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July 31, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Letter From American In Ramallah

    Following is a letter from an American in Ramallah, who is a friend of a friend. Checkpoints, Nasrallah, IDF, jokes, […]


    Tags: Politics, Islam, america.

  2. WE ARE ALL CNN (Or New Media That Matters)

    The email I got a few days ago (which I posted on this site) really bothered me. I felt an an intense need to do […]

    chartreuse (BETA)

    Tags: Truth, New Media, New Orleans, Gulf Coast, Blog Networks, CNN, Mississippi, Making a difference, Reporters.


    So the new season of Project Runway kicked off with a nifty “hat’ trick yesterday. By nifty, I meant to say quite […]


    Tags: Fashion, Gossip, Celebrity, NYC.

  4. Fetus in man’s stomach

    An Indian man with a fetus in his stomach. This case called “Fetus in fetus” and the fetus is the man’s dead twin. As […]

    10 daily things

    Tags: Random, Video.

  5. What I learned from BlogHer

    I think it’s interesting that I met two of my favorite bloggers for the first time at BlogHer (both of whom are men, […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Blogging, BlogHer06.

  6. Interview: Eric Nylund

    In the beginning of July I posted that I would be interviewing Eric Nylund (author of the Halo books, among other […]


    Tags: Posts.

  7. Images of Apple iPhone

    Alien Eyes

    Tags: Uncategorized, Hardware, Misc, Microsoft, All, Tech News.

  8. Mr Angry’s rules for permanent employees working with contractors

    This post in my series on contracting focuses on suggestions for non-management permanent employees working with […]

    Angry 365 Days a Year

    Tags: Byword/Aphorism.

  9. M’s Racing… West Wide Open

    Six Keys to Winning the West

    I was holding off on any kind of “Pennant Chase”post until after the trade deadline, […]

    Prospect Insider

    Tags: Seattle Mariners.

  10. 10 tips for new Mac users, switching from Windows…

    Being the sort of guy who likes to use keyboad shortcuts rather than having to reach for the mouse all the time, I felt […]

    “The Authentic Fake!”

    Tags: Interesting, Mac, hacks.

  11. Es ist schwer,

    an einem solchen Tag überhaupt was zu schreiben, ich bin ja keine Blogmaschine und auch kein Profi mit einer Schublade […]

    Letters from Rungholt

    Tags: Land und Leute.

  12. Hidden Expedition: Titanic (game review)

    Wriggle into your wetsuit, snap on your goggles, top up your oxygen tank and get ready to explore the most famous […]

    Erin Bell’s article archive

    Tags: Reviews, Videogames, published,

  13. Goatse now illegal in the United States

    Yup, you heard me.
    ‘‘§ 2252C. Misleading words or digital images on the Internet
    ‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—Whoever […]

    Shii’s Rocky Middle Path

    Tags: Miscellany.

  14. TPLF firing on opposition

    Indian Ocean Newsletter N° 1191 29/07/2006

    The partisans of the Ethiopian government in the United States are […]

    Debteraw Blog

    Tags: Uncategorized, News and politics.

  15. That song in the Audi Commercial

    I saw a comercial a couple days ago with a very catchy song. The only part that I could make out was “…the streets […]

    A Day In the Life…

    Tags: Uncategorized, Music, Life in general, Apple, Downloads, Cars, iPod, iTunes.

  16. Clip du “coup de boule” : zouk de l’été !

    C’est l’été, “la coupe on l’a waté”, mais “on a quand même bien wigolé”, avec “zidane et twézégué”. merci à […]

    materazzi – le boucher!

    Tags: videos.

  17. Socialite Profile: Annelise Peterson

    Annelise Peterson is one of industries’ most liked professionals. After 9/11, she quit an unsatisfying banking job […]

    Social Rank

    Tags: videos.

  18. Poliisin vastausta odotellessa

    Huomasin tänä aamuna, että Halo Efekti, ja ovat linkittäneet Kun häkki heilahti […]

    Viides rooli

    Tags: Sirpaleita.

  19. My New Flip This House Review

    If you’ve read some of my older posts you may have noticed that I really loved the A&E show Flip This House, which […]

    Simply Reprehensible

    Tags: Entertainment, TV.

  20. Le Baronmétre

    Suite à des problèmes techniques, il n’ y a pas eu de baronmètre la semaine dernière.

    Cette semaine c’est […]


    Tags: Baronmètre.

  21. Two of our favorite Mary Kay nsds!

    Thank you to Amy Dunlap and Pat Fortenberry for giving us so much material to discuss. Please, Amy and Pat, I’m […]

    Mary Kay Sucks

    Tags: Seminar.

  22. Blubuntu

    Ubuntu LTS comes with an orange look by default. Some people like it, some don’t. It is not hard to customize Gnome to […]

    Brent Roos (Dot WordPress)

    Tags: technology, ubuntu, Linux, Computers.

  23. Video: Belanova – Rosa Pastel

    Recien salido del horno aqui esta el nuevo video de […]

    Javier Aroche

    Tags: Music, Video.

  24. More bull from Wallsend

    This evening I’m going to look at recent examples of Mr Oldham’s main skill – bullshitting. Duncan is proof that […]

    Koptalk Exposed – The Insider Insider

    Tags: Liverpool, Liverpool FC, The Insider, Kraptalk, Dunk's Excuses.

  25. Firefox 2 – zmian ciąg dalszy

    Od notki na ten temat sprzed trzech tygodni trochę się zmieniło. Co takiego? Czytajcie dalej.



    Tags: Mozilla, firefox, l10n.

  26. Hi5 ou Catálogo Humano?

    Olhava eu brevemente para as tags do wordpress tentando perceber se muito já se tinha escrito sobre isto, e encontro […]


    Tags: blogs, Crítica social, Crítica de sites.

  27. Progetto 940 (Alfa Romeo 149)

    Pasquale Caterisano Blog

    Tags: Generale, Automobili.

  28. Nostale

    LoadStart Gaming World

    Tags: New games, PC Games.

  29. Walter Moers – Adolf, du alte Nazi-Sau


    Wal […]

    Rollmops im Kanzlerbunker

    Tags: media, Humor, videos.

  30. Lamest Guest Post Contest

    I’m just opening this post so that people can start making nominations.  The contest is not over until Ace comes back […]

    Innocent Bystanders

    Tags: Websites.


    Experience: 0 – 4 years

    Eligibility: Ist class in 10th, 12th and Grad(All sem)
    Education: BE/BTech/MCA/ME/MTech- […]


    Tags: mumbai, Pune, Freshers.

  32. Doesn’t ANYBODY actually like her?

    Okay, seriously, this is not funny. I just looked over Lamashtar’s Green Lantern Master Fic list (still being […]

    Zamaron — A Green Lantern Femme-Site

    Tags: Feminism, Conflicting Feelings.

  33. Keith Olbermann pwns O’Reilly (as BOR gets caught twice in the same lie)

     see video  I have never heard of KO until today, though I knew of an issue BOR has with MSN (now I know).

    I am […]

    Melbourne News Knũt

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  34. Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Sleeping In Seperate Rooms

    According to our friends at Entertainmentwise, Brad Pitt has moved into a separate bedroom. According to the […]

    All Angelina Jolie

    Tags: photos, Pictures], Brad Pitt, Mother, sexy, Picture, Shiloh, Angelina Jolie, people magazine, Shiloh Nouvel, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.

  35. Darren and Joanne- A Love Story

    I found this story at GonzoRangers and thought that it was kind of funny.
    Ready to chuckle and shake your head in […]

    A Barbaric Yawp

    Tags: Random Thoughts.

  36. 11 yr. old Bianca Ryan: America’s Got Talent

    The amazing performance of 11 year-old Bianca Ryan on “America’s Got Talent” 6/28/06.  As first, I thought she must be […]


    Tags: Music, Entertainment & Media.

  37. Israel: Tratamiento gratis para los libaneses heridos en hospitales israelíes

    Hay detalles muy significativos: Sheba Medical Center to treat Lebanese for free
    Entre los habrá seguramente algunos […]

    Eurabian News

    Tags: Israel-Palestina, noticias sorprendentes, Líbano, AMDG, Asuntos bélicos.

  38. Erementar Gerad

    Akin to the anime of the same name, Elementar Gerad can be placed in the generic shounen adventure pile without so […]

    Hopeless Sensei’s Anime Blog

    Tags: manga.

  39. Solucionar error 80004005 al iniciar sesión en Windows Live Messenger

    Desde que se liberó la versión final de Windows Live Messenger muchos usuarios han preguntado en nuestros foros como […]

    W3|c0m3 t0 mY w0r|d

    Tags: MSN.

  40. Even If Acquitted Of Murder, Chris Porco May Still Serve Time.

    For those of you who are afraid that Christopher Porco is going to be acquitted, don’t worry. I predict that if such […]


    Tags: Mohawk Valley, Dan's Posts, Crime In The Valley, Christopher Porco Murder Trial.

  41. Kto zabił inteligencję Warszawy ?

    On ?

    A może on ?


    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

    Tags: Państwo.

  42. On Dakota Fanning’s Rape Scene

    There’s been a bit of talk over at The Zero Boss, Blogging Baby and


    Tags: Celebrities, Parenting, Hot Topics, Girls, child safety, child abuse, Childrens' Health.

  43. Still Healing from Allison Holker’s Departure from So You Think You Can Dance, Watch Disney’s High School Musical

    Thanks to reading another post about someone who deserves crap for watching Disney’s High School Musical for fun, I ran […]

    Something for Nothing

    Tags: Entertainment, TV, So You Think You Can Dance.

  44. Hammarby – Häcken 3-0

    Jag hade tänkt skriva en träningsrapport från lördagen. Det gick inte. Det var en av de mest deprimerande […]


    Tags: Efter Match.

  45. Brand in Göttinger Universität

    Aus noch ungeklärter Ursache ist am gestrigen Abend das Oeconomicum auf dem Campus der Universität Göttingen in […]

    Obiter Dictum

    Tags: aktuelles, Göttingen.

  46. Minął tydzień – czas na dyscyplinę!

    Przed tygodniem świat był inny!
    Siedem dni temu byliśmy jeszcze cywilami:),
    aż zgłosiliśmy się na ochotnika do […]

    Akcja Obywatelska

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  47. ‘wichcraft in Bryant Park (and how to get to the front of the line!)

    Famous Chefs in New York City seem to be expanding their empires at every chance.  One of the most popular trends […]

    Midtown Lunch

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  48. Todos los OVAs de la saga de Hades:

    Todos los OVAs de la saga de Hades:



    LeaDRaiN Ver 2.5

    Tags: videos.

  49. Planning the Ubuntu System Tool (UST)

    If you’ve enjoyed using the console-based “Yast” tool (from Novell’s Suse Linux) in your server room, then […]

    ubuntu_demon’s blog

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  50. Mel Gibson DUI – PDF “Are you a Jew?”

    Holy biggotry Cardinal McFiddles!  Mel has gone from saint to sintastic in one day!

    The link below is just one of […]


    Tags: News, Piss Yourself Funny, player hatin', Download-it.

  51. Why Microsoft should buy JetBrains

    In the Java world, IntelliJ rules in my view. Even with Visual Studio 2005 new refactoring support, to be truely […]

    Tales from a Trading Desk

    Tags: Microsoft, .NET.

  52. Who are they kidding?

    A 48-hour halt to airstrikes?

    Only an hour ago, an Israeli airstrike targeted a taxi on the Tyre-Abbassiyye road […]

    Blogging the Middle East

    Tags: Lebanon, Palestine / Israel.

  53. Rapidshare Tips & Tricks ( | Megaupload Account

    This article has tips on how to beat Rapidshare time limit, get a free premium Rapidshare account password, search […]

    Mental Hacks – Tech Tips

    Tags: Lebanon, Palestine / Israel.

  54. Blogosfera Lusa: Análise 1

    Tenho andado ‘entretido’ em torno de formas de representacão gráfica da blogosfera portuguesa. Esta primeira […]


    Tags: Web 2.0, blogs, Web Analytics.

  55. L’Italia che non c’è

    Business 2.0 ha pubblicato un articolo, intitolato Web 2.0 World, nel quale su una mappa geografica dell’Europa ci […]

    Mac Blog

    Tags: Internet.

  56. Girls Kissing BIG COMPILATION!

    Girls Gone Wild

    Tags: Video.

  57. Sticks And Stones

    When we opened the Fortress’ doors six months ago, our intention was to share a longtime love of comics – […]

    Fortress Of Fortitude

    Tags: Comics, DC, Modern Age.


    Yes, I am a goddamn TYPE-MOON fanboy. So sue me. Repeatedly. With a chainsaw or powerfist or pulse carbine or heavy […]


    Tags: anime, Fate/Stay Night.

  59. Fotos de la guerra Israel-Libano

    Medio Oriente y el Mundo

    Tags: Israel, conflicto medio oriente, Fotos de conflicto Israel-Libano.

  60. Ana Malhoa Nua

    Serei eu o último a descobrir as fotos da Ana Malhoa em que ela surge nua, tal e qual como veio ao mundo? Já tinha […]

    Há Mouro na Costa

    Tags: Lazer, Vai Buscar.

  61. Loose Change 2 – deutsche Untertitel

    klicken Sie für eine größere […]


    Tags: Religion, Islam, englisch, Iran, Politik, Terror, Medien, Allgemeines, Deutschland, Irak, Naher Osten, Globalisierung, klip, filistin, Krieg, Israel, Amerika, CIA, Taliban, FBI, NATO, Terrorismus, anarchie, verschwörungstheroien, Islamismus.

  62. Tech CVs: the lies ! the lies !

    There’s nothing more likely to get you thrown out of a job interview than it becoming obvious that you’ve lied on your […]

    Imran On Tech

    Tags: Software development, Recruitment.

  63. Siempre antes…

    Siempre antes de amaneser es mas de noche…
    Siempre k es tarde es xk alguien se da kuenta…

    Me pase todo este […]

    Solo yo

    Tags: cualquier cosa.

  64. Moving the myspace music player

    Okay, for those of you who don’t know, WordPress tells me how people have ended up on my blog. Among the dark little […]


    Tags: Music, CSS, HTML, Websites, coding experiments, MySpace, Weblogs And Personal Sites, Viva La Firefox.

  65. Minyak Dunia – Kapan habis ?

    Perhitungan angka habisnya minyak ini akan saja selalu salah, siapapun yg menghitung, serta apapun metode yg […]

    Dongeng Geologi

    Tags: Dongeng Geologi, Energi.

  66. Carnival of Real Estate

    It was a busy week in real estate last week, what with with Inman’s Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco and […]

    The Future of Real Estate Marketing

    Tags: Dongeng Geologi, Energi.

  67. El vídeo del millón – 23/07/06 – Erika Sanz



    Tags: Capturas.

  68. Very “Clever?” Bush.

    Tags: photos, War, Thoughts stuff, Happy &/or Sad.

  69. Done 🙂

    Okay, my G6lite review is done.
    I’ve tried to take out most spelling mistakes and etc, but if you come around any bug […]

    my page, about me, my hobbies, and learning Japanese

    Tags: Blog.

  70. How do I upload pictures?

    Note: Please read the other posts in this section of the FAQ

    On your Write page scroll down and click Browse […]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Tags: Images, Uploading.

  71. Google Earth

    I downloaded a program called Google Earth. It’s quite interesting. It allows you to view satalite images of nearly […]

    My View. Your View

    Tags: technology, 😦, Pictures], Kuwait.

  72. Lēts bezfirmas mp3 atskaņotājs – lieliska iPod nano alternatīva?

    Ebay meklēju ko iepirkt savam mīļajam brāļukam un atradu arī, nopirku un saņēmu patestēju un esmu […]


    Tags: Video, mp3, iPod Nano, mūzika, DOMAS.

  73. Beyonce New Video ‘Deja Vu’

    What do ya’ll think about that new song of hers? Now I am a true Beyonce fan and not one of those Beyonce haters they […]

    Chrissy Spot

    Tags: Music, Beyonce.

  74. Inusual temporal de granizo sobre Buenos Aires

    Durante la tarde de hoy un temporal se desató sobre Buenos Aires y lo significativo fue la feroz caida de granizo de […]

    S Blog

    Tags: Uncategorized, Blog, photos, Fotos, Actualidad, imagenes.

  75. KDE Tip for SLED10

    Team Mobile
    In Nuremberg, Novell has a sub-team within SUSE called “Team Mobile.” Team Mobile deals with solving […]

    Open Source Advocacy with Reverend Ted

    Tags: Novell, linux/oss, Cool blogs.

  76. Sentimental Cockney Generation. Oh the hilarity ^_^

    | o/’ Heathcliiiffff….it’s me, I’m Kathy I’ve come ‘ome. Put the kettle on ‘ave a luvverly cuppa tea, Ey! […]

    Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

    Tags: Comment, School Rumble Semester 2, Music.

  77. The Wedding of A&A

    My sister Abbey married her best friend, Andrew, on July 8, 2006 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.


    Tags: Uncategorized.

  78. MTV Málaga Summer 2006

    Post escrito por Rosetta:
    Enrique Iglesias, Paulina Rubio y Pignoise abrirán la Feria de Málaga 2006, en el “MTV […]


    Tags: Música.

  79. Fallen, the newly TV movie

    Make sure you don’t miss Fallen on ABC Family on Sunday. You can read the excerpt of the ABC Family’s release note […]

    into dean’s cyberspace

    Tags: TV/Movies/Music/Books.

  80. REVIEW: Xubuntu 6.06 LTS from my perspective and from the newbies’

    Who should not read this review?
    1) Ubuntu haters. If you hate it please restrain yourself from posting […]

    Alberto Milone’s Blog

    Tags: ubuntu.

  81. Emanciprov! & Warcraft-prov @ Del Close Marathon – July 28, 2006


    House of Uster presents: Warcraft-prov (MC Chris

    improv is good for you*

    Tags: Improv.

  82. Aceleración Gráfica para ATI Radeon 9250 en ubuntu

    Este tutorial fue realizado por Abraham Tamayo y me permito colocarlo aqui para que esté accesible a quien pueda […]

    Fred.cpp y sus cosas

    Tags: ubuntu, Blog, Linux, Tutorials, Linux & OpenSource, Tutoriales, Manuales y tutoriales, Manuales.

  83. For the Record: A Response to Judy England-Joseph’s Column

    To: Residents of Hollin Hills

    From: David Armstrong

    The President’s Corner column in the current […]

    Hollin Hills Talks

    Tags: Community Matters.

  84. Chappelle’s Show Leaked

    That’s right, the next two “Lost Episodes” of Chappelle’s Show have already hit the internet. Download the torrents […]

    Jackson West’s Obsessive Compulsion

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  85. Miss Japan 2006

    Did anyone watch Miss Universe 2006 on Monday? Ok, I am not a fan, but there was nothing else on TV during the repeat […]

    Royal Leisure

    Tags: Misc.

  86. Aφού με γάμησε επί μιά πενταετία…

    …επιχειρηματικά εννοώ, το “Πωλητήριον” του Μουσείου(;) […]

    The McManus Sessions

    Tags: Πορδές στον Άνεμο.

  87. Google is bound to Win

    Google is bound to win and I am sure about it. Here I will try and explain why I am so sure about it:

    Google has […]

    Shubh – Hub

    Tags: Google.

  88. Israeli Children Signing Bombs: Part II

    Earlier we brought you the story about Israeli children signing bombs, now a unverified explanation to the story has […]


    Tags: Politics, Children, Israel, Arabs & Muslims, racism, Hate, Hebrew, card, Lebanese, draw, Lebanon, Isreal, Arab, dead, Arabs, Sign, Hizbullah, Bomb, Part II, Part 2, Israeli, Hezbollah, Hizbollah, Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination, Israelis, Israeli children sign bombs, Israeli children sign, children sign bombs, israeli children signing bombs, children signing, Children Signing Bombs, Ahronoth, Yedioth, Scheiner, Kiryat Shmona, Nasrallah, tank shell, with love, From Israel.

  89. Minik Dualar – Anne Baba Duası

    Büyük izlemek için tıklayın Minik Dualar Grubundan Anne Baba […]


    Tags: Uncategorized.

  90. How obsession over race will be Singapore’s ruin

    For the bulk of Singapore’s students, July 21 is a significant day. In the morning your teacher comes by to pop fridge […]

    Two Steps From Twilight

    Tags: Singapore.

  91. UNIFIL helping Hizbollah??

    Everyone has heard about the tragic accident of IDF Forces hitting a UNIFIL outpost killing 2 of the UN force. And we […]

    Morning Coffee

    Tags: media, UN, Terrorism, Iran, Israel, Syria, hamas, Palestinians, Global War On Terror, Hizbullah.

  92. Omkara

    Omkara: ***

    I have never read any Shakespeare, and whatever little criminally abridged pieces that had found […]

    Karan’s reviews and ramblings

    Tags: Movies, Bollywood.

  93. My pussy is swollen and my internet sucks!!

        Yes!! my pussy is HUGE. She looks like a miniature beached whale the poor thing. (PUSSY CAT YOU DANG PERVS!! I […]

    Just call me Mom…everyone else does

    Tags: blah blah, Just Ranting.

  94. When Dubya had a heart attack…

    SWAROOP DEV forwards this joke from Dubai: George Bush has a heart attack and dies. Obviously, he goes to Hell,where […]


    Tags: Jokes of the Week.

  95. Porno Tube: a YouTube for hard

    PornoTube is a beta service,it is a Youtube about hard world: there are photos, video and audio about this porn. I […]

    Dario Salvelli’s Blog

    Tags: Voci dal Net.

  96. TV – I dati Auditel del 28-29-30 luglio

    Veloce riepilogo degli ascolti delle serie TV di prima e seconda serata di venerdì, sabato e domenica.
    Venerdì 28 […] Blog

    Tags: Cinema e TV, TV ITA, Auditel.

  97. “The PT-A Section of Cal. Bar”

    I am not sure if any of you guys feel up to discussing the questions, but I had more than a couple of e-mails with […]

    3 Days in July!

    Tags: Dailies.

  98. Some Thoughts on Busan’s Migrant Workers

    A Korean friend of mine took me to meet some of the Vietnamese migrant workers who are under his supervision at the […]

    The Asia Pages

    Tags: Random musings, Southeast Asia, Busan/Gyeongnam.

  99. I Wrote This Song A Long Time Ago

    Even Tupac knew it was the hookers…

    James Wolcott has this tasty little tidbit concerning the Duke-stir and […]

    Tags: videos, National Politics, Tupac Sees The Future!.

  100. Yoon Eun-Hye Tampil di Princess Hours

    Semakin banyak saja artis yang mulai banting stir dari dunia musik ke akting. Namun tidak bisa dipungkiri, salah […]


    Tags: News, Korea, Drama, actress, Korea Drama.

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