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June 23, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Alemania2006: Mundial en Vivo via Internet (II)

    Aca les dejo otro Link donde varios canales pasan el mundial Alemania 2006 en vivo, hoy vi el Partido de Ecuador vs […]

    The WinDs

    Tags: Video, TV, Noticias, Futbol, Soccer, Vivo, Alemania2006, Mundial.

  2. Jay-Z and Beyonce are Over!

    SocialRank Exclusive

    New York’s hip-hop royalty couple of Jay-Z and Beyonce are ending their relationship […]

    Social Rank

    Tags: Articles.

  3. Angelina Jolie Posed Nude For Portraits During Pregnancy

    She didn't pull a Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair, but Angelina Jolie did pose nude during her pregnancy, […]

    All Angelina Jolie

    Tags: photos, sex, Africa, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, sexy, Father, Painting, Picture, Shiloh, angelina fan, Angelina Jolie, spokesperson, Role Model, Shiloh Nouvel, jon voight, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, Don Bachardy.

  4. Koptalk owner in using false name claims

    There was another update / editorial from fatso on his GOLD CLUB yesterday. The screenshot is to the left (click the […]

    Insider Insider

    Tags: Liverpool, Liverpool FC, The Insider, Kraptalk, Dunk's Excuses.

  5. La BBC resta impressionata dal MacBook

    BBC News ha recensito sul suo sito il nuovo portatile Apple di fascia consumer, il MacBook.
    La BBC si è […]

    Mac Blog

    Tags: Hardware, Apple, Macintosh, Varie.

  6. Callboy Torsten: Im Namen des Volkes gegen die Verarsche wird vollgender Mitschnitt veröffentlicht:

    Mit diesem Satz berschreibt der bekannte Prostituierte Callboy Torsten gerne seine Internet-Pranger Seiten.

    Heute fi […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

    Tags: Lustig, Callboy Torsten.

  7. Clement’s Debut

    After fielding questions from the media, on three separate occasions, Seattle Mariners top prospect Jeff Clement made […]

    Prospect Insider

    Tags: Seattle Mariners.

  8. Denise Richards poolside in a bikini.

    Nosy Snoop

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  9. meme fun: anime music-generated embarassing situations

    Have you ever gotten into (or been witness to) a situation where someone’s gotten embarassed because of anime music? […]


    Tags: Memes.

  10. Brokeback al-Zarqawi

    You had to expect this. Courtesy of YouTube: Brokeback al-Zarqawi. (Warning: some foul written language.)


    Tags: iraq, Afghanistan, Amusement, 'War on Terrorism', Islamic terrorism, Islamist fundamentalists.

  11. Is It Finally Happening? Will Skype Soon Become What We feared?

    You may have heard in the media recently that Voice-over-IP is poised to become the next mass medium for advertising on […]

    Seb’s Random Thoughts

    Tags: Internet, News, Web 2.0, Technorati, Web, spanish, advertising, VoIP, Skype, Online, Commercial, Voice, Community, Future, Important, DOS, Blog Entries, warning, Telephone, Speech, poor, Hack, Breaking, Service, fears, Speaking, connection, Telemarketing, Telephony, Voice-over-IP, bandwidth, irritating, Fail, glitches, Skype News, Calls, Plague, "sebastian prooth", sebastianprooth, Damage, Uh-oh, Denial of Service, joe klein, podcastvoiceguys, tele-marketing, "online telemarketing", pitch, latency, drop-offs, deteriorating, Complaints, Failure, Problems, errors.

  12. Ed’s Response to General Convention Wednesday

    Dear friends:The actions of yesterday’s General Convention in passing a resolution which calls for restraint in […]

    All Saints Pasadena – Voices of Columbus

    Tags: Ed's Posts.


    Toy rekansado del viaje… pero no keria dejar de poner algo en mi kble a tierra…

    Ayer a la noche despues de eskriv […]

    Solo yo

    Tags: Amigos.

  14. 243.639 firmas y ni caso

    Pues finalmente, y a pesar de las firmas presentadas (nada más y nada menos que 243.639) y todas las protestas, la […]


    Tags: copyfight.

  15. Thursday Humor: Horoscopes

    Haha, I have you now, Aggro Me! My brilliant plan is to post a day earlier than you to get more hits. It’s absolutely […]

    Wondrous Inventions

    Tags: off-topic.

  16. Gonzo: a handful of worthiness and a bucketful of grime

    My friends, a curse has fallen upon me. A curse so dire that not even the Delphic God himself could lift it, one […]

    Hopeless Sensei’s Anime Blog

    Tags: Editorial, listing.

  17. TV – Una mamma per amica, cambio di voci

    Ieri sera ottimo debutto per i primi 3 episodi della sesta stagione di Una mamma per amica, di cui avevo gi parlato ier […] Blog

    Tags: Cinema e TV, Serie cult, TV ITA, Doppiaggio.

  18. Havets fisk

    Ja, det verkar som att jag har ftt dille p det hr med att lgga in bilder i mina inlgg, men det hr r den sista p […]


    Tags: Coop.

  19. May the force be with you

    At least two writers have asked me to post the Jedi Knight legend from the Met. I can only tell it as it was explained […]

    You couldn’t make this up

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  20. Miami’s 7th Floor Crew honored with Pulitzer for Faulkner biography

    New York, N.Y. – As they have since bursting into the American cultural landscape in 2004, members of the University of […]

    It’s a Definite Maybe

    Tags: College Football, fake news, William Blake's rolling papers.

  21. Connie by Tanya Book

    Announcing this navy dress with lace trim. It's my first try at a prim skirt (it's only 2 prims). Amelia was […]

    Second Life Fashion from the Fiendish 3

    Tags: dress, Annoucements, New Clothing, Tanya Book.

  22. WC – Day 14: Almost there

    Almost there with today's Italian cutie as well. Hey, don't get me wrong. She's nice, but I don't know […]

    A finger in my I

    Tags: Sports.

  23. Raingear for Self Contained Recumbent Touring

    Patagonia Dragonfly Jacket and Houdini Pants

    Let's start with an understanding that you can't keep dry […]

    eBent Recumbent Cycling

    Tags: Tips, Equipment, clothing, Tour Planning.

  24. Vida Guerra

    GeT a Life

    Tags: Playmate.

  25. TOP SECRET: Who is that diplomat?

    A handsome Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer, currently in the news, used to write a weekly column on diplomacy for […]


    Tags: top secret.

  26. Microsoft gets into robotics

    Joe Wilcox analyzes yesterday's announcement that Microsoft is getting into robotics with an SDK.

    Update: […]

    Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger

    Tags: Uncategorized, Microsoft.

  27. World Cup streaming

    Go here to learn how to get World Cup games live. The most interesting thing about this to me is that the app is […]


    Tags: media, Sports.

  28. Apple and Retail

    Please Note: This was intended to be humorous, and not at all offensive to anyone.  I apologize ahead of time if […]

    Pierre Lourens

    Tags: technology, Apple, Humor, Mac, Future, All posts, Retail, Best Buy, the good the bad and the ugly.

  29. Películas dobladas

    Me ha hecho gracia la lista de peliculas que me ha pasado un amigo preguntandome si quería alguna.
    Es una extensa […]

    Nadie Sabe Nada

    Tags: Humor.

  30. The Advantages Of Prostitution (Or TechCrunch, Duncan Riley And What Really Happens At Weddings Or The Daily Remix […]

    It's hard not being a whore.


    chartreuse (BETA)

    Tags: Techcrunch, Blog Networks, Duncan Riley, Fraser Kelton, squint, jason boog, Adam Kalsey, B5 Media.

  31. My first avant-classical mix

    Something a bit special here. Or at least I hope so.

    Below you'll find links to a mix that I've been working […]

    The Rambler

    Tags: Uncategorized, mp3.

  32. Ein Drink geht um die Welt (Teil 3)

    Die Entwicklung des “Verleubners” ist im vollen Gange
    Das Glas habe ich schon…
    (verleubner ) […]

    Sind wir nicht alle Verleubner…

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  33. Guardare i mondiali FIFA 2006 sul pc

    La RAI si inchina a Rupert Murdoch elemosinando una partita al giorno per le eliminatorie e met dei quarti e degli otta […]

    Garret’s Blog

    Tags: TV, Programmi, PeerToPeer.

  34. Midgley’s Preliminary Response to Roasted Tomatoes

    Note from John W. Redelfs: Louis Midgley has offered to write a guest post on The Iron Rod early next week relative to […]

    The Iron Rod

    Tags: Church History, Book of Mormon, Apostasy.

  35. OS X advice for the paranoid

    Those friendly spooks at the National Security Agency have a comprehensive PDF available on their website entitled Mac […]

    The Unofficial Apple Weblog

    Tags: Security.

  36. Disgusting

    I probably shouldn't do Vox Popoli the credit of a link, but this is so heinous that I couldn't help myself. I […]

    Notes from Evil Bender

    Tags: News and politics, wingnuts, Right-wingers.

  37. skimmed

    δεν μπορώ να μην γελάσω […]

    james joyce

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  38. The Linux 2.6 Kernel: Cracking the Code

    You could say that, after 17 releases, the Linux kernel is on the cusp of adulthood — like a teenager about to reach […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

    Tags: Linux/Unix, Reviews/Previews.

  39. las 10 mujeres más sexy

    El primero de los post de “las diez mas…” no poda ser otro que este.

    Arbitrariamente elegidas y sin un orden de pr […]


    Tags: sexy.

  40. Att skjuta sig i foten med grundlagen

    Nr jag surfade runt bland alla bloggar fr att lsa p om turerna kring tillslaget mot Pirate Bay ramlade jag ur bloggo […]

    Bloggen Bent

    Tags: Allmänt.

  41. Whiplash introduction

    I'm Edie, from Fairbanks, Alaska. I consider myself primarily a crazy quilter, and for my favorite project, I chose […]

    The Sporadic Packrat

    Tags: projects, Whiplash, crazy quilting.

  42. Saturday, 6/22/02

    (Whilst sorting through some boxes, I came across the journal that I kept while I was in Korea four years ago. I […]

    Twice the Rice

    Tags: Past Lives, the mothership.

  43. New GNOME Status Notifications

    More stuff from SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10…

    As a laptop user, I like to know when a noteworthy event occurs […]

    Open Source Advocacy with Reverend Ted

    Tags: Novell, linux/oss.

  44. Ubuntu should be blue…

    A mi, como quizas a la mayoria de los ubunteros, no me gusta el color “mierda” que luce nuestra distro al ser […]

    “Shit-about” blog

    Tags: ubuntu, GNU/Linux.

  45. ◄ Sometimes A Picture is Worth a 1000 WORDS ►

    And they call us lazy bums.

    Should I recommend this tailor?

    Moey Hyperventilating

    Tags: Fun, Kuwait, Quote, Lame.

  46. Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 Previews: Imperial March II

    Until the figures are in the stores, Joe Attacktix and Web of Webhead will be previewing the new Star Wars Attacktix […]

    Web of Webhead

    Tags: star wars, previews, Attacktix, CMG.

  47. The Rudest City In the World

    I am sure that, by now, everyone has heard about the Reader’s Digest survey that concluded that Bombay was the rudest […]

    The Great Ganesha

    Tags: News, Me, Rant, India, offbeat, Bombay.

  48. Puff n’stuff: Peter Rost is off the Huffington blog, at least for now

    Be forewarned: This is hardly vital news, and will probably only interest any journalists and mediaphiles who find it, […]

    On Pharma

    Tags: Miscellany.

  49. JClic y Ubuntu

    El otro da la profesora de mi hijo pequeo (primero de infantil) nos pas un par de CD's con los programas informt […]

    Las historias de Zenon

    Tags: ubuntu, Software libre, Trucos GNU/Linux.

  50. Some tsunderes suck.

    Yep. Again on them tsunderes.

    Well, we do hve some pretty awesome tsunderes like S.Haruhi, Kaname CHOWDORI, hell, […]

    orz – Jun Maeda made me emo.

    Tags: anime.

  51. Thoughts on a Northeast Asian Arms Race

    Among speculation regarding North Korea's possible launch of a missile, er, satellite, there is the concern about […]

    The Asia Pages

    Tags: Current Affairs, China, Japan, Korea, North Korea.

  52. Sztukowanie ą, ę…

    Dobra, panie i panowie operowcy. A co powiecie na to:

    Pewnie to znowu wina mojego nienormalnego, antypolskiego […]


    Tags: Opera.

  53. Will Callisto help eclipse to beat NetBeans?

    It’s been a while since Callisto has been announced. I don't have statistics about how many downloads […]

    Sachin Dharmapurikar’s Page

    Tags: Articles, Java, Blogroll, NetBeans, developer.

  54. Ergo Proxy – 15

    There have been a lot of hurdles from me putting up a summary, but it was mostly because of Honey and Clover. Everybody […]


    Tags: Ergo Proxy.

  55. The “Geek VC Fund” Project: 6/22 Update

    This post is an update to the original post about the Geek-Run, Geek-Funded Venture Capital Fund.

    I'm […]

    Evolving Trends

    Tags: Uncategorized, Venture Capital, entrepreneur, Web 2, Funding, Private Equity.

  56. gFTP, un programa bueno bueno

    Mientras sigo intentando hacer funcionar mi iPod Shuffle en Linux, que me est dando ms guerra que un sostn a Sabrina […]


    Tags: Programas.

  57. Cassava Linamarin For Cancer Treatment

    KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 (Bernama) — A natural cyanide-generating system used by the cassava plant against predators […]

    Materia Medica Malaysiana

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  58. Still Yelling

    The local paper did a feature on Maury Feren last week. He's been working with produce for seventy years and […]

    Dear Elena

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  59. Neues von den Piraten

    Die Pirate-Bay-Razzia hat offensichtlich wirklich nur auf Grund von Drohungen seitens der USA stattgefunden. Golem titel […]

    Tags: Recht & Ordnung.


    Well, the PS3 has a lot going for it. It's going to be using Blu-ray Disk technology, with absolutely immense […]

    Mitch’s Gaming Blog 😐

    Tags: Games, Sony, Nintendo DS, PS3, Handhelds, Wii, Gaming Miscellaneous.

  61. Valokuvatorstai 5 – hedelmä

    Yksityiskohta koristeomenapuusta, joka sijaitsi kotikotona takapihalla.

    Kiitos ja anteeksi

    Tags: valokuvatorstai.

  62. I mondiali in diretta online senza Sky e satellite

    Ho parlato poco tempo fa di come seguire i mondiali sul satellite senza Sky: per chi non possiede un decoder ed una […]

    Dario Salvelli’s Blog

    Tags: Voci dal Net, Tv online.

  63. JP citizens celebrate…

    Today, we are celebrating two special events: Tololy’s Graduation Day, and Chronicles of a Utopian […]

    Chronicles Of A Utopian Writer

    Tags: Veritas Per Diem.

  64. walked once, and now does not walk but seems like a person just gone

    Δεν είμαι αυτός που […]


    Tags: Ιστολογικά.

  65. Stop wariatom sejmowym

    Przeczytałem właśnie ciekawego posta na blogu Daniela Passenta : “Stop wariatom sejmowym” Cytuje początek:

    “Kto […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

    Tags: polityka.

  66. My Republican Father Hated This War

    “As advisors, role models, and friends, fathers help their children to understand the difference between right and […]

    That’s Not Christian!

    Tags: Uncategorized, News and politics.

  67. Only Two Choices, Victory or Defeat

    Today's Boston Globe has an Oped piece by Joan Vennochi entitled “A Military Draft Might Awaken Us”. Essentially […]

    Morning Coffee

    Tags: iraq, Congress, Senate, Democrats & The Left, U.S. Military, Military Draft.

  68. The Wife

    … now has a blog, “Spirit of 77.” She'll probably write a lot of embarasing things about me.

    peat dot org

    Tags: Personal.

  69. Czech vs Italy

    The Czech Republic have been boosted by the news that striker Milan Baros has resumed full training and could play some […]

    Winning-info, bringing the best analysis from a special group of people

    Tags: World Cup 2006.


    Σφίξτε το στομάχι και […]


    Tags: Internet.

  71. Action: Liberal Abortion Bill

    I cannot believe that almost 20 years after Bertha Wilson and the Supreme Court decision, this is still going […]


    Tags: Politics, health, Feminism, Society, Culture, Canada, Supreme Court, For Women, activism, poverty, Rape Sexual Violence, sexism, Abortion, female, Supreme Court Decisions, Feminism & Sexuality, Feminist Activism, social assistance, Feminism & Sexism.

  72. Windows Run Commands [112 Useful Commands]

    Wanted to Browse fast in windows. Remember these commands.
    This will really save a lot of time of your. There […]


    Tags: Daily Stuff, Uncategorized, Funny and Weird, Computer, Fun, commands, coding, Software, Tips and Tricks, Windows, hacking, Laptops, @sansor.

  73. Allow me

    Allow me to present Madura, the woman who dared to brave inspite of being from the Planet Tamil Culture.
    The […]


    Tags: பெண்ணியம், Sex Education.

  74. TVUPlayer – beta

    Assista os jogos da copa do mundo pelo PC com o TVUPlayer, pelo canal ESPN2 ao vivo, conta ainda com ABC e mais 19 canai […]


    Tags: Internet, Software, Multimedia, audio/video.

  75. Tsitaat.

    Sex on vaid ettekne vaatamaks kellelegi sgavalt silma.
    Douglas Coupland

    Meie Maailm

    Tags: loeme vaatame kuulame.

  76. Hamachi Online

    Tutorial Hamachi Online by Solberg (a.d.i.d.a.s.)

    O hamachi e um programa que cria uma rede virtual pela internet, co […]


    Tags: Software.

  77. Co prezes sobie wydziarał?

    Pomyślałem sobie, że poczytam co piszą ziomy skini z NOPu o swoim (chyba byłym) koledze, ktry został wiceprezesem […]

    notes brochy

    Tags: polityka, absurd.

  78. Blog plans

    Migrating this Blog from Blogger and attempting to classify the various posts has given me the incentive to skim read […]

    Pete-s random notes

    Tags: Blogging, Data Warehouse, Professional.


    Por qu se engorda al dejar de fumar?
    Hay factores que al dejar de fumar predisponen a ganar peso. Dejar el tabaquismo […]

    Herbalife News

    Tags: Novedades.

  80. Beagle Dials 911, Saves Owner, Wins Award

    No, I am not making this up.
    Friday May 26, 1:25 pm ET

    ORLANDO, Fla., May 26 /PRNewswire/ — A beagle that dialed […]

    Innocent Bystanders

    Tags: Current Events, Heroes.

  81. What’s the worst that could happen?

    I notice that another person's online life has fucked up their “real world” existence. A Texan schoolteacher by the […]

    Angry 365 Days a Year

    Tags: Blogging.

  82. Neegrisõbralik Elion

    Hommikul sattusin tööle. Ja just tööpäeva alguses, kell 10, läks netiühendus ära. Ehk siis tööd ei saagi […]


    Tags: Naljakas, Telekommunikatsioon.

  83. Java call stack – from HTTP upto JDBC as a picture

    Created this by pasting together a few screenshots from a NetBeans profiler session – of a Spring + Hibernate web-app […]

    Incremental Operations

    Tags: Java.

  84. .Mac users not alone Yahoo! outages.

    Well, well, well, finally I feel like I am not the only person using a poor service. As I noted earlier the .Mac […]

    Showngo’s Mind

    Tags: Internet, eMail, Mac.

  85. 24 λέξεις

    Έλεγα να περάσει η […]

    We are not alone

    Tags: blogs, Thessaloniki.

  86. Hey, I’m busy right now

    c.e.: I'm one of the worst people in our office for walking into someone elses office “for a word”.

    I have a […]

    kfsone’s pittance

    Tags: General, coding.

  87. Radical Feminists Partnered with Men

    Nectarine at From Anger to Activism has started an interesting thread asking for comments on how committed heterosexual […]

    Women’s Space/The Margins

    Tags: Feminism.

  88. NYC Dining: Chinatown Brasserie

    Chinatown Brasserie
    380 Lafayette Street
    New York, New York

    Last night I was lucky enough to get […]

    Off The Broiler

    Tags: General, Food, New York City.

  89. 책상과 바탕화면을 봐도 능력을 잘 알 수 없다.

    [HR]책상과 바탕화면을 보면 능력을 알 수 있다.

    딴지맨 또 출동입니다. 이 이야기는 […]

    철수네 소프트웨어 세상 3

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  90. NieA_7

    ABe needs to make another series, dammit. Lots of people seem to know Serial Experiments Lain and Haibane Renmei, but […]

    Gnostic Lone Wolf Poetry

    Tags: anime.

  91. Mystery Slots On Wii Classic Controller

    A video on YouTube has revealed the existance of some mysterious slots on the back of the Wii Classic Controller. […]

    The Gaming Hobo

    Tags: Video Game News, Nintendo, Gaming Videos, E3 2006, Nintendo Wii.

  92. It Ain’t the 2007 Budget Worrying Santa Clara DA

    There’s nothing like a tense budget season to put everyone in the Santa Clara County administration building on […]

    Legal Pad

    Tags: Julie O'Shea, South Bay.

  93. Yahoo Messenger 8 without Ads

    Fact. Version 8 Beta of the popular Instant Messenger was just released.

    Here is how to patch the Yahoo Messenger 8 […]


    Tags: Tips & Tricks.

  94. Cring

    The term “weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997. The short form, “blog,” was coined by Peter Merholz. […]


    Tags: Semantik, Cring.

  95. Bread & Olive

    DAY 4 of Falafel Week

    It's day 4 of Falafel Week and I was supposed to go to Miriam's, which I have never […]

    Midtown Lunch

    Tags: Food Type: Falafel, Food Type: Middle Eastern, 45th btw. 5+6th.

  96. Sheena Lee


    Tags: Girls.

  97. Venice Trip 27 May – 28 May

    After a hectic traveling for a day, we settled down to a hotel right in the middle of an Industrial area near Milan. […]

    Full2 Faltu

    Tags: Personal, photos, Experiences, Friends/Family, World Cities.

  98. How well do you know Kori?

    Okay. Since not too many of you are interested in asking me questions about me, how ’bout you ask me questions about […]

    Ears to the track

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  99. “Isolated?! … Not ME!”

    Many of you know that American Muslims (particularly those in certain dour movements) are some of the most isolated […]

    Tariq Nelson

    Tags: Uncategorized.

  100. Comme un petit coquelicot

    Le myosotis, et puis la rose,
    Ce sont des fleurs qui dis'nt ququ' chose !
    Mais pour aimer les coqu'licots […]


    Tags: photos, Musique, Histoires, quotidiennes.

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