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June 28, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google?

    (This article was last updated on June 27, ’06)

    To put in context the title of this post, which created so much […]

    Evolving Trends

    Tags: Uncategorized, Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Reasoning, ontology, owl, Inference Engine, computer reasoning, Google, Wikipedia, GoogleBase, Web 2.0, web standards, web2.0, SemanticWeb, Vision, Startup, Evolution, web 3.0, vision building, ontoworld, mass psychology.

  2. Buy our house

    Take a virtual tour of our house, for sale now in Bothell, WA. Pictures were shot this morning. Lots of work cleaning […]

    Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

    Tags: Blogging, Scoble family.



    La verdad es k toy muy felis y ojala sigamos asi…

    a la mañana todo […]

    Solo yo

    Tags: Amigos, cualquier cosa.

  4. the melancholy of haruhi fujioka 12 (MOEEEEEEEE!)

    I’d read on the internets that Ouran was starting to get less funny recently, so I wasn’t really in any rush to watch […]


    Tags: anime, Ouran High School Host Club.

  5. Show Me That New GNOME Main Menu

    [Follow-up: I have posted a follow-on called “Customizing the Main Menu” to answer some questions posted on] […]

    Open Source Advocacy with Reverend Ted

    Tags: linux/oss, Random Stuff, Novell, Cool blogs.

  6. They’re In

    Israeli troops have entered Gaza.  Along with lots of artillery fire.


    A.  Kerem Shalom
    B.  Nahal ‘Oz
    C.  […]

    Innocent Bystanders

    Tags: Current Events, Terrorist Hemorrhoids.

  7. Ten anime I am ashamed to like

    Finally catching up to my blog reading after a weeks break, I was rather amused by Hung’s post on 10 skeletons in his […]

    Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

    Tags: Comment, anime.

  8. How to make IT staff less angry – Part One: Overview

    This post contains secret IT workers’ business. This could be dangerous to me for two reasons. First, it contains […]

    Angry 365 Days a Year

    Tags: Byword/Aphorism.

  9. Hasta la Vista, XP!

    Skończył mi się okres używania testowej półrocznej wersji Windows XP Pro x64. I to skończył się niefajnie, bo […]


    Tags: Microsoft.

  10. Angelina Jolie Baby Shower Pictures


    All Angelina Jolie

    Tags: photos, Pictures], Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, sexy, Pregnancy, Picture, angelina fan, Angelina Jolie, Baby Shower.

  11. WC – Day 18: A Tale of Two Halves

    A nice and feathery Brazilian cutie for your viewing pleasure. Just that. What, disappointed? Well, as soon as Brazil […]

    A finger in my I

    Tags: Sports.

  12. Firefox Value Chain

    In my last post, I stressed the importance of providing high levels of differentiating value to the end-user. Key to […]

    Sherman’s Blog

    Tags: Mozilla, firefox, Product Management, Product Strategy.

  13. Andrea Rincón (a.k.a. Selena Spice) en desfile (2)

    via ameba


    Tags: Latin, sexy, model, Colombia, Selena Spice / Andrea Rincón.

  14. Crafting in Today’s MMOs

    Alternate title: ‘More Ways to Fritter Away Your Precious Time on Earth’

    As crafting in MMOs is apparently the […]

    Wondrous Inventions

    Tags: General MMOs.

  15. Autobahn

    [Gesehen bei Daniel dos Reis]

    Basman | Explore: IT Outsourcing

    Tags: Fun.

  16. Ещё идея: песочные часы

    Существует масса программ – визуализаторов часов. Тут и со […]

    valker’s blog – Интересные штучки

    Tags: идеи, полезняшки.

  17. Liberal insanity in the Shire… for a change.

    The problem…

    Jarred James Hutchison
    Charge 1: sexual violation Victim: Child aged 3 – 10 Verdict: […]

    Tags: Law and disorder in the Shire..

  18. Känd från Amelia

    Folket på Amelia har den goda smaken att skriva om min blogg, samt utnämna den till “Sveriges roligaste”. Jag […]


    Tags: Coop.

  19. Warped Tour 2006: Get Ready!

    You waited patiently and the punk gods have once again delivered.

    Vans Warped Tour is unleashing its stronghold […]

    Rock Concert Events

    Tags: Music, News, Entertainment, Events, metal, Rock, Punk, Concerts, Heavy Metal, event, Concert, live, Tickets, Rock and Roll, Hårdrock, Hard Rock, Ticket, Concert Tickets, Cheap Tickets, warped tour.

  20. The New Media Back Up Plan (Or The Importance Of The New York Times Or The Unimportance of Digg)

    An interesting discussion developed on Fred’s blog a few days ago about new media.

    As we move into a niche […]

    chartreuse (BETA)

    Tags: Blogging, Wars, digg, Bloggers, New Media, mcdonalds, old media, CNN, Anderson Cooper, NYT, Fred Wilson, A VC.

  21. Perils of position sizing

    One of the biggest problems for novice investors and traders is position sizing. There is little in the way of […]

    Abnormal Returns

    Tags: Portfolio Management.

  22. Christians and War

    This is as much a public service announcement as anything.

    There are a large number of those on the extreme left who […]


    Tags: Truth must prevail.

  23. Beyond good intentions

    With each passing hour that ticks by, the available space in my e-mail inbox slowly expands, breathing a sigh of relief […]

    Twice the Rice

    Tags: media, adoption schmoption, sojourning.

  24. Alemania2006: Mundial en Vivo via Internet (II)

    Aca les dejo otro Link donde varios canales pasan el mundial Alemania 2006 en vivo, hoy vi el Partido de Ecuador vs […]

    The WinDs

    Tags: Video, TV, Noticias, Futbol, Soccer, Vivo, Alemania2006, Mundial.

  25. The famous five are called to action.

    He not bothered by this blog, he’s in fact flattered by it. He loves the extra publicity it gives him.

    He’s switched […]

    Koptalk Exposed – The Insider Insider

    Tags: Liverpool, Liverpool FC, The Insider, Kraptalk, Dunk's Excuses.

  26. The Mumbaiker

    In Response to This Post

    Ok first off, this post is written with tongue firmly in chubby cheek, and then some. So […]

    Voice From a 2.5-World Country

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  27. Orkut Tricks [Scripts]

    Orkut Scripts Collection
    [All Script in One line- Remove Breaks]

    Flooding Scrapbook


    Tags: Uncategorized, Computer, Fun, coding, Tips and Tricks, Daily Stuff, hacking, orkut, @sansor, commands, Laptops.

  28. Instalar XGL en ubuntu 6.06 LTS -Actualizado

    Instalar xgl y compiz en ubuntu dapper drake es mas sencillo ahora, gracias a que se han simplificado los procesos de in […]

    Fred.cpp y sus cosas

    Tags: ubuntu, Blog, Tutorials, Links, Tutoriales, Manuales y tutoriales, Manuales.

  29. The blogosphere is the same old thing…. Just the interface is different.

    The supposed top blog is, which is just a clone of and a hundred other joke/time […]

    The Paradigm Shift

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  30. 10 Things We Love: June – The Travel Edition

    This month’s top ten list is about second most important socialite activity besides going out: traveling. Yes, […]

    Social Rank

    Tags: 10 Things We Love….

  31. Aplicaciones para tu llavero Usb

    Hoy voy a comentar una serie de aplicaciones que llevo usando desde hace ya bastante tiempo, y que realmente son muy ti […]


    Tags: Software.

  32. Räägime siis palgast natuke kirjutab viidates Äripäevale, “Töötaja palgaandmed pole ärisaladus”:

    Töötaja enda palga andmete […]


    Tags: Äri, Küsimus.

  33. Jessica Alba: Fotos Sensuales. Muy Sexy.

    Mira fotos muy sensuales de Jessica Alba. En Super Chicas puedes tambien mirar un increible video de Jessica.

    Super Chicas

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  34. Depth Be Not Proud!

    In honor of the recent feud between Ragnell and Erik Larsen (who really should have a thicker skin if he intends to […]

    Fortress Of Fortitude

    Tags: Comics, DC, Bronze Age.


    From Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury on June 27, 2006 (The Challenge and Hope of Being an Anglican […]

    anthills–Episcopalians & the Anglican Communion

    Tags: Anglican Communion, General Convention, Episcopal Church.


    Πήγα μια βόλτα στην Αθήνα και γύρισα ένα ερείπιο αφού κατάφερα να […]


    Tags: Life, ΑΤΙΜΗ ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ.

  37. What The Fook Happened to…

    …White Town?!

    Your Woman was the one-hit-wonder in 1997 for pop outfit White Town. I remember hearing the track […]

    >>just like music

    Tags: Info, Links, Classic.

  38. Donald, where are your trousers?

    I am told that the new “combat” style trousers that were issued to the County forces in the last two years (no doubt at […]

    You couldn’t make this up

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  39. Works for Me Wednesday: I’m the Referee

    My brother and I fought a lot when we were kids, and my mom frequently commented that the reason we fought was that […]

    Multitasking Mama

    Tags: Family & Friends, Works for Me Wednesday.

  40. Bizarre Children’s Book Contest

    Daddy Types  is giving a shout out for reviews of head-scratching children’s books.  As soon as I read his post, I […]


    Tags: Parenting, Fluff, Baby Gear.

  41. Saiunkoku Monogatari: Episode 6 “Missing the final touches”

    As expected, episode six delivers the unexpected – a dark climax that proves just how the pace of this show manages […]

    Hopeless Sensei’s Anime Blog

    Tags: SaiMono, Episode Analysis.

  42. Bryan Singer: Revisionist

    I’m not particularly happy with Bryan Singer these days, though I’m not exactly sure why that is.

    Could it be […]


    Tags: Celebrities, 3 Kinds of Gay, Bad Behaviour.

  43. # 8: Warren Plays Hardball. Bring it SFH.

    Ginger Goodwin,

    Please be advised that Mr. Warren Kinsella has requested information
    from Progressive Bloggers on […]

    Canadian Observer

    Tags: Etc Etc, Canadian Politics, Left Politics.

  44. Yeah, Flex 2 released !

    What is cooler then waking up and see on that Flex 2 is finally launched today together with Flash player 9 ! […]

    New Movieclip()

    Tags: Flex 2.0.

  45. Películas dobladas

    Me ha hecho gracia la lista de peliculas que me ha pasado un amigo preguntandome si quería alguna.
    Es una extensa […]

    Nadie Sabe Nada

    Tags: Humor.

  46. Art of Noise – The Ambient Collection

     The Ambient Collection

    pass in comments


    Tags: Electronic dub.

  47. Fukc me, lingblog me, throw me to the rocks linkbrotha…

    …και άλλα τέτοια χαριτωμένα. Metablogin δε θέλετε;)

    H Μανταλένα έχει […]


    Tags: metabloging.

  48. proud parent – the almost famous post

    μια φορά και έναν καιρό υπήρχε αυτό το εξώφυλλο με το μωρό της heidi […]

    james joyce

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  49. Como ver los partidos del Mundial 2006 gratis por la web

    Supongo que esto interesa a ms de uno, y despuesde brujulear, llegu al blog de Carlos Blanco, que me dio la pista.


    Ondas, cables, luces, cacharritos y cachivaches

    Tags: Sección "Guías".

  50. Uusi koti

    Olen jo hetken aikaa tutustellut WordPressiin, ja huomannut tämän jokseenkin mukavammaksi alustaksi kuin Bloggerin, […]

    Tylsyyden Multihuipennus

    Tags: Kotkotukset.

  51. Nortel Cutting 1,100 Jobs

    Well, this is no surprise: Nortel is slashing 1,100 jobs, including 350 middle managers – a move that will reduce […]

    All Nortel, All the Time

    Tags: Financials.

  52. Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 Previews: Final Four Day 2

    Until the figures are in the stores, Joe Attacktix and Web of Webhead will be previewing the new Star Wars Attacktix […]

    Web of Webhead

    Tags: star wars, previews, Attacktix, CMG.

  53. Apple si allea con CocaCola

    Stando a quanto si può leggere in rete Apple sembra aver deciso di abbandonare Pepsi (suo partner da molto tempo) […]

    Mac Blog

    Tags: Apple, Software, Macintosh, iPod, Varie.

  54. JP Citizens celebrate…

    One of our prominent citizens has won the third place in the Dream Deferred contest. This is the part where the […]

    Chronicles Of A Utopian Writer

    Tags: Local Jargon.

  55. CHURUMURI POLL: Are our temples anti-women?

    The admission by the Kannada actress Jayamala that she had entered the sanctum sanctorum of the Sabarimala Temple and […]


    Tags: Churumuri Poll.

  56. TV – Una mamma per amica, cambio di voci

    Ieri sera ottimo debutto per i primi 3 episodi della sesta stagione di Una mamma per amica, di cui avevo gi parlato ier […] Blog

    Tags: Cinema e TV, Serie cult, TV ITA, Doppiaggio.

  57. ¿Sutilezas? Para nada

    Manejar en Monterrey es igual a ser kamikaze. Si quieres cambiar de carril NO ENCIENDAS las direccionales, porque […]


    Tags: Cosas de mi casa, Mis hijos los canijos.

  58. Prosikito

    Creia haberlo visto todo con el anuncio de Amunike, pero seoras […]


    Tags: videos.

  59. Price of PS3 Games?

    In a recent interview with PSM (Playstation Magazine in august) a Sony representative announced that the price of games […]


    Tags: Sony, PS3.

  60. Callboy Torsten: aktuelle Schauplätze

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

    Tags: Lustig, Callboy Torsten.

  61. Trading Carl Everett

    So, June 1 came and went and Dave Clark’s nightmare came to fruition: Carl Everett remained a member of the Seattle […]

    Prospect Insider

    Tags: Seattle Mariners.

  62. Comparing Anime and the People Behind It

    I’ve been posting only summaries and information lately on the anime I constantly blog or love, and haven’t gone much […]


    Tags: Feedback, Miscellaneous, insights.

  63. Keskustelua sitaattioikeuksista

    Lähetin tänään Aamulehden Asiat-liitteen toimitukselle sähköpostiviestin, jossa toivoin saavani vastauksen […]

    Viides rooli

    Tags: Kulttuurin kentällä, Sanojen mahti.

  64. Emozioni mondiali

    Non so come funziona ma è così. Anche su chi come me non è proprio un esperto di calcio, il Mondiale fa uno strano […]

    da venerable bidet

    Tags: Diary.

  65. FlashGet이 무료가 된 배경이 뭘까요?

    FlashGet – The Best Download Manager (Download Movies mp3 faster)

    언뜻 보기에는 Installer에 구글툴바 […]

    철수네 소프트웨어 세상 3

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  66. Adobe releases Flash player 9

    Adobe Flash Player Download Center
    File size: 1,324 K
    Download Time Estimate: 2 minutes @ 56K modem

    vinodvv aka vcube

    Tags: AJAX, Flash, Blogroll, Product Reviews, New Product, Bloggers.

  67. Dynamic Records

    I’m currently working on a project where by our client can add and edit the fields/selectable values for a given […]

    Stephen Bartholomew

    Tags: Ruby on Rails.

  68. Sabul skodeng dalam semak…

    Sabul skodeng dalam semak……

    Sabul Rumah Tumpangan | Sabul Skodeng

    Tags: Uncategorized, umum, Gambar.

  69. BBB: Splitsville :: Update

             First, quick link to a posting earlier today from Jedmunds at Pandagon that I liked.  Something […]


    Tags: U.S. Senate, Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC.

  70. Promoted to the head of PR!

     God isn’t Eomund the cutest? Lol! I mean… Okaay so I’m organizing the Fashionshow for the 8th of july, and I have […]

    A Danu’s Life

    Tags: Written by Ayza.

  71. Nueva Notaría

    Como no podía ser de otra manera, VIN$A nos ha hecho otra de las suyas y a una semana de San Fermín nos cambia de […]

    Adjudicatarios 73 VPT Sarriguren

    Tags: VINSA.

  72. DW Design (part 1)

    “Which comes first, the physical or logical design for an Oracle data warehouse?” has always been a question that I […]

    Pete-s random notes

    Tags: Data Warehouse, BI & DW.

  73. La lingua batte

    dove il dente duole. Questa Italia che fino a pochi mesi fa era governata da gente che faceva battute di dubbio gusto […]

    …a casa di Isa

    Tags: IsaSuOCE, MondialiCalcio2006.

  74. Why the PS3 Shall Suck.

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve really began to express my dislike for Sony and just about everything that they’re doing […]

    That One Blog

    Tags: Sony Playstation.

  75. Anime Expo

    No I won’t be there… At first I thought about making a whole post about how I’m pissed I can’t go to Anime Expo […]

    Eccentric Cookiez Anime Blog

    Tags: Random, anime, ouran.

  76. miss Dalarna vs miss Dalarna


    Karolina Lassbo, a.k.a. Glamourprinsessan, blev avporträtterad av konstnären Markus Andersson. […]


    Tags: Grodor, blog höger, blog feminism, Blog – utan politik.

  77. Jag – pophöger?

    I Uppsala regnar det lätt och utanför mitt lägenhetsfönster gastar några småkillar som lirar fotboll i […]

    Tags: Politik, Idédebatt.

  78. WordPress and SEO Tips and Techniques

    The Undersigned has an interesting and simple tip list for WordPress and SEO techniques I recommend you spend some time […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

    Tags: WordPress Tips, web design, WordPress Themes, WordPressdotcom.

  79. Limbaugh: I am not worried about my erection

    The right is spinning this as a sense of humor, but come on, the guy takes viagra and doesn’t even own up to it. It is […]

    Big Tree

    Tags: Blogging.

  80. A Route 66 guidebook with broad shoulders

    The newly published “Exploring Route 66 in Chicagoland” by David G. Clark, aka the Windy City Road Warrior, is not just […]

    Route 66 News

    Tags: Books.

  81. Neues von den Rassisten bei

    Telegehirn fragt nach der Lektüre zweier Artikel bei “Fakten und Fiktionen”, ob der Schreiberling “kewil” wohl den […]

    politischinkompetent reloaded

    Tags: Politik, Gesellschaft, NeoCoNazis.

  82. Mi nombre es Bond…., Brfxxccxxmnpc…lbb11116 Bond.

    La Wikipedia, la maravillosa enciclopedia democrática y online nos propone la penúltima gilipollez, un hecho o […]

    El Cascarrabias.

    Tags: El frikerío digital.

  83. MySpace Hack! No Longer works!

    The code below worked for a over 2 weeks.  Now it is history.  I’m leaving this up so if someone else gets creative […]


    Tags: Uncategorized, Programming.

  84. Download with Resume – gwget – GNOME Download Manager

    Today I found the perfect solution for downloading over slow or undependable internet connections. Though I already […]

    Ubuntu Blog

    Tags: ubuntu, applications.

  85. Ännu flera Sosselögner

    Via SR hamnade jag av någon anledning på Socialdemokraternas hemsida för att läsa på vad socialdemokraterna tycker […]

    Bloggen Bent

    Tags: Politik, Socialdemokraterna, Centerpartiet, Moderaterna, Vänstern, Alliansen, Folkpartiet, HBT, Kristdemokraterna, Borgerliga.

  86. Filling The Coffin – Packing a LWB USS Recumbent

    The Loaded Coffin Being Weighted

    I covered the selection of the shipping case in an earlier post “The Coffin – […]

    eBent Recumbent Cycling

    Tags: Tips, Equipment, Tour Planning, Travel, Longbikes Slipstream.

  87. WSJ on Apple’s secretive ways

    Apple’s obsession with secrecy is the subject of an extensive Wall Street Journal story.

    The secrecy serves to […]

    The Unified Apple Weblog

    Tags: News.

  88. Χαρά να σε μπουγέλωνα εκεί που ρητορεύεις

     Νικόλαος Μπίστης (στα χθεσινά “Νέα”) : “Ο Κλίσμα…ν κι ο Γιώργος” χα […]

    The McManus Sessions

    Tags: Πορδές στον Άνεμο.

  89. Muzmin Anonim Bey’e açık mektup

    Muzmin Anonim Bey,

    Öncelikle üzüntümü ve geçmiş olsun dileklerimi belirtmek isterim. Umarım yakınınızın […]


    Tags: Poorish.

  90. Masaje de Ego

    Pues resulta que soy la sensación de la megaconsultora en la que colaboro, porque aparezco en una breve entrevista en […]

    El Blog Nuevo del Emperador

    Tags: Mi vida.

  91. Does Jordan have a network? with 3 mobile networks being bahraini, kuwaiti and french!

    As all of us heard, yeah it’s true.. Umniah has been sold to Batelco Jordan for $415,000,000. Umniah is a company that […]

    Moey Hyperventilating

    Tags: Amman.

  92. Israeli Operations in Gaza may have begun…

    Fox News is reporting that Israeli air and ground operations have begun in Gaza. Perhaps this is the begining of the […]

    Morning Coffee

    Tags: Terrorism, Israel, hamas, Palestinians, Global War On Terror.

  93. Krrish in NY Times

    New York Times has an article on Krrish by Anupama Chopra, who writes on films for India Today regularly.

    The NY […]

    Kamla Bhatt

    Tags: India, Books, Movies, Music, Televison, Bollywood, Bombay/Mumbai.

  94. メイリオってイイ!



    Windowsで […]

    旅衆 :: tabishu

    Tags: 独り言.

  95. It’s prom season…

    Here is a dress made by Nashville’s best designer, Bubba B. Rebel.  From the Tennessean.

    confessions of a recovering pharisee

    Tags: Fun, Trends, Tacky.

  96. Struggling to Learn Together

    For better or worse, the educational model of the school, particularly of the university, serves as the basis for […]

    Talk About Quality

    Tags: Learning, Education, Software development, Teamwork, simplicity, Cooperation.

  97. Sperrt “ca” ein!

    Auf Trolle, Stalker und Spammer sollte man ja eigentlich nicht eingehen. Insbesondere wenn sich diese drei […]


    Tags: Internet, Religion, Blogroll, Gesellschaft, Blogosphäre, in eigener Sache, Nerds, Terrorismus, Rassismus, Rechte Nerds, Hartz IV, Link-Policy, Callboy ca.

  98. Be vewwy vewwy quuiet, I’m hunting for loli unicorngirls.

    Sorry about not updating much. I’m currently in the middle of a SUPER SEKRET PROJECT, and I haven’t been watching a lot […]

    orz – Jun Maeda made me emo.

    Tags: Other.

  99. Real Estate 2.0 Market Leader:

    Here is the fifth and final installment in my Real Estate 2.0 Market Leader series. is a relatively […]

    The Future of Real Estate Marketing

    Tags: Interview.

  100. Enculando a su novia! |Video|


    A esta zorra le encanta que se la enculen sin parar , primero ella empieza chupandosela a su novio para despues […]

    Nenas Videos Caseros

    Tags: Anal.

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