tags: Nistelrooy Videos, goles nistelrooy, nistelrooy clips, vidio nistelrooy.

  81. Iztok Gartner??

    Ne hvala, oziroma brzostrelko prosim!

    Še en pacient se mi je našu dvigat kocine pokonc! Še en pacient, k bi […]

    Anže Langus Petrović – Dagi

    Tags: Rešmenzije.

  82. Nach Pluto: Das Problem mit Uranus

    Gestern war ein traumatischer Tag für diesen Autor: Die grausamen, herzlosen, schlicht fehlgeleiteten Astronomen […]

    USA Erklärt

    Tags: Eintrag.

  83. More on Mr. Aaron Durley…

    NBA talent scouts were watching his birth. He was a good 4’2 coming out of the womb.

    My friend and I were discussing […]

    I Want a Surprise Birthday Party

    Tags: Sports.

  84. Osuuu~!

    This just made my day! Who needs anti-depressants when you’ve got your very own team of personal cheerleaders 😉

    shtuff: anime blogage

    Tags: General, Japan.

  85. I Festival Frigiliana 3 culturas

    Este primer festival engloba jornadas gastronómicas, mercadillo, teatro, animación en la calle, conciertos, feria de […]


    Tags: Música, Actividades, Flamenco.

  86. Think PM’s slip is just a harmless mistake? Think again.

    “Go to Prime Minister’s Office website, click on the National Day Rally Speeches and you will see that you can no […]


    Tags: media, censorship, New Media, National Day.

  87. Iron Maiden – A Matter of Life and Death

    The album cover is out.

    So is a single – The reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

    The song sounds awesome and pretty […]

    Through My Words…

    Tags: Music.

  88. Ricetta per fare la sangria.

    Risalve a tutti! 😀

    È da un pò che non ci si sente. Come tutti sapete ( e sicuro ne avete le tasche piene :D) sono […]

    Vampirina’s bite…

    Tags: Real Life, Cucina.

  89. Be Vigilant

    I had an interesting experience this weekend. My oldest daughter (she’s 9) was playing an online game (not one of ours […]

    Station.Com Blog

    Tags: John Smedley.

  90. Tur Kwa Shirt

    I went to Hereen first thing in the morning to purchase the limited edition Tur Kwa T-shirt. The […]

    Uncle Su’s Got Some.

    Tags: Daily, Discovery.

  91. Maria Joaquina Rules!!!

    Quem não se recorda do lendário seriado teen (???) Carrossel, fruto da criatividade mexicana que colecionava milhões […]



  92. Mountain Peaks in Midnight Sun

    The Mountain Peaks shawl is finished and I am amazed at how well it turned out. It is so soft and light and beautiful […]


    Tags: knitting, lace, Shawl, mountain peaks.

  93. Odpoczynek racz mi dać Panie

    Dzisiaj nic nie napiszę, nic nie skomentuje, nie zajmę stanowiska, nie sprowokuje. Nie podłechtam, […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

    Tags: polityka.

  94. Black and Pink DS coming to the states!

    This September, in a store near you, expect to see our favorite handheld gaming system in two rad new colorations, pink […]


    Tags: Videogames.

  95. Dragon Ball [Todas las peliculas]

    Dragon Ball [All Movies]
    Alla van las películas de esta mágnifica serie de animación: Todas en español […]

    LeaDRaiN Ver 2.5

    Tags: videos.

  96. Hide everything on your myspace profile.

    NOTE: This doesn’t hide the banner ads, ’cause that’ll get you kicked off.

    For the duration of these tutorials, I’ll […]


    Tags: Tutorials, MySpace, Web sites, HTML / CSS.

  97. Hindi : Ghar Main Masti

    Ek Bhai apni behen ke saath masti karta hai.Language: Hindi

    Warning : Incest. Do not read if you do not like […]


    Tags: This is an adult site, 18 years and over ONLT.

  98. SimplyMepis 6.0

    First of all, I would like to clarify that the articles posted on this blog are meant for people with an intermediate […]

    Linux for the Average User

    Tags: Linux Distributions.

  99. Teacher as Learner in Web 2.0

    Quarter of a year blogging! Hooray!!

    OK, time for a personal whinge 😦

    The last week has been a frustrating week […]


    Tags: Australia, School Leadership, Constructivism.

  100. Wajah seorang isteri

    Oleh Farihad Shalla Mahmud

    Lebih setahun memadu kasih, hari ini secara rasmi, Siti Nurhaliza menjadi milik Datuk […]

    Simply Siti Nurhaliza

    Tags: Berita Harian.

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