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June 9, 2006: Top Posts

  1. Nascuti la inceputul anilor 80

    Acest post incalca probabil cea mai imoprtanta regula a blog-urilor: “Daca e prea lung nu va fi citit!”

    Daca totusi […]


  2. More Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt Pictures


    All Angelina Jolie

  3. Small Companies & Google Adsense is the future

    I was poking around alexa today and saw that […]

    The Paradigm Shift

  4. Download Windows Vista

    Neowin is reporting that Windows Vista is now available for public download. Go get it!

    Yeah, Pete Abilla, I've […]

    Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger

  5. Java call stack – from HTTP upto JDBC as a picture

    Created this by pasting together a few screenshots from a NetBeans profiler session – of a Spring + Hibernate web-app […]

    Incremental Operations

  6. Instalación de Ubuntu

    Cómo instalar paso a paso Ubuntu Linux. (Si no sabe lo que es el Software Libre, visite mi artículo al respecto). La […]

    Ven al mundo Libre

  7. The Most Horrifying Commercial Ever

    So I was watching television today, and Magnum was performing to his usual high standards, by which I mean he did his […]

    Innocent Bystanders

  8. Hello Shiloh Nouvel!

    Hello Magazine has published photos of Brad and Angelina's baby, Shiloh Nouvel! Check out the pictures after […]


  9. Google Minesweeper Launches

    Continuing it's attack against the entrenched Microsoft application monopolies, Google Labs today launched a new […]

    Video on the Web

  10. Draft Results, Etc.



    Prospect Insider

  11. the last temptation of haruhi suzumiya 10

    The line that spawns a thousand H doujinshi?

    And while we’re at it, speaking of bodies having urges:

    “the […]


  12. Another new picture of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. This time on the cover of People magazine.

    It’s the June 19 issue of People magazine and it hits newsstands tomorrow.

    Nosy Snoop

  13. How to Create a Screencast in Ubuntu

    …In which we (finally!) figure out how to create screencasts in Ubuntu using a patched ffmpeg…

    This is something […]

    Ubuntu Blog

  14. Me and T4G: So Much for Laying Low

    My Two Cents

  15. Googlepark: The Revenge

    Another weird, wacky adventure (more scary than funny) ah well – you get the picture 🙂

    C9Park: The Blog!

  16. Skype regala 10 minuti di chiamate

    Oggi Skype regala a tutti i suoi utenti 10 minuti di chiamate ai telefoni fissi tramite SkypeOut.
    Per ottenere il […]

    Mac Blog

  17. Leaked Pictures of Angelina’s New Baby (Or More Proof Of The Coming Death Of People Magazine)

    O.K., very little New Media about this (except that People's exclusive is now worthless because of bloggers) […]

    chartreuse (BETA)

  18. Guess who’s coming to dinner

    I had a girlfriend who liked to enrich our relationship by bringing home books filled with questions aimed at […]

    The Screaming Room

  19. Early Morning News

    Turns out that a lot of news developed overnight. The big thing is that today's surgery has been cancelled, all […]

    Doug Tales


    Ok no pido asegurarme lugar ni na de na pero !!!!NI UN PUTO MINUTO!! toy k me salgo de la vaina. Ademas yo se kmo […]

    Solo yo

  21. WMP11 WGA Workaround

    You need WinRAR to do everything perfect and easy.

    1. Extract everything using WinRAR from […]


  22. TV – Una mamma per amica, cambio di voci

    Ieri sera ottimo debutto per i primi 3 episodi della sesta stagione di Una mamma per amica, di cui avevo gi parlato ier […] Blog

  23. A Comprehensive Ubuntu 6.06 Guide + GUI Enhancements

    If you are Ubuntu user or planning to trying out one, you will definitely find this comprehensive guide to 6.06 […]

    Linux and Open Source Blog

  24. World Cup Songs 2006 (A Rant)

    In a previous post I described how people had found my Music Man blog when searching for information about World […]

    Music Man

  25. The Tragedy of Kevin Garnett

    The sportswriters selected Steve Nash as MVP this season. I have noted previously that Steve Nash had a very good […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  26. Admit it. Kannadigas are a bogus, bullshitting lot.

    S.S. KARNADSHAW and PALINI R. SWAMY write from Bangalore: Ours is a State of a million self-appointed Kannada […]


  27. Al Zarqawi è morto

    E' morto ammazzato in un raid aereo Al Zarqawi. I goverrni occidentali si felicitano e Bush escalma “giustizia fat […]

    Lo Scafo

  28. Inte mitt jobb

    En alltigenom flottig, stor man i sextiorsldern frskte panta flaskor. Istllet fr att lgga flaskorna p pantmaskin […]


  29. Yuribou Top 10 yuri underdogs of 2006

    To celebrate my getting to a month (yeah, I know, its not long, but sticking with a project of mine to a month is a […]

    Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

  30. Si eres científico: publica en abierto (copyleft)

    Si trabajas en la investigacin, ms vale que te tomes muy en serio Internet para la difusin de tus resultados, y muy i […]


  31. Seems Like I am wrong with Ipod

    I had made a post little long back, and here is the link
    On which I had stated that people have been looking for […]

    vinodvv aka vcube

  32. Schweizer EIB-Sensoren

    Peter Pan`s Blick in die Welt

  33. Black Holes and Revelations

    Ok so i thought id write abuot the new muse album which has been quickly spread around and on peoples lips in […]


  34. Well, I’m Dead

    Yeah. They got me. Some kinda bomb or something, man I don't know, the lights went out so fast I have no […]

    Dave in Texas

  35. On A New Filosofo

    Tomorrow, my friend and SharperIron colaborer Austin Matzko will be welcoming his son into the world. Please pray […]

    Fundy Mini Market

  36. Java Losers

    They're out there, really you can spot them a mile away. Who are they? Wot do they look like? I've known one of […]


  37. A limerick on the topic of Chris Anderson becoming a NEOEVANGELICAL

    After seeing the rush of pictures proving that the former fundamentalist Chris Anderson of Ohio actually was attending […]


  38. discovery and diagnosis

    This past weekend, Freda's back went into severe spasms. It had been sore for a few weeks prior, but the pain […]

    Freda Manzullo

  39. Moderaterna på väg att svänga om fildelning

    Nu gr ven Moderaterna ut och signalerar att man vill ha en versyn av upphovsrttslagen. Fredrik Reinfeldt uttalade si […]

    Bloggen Bent

  40. A sad day for the blogosphere

    A blogger at National Review Online has chosen to post the name, employer, and even some potential clients of well […]

    Greg Prince’s Blog


    The Nokia 6600 phone is the lowest priced symbian operating system phone available in the market.It comes with […]


  42. Severina Video Download

    Das sind die Suchbegriffe mit denen die meisten Besucher auf diese Seite kommen.

    Seltsam, das Video gibt es hier doch […]

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

  43. Some Thoughts on Singapore as a Model for Korea

    I got an email with some photos today from a friend in Seoul who recently went on a trip to Kuala Lampur, Melaka and […]

    The Asia Pages

  44. Scrapbooking Saved This Baby Bird??

    My mail lady happened to bring a scrapbooking parcel down my driveway today, while she rang my doorbell she spotted […]

    Etcetera Etcetera

  45. For all the sweet mothers in the world!

    Hi everybody! 😀
    Here it is, our little Mothers Day surprise!

    For all the moms in the world, we uploaded our […]

    Pomme & Kelly

  46. Elena’s Desk

    Yesterday after school, Maggie and I cleaned out Elena's desk. Kim had talked with Mrs. Chung to see when the best […]

    Dear Elena

  47. Prädikatsjuristin Julia

    Bei Julia ist alles klar: Prdikatsexamen, Elitekanzlei, Heirat mit Feinripp-Gregor. Alles sicher und nett, aber nicht g […]

    Law, my Life and more

  48. late for work!!! 😀

    I’ve got awful a lot of times for myself.
    Since I will be reporting to work late. Hehehehhehehe.
    So, I thought, why […]

    The House of Zen

  49. Dear Diary, part (wtf is counting?)

    All of this CTHL stuff, the inconsitency of the issues (at least from this perspective) has made it a real rabbithole […]

    kfsone’s pittance

  50. Photoshop actions with GIMP# part 2

    I started writing a GIMP# plug-in that can read and play Photoshop action files. The fileformat is quite easy to […]

    Maurits thinks aloud

  51. Champagne!

    Merci bien! C'est sympa!

    HEI 05

  52. 好用的免費空間抓取程式 RapGet …

    大家應該玩過一些免費空間吧,像是 RapidShare 之類的。不過像是 RapidShare 這種免費空間,當 […]

    ●Hughes Cafe Room●

  53. Latecomer to Google Earth as GES Bandwagon

    I always thought GE was super cool, but after the intial WOW factor wore off, I had pretty much just thought of it as […]

    Dot Net Without a Net

  54. AFI – Miss Murder

    I’ve recently listened to the new single off of AFI’s new album, Miss Murder. I have to say, this song sounds […]


  55. The Hot 100 – Radically Redefining “Hot” To Mean…Hot

    Some feminist bloggers have been nominated for the “Real Hot 100”, an alternative to the Maxim 100 cheesecake list that […]

    Creative Destruction

  56. Trucos

    Hay algunos trucos que te ayudaran a mejorar el rendimiento de tu equipo, a eliminar utlidades que no necesitas y a nave […]

    LH Hacks

  57. First, are you our sort of a person?

    Είσαι δικός μας; Και αν όχι, μπορείς να αποδείξεις ότι δεν είσαι […]


  58. KISS


    Música de los 80 y los 90

  59. VloggerCon to happen in Second Life, too

    Thanks to Spin Martin, the video blog conference under the name of vloggercon held in San Francisco at June 10 & 11 […]

    Tao’s Thoughts

  60. Spring anime that passed the test

    “My” test that is. Earlier, I made a little prediction on what anime I'd dig and those that I am so-so about. […]

    Anime Bento

  61. Ansage an die Irren aus der Station 13

    Als ich gestern von einem Festival heimkehrte, fand ich einen Kommentar von einer gewissen “Carla” in der Moderation, di […]

    politischinkompetent reloaded

  62. Google Browser Sync

    Google Browser Sync

    컴퓨터간에 FF의 설정을 공유할 수 있는 도구입니다. 설정에는 북마크, 히 […]

    철수네 소프트웨어 세상 3

  63. Why Christians in Syria support the Current Regime? or do they?

    My Friend Ammar wrote in his blog a post entitled Sectarianism, the Regime & the NSF! which discussed very interesting […]

    Free Michel Kilo Now

  64. سوء استفاده از کاریکاتور ایران به نفع پان ترکها

    عرض کرده بودم که در چند هفته گذشته از هیچ چیز خبر نداشتم! حتی از […]


  65. “Dani California” = “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”

    I'm a Chili Pepper fan, but I must say…it looks like they could owe Mr. Petty some money. I'm torn. You […]

    David Putnam Weblog

  66. Broadcom Bluetooth stack na Aximech s Windows Mobile 5

    GAME OVER! Finln verze Broadcom Bluetooth stacku je tady! Kdybych nepoužval HP BT klvesnici, tak popravdě jej nebu […]

    Český Dell Axim X50v/X51v blog

  67. Om fuskande Sverigedemokrater och egoistiska fildelare

    Flera mnen i en post idag.

    * Ungt val
    Sverigedemokraterna gr allt fr att f en plats i riksdagen. De till och med […]

    Samtida tankar

  68. P 117/06: Nye stillinger i Vestfold

    Hans Martin Fagerlis analyse av de nye stillingene ved Fylkesbiblioteket er ogs verdifull. Vestfold nsker skere fra J […]


  69. Valokuvatorstai 3 – pyöriä, pyöreä, pyörä

    Tässä tämänviikkoinen osallistumiskuvani Valokuvatorstaihin… Löysin sen arkistoista, mutta halusin käyttää […]

    Kiitos ja anteeksi

  70. Ashira

    just finished her ASL exams.

    Nazreen Sansoni

  71. A Taste of Gnarl Barkley

    Here’s a sample of their new album. This music is fresh and unique, I hope you enjoy it! You can listen to these […]

    Rhapsody Paradise

  72. Blog this! Link this!

    You can use two features to quickly blog about something or link to something.

    Blog This!

    Go to the Write page […]

    Frequently Asked Questions

  73. James Whitlow Delano Interview

    Photographer James Whitlow Delano lives in Japan, but he is known for his projects that have taken him throughout Asia. […]

    Eight Diagrams

  74. Mother of the Bride

    I'm a preacher, he's a teacher. We've never had much money and never will, but we've always been rich […]

    Matt on WordPress

  75. giddy

    i thought poland was about going to church (so my dad tells me) and ridiculously high-priced urban housing. and chopin […]

    Eardrums shall fail

  76. MS macht dumme Fehler

    Tja, Microsoft mag keine Raubkopierer. Zumindest keine gewerblichen, die die MS-Produkte flschen und als Original verka […]

    Jan Schejbal

  77. Ergo Proxy – 13


  78. Female Comedian Noted For Her Hilariously Firm Breasts

    Comedian, actress, and singer Hyeon Yeong has been making waves recently in the Korean comedy scene for her […]

    the YANGPA

  79. Tagged by Rana

    i know i am late Rana bs yallah 😛

    5 people who top your shitlist, and why :

    Israli leaders and George Bush have […]


  80. NY SOCIAL ELITE POWER RANKING (Ranking period June 7-21, 2006)

    A quiet, uneventful week that started in the Long Island village of the East Hampton has concluded with a grand and […]


  81. F-16s + Beastie Boys = Fun Music Vid

    Michelle Malkin has a video up showing the airstrike that took out the al-Quadea hoople* formerly known as al-Zarqawi. […]

    The Asian Badger

  82. Ge er till känna! (3)

    Ta er en titt p min statistik s kanske ni frstr mina reaktioner.


  83. Miller & Webb on Hardball

    The Richmond Report has a look at the above, which aired live at 5pm and repeated at 7pm.
    But perhaps the most […]

    Vivian J. Paige

  84. NBA Comix: Udonis Haslem has a Plan

    Some people might say “what the heck kind of name is Udonis” but I have to say that it's a brilliant naming job […]

  85. X-Men 3: La Decisión Final

    ********* SPOILERS A MONTN **********

    Escribo esto apenas unas dos horas despus de ver X-Men 3: La Decisin Final. […]

    Graymalkin Lane

  86. apuestas en peleas de perros

    Antofagasta, Chile. Millonarias apuestas en salvajes peleas de perros. Investigan a mafias y clandestinos ubicados en […]


  87. Msn Messenger Hata Kodu ve Çözümleri

    Msn Messenger 81000370 Hata Kodu ve zm

    MSN Messenger'da oturum amaya alıştığınızda, aşağıdaki hata […]


  88. Θ’αναστενάξει το… πνεύμα, του Αγίου Πνεύματος!

    CSI, 5ος Κύκλος
    Γκρίσομ […]

    The McManus Sessions

  89. Blogger’s Meeting

    I would like to organize a potential blogger’s meeting in the very near future with the help of all of you […]


  90. On What Radical Feminism Is and Isn’t

    Caveat: Recently I have come to agree with radical feminist theorist Joyce Trebilcot that it is wrong-headed for […]

    Women’s Space/The Margins

  91. More Baby Pics(If You Haven’t Seen Them Yet)

    Tv Dork

  92. Fotografias escaldantes de Rita Egídio…

    Rita Egdio uma das mulheres mais sexy de Portugal e uma das mais procuradas na internet. Se queres vr o melhor de Rit […]

    Super Gatas

  93. Qunu : réseau d’experts sous Jabber

    Justin Kirby a annonc sur son blog la sortie du service Jabber Qunu, qui propose un rseau de contacts entre experts.

    Nÿco’s blog

  94. Scripting News for 6/8/2006

    Public sign-up page for BloggerCon IV.
    BloggerCon mail list, moderated by yours truly.

    Scripting News Annex

  95. Zarqawi, Terrorism, and the Modern Guillotine

    Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead. His name in Arabic is related to the root “azraq” which means […]

    Chronicles Of A Utopian Writer

  96. Bitte nicht nach Gelsenkirchen!!!

    Unter dem Titel “Auf der Flucht” startet heute meine Kolumne in der TAZ, auch online. Schon gestern […]

    Die WM kommt, Fefczak geht! — Tagebuch eines WM-Verweigerers

  97. New Super Mario Bros

    Being the dirty little pirate that I am, I couldn't resist copying a pirated ROM of New Super Mario Bros onto […]


  98. Outstanding Ads of ikea

    ikea's advertising strategy is outstanding. I gather best of ikea ads from several resourses to inspire […]


  99. Mormons and Homosexuals

    Here is the official Church position on gay marriage. Is this anti-gay? Does it call for denying God-given and […]

    The Iron Rod

  100. Ma vihkan Django sessioone

    Avastasin Django nimelise frameworki veidi aja eest. Katsetasin ja tundus tore olevat. Mõtlesin, et võiks kasutada […]


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